What's Going On With Me? (I Need To Open Up...)

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    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"(and a half 🙃)
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 30
    3. What did you research?
    ‣ Watch my PhD Day in the life video ▹ bit.ly/dayasaphd
    4. Is Jeff your boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart! I just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Love you guys so much! Talk to you soon 😘

      1. Foxtrot Sierra

        I just discovered your page and videos and you seem like the absolute sweetest person and your honesty is so refreshing, especially in the diet/fitness world! Thank you for sharing with us and thanks for being you

      2. Rahmana Basit

        You have to check out Linda Suns channel she is so focused on her being body positive she didnt focus on her weight

      3. Mel


      4. Clara Maciejec

        what are these leggings ?!!

      5. Christine

        Love u more

    2. Courtney Chastain

      Why did I tear up when you were reading the book snippet

    3. Josh Suarez

      You should be a wwe wrestler 🤼‍♀️, you got the look

    4. sonia flores

      Thank you for taking care of your mom. I am full care for my grandmother. So I appreciate you very much.😄

    5. Christal Young

      I just discovered you at the right time. By going on this journey and being so open and vulnerable you have helped me through a long healing process. I can’t thank you enough. 🙏💝

    6. Norman Azimy

      Respect !!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Marielys Peralta

      I love you so much you’re my inspiration all I have to say is that your mother is so lucky to have you as a daughter that’s all I have to say 💖💖

    8. Pravin Dahal

      I'll read the book that you'll write when you're 65. You know the last time you thought you had it all figured out? 5 years ago. Or 10 years ago. I'm sure you've been like this forever.

    9. Angela Newton

      You are absolutely adorable and I love your videos. You have a fantastic attitude and a beautiful face, smile and body. Coming from a 55 year old woman, the haters do not matter! Do not let people have any power over you. Love who you are and ignore them. I am so happy to have found your channel. Keep up the good work! 😘🌹

    10. Fran Martinez

      Stephanie, all the love to you and your family. ❤️

    11. Amy Chan

      Stephanie , you’re an amazing lady . And I like that you’re direct and frank about what you’re doing , unpretentious like some other HUfastr who put up a show online . You’re smart and beautiful and kind . Keep doing what you’re doing .... don’t let haters get you down as they are just jealous and insecure about themselves . You have my support ! Take care , big hugs !

    12. Roelien Geldenhuys

      I have been watching a few videos doing research for myself and have seen a few of yours but never subscribed... And I'm just here in the comments to tell you that I hit that sub button when you were done reading that book intro. Lol it made me feel a certain way and I could not resist

    13. tatiana aponte

      Will you ever do a meet and greet in Jax?

    14. Lia Malihah

      You are soooo good to take care ur mom. True influencer

    15. Jennifer Choi

      also loveee you Stephanie! 🥰 omg where did you get your top and leggings at the end?

    16. A C

      Advice on cellulite please

    17. Jamie Lee Ashton

      Really enjoyed watching this video 😍

    18. Anna Blake

      She's such a light!!! (also watching too many brad mondo videos because I'm seeing her with shoulder length red/light brown hair lol)

    19. Nicole Medina

      also what are your thoughts on the book "the china study"

    20. Nicole Medina

      If you like fiction I highly recommend you to read the discworld book serie

    21. TheSamysam12

      Jesus loves you! God bless you!😍

    22. Sharon Lau

      You have always been an inspiration to me. Thank you, Stephanie!! Your journey encouraged me to reflect on my relationship with food and fitness. You are truly amazing :)

    23. Wriggin Out

      Please write your book! I’ll be first in line to buy and read it!! You’re amazing and I’m inspired by you!! Keep doing you

    24. H H


    25. S C

      6:04 - Thumbs up

    26. Devan Zajac

      I don't think you have taken ANY steps backwards. Growth isn't linear and every step gets you closer and smarter and more aware of your best self. Thank you for sharing everything you do :)

    27. Mariana Orozco

      I love you Stephanie and your content always makes me happy. I am my moms caregiver and I look up to you for inspiration. Do you have any tips on how to balance self care, relationships, and your mom. I would really love to hear your thoughts💖

    28. Rachelle L

      Camel toe 😳

    29. Rachelle L

      Hire a caregiver for your mom. She is probably eligible for 24/7 care

    30. Rachelle L

      Its so sad your mom is such a burden.

    31. Alex

      You’re amazing!!!

