What Happens After a Cheat Day? (Weight Gain, Bloating, Bodyfat, Blood Sugar)

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    Time Stamps:
    ▹1 Day Post Cheat Day - 1:12
    ▹Blood Pressure Physiology - 2:28
    ▹2 Days Post Cheat Day - 3:22
    ▹Blood Glucose Physiology - 4:17
    ▹3 Days Post Cheat Day - 6:09
    ▹Water Retention Physiology - 6:38
    ▹10 Days Post Cheat Day - 8:31
    ▹Fat Gain Physiology - 8:52
    ▹Fat Gain Calculations - 12:55
    ▹Blood pressure regulation XI: overview and future research directions
    ▹Diabetes and beta cell function: from mechanisms to evaluation and clinical implications.
    ▹Determinants of water and sodium intake and output
    ▹Role of Nonexercise Activity Thermogenesis in Resistance to Fat Gain in Humans
    ▹Nonexercise activity thermogenesis - liberating the life-force
    ▹Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis
    The Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon of Societal Weight Gain
    ▹Energy balance and its components: implications for body weight regulation
    ▹Fat and carbohydrate overfeeding in humans- different effects on energy storage
    ▹Effects of isoenergetic overfeeding of either carbohydrate or fat in young men
    ▹Variability in energy expenditure and its components
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      This is for all my nerds out there! Hope you enjoyed all the science! I would REALLY appreciate feedback from you all if you enjoyed it because it took me about 2 weeks to put it all together! So if you did, please let me know! Love you all so much ❤️😘

      1. Catherine Houston

        Stephanie Buttermore Loved it, very interesting and informative !!

      2. Haley Cole

        Are you more or less likely to gain fat if you are in a glycogen depleted state ?

      3. anna Lewis

        no why you stay thin not married your still young lady

      4. Jesus Torres

        Can you do a video on a cheat day, but fast all the way until your epic meal and then not eat the rest of the day?

      5. Looby Barkhuysen

        Absolutely fascinating, brilliant and thankyou!!

    2. Jessica Paull

      This was so good and I really needed this to help with perspective of having cheat meals.

    3. Ruben vto

      I don’t get that last part. If you have a surplus of 4.644 cals TDEE, extra NEAT and thermic effect already subracted, why would you then go on and divide this amount by two. Assuming just half of it is stored as fat??? Isn’t the whole surplus just stored as fat?

    4. Daniela E

      This should be called" Naked and Obsessed" 🤦

    5. stephen giacobozzi

      you look good in you bikni

    6. Tomer

      But were u in a surplus or not after the cheat day??

    7. tamni khadija

      l love you body when you fat then more become skiny

    8. Jay Rose

      During ur week, did you workout?

    9. Jay Rose

      Gained 10lbs on cheat day

    10. Matt F

      I just had a cheat day myself and my scale went from 175 pounds at 10 am all the way up to 183 at 10pm so yeah I was like damn I ate a lot but in a week I'm sure it will go back down.

    11. T N

      Stephanie looks so much younger in the face now, since her all in process/progress!!

    12. Cinnamon Orchid

      The science behind it all is very interesting I have learned things I need to know before my weight loss surgery. I am really clueless about all this stuff so I am glad to have come across your helpful video. I now have a better insight.

    13. Nabed Algalb

      Im also here for having a 1000 calories cheat meal and gained 3 kgs after I don’t like it but im sick of being scared of food and not having enough calories and feeling dizzy at work and i want to be at my perfect weight at the same time because I put too much effort into it seriously

    14. theinspirething

      How can we track water retention on scale? Moisture rate or body fat percentage?

    15. Christabel Heng

      “First, we can appreciate my dinosaur pyjamas” that’s so cuutteee XD

    16. claire

      This is a good video but I have a problem with one thing - you said your TDEE is 1600, which I find really hard to believe. This is a really low amount of calories for someone who trains a couple days a week. I know everyone is different but I'm a 21 skinny woman who isn't crazy active but I definitely need more than 1600 to maintain, probably like 1900-2100...

    17. Muffinpurpergurk

      I'm here after I had a massive cheat day (at least in my opinion haha) today on the first day of my period. Just ate like 5000 calories 🙈 But was very on point with my diet the last 3 weeks (1500-1600 calories/day for weigt loss) so I try not to freak out now 😅 Tomorrow I will be back on track!

    18. Doctor Boss

      How often does she do these cheat meals?

    19. Nini K

      I'm bad in biology and everything like this 😅 but now I understand it.

    20. vlone luvz u

      I just a cheat day after my first two weeks of my diet and excercising and I feel and look so fat

    21. artsy_izzy bears

      Eating like 2800 calories on my cheat day not insane but still alot

    22. Michelle Hijes

      excellent video, and explanation!!

    23. Marianne Ramolete

      Non-makeup Stephanie still looks sooo pretty 😳

    24. chrystalbla23

      I love how you are taking care of your body in a very measured and precise way. You learn about nutrition and how it affects your body and that's pretty awesome! #fitspo

    25. DaminionC

      There are people out there that do this everyday without the recovery

    26. Angela Busch

      Are you worried about all the trans fats and chemicals you consume on your cheat days? Do your body’s flush out all that or are you costing your life span? Thanks..

