ZAFUL Try-On Bikini Haul | Honest Review (NOT SPONSORED)

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    What is up guys?! When this video goes live, I will already be in Costa Rica, but I picked up a few bikinis to bring with me! (Follow me on IG @stephanie_buttermore if you want to see what I'm up to 😊) And side note, this video is NOT sponsored. 🙅🏻Let me know if you enjoy haul videos and I can do more of them! All the links to the bikinis I tried on will be down below! Love you guys 😘
    👙Links 👙
    (I got a size SMALL in ALL bikinis)
    1. Spotted Bikini
    2. Scoop Polka Dot:
    3. Rust Pocahontas:
    4. Scrunch Baby Blue:
    5. Leopard
    6. Leopard 2:
    7. Dark Navy:
    8. Light Purple:
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    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 29
    3. What are you researching?
    ‣ Watch my PhD Day in the life video ▹
    4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    This video is NOT sponsored.
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      What is up guys?! When this video goes live, I will already be in Costa Rica, but I picked up a few bikinis to bring with me! (Follow me on IG @stephanie_buttermore if you want to see what I'm up to 😊) And just a small side note, this video is NOT sponsored. 🙅🏻Let me know if you enjoy haul videos and I can do more of them! All the links to the bikinis I tried on will be in the description box! Love you guys 😘💕

      1. Joe D

        Are you Thai?

      2. Muskan Dubey

        Please tell us what's in your bag Or travel bag

      3. Sarah Moxie

        Totally love the color of the last one but the main thing I wanted to comment on is not about the swimsuit but there was a point in the beginning or most of your hair was behind you and it looks like you had short hair longer in the front and shorter in the back would look so cute on you I'm never suggesting that you would cut your wonderful hair but I did that a few months ago and I love it and I think you would look so hot if that's even more possible LOL I'm a straight girl but let me tell you LOL

      4. Viki Pazdur

        Yes, use the dark string bottoms with that cheetah top with the underwire. 😊

    2. raoul trucking

      WOW sexy sweety xx

    3. INNA

      in her body frame here when shes front facing she got no curves. i prefer her body now

    4. Lümmelmann

      She looks so much better and thiccer now!

    5. Carol Moritz

      More hauls- yesssss! As a middle aged mom of 10, can't say the fit would be the same but quality and affordable stuff is so key. Thanks :)

    6. Rihanna

      I’m genuinely happy that she’s healthy now. Nothing against this Steph at all! Happiness and health is so much more beautiful than any kind of societal aesthetic

    7. joy garcia

      You have to see her "ALL IN" videos!!!! it will blow your mind!

    8. S K

      She looks so much better now! Wow.

      1. AWS

        Yeah she looks better with meat on her hips.

      2. Lümmelmann

        Yeah I thought exactly the same.

    9. AC DC

      Good old beautiful days

    10. Paul Costa

      Wow you were HOT before you became a fat ugly pig!!!

      1. Rosaly K

        Paul Costa I think youre taking it way too far. Because from what im reading youre basically saying stephanie is promoting obesity which sounds ridiculous because if you see her “what i eat in a day” is perfectly fine and healthy and not too much at all. She says she still has the same amount of muscles but they show less because her body has changed. Also, all in is definitely not for everyone. But it does help if you crave more food to listen to your body, if only, you also exercise often and eat healthy!But people have to remember that overeating is just as bad as undereating! And why would she care about guys finding her old physique better cause then they would only like her body and not herself because as she now is she seems waaay happier. You have to surround yourself with positivity, it ill make you more positive in this world of a lot of critique, racism, and negativity. I think its funny because your first comment is “ you were hot before and now youre a fat pig” which sounds like a boy of 13 wouldve said without thinking and just move on and look for other girls that do please his preferences. But you are responding me with governmental influence on my life and saying that her “ all in” is propaganda for obesity which is ridiculous. I dont feel like the government influences my choice in food and porn (i honestly dont need to watch that stuff) and i work at an organic grocery store which doesnt have influence of the government except food safety guidelines (clean work space) and a taxes rate. With all those opinions of yours write a book or something like that but dont assault anyone in personal again. Doesnt rlly work its inmature pointless and dumb. If she actually would read your comment it maybe could bother her and make her feel bad and eventually lose the weight again but all in a unhappy state of mind because of all the stupid people only caring about her looks and not her happiness. (Also dont think this will happen she looks strong and happy and a childish comment like this prob wont bother her)

      2. Paul Costa

        @Rosaly K You're right that I don't care about this woman. However I care about the ignorant and impressionable young people who will see this garbage and become completely demotivated take actions of discipline and effort without which they will die at an early age, have an unhealthy life, and be unattractive to people. I agree it's not always right to say insults and I gave you an example. But my harshness is warranted because this woman's "all in" propaganda is much more sinister than it appears. It is legitimize this whole feel-good body-positivity fat acceptance feminist BS which is doing EXTEME damage in our society. It's another way of controlling the masses. You are controlled by the food industry, the porn industry, and whatever the government wants you to see on your smartphone. We need to call out these foolish philosophies like "all in" which fly in the face of wisdom, so that people won't be slaves. Research fasting if you want to hear wisdom and truth: the opposite of "all in". One big 4000 calorie meal is all you need to reset your hunger hormones etc. This is one big fat acceptance scam. And notice it's only girls saying she looks better. Let me tell you, 98% of guys prefer ripped healthy Stephanie. But screw what guys think, do what's best for your health. "All in" is certainly not that. The obesity epidemic exists because most Americans practice "all in".

