What Everyone Got Wrong About My Weight Gain

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    I hope you enjoy this one! I feel like there's still so much I want to share with you all! Love you so much! 😘
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart! I just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I hope you enjoy this one! I feel like there's still so much I want to share with you all! Also, if you are interested in reading more about the research and science of All In, I included all of my references in the description box. Love you so much! 😘

      1. Ah Hmm

        You are awesome, we love you! Congratulations on going against the grain. Don't let the haters get you down! We have to follow our intuition and not the false advice peddled in the diet industry. As someone who has really struggled to eat I wish I could go all in!!! My appetite is so low and my health is suffering because of it.

      2. A k

        Im also working on my weight gain now....im 45kg and look just dead....yess i have abs too but i think i can make them once i will feel good but i will definitely do yoga and flexibility rather than not working out...🙋‍♀️

      3. T Drey

        ontopofbottom she’s not asking anyone to do anything, just sharing her experience with a audience that watch for her experiences. It’s up to these girls you speak of to make the decision for themselves

      4. ontopofbottom

        Don’t go all in if you’re. It already super skinny. If you’re average weight and try this you’re going to get fat.

      5. ontopofbottom

        I’ve said it 10 times and I’ll say it again. Most girls here aren’t underweight or competitive lifters. They’re average weight. You’re telling average weight girls to go all in. They’re going to get fat.

    2. z00011001

      Keto is the way to go.

    3. Nerdy Nat

      It honestly feels like you escaped a orthorexic fitness cult and are super happy and any haters are people still in the cult and jealous

    4. Sophie Caruana

      Ugh I appreciate u SO MUCH

    5. Lenno Mol

      I don't think i've ever been as jaleous of anything as i am of you guys' relationship

    6. K M

      I was underfed and overexercised all throughout college (without even realizing it, I thought my lean, shredded physique was proof that I was healthy, and I ignored the fact that I lost my period, and felt lightheaded and nauseous almost daily) and it took me getting a desk job post-grad and a lifting-related injury soon after that pulled me out of exercising and much physical activity at all for 4 months to realize how unhealthy maintaining my "ideal physique" had been. During those four months, my activity level and food intake were finally in balance with each other, I slept a lot more, I had a lot more energy, and I actually had an appetite once again, so I snacked more... I felt like a totally different person! I gained a healthy amount of weight and have since been more cognizant of my level of activity and the amount of food I fuel my body with. I still have my days where I struggle with my weight gain, and miss my old physique, but I just remind myself of how much it sucked to not have the appetite to be able to enjoy my food, and how scary and anxiety-triggering it was to be out somewhere and feel like I was going to faint. I'll never go back. I'm glad you've been able to use your platform too educate fitness enthusiasts about these misconceptions about what qualifies as healthy, they need to be said!

    7. Avegail Gimeno

      huhuhu ilysm 🤍😫💕

    8. Anna Rinehart

      I just need to say you are a true inspiration for all woman. I had amenorrhea years ago from over training and being hungry all the time, and taking fat burners. In the last 4 years I've gained weight in a healthy manner and its just so refreshing to hear someone else who's gone through the same process. Amazing 👏 work bravo!!!

    9. Amy Koch

      Public comments about weight gain (yours and others) and believing someone is fat because they're larger than X-amount of time ago highlights how far off base our society is! It's one of the reasons it's difficult to accept being at a healthy weight/size when surrounded by our diet culture obsessed world!

    10. cherry hearts

      If people are calling her weight obese and overweight then what the hell am I?

    11. Saundra Contreras

      I love what you mentioned about everyone having a different starting point. Loved everything you said!

    12. F rops

      I know it doesn't have anything to do with looks, but I find you look waay better with more pounds on. Damn society who says the opposite! There is nothing wrong with being curvy, and there is nothing wrong with being skinny as well, as long as it's your body type and you don't have unealthy habits to keep a skinny body for example...

    13. Ingridlosneslokken

      This was a really good video!

