What I Eat In A Day In Quarantine (No Calorie Restriction & 11 Months All In!)

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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well and staying safe! I'm planning to film an "All In" update soon, can you believe it's been almost a year!? Thank you so much for everything, love you guys more than you know! 😘

      1. BerserkXPikachu

        Yes ma'am I was just wondering what liquids you drink with you're meals. Is it just mainly water all day?

      2. Pink Pillow

        My god, it’s been almost a year!!!✨🥰💜💖 Just...y‘know, you go girl! Really happy for(and proud of) you!!!😘💜💖💜

      3. Kat Cas


      4. varshitha akula

        I saw some of your videos.... I think it's out of context but wanted to suggest you.... That is best if u follow "SADHGURU"...by the way you look more awesome when u r curvy than u r muscular

      5. Joshua Jesse Chetty

        Keep up the good work.Please check my channel as I also talk about training

    2. Anna M


    3. Kate Lynch

      Timestamp to skip ahead of the workout: 8:37

    4. MunecoIsBrave

      You lose fat eating this? Especially right before a workout. These are recipes for FAT gaining.

    5. Clara F

      You are STUNNING physically and mentally love you 💕💕

    6. Lerzoos Lercoos

      13:05 wtf ur sister wearing gloves and mask in ur house wtf

    7. Juliette Veronica

      Due to my ED, I've developed this fear of feeling satiated after eating which is what has caused all my binges and weight gain to occur later on. I have lost 30 pounds in 2020 and kept it off since (which even though it isn't as drastic as other's it was a big change for me), but I still struggle with the mentality. This channel honest to god is helping me so much cause it reminds me food is the friend, not the enemy.

    8. Tonya Drifka MSW, APSW

      It's so good to see a kitchen with cabinets that are not white! Beautiful!

    9. Nathan Merry

      I saw the date stamp and panicked. This covid thing really been 10 months?

    10. V Geez

      I love the face she makes when she eats something good. “😊That’s so good”

    11. Solala.Lana

      My ULTIMATE FAVORITE ICE CREAM from so delicious is the chocolate cashew milk cookies n cream flavor OMG FREAKING BOMB

    12. Never Giveup

      Right on Stephanie!

    13. ella rowland

      A video about food and happiness and feeling full. I could cry. This makes me feel so positive and I dont know what the opposite of triggering is but yeah, that's how this feels.

      1. Elise

        This video is empowering 😊 I hope you take care of yourself

    14. Pamela Marrero

      Hi lady, keep doing what you're doing. You are inspiring. Thank you for putting yourself first.

    15. mimi mi

      but this is very healthy and low cal again. Take care

    16. Megan Hanson

      take a drink every time stephanie says "that's so good"

    17. heidi4442

      That's so overboard with the muffins🙄😬

    18. ChunLiCosplay

      Yes please PEScience! Please please please make this flavor into a vegan option 🙏🏻

    19. EmemArchibong

      Healthy eating at it's best

    20. Ivy Litton

      A few facts that some of these toxic people in the comments don't understand: 1) a non-flat stomach does not equal obese 2) "all in" doesn't translate to "no self control." it translates to having restricted for so long that your body went into what is called "starvation mode." when this happens, you lose your hunger cues because your body doesn't want to cause you pain over something that it knows is useless, since it assumes there will be no food coming. when you go into recovery from an eating disorder (or disordered eating), your body starts to trust you again, and realizes "oh! i'm going to get food if i ask!", so it "asks" very, very often, as it needs to make up for all the times it DIDN'T ask. this can cause people who are "all in" to have an EXTREMELY large appetite, at least until their body begins to function normally again. 3) being skinny is not the same as being healthy. when i was at my skinniest, i almost died because my body didn't have what it needed to survive. i was cold constantly because there was no fat on my body to keep me warm. i could hardly move because i was weak, i couldn't focus, and my depression go worse and worse. 4) weight and bmi are *inaccurate* when determining health. look it up. there are other, more scientific ways to tell if someone is healthy. 5) there is no point in being physically "healthy" if your mind is suffering. you can have the best body in the world, it does not matter if you don't love yourself, it does not matter if you have so little energy that joy in your life starts to disappear, it DOES NOT MATTER. yes, it is good to be healthy. but when 20% of people with eating disorders die, i think it is safe to say that mental health is just as vital. in conclusion: you deserve to be happy, at any weight. so does stephanie. if you don't approve of the way she looks/eats/lives, then i don't know why you watched the video. go. away.

