We Ate Everything We Wanted for 1 Day (Fantasy Fit Couple’s Cheat Day)

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    Coming in hot with the first cheat day of 2019! 🎉This was one of the funnest cheat days I've ever had, it was truly a blast having a full day of eating whatever I wanted with Jeff! You guys will have to watch til the end to see who can eat more! Some friendly competition, but we were both in it to win it 👊
    Also, I was wondering if you guys would be interested in a "What I do After a Cheat Day" video? Let me know 🙏👇I have a "Favorites" video planned next so stay tuned! Much love xoxo
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Coming in hot with the first cheat day of 2019! 🔥🎉This was one of the funnest cheat days I've ever had, it was truly a blast having a full day of eating whatever I wanted with Jeff! You guys will have to watch til the end to see who can eat more! Some friendly competition, but we were both in it to win it 👊 Also, I was wondering if you guys would be interested in a "What I do After a Cheat Day" video? Let me know 🙏👇I have a "Favorites" video planned next so stay tuned! Much love xoxo 💕

      1. Kendall Mikaelaon

        I know it’s not the cheapest thing but what if you did a cheat day in DisneyLand

      2. Sarah Gates

        Does anyone know if the cadbury's chocolate in Canada is the same as the Cadbury's chocolate in the UK? If not, @StephanieButtermore, you need to come to the UK to try the OG Double Decker. LOL!

      3. Silati Kalaluka

        I watched this after your “all in “ video. You have grown so much. So inspirational. Thank you for sharing ♥️ 🌹

      4. Ashendri Ashwini

        I just dont get it But i can soooo relate to your mindset with food

      5. secretgirl secretgirl

        Its unfair that you eat unhealthy and go to the gym.Do a video eating obly unhealthy food for 24 hours without going to the gym

    2. שי שקד

      Omg you eat so mach foodddd

    3. yo wassup

      I luv ur smile

    4. Aussie Tumblez

      Steph every time she try’s food hmmmmmm

    5. Shelly Dennis

      Macdonald’s makes a awesome strawberry milkshake also

    6. Sandhya Shankar

      krispy kreme should be paying you for the amount of advertising you do for them

    7. Bellabclark

      Hahaha omg just came across this love it!! My cheat day would be like flaming hot Cheetos and pasta and pizza and sour straws 😍

    8. Nieki Mehrany

      seeing them without masks when they are public is so trippy like damn how the world has changed

    9. Blackbangtan 1912

      Literally it your's cheat day not jeff's anyways i enjoyed watching you guys eating to your fullest 😊

    10. Maggie R

      Gurl:115 Guy:160.2

    11. itzel martinez

      respectfully your boyfriend is so handsome😅 and honestly you two guys looks so cute and so pretty good together😁amazing couple🖒💕

    12. Hannah Moravec

      Stephanie is everytime live that: amazing, delicious, perfect,yummy and Jeff: yeah it is good 👍😂 By the way I come from germany so my Englisch isn't pefect, sorty for that

    13. The Best of TikTok

      Meanwhile I can only eat like 3500 calories on my cheat days lol

    14. Fanny Rochon-vear

      guys, you'e disgusting. bunch of duchbag, pathetic enough to think you have a personality. i wish you all to be sad as fu'q and eat a truckload of S'HAAAIT

    15. EmemArchibong

      I wonder how often they had cheat days

    16. Created By Patti

      Interesting video. Surprisingly, it makes me not want to eat sugar.

    17. Alexis Nunes

      *lols in intuitive eating*

    18. Halo Star

      I’m team both I love chocolate and fruit

    19. Yashvardhan Singh

      The amount of sweets she ate is the amount of sweet I have a year

    20. Yashvardhan Singh

      I dropped my phone just watching them eat

    21. Amiele Gig

      If I eat like her I’ll have a very bad skin and bad teeth

    22. Pseudonimus

      Jeff isn't a sweet tooth... 😑

    23. Safari&Anabelle BonMo

      I guessed you’re age :O

    24. Musicby Zerø

      She is totally a sugar eater! Like me! Im on week 9 of my diet and can’t wait to have a big cheat day!!!!!!!

    25. Jovana Kadijević

      Jeff just smiling and watching Steph eat

    26. My name Is

      After I eat a few donuts I feel so full and sick nothing else even tastes good anymore. I think things only taste good when I am hungry so it’s amazing she still enjoys the food towards the end. I would be so full it wouldn’t even taste good anymore.

    27. Magic Beans

      22:15 Cheese ball cameo

    28. Briana delgado

      Why does this remind me of my bf and I 🤣 I literally eat EVERYTHING and he’s just like meh, “you eat babe you need it!” Lmao these are the types of relationships I live for!

