Understanding Your Hormones For Fat Loss & Muscle | The Women's Series Ep. 2

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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Welcome to Episode 2 of The Women's Series! Make sure to watch Episode One first or you might be a bit unfamiliar with some of the concepts. This episode is A LOT of information but the next episode with be WAY more applicable and will be ENTIRELY practical application so stay tuned for that!! I love you all and please like the video if you are enjoying this series! Much love xoxo 💕

      1. Ida

        Amazing! Where can I find episode 3?

      2. Gabriel Yepez

        Kudos for the Video! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about - Chireetler Stubborn Fat Rule (google it)? It is a smashing one off guide for discovering what to eat to balance hormones and eliminating trouble fat spots without the hard work. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend Sam at last got excellent results with it.

      3. Marta Lopez Sole

        I hope you don't totally abandon this series. It is important that a FEMALE with brain teaches this stuff

      4. Natasha Bendrodt

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      5. Lexie lu

        I'm hoping I'll get a reply to this question. How would those hormones play a part in a woman who has had a hysterectomy? Because I no longer have menstrual cycles, so I know certain hormones begin to vary .

    2. Gracie McBride

      You are such a blessing!! It’s great to hear about studies and personal experiences from another woman ... seems like everything is researched based on men!!

    3. Rida Rafique

      How can teenagers loose weight correctly? Please one video on this topic ❤️😭

    4. Gizem Özdemir

      I've been working out for 4 months hardly but not with heavy dumbells. Im just working out 5-6days a week and my menstrual cycle doesn't work. My periods late all the time and i'm scared

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    6. Anzu love

      That 4:42 comment... If you put more strain BEFORE you ovulate, you put your body under stress pushing ovulation further. I've heard of trainers advising to put your hardest workout AFTER ovulation, not before.

    7. Kaylil Leithoff

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    8. Claire Divas

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    9. Yshuki Fernandez

      Where do I start on my fat loss journey, I am so confused 🙃

    10. Akash

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    11. Lclaribel

      An educated queen 👑

    12. Christina Serafin

      Hey Stephanie, I love your channel - especially these academic videos. Would you consider doing a video on the DIM (3,3'-Diindolylmethane) supplement? I have been taking this supplement for “hormone regulation” (hormonal acne etc.). I would be interested to know your point of view as it’s becoming a more popular supplement and has a lot to do with estrogen. I’ve noticed A LOT of changes within my body while taking it. Thanks.

    13. beertricks

      Thank you for speaking about the benefits of oestrogen! I've realised that I recover from workouts much faster than my male gym partner, that must be why

    14. yuka sato

      i love rewatching this series! Theres so much information in here and learning about my body with a scientific based evidence gives me more confidence to feel intuitive and "one" with my body. Thank you for this series! And i would love it if u continued it!

    15. Lazar Marusiak

      Anybody know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear many people burn their fat with this popular fat burn method.

    16. Donia Schaaf

      What do you think of lost a ton of fat with Custokebon Secrets? I notice many people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets.

    17. Freedom Captain

      Way too long and too much info in one. So confusing. Don’t like it.

    18. javali_de_Chernobyl

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    19. Sarah A Harries

      Hi Stephanie! Wondering when you will return to your woman's series!! Love following you and would love to hear the material you intended for cellulose and cortisol which you mention in this video! It's been amazing watching you through your "All In" Journey (and you look GORGEOUS ;)) but also miss your informative posts.

    20. hannah • 6 years ago

      lol i have a NB for fitness science and my goals and plans. these helped

    21. Sierra Moore

      Me watching this video: Nevermind, I never want to be a doctor. lmao

    22. Sierra Moore

      Me watching this video: Nevermind, I never want to be a doctor. lmao

    23. Yese Fitness

      You make all this science so easy to understand for the average person. :)

    24. Mike Gibson

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    26. Dóra Fejes

      I love these videos a lot but I found a mistake in this one that I think is important to note... High levels of leptin decrease hunger, not increase it. It is the body's way of stopping you from gaining more when there is already an adequate amount of fat storage. (Except if we carry a lot of excess body fat for a long period of time, which can result in leptin resistance, and then leptin cannot decrease hunger anymore.)