    27. Elizlizzyy Z

      I gained 3 pounds after my cheat day wtff😩

    28. Zsófia Bora

      So I had a comment a few hours ago that said that "someone should make a calculator from this", then I realized I'm someone :D So I programmed it, tested it(I had a cheat day today) and it's hella accurate. Thumbs up, Steph

    29. Zsófia Bora

      Having these calculations as an online calculator would be so helpful. I did these after my (much smaller) cheat days and it helped with the guilt and mental acceptance of weight gain sooo much. Thank youuuu

    30. chiyoさま

      @6:53 water retention...thats what i'm here for mainly

    31. Mii-chin 14

      As a med-student I just loved listening to this~ xD

    32. Ye Li

      Sorry. I am not following one part of the calc. By the way of this calculation and the assumption of all fat intake on that day coverts to fat immediately, wouldn’t take be double counting that portion of calories? Trying to replicate this on my own cheat day...

    33. paulo brando

      i loved this video , the breakdown was so pimply explained like a 2 year old which is so good fro the general audience since not everybody understands about fitness. Great job.

    34. Blurxyy

      My ED could never sadly🥺I’m having a cheat meal rn and then I’m prob going to be sick food makes me physically ill

    35. Shania Simzel

      You're a brain eater and so annoying

    36. Silvana Gomez

      Today is my cheat day. So far, I ate three donuts.

    37. Ivana Chapman

      Always appreciate the science, thanks! 🤓

    38. Dina Mosaad

      Why my TDEE calculator says my maintenance calories is 1770 kcal while I don’t lift, only cardio 30 min per day with 20 min training on the mat. I have 18.6% fat 20 years old female. How can a body builder’s TDEE be less than mine? I very accurately put my info into the calculator

    39. Happy Virus

      Omg im a nerd and i looooved your video “ i also watched it bc i binge and now i feel really better “

    40. Gerald Van Ness

      Beautiful and smart!!

    41. Sebastian Ninzatti

      Best video about cheat days on HUfast. Very informative! 😉

    42. Bellah the BANANA

      I had a cheat day yesterday and I feel like CRAP!!!!! I weighed myself before I had the cheat day and I weighed 40kgs and this morning after the cheat day I weigh 41.7kgs!! 😭😭

    43. CaptainJackisbabie :D

      I had my first cheatday after 7 days of healthy eating and workouts...i didnt mean to tbh i was meant to go another 7 days but it was a special occasion. It wasnt too extreme,like i ate firstly 2 salads ,then the meaty stuff came and i ate a bit,what ruined the whole thing was the slice of chocolate cake and icecream,it was also pretty late.like 11:00 pm. I felt seriously guilty,but i mean...i enjoyed it, even tho i felt like i overate.Anyways its the day after and im so bloated i look like matt stonie after he did that pancake challenge 😂 is it normal?

    44. Jataun T.

      What did you do to the 258 number in the end to get .57?

    45. rick storzy

      Good video, Thanks

    46. Aziz Raeesi

      Very good video

    47. Omnia Shehata

      That was OK and nice till math started.. too much calculations for me 😂

    48. Maria Nguyen

      How do we determine our TDEE?

    49. Justin Ansako

      I see people way bigger than you in a bikini. That’s courage

    50. ClannadKyoko

      These videos are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. Cheat days are wonderful and fun, but of course, they have repercussions that people should be aware of. Not only do your videos offer positive food relationships, but they're so informative. Instead of looking towards food as the enemy or that some foods are forbidden, you provide data and look at everything scientifically. I wish these videos were more popular and you would make more of these. Thank you for all of your hard work and effort for your fans!

    51. Hristo Raychinov

      i prefer just eating.....

    52. Pamela Michelle

      Love your videos so much!!!!

    53. Emily Nobre

      AMAZING video!! Thank you so much for all the info ❤️

    54. April Richardson

      Hey stephanie, i tend to sweat like crazy during the night after my cheat day, what would this be?

    55. Preanna Aguilar

      I binged out on sugar & junk food. But I deserve it becuz I ate healthy for 2 weeks without any junk food and sugar

    56. Bartimaeus18

      I’m really surprised your TDEE is only 1600! That’s very low for someone who trains as often as you

    57. Andrea Baker

      Just watched this video and LOVED it! Nice to actually see the math!!!

    58. Dori Qu

      Just binged a little bit and I came right back to this video for comfort ❤️ Stephanie is my saviour rn

    59. Regina Weiss

      ...a few minutes in....when you realize you suck at math again. .

    60. Lakkhana Khamphunok

      Are you half asien?

    61. Revalue

      Damn wtf I gained 14 after a cheat day on godnem

    62. Amy Rich

      Please do a video on the science of cellulite. Am I doomed to dimple skin?

    63. Amanda Macias

      quick question, i hope you see this but if you gained .05 LB(s) of fat why does the scale say you gain more than that? the answer is probably very obvious and i can just google it but You explain things sooo well haha I LOVE YOUUU BTWS

    64. Lorne

      Is the picture on your phone taken in the Okanagan ? Love the technical videos

    65. Loan L

      That was so educational! Wow thank you!