    29. Tonima Karim

      I miss my cheat day now😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

    30. Arma

      Find someone who looks at you like Jeff does to Steph even when she's clearly having fun stuffing food into her face😂 Fit and happy goal couples✨❤️

    31. Kori Elaine

      The bbq chicken pizza from pizza hut is my boyfriend and I's go to if we order from there and we are never able to finish the full pizza in one sitting 😂

    32. Iconic Z

      You guys look like amateurs eating that stuff😂,no offence

    33. ToNy Nguyen

      when you can't take it no more but your GF just want to keep going "sure 🥴 - Jeff

    34. Jana Brown-Griffith

      17:44 not I have pizza coming... I never knew that a person can eat like this WOW

    35. Jana Brown-Griffith

      I would have been done after the third doughnut

    36. Vincci Nicholson

      Wait til you’re in your 40s. Cheat day will undo everything you work for. In your 40s and 50s, you workout everyday, try to eat healthy and still get a gut. Also, that stomach flap from pregnancy never goes away. Joys of motherhood.

      1. Josh Na

        No u just eat too many calories LOL

    37. aye nmay

      It's so satisfying to watch step eats those krispy kreme donuts ! If i eat just one, i am be weighing like a sumo the day after. Envy her metabolism so muchhh!!!

    38. o l

      for me it is exactly the same as seeing someone starve the whole day... this cheat day is very extreme and disturbing to watch.

    39. Brianna Levi-Simpkins

      Disagree! Culver's chicken tenders are the best

    40. johanna alfred

      You're so beautiful

    41. Sophie Lu

      Imagine if I was in one of stephanies video and ate all I want

    42. Madeline

      Girl you are a true foodie!!! Where do you put it all?😂😂 And Jeff can barely keep up. You could compete with Brian Shaw. You're a champ!

    43. Amina Ndiaye

      Me with an eating disorder watching this 👁👄👁

    44. alicia

      As a European, I've never had a cake doughnut in my life..

    45. Mishko Mishko

      Now I am fully convinced we in the fitness community fantasise about food.

    46. Kesia Tony

      Team chocolate

    47. Jack Chizauskie

      What is that intro song? It’s 🔥

    48. N Rah

      Is there something you do after your cheat day to get your weight to go back to normal so quickly?

    49. cvanselus

      I want to find a girl that looks at me the way Stephanie looks at jeff while he eats cheesecake.

    50. Georgia Karagani

      For me their relationship is the best couple relationship they are so perfect for each other

    51. Selin M

      They: *eating like 10 dounuts* Me: Eating one dounut and being really full * 😭😂

    52. rose njoroge

      This is not normal, Sorry.

    53. Brian Rose

      Jeff always looks like Stephanie's hostage. Blink twice if you need help, buddy.

    54. Peter Choi

      10k challenge who? Like damn steph. Impressive.

    55. Natalie Wilkinson

      I don't understand how it's possible to eat so much... 😁

    56. Michał Zega

      I saw beautifull girl showing her physique including nice butt and legs and shirtless guy and I’m like Jeff! Why don’t U show Your legs bro!? Whats wrong with me?😂

    57. Sandhya Shankar

      them: Eats around 10,000 calories on a cheat day.........*meanwhile Matt Stonie : 10,000 calories in 10 minutes*

    58. aimee boujo

      You guys are so cool

    59. Lucy Pagano

      she reminds me of Naya Rivera :'(

    60. Charlie W.

      I never or hardly ever comment but ..... I find it hard to understand why you guys promote such unhealthy eating or cheat days with such vigor. Being in shape and living well is a life style, it is a mind set. What is a cheat day other then a day of just cheating yourselves ... if you need to constantly look forward to Cheat days you might need to do some work on why you want to be in shape. With so many subscribers looking for tips on healthy living this really seems off. Really.. if you crave such foods maybe you should try another line of work. PS I really like what Jeff has to say when he is not tag teaming his sweethearts crazy eating concepts.

      1. TATIANNA

        every person who has a healthy lifestyle when it comes to working out and dieting has a cheat day, a cheat day is where u r able to relax and layback while eating whatever u want under a day. u cant go pass 12 am or else it’s cheating urself. a lot of ppl force themselves to eat a lot more bc of their carb intake, they want to enjoy regular popularized meals that they can’t eat. u pick one day out of a year and use the whole day to eat whatever u want while including exercising which is what they have been doing in this video. they aren’t promoting an unhealthy eating habit bc once again having a cheat day is normal when it comes to ppl that exercise daily, count calories, and eat healthier meals. so they r not cheating themselves nor is this a bad thing to do, if u don’t exercise or stick to a diet like they do then obviously u wouldn’t understand how cheat days work.