      3. Rosaly K

        Okay i agree that truth is better but, you dont always have to say what you think. And also im not particularly a “feminist” as you speak to me. Im just a little surprised that people would say this stuff about others they actually don’t care about. Because if you would, you wouldn’t have said something rude like this. Also im not in for people promoting big plus size models cause those people are just overweight but Stephanie definitely isn’t overweight! She exercises still a lot and looks very happy and healthy more as before and I think that matters the most. Also if you’re looking for hot girls the internet is full of them, compliment them instead of putting out negative words no one asked for. Also im not attacking i just hope you’ll put less negativity in the world.

      4. Paul Costa

        @Rosaly K Because TRUTH is more important than "feelings", especially when it comes to health and fitness where people's DECISIONS cause them to be ugly and unhealthy or hot and healthy. This is absolutely different from insulting someone for innate things they cannot control. You women do that a lot. For instance, I have heard many stories of guys which completely average penis sizes being insulted by whore women who say it's small or not big enough, because they have false perceptions from porn. I've never personally been with a girl but I hear stories. You women insult men in unjustified ways all the time. VERY DIFFERENT is to insult someone's obesity, which is within their control, especially when it's a social media celebrity using their platform to peddle this false, destructive bullshit to ignorant people. Now will you join me in renouncing this woman's evil, false, unhealthy, feminist "all in" BS??

      5. Rosaly K

        Why are you giving a negative opinion that could only make someone feel worse about themselves?

    11. Steger 13

      Well i know she is happy now too but i hope she will go Back to this size. to me she looks way. Better this way then her new Way all in.

    12. N B

      Definitely malnourished and under eating in this video!

    13. Noémie K

      I also loved Stephanie but wow the 'new' Stephanie looks definitely much more happy with more kilos of happiness on ! ** All in is definitely a life changer for you

    14. Bahama Jim

      Wow your ripped!

    15. Hannah Julia

      5.4!! I don't know why but i always thought you were really tall! Like I pictured you really tall. Mind blown!! (not an insult or anything, im 5.3 myself)

    16. Douglas Carson

      Is that a sock in your suit or are you happy to see me 3:06

    17. Jabez Sembegere


    18. د.كامل السحت

      You cool with the first one

    19. GlitterGirl xoxo

      I love the purple one!! I am 197.4 now and am working towards 120lbs

    20. Timothy Tim


    21. sexikittin

      Those bottoms would be so easy to fix yourself either sewing by hand or using a sewing machine. If you are not a sewer like you don’t have a machine. Just sew along the side seam and bring it in. You might want to look up how to do a stretch stitch on HUfast as you will want the thread to have some give and move like the material does

    22. Katerine Piedra

      I can't believe this. TuT I live in Costa Rica and I didn't know that you were here omg gonna cry 😭

    23. shaheer shujaat

      Wow Stephanie you are looking very nice sexy hot beautiful in all of the bikinis as well as your hair boobs body stomach makeup nailpolish eyelashes lipstick skin eyes smile are quite pretty amazing well done 😊😊❤️❤️

    24. Todd McCreary

      Stephanie, you're really beautiful! You look sexy in the animal print #1 and pretty in the second more conservative one. You look sexy in that orangey brown one. The light blue is really pretty. The next ones you look really sexy in! The navy blue one is pretty! The last one is just beautiful!

    25. Bahama Jim


    26. MrFreeGman

      I got into fitness as a way to release pent up energy while doing nofap. This is not helpful...

    27. The Truth Hurts

      You’re trans?

    28. aa

      The one at 6:05 is really darling. I like the color. I have a Puma bikini that's that same lavender color and white.

    29. the gay tree

      So glad to see someone on the internet who doesn’t have an hourglass figure.

      1. KindCuteDiamond

        @ana arroyo rectangle

      2. ana arroyo

        the gay tree what’s her body type? Can’t figure it out

    30. Tris Phan

      It like it

    31. The Alpha King

      This girl looks like a men

    32. Waize

      What does Jeff say about these try-on videos?

    33. 韓国미국J

      i can see the thai now, facial structure, the eyebrows and eyes; just lovely..much success to u!

