The Top Science-Based Supplements Worth Using (WHAT I Take and WHY)

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    1. Protein Powder
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I just wanted to come on here and say that I really appreciate everyone's feedback whether positive or negative. I want to address the fact that I was NOT paid to make a stand alone video by pescience. Yes, I'm a sponsored athlete but making an entire video on it was a personal decision. These are honestly the products that I use and I went over the specific ingredients in them in the event you want to make your own educated decisions on what to take, you can. I am asked so frequently what EXACT products I take and use so I thought making a video on it would be helpful. If you are not interested in what I take, that is perfectly fine. I love you all and take ALL of your feedback into consideration 🙏 Much love xoxo

      1. Jackie Lee

        Stephanie - absolutely love your science based approach and love your videos! Could you comment as to supplements like Oxyshred? I see them everywhere and from what I see online none of the Influencers promoting Oxyshred have Science degrees (fellow Science grad here but just undergrad). Do you see any benefits and/or opinions on this product or recommend a better product? Really appreciate all your hard work!

      2. Bouchard

        Hey Steph just wanted to say that this was a great video. You gave your opinion and stated the products involving those supplements that YOU prefer. I thought it was clear that you could buy that supplement in any brand based on your video. Thanks for the great content!

      3. Tony Singleton

        Stephanie Buttermore you makenit obvious that your boyfriend or husband is sponsored by this company by being so bias. Just saying!

      4. Jay XXX

        Stephanie Buttermore how do you feel about 1up nutrition?

      5. CirceEnchants

        You're a sponsored "athlete"???? Delusional. You're a sponsored Vlogger... period! Not much muscle... rather than working out, you talk too much and pose too much... get a grip, girl!

    2. Ashley Williams

      Gosh damn shes the best! Thank you!!!

    3. KrissyBVlogs

      It's interesting to me that you are as educated as you are, but would promote a multivitamin that was cheaply made. Looking at the ingredient should have tipped you off to the fact that the producer of this product didn't care all that much about the benefits of the vitamin form they chose. For example the choice of utilizing folate... yikes.... if this was a top-notch high-quality supplement they would have utilized L-methylfolate among other more absorbable ready to utilize forms of supplementation.

    4. Carmen Thong

      What do you think about taking creatine for women? And should it only be taken when I am doing higher intensity/higher power workouts?

    5. Tamira

      Recommended to 15 year old?

    6. Jeffrey williams

      Just subscribed to the channel big shouts from Chicago Illinois 💪🏾💯💯💯💯

    7. The Diva Is In the Details

      I enjoy the PE Science protein powder but I do feel Women's Best rivals it as best tasting

    8. Allan Docater

      You should go to Unflexal if you'd like to learn more about workouts mates.

    9. Laura Reeves

      Just ordered my multi-vitamin!

    10. Jasleen S

      not creatine?

    11. Laura Ramos Delgado

      Any particular reason why you didn't include BCAA's? Just wondering...

      1. Laura Ramos Delgado

        @liseg89 Thanks!

      2. Laura Ramos Delgado

        @liseg89 Thank you Lise. But what if the protein powder I take is vegan... Any feedback. I appreciate your time, Laura

    12. yilime

      I just tried the High Volume pre-workout and it was ridiculous. I've never tried a pre-workout before and I felt like Bruce Willis' character in Unbreakable where he just keeps adding weights...I went up an average of 60% on most of my primary weights (upper body day - and yes, am also following Steph's Women's Program. It's also amazing!). This was insane. This channel (and Jeff's) are both great. I'm so glad I found you guys and love the great work you're putting out there. So motivational and genuine. Thank you!

    13. November Alpha Mike

      Since it has L theanine, does that mean it can be taken at night without adverse effect to sleep?

    14. cherryblossom0426

      Waiting for my PEScience order now,, the shipping info says it’s in transit so hopefully it’s here soon!! 💪🏼💕

    15. Maria Ν.

      I just started going to the gym again after months (i have previous experience with gym and sports but i stopped due to weak knees) and i would want to know if protein powders have anything to do with unwanted hair growth.. I have hair in my upper lip but I'm most concerned about my chin(it's a lot trust me) .. I ve been doing laser treatment for a while and they told me that having protein powder( in the past last year or so) has affected the growth and that i should stop using supplements like that.. Is that true? I havent had any supplements after i was rold that.. (i was only having whey protein at the time)

    16. Julia Taylor

      What are your thought on BCAAs?

