What’s My Bodyfat %? (My DEXA Results Explained)

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    Huge THANK YOU to Chris Barakat and The University of Tampa for hooking it up! If you are looking for coaching, he's who I always recommend 👇
    IG: @christopher.barakat
    Day 1
    Weight: 117 LBS (53.07 KG)
    BF%: 16.6%
    Fat Mass: 19 LBS (8.62 KG)
    LBM: 92 LBS (41.73 KG)
    Day 2
    Weight: 119 LBS (53.98 KG)
    BF%: 14.9%
    Fat Mass: 17.5 LBS (7.94 KG)
    LBM: 96 LBS (43.54 KG)
    Weightology Article
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Hello my loves!! For all of my Non-American viewers, I converted all the measurements to KG for you in the description box! 👆There's also everything I mentioned in the description box, so make sure to check there if you are wondering where I've linked everything! I hope you enjoyed my take on a typical DEXA scan video! I didn't want to just give you a bunch of numbers, rather, I wanted to make you guys think deeper and maybe learn something from this little experiment! This will hopefully make you less focused on arbitrary numbers and make you look at these types of body fat tests with a more skeptical eye 👀 #science. Let me know what you thought! 🙏👇I love getting your feedback! Until next time, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! XOXO 💋💕

      1. Carniceir01

        Stephanie Buttermore i must have looked away at some point but where is the image of the DEXA?

      2. Brooke Smith

        Can you get the RENPHO scale that measures body fat. The scale numbers are def right. I want to know how accurate the BF is. It tells me 13.6%. Which most trainers guess is my fat by looking at me. But I want to know how accurate it is. It tells you water, BMI, skeletal muscle as well. My readings don’t go up and don’t that much from day to day. I think it is actually more accurate than the Dexa. It would be interesting to see what is says for you after you just got you BF done. I bought it on Amazon. Please buy and review. Thanks

      3. Marco Baraco

        Stephanie, no disrespect to you and your boyfriend, baby you are a goddess, you are a perfect example of a human species, you are only a dream so far away from reality , a simple hug from you would make me the happiest man on the galaxy t, 😘

      4. Marco George

        I really appreciate how much knowledge you share and how you use this information to address different mentalities around image, shame, progress and of course actually science. You're a wonderful gift to the community thank you for sharing your time.

      5. beatriz aceiton

        I think you have to subtract the weight of your hair, that's like 2 poundsalso when you weight yourself in your home scale the body fat percentage is almost the same as the test, good video eye opener 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️👏👏👏

    2. Mel B

      You still look annorexic

    3. Mel B

      You look annoriex

    4. Jo Z

      I knew I could search through your videos and get a scientific explanation for The DEXA! I got both hydrostatic and DEXA in the same day and there was a 7% difference between the 2! I was 20% in hydrostatic and 27% via DEXA.

    5. Olivia Lyne

      In your opinion and with your experiences, what measurement tool do you think was the most accurate. I've done DEXA and the InBody and I think the DEXA is more accurate.

    6. Qiwei Tang

      The most obvious conclusion is that even DEXA is not that accurate.

    7. Sven Huber

      you did not have more body fat just the ratio changed, so if you drink 3kg of water before the scan, then you decrease your ratio, thus better have all metrics like absolute fat mass, etc.

    8. Banshee Queen

      please write down the metric numbers as well next time 😅 i had to keep stopping the video to convert numbers to understand the differences

    9. Moto Man Dan

      That would be because of how fat is burned. You need water and exercise in order to burn fat. Might check out "SciShow" and their video on fat loss.

    10. Rajashree Masali

      Great content. More such videos plz

    11. Arianna Dabir

      Please do a video on keto for fat loss!

    12. 聖渓

      Although I really appreciate how informative these videos are, part of me can't help but feel hesitant. Having about 15% body fat as a woman is really borderline passable, and is still quite underfat. The recommended amount is 20% or more. As somebody recovering from an eating disorder, I think that as great as these videos are, they are still at the quite extreme side of "heathy living" or whatever you want to call it. Even if it wasn't the original intention of the creator, it makes one feel that they are not as healthy as they should be, when in reality that might not be true.

    13. Kevin Marshall

      So, malnutrition can lead to fat gain?

    14. Michael Carnahan

      4lbs of muscle in one night not bad! No but seriously, this video was interesting to watch. It's good to know that even something as well-developed as the DEXA scan has its limitations. Thanks for the upload Steph

    15. Cosmic

      Wow, it seems inaccurate. Don’t think I’ll waste the money.

    16. Cinthia Barrett

      Stephanie... thank for this video. It was really informative to know that a way to see that you are getting muscle mass is by performing at the gym. Impressive enough i've started to lean out however my energy and strength at the gym has gone up, even allowing me to get new PR's. I appreciate your content and the fact that you are putting out this information to educate us all and you are transparent with it all. I just a a quick question... How accurate do you think your Body Analyzer from Vanity Planet is? and how far off is it from your DEXA scan results?. Thank You again and i hope you reply to my message since I'm in the look for a good digital scale.

