What I Normally Eat In A Day (Simple Meal Ideas + Macros) | Physique Update

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    I hope you enjoy this full day of eating! If you guys like these videos, let me know so I can do more of them! Those of you who are interested in the nerdy side of exercise science, come back next weekend for a video on DEXA scans!! I think you guys are really gonna enjoy it! Much love xoxo
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    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 28
    3. What was your PhD focused on?
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    4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I hope you enjoy this full day of eating! I don't track my macros BUT I did for you guys to follow along so stay to the end to see my macros! If you guys like these videos, let me know so I can do more of them! Those of you who are interested in the nerdy side of exercise science, come back next weekend for a video on DEXA scans!! I think you guys are really gonna enjoy it! Much love 💋xoxo

      1. Ade Stead

        What was the zero calorie caramel sweetner called?

      2. Katerina Kardo

        neha singh hufast.info/plan/vide/p6Wmq9uByWS0i2g

      3. Daniella Sanchez

        @c jenkins 💜💜💜💜

      4. Daniella Sanchez

        Just a suggestion.... please don't say vegans struggle with getting protein because we don't. It's really frustrating when non vegans claim this. A lot of non vegans think like this because they are uneducated of the several plants that provide protein. We have so many more options to choose from in plants than animals. Tofu Lentils Beans Chickpeas Tempeh Sietan Oats Milk Seeds Quinoa Nuts Nutritional Yeast Edamame Green Peas Spirulina Sprouted Grains Rice The list goes on....

      5. Heather Odeh

        How far do you walk in the morning?

    2. Letícia de Almeida

      This is not a hate comment I just want to understand something. You mentioned here that you practice intuitive eating. Why were you below your set weight or current weight if you were already practicing intuitive eating?

    3. Selcan Yilmaz

      Which scale is that??

    4. Aida Gibbons

      I just watched this video after your all "All In" videos.... Maybe you need to confess that you weren't eating intuitively that time of your life.... and at the end of the video, it showed the macros... So...?

    5. Carla Ruengeler

      please do more plantbased stuff like rewviews and testings!!!!

    6. 83prettyblack

      This may be weird but your teeth are gorgeous

    7. didsw

      saski like tammy h? love

    8. Barsha Maharana

      Your voice is like dua lipa😄 but nice video though!

    9. gaiaeterna1

      Why multivitamin and Omega 3? you eat enough

    10. collarmole

      The Gingerbread house Halo Top pint looks like a Manuka Oil Shea Moisture container.

    11. Eviee Carter

      haha i have that caramel sweetener. Its hella good in oatmeal, smoothies and especially homemade espresso drink with vanilla cashew milk

    12. Patricia Romero

      How many cheat days do you do in one month or do you do them every month. I would gain a lot of weight if I even did them every month.

    13. kmm 50

      How tall are you

    14. Areeya

      Wait i'm curious can you actually eat ice cream on normal days and build a fit body, if u eat healthy for the most part of the day and exercise? im shook if this is true then i don't have to only save my sweet treats for special occasions㋛︎

      1. Blue Glitter

        YASS halo top is a great option, has a lot of protein too!

    15. Claire Gandha

      This one also a cheat day? You decided all in because eat only 900cal a day 😢

    16. Questionable Notions

      U are one of my role models!

    17. Ruth smart tv

      I love the Vegan it looks yummy

    18. Rose Rodriguez

      I don't get it. She ate so well and satisfying why did she go all in? She just needed to gain some weight.

      1. pearlescent

        She didn't... Feel satisfied. She's lying. That's the whole fucking thing.

      2. corn queen

        Did you actually watch the all in video? Any of them?

      3. Louise Andersen

        She said that she had extreme hunger, so the food she ate in this video probably wasn't enough for her appetite

    19. Priti Usha

      There isn't any fat loss tea or a magic pill. There are only smart dieting and training. *Next Level Diet* is a great tool to start with because it gives you everything you need to reach your fitness goals.

    20. This is For you

      Just visit website *Next Level Diet* and get personalized Diet and Training plan with amazing tips. I lost 15kg in two months. Finally, I have a six pack

    21. Krispy Donuts

      Girl vegans don't struggle with protein but kudoz to you at least eating less dead animals.