    14. brandon cormier

      What if your theoretical set weight is obese, and that can impact functioning by putting excessive weight on joints and contributing to a multitude of other health problems in the long term. I am curious how this fits in with obesity and how it is on the rise. How does one get obese, and why are more people getting obese every year in North America. It seems that a lot of people who are getting obese, especially kids, are not getting obese because of yo yo dieting. How can going all in help someone who is obese, when going all in their whole life is the whole reason they are obese. No hate and super inspired this worked for you, but now I am just confused and conflicted about what advice I should be giving my family members. Is being happy in your weight more important for functioning than having functioning joints? I am trying to keep an open mind but also I don't see how this strategy is applicable to the growing population of people who are obese.

    15. Jessica Maldonaldo

      Thank you for Sharing very informative n well explained ...I Appreciate all u put into your videos 💛

    16. YessirMate

      Ngl it kinda pissed me off when people in the comments are saying that society wants women to be thin when that’s simply not true. Almost every man would agree that Stephanies after or even her at her heaviest looked better than when she was shredded. Believe it or not, thin women aren’t being promoted, it’s really women who look like Stephanie in her after, which I think is healthy.

    17. Alex F.

      This is eye opening. Thank you.

    18. Samirah Noah

      Hey Stephanie, I would just like to say that I have been thoroughly enjoying this all in journey for you. Watching your videos has helped soooo much in terms of coping with my own natural weight gain in addition to being pleasantly educational in different ways. The main themes I see you covering in these "all-in" videos center a lot of round extreme hunger but I'd love to know if you'd be willing to cover your thoughts on "all-in" for individuals recovering from eating disorders. I think anyone with an eating disorder can vouch for me when I say that even when you are "recovered" (not starving yourself daily anymore, not purging anymore, etc), you are never REALLY recovered (fall victim to yoyo dieting, occasionally starve yourself, fall into a binge, back to some diet, and so on...). By the looks of your comments, a good chunk of your viewers have some history of an ED, including myself. Something about this all in journey calls out to us!

    19. Dyg

      How do I start?

    20. KyraKyra

      You can always count on men in the comments, trying to control women with statemens such as "body fat is unhealthy 😡😡"

    21. Sosaofficial461

      if i want to go all in should i eat every hour?

    22. Esme Clare

      I need to thank you Stephanie, your 'all in' journey inspired me to go on a similar one. I was in a very, very bad place with my nutrition a while back, and was so scared of every eating 'normally' because I was scared of changing. You empowered me to start listening to my hunger cues, so thank you so much and please keep up all this amazing content!

    23. blacksandee

      For disciplined elite athletes who have been restricting their diets since teen years going all in is a great idea. However going "all in" is really just being normal and that is pretty much now most people eat with abundant food and desserts at every turn and hence food addiction & obesity is a large problem. It is great you found equilibrium. I knew a 220 lb 5'2 woman who had great cholesterol numbers all the while eating KFC and downing large fraps, so genetics definitely are at play. When I was in my 20's I couldn't gain any weight even drinking additional 2500 calorie shakes. Now after 3 kids and nearing 50 I cannot lose any weight even with calorie restriction + daily exercise. Just be balanced I guess and like you said focus on function, less on the looks!

    24. Denj Mendes

      Hi everyone! I'm currently in my all in journey too and i experienced so many 'weird' things in my body😅I just want to ask if is it normal to be hungry all the time even though you have already started your all in journey a month ago?😅 it's like i'm not hungry in my physical body but my mind tells me to eat... so i did. Hehe hays Is it normal to just feel those things?😅 i'm really afraid that i am binging or overeating. i'm sorry, i'm just so confused and i wonder that i really just need help from y'll guys thank you everyoneee GOD bless💕😍

    25. Ania Ania

      Dzięki pozdro

    26. Hương Trần

      You are the epitome of courage and single-mindedness. You have inspired so many people with your logic and practice. I love you Stephanie

    27. Kyle Stuart

      Stephanie , please can you make a video clarifying the difference between intuitive eating and Emotional eating . We need to also understand how emotions can often lead people to under eat or over eat without being able to control it .

    28. Liya Archer

      Dang this is a smart woman 😳

    29. Richard Davies

      Standing on neutral ground. Her income comes from the fitness industry, naturally her audience are tied in with fitness or at least aspire to do so. She's a big draw in the fitness industry and "all in" was a big trend at the time so would it not be natural for the fitness community to speak on the topic? Negative media makes more money than positive media. All of this together its natural that roided up athletes would shit on her. Just like they would shit on anybody else who would go against the grain. Not saying it's right or wrong but c'mon its pretty obvious even without hindsight that there would be critics.