      1. Clare

        @Ivy Litton no problem hun! 😊👍

      2. Ivy Litton

        @Clare thank you :)

      3. Clare

        definetely. this^

    21. Rosie Steel

      Really hoping I can go all in one day ❤️ I’m just to scared to :(

      1. Ivy Litton

        @Rosie Steel You got this omg!! Start RIGHT NOW not tomorrow! Keep going love!!

      2. Rosie Steel

        @Ivy Litton still haven’t done it and not recovered but today I had my fear foods and have kind of ate what I wanted all day, tomorrow is the day I start recovery I hope 🤞❤️

      3. Ivy Litton

        It's scary but so so worth it i promise

    22. SFMonge

      I respect Stephanie so much! She has so much experience and is using it to teach others in a positive and approachable way. Not to mention she has a PhD!! V She is very much an inspiration and such a light in the social media world. There needs to be more people like her who give factual advice and who understand the importance of mental health in physical heslth

    23. Chloe Sherwood

      Steph, I know this isn’t your most recent upload, but I just want to say thank you. I’ve been struggling with anorexia and bulimia for around four years now. I never thought I would be able to eat normally, become less food focused, to live a normal life and regain weight that I desperately needed to and not be ashamed of my body. I’ve been following your all in journey since day one, and I’ve been all in for around 6 months now. Thank you for using your platform in such a healthy and productive way. You are an inspiration to me, and I admire you so much. Seriously, I can not thank you enough

    24. Sîhêm Nôûr-Elhouda

      She looks so thicc and fantastic. Blessing us with an amazing vulnerable journey . Bless you 🙏🙏

    25. rice and potatos

      that hairstyle where you tie the clips back... looks really good on you! lol

    26. Rick Randazzo

      imagine all the skinny girls out there in the gym doing squats every day and cant get an ass cause they dont eat. I see it everyday.

    27. Linda Rancourt

      At first I was like oh this is just another self-centered look at me HUfastr. But I'm so wrong you are genuinely such a nice caring king person who I see trying uo help people there's something different about you

    28. Monica Mase

      YOU eat so much and you lost weight,wao

    29. Audrey G

      You just look fat.You didn't look healthy at your lowest weight either. I think about 10lbs down from where you are would be ideal.

      1. Ivy Litton

        Hmmm okay but who asked you though?

    30. kacie sawadski

      You probably have the most well round what i eat in a day I've ever seen

    31. Rachel Bither

      I love your all in project! I was starting to go down the same path you’re coming from... to see someone actually accept themselves (and their own personal health) after being the “fitness” type we all expect to see is very encouraging to me. Thank you for your honesty and courage!!

    32. Roberto Masensi

      Stephanie looks absolutely stunning here, imo, she is thick and healthy and frankly beautiful. Kudos sister.

    33. khouloud lahlafi

      she looks happier and beautiful she is amazing

    34. Shannon Fairywalker

      Thank you so much! This gave me more ideas as to what to eat.

    35. KyraBks

      what's the name of your camera? :)

    36. anna nguyen

      Where do you get your workout outfits from ??

    37. Areli Olayo

      You look sooooooo good!!!💕👍😇😊

    38. Hany Azad

      My husband pushes me every day for all-in but I afraid so I simply can't. Hatts off to you girl

    39. Lela Lee

      I saw another comment talking about this but I don’t seem to have a "full cues" I know this was a problem Stephanie had too but I knew I was different after the power went out this past Monday. My family and I were out watching TV where there was Wi-Fi and my brother and I went to the store and went ALL OUT with snacks. When my Mom found out the power was back on (after about an hour or so) of getting the snacks they both looked at me and chucked and said "she’s still eating?!" That stuck with me. On my journey of losing weight I would have NEVER eaten 4000+ calories in a day. I was looking back at my other "cheat days" and the most I ever ate was 2100 calories. I’m not sure if it’s because I was starving myself back then or what but I definitely wasn’t losing weight the right way. And I still feel like I’m walking on glass. I was 154 lbs a year and a half ago and now I’m 121 lbs. My goal is 115 but I’m also doing hardly any cardio and strength training a lot so I doubt I’m going to lose any more weight. Perhaps lose fat gain muscle. Fingers crossed

    40. Vamp Mott

      is it okay if i eat like this and not work out?

      1. Ivy Litton

        Of course, if that's what feels good to your body

    41. Monica Targioni


    42. Zoë Furlonger

      Stephanie actually has the most beautiful smile 😍

    43. Naomi Kruijt

      I love love love how much more genuinely happy she seems with herself now! She looks so happy and thriving and im in love!!