    17. Mara Fierro

      I had my BF% checked through calipers and then got a DEXA scan about a week later. Calipers said 25%, and then DEXA said 35%!? Got measured after with a handheld device and it said 24%. I definitely look closer to the mid 20%s. It's just crazy that DEXA was SO off.

    18. Sara Kleinschrodt

      I love this! Super interesting

    19. Taty Aleksandrova

      I don't know if I'm just looking in all the wrong places on this subject, can you explain recovery after injury from working out improperly in the first place? Or injury from other strained movement related causes? Perhaps this is a newbie only problem. I thought I was using proper form and always checking myself in the mirror but I didn't think to watch myself using resistance bands until after my knees started hurting.

    20. Derpy Derpstein

      I havent got my period yet but i do notice my weight going up a bit once a month

    21. Carl

      you need like 6% body fat to truely show off abs properly and also barely eat any food

    22. あああ

      What's your hight?

    23. Simply RebornX

      She lives in Jacksonville?!?

    24. Jenny Fan

      Love your explanation and different ways of looking at all the measurements. Love a video from how to lose fat and maintain muscles for women. I tend to put on muscles easily but hard to lose fat. Thank you!

    25. Chi chen Chang

      The video really helps us find out why i keep losing weight for so long but i still didn't lower my body fat. I was upset to see my unchanged body fat number, especially when i changed my daily diet, tried to eat healthier, tried weight-training!!!!! But, in fact, i looked fit in the mirror than i did, which makes me so confused hahaha!

    26. ammre ulrich

      I loved getting a DEXA scan. If you go by BMI (such bullshit!) I am on the border of overweight and obese. When i got my DEXA scan it said i was only 24% of body fat and that was in the normal range. So HAAA. Screw you BMI.

    27. Desiree Martin

      You have gorgeous hair

    28. Мурка

      I really appreciate this information. My period is about to start and the scale said my body fat went up 1.5% and my weight went up overnight. I think it’s just typical menstruation water weight but the scale calculated it as fat and my water weight went down. (I’ve been eating lean and exercising every day.) It’s good to know more about how these measurements work.

    29. Missquichante

      This shows that this machine doesn't work 😳😳😳😳

    30. Kathleen H

      I love how informative this video is! I love seeing people questioning, analyzing different factors and thinking critically! I am currently studying to become a biology teacher and not only do I want my future students to do well in my class, but I want them to learn how to critically think and question about what they see or read. I want my students to learn how not take everything they see at face value and do further research to come up with their own conclusion. This video is a perfect example of all those things and you are someone who seem very intelligent, not just in science, but in all decisions or situations you encounter. I wish more people had that mind set. Keep up the great videos 😊

    31. Madison Sanchez

      Love your channel, just subscribed, very informational!👍🏼

    32. jett lax

      What do you mean at 3:55 when you say the rest is bone. There is no way your skeleton weighs 6 pounds, it should weigh approximately 20 pounds for someone your size.

    33. spidersquad

      Hurrah, love it. Dexa is reliable at the POPULATION scale....crucial detail missed by all the vendors of scans for individual measurement. I have seen results ranging from 12-19% BF myself with very little difference in how I look . So I was very unsurprised by your experiment results. But thank you for making this so clear to people.

    34. Lexi Dawn

      I love all your videos and how you really explain everything! I would be interested in seeing a video about resting, active, and sleep heart rates. I know with working out, your resting heart rate tends to be lower then 60 and so on.

    35. Marisah Rocero

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      Damn I'm 12 and I weigh 124lbs but I'm also in wresstling and I do work out almost everyday with my mom

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      Here's a whole vid of stephanie's faces : hufast.info/plan/vide/eYWwdt6jnKKrpqc

    40. 1334cass

      Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. This was a great video! Very interesting!

    41. eternalsnows

      Very interesting and educational to see back to back DEXA results. Should be a wakeup call to anyone who puts too much attention on scale weight and body fat percentage as measures of progress.

    42. 李卓轩

      Non-American viewers here😝😝 love you soooooo much ~

    43. DAschraft920

      Can you do a video which outlines your fitness journey? I know you've talked before about your PhD research and everything, but I'm interested in hearing how you got interested in fitness and what your journey was to get where you are. You're such an inspiration, but sometimes hearing about the beginning struggles makes the lifestyle sound more attainable to those of us trying to find the long-term balance.

    44. Ferda Gönül

      Hi Stephanie, I have a question; Do you need to train 6 days a week in your program? Ps: love your work and videos!