    30. princessamber

      you genuinely look so much healthier now, you're glowing!

    31. Kristen Nazzaro

      I just want to thank you for this video. For the past 2 years, I have suffered from amenorrhea due to calorie restriction and intermittent fasting when I first started working out. For months and months, I have been so conflicted about how I should eat. I knew I needed to eat more to get my period back, but the thought of weight gain and being in a constant surplus terrified me. I have tried reverse dieting in the past, but I don't think I could ever bring myself to eat as much as necessary. Currently, I by no means restrict my eating to the point I once did, but I still constantly worry about overeating and weight gain. Fast forward to watching this video, and you saying "healthy is not a weight, it is a function". That really hit the nail on the head for me and gave me the realization I needed to heal my body. Even though I feel healthy because I constantly weight lift and eat whole foods, my body is telling me it's not. Thank you for putting things in such a clear perspective for me and for giving me the push to embark on my own journey.

    32. Julio Truzzi

      8:08 naaahhh, is not that huge lol

    33. Sarah Saura Perdomo

      This is awesome! I love heard yo talk about health like a function pattern, not only like how you look! I'm learning so much with your videos! Thanks! ❤️🙏

    34. Melly O

      Wow! Where have you been all my yoyo dieting life! Finally some common sense.... love it! ♥️♥️♥️

    35. Triathlon Addict

      You’re so brave

    36. Jodi Tio

      I only realized that my need to pee so often might be a marker of poor health after watching this video. Thanks for sharing your journey with us, Stephanie. Been looking for ways to improve my relationship with food, improve my energy levels, and my sleep so your videos have been a blessing! 🙌🏼

    37. Laurajohn Skeith

      This is my first HUfast comment ever! Lol (Which means a lot to me ^.^) Honestly, you and your partner are so intelligent and genuine that I enjoy watching the both of you. Keep it up and you will always have my family support. :D

    38. Jesse Herbert

      First, you are WAY more attractive now, imho. Second, folks should realize that you started with some epic epigenetic vigor, compared to many. You have outstanding gene expression. Most assume this comes from hundreds of generations. Well, sort of. Basically, the more we understand what leads to good genetic expression, the less depression humanity will endure. So books like "Deep Nutrition" (Shanahan), "A New Path" (Haines) and "Nourishing Traditions" (Fallon) are outstanding achievements for those interested in getting us all back to the thriving states we used to consider normal, where most folks were like you and could return to god or goddess like physical/mental expression simply by eating well and using their bodies actively. In any case, as an educator and scientist, I am thrilled to see your wisdom being expressed here so superbly. Respect!

    39. LNA444

      You did the right thing, and it was sooooo brave! Even being on social media you did it. No more dried spartan artificial dewomenized women please 🙏

    40. Up Side Down

      Oh my goodness... You look so GOOD now, so feminine, so sexy, so so GREAT!! I very much prefer how you look, not to mention how you feel, right now :) I'm a heterosexual girl by the way, no sexual bias here :) You really look good :D

    41. Alexandrina Magalhães

      Do you really think that eating só much is healhier for you. You could be slim , Strong and toned without hunger. I think you are not doing things correctly. Extrems are bad.

    42. Karolina Sawan

      you're such a badass !!! definitely going for this approach :) thank you

    43. Nic of Fort Worth

      8:05 🤣😂"but there is a huge butt here " ... absolute pure gold💀

    44. Νίκος Φυργαδάς

      Στα παπάρια μας αν πήρες βάρος ή όχι..

    45. Zenytram Searom

      8:07 yes indeed it is huge

    46. Daniela Zeller

      Can you recommend someone that can help me with starting this process??

    47. Megan Cunningham

      I have been trying different diets and restrictive eating habits for the last 5 years and have gained a net 40 lbs and not understood why. Just this year I have been learning about my obsessive habits and how they cause detriment to my mental and physical health. It is a hard road to body acceptance but this is a path worth taking! It scares me to allow myself to not think about every bit of food I am consuming and your courage is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your journey!

    48. heaven leigh

      Yeah thats true on the body fat bc im between 29 to 31 and im not over weight. I am going back to the gym to get fit again. Working my way up.

