What I Eat In A Day (Full Day Of Intuitive Eating)

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    I hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know if you would like to see more full day of eating videos from me! Love you! 💕
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    1.What is your ethnicity?
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    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know if you would like to see more full day of eating videos! Love you guys so much! 💕

      1. Amy Amy

        What is the link to those Amazon leggings?

      2. BLACK STAR

        I would love to Hug you

      3. Alisa T

        Your looking gorgeous Stephanie. Keep up the great work.

      4. SaranghaeYuuki

        Please do more!! I need motivation to keep eating.

      5. ashlee wathen

        Pleeeaseee tell me where you got that swim suit in your thumb nail?! I need those bottoms 😭😭

    2. ashley walsh

      Please post a link to that whole gym outfit!! Love you!

    3. porridge e

      Your choice is right and that inspiration to me thanks so much

    4. Ellyn Dakoske

      Kinda random but we have the same kitchen faucet😂im very proud you look amazing❤️

    5. Amy Amy

      What is the link to those Amazon leggings?

    6. Hailey G

      I love her!

    7. Lori Dawn

      you’re looking great💕 love you too☺️where can i find cake pop😋 oatmeal?

    8. Melina Lombardo

      love u no matter what u doing

    9. Yijing Chen

      steph, you look much happier and healthier than the time you're struggling with extreme hunger. I'm so happy for you that you're enjoying the meals.

    10. haagen dazs

      looking good steph

    11. Grace Dunsmore

      Girl you genuinely look so damn healthy! You look amazing

    12. Cozette Eastman

      Hi Stephanie! I wanting to let you know that I am starting up your Women's Specialization Program and I am so excited to do so. I chose your program over various others because of you! I love you as a person that we know through social media, I love your devotion to helping others, and I love the work you put into these programs through science and credibility. I hope you know you are highly valued by your community here on HUfast, including me! thank you for the awesome videos and programs.

    13. Aslihan Unaldi

      You look fantastic! And i love the bikini! Where to find it? Or find swimwear like it? Thanks!

    14. Marjorie Villarreal

      Hi!!! I am so glad I found your channel! My daughter and I are going to do this 😊 thank you so much for being transparent because I needed to know we weren’t alone. 😌

    15. whiterussian4

      I loved the music in this vid!

    16. S. Smith

      what is your lip color? sandwich segment :) please and thank you

    17. Maria Gonzalez

      You look so beautiful

    18. Sally Love

      Hii beautiful!! hope you're doing amazing

    19. Jesus saves

      Jesus loves you. Please repent and be saved

    20. mai a

      te amo

    21. Holly Owens

      “For over a decade I trained marines in the established technique,” Kyle remarks, “It wasn’t until I was confronted with a group of semi-out of shape National Guard soldiers that I first began to realize just how our prescribed western approaches simply fell way short… and it got one of my men killed.” Look at the whole story here goo.gl/WVeskJ

    22. Valerie

      I would love to see more what you eat in a day videos. I was wondering if you could suggest foods to eat for someone with restrictions such as dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free and mainly grain free? Are grains bad for us? I need a lesson on how to eat 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

    23. Mireya Lara

      Hands down best What I Eat in a Day video!! Buying that protein too🤤

    24. Noodles 2833

      Okay but bro your makeup 😍 we need a tutorial soon ! AND THAT TANK TOP 💯 where’d you get it from !

    25. R Lord

      Looking forward to your book being finished!

    26. Malô

      Love your channel and how you speak so honestly about this journey. Xoxo from Brazil 👯‍♀️

    27. Ari Reyn

      I can’t wait to read your book!

    28. Gabriel Esquijarosa

      where are the leggings from :(

    29. Cindy C

      Your makeup is fire! beautiful. Can you do a makeup tutorial video?

    30. WRLDof XO

      love this so much ! you're awesome.

    31. Anthony Mignano

      I miss these videos and your always finding the best stuff! You should really try Tattooed Chef products you would absolutely love them!

