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    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 29
    3. What are you researching?
    ‣ Watch my PhD Day in the life video ▹ bit.ly/dayasaphd
    4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Thank you all for your support and love. My channel is nothing without you. I've been working on this for a few months and I hope you love the collection as much as I do 🙏Foodies unite! ✊stephaniebuttermoreshop.com/ Stay tuned for my 1 Month "ALL IN" Update video! I can't wait to share how everything is going. If you want daily updates, head over to my IG story (@stephanie_buttermore), I am very active over there! Much love xoxo 💕

      1. AggrievedCommenter

        You're a piece of garbage. You and those meathead guys you pose with should get off the steroids. Y'all pathetic.

      2. gina okoegwale

        I am a foodie at heart and subscribed to your channel after seeing your All In video. I struggle with my love food and stopping myself from over eating. Wanted to know for your cardio you said you only walk, how many miles? Is it everyday? Currently I run 3 times a week 4-6 miles and one long run of 10 miles. I don’t love running but wanted to be able to eat more calories. I wanted to see what your cardio routine is going to be since you will be eating more

      3. Sonja Malgas

        Donuts are not food..just so you know. You are trying to kill young people and if you trying to have kids one day, i hope you dont want them to eat like you. Just remember what you put on the internet is there forever.

      4. Lizbeth Gomez

        Just got mine! Love it

      5. Kenny Nguyen

        Stephanie Buttermore has fat legs, the clear sign of a non athlete.

    2. Ms. Gordon

      I love how full her cheeks look so cute

    3. HealthyChoice

      I do miss your #CheatDay :(

    4. Emeline Xu

      Hey Stephanie, I would like to ask you when will you restock ??

    5. the wyoming vegan

      Very tempted because you also have plus size shirts which is a rare thing in this community sadly

    6. ursula pebble

      Should be called: we're ALL IN this together

    7. Jeremy

      foodie with a booty!

    8. Grace Eve

      I freaking love this girl yes you go this is so refreshing to see it's for a good cause and good for the environment geez I have only been watching her for less then an hour but I love her.

    9. Yoosung Suh

      You look great!!!

    10. Shelley Picott

      Merchandise....love the shirts and they are environmentally friendly and support cancer research....Stephanie you are the best.

    11. Culinary Grade

      Foodie with a booty - YES! Love this one!

    12. Motivated

      I love all of your choices and points behind your own merch. The support for cancer, no animal cruelty and Earth friendly. Definitely will buy one! 💕

    13. Roseanne's Reality

      Thanks, I've been thinking of doing tshirts for my channel even though its a baby one, I'm going to check these guys out, I'm Irish so I'll have to see cost.. I hope they sell and I think I'll get your "bite me" one :) or assume I'm hungry lol

    14. MsStarlet21

      Yaaasss your merch!!! And the company that is making and distributing is amazing!!! Thank you for caring! Made in USA and no sweat shop and animal cruelty free and everything you said is perfect... love you!

    15. MelpyMelperson

      I love the "assume I'm hungry" shirt, but I need it to be more noticeable lols!

    16. sammyjoe

      Just got the bite me shirt I love u and ur channel

    17. 1 9 s n t s

      Do an updated what i eat in a regular day for your new journey:>

    18. Lani Momeyer

      I think a better term is treat day...cheat day has such a negative connotation. Treat day is a positive thing.

    19. Tamar Muscolino

      I have been following you and your videos are helping me so much in my recovery. I downloaded the specialization program and I'm following it. Question, do you supplement with Protein Powder, if so, can you recommend a Vegan one. Thank you and keep the videos coming especially the eating related ones.

    20. Andrew Summer

      I understand that you want to support eating and prevent people from delusional body images, but should you really be encouraging people to eat donuts?🍩

    21. pandie

      So gorgeous!

    22. Ian Sinclair

      You're such a beautiful women Stephanie. Those shirt designs are awesome.

    23. valerie Rodriguez

      I love this yt channel more than anything❤️💪🏽

    24. Nicholas McGowan

      for the unisex shirts how is sizing? usually a medium in mens. What should i go with??

    25. P S

      Hello. I want one of those t shirt but I'm from México. How can I get one?. I check on the web site but say anything about the delivery in México or about "mexican pesos". Thank you.

    26. Satoshi Nakamoto

      I love steph but I ain't f*ckin with no cheat day!

    27. Cornelia

      Will there be a black version of the "Bite Me Womens Tee"?

    28. Alicia Gustard

      Can you please do a study on occlusion training??

    29. Amira Wideman

      Next time you’re in Kelowna you should go to speciality bakery it’s soooo good

    30. İdil K.