    66. Hercug Ádám

      gain to much plus 20kga

    67. Jenny Fan

      Loved it! Learned a lot. Love to know how to incorporate cheat days while cutting.

    68. Giulia Rizzardi

      I discovered you thanks to one of your cheat day videos, now I'm watching all of them and I must say I really like you. I love the fact you show people that a girl can be intelligent, fit and beautiful and I really like your scientific explanations... Not to mention the fact that you're always smiling, I LOVE your attitude! Me too, I try to do my best to manage my work, while I'm still studying to increase my knowledge (I graduated in History), and the gym and I think you're a really good example! Greetings from Italy!

    69. Tato CZ

      Í love uuuuuu, thnks 💞

    70. Cassie Maxfield

      How often do you have a cheat day?

      1. MEH MEH

        She used to do have one every month but now has one every two months

    71. Jablink

      This video is what I needed 4 months ago when i was literally starving my ass bc i wanted to lose weight and i did, but feeling sick and tired all the time, that's no a lifestyle, now I'm eating 1,200 per day (trying to maintain my weight) also doing 1,5 hours of exercise at the gym and one day or two of cheat day, I'm figuring out how to carrying this and adapting my body bc i don't want to restrict anything again. So please don't starve yourself, just do some research and see what works for you, enjoy your healthy life and have peace in your mind. ❤️

    72. Dominique Blagojevic

      I'm pretty sure I just ate 3000 to 4000 calories today. I'm nervous!! 😥😥😥

    73. M J

      Well I ate a HUGE pizza last night, I feel SO nauseous. I dont think i ever want to eat again :( I dont think my body can digest cheese very well which is good to know, because I feel like pure crap.

    74. Toni Clark

      How often do you do your cheat days ?

    75. Liyps

      It’s all water attention having a cheat day or meal so don’t be fooled you haven’t but 1 pound on in a day dumb people

    76. Mars Ultor

      how does your stomach stretch so far though?! like DAMN. my biggest problem is that i have an appetite that wants to eat a little bit but ALL. THE. TIME. and then i end up overeating TT

    77. Muhammad Suhaeri

      It's a great and informative video. However, CMIIW, I think the TEF should be calculated from the 8,021 cals and not from the 6,421 cals. This is the case because TEF comes from the total food you consumed, which is 8,021 cals. If you subtracted 8,021 with your TDEE (1,600 cals), then you're not counting the total food you consumed.

    78. Hailee Stewart

      I always have a fear cheat foods cause acne? Idc about fat I care about my skin..

    79. Hailee Stewart

      So I guess cheat days don’t cause acne

    80. kri vianello

      This is sooo interesting!thank you so much!!!

    81. kim

      After my cheat day I gained 2kg;-; I feel like my hard work just went to waste.

      1. adrianna koegler

        U will be back to normal soon

    82. Rabia

      most informed video of the after cheat day video! I feel so genius cause I've always interested about body system after consuming food and now I feel enlightened, thank you so much to make the time for this informative video. I admire you

    83. Miranda Barrera

      Omg that math though

    84. FlameMasterAJ

      I really enjoyed the science behind this video, really puts your mind in perspective after messing up on your diet. This has helped me out a lot!

    85. Joanna Hanaka

      So informational! Love it!

    86. maria

      I love to see the maths of this! Its so satisfying to watch! Thxu im scared of gaining weight but after seeing your videos it makes me feel safe that eating something that i like its not the end of the world💕

    87. Adan Marin

      How many days do you wait until another cheat day?

    88. angel castellanos

      how often do you do cheat days? ive been doing them once a week, not too wild but i eat freely, snack on sweets & drink & it seems to not be affecting my results too much ?

    89. Sristy Niroula

      Wats the conclusion of this video

    90. George S

      Let’s say you have your cheat meal on Friday and a little extra on Saturday. That is toootally what’s keep a person from changing their body week after week.

    91. Jo Jo

      today is my cheat day :)

    92. Milan Sebastiaan

      Wait, this set looks familiar...

    93. Unicorn Vloggers

      Do you cheat once a week?

    94. Haru /

      How often does she do cheat days??

    95. Lashawndra Staley

      Beautiful and Brilliant💗

    96. Celi Stars

      Wish I had your body! So jealous

    97. Sofie M

      Can someone please explain the equation for TEF? I don't really understand how one would use it?

    98. Jessica Westerhoff

      I just wanna say first off great video but that photo on your lock screen of you and Jeff is sooo cute ❤️

    99. bebe

      you didn't gain weight you were just bloated some people tend to have bloated stomach you should try drinking one tbs apple cider vinegar with one cup water in the morning on empty stomach and 1 hr before u go to sleep will help u with the bloating especially after cheat day u will instantly wake up 5 pounds lighter after gaining it in the cheat day and im experienced LOL

    100. Yui Saotome

      This was so interesting and so informative!! Im currently studying for my PT certificate without any background in anatomy so everything’s new to me but your videos make it so much easier to understand! Thank you so much