What I Eat In A Day (Full Day Of Intuitive Eating)

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    I hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know if you would like to see more full day of eating videos from me! Love you! 💕
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    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"(and a half 🙃)
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 30
    3. What are you researching?
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    4. Is Jeff your boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know if you would like to see more full day of eating videos! Love you guys so much! 💕

      1. Aaliyah Masterson

        Becareful with your background music there's is some lyrics that might offend people like the song has the word knigga in it

      2. Natalia Mullins

        I like the full day eating videos! Keep making them!

      3. Amy Amy

        What is the link to those Amazon leggings?

      4. BLACK STAR

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      5. Alisa T

        Your looking gorgeous Stephanie. Keep up the great work.

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    4. Justine CHOUARD

      Hi Stephanie ! Can you tell us, when your book will be available ? ☺️

    5. Niaomi Astro

      youre so pretty

    6. Mariann Rusnak

      Steph, you're glowing :) You go, girl! Also: Holy Kim Kardashian look, batgirl! Basically perfect pronounciation of the Scandinavian name Ove, btw.

    7. Donna Yang

      Your « voilà » was good ! I was like « does she speak french? »😂🤣👌🏾

    8. Lyena Sky

      can you PLEASEE do a makeup tutorial on how you do your makeup so perfect!!

    9. Jancy melody

      *As soon as I take the first couple of bites, I feel hungry"......why this so me😫 I never feel hungry until i actually put sum in my mouth 🤧

    10. Manlem.M.Chenwang 60

      Why are you so prtty😭😭 And have a perft body ahhhh m kinda j....😂😂 just kiddng i lov u dear😊🤗 be happy and stay healthy

    11. Sariah Matthews

      Always enjoy your videos :))

    12. Heather Hopf

      Love you Stephanie...Gosh when you read that excerpt from your book..it hit hard. I struggle EVERYDAY being curvier than I ever was. I've had a baby as well...but that stomach roll I have gets to me so much.😔 Thank you for shedding light on us girls who deal with this on the daily. Keep being you!😘 you're beautiful💜

    13. Kii Said

      More please!

    14. jadyn

      U are the prettiest person ever

    15. Roxane Forghani


    16. Kenneth Worthington

      In my opinion, you´re one of the bravest persons on social media. Keep on going strong and don´t let yourself be pulled down by people who like judging others without knowing what they HAVE gone through and still are going through.

    17. Alyssa Hoyt

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      I love A Man Called Ove! Have you read “My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You Shes Sorry?” That one is the best

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      I think you might be one of the prettiest people in the world.

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      More videos of what u eat in a day plss 🥺 they’re very helpful n inspiring

    24. Gia Khan

      When I first transitioned into a healthier lifestyle, the cravings were insane I thought they would never stop. But it’s true the cravings stop and your appetite regulates.

    25. Carey Anne's Corner

      Love you Steph!!!

    26. Lindsey Perez

      I love your personality & I just needed this video so much. Thank you 😭

    27. ladev91

      I tried intuitive eating once. I gained 50 pounds in 6 months.

    28. brooklyn summer

      for the years i’ve been watching you i always think that your lip piercing is food ahha

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      Where's your nail polish from? It's so pretty

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      Yes, I really like the "what I eat in a day" videos. Gives me inspiration. I feel like I don't know how to eat like a healthy normal human being.


      Thank you so much for sharing this really helped me :)

    32. BB LS

      Que bella gracias💛

    33. Hunter Winslow

      I love that you write and read and work on your health and fitness! And you did cancer rea search (idk if you still do?). You are just so relatable to me

    34. Mackenzie Scutari

      I cannot WAIT to read this book. So proud of you steph. You’re incredible

    35. Sandra Hope

      Funny how I found your channel when I was intermittent fasting and watched your “eat whatever I want all day” when I was starving. Then I just let myself go and didn’t come back on the channel for a while. And now I finally reached this magic place of inner peace with my body when I eat everything I want and lost pretty much all the extra weight. I made myself a bowl of rice with veggies and fried bread, opened HUfast and here you are. Feels good to see you again. Thank you 🖤

    36. Mohamed Unoos

      you give me kourtney karadshian vibes

    37. Mickie Pho

      Your oats recipe is way better than overnight oats

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      I don't know why but you're kind of the first HUfastr to me that I really like listening to for longer periods of time.

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      1. Aveen Kurd

        I love your video 💓

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      You have a amazing body! How do you maintain your weight because you eat a lot?