    22. Maggie Higgins

      some of y’all in this comment section are suffering from some SeRiOuS food issues and fears

    23. Kaley & Emily

      wait does she wear makeup to the gym

    24. Jawad Lajami

      How many meals do you eat per day?

    25. chris hdd

      Who is here after the All in eating

      1. Avaa bartelss

        literally everyone?

      2. dm primates

        I'm here because of the all in eating video.

      3. PlantishDelights

        Me 🙋‍♀️ haha

    26. J G

      You looked one million times better here. Get off the sweets and back on the meats! Btw dexa scans are dexa scams. A friend of mine did a test completely fasted for 5 days and drank 2 liters of water 30 minutes later did another one. The water was measured as lean mass and his body fat was somehow higher when he was fasted and dehydrated.

      1. J G

        @Lydia Palmer She won't be when she gets diabetes from all that sugar

    27. Awilda Garcia

      I need to find that halo top

    28. Awilda Garcia

      OMG U WERE RADING MY MIND!!!! Yes more upper body workout... I'm desperately looking to bulk my shoulders and triceps!!! Love ur vids!!!

    29. Regan wolf

      I just found you today and I do all really ove your video's you are funny, smart and fit beautyfull woman. I love they way you are talking and explaining things and ... I just start to get healthy and I was looking for a fitgirl online. thank you for uploading this video. greets and blessings form the Netherlands 💪🏽💕🤗👌🏼 p.s I love it that you really eat or tast your own food with that passion of yours😁🥰

    30. Rama 98

      That doesn’t look like “restricting my eating” at all, Weird

      1. Alyson Broadbent

        @Rama 98 amen to that!

      2. Rama 98

        MoonChild143 first of all you can literally state your mind without calling people dumb, And second of all most of people can have “massive appetite” if they let themselves eat without paying attention to the quantity of food and the calories aka why people become obese. Confessing yourself that you’re not normal just to eat more isn’t sth you should get praised for. I really don’t care about her and what she eat but promoting this all in thing isn’t good especially for overweight and obese people. “Normal” shouldn’t be that different and eating a 5000 calories definitely isn’t considered normal.

      3. Alyson Broadbent

        @MoonChild143 she doesn't explain WHY she has the massive appetite. I mean she could say I work out so much and this is my BMR and this is how much I burn working out. I know most people know she works out and has a big appetite, but she needs to explain that she's burning way more than the average person and HOW much she's burning. Assuming most people just know things is very risky and not a great thing to do.

      4. MoonChild143

        whats so weird? she literally indicates over and over that she has a massive appetite - more than the average person. for what appears normal to you was not enough for her. people are confused about the dumbest things - use ur damn head.

      5. Rama 98

        Alyson Broadbent I totally agree

    31. hipnhappenin

      Ok if she was doing intuitive eating how is it different from her all-in approach now?

      1. G G

        hipnhappenin Because this isn't true intuitive eating, sure she was listening to her hunger but she wasn't granting herself the permission to eat ALL foods in whatever quantity she desired, that's what she's doing in "all in"

    32. Aria Frost

      Could you do more cutting meal plan videos please

    33. Jessica Cunningham

      Going back in your videos to find eating Inspo!!

    34. kelly G

      I’m so confused. You said at the beginning you eat what you want, when you’re hungry and do not track anything. But now doing all in, you eat what you want when your hungry ?? What’s the difference?

      1. CaptainJackisbabie :D

        I think it is that even though she ate what she wanted she ate it in an amount that wasnt enough for her

      2. Steph B

        kelly G maybe she started craving different foods so decided to do the all in thing.. idk 🤔otherwise she was lying to herself a year ago

    35. Account

      This was a great video! I just don't understand why she eats like this regularly and STILL has a voracious appetite. But hey, that's the Stephanie we know and love! No complaints, because that just means we get to see more wonderful cheat day videos!!!!

      1. Rihanna

        Account me too! Confused me because she seems well fed here, unless she’s lying about her daily eating (which I don’t blame her for, most female youtubers do)

    36. Angel Addison

      Do you ever do workouts at home? I'm a beginner at it all

    37. The Millenial Wordsmith

      7:28 lol vegans aren’t struggling with protein 😂 Omegas and B12 maybe, but protein?? A macro??