    32. Kayla Brown

      Hi Stephanie! This is sort of an unrelated question, but I'd be interested to see a video on the science behind the effects of varied caloric intake, or calorie cycling, on metabolic health. Given that most people naturally don't eat the same amount of calories every day, how does this affect metabolic rate versus someone who is tracking and consistently hitting the same nutrition goals every day?

    33. Douaa Hasnaoui

      I would love to see your workouts at the gym again I honestly miss those

    34. Talan Kirk

      This channel is 10% fitness and 90% her pigging out lol

    35. Dominika Sroka

      Omg I’m so excited for the book! Please keep writing! xo

    36. David Smith

      So impressed by this angelic young woman. Clearly an inspiration to many.

    37. Ravi

      Jeff take a good look at Stephanie's mom. That is how she is going to look in 10 years being "all-in" with this diet! Harsh reality when orientals eat dead flesh foods and what can happen to the human body and mind as they eat all kinds of animals. Karma is a bitch. Jeff has a lot of baggage coming to him

    38. Momshie. Ko

      Wow! Such an inspiration! I just seen your post by accident and I really agree with you. I was in Healthcare industry for a while and I feel the same way! Its quite simple, to be an effective ambassador of health and wellness for our patients, we have to practice and be healthy ourselves..😘👍

    39. Hailey Elianna

      Omg I cannot wait for this book!!!!! Love you lots❤️

    40. Brian Hallmond

      If you came for the Thumbnail the closest you'll get is 07:08 haha

    41. Paarth Vishwakarma

      Are you good in math

    42. Phoebe Chambers

      I would buy your book so fast! I love your videos Stephanie!

    43. Ana Azevedo

      you should read anorexia memoirs for inspiration for your book. Might be triggering, but most of them have a fictional narrative style like the one you are looking for... Good Luck!

    44. Lisa Tatarelli

      Love your content!!! This really sounds like ED recovery. Speaking from experience, there’s good days and bad. You’re doing great!

    45. Hannah Shikh-Salim

      You should look into the book “In the Flo” I’m so curious about your thoughts. It’s really been helping me

    46. Gourab Si

      Music reminds me of Potato Jet

    47. Stephanie Kojec

      I'm second video in and I love you already :)

    48. Miaoling Gonzalez

      Thank you for opening up! You are amazing. I saw this video hufast.info/plan/vide/pnjZqaibloqZm6s about RED-S syndrome and I am happy that more women in sports are outspoken about this issue. Much love ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    49. samantha proske

      You are honestly such a huge inspiration to me. You're beautiful and helping aid society into the right direction. Body positivity and love is so important!

    50. AnaIRPiteira

      We all need time to talk about life, feelings, things. We all need space, silence, alone time. You don't have to explain, you are human and you are not alone. You're an amazing human being, super smart and funny. We are the one's who are lucky to have you creating content to share with us. All the good to you. ❤

    51. Næp Sæck

      That book intro is so fucking good

    52. ingrid won

      Been watching a bunch of your videos! They’re so informative, realistic and with a positive energy. Love that you don’t ignore that you run into difficulties. Stay strong and I admire your smarts!!! Not sure if you did a vid about the hormones for females effect energy levels, workouts / weight loss and uncontrollable cravings? Would love your thoughts and maybe some tips on how to keep track or may start journaling about it? (Im just starting to something....a journey but not sure where to really begin)

    53. Kelsea Richards

      Have you ever considered doing a chapter/story style podcasts for your journey and challenges in the health world?? I would love to listen!

    54. Daniel Klinglesmith V


    55. amreen nagra

      I don't know if you'll see this, but Jodi Picoult is an amazing author. The way she tells a story is amazing. 10/10 recommend

    56. BOM Doughnuts

      You're amazing!

    57. mukul jagannath


    58. J P

      I want to read your book when it comes out!! Love you Steph!!🙃

    59. Lieke

      There's so much more to you than your body! Can't speak for the rest, but I don't follow you for your body. I follow you for your personality and your story.

    60. Dr Hannibal Lecter

      Ok, in all honesty, this video is completely empty ! Thers's nothing in it, i mean : " i read books, i do rubik's cube, i was all in ( like we don't know that, that's all you talk about ! ), buy my program,... it's not funny, it's not interesting, i didn't learned a single thing watching it, i just don't get it, or am i missing completely the point ?

    61. Molly Vazquez

      I can’t wait for your book to come out!

