What I Eat Pre & Post Workout (Meal Ideas & Nutrition Science)

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    References ▹
    Tipton et al. (2006) Stimulation of net muscle protein synthesis by whey ingestion before and after workout
    Aragon & Schoenfeld (2013): “Nutrient timing revisited: is there a post-exercise anabolic window?”
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    Haff et al. (2000): “Carbohydrate Supplementation Attenuates Muscle Glycogen Loss During Acute Bouts of Resistance Exercise”
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      WHAT'S UP MT LOVES!!! Missed you guys! I hope you enjoy the meal ideas with a dose of science! 🤓 As always, let me know if you have any requests for topics you'd like me to cover in the comments! 👇 If you guys follow my IG (@stephanie_buttermore) or my food IG (@stephshollowleg) you saw I had a Cheat Day!! 🍕🍩So that will be my next video! Stay Tuned! xo 💕 *edit* I just boarded a plane so if I don’t get to your comment, that’s why. 🙏

      1. Abbey Abernathy

        Can you go over cellulite and also micro and macro nutrients and the difference

      2. Randi Wood

        Proper ways to cut and a full day of eating.

      3. Autumn Abood

        Stephanie Buttermore I live in Jacksonville also! Next time you do a Jax cheat day you should go to Sweet theory (get a huge ass cinnamon roll) and Sweets By Holly, best cupcakes EVER!!!!! Love your videos!!!

      4. Gabby Vera Cruz

        Stephanie Buttermore what’s your take on a keto diet?

      5. megachrist

        @Stephanie Buttermore Thank you so much Stephanie. Any advice or information on how to safely breath without risking the health would be very appreciated and could be a topic in one of your next videos to come. Have a great Sunday!

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      Love how informative this is❤️❤️

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      Why didn’t you add the calories for each of the meals??? So lazy

    4. nrgnz34

      Me: *sees Krebs cycle* Me: *throws computer out the window *

    5. Thomas Donahue

      Outstanding presentation, you seem like a genuinely nice person, but please keep it totally real you get paid for each member in your HUfast family, but I will watch some of your other videos, I was very impressed.

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      Wonder if she’s going to delete these videos now as she basically admitted she had very disordered eating habits

      1. Nancy Gonzalez

        probably not. they still get watched and she still makes money from them.

    9. Abderrahman Ben

      Its not dietetic . Watch this vidéo To know whow.

    10. Lizzie

      What’s the calorie count?

    11. Nutriție Sportivă

      You can also go to www.wellness-coach.ro/en/post-workout-foods/

    12. Bee Kau

      Thank you for this 😍 I just thought I'd tell you that Jesus loves you so so much and wants you to come to Him. He's graciously given us the free gift of repentance and I hope that you receive Rhys gift that we could never earn on our own. Jesus is coming soon and he wants us to be saved. Sin is something that the world praised in modern day but that's just the devil trying to make you think that you just need to be a good person to go to heaven and know about God instead of knowing God. What we need to do to be saved and have everlasting life with Jesus is to believe with our whole heart and confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord and repent and confess all your sins to Him, not a pastor or anyone else. Please don't gamble with your eternity, the devil is a liar. You don't know when you're gonna die. Today is the day of salvation. I love you , but most importantly, God loves you and wants you to see the truth. Read your Bible, be born again, be baptized in Jesus name ❤️

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      Great video! thx Stephanie!

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    21. Cara Stone

      I'm an endurance athlete and these meals are actually pretty similar to what I eat pre and post-long run AND pre and post-longer weight training session. I'm marathon training and doing my best to lose a bit of body fat while holding onto most of my lean muscle mass. I've found that upping my protein intake, in terms of food, along with a daily dose of BCAAs, is REALLY helping me do that!

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    27. Calorie Count Recipes

      My trainer told me not to take fat in Pre workout meal. He said fat in Pre workout meal slow ur digestion. What’s ur opinion


      After post work out, is not take oat meal....

    29. Elvis Janku

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      Hi Stephanie. I’ve been watching your videos and think you promote some dangerous eating patterns. As an intelligent woman who has a lot of influence and reach it would be fantastic to see you promote eating habits that are realistic and healthy to your followers

    42. Kristina Bayer

      In the study of tipton et al. They used Phenylalanine concentration as the observable, which is very decieving, as it is mostly the branched, hydrophobic AAs that are used for muscle protein in your body.... perhaps the conc. post workout remains high because it is not preferentially taken up by the muscle system anyway... Also they show arterial aa conc., not muscular aa conc., as you stated. I think you just misspoke, but nonetheless, a major percentage of Phe in the blood is not taken up by the skelettal muscle.

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      I’ve worked out faster for so long because I work out at 6:30 am. Still, great information for those days when I work out in afternoon or evening. Your videos are great for content and they look great!

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      Thank you for these videos, they are very helpful and I am leaning so much form you, you are a really good teacher, and good at breaking things down and explaining them well. PLEASE make more of these video's showing more post and pre-work out meals that you ear and also what you eat in a day videos. THANKS! This will keep me coming back

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      I LOVED this video!! I've always been confused about how to determine what I might need but from your information on here I at least have a basis that I can tweak to my personal level. My hardest part about everything is not knowing where to start and this video helped me get rid of that in the health and fitness aspect.

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      Hi! I'm wondering how you would do glute abduction without a machine? My gym doesn't have one but I want the results from that movement. Ideas?

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        Use Resistantbands - you can sit on a bench and do the same movement :)

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      Hello, lovely inspiration, Stephanie! I love your work! I'm interested if you could do a Scientific aproach of a food-pisode (food episode) for those who do a lot of cardio/HIIT sessions. (It's part of my job). Think i HIT a plateau weight because my body is stressed and I do not fuel it properly (I pay attention to macros but maybe you can give us other insides). This plateau happened after a 7 month Keto diet. Now I eat normal but I struggle with carbs, I can't see them as before even if I had results in the past while eating carbs too. I did weight training in the past month when I didn't had so much cardio to do, ofc I see some changes, but Im curious about your point of view & ideas about how we should protect our muscle & get lean(er). Wanted to try Reverse Diet, but i figured I cant cut off my classes :)) Maybe you suggest some supplements?! Im a fan of natural way even if it takes time! Im patient! Thank you very much, friend!

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      Yes, up to 40% of glycogen depletion after long, hard, intense workout. But that's before lactate shuttling. Unless you're on a VLCD, you can easily replenish intra-muscular glycogen reserves with 0.5g of carbs/lb bw/day www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3523107

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