    38. Rasha Sarandah

      How long is your walk? That’s my preferred cardio but wasn’t sure how much I should walk each day for weight loss

    39. Jennifer Juneau

      Vegans get protein from nuts, nut butters, seitan, tofu, beans, chickpeas, etc. By the way, why do you eat cancer causing foods? I thought you worked against that.

    40. brittany dummett

      You are looking great 👍

    41. ShaLuo Wu

      This is literally a food channel. Love it

    42. Sam Bailie

      I don't believe you eat all that food, I'm sorry.

      1. Sam Bailie

        @Hams waleed Well then perhaps she needs to ensure she posts information that is truthful

      2. Sam Bailie

        @Hams waleed Who asked you again chum?

      3. Sam Bailie

        @Hams waleed not asking you to care but thanks for popping in 😘

      4. Hams waleed

        Sam Bailie don’t care

      5. Sam Bailie

        @Hams waleed what's dc

    43. Ana

      You’re so pretty, what foundation do you use? It always looks flawless

    44. Ivet Salazar

      Yes please upper body work out. Love your guns!

    45. S Rstevesn

      I bet you binge eat like a 40 day starved wolf. Hahaha.

    46. Denise297_mystery and meaning

      You have perfect teeth, hair and face

    47. SingingBear

      Your bottomless pit likely has to do with the fact that your animal fat consumption is extremely low. Egg yolks, whole non-homogenized organic milk, butter, red meat with marbled fat, and organ meat every day would definitely help you. You work out so much, your muscles need animal products to recuperate, otherwise your body is literally eating itself. The ground turkey and egg whites aren't doing a thing for you, and plant-based options are causing you to starve.

    48. Anna Cendall

      yesss pls do more vids of what u usually eat in a day bc this was so helpful

    49. Nick Stat

      When I am leaning out I only take in 1 cup of oats for my first meal along with my egg whites. Or I’ll mix 1 scoop of protein with the oats if I’m sick of eggs lol the rest of the day my protein along with veggies. After a few weeks I’ll drop it down to a half cup of oats. I have a hard time completely taking carbs out 100%

    50. Wandering Angel

      Upper body workouts are my fav! Please do more, I LOVE them. Especially back and chest

    51. princessofthedawn

      Bruh did you heat up the oatmeal??

    52. Patrice Whiting

      Yes! It’s so hard and my arms are so weak tea!!!

    53. Nash Lantey

      Here from watching your all in video😭😭😭

    54. Keelan Turner

      I love that you are so science based in your fitness. I'm also a science nerd and have a hard time knowing what is "real" being a fitness newbie

    55. Ms Kae

      Why egg whites? Why not eat the entire egg?

      1. Elena W.

        Sandra Goff fear because of the higher fat🙄

    56. Sofija Sofy Grebnarovic

      It is awesome to see a PhD with that subject.

    57. rawbirbella justthat

      Look into how BAD CASEIN is for your body! It speeds up cancer growth in all stages in scientific studies. Furthermore it speeds up the development of each and every autoimmune disease. The body hates it and reacts to it. It's a horrible thing to eat.....let alone put it in a daily processed powder. Also: no! vegans do not have any problem to get enough proteins. They DO have a problem to get EXCESSIVE DANGEROUS AND UNNECESSARY amounts of protein with their vegan diet......that's right.......but then, why would anyone eat those amounts?

    58. GlitterGirl xoxo

      Hi Stephanie, In the beginning of June, I started a sugar shakedown program where you can't eat carbs or sugar for 12 weeks. I have lost 18lbs so far in 8 weeks. I wanted to know if you can give me any advice on staying on track after the program finishes and what tips you have about staying positive through it. I'm still moody and obsessing about my weight now more than ever. Thanks😊♥️

    59. Joy Vlasveld

      Yeasss uperbody workouts please :)

    60. AliceFayFit

      Hey Stephanie! Recently found your channel and I’ve found it so helpful! Currently studying to be a PT :) I’m just curious as to how long after you eat do you workout? I feel lethargic if I don’t wait 2 hours 😣

    61. Meren Fire

      I hate HEARING PEOPLE EATTTTTTTTTTT but i wanted to watch it because Im always looking for good food to make

    62. Denasia

      Please do more !!!!!!