      Pls do mukbang videos❤

    31. Lexi

      definitely buying asap! I have a question; I am an undergraduate biology pre med student and clinical cancer researcher. I start medical school in 2020! I workout just about every day, even during the semester, and I lift heavy about 4 times a week. Are there any tips you have for staying healthy while in school?! I find meal prepping, macro counting, and resisting temptation to be so difficult while attending lab duties, homework, and studying every day. Some advice from someone who made it passed that part of their life successfully would be so encouraging not only for people like us, but for people who may not think they can do it (but they CAN!) sorry for the rambley comment. I am a new subscriber and I am so thankful I found your channel. xoxo

    32. Jaye Gilmore

      Missing your science for ladies content, but glad you’re doing you :)

    33. Matt Frank

      Hi Stephanie so I'm going to be starting by own gym. I was wondering what you think would help make women feel more comfortable with weight lifting. Of course there is the myth that women will think they will look " bulky if they start lifting weights wich obviously is B .S. besides me telling them as a personal trainer that that's not true. Can you think of maybe some things or pieces of equipment that would make women feel more comfortable? I thought you would be a good person to ask. Thanks I really appreciate it

    34. K B

      STEPHANIE !!! I love my new shirt .. stop asking if I’m hungry .. you know that I am .. it’s been two hours .. I’m starving !!! If I could I would post a picture .. Hope you are doing great !!!!!!!!

    35. Brick Martin

      It's just a plain T-shirt with about 4 inches of tiny print on it. Maybe make it a bit larger?

    36. mpdg11

      Hi Stephanie!! Been following you for a while and really love you and Jeff's, your auras and your content. I'd love to get your program but i am a total rookie in fitness and found your 'back to basics' series really helpful. Are you and Jeff thinking of doing a series/program that would walk a rookie through a beginner workout? I trust you guys more than the general beginner-workout-youtubers out there.

    37. 843TGOD843

      This channel screams eating disorder.

      1. kristinishere

        fitness models all have disordered eating, it's part of the process pretty much

    38. Samantha Birnie

      Getting a T - shirt. We are all; in together

    39. MaríaAlejandra Alvites Rios

      Puedes poner subtítulos en español ?💚

    40. Aly Gator

      Always gonna support you girl ❤️ I love to see you GLOW !

    41. Mathias Fuica Brevis

      Hi Stephanie, I do understand the lack of calories, but why not trying out food without sugar? Although u are a healthy person, it still is doing things to us, even if we do it unregulary. why not trying eggwhite, , meat, salads, steaks etc. instead of this raffined shit they want us to consume and to intoxicate our bodies even if we do it just a few times a year? just some advice -. ur still great and we love ur vids! greetings from Germany Mathias and fam

    42. laura rodriguez

      I love this woman

    43. Sonja Malgas

      It is really scary when i see all the love you receive eating all those donuts and when i see fat people eat donuts the hate they receive. I do not know if im the only one scared of your content or do you just delete the bad comments? I am asking you if you intend on having children one day and if you are thinking of having them...would you think it ok for them to eat the way you are eating? If ever one of my kids stumble upon your content i will ban them from your channel..as you are reckless and promoting eating disorders. Are you not even a little bit concerned that there are young females looking to lose weight and just discovering themselves and then they see you and say i want what stephanie buttermore has... I would strongly advise any person not to follow you.

    44. Dragos Manailoiu

      How is this sending the right message out?! Does this mean we should all eat donuts and stay lean like that cmon!

    45. rockintherae

      Girl you way too skinny

    46. Jimmy

      You are a complete moron and a disgrace to the fitnesses industry. Please disappear and quickly.

    47. Morgan Thompson

      Ordered! ☺️

    48. J J

      You're in this yourself honey. I eat a lot but if I ate like you I'd be 200lbs

    49. guada71

      What are or who are you cheating on?

    50. Minty ASMR

      I quickly glanced at my phone and I thought the title said ‘ why we’re no longer together ‘. And I nearly had a heart attack coz you + Jeff are couple goals. 😩😭💕 Anyways, now I’m happy coz that’s not what it says lol x

    51. Austin Newsam

      Anybody else's order still not shipped? I ordered back on the 17th

    52. Nicole Koster

      Omg I really wish it were a little cheaper so I could afford one but you are such an inspiration and happy person, keep being amazing you!😊🌞

    53. Jorge Loza

      Anyone here after Greg’s video? Lol

    54. P D


    55. Hermione Granger

      Wow love the designs! They are so you!

    56. MEH MEH

      Looking at your Instagram pictures your body looks absolutely amazing your doing so well on All in (:

    57. K B

      I’m all in too!! Be healthy and be happy .. can’t wait for my shirt .. upload more content :)

    58. K B

      I’m anxiously awaiting your next all in video !!!!! How are you ?!?!?!!!

    59. My man My man

      Greg Doucette just roasted your channel

    60. mimidarkbloomxo

      I was just thinking “hmmm I wonder how Stephanie is doing going all-in?” You look radiant as always! Super cute merch btw!