    32. Ambria Hughes

      You’re so gorgeous 😍

    33. K

      I feel like you are describing my life. I am technically fit and healthy but I am struggling to make better healthy choices. I workout 6X /week for an hour to hour and half. I am celiac and have thyroid problems and currently on hormones for the past 6 months. I try to have a healthy diet but I normally fail to keep having better choices. I don’t drink enough water, I drink too much coffee and can’t stop eating chocolate all day long. I might be eating between 3 to 5 thousand calories a day. I still look fit in people’s eyes but I don’t have a flat stomach even when you can see some muscle under the fat. I recently did a 56 days challenge for a better life. My goal was to lose 2 to 3 pounds of my body fat and instead I gained 5 lbs. I am sure I did a good job working out and pushing myself harder but I fail on my diet. I ate too much carbs and sugars while I was also trying to increase my protein intake. The results after 56 days is that I am disappointed even when I see that overall I increase body muscle but also packed a lot of undesirable weight in my abs. How did you find balance after your emotional roller coaster Stephanie? I just want to be healthy with no restrictions but with a balance life...

    34. Cali Fornia

      "Tastes like cold.. chocolate.. juice... or something." Had me laughing my butt off lol. You make me happy!

    35. Sajra Dolic

      Where did you get your brown tank? It’s so cute!

    36. weruleyoudrool

      So not fair. She’s already blessed with smaller shoulder structure so she still look small when she gained weight for the all in. I wish.

      1. Nazareth Garcia

        I have slightly wider shoulders and torso. But I love them! I think it can accentuate a beautiful hour glass physic depending on how you work out!

    37. eryn jasreen

      You’re so beautiful 😍😍

    38. lira virna

      ♠【foto video】♠ ---------------------------- tinyurl.com/quick0pornhub Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??

    39. Susanna Jedrol

      Your videos are helping me not feel bad about eating even when I know I won’t be able to work out, there has been something wrong with my heart for the past two months, and as my doctors are trying to figure it out I realize how much I took for granted the ability to just run around with my dogs when I take them for a walk, I hope everything is figured out soon and I can go back to normal, love your videos.

    40. Sparkles

      I lovee you! you inspire me always

    41. Alex W

      Dear Stephanie, thank you so much for your openness, your authenticity and just for being YOU. Also, can you maybe recommend some other channels/people who did the same or a similar process? (I know Kayla) Would love to see different people with different perceptions going through this since I myself am right in the middle of it. With gratitude

    42. Zabina Khan

      Well done stephanie, it would be nice to see more of your videos about full day of eating. What would be more interesting, is to see how many donuts your able to eat now in one sitting, i know it would be alot less but it would be interesting to see

    43. FindFit

      I started eating intuitively recently and I like it, because you eat according to what your body needs. This seems superior to trying to eat an exact amount of calories, with specific macros.

    44. Royal_ Amara

      I am really inspired by you, I love the way you show love in science and fitness. I want to become a pharmacist and by watching your videos you have just increased my confidence .I appreciate your life and I appreciate your channel very much♡

    45. Royal_ Amara

      You are very beautiful ♡

    46. Danna

      Hi steph! May i ask how much is your maintenance calories right now? ☺️

    47. Nicole D

      Hi Steph! I want to lose fat but I find it hard to be in calorie deficit. Do you think going on calorie surplus/intuitive eating and keep working out will have me one day hit plateau on my weight and start dropping weight?

    48. Tambi Bambi

      While you went all in, have you got problems with your indigestion like heartburn or reflux?

    49. pessumpower

      "I have very little appetite in the morning" eats breakfast. "intuitive eating".

      1. Dani Chamberlain

        sis did you watch the video

    50. Viktoriya Li


    51. Jamie Lee Ashton

      Love your vlogs, they so interesting 🤩🤩

    52. Tian Li

      Hi Stephanie, I really want to read your book! I love your personality!