    44. Ms.Gonzalez89

      Stephanie, one thing I noticed is that in the middle of my menstrual cycle I have less appetite and in turn I have a voracious appetite toward the end of my cycle (right before my period). I read that estrogen causes lower appetite (it is highest in the middle of your cycle)

    45. Healing ME

      Hello Stephanie, if you see this I'm a little confused by the timeline of this! You mentioned you eat normally at noon but then after your first meal wrote "next meal 9" in the bottom right corner. Can you clarify roughly when you're eating?

    46. blackbird163

      Your looking so kick ass girl 😍 which is so great! Especially because you dont restrict which I have issues with.

    47. Sadaf, Humaira

      these videos show as if life is all about get big B's eating and getting hot. crap

    48. Sarah B

      I'm so glad you're eating and feeling better but pls stay away from gluten (e.g. Wheat cereals) and dairy (ice cream) and sugar.. Muffins, ice cream. You can easily do your own ice cream at home with unsweetened plant base milk and some fruits, same for muffins with stevia and any flower with no wheat. This will help with hormones as well as no pills 🌹😊🌟

    49. Wode China

      Hey Stephanie sometime when ur full but mentally the food is tasty do you eat more?

    50. No Reply

      So sweet with your mom🥰

    51. Katrín Björk Birgisdóttir

      wait you eat the skin of the sweet potato? i've never done that is it good?

    52. Meg K

      Does protein powder give anyone else the shits ???? Like vegan ones and whey ones both do?

    53. D&K Jacobs

      You look way better st this weight. Very curvy and healthy at the same time.

    54. Claudia Barrios

      Totally random, but it so weird when people just turn on the oven. My latino brain is like: “You should take out the pans first” 😂

      1. Lida Grischuk

        Ukrainians do this too ahaj

      2. Léna Lee

        Saame!! I always check if there is any pan inside before turning it on

      3. Sarah Oberlander


    55. Ron Hos

      I got to try that banana nut muffing with that ice cream..looks great!!

    56. Charlotte Elijah

      You're freaking amazing Stephanie 💕💕

    57. Jose Antonio Muñoz Ruiz

      🌜🌠🌠🇺🇸🇺🇸🌠🌛 You illuminates the firmament entire with the gaze more pure and most authentic of all the universe infinite!!!🌜🌠🇺🇸🇺🇸🌠🌠🌛You're a goddess of infinite Beauty and illuminating of the eternal cosmos ! ..🌜🇺🇸🇺🇸🌛..The Night of Today, The stars in the sky shine with most intensity, only for you..🌜🌠🌠🌠🌛.. Beauty lady of fire and cinnamon !!!..🌜🌷🌷🌷🌛.. With Your eyes you light the universe entire in a only minute 🌜🌟🌟🌟🇺🇸🇺🇸🌠🌛You have the power, you have all the power in your beautiful hands of candy and cinnamon 🌜🌷🌷🌷🌛 ..... 🌜🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌛 🌜🌠🌠🌠🌠🌷🌷🌛 and without makeup why simply your beauty is natural and spectacular from the same day of your birth!!!... 🌜🌷🌷🌷🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🌛 and is than from the same day of your birth You are a women unique and very special, and only you have all the power in your hands!!!!🌜🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌛🌜🌷🌷🌷🌷🌛 And you garden is the most wonderful and beautiful of this world 🌜🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌛and soon it will shine with more force than thousand stars in the blue sky in a Night of summer !!!! 🌜🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌛You Yes than can and you garden too!!! Beautiful lady of the wonderful smile eternal🌜🌷🌷🌷🌷🌛🌜🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍮🍮🍮🍮🍮🍩🍩🍩🥞🥞🥞🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🌛

    58. A R

      Healthy is beautiful!

    59. Piyali Sarkar

      Hey, just a tip that I have learnt from my grandparents is that while you are eating, do not drink water. Drink water only after half an hour or so, this is so that you get all the nutrients into you body completely. And, I love your videos, take care byeee.... :)

    60. Forever5elena

      Wait wtf those oats look so good I hate oatmeal so I'll def be trying that lol

    61. Denise Lycett

      Recently started eating the PE Cake pop oatmeal -- it is Ridiculously good! OMG .. I use apples instead of bananas though. :)

    62. Liza Elliott

      You almost look like Cher at some moments :D

    63. jmo

      I loved the lateral views during your workout. The glutes are looking great since going all in!

    64. Sarah Salazar

      What protein powders do you recommend?