    34. Kati Schönberger

      I had mine a little changed (bottom made smaller and stuff) and now they fit amazingly ;) For the price that they come in, to have them adjusted a little - it's okay ;)

    35. ayllaaylla1

      Love your try on bikinis video. Do some more. And the purple one fits u the best. And it was also classy.. 😘

    36. Madison Faith

      It boggles my mind that I’m a size small and so is Steph but our bodies are completely different. It’s crazy to see how different bodies can be from one another and also how similar they can be. Keep thriving steph ❤️

    37. Franchesca Pepaj

      another zaful bikini haul proving that we need different sizes for tops and bottoms it just makes sense!

    38. Bac Si Dre

      For the yellow spotted number, I swear think I saw ... well you know .... You may want to do a explanation video like Cardi B .... LOL just kidding

    39. MichelleAntonia

      I'd totally be into more try-on hauls, workout gear, and regular clothes too :)

    40. fibreoptik

      #demglutes aka #DATASS

    41. Paul Rocco

      I love your content, but honestly you cut too hard. Put some weight back on girl! Keep up the great videos!

    42. Jackie Allgayer

      Girl, go take those bottoms into a tailor. You could have those sides take it in for like 10 bucks apiece.

    43. Potrina Lovell

      I'm being honest you are very small I think a really nice short shorts will fit perfectly

    44. Gayle Gilman

      love this! i’ve been wanting to get a few suits from them, and this helps a lot 💜

    45. Mona Ali

      (Likes long walks on the beach and donuts) cuuuute😂

    46. Melissa White

      I looooove hauls.

    47. Renee Gini

      I purchased your women’s specialization program but made the mistake of “clicking on the link” to make sure I got it properly not realizing it expired in 24 hours.

    48. Glo

      I litterlt was just about to order from zaful but wanted to see this video first!

    49. Glo

      We're the same siiize!!

    50. X X

      what happened to your left eye? You looked a bit tired. Take care!

    51. Dave Smith

      I could watch this Video over and over and over and over! You look amazing 😍

    52. Eleonora Geortsiaki

      I lovee all your videos! keep going girl! and yes yess yesss we want more hauls...activewear etc!!

    53. Le Lo

      You guys must have some inkling that this girl has an eating disorder. She's hiding it really well.

      1. dezzi

        @Le Lo Yeah, definitely

      2. Le Lo

        @dezzi I swear some part of her videos, her lymph nodes look swollen. Sign of purging. Or it could be because she's rly skinny. idk. whatever it is, it's disordered eating behavior and not at all healthy.

      3. dezzi

        @Le Lo Hm. Maybe so, whatever it is, it's just pretty scary to look at her body compared from a year ago. It's like a totally different person

      4. Le Lo

        @dezzi Bulimia. I won't be surprised at all if she does. And it's not just because she's skinny.

      5. dezzi

        How? What eating disorder specifically?

    54. He Huang

      You have a one piece black swimming suit,that was the best!

    55. GingerMatt Jungwirth

      You look sick, unhealthy, frail, and ill appearing. #waitingformycommenttogetdeletedLOL

    56. Niki Mohammadzadeh

      How the frick??? Only steph can make brown look so damn good

    57. Nala Fitness

      I wish Zaful went down to xs! So many reviews end up like this - suits are cute but just too big for many fit girls!

    58. Jason Dennison

      wonderful video! Yeah, all the adjustments can be fixed with a sewing machine. Or a friend with a sewing machine.

    59. Sarah Turtle

      I feel like I’m her size boob wise but my waist/hips would need a medium/large smh lol I just know I can’t get them separately

    60. Meg Webber

      I LOVE HAULS!!! 🥰

    61. Karla Amaya

      Please do a video explaining the benefits of taking proteins powder/supplements & which do you take and recommend ☺️

    62. Dr Daithí Ó Scolaidhe PhD

      Hey Stephanie! Can I ask for some advice on Vlogging for PhDs? I'm starting a channel and am wondering if you have any tips? Thanks a million!!

    63. ahuyn123

      I like your older body better :'(

    64. i D

      Hey Steph, I had a question. Could you do a video based on advice for people who participate in ramadan? I just started getting into the swing of things at the gym and i hope to keep things up during ramadan. Would love some advice when it comes to food, shakes and tips in general. Love from holland

    65. Bella Lawrence

      You once asked where you should travel next... Go to Greenville, South Carolina! It was rated the "coolest city" in the states. Lots of good food downtown :) Btw, the brown bikini was the best. Really good color on you!

    66. Hanna

      Have You stopped doing cheat days?

    67. B C

      Steph can you puhhhleasseee do a video going over where you get your athletic wear that you post on your Instagram?? Some pieces are killer and I would love to get my hands on them 💛

    68. I've Given up

      What's your race Steph? Are you asian?