    49. Orlando

      Coach Greg brought me here. Btw you look 10x better with weight on... Now going back to Coach Greg's universe... Peace.

    50. ananas

      your body looks so good right now wooooow. THIS looks like a HEALTHY body

    51. Marianna Capeles

      Stephanie, I started following you recently and I think what you have to say is amazing! I lost 30lbs on my own a couple years ago by restricting my diet and exercising. To make a long story short--it took quite a while to get to where I was and after a year, I gained my weight back. Knowing what I know now, changing up the type of exercising I've been doing (weight training) and eating what I want--when I want, but not over indulging, I'm losing the fat quicker, becoming more muscular, but most of all I'm not feeling guilty about food nor am I restricting myself to the point where I want to binge eat after restricting for so long. As you said, I have a better relationship with food and eat intuitively.

    52. DJ

      To be honest when you were super lean you actually looked unhealthy. You looked as if something is wrong and as if you were battling some medical condition. Now you look normal in addition to being normal.

    53. Andrea Price

      Menopause does present a whole new story. This is a refreshing video! Education who knew ?

    54. Dazza 85

      I dont know is it just me but she reminds me so much of Kim Kardashian, just the way she looks and talks, obviously they are two completely different people personality wise and Stephanie is way smarter.

    55. Michaela P

      girrllll!!!! you look so happy healthy and beautiful!!!! glow up!

    56. Noemi B

      as a science girl myself i love and appreciate Stephanie's videos, her education and her source citations. I can't watch fit influencers only feeding into the superficial and have no business talking about muscle and fat ;; THANK YOU STEPHANIE

    57. Mudia West

      You and Jeff are such a power couple👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🗣I need a reality tv show from you guys!!!

    58. Jade Ditta

      I don't understand why she just doesn't come out and say she had an eating disorder? Being underweight, binging, over exercising, counting every calorie, being so food focused wasn't healthy. I am glad that being all in worked for her but I mean I think she should acknowledge that eating disorders are a mental disorder that requires therapy.

    59. metalsabatico

      you didnt look fit, you looked anorexic. you look way better with those pounds you put on.

    60. James Higginbotham III

      From seeing the different "states" of physique from your competing days to now, you look much better, much prettier, and much healthier now.

    61. Biman Saroya

      Love this video! The courage to go through this and being one of the first to go through this, document, and post this will help so many people! 🥰

    62. Janelle Eldridge

      I had no idea that hunger cues could be messed up due to restrictive eating, but it totally makes sense. You’ve done amazingly well, what a mind shift. Good on you Stef 💗☺️

    63. Hannah Faith

      yess i’m an average weight battling with extreme hunger thank you for saying it’s normal

    64. Crispy C

      Meanwhile I’m a guy at around 25% bf and people are always telling me that I’m tiny... I keep eating a lot and trying to put on muscle.. But I’m just skinny fat and a little guy...

    65. Livia Reyna

      I honestly need to gain weight. I have always been a under eater. Right now I’m at a healthy weight for my height but I don’t feel good and I feel way too skinny

    66. Næp Sæck

      You look so healthy and beautiful wow. Success.

    67. Konfident Kayy

      People assume I’m healthy because I’m skinny but honestly I would feel the opposite eating all that unhealthy food. People can be ignorant most lots of the time unfortunately

    68. Tia Martinez

      Lets just take a moment to notice it’s literally mostly men who are commenting on her “obesity” and how she “ruined herself and her looks”. Dudes.. you have no fucking say over how a woman wants to look even if she decided to stay at her heaviest. Which she didn’t even! Not to mention.. she wasn’t even close to obese. You want obese? Try me when I was 400lbs. I’m down to 200 now and not even close to obese like I was. And.. she wasn’t even the realm of what I was or what I even am currently. Your guys misconception of normal bodies is disgusting. So men.. fuck off.

    69. Tyler E

      i have gone through the very exact thing and it has been a wonderfull blessing for me now god is just blessing every bit of it for me, everything that she has said on this video is perfectly accurate, thanks stephanie buttermore, for being transparent and honest and sharing your story its great!

    70. Carlos 2x

      You look like Kim Kardashian


      Great videos🎥🎥🎥🎥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️🍻🍻🍻

    72. Karina Romero

      Ugh I'm having such a hard time eating a full decent meal. This gives me hope of one day getting back my appetite, thank you!