    62. Tanahala Hughes

      woah! I just got out of Navy boot camp today and came to check on your page to catch up but I only missed this one video!

    63. Жлфэееэ Фэфю

      Good luck on the rubik cubes

    64. Nj Jan

      Beautiful long hair

    65. Issi Labella

      Sorry, but everything is a about her weight and what she eats. I dont see any progress. Before this "all in thing" it were 10 k Challenges and so on. This channel has always been about obsession on food. And some training on the side...

      1. Issi Labella

        @Tory - 승리 In one of her IG stories she also claimed to be at 24 percent bodyfat at the moment she was her heaviest. Why would you claim being that low of a body fat percentage, when in reality she was more than 32 percent bodyfat, just looking at the picture?

      2. Issi Labella

        @Tory - 승리 I study health psychology and work as a nurse. So therefore i agree, health isnt just about training. Despite that, i honestly view her channel as still maily food focussed. Speaking about mental health, she still seems obsessed with food to me if everything she talkes about is food. And when we are all honest, if she wouldnt have lost the excess weight people would say the science behind it failed. So therefore it shows that the whole topic, the success of it, is mainly, if not just focused on her outer appearance. If she would be obese by now, what would you say then? I guess you wouldnt think this all in thing would be a good idea. You would think she just slipped from the edge of anorexia to binge eating.

      3. Tory - 승리

        Health isn’t just training. 90% of health is food and how you take care of yourself - including mental heath, which is what she speaks on quite a lot. She had an eating disorder before and successfully repaired her metabolic rate which in turn has gotten her to her healthy natural weight. There’s a huge change, and changes aren’t always what you can see. Apparently, she just doesn’t cater to your viewing preferences.

    66. Jazmin Landa

      ok but that book would amazing i already love it.

    67. GlaciusDreams

      I think the important message of this channel is do what the fuck you wanna do when you wanna do it. I recently went through a phase of giving up on weight loss, and it was fun. Then I got casually back into it and weirdly I'm fitter right now than ever. The difference I guess is before I was doing it for other people and after I gave up and said fuck it, I started to think hey I'ma just eat healthier and exercise and almost humorously it was that fucking simple for me. Also I'm sick of everyone thinking they need to be thigh gap thin to be sexy. people's bodies all look different. I say: eat healthy and exercise, after that: that's how your body looks. Love it.

    68. Holly Williams

      Yes! Please write a book!

    69. Clara Aurora

      I’d read that book!

    70. Kimberly Nicho

      Secondly, you are a wonderful individual

    71. Kimberly Nicho

      Omg I am so excited for this book !

    72. Dr. Christina Jahrling

      Loved the video steph! And I think I soooooo good for you to keep things private when you need too. Always inspired by you🖤🖤🖤

    73. Daniel Holt

      You could put on more lean body mass and that's a good way of leaning out without losing fat. It would probably help those that are overweight. They can fast walk as fast as they reasonably can for 20 minutes straight a day 5 days a week and gradually get better at it. They can do full body yoga everyday for 15 minutes a day 5 days a week as this builds muscles in other areas weights don't, just the poses at a good pace no slow stretching or anything, Hatha Yoga Illustrated is a good book. Just have the book with you to flip pages and copy each pose briefly, if you can't get the pose try at it what you can and go on to eventually get better at it each time. Finally something like full body Bulgarian HIT (3-5 sets a lift) a day 5 days a week, like Jeff Nippard's High Frequency I guess you haven't made your equivalent yet. All three of those would add a lot of lean body mass. Go strict on his HIT meaning every lift is strict form no momentum, 1 minute rest inbetween each set, and it would only take 28 minutes to complete. 28 minutes + 15 minutes + 20 minutes is 63 minutes a day, 5 days a week. You may like this read including the comments: facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10223960772353152&id=1412783638&refid=17

    74. Dominic O'Farrell

      First video / content of you I've seen outside some random clips from Jeff's videos - instantly won me over. Can't wait to hear more from your story. :)

    75. Kylee Frost

      I am totally reading your book when it is published!

    76. Ariana

      Another great video! You look so beautiful, you are glowing. I’d really like to know where you got the workout clothes you are wearing at the end of the video! Thanks💘

    77. Leah Pignataro

      I hope you’ll do an audiobook and read it yourself!!