      1. Emre Ken

        I've Given up she is black obviously

    69. Amie manneh

      The rust one is super cute on you!

    70. taylor woody

      Hey Steph! I know you loveeee cake donuts and so do I! I would recommend a place called Duck Donuts! I know there’s a few locations in Florida but I’m not sure if they are close to Tampa. Just as a comparison they are like Krispy Kreme standard but all cake donuts and you get to chose your toppings and they also have about 12-24 donuts that are already flavored by them! Examples that I like: cinnamon sugar with vanilla glaze, Oreo cookie with vanilla glaze, and s’mores (VERY good)! Love you❤️

    71. jamie5mauser

      At zaful all the tops are tiny and bottoms are huge

    72. WhoGivesAFit

      I've taken bikinis to a seamstress before. life saver. I don't know why anywhere even sells one size sets. works for almost no one.

    73. Jana Visser

      I wish I had your body 😢❤️

    74. Audrey van Oostrum

      you could probably take the bottoms to a seamstress and get them taken in so they fit better!

    75. Yesenia Ramirez

      Active wear!!

    76. Kal

      3 is amazing. Pocahontas 👍👍💕

    77. Shook dead

      OMG I can’t believe. Are you Thai ?! Because I saw your tattoo 😱ครอบครัว=Family💕

      1. Sophia Goh

        she is!

    78. s 9

      you are FAR too skinny at the moment, hips gone, breasts gone, face pale, please go back to physique of about Jan 2018 which is when i fell in love with you and subscribed

    79. Sandee

      Hi stephanie, I LOVE your videos and I love your philosophy on nutrition and training. Do you offer online personal training? Thanks!

    80. Danika Hazard

      You should try Morning Star Bikinis! All of the bikinis are custom made to your measurements so you know it will fit perfectly, plus they're all reversible and you get to pick your fabric for both sides, and you get to customize how cheeky they are!

    81. Jana Schumamn

      I really like your style, so it would be awesome to also have some regular clothing tray ons - or just a presentation of your faves :)!

    82. annie_rish

      I usually really like your videos, but 8 minutes of you saying things are too big...maybe just order an XS because you're extremely tiny. This doesn't feel relatable. I'm disappointed.

      1. old3nglish

        Honestly she is too lean now. Doesn't look right on a girl, she looks unhealthy

    83. Julia Michałek

      I love your hair!

    84. Tasty Mukbang Eats

      Nice try on

    85. Melissa Riera

      We love haul videos!!!

    86. Rochelle du Plessis

      Active Wear please!!

    87. Aimee S

      I can't believe some websites don't sell the top and bottom separately! Not everyone is uniform top and bottom...

    88. karen Patricia Huaman

      They are not enormous. It's just you not having an ass lol sorry

    89. Tim Scabnib

      Your service of informing us what bikinis are good and not so good, helps human kind. We appreciate your dedication to fellow man. Your vast knowledge of bikinis has bettered humanity. We thank you. Naaaahhhh, you just provide a guys Jack Off service. Congrats on your success.

    90. Tim Scabnib

      Did you find what you're looking for, by putting out a video like this? Has it satisfied some sort of missing piece? You look good, but your insecurity runs very deep. You think this helps. But really doesn't. You know what I'm talking about.

    91. bitchute youtube

      Shes dying

    92. Sarah Bade

      Where is that necklace from?? It's so cute!!

    93. Natalie MC

      I hope you have an amazing time here is CR 🇨🇷

    94. vincent narvaez

      The brown, pocahantas number absolutely does it for me...not just beach. Library, grocery store, etc...yep.

    95. Nirina Grace

      Just cut the material on the sides of the bottoms and take them in yourself, for the ones that are too big. My bonus daughter orders bikinis from SHEIN and she always has to alter the bottoms a bit to allow them to fit her. I don’t even try with those set bikinis because I have a huge chest and no butt lol.

    96. Sara Wegener

      Never much luck with zaful- :( cupshe is a much more reliable online swimsuit brand for inexpensive suits!

    97. Shelby Blackburn

      Your body looks so amazing! I feel like not one of these bikinis did you the justice you deserve lol! I hate that Zaful doesn't allow you to choose different top and bottom sizes, so annoying right? If I had that body I would be hitting up some higher end shops to show it off properly, you lookin too good to not have pieces fitting you to perfection on your vacay!

    98. Dee Luther

      🌷Nice VideO as AlwayS🌷 👅Sexy Ass Thumbnail thO👅 They All Look Good On You🤗 😚😚Yessss GurL i See You😋😋 😘😘Body Look AmaZinG😚😚 Hope u Have a Good WeeK😁

    99. Rohanna Wildon

      Moreeeee videos there my favvvvvv

    100. ashley king

      Craziest thing. I swear I saw you and Jeff at the supermarket today. I walked right by you, did a double take, and didn't want to be a creep and say hi lol