    73. Saylor Kelly

      You are such an important figure on the internet. You are just what the doctor ordered. It is so refreshing and therapeutic to hear a fitness icon preach genuine health over appearance. Simply hearing you say that "there has to be some level of body acceptance" takes a weight off of my shoulder. I like hearing that my objective should be to love my body and honor it instead of grinding against it to fit a mold. You are golden, and I am forever grateful for your channel.

    74. Rich Burmond

      speaking to abby sharp LOL, sure that helps

    75. Lina chapa

      do i feel WELL*

    76. Brisa Ramos

      my period came back its obvious that i needed more food

    77. Brisa Ramos

      its ur mental health what overpowers your physical health

    78. נלי חודדאטוב

      I am so proud of you it was so fun to go with you in your journey you look faminen and sexy!!

    79. DanceFit With Safyah

      I wish people discuss more about what happens when you finally let go of the meal plan for those with ED and let’s not forget the metabolic damage . I gained soooooo much weight during recovery but it was worth it in my eyes because I got my period back and I stopped the behavior . I am now 6 years behavior free . Now I’m ready to lose the weight but I’m doing it with a register dietitian.

    80. Laura Watson

      Im glad you and your partner are back together again that's genuinely so heart warming. 😊❤ To comment on some of the content I feel like mindset toward fitness has been quite bad. It is fixated on external results which I suppose is fair enough but it shouldn't be the main thing because if they aren't seeing external results they'll be less encouraged to continue to look after their health. I've caught myself developing this mindset recently. 😊

    81. Olivia

      Hey Stephanie! I love your videos and your transparency! I had a quick question about your all-in process: did you feel very fatigued and tired throughout a lot of the process until your body found its healthy balance? Thanks!!

    82. Shay Williams

      I love it when Jeff pokes his head in the camera on your videos, I don't know why I find it hilarious! 😂😂

    83. Andrezzi

      Basically you are doing what old school body builders would do bulk cut work hard sleep repeat

    84. Lucina Castillo

      I think they are experimenting.

    85. Linda Bodewes

      I love the concept that healthy equals function. Since I have a chronic pain condition. Function is something I've battled with as well. I have reduced function. That can't change, but I can gain some function. So what can I reasonably achieve? I'll let you know if I ever figure it out.

    86. Davie Page views


    87. Melanie Eckoff

      Love how thoughtful you are 💕 I don't think I've enjoyed any "before/after journey" as much as your all-in! Thank you 😘

    88. Andrea Neves Graos

      Steph, you should have a podcast!!!! I really enjoy listening to you and i learn a lot every time i watch your videos. You rock!!!! 🤘🏻 ❤️

    89. Yasmin Mattock

      I've followed your all in process for a while now, after trying to figure out a way to help my binge eating disorder. I then equipped myself with an "all in" idea maybe didnt follow it exactly but I basically told myself nothing is restricted. I can eat whatever I want whenever I want. For me it was quite quick for me to adapt. I spent about 3 weeks literally binge eating everything in sight. And after about 2 months of eating sooo much food I just got to a point where I was finally like im not that hungry and I knew yes I can have cake. But I actually fancy some chicken and veggies. I just started to actually learn to listen to my body and what it was asking for. I still eat junk food etc but I dont have "cheat days" because I'm not cheating anything. I finally don't feel guilty about getting mcdonalds or eating a pint of ben and Jerry's. I work out. I run, i do yoga, I lift weights. I also listen to my body and sometimes won't work out for a whole week. I've lost 25lbs in about a year. I've gained some strength. I finally dont have depression anymore. My PND has gone. I did CBT therapy for myself. And I feel happy. And if it takes me another year to loose another 20lbs then fine. If I don't loose any more weight then thats fine too. I'm focusing more on how my body feels and my strength. I do not want to be on a "diet" for the rest of my life. And this is because of your videos so thank you so much Stephanie ❤

      1. Yasmin Mattock

        To add i gained 50lbs 2 years ago in pregnancy and then suffered with PND and later developed BED, I was verging on the morbidly obese category for BMI. While I did start this too loose weight. I wasn't thinking of it as a diet. I just wanted food to not be in my head constantly. To be able to feel happy again and not feel like I was addicted to food or constantly hungry all of the time.