    65. collarmole

      You're amazing, Stephanie!

    66. KAI - The Cosmic Lion

      I would buy a recipe/favorite dishes book from you. That would be awesome. Your meals always look scrumptious.

    67. Omar Mas

      not writing to post any hate.... but if you are having or in the future get any lower back pain it might be because of your pelvis, it looks like you may have and post rotated IS......

    68. Shelley Picott

      Looks like your "All In" worked and you are recognize when you are hungry and when you are satisfied. Something many people still struggle with but good to see you still eating healthy and spreading your struggles with us all.

    69. ThinkOutside TheCanvas

      Thank you so much for showing your workout too! I really appreciated the tips! The food looked good too!

    70. Gabrielle W

      you look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! 😻😻 so inspiring:)

    71. DNY DTV

      Amazingly gorgeous my goodness🌹❤️

    72. B 2

      Make-up does so much wonders

    73. Helen Brady

      Very encouraging video - I have done my own version of “all in” and I too am finding that now it takes less food to make me feel full and satisfied. Thanks Stephanie - you’re awesome x

    74. Its always Tegan


    75. Its always Tegan


    76. Its always Tegan


    77. JGo TGo

      Great Video! Thank U

    78. Jennifer Jiang

      What’s the cereal in your protein oatmeal? ❤️

    79. Caissy Nakure

      your smile is everything

    80. averee Katherine

      I am starting my first ever serious health journey, I’m a full time student and don’t have the means to get to the gym and also don’t have money for weights. Could you do home work outs without weights

    81. Ashley Swallow

      So what I eat in a day is not healthy 😒😥. I eat a lot of bread cheese mayo eggs not a lot of veggies and not a lot of protein. I love carbs and cheese! I’m currently not an intuitive eating journey. But battling the diet culture. Meaning I’m so ready to do intuitive eating and be normal but the diet culture always creeps back in and weight loss gets on my mind again.

    82. Extravagant Pancakes

      I used to be so guilty about eating dessert, there’s a good 75% chance I’ll have dessert because my sweetooth can be cavernous, but seeing you have dessert helps me to remember it’s okay to eat dessert! If I have a sweetooth and im not too darn full from dinner, I’m still going to be able to live my life.

    83. Erika Martinez

      Hair care video 🤷🏻‍♀️🙏🏻

    84. Claire Bear 13

      The expression on her face when she had the first bite of the muffin and ice cream was so cute. Her eyes literally started to sparkle lol. :)

    85. Kamony Lee

      I really love this version of you. It looks healthy and happy 😊

    86. Deborah Moura

      I didn’t even realize the skinny ripped Stephanie was such a bad influence on me. 😢

    87. Sandra Isaksson

      I'm so curious how much money you spent on food during your "all in period" compared to when you were constricting your food intake. Dying to know!

    88. Angela Petta

      Thank you so much for this video. Please do more & please be safe 😘

    89. Layla Jackson

      Is there a way to get thick while keeping your stomach flat?

    90. Elham Bromell


    91. Cláudia Nzau

      So happy I found your channel, looking foward to put on some weight . It's hard out here #skinnygirlsstruggle

    92. Betty Aquino

      I don't understand I eat 1 0r 2 time a day because I'm not hungry I been running 3 miles and 40 minutes Exercise at home 5 day a week and I don't loose any pound I'm very frustrating at this point.

      1. Marian

        I think it depends what you are eating and the calories you are hitting, for a calorie deficiency is needed to lose weight, but y a certain point and how do you structure your workouts?

    93. Vicky Gatzima

      Your bites are way smaller now, compared back to your cheat days. Love your videos ❤️

    94. Cami

      I wish I could eat that much ): it makes me feel horrible if I eat too much. Not emotionally ahaha, literally, physically horrible, I can't breathe and my belly hurts.

    95. Carla Kinstley

      I'm envying how much she gets to eat Looks delicious . I eat less and don't lose a lb and I work a pretty active job ! Ohhh must be the beer lol

    96. Crystal B.

      I’d break my damn ankle doing calves on stairs 😂

    97. angela spielbusch

      Love these exercises!! Thank you 😊

    98. Chubbi Turtles

      Aww I wished you listed the ingredients... I tried listing the ingredients in the comments section so others can see it but it wont let me so I guess I will use a pen and paper

    99. 娃娃林

      You are so real and that’s why we love you, Stephanie. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

    100. Meagan N.

      I love the dinning chairs. Can you link them or tell me the name of the name. They are my goal chairs.