    53. ss56830

      Hi, love your vids!! Was wondering whether you managed to get your regular period back from your all in journey? Would also love to see more of your book recommendations! ☺️

    54. Allie Sworst

      I love how brave you are and think you are a gorgeous woman.

    55. Everett Scraders

      wtf how she get back to fit so quickly

      1. Emily Autumn

        @Rhea Stone that's trueeee

      2. Rhea Stone

        Nope she restricted around the 6 month mark. It's so obvious, don't believe this liar

      3. Cc

        I think because she already works out for a really long time and i thought she said that during her journey she didn’t stop working out.

    56. Talks with Naomi

      I’m just only learning about Intuitive eating, basically are you eating whatever you want (healthy wise) at any time when you feel hungry and snacking in between. Because honestly I’m already slim and curvy but I want my stomach to be more toned , and how consistent are your workouts? I loved this video I think I’m definitely going to lean towards intuitive eating because counting calories and diet restrictions are too much

    57. Bonut Bonut

      What supplement name do you eating?

    58. Maddie Marcero

      Wanted to comment to say how amazed I am at your journey - not just what you went through physically but more emotionally. I am an undergraduate majoring in Dietetics, also have struggled with very disordered eating in the past, and everything about this makes me feel so happy for you! You are so raw, honest, and vulnerable with your audience - it is incredible!. You are an inspiration and such a role model (:

    59. Hương Trần

      You inspire so many people including me to recover from ED and get a life. I just want you to know that you are the strongest, bravest, smartest woman out there because you practice what you preach and stay headstrong despite so many people trying to bring you down. It's so hard sharing your life and your journey on this platform but you always believe in yourself and finally reach your goal. Now you're glowing and I hope you stay happy and healthy forever after.

    60. Sandra Santos

      Loved it, thank you girl, yes more full day of eating videos Stephanie 💕

    61. Annie Shaffer

      I would love it if you'd post your outfit details in the description box. Especially the ones your wear during your sit downs/intros/outros. I always love your tops. Plus if you make them affiliate links you could make a few extra bucks AND be helping the fashionably challenged like me.

    62. Chloe

      purposely losing weight again...lol. Why promote eating everything to be "all in" when most would get fucking giant? No such thing as leveling out lol. CICO is basic and works. Stick to your body checking IG pics and not into shit you didn't even a doctorate in.


      I almost want to push that like button twice when Steph read part of her book

    64. XHAPE

      It all paid off!

    65. EGM

      Your so gorgeous 💗

    66. mjow

      Does anyone know how to find those leggings?

    67. Ines Aboal Barreiro

      We don’t like you...WE LOVE YOU!!!! We love and support you from whats inside,from what you stand for, for all the support you didn’t even know you were giving us by sharing your experience❤️

    68. B G

      Hi Stephanie, I've been watching your journey from the start and it's really helped me with my ED. Just wanted to let you know that it is fine to lose weight, fine to gain weight or fine to stay the same. I'm sorry to hear you've been struggling with the anxiety - I had really bad anxiety after a stressful year and really struggled with sleeping etc. I'd wake up every morning with a heavy feeling in my stomach. I vowed to cut out as much stressful crap from my life as possible and also tried to be as gentle as possible with myself. I can't remember the last time I felt anxious 😄 It will go away. You just need to have a long period of peace so you're not in constant fight or flight mode.

    69. Skirt Skirt

      What can we do if we have a fast metabolism and whatever you eat you gain nothing how can I like gain some thing because I have a fast metabolism.?

    70. Irene Luvs

      She looks so healthy

    71. Jessica Brock

      I would love to see more all on eating! And I NEED to know- do you watch your macros anymore? And do you just eat whatever you want now? How do you stay thin?

    72. deexx_

      wait jeff and steph broke up?? okay i watched the hole video thank god

      1. Irene Luvs


    73. MIZK0NG

      Steph! You’re looking so healthy and beautiful! Please post a video tutorial of your makeup :)

    74. Eric Vaca

      This is stupid advice quit treating your viewers like dog 💩 and put science in what you talk about. AND GO TO A THERAPIST

    75. Nunu Hoang

      came across this channel and i love it. you're awesome!!!!