    17. jo sep

      You don't need to take protein powder as a skinny girl. You don't build muscle fast enough and don't need to eat much at all either to justify "supplementing" with a protein shake. Btw 1g per lb bw is an absolute myth its closer to .6g per lb, you're really just another clueless fitness regurgitater.

    18. Michelle Fuentes

      I recently subscribed to your channel 💖I can't believe how informative your videos are.💖

    19. dayna o

      this is old but I just came across this video but the multivitamin I bought this trumulti do you recommend taking it in the morning all at the same time or one each meal or at night ? l

    20. Thomas Payne

      It's not a belief: The research shows that a multi-vitamin has no benefit to health unless you suffer from malnutrition, pregnant or a genetic disorder. Instead, have a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet. For review:

    21. pim1234

      And digestive enzymes ?

    22. Allyson Sgroi

      Where do u get your leggings?

    23. Andy Marz

      What do you recommend for a vegan protein powder?

      1. Rosa G

        I tried Pescience Peanut Butter delight vegan Protein and it’s amazing to me .

    24. Astrid Naranjo APD-nutritionist

      Enjoying your videos impressively. Thanks so much

    25. Mark Smith

      Both you guys have great info. Not sure why creatine would not be on the list and why that protein powder has soy in it.

    26. P.P

      Don't you need to have them to preach them? I really need a woman online that actually has nice developed shoulders to follow lol. Maybe it's time for me to start uploading 😂 I also don't supplement at all and I'm doing well.

    27. redhot

      Thank you for the info very awesome !! 30% off grrrreat!!!.. and that hair my goodness!! I wish mine would grow that long ! It used to when I was little maybe it's cuz I was shorter so it looked longer 😂 much love sister xoxo

    28. Barbie Lee

      Can you take prolific powder of you are not lifting? Just doing cardio (dance) and pilates?

    29. vinnithebeast

      No way , that's Just Marketing there is No Vitamins or anything Just vor Woman Guys Don t believe IT

    30. Carina Posadas

      I would get all of these but anything I eat makes me breakout :( I know whey is a definite no

      1. Jessica Smithy

        Same with me! I switched to vegan protein and my skin got SO MUCH better.

    31. Michelle Quintia VLOGS

      Most vitamins contradict in taking them together like Zinc which should not be taken with iron. And also Iron should be taken on an empty stomach whereas ascorbic acid should be with a full tummy so vitamins should be taken correctly and by perfect timing if you want proper absorption and value for money. Obviously, this is a paid advertisement from PEScience... 😒

    32. Michelle Quintia VLOGS

      Casein is slow absorbing yet with bad reviews from other health experts like Thomas deLauer.

    33. Daniela Fraga

      Have you ever tried Shift ? What are your thoughts ? Thank u ! I love your videos

    34. Mgtow Boo Boo

      mgtow is for men.

    35. Katie Moss

      Hi Steph! Thanks for the video. I do have one question about the protein. The China Study suggested that casein was causal to several different types of cancer. Are you familiar with that book/study? And what are your thoughts?

    36. Quanita Dixon

      Can people who are lactose intolerant take the protein without any "problems"?

    37. Jenna

      230mg of sodium and 45mg of cholesterol per 1 scoop of the protein, isn't that a lot?

    38. carly Giannalone

      Should you not have the protein powder if trying to lose weight?

    39. Sarah Drennan

      How do you feel about BCAA's? I know it's not "magic" but I tend to use aminos as flavor for my water that I feel good about. Is it worth it or should I just use flavor enhancers in general? I do know that plain water is best :( But this is how I can get 2 or 3 32oz bottles down in a day instead of maybe 1.

    40. DJAYFLY

      Hello Stephanie, When do you take PROLICFIC? morning or evening?

    41. Jessica Rodrigues

      I’ve seen a lot of comments asking you on your take on BCAA’s and glutamine. I was really hoping you could respond bc I would really appreciate your scientific view on it!