    27. LucyVolf

      Hello, I know this video might be a bit old and you most probably will not take a look at this comment. But well just in case I wanna try. Haha Since April of this year I started to loose weight slowly by doing cardio and weight (at home) trainings. I lost around 7kg so far, which I am really proud of. So I decided to take a look at my measurements as well. I found in my diary a measurements from January this year and I saw that since then I lost 2 cm all over my body (arms, waist,hips,thights) but in my chest area I lost 6cm! ( I definitely lost a lot on my butt as well, but I didn't measure that before). Also I feel like it is really hard for me grow my glutes as well. I don't know if Im doing something wrong. I check out the right postures for each exercise I do. Do you maybe know what might be the cause and if there is anything I could have done to not ended up with such a ,,loose'' boobs and small booty? 😄 (btw im 24)

    28. Meyer Wesley

      I am not a stupid person, but one thing I do not like about many diet systems is that they're not direct to the point. This is why I was really interested in The Venus Factor. Dr. C has created a plan with actionable steps - do this after which do that. I followed the advice and I have been shedding pounds! It's so easy because I don't need to steer clear of "bad foods" altogether. Want to find out more? Go here and check it out for yourself *WeightLossWomen.4YourHelp. Com* (remove space and open the site)

    29. hadnoidea

      Where is the next video? I know they are older, but I really want to see more. :D

    30. Ananya Jaidev

      By making these videos about women bodies and functioning you are doing a great deal of kindness to all women out who needs to learn about themselves and their bodies. Thank you Angel :*

    31. Fit With Holly

      Your videos are all amazing! I began some videos last year but need some work in the editing department-any tips? PS I’ve been on a total binge between cheat days and educational videos-PhD student here! It’s so hard as a mom and competitor and student and business owner but you inspire this old gal!! Thanks Stephanie!

    32. Noor Mohammad Hashmi

      Want to lose weight in 15 days --> amzn.to/3dDLNDH

    33. saniya loren

      Yes, you can. However, I read that some of the "healthy foods" you're eating every day are making your fat cells sick, and making it impossible to lose weight. What do you think about this *bit. ly/2TpF6Nr*

    34. Daijanae Lovett

      I want to be a personal trainer. I can’t do that yet until I help myself. I am trying to reach some fitness goals myself, be toned, and stick to some healthy dieting plans. I guess I’m asking how do I help myself and then how do I become a personal trainer and be different from other personal trainers? On top of that I am on the Mirena and it has caused me some bloating problems, stubborn weight, wild hormones levels, and horrible acne. I plan on getting it removed.

    35. Meryem chah

      Well done, you got youself a new subscriber. I mean i was litterally taking notes !!

    36. Lemon Biscuit

      Is it dangerous for a woman to take testosterone (to achieve weight loss and a deeper voice)? Do the effects remain if the woman stops taking the hormones after two months? I wasn't able to find women-specific information so I would appreciate the info :)

    37. Keeping it 100

      Could you do a video specifically on hypothyroidism and fitness. Interventions, nutrition, etc. Thank you very much I know many many women suffer with this and it makes getting in great shape extremely hard

    38. Giulia Santos


    39. Brihana Romero

      Keep doing videos like this, it helps sooo much! Thank you for everything you do!

    40. Philip

      It makes me understand why Jeff suddenly became smart.

    41. ShounenBoi

      Nice One Steph 😍😍 !! Girls surely this video series is going to help you out !! but with this i also RECOMMEND this New HOT Product to you "Only For Females". This has changed many women's belly or shall i say fat.. Check it out.. >>>>>>>>> TO GET MORE RESULT CLICK HERE : - @t

    42. INTEAnational Health

      If you don't mind me asking what type of camera are you using to video? It is so crystal clear!