    61. thea gazmen

      Did anyone told you that you look like rosa from Brooklyn Nine Nine

    62. John Smith

      Do you have any future shirt ideas yet? I would love a long sleeve version of the assume I’m hungry shirt as well. #allin

    63. James Kahng

      Hey Stephanie, have you seen the salad bowl and chipotle bowl that Matt Ogus makes when he's cutting and bulking? I used to LOVE eating food and was hungry all the time, but I've been making my own huge rice bowls, and i haven't gone to bed hungry in the past year. Honestly, i still enjoy getting delicious food, but most days i eat 2 huge meals a day that leaves me full all day. Just something that's helped me with hunger. Good luck with your journey!

    64. Adnan A

      Congrats on the new brand!

    65. Nynne Sørensen

      Hou should do a “letting the person in front of me deside what i eat”😽💞

    66. Jazmyn Siolo

      You like pocohontas lol. Even with a white man

    67. Mackey Francesca

      Can u pls do a beginner gym glutee workoutss???❤️🍑

    68. Jackie Ring

      Random but does anyone know where her exact Apple Watch band is from please??

    69. julia catherine

      have you ever researched about the minnesota starvation experiment?? it's really interesting!!

      1. Heather Aggus

        I agree - very interesting.

    70. Lazy AWESOME Dad

      As usual, great content. Cannot wait to receive mine 😍

    71. Violeta Vester

      With eating more have you been having any health issues. Like if your stomach hurts, heartburn, constipation etc.?

    72. Hero Li

      I got 3 for my girlfriend. Each time she meets her fitness goal. I get her one

    73. Kirsten Veldsman

      Foodie with a booty...LOVE!!!

    74. Rachel

      organic, upcycled materials. biodegradable packaging. each sale = 1 tree planted. 10% proceeds go to Cancer Research Institute. This is just amazing. Steph, you have really set the bar high and are a great example not just to other influencers but to brands in general. Thank you!! and I fully support your "All In" journey :)

    75. J.S. Tucker

      Yup. I'm fittin' to get a couple of these all stained up, lolol!!! Love the swag, mama!!!

    76. Natalie

      I LOVE that cheat day shirt!!

    77. Bari Glassman

      So proud of you in every way. You're a wonderful person, and I admire your courage. You're beautiful inside and out (and so is your merch!). Congratulations on all of your success!!

    78. Annie Katz

      Christ dude, the food obsession on this channel now is insane

    79. Mackenzie Sutton

      Hi I was just wondering how often do you have cheat days and how long do you work out for?❤💪

    80. James Kahng

      Honestly those shirts look great 👍

    81. Patrick Howard

      How do the sizes run? I’m a medium in men’s. Should I order a size up? Also, would LOVE the foodie with a bootie in men’s 😊😊

    82. elisabeth pedersen

      could you maybe do a "what i eat in a day" now that your all in. i am very interested. and also i just love watching your food videos. they are a true guilty pleasure of mine :D

    83. Doug

      donuts everywhere omg

    84. Lindsay Lo

      Aaaaand ORDERED!!! Love this, Stephanie!!!

    85. Sarah Sousa

      I think its important for people who might be buying your merch to support the Cancer Research Institute, to know how much of the purchase of your product goes to supporting the cause.

    86. Valerie Smith

      I am SO happy that you made sure to make your brand eco friendly and made sure to put that kind of thought into it. It warms my heart that people care like you ❤️

    87. Clara Jungmin Lee

      Hi Stephanie I’ve messaged and emailed you regarding my purchase of your program and have not heard back, so please get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks!

    88. Madeline King

      soo buying one and repping it in my "all in" vlogs!!! you went the extra mile getting sustainable materials as well. very proud of you for all of this amazing content lately - the work shows. love you girl!

    89. Hector Larson

      👋👋 CONGRATS!!!😁

    90. Evejai Jarabe


    91. lily mendez

      so simple but so cute 🤩🥰

    92. Shenelle Dias

      YAY! WOULD TOTALLY BUY ALL OF THESE T-SHIRTS. They are so MY style too!

    93. Mateiah Vergara

      Made in the USA?? I'M ALL OVER THAT

    94. Monique L

      I'm so excited to see you go through this journey

    95. Ironic Maiden

      Even the merch is encouraging people to eat garbage, great job (not)

    96. Mara Larz

      I just out of the blue remembrr the whole song "we're all in this together 👏👏once we know.. 🙋‍♀️💁‍♀️💃💃That we are..we're all stars and we see that💁‍♀️" how creepy is thats

    97. Hadron Collider

      dude, most people tryna sell supplements while you over here tryna sell doughnuts.

    98. Julianne

      Love it!

    99. E

      Yay!!! Can't wait til your next video