    76. Muhammad Sohrabi

      Hi . Which biology field needed in japan? Or have a good job future? I want to come and study in japan for biology but i don't know best field?

    77. Noor AR

      girl you have a perfect hair, perfect body, perfect face, lovely most beautiful smile, perfect makeup, perfect mind and perfect booty hehe... please keep shining and never lit anxiety dim your beautiful shine, we all go through it from time to time honey, all the loove

    78. Noor AR

      Loooooove it, and love yoooou

    79. Raymon Kravagna

      How in the world is this person have over million followers? She must give the most ridiculous advice I've ever seen in my life. Just because she slightly attractive doesn't mean what she's saying is worth a damn.

    80. Vasaly Phongsa

      Love your videos! Can you do a video on how to make overnight oats?

    81. kminrheu

      u look so healthy and beautiful

    82. XRP

      eggs = chicken periods

    83. XRP

      Ugly face, covered with makeup

    84. Insomnia

      Her life revolves around her body and food. Her body and food. Food and her body. That's honestly sad.

      1. Rhea Stone

        Yeah, and she was saying how all in would make her less body and food focused. Yet she posts daily bodychecks on instagram

    85. Cocobello Bibi

      Girl you Are a goddess!

    86. sam k

      I wish I had had your all-in advice when I was recovering from starvation 2 years ago :(

    87. Lee anne

      Steph, you are really perfect 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    88. Ishara Richmond

      love your videos! and also like this content :) not just for the content, but also because your personality sparkles and it shows on camera!

    89. Margaret Blake

      dude, is this AFTER your whole weight gain thing? you look amazing

    90. The Babumoshai

      Dr Buttermore could you please compare a clean eating diet in America with what would be a clean diet in South Asia? Being a South Asian myself, I'd like your view on this as you most probably have your feet in both the worlds.

    91. Antonella Romano

      You have never looked better 😜 wow love your posts

    92. Daphne Tay

      I noticed you didn't eat much red meat and organ meat, why not you add some into your meal? It's nutrient dense food especially the liver.

    93. Yummy Food Secrets


    94. Sissa Sue

      Hey Stephanie! With your sudden surprising levels of anxiety, I’d recommend doing some research and talking to your doctors about PANDAS syndrome. It’s a word of research blowing up at the moment and I struggled with it this year. They’re noticing it’s more and more common in adults.

    95. Alice Englert

      Soaking oats helps digestion and absorbing the nutrients.

    96. Yummy Food Secrets


    97. Reah Chowdhury

      She's sooo perfect!

    98. Liya Archer

      When I was single i lived on non gmo jalapeno potatoes chips, hamburger patties with cheese and onion and red bull. I hit the gym daily and thought I was healthy cuz I was a heavy weight but my body fat was low and i wasnt getting enough veggies(other than onions none)- my period was only 2 days and excruciatingly painful. My bad diet was straight laziness- I ate till i was full but I was picky and ate my favorite things every meal instead of variety. I eat for hunger still but now I eat actually healthy. Balanced with all the food groups, organic and fill up on nutrient dense foods. My weight is maintained, good muscle to fat ratio and normal lengths painless periods. I also take iron and vitamin d.

    99. Prety Malkova

      FOR *ADULTs* *Only* 18+ 💖 ➡ miniurl.es/quickpornstar99 👈 click here[18+] I loro stati di salute s'approcher trop rispettivi prevenirli per avvicinarsi troppo vc++ niego tylko z powodu Patryka glowa wsparcia mogà spowodować egzaminu lub wolności v+

    100. The Carlos Method Fitness TV

      Some yummy looking food, Stephanie. I have been reading up on intuitive eating and it is an interesting approach isn't it. Bex & Carlos