    43. Andi Qui

      I'm so happy I feel like crying, so happy I found you and this video THANK YOU FOR SHARING

    44. Gratsiela Kostova

      Make more of these!!!!!

    45. Helen Gomes

      How can you tell if you're sensitive to progesterone?

    46. Paige Buckingham

      Thank yewwww sm training videos are for men and this is soooo important 💕

    47. MYGirlsGJ B

      Is there a correlation between cortisol and leptin? Im trying to understand emotional eating and stress eating.

    48. Jennifer Grove


    49. TheENofficial

      How does testosterone increase abdominal fat? Doesn’t it do the complete opposite?

    50. sipulen

      I'm a teenager, and I haven't had a period for a long time (almost 1 year!). Maybe because I started a wrong diet a few months ago, but now I eat like a normal people. But my period hasn't come. What should I do? (anybody please help me)

    51. MyElli97

      I would like to know more about hypothyroidism and training as I suffer from this. But thank you for this informative video

    52. Lowkeee9

      I'm geekin so hard! This series is so much great science!


      I love this series! I would love to hear more about how a hysterectomy impacts athletic performance, if it does. I'm so excited for the amenorrhea video. Thank you so much for putting in all the time and effort it takes to put these together! I love watching them over again to coincide with my college courses and seeing my understanding deepen.

    54. Marissa Goalz

      love it thank you!

    55. Sally Greene

      Never thought about this before. Thanks for sharing, Like from me!

    56. Makeup Ghost

      Great vid!

    57. Charne Contortionist

      Hi. Watched your video and it's really great. You mentioned you will make a video on cellulite. Have you made it? Do you have a link?

    58. Khadiyah Thomas

      Love your videos Stephanie! Thank you❤️

    59. Nidhi paralkar

      Can you please do a video explaining pcos/pcod and how to cure it?

    60. klara0709

      I looove this series soo nice to see scientifical backing in a fitness video as there always are different opinions^^

    61. J B

      Love this series! Would love if you did a video surrounding how to train around pregnancy, and what are pelvic floor muscles and why its important to train them!

    62. Clawdia & theTartarus

      Rare to see this kind of quality in fitness videos. They usually seem to think we can't tell when they're just entertaining and not informing us laymen and women lol. I suscribed!

    63. TheCornbeefsoup

      1:09 "Beyond the scope of your interest" I'm gonna used that phrase instead of telling people "It'll go over your head" lol thanks!

    64. Kiki

      Can’t wait for the practical application video!!

    65. Wan Rong Chua

      Hi Stephanie! I am a recovered anorexic with PCOS, any advice on how to lose fat and tone up while dealing with cravings? It's been really hard to lose fat even though i work out 6 times a week :( (strength training with some light cardio)

    66. missmoua93

      I wish you were my Bio professor :( You’re so thorough with your information. You speak at such a calming and easy understanding tone 😭😭

    67. Melonena

      i just discovered your channel and girl, you are everything! smart, strong, beautiful, funny .... wow

    68. Sandy N

      This is very informative, so interesting! ! Could you plz do a video about birth control and weight gain? I have the implant, Nexplanon and I gained weight since getting it but I'm not sure if it's because of it or not. All I know that it slowly releases Progesterone into my bloodstream. Thank youuuu ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    69. Sabel Studzinski

      So informative and educated!! You’re so well spoken 👌🏻props girl👋🏻

    70. Emily l

      Would like to see the stress and cortisol video? Thanks :)

    71. R

      I just had a physiology course where I had to study all of these hormones and I wish I had seen your video earlier... it would have made it so much more fun to learn 💕😁

    72. Violet Gong

      I really want to know the functions of different protein and vitamins you eat (such as those you post on your normal day eating video), why we eat them, and how much is needed for our body to function well.