    42. tanya tyldesley

      Subscribed!!!! The most informational video on a preworkout I’ve seen and I’m actually glad I had picked up a bottle today 👌🏽

    43. Jenny Lee

      Although this is sponsored content, I really enjoyed it. She went through each ingredient and its purpose. Personally, I have been interested in supplements (PEScience specifically) for a long time and having this specific product explained to me was helpful! I would actually appreciate it if you made another video explaining the other products as well and if you find them necessary because PEScience has a lot more than 3 products! In addition if and when you do hehe, can you please explain when you should take each product and what products you can/should take in combination please?

    44. Jackie Guerra

      Did you ever experience breakouts due to the whey protein?

    45. Asael

      1. Whey and casein are one of the worst proteins humans can consume. We are homo SAPIENS that have absolutely no need for dairy in our diet. Casein is a great way to cause inflammation in the GI tract and develop histamine intolerances in the long run. 2. 320mg of caffeine? At your bodyweight? This is just absurd. When adrenal fatigue syndrome knocks on the door, don't be surprised. This is dangerous advice you are giving, more so amongst the thousands of young females who are unaware of the long-term effects of these synthetic stimulants. 3. There is no need to take a multivitamin if you are eating a nutrient-dense diet. We lack the capacity to properly utilize synthetic nutrients derived from chemical processing. The human body can't regulate the absorption of synthetic vitamins, neither can it optimize their levels. Vitamins and minerals found in foods such as fruits and vegetables are bonded at a molecular level in such a way that the body can easily recognize and absorb with great efficacy. To conclude, the studies you cite are usually poorly controlled and include female subjects that already have a poor diet, to begin with. Taking a vitamin supplement won't compensate for abysmal dietary habits and choices.

    46. Elizabeth Leigh

      What can you take if you have negative reactions to sucralose and aspartame?

    47. Magaly Ortega

      Can you drink preworkout if you do cardio during your workout?

    48. Mr. T Smith

      I wish you would have started the video by admitting it was actually a commercial. Now I regard you as nothing more than another advertising scam.

    49. Natasha Verhaak

      Hey Stephanie, I love your channel- I am a biologist too! I was wondering on your thoughts on BCAAs, I heard they are good if you intermittent fast (not sure if you still practice that?) Cant wait to hear from you

    50. Taylor Cruse

      Do you normally drink your protein before or after training?

    51. Doctor Proven Protein

      Save on supplements at

    52. Wouter van der Linden

      After having followed Jeff's channel for a long time, I decided to check out yours. After seeing that the first two supplements you recommend are the same brand I stopped watching the video. To be more credible, you should have really given more options than just one supplement/ brand.

    53. Alicia Shanice

      Just bought my pre-workout and multivitamins using your code. Thanks for the informative video 😘

    54. LittleMissTiff

      You probably won't see this, but what do you think of BCAA's? Are they helpful or just overhyped and unnecessary?

    55. Daniel Holt

      I came across this years ago but can't afford it. I thought I'd share it though. Even if you decided to take it you probably could only market to those that make a lot of money for the full daily dosage at 7 teaspoons a day which is the 500g order for a month's supply, the 250g order is only a half month's supply. The site owner said 2 teaspoons a day is good too. I personally have 1/4th teaspoon a day and keep in freezer for a year supply, but I can't feel or tell anything from it which they didn't recommend such a low quantity. He came up with the 2 teaspoons daily quantity when he dowsed me over the phone, and he can teach you the dowsing technique. I also know of an acupuncturist in Sacramento who's good with a similar technique that zeroes in on quantity needs with kinesiology with these various types of supplements. Also it's meant to be refrigerated, it loses some of it's quality when put in a freezer but preserves for a year. In the refrigerator it's meant for only a month's supply. A lot of the vitamins and minerals are all natural, but a lot of them are also synthetic but still cultured and pre-digested so they have a much better absorption rate while for pre-digested they have much higher quantities of the vitamins and minerals compared to similar multi-vitamins with pre-digested vitamins. You'd have to talk to the site owner, Martin Pytela, to find out which vitamins and minerals are all natural and which are pre-digested synthetic. There's also supplements they have that produce stem cells in the brain and body to regenerate tissue, and supplements that mend broken bones but they wouldn't make such claims, it's just based on what I read elsewhere of the nutrients. I believe I fully regenerated my liver and kidneys from terrible shape in less than a month with ionized water, and they also have similar nutrients in some of the supplements they sell. The vitamin E content and boron content may increase your total testosterone by another 300 or more. 3g daily boron increases total testosterone by quite a bit, but the synthetic form is only 16% absorbable. I don't know if the boron in it is natural or synthetic. You'd still need whole foods to get much higher quantities of minerals like potassium and phosphorous. You can get most of your vitamins and minerals in higher quantities from whole foods, but the only problem with that is do you like the taste of those foods and do you want to have them everyday but they can be cheap. Such as bananas are cheap, have a high ph, and are high in minerals. They also aren't time consuming to eat and take 12 minutes to consume 4 pounds of bananas while also being very healthy in keeping stomach health good and repairing the stomach due to high ph content. Bananas have to be ripened to give you those ph benefits, unripe bananas are acidic and don't give those benefits while the carbohydrates in unripened bananas also don't digest because they're still raw starches. Ripened bananas the starches convert to digestible simple carbohydrates. Starches have to be cooked to digest. I think the copper in exsula iridesca prevents male pattern baldness or it's some other trace minerals in there. Exsula Iridesca: Click on the ingredients menu to see the list of 300 whole food ingredients contained in it. I wish I could see some opinions of people who got serious health benefits from this. The quantities of vitamins and minerals in it:

    56. Erin K

      One, I love your videos. I love reading about all things science so this is perfect!! Also, what are your thoughts on BCAAs?

    57. Ascend From Average

      BCAAs didn't make the list that's surprising

    58. AM E

      I enjoyed the video and just subscribed! I'm do you feel about dietary supplements that are not FDA approved? Which are most I think. I'm cautious about taking anything that has not gone through clinical trials/hasn't been proven as safe to consume. Thanks! Xx

    59. wendyA Andreesen

      I've ordered the protein powder, pre-workout and the multivitamins. Can't wait to try them. Thanks for the info. I live in Kelowna too :)

    60. Tiffany Lo

      Ashwagandha is not a mood enhancer, it's an hormonal adaptogen.

      1. Faith Trout

        I don't trust a comment that puts an "an" where an "a" should be.

    61. Beatriz Pereira

      How do I calculate the appropriate amount of macros for my body? Thanks!

    62. sarahi dominguez

      i like vega brand

    63. xxlove2107xx

      What if you are lactose intolerant? I've wanted to try that protein powder with my boyfriend but he is lactose intolerant, and I don't do well with whey.

    64. Drill Mcenzyme

      You're taking whatever you're paid to promote lol gtfoh

    65. LuAnn87

      How do you feel about BCAA's?

    66. Bernadette Gonzales

      What do you think about bcaa or glutamine?

    67. Allice Lee

      I got the pre-workout and alphamine samples. Can’t wait to try them!

    68. Mirella Pomeroy

      can we see a makeup routine from you?its always looking flawless love to know what you do!

    69. Angela Ibarrola

      You should make a video on study tips!

      1. Martin C.

        I think she has...

    70. Alexa Cassidy

      this was very informative, thank you! :)

    71. PANTERA 56

      I don't understand why people dislike the video. It is content you choose to digest even if she wasn't a sponsered athlete or Dr or even just who she is would you still watch? Well my Girl and I do watch and will continue to watch . Imagine your self in her shoes pretty big shoes to fill I'll tell you that!!!Appreciate her hard work and applaud her for success wouldn't you appreciate the kudos???... I would ."Oh yea" let's not forget she's also a you tuber who makes content for us to choose to watch which we do willingly. Thank you Stephanie Buttermore for your content and the information you share it is much appreciated. For those that don't like it to put plainly kick rocks and read an old fitness magazine for knowledge and content. I hope whatever supplements you choose to take give you the jitters and that crack head niacin feeling flush...

    72. patricia Varias

      Steph take Jeff through a booty workout!! 😂😂

    73. Jostein Holen

      Do you take creatin?

    74. WhoGivesAFit

      Love watching your videos and the science- based content. I feel that you are such a great role model for those looking to learn about health & fitness and better themselves. You seem like such a sweet person too!

    75. Vincent Lee

      You and Jeff are awesome! I learn so much from you guys!!! :)

    76. Amber Page

      Hey Steph! Love your videos! Can you do a video on calves? Mine seem to just get bulkier. Its probably just genetics in my case, but I would love to see a leg workout that has some exercises that help lean the calves out.