    61. Yimmy

      steph: eats all this and still looks good me: eats half a slice of cheese and gains 200lbs

    62. Mariana Berentsen

      poor jeff he is scared of stefanie

      1. Gabriel Sanchez Franz


    63. Parisa Shiva.cr7

      20:50 cheesecake! Girl.. that's my meal throughout a month and yet you look skinnier 🤨🤔🤭

    64. Tiarna Popovic-Manu

      My gluten intolerance wouldn't like me for a week

    65. prarieboy

      I left the bodybuilding lifestyle to.live like this for more like a year haha. Just ate intuitively and did not shy away from junk and treats if I wanted Needless to say I went from 210 around 10% bodyfat to 250lbs at around 25% bodyfat and I had also quit lifting. After years of dieting and aas use i just felt burned out from it. Now I'm back in the gym with a fire inside me and look great again right around 225 now at 15% bf

    66. M e

      What surprises me is not so much the amount of food she eats but the amount of sweet things he eats. Like everytime she eats sweets I have to pass it further in the video because it makes me nauseous. I'm more of a salty food kind of person, I think I wouldn't have this problem if she ate more salty stuff lol but yes, the amount she eats is insane. I would be done for the whole day by the time lunch hits for her.

    67. Margie S

      I had a cheat day today lol I feel different

    68. Michael Boris Pepito

      Team Chocolate all the way

    69. Charlie C

      am i hallucinating or did cheese balls appear at random times. im actually concerned am i going insane

    70. honeyywheat

      She's not even bloated...

    71. Jeanelle Ray

      How often do you have a cheat day?

    72. Natalie Wilkinson

      I thought I could eat a lot... I was wrong. Stephanie can EAT. I don't understand how it's possible she can eat that much, though.

    73. Rhjean Espero

      Hi, Steph! I'm still watching this 😂 October 2020

    74. Miss Blackman

      7 meals lol man that would take me days LOL

    75. Muzainah Saffdar

      How is he only 160lb but so muscly?

    76. Kimberly Matherly

      I was in so much disbelief when I seen how many people actually watch this video it made me feel not so weird after all it is so absolutely satisfying to see people eating real food that actually do take care of their self it makes you not feel so out of the norm to want to eat something so-called bad for you every once in awhile🥰 Kim

    77. Lexii Perry

      whats the scale that you have?

    78. Xuanzhu Luo

      This is me with my boyfriend. I don't eat in front of him. It is embarrassing.

    79. Moupriya Nandi

      Eat 1100 calories in a day become I Moto 😂😜

    80. heaven leigh

      I don't how you didn't get sick

    81. heaven leigh

      Looking great

    82. A Tay

      Man! If we could all just eat like this and not gain weight 😞😞

    83. Gelai -

      Watching your cheats makes me crave for some krispy kreme and dunkins. How I wish they also have the same good selections here.

    84. Editszzz

      She would easily win the 10,000 calories

    85. Zaenb Hussin

      يا جماعه شكد وزنهة هيه وحبيبهة

    86. W A

      Steph i love these videos but do us a favor, stop watching over Jeff while he eats, you dont let him eat however he wants you keep throwing comments at him like "save space for the other food" when YOU saved 0 space at every meal. Leave him alone and give him some space the way he gives it to you. We're rooting for you but we're rooting for Jeff too so maybe back off a bit while he eats?

    87. W A

      Jeff's getting lesser calories in because she keeps eating his food

    88. Deborah Turko

      Me wondering how she hasn’t die from a sugar rush🧐😂

    89. Hannah P


    90. Sophia Vallone

      Idk I feel like if they ate enough on other days they wouldn’t be so starving and need a cheat day, I feel like this is a from of ED

    91. It’z _ Viri

      Me eats one donut and is full for the day 😂 lmao

    92. Camilo Badillo

      Imagine how Igor (VitruvianPhysique) feels after watching Stephanie eating (effortlessly) 10k+ calories in a day.

    93. Camilo Badillo

      11:15 Jeff’s reaction represents me.

    94. Andrea Montes

      I don’t think I’ve ever exceeded 2,500 calories in my 26 years

    95. Nadia Creative

      It's so weird to see them in the shops without a mask😂

    96. isa johnson

      my brain would NEVER let me do this

    97. Olivia Downey

      if i was rich enough to this i would have so much fun 🤣

    98. Monique UU

      He was si not hanging with her. His tiny bites.........Eat the donut man! She's enjoying herself and he's worried about calories and his physique.

    99. Teresa White

      OK jeff's face at publix saying "it's whatever I want right?" SO PURE. Both of yall have the nicest smiles. I just love to watch u two together .

    100. unicorn diva

      Where does all that food go?