We Ate Everything We Wanted for 1 Day (Fantasy Fit Couple’s Cheat Day)

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    Coming in hot with the first cheat day of 2019! 🎉This was one of the funnest cheat days I've ever had, it was truly a blast having a full day of eating whatever I wanted with Jeff! You guys will have to watch til the end to see who can eat more! Some friendly competition, but we were both in it to win it 👊
    Also, I was wondering if you guys would be interested in a "What I do After a Cheat Day" video? Let me know 🙏👇I have a "Favorites" video planned next so stay tuned! Much love xoxo
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Coming in hot with the first cheat day of 2019! 🔥🎉This was one of the funnest cheat days I've ever had, it was truly a blast having a full day of eating whatever I wanted with Jeff! You guys will have to watch til the end to see who can eat more! Some friendly competition, but we were both in it to win it 👊 Also, I was wondering if you guys would be interested in a "What I do After a Cheat Day" video? Let me know 🙏👇I have a "Favorites" video planned next so stay tuned! Much love xoxo 💕

      1. Sarah Gates

        Does anyone know if the cadbury's chocolate in Canada is the same as the Cadbury's chocolate in the UK? If not, @StephanieButtermore, you need to come to the UK to try the OG Double Decker. LOL!

      2. Silati Kalaluka

        I watched this after your “all in “ video. You have grown so much. So inspirational. Thank you for sharing ♥️ 🌹

      3. Ashendri Ashwini

        I just dont get it But i can soooo relate to your mindset with food

      4. secretgirl secretgirl

        Its unfair that you eat unhealthy and go to the gym.Do a video eating obly unhealthy food for 24 hours without going to the gym

      5. Nathanial Dealagdon

        Stephanie Buttermore. You look like and remind me of colleen ballinger

    2. Rhjean Espero

      Hi, Steph! I'm still watching this 😂 October 2020

    3. Miss Blackman

      7 meals lol man that would take me days LOL

    4. Muzainah Saffdar

      How is he only 160lb but so muscly?

    5. Kimberly Matherly

      I was in so much disbelief when I seen how many people actually watch this video it made me feel not so weird after all it is so absolutely satisfying to see people eating real food that actually do take care of their self it makes you not feel so out of the norm to want to eat something so-called bad for you every once in awhile🥰 Kim

    6. Lexii Perry

      whats the scale that you have?

    7. Xuanzhu Luo

      This is me with my boyfriend. I don't eat in front of him. It is embarrassing.

    8. Moupriya Nandi

      Eat 1100 calories in a day become I Moto 😂😜

    9. heaven leigh

      I don't how you didn't get sick

    10. heaven leigh

      Looking great

    11. A Tay

      Man! If we could all just eat like this and not gain weight 😞😞

    12. Colleen Kublin

      I don't think eat that much in a week and I work out.

    13. Colleen Kublin

      I would feel so guilty if I ate like this. Even once. Ugh.

    14. Gelai -

      Watching your cheats makes me crave for some krispy kreme and dunkins. How I wish they also have the same good selections here.

    15. Editszzz

      She would easily win the 10,000 calories

    16. Zaenb Hussin

      يا جماعه شكد وزنهة هيه وحبيبهة

    17. W A

      Steph i love these videos but do us a favor, stop watching over Jeff while he eats, you dont let him eat however he wants you keep throwing comments at him like "save space for the other food" when YOU saved 0 space at every meal. Leave him alone and give him some space the way he gives it to you. We're rooting for you but we're rooting for Jeff too so maybe back off a bit while he eats?

    18. W A

      Jeff's getting lesser calories in because she keeps eating his food

    19. Deborah Turko

      Me wondering how she hasn’t die from a sugar rush🧐😂

    20. Hannah P


    21. Sophia Vallone

      Idk I feel like if they ate enough on other days they wouldn’t be so starving and need a cheat day, I feel like this is a from of ED

    22. It’z _ Viri

      Me eats one donut and is full for the day 😂 lmao

    23. Camilo Badillo

      Imagine how Igor (VitruvianPhysique) feels after watching Stephanie eating (effortlessly) 10k+ calories in a day.

    24. Camilo Badillo

      11:15 Jeff’s reaction represents me.

    25. Andrea Montes

      I don’t think I’ve ever exceeded 2,500 calories in my 26 years

    26. Nadia Creative

      It's so weird to see them in the shops without a mask😂

    27. isa johnson

      my brain would NEVER let me do this

    28. Olivia Downey

      if i was rich enough to this i would have so much fun 🤣

    29. Monique UU

      He was si not hanging with her. His tiny bites.........Eat the donut man! She's enjoying herself and he's worried about calories and his physique.