    63. pandie

      Ended my night with this video to stop my hunger after watching her entire cheat day videos. It worked.

    64. andrea escobar

      could you do a video on eating vegan

    65. Alyssa Wood

      Vegans don't struggle with protein 🤭😭😂💞

    66. warm sun

      am i the only one who finds SO COOL AND PRETTY muscled women? like arms and biceps and stuff, not just legs but upper body too? i just find strong women, like, literally strong, real cool and empowering, IDK man women are just all beautiful

    67. Sarah’s Kingdom

      do a birthday cake cheat day

    68. Noelia Julca

      She is so amazing, beautiful, dedicated and with a great unique personality. I would like to know her personally. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and also spreading this positivity. Wish you all the best!

    69. Ginny

      Aside from the snacks, was there only 2 meals? Breakfast and the taco bowl? I rewatched the video cause I thought there was another meal but I think I’m missing it

      1. Nancy Gonzalez

        yes thats all. she intermitten fast so only eats 2 meals

    70. Amy

      I feel like I’m the only female who prefers upper body over lower body

    71. water . guns

      I’m so upset that she worked out with a full face of makeup on

    72. Elmien Venter

      I'm in a wheelchair so if you could do some upper body workouts it would be amazing

    73. Leonardo Mendoza

      666k ...

    74. Alton Ned


    75. esinduhije1

      Your voice,🥰🥰🥰

    76. Emmaugox

      Why do ppl not cook their oats

    77. litelit o

      I subscribed loved all your food ideas

    78. Jenn W.

      I love the idea of intuitive eating I dont have time to completely track everything

    79. Zehra J

      The halo top ice cream was everything

    80. Mitch O'mitchell

      You're so GORGEOUS!!! i love you🔥🔥

    81. Amit Sella

      wait... you started eating at 14:13? what.

    82. Tiago Lara-Touza

      Dude the pre shreeded vegetables give anxiety. So much plastic!

    83. Cynthia Santiago

      Post more upper body workouts!

    84. Maya

      Yessss let’s see those shoulders 🔥

    85. Mariana On A Journey

      Why egg whites?

    86. Vincent Illiano

      who are you???

    87. Dee Moriarty

      Stephanie Buttermore, what is the white ingredient out of a packet after you added mushrooms? Were they larger onions in addition to the minced onion? I've learned a ton from you! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise! xoxo

    88. Enedelia Gonzalez


    89. Enedelia Gonzalez

      How tall are you ?

    90. Lucie B

      You are way undereating and your muscles look like they are very small as a result.

    91. Monique Baptiste

      Yes please! More upper body workouts.

    92. Leah Hogan

      I’m 120 pounds and 5,1 and 13, apparently I’m not overweight

    93. Leah Hogan

      I’m 120 pounds and 5,1 and 13, apparently I’m not overweight

    94. kgkd

      What's your vlogging set up? Do you have a video?

    95. Zara Persson

      If you ever go to Sweden you gotta try their vegan substitube for diffrent kinds of meat. We have substitubes to pork, beef and chicken. The producera is: Anamma (all vegan) Hälsans kök (some of it is vegan, the rest of it is vegetarian) Garants vegobiffar (garant’s vegan beef) Eldorado vegan bacon (Tates like bacon) 😘❤️

    96. Jazlin Shai

      This is such a beautiful video! Thanks for sharing your food and your routine 💙 a queen!

    97. Mira02

      these are my fave vids!

    98. Freya's World

      She honestly needs more subs!!😫 Possibly one of the most underrated youtuber of all time😂❤️

    99. Magdalena Mroz

      Hey Stephanie! Just found your channel and already am a huge fan. You said you do your daily walk in the morning - how long would you say you go for? Is there a particular reason you don’t do any other form of cardio??

    100. Bryanna Lyon

      How do you get your hair so long? I have been growing mine for about 5 years and it’s barely to my shoulder blades not counting my hair being curly but my hair still grows really slow. Any tips? Love your videos keep it up!