    45. ethan reason

      Isn't lean mass everything but fat. So why exclude bone, hair, etc. Why not just show the actual dexa scans? The math is hurting my head and not doubting the numbers by any means but would just like to know how that actually happened. I know the dexa scans aren't 100% accurate but I wish you did it for an entire week being consistent on diet and exercise to show just how much it can vary.

    46. Grace H.

      Absolutely love your positive attitude. I started intermittent fasting because of your videos and absolutely love it.

    47. AcidGlow

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    48. Alex M

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    49. Katiabulks

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    50. Christina

      This is so cool! Thanks for sharing, I love how in depth you go with describing the science behind each component. Keep killing it 🙌

    51. sweetsweetmango

      Hi Stephanie (: I was just wondering what camera you use specifically for vlogs or when you’re on the go. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you, love you and your videos ❤️

    52. Dana

      Haven't read the other comments so not sure if someone asked this already, but could you go over the comparison of these results and what you see on the body analyzer scale? I purchased that scale recently and wondering how off it is compared to a DEXA. Thank you!!! Happy holidays!

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      may I know what is your height stephanie buttermore?

      1. Rayelle J


    54. Jessica Angel

      Only reason I ever watched u before was to see how much you could eat! Now this shit boring...no offense

    55. Nicole C

      I love love love love love when you go sciency! Thank you so much for this video it fully reset my perspective a bit in regards to my body composition! Thank you Stephanie!

    56. liulingling88

      Can you explain how the bone estimation works? The numbers say the "rest" should be bone and hair but based on the total pounds of fat + lean mass, you'd be only left with 6 pounds of bone and hair. Is that just an error in the machine?

    57. leang Nguyen

      Steph!!! You are so gorgeous.

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    63. Lisa

      When I had my dexa done they told me to hydrate before. I guess to make my muscle mass seem more to what it is. Was 24.3%. My goal is 20% so we will see once I’m done with school if i can get to it.

    64. Justanother

      Hey Stephanie, as always really great job on the video. Given your background, do you think you could touch on (love it or hate it) the controversial topic of a ketogenic diet and it's effects on cancer cells? I think you would be THE person for the job.

    65. tailoredmisfit1

      Would to see the results of a gauge r&r on this. The difference in results could be measurement/setup variation.

    66. Maryann Auger

      Love this video!!! A great way to see that numbers aren’t everything and are only guides (although they can be useful in some cases). My favorite ways to check my progress are look at my progress in the gym, how I feel overall and how I look in the mirror! Love you girl xx

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    70. Lea B.

      All the non-Americans trying to figure out the pounds like...🙃🙃

    71. Nick

      Is lean mass also bone because you're head weighs ten pounds alone and that would put you above 117? How are your bones 6llbs

    72. Kee Xiong

      I don't understand the 31 dislikes...

    73. Sarah Bonacci

      Really good perspective in this video! It now makes me wonder, when is the best time to get a more true body evaluation (weight, body measurements, etc.)? They say to weigh yourself first thing in the morning, but what if you trained the day before, or ate more carbs or protein that day? Is it more appropriate to weigh yourself two days after training or the day after a more "normal" day of eating? This is why people do weigh themselves everyday! Plus women's hormonal fluctuations is another thing!

    74. Jim Martin

      You have unique DNA your thumb on one hand give's it away. 😊

    75. Adnan A

      My body fat percent is too high 😂

    76. Nicole D

      Nice video!!

    77. Toon Boy

      Hi Steph... Questions: •Didn't you say there's a 10%+/- error rate? •What is used to measure.. ultrasound? Radiation? •How much does it cost to get tested? Thanks!

    78. Amy Growing

      Hey! Love your videos❤️💖 you are awesome and have a great body!!...and very smart... I am just wondering though... isn’t your body fat considered very low!? Maybe you can do a video on this... it amazes me you can keep it that low with Cheat days and build muscle... thanks... 😊👍

    79. Aliyah Daye

      Oh wow! Yeah I've gotten dexa scans for bone density, didn't know about the other body composition readings

    80. Jessica Keen

      Did you use you at home scale either of those days? I'm curious how the scale BF% compared to the DEXA Scan.

      1. Mel B

        I just use a scale that tells all that. It tells fat, muscle, water and bone percentage. My fat percentage is 42.9 percent it use to be 45 percent but I lost some weight

    81. yasmin carter

      wow absoliutely enjoyed this video. Very informative. Thanks for sharing

    82. Andrew Chavez

      Smart and beautiful thnks for the tips. Does calorie shifting burn more fat and does it matter what you eat daily or weekly. ?

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    86. Karen Meraw

      being in the medical field, this was extremely fascinating. I have been tempted to get a DEXA myself done

    87. Bayley Weber

      love this video! i’m studying kinesiology at umass amherst, wondering if you have considered hydrostatic weighing which i believe is the “gold standard” and comparing that to your DEXA scan results! i think that would be very interesting! love your science based content and your program!!

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