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      Beautiful ❤️🥰

    42. Nina Villalobos T.

      I've followed you since a long time ago, long before you started your all in process, and I remember that the reason why I started following you was because I watched a "fitness girl eats 10k calories on a day" video and afterwars i binge watched all the ones you made of that type and I was really amazed that someone other than me could do that jajaja and on top of that be able to stay fit with a "dream body" that I would have died, literally, for. I thought i didn't have any eating disorders anymore when I was passed my anorexia phase but after I really started to follow your journey, I knew I was only lying to myself all that time, I knew that eating only fruits and some yogurt wasn't enough for my body to function or that eating until I can't breathe or think wasn't good either. Long story short, watching your journey helped me realized food is just that, food, not something that I should be anxious or afraid of. I'm not fully recover yet but I can say that I'm better than I was before and your videos has helped on that too, so I wanted to thank you and let you know what a great person you are, thanks

    43. Sarcastic Quokka

      Was eating a bowl of Froot Loops cereal and thought about you eating oats with cereal toppings. I’d recommend trying some Australian sweet cereals some time for something different instead of your usuals 😊

    44. Olivia Steven's

      Omww I miss your cheat days.!!!

    45. Aletha Cates

      I am lazy cook too and it was a problem with my eating habits I liked that sandwich though😁 Praying and reading the psalms helped me

    46. Mia Cline


    47. Mya Wilkes

      I hope you know how much good you're doing just by being a woman unabashedly enjoying food. Something gets ingrained in us as women to be ashamed of being seen eating, in case you end up being judged for "over eating" or getting warned that you'll get fat. But you're setting an example that will hopefully help people overcome that unhealthy relationship with eating

    48. Mihaela Andra Ochianu

      Girl, you were always perfect and funny and i always enjoyed spending my Time watching you video. And you know, în life, The Time îs The most important. Kisses and hugs from romania

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      I can’t wait to read your book!!!

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      This is actually the best you’ve looked in my opinion. You’re glowing, you look happy healthy.

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    53. Natalie Ayala

      Nice! I love that your meals where straightforward. Are you still doing about 2500 calories? Do you track it?

    54. Claudine à moto

      Well, after watching you make your breakfast with protein powder, I decided to order some from Amazon (the chocolate cupcake)! I never used protein powder before, but since I started using the "Cronometer app" to track my food intake and micro, I can see I never eat enough protein, so I'm giving this a try! Thank you for sharing. :)

    55. HK. L

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    56. Whitney W

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    59. maybelin herrera

      I just want to say that as someone who has struggled with an eating disorder, you are one of the reasons I have managed to begin loving my body and giving it the nutrients it needs. You are such a huge inspiration and have had such a positive effect on me and my eating habits. I have been in recovery for a while now and you are a huge part of it. Thank you for recording this entire process, it has been extremely helpful.

    60. Foxy Gamer 342

      you look so amazing happy new year

    61. Ayub A Alim

      my DREAMS from Somalia

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      Can you do a makeup tutorial next please? You look so good!

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      You are THE best! You are such an inspiration... 20 books??? Thanks for sharing ☺️

    65. katie Phillips

      I have zero creativity when it comes to food. Eating videos help me find new things, I have 4 kids they have a far more adventurous taste then me, sooo send help 😂

    66. Mishko Mishko

      When she got fat , she was definitely sexier . Don’t go back to the skinny please

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      Please post a link to that whole gym outfit!! Love you!

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      Girl you genuinely look so damn healthy! You look amazing

    77. Cozette Eastman

      Hi Stephanie! I wanting to let you know that I am starting up your Women's Specialization Program and I am so excited to do so. I chose your program over various others because of you! I love you as a person that we know through social media, I love your devotion to helping others, and I love the work you put into these programs through science and credibility. I hope you know you are highly valued by your community here on HUfast, including me! thank you for the awesome videos and programs.

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    87. Valerie

      I would love to see more what you eat in a day videos. I was wondering if you could suggest foods to eat for someone with restrictions such as dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free and mainly grain free? Are grains bad for us? I need a lesson on how to eat 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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      Hands down best What I Eat in a Day video!! Buying that protein too🤤

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      I miss these videos and your always finding the best stuff! You should really try Tattooed Chef products you would absolutely love them!

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    98. K

      I feel like you are describing my life. I am technically fit and healthy but I am struggling to make better healthy choices. I workout 6X /week for an hour to hour and half. I am celiac and have thyroid problems and currently on hormones for the past 6 months. I try to have a healthy diet but I normally fail to keep having better choices. I don’t drink enough water, I drink too much coffee and can’t stop eating chocolate all day long. I might be eating between 3 to 5 thousand calories a day. I still look fit in people’s eyes but I don’t have a flat stomach even when you can see some muscle under the fat. I recently did a 56 days challenge for a better life. My goal was to lose 2 to 3 pounds of my body fat and instead I gained 5 lbs. I am sure I did a good job working out and pushing myself harder but I fail on my diet. I ate too much carbs and sugars while I was also trying to increase my protein intake. The results after 56 days is that I am disappointed even when I see that overall I increase body muscle but also packed a lot of undesirable weight in my abs. How did you find balance after your emotional roller coaster Stephanie? I just want to be healthy with no restrictions but with a balance life...

    99. Cali Ross

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