    73. Evolution20

      I love both you and Jeff's videos. So informative and love the scientific approach both of you use during your videos. Both of you have provided such a common sense approach to health and weight loss that have connected so many dots for me. You guys are awesome

    74. Jess_LeongSon

      Hey Steph, just wondering if all these observations still apply to women when under a "false" cycle when under the influence of birth control, pill, depo etc thanks!! :D

      1. Syed Fawwad

        My doctor recommended this system [Go here=== *2WeightLossFast. Com* ]to me. I was looking to lose a significant amount of weight, and needed a plan. This diet book has done miracles for me and my husband! We follow the plan and both lost over 20 pounds in the first month. This is a well written book that will give you the tools you need to start eating healthier and regain control of your metabolism. I can't say enough good things about this book and the diet. This was a life changer for us!?

    75. Ej_ L

      Hope you can be my professor in my pre-med class. You're amazing step!!! Keep up the good stuff 🙌💗

    76. Nathalia Verge

      I’m honestly going to save up to buy this book. I’m super intrigued and love the subject of exercise and science. Can’t wait to buy it!

    77. Justin Thyme

      summarising facts is fun - no doubt, but it seems to me that if you're looking for someone to give you a solution then you're looking to spit out a pretty buck

    78. Lene S D

      The Women's series are such a life saver. Thank you soooo much!!!! You are an angel

    79. J Vega

      off topic but please do a make up tutorial

    80. Amanda Slominski

      I just wanted to say you're amazing

    81. Dianimae Dante

      I love you and you videos!!!!

    82. Jaycee Lilly

      You have literally thought of everything to explain. I had a thought in my mind, and then you literally answered it right after it popped into my mind.

    83. Wilfried Tete-Sossou

      Hey Stephanie, thank you for your great work! Im helping my girlfriend to get into the shape of her life and your input here is really insane. I hope I can learn as much as possible to help my girl. Very excited and I´ll let you know how it´s going :)

    84. Julie Nashae

      What about if we get Estrogen From birth control is that the same ?

    85. PrincessOfTheYew

      Can you please talk about how intermittent fasting effects women’s hormones/best times and how to best apply it during different menstrual phases?

    86. Susie Clark

      OMG I love this series! I'd love a video on birth control and how those hormone changes affect​ weight gain/weight loss

    87. Natasha Bendrodt

      *>>222>> Youuu can refer to red tea, better than green tea and lose weightttt very effectivelyyyy. Here: > **t.co/ulDqhr6avk?fg45dfg33** >>>2323>>>*

    88. Mckai Boks

      Ur videos are very informative!! I'm currently doing keto and lost my period last month, I guess due to low caloric intake and low carbs. Today I had my period back after removing my caloric restriction for the last 2 weeks-which coincidentally falls in the Luteal phase that you discussed in ep. 1. I stumbled on your video about the woman series after watching a bunch of your cheat meals! Lol!! I'll be waiting for your next videos!! Beauty and brains!! You got it all!! Keep it up =)

    89. Muzi Feng

      Hi! i am so inspired by your vlog and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. i lost my period for almost 1 year and definitely eager to find it back. do you have any suggestions on this issue? or simply eating more carbs and reduce my exercises would help? thank you so much once again. really looking foward to your next video.

    90. Cee Fee Dunn

      I just signed up to skill share thank you so much for the 2 free months. My channel is very new and I have only just started creating again now that my baby is 2 x

    91. Bubbbly

      Hey Stephanie! I'm a big fan of your channel and work, and especially these women's series! But i was wondering if you could do a video of how being on the pill affects your training? I was intrigued by your last one with the menstrual cycle, but there must be a difference whilst on the pill..

    92. Irina Sangeorzan

      please give lyle mcdonald credit for the content you have put in your video.

    93. lois hannha

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    96. Dynamin


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    98. leiandroid

      thank you for the videos, really interesting stuff! i've been reading a lot about the keto diet and your commentary on leptin raised a question; since leptin uses fat to create energy, how does it interact with ketones (which break down fats)?

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