    90. Felicima22

      Hi Stephanie. You might never see this but I'm gonna say it anyway. I'm sure you don't mean it but you are misleading a lot of your followers. A few things I wish you had made clear to your followers. 1. You went all on when you were skinny and had a body that was used to working out all the time. I hope you have made it clear that the all in diet(eating style ) can lead a regular person who doesn’t work out to obesity if they aren't already obese. 2 Consider your listeners who are already obese or already overweight and you're telling them they can go all in and will be able to bounce back cos they're body will just stop craving food all the time. I hope you make it clear to such people that the all in is not for them and they should find other ways to solve their issues. It won't work like that fot some people. 3. Make it clear to your followers that you were still working out whiles on your all in(I know you were sick for some months) but you did workout when you were able to. 4. A lot of people are obese due to laziness and overeating. It's a fact. There's no use trying to dance around it. All the best

    91. Samantha Miller

      She might not be body positive quite yet and that’s totally understandable considering her history in body building. But I can tell she’s gonna be a force to reckon with on the body positive community someday

    92. Lily Hayes

      After suppressing and manipulating my body through diet and exercise for years and dealing with binging/restricting, I’m finally letting go of my rigid diet and exercise regime. It’s resulted in some weight gain of course, but everyone tells me I look so much healthier now. Thank you for being such a big inspiration!

    93. Michael Roberts

      Nippard 's gluttonous girlfriend.

    94. Natasha Rodriguez

      I needed to hear all of this!! Thank you so much for sharing. These are things I tell myself when I'm feeling down about changing my eating habits and loving my body so it was so helpful to hear someone say everything I am trying to tell myself (especially the last one!!) Thank you again!

    95. Ah Hmm

      I want to do this ! I have a really low appetite and eating less makes me GAIN weight ( I believe it's a cortisol issue). Anyone else ? How can I stimulate my appetite and get out of starvation mode?

    96. Iliyana Kostova

      Hi Stephanie, what about trying keto for a few months? I had the same journey of eating however much I wanted, but I never felt good in the end. Training, eating a lot of carbs and proteins like basmati rice and chicken and veg made me sleep over 12 hours a day and feel like a sloth a few hours after the gym. I always needed caffeine and drank so many monsters and coffees and in general I slept a lot and felt like I needed to keep eating to keep the energy going, so I ended up eating more and more due to the spikes from the carbs. I've been on keto for a while now and WOAH, it is like being on cocaine (not that I'd know what that is like, but ok super caffeinated minus the anxiety), it boosts your mood, you can eat so many amazing things such as keto cheesecake or bacon and eggs etc. and in general it is a regime that is extremely sustainable and fulfilling. In all of my life with many trials and errors I have never felt better physically or mentally. Granted, it would take over a month to see the true benefits, but energy and well-being improved on day 10 for me. I couldn't recommend it any more! I'd love to see you try it after All-in just as I did, it showed me just how bad carbs are for me personally. I still eat veggies etc, just in the calorie and carb limits I have set myself and that don't take me out of ketosis. And last but not least, I have a HUGE appetite. I am like you and I could eat 5k calories in a day easily, if not more. But with keto I just can't, it becomes physically impossible. I don't crave anything anymore which is shocking for me as I always have insane cravings when eating carbs and no self control. Keto is THE way for me and I truly do not wish to go back to eating other things (unless it's sushi, but even then I can actually eat sashimi with soy sauce no problem for this diet as salmon is high in fats and proteins!) Overall I wish more youtubers made long-term journeys with keto, although I respect if you do not feel inclined to trying it (or already have)! I hope that you keep doing what FEELS the best because health and wellbeing is the first and foremost thing we should think of.

    97. Alex Paige

      How do you know what your set weight is supposed to be?

    98. Chad B

      I like your calm energy better than where you were before. Your eyes also look clearer. I think you're at a healthy weight that suits your overall needs. It's nice to see this on a human level. My only criticism is that your/Jeff's traditional audience is fitness-based, and I feel that you have migrated into more wellness-based. This conflicts with Jeff's audience (like me) because I am seeking maximum performance advice versus contentment advice. I sense that Jeff is conflicted now, too.

    99. Katie

      Thank you soooooo much for sharing your journey ❤️

    100. Kiana

      You look amazing and healthy