    78. Becky D

      Some one once told me... you can't change some one elses opinion because its THEIR opinion. However, what you can do is accept people have different opinions. If you cant change something that's making you so sad, why keep trying to? They don't know the REAL you. They know what they see on HUfast - a character in a movie, not a real person. What they see isn't reality. Whatever makes YOU happy. You'd seemed SOOOO much happier, bubblier when you were bigger.

    79. Jill Doubell-Smith

      You are so sweeeeet! Can't wait to read your book! 🤗

    80. Ashley Sok

      Your amazing, gorgeous and so intelligent I would kill to be that smart

    81. S W

      I adore you! You are such an inspiration to me! I study science and look up to you so much! I love you and Jeff and am so excited for ur book

    82. Oskar Edwall

      love the book!

    83. not kaitlyn

      I think you should do sponsors and put ads in the videos ... this is your job. You film and edit your videos and for that you should get paid. It’s free for us and you get the money that you DESERVE.

    84. Daniel Holt

      You're a great daughter to your mother!

    85. Daniel Holt

      You never gave us an update on your bodyfat percentage with your bodyweight currently. You look good it's just nice to know what your stats are. I wonder how much new fat free lean body mass you have put on. It was previously 101 pounds before you put on more weight and started All In.

    86. Pink Bubbles


    87. Maite Velazquez

      Your mom is so cute!!!! Also your boyfriend kind of reminds me of Jamie from Outlander haha

    88. Gabriela Velayos

      WRITE THE BOOK !!! I WILL BUY THAT BOOK pleaseeeeee write it

    89. AniChris

      As a guy I appreciate the videos you make. The all in journey you made seemed like a very long and tough journey you needed to go through and it's so cool seeing the result. Reminds me there's no need to rush anything when the results can be that good. I also started reading around the same time you say (mainly to help with my adhd) in this video and it just gives me more inspiration to continue with my hardships in life

      1. AniChris

        And no I am the dumbest smart person you'll meet. Promise

    90. Mel

      Just,,,,, 💖💖💖

    91. Heiress_Aries

      Random thing but the fact that you and Jeff are so brainy but also really well versed in fitness and then combine the two well is so great to me. You guys are just destroying this weird and strict nerd vs jock dichotomy and stereotype that's been in place. Like, hell yeah we can be really smart and fit too! Whoever said we could only be one or the other, right?

    92. Hannah Martin

      I discovered you a few nights ago after a very upsetting evening. I couldnt sleep, i was stressed and tryng to distract my mind, and having never seen you or you channel before (im not on youtube that often) i clicked on the "all in results" vid. All i can say is: THANK YOU. ive struggled with my weight and insecurity like so many people and your'e such a strong, inspiring, beautiful person. immediately showed my husband, some of my family members, and your story was just stuck in my mind. And BTW you NAILED the docu-style you wanted to achieve for the results video. im no film student but i was captivated as a viewer so that counts to me. Thank you, Steph, and please don't let other people's negative comments hurt you. Easier said than done but always remember the people you inspire on your brave journey. You've definitely inspired me and im so grateful for your sharing of your All In journey. PS: also youre a badass scientist and you and Jeff are the FRIGGIN CUTEST. your love makes we wanna legit happy cry

    93. Cali Native

      lol she is banging thick!

    94. chenyi YU

      Love to see your video and know a little bit of your life. Just like a virtue friend xD. I’d like to give you all my best wishes, good people should be happy :)

    95. Sabiti Bita

      Can you take a look at vshred supplements?

    96. Nicole M

      Hi Stephanie, I was wondering how do you become an essential caregiver? My uncle and grandma are both currently at the same rehabilitation facility due to their declining health in CA but I’m in Arizona, but my family is interested in this so they can go in to see them and help with feeding/washing etc. What was that hand brace you purchased for your mom? My uncle has the problems with shaking as well and can’t use straws/spoons to eat. I was thinking of getting him an adult sipping cup for his soups. Is your mom able to use those as well? Thank you Steph!!! 💜

    97. Anna-lena Hellström

      You have such a good heart...beautiful from the inside and out...

    98. Natalie Rees

      you glowing

    99. SweetDreams Parternships

      Hey, nice video! We sent you an email about @mysweetdreams, take a peek and set sail to your dreamland💜💫!

    100. Cynthia Calleros

      If you ever want to see yourself as a cartoon character, check out the girl with the long hair on Netflix Camp Cretaceous!

      1. Cynthia Calleros

        Her name is Yasmina