    30. Teresa White

      OK jeff's face at publix saying "it's whatever I want right?" SO PURE. Both of yall have the nicest smiles. I just love to watch u two together .

    31. unicorn diva

      Where does all that food go?

    32. catrame e

      he looks like the guys from hunger games

    33. Angie Bee

      I’m literally getting a stomach ache just watching this. But I’m honestly living for Stephanie

    34. michu& nunu

      Am a big fan of u... From india

    35. Made Prabhanika Rahayu Dharmeswari

      Nothing is sexier than watching fit people having their cheat day to the fullest *feat. her "hmmmmm" after every bite😋

    36. Milkbread :p

      The cheese ball container always follows them around 😀💀

    37. AntiEevee

      Hey i was wondering howmany times a month week year you have a cheat day cause i feel like i need more of rythem in it

    38. Rocky Twix

      You could tell she was hungry in this chest day because I’m kind of on a Stephanie buttermore chest day marathon, she usually eats 5-7 thousand and this time she ate around 10 thousand 🤪 I love how she never gets too full and is just always so happy😍

    39. Roretta Tutory

      I Might die if I ate all this in one day

    40. Chewie The Wookie Raval

      That’s not cheat day 🤮

    41. Maria Serena Leone

      What kind of balance did u have? Somebody knows the brand?

    42. The Best of TikTok

      Every time I have a big cheat day I always feel like shit the next day

    43. Hope Takle

      This made me so hungry

    44. Amy

      I'm amazed at your energy levels after eating so many calories ! Id have fallen asleep after having 6 donuts lol.

    45. vini Joshi

      It's not cheat day ,it's feast day ....

    46. M Muhadzdzab Fadhlan

      It's insane how steph has a lower body fat percentage than jeff

    47. Maria Angelina Gjøsund

      Can you upload more cheat days? I looooovve them!!

    48. Rebecca G. Day

      You guys are driving me crazy with all the donuts! 🤤 Here comes the raspberry filled cravings! And Stephanie I don’t know how you managed to eat all of them in one sitting, even eating half of each. My stomach would have been aching after 5 or 6!

    49. sofia.

      you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    50. Sleepyy_Lxmon

      Her: *we still have dunkin donuts so i don’t wanna eat them all* If that was me: *eats all of the krispy kreme and dunkin donuts* Lol

    51. Alex Bradu

      3:55 Jeff now I'm so mad, just tell me, how could you bite like that and your wife Normal bite? 😡

    52. REALG

      Bro her appetite was beyond scary back then wtf

    53. Neke

      Team Fruit, I love strawberry frosted Donuts!! I never thought to dry Dunkin Donuts' donuts interesting enough. I would love their blueberry cake donut from KK & the lemon filled one!!🤤🤤

    54. Jasmine A

      How can’t she get full tho😂

    55. Stephanie Paul

      Thank you! ❤️

    56. Fearfully Made

      You literally wouldn’t expect this woman to be able to eat sooo much!! 😂 love it!!

    57. Camila Torres

      she sweet, he salty

    58. Sahar Abdelrahman

      She actually bought the cheese puffs that were in the market you can see the bucket in the back on the top of the fridge in the scene of her eating the cookies

    59. Orneste Buitkute

      You have such a BEAUTIFUL relationship!

    60. Crystal Salas

      I love your chemistry!🥰

    61. Emily Somohardjo

    62. Sheena Kaleb

      Why am I watching this before my workout??

    63. Pedro Correia

      I'm team chocolate with fruit :)

    64. Hayley Beck

      Does anyone know where in Florida they live? I live in Florida as well so seeing them go to publix is so funny!

    65. Hayley Beck

      Have she (you) ever made a video about your skin care routine???? Cause I am SO curious- beautiful amazing skin!

    66. Hayley Beck

      I could never go to the gym on a cheat day like this...I applaud them. Most people wouldn't.

    67. Kanishka Tripathi

      heheh steph is a big time foodie 😛 and sweets lover 🍫

    68. Lauren Thompson

      Wait do you not feel sick after eating a lot of sugar??

    69. Marvin xavier

      I can’t eat like that even if I wanted to since dieting. My stomach would explode

    70. Bianca Gutierrez

      Steph: cheese cake ? Jeff: sure 😂 Omg I love y’all so much 😭😂❤️

    71. sofia.

      you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰ !

    72. פרשס רבניליו

      I'm watching these during my IF, and somehow get satiated~ gonna have my first cheat day in December, so imma binge watching these until then

    73. De Otio

      The matrix is so beautiful. Who knew it would turn out that way. please my life is so empty that i need to watch more videos of these narcists eating bullshit in order to show me their glorious lives.

      1. country boy i love uuu

        this is literally just a cheat day video why you gotta hate

    74. sofia.

      you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰!

    75. grace fong

      Someone please make a compilation of steph biting into doughnuts

    76. Ana B

      I litterally eat like Jeff did on his cheat day on daily basis 😂 lmao Im very short and I dont burn it off tho 😬

    77. Natalie T

      steph is sooo pretty🥺

    78. judobo

      Love watching her eat . Now she's fat. All in bullshit

      1. country boy i love uuu

        What the fuck she is not fat??

    79. Altisha Lewis

      Jeff is soooo doopeee

    80. Ashby Young

      Aw that clap 21:42

    81. Billie THEcrew

      It’s statisfysh to look how they eats donuts

    82. I B.

      how can your skin not break out from this


      Amr is your day is very sewwst

    84. Fit With Holly

      I love ❤️ lemon everything! That cheesecake looks amazing!! And Reese’s has to be a close second!!

    85. Zitronenkuh

      how he looks at her 😍


      Eating soo much in a day can really mess up your stomach! Eat everything in moderation

      1. Annaliese Wolfe

        They obviously dont do this everyday hence "cheat day"


      How do they have such a big appetite?!! Like dude I eat everything !! But in moderation

    88. Julia Joseph

      I wish i was that pretty

    89. Alessia Luongo

      I am from Germany and here these filled Donuts are called ,,Berliner''

      1. country boy i love uuu


    90. Jada Collier

      He is very small it’s adorable 💕💕💕

    91. Moftah Diab

      Gosh how she can handle all this amont of foods !! if i eat like her i will properly gone to the hospital at the end of the day

    92. Emilie Lewis

      There’s something satisfying watching someone eat all the things you want but don’t have

    93. Marie

      This is revolting. Not because they are eating so much, but because these two are straight up eating disordered but hiding under the label of 'fitness'. This kinda behavior/attitude towards food mirrors exactly what being bulimic was like. They are just exercising to purge, but the whole 'cheat' and 'cut' mentality is straight up binging and purging. Profiting off it and modeling it for others online is next level gross.

      1. Marie

        @Annaliese Wolfe Yes....the videos where she is eating normally, not the videos where she is showing off her eating disorder symptoms. I am speaking as someone who had an eating disorder - these older videos are a horrible example that model dangerous behaviors. Stephanie knows this because she had to live with the effects of treating her body this way and has worked hard to overcome it. So why continue to profit off showing other people this misinformation? This dangerous behavior? It says exactly what she thinks of her audience that money is more important to her than no longer promoting this dangerous nonsense to other people.

      2. Annaliese Wolfe

        I see alot of comments on these types of her videos about how they've helped people with ED's (specifically anorexia) develop an appetite and in turn, recover

      3. Marie

        @Chloe Hitchon That's my point. She is doing better for herself and still selling the eating disorder mindset to others. It's gross to see her profiting off of this while clearly realizing it's toxic.

      4. Chloe Hitchon

        watch her all in video i think it will intrest you. she has helped her self and made a huge " recovery "

    94. 胥仪Phenol

      Ahhhh, i want to eat donut!!!!!TT

    95. Raynard Tibon

      The excitement on her face from the “hot and ready” sign just got me

    96. S M.

      I don’t dislike Stephanie at all and I think she seems really sweet, but watching her eat is nauseating. I think its how she eats like she looks gluttonous 😂

    97. Nadia Owen

      Imagine a strawberry frosted donut with the dough from krispy kreme and the frosting from dunkin

    98. Lara Fahy

      I'm dairy and wheat intolerant and I'm craving krispy kreme donuts so much.

    99. Eliani Sanchez

      I'm glad she went all in. Imagine eating those amounts of calories and still be hungry:(

      1. Eliani Sanchez

        @Haya Sultan honey, you should follow her journey, in referring to that, I'm happy for her, you should read before you say things 😘

      2. Haya Sultan

        Eliani Sanchez its not her fault she can't control herself, please think before saying things

      3. Hannah Allain

        Right!? I was just thinking this! I love watching her journey ❤️

    100. Almendra Ordonez-Valverde

      Anybody else notice the jar of cheese balls on the couch of cheesecake factory 😂😂