    77. Nick Reeder


    78. Robert Bonham

      Does anyone know the background music in this video?

    79. cocohoneytahiti

      First video from you that I dislike. Really sounds like an infomercial video and you loose credibility when mentioning your sponsor and giving that discount code. Also I don't think those are the best supplements you can think of when it comes to bodybuilding. To me protein powder comes almost last when I think of supplements. Plus I don't agree when you say the best option is to get a mix of whey and casein. You don't get best of both worlds because mixing casein with whey actually annihilates the fast digesting property of whey. Or at least that's what I found when researching about that.

    80. Lauren Pon

      Hi Stephanie! Love you and your videos! If possible, I'd really appreciate it if you could make a video about the best work out rotation for women (targeting legs/glutes). I see so many great videos about what work outs to do, but I'm unsure of how often I should be doing them to optimize my training. Thank you!

    81. Jamie

      I've had PES protein powder and I thought it tasted like chemicals and wayyy too sweet. So, don't say "anyone can attest to how good it is". Thats your personal preference.

    82. Michelle Hoang

      Hey Steph, something I’m confused about - what happens if you stop supplementing your diet with protein powder? If you maintain whatever you do at the gym and eat the same diet (now without the supplement), will you lose the muscle you gained?

    83. Sreekuttan SH

      Unsubscribed.. bye bye!

    84. getting stronger friend

      Considering your and Jeff's followers and the fact that you are dove tailing on Jeff's unbiased and scientific informational fitness channel this video was done in poor taste regardless of your intent.

    85. Tape Worm

      Let's see some more butt :)

    86. Rob M

      Stephanie what are your thoughts on a recent study that was done which shows excess B vitamins can cause an increased risk of lung cancer? I currently take animal pak and the levels of B are about 8000% of daily needs just like the one you recommended. I would like to keep taking the multi because it certainly has value... but just wanted to hear your thoughts on the cancer concerns. Thanks in advance.

    87. MRLONDON

      New to the channel and Enjoyed this video. 💪🏾

    88. rtcharge


    89. Brooke

      I have no idea what half the shit you said or what many of those words mean but i love listening to you. Lol.

    90. James King

      Hey Stephanie, just wondering what MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Psychological type are you? I'm guessing INFJ bordering INTJ are you seem Introverted, intuitive, Feeling as warm but also bordering Thinking as you are also logical and scientific and Judging are you appear more organised.

    91. Dustin Egelstad

      Probably the best supplement review and description I've watched :) Your education on the products is refreshing and you deliver your information with a very genuine tone! Can't wait to see how your channel continues to grow with the education and background you have behind you! Keep the videos coming!

    92. Cici Phou

      Just placed an order, can't wait to try it out.

    93. The Honourable Grand Master Jay

      Damn girl, your channel blew'up!

    94. Eugene 808

      i watched this video for the song... i have not heard it in a minute.

    95. Tristan Riach

      How anyone with such a backing in science can reccomend human consumption of such things as whey and casein is beyond me.

      1. Kirish West

        What are you talking about? Whey is the only thing, that actually really works and is also recommended to use in older patients with sarcopenia to rebuild muscle without causing harm to the body, so please inform yourself before you write something like that the next time.

      2. Hhh

        Pls explain? M

      3. Asael

        steroidsR4losers Depends on which Grains you are talking about. Most commercial grains should be avoided and are not even close to being "healthy".

      4. Asael

        Exactly what I thought. These foods should not even be consumed by humans in the first place.

    96. Moa A

      Great vid. I only use whey and take some d vitamin because darkness 8 months out of the year (yay Sweden!). But I'm thinking of skipping whey. I would love to hear your thoughts about "going natural" and only fuel the body with natural food. I know that lots of supplements are "naturally produced" but you still can't find it in nature, non processed. If this interests you maybe you could make a science based video about fitness life/building muscles all natural/paleo like. Otherwise, keep up all them other videos😊

    97. Dan Stroud

      This completely unbiased review on my favorite supplements was brought to you by PEscience. For all your nutritional and workout goals. 30% discount in description

    98. Adam Kennedy

      Short and sweet informative video Steph 👍💪 xx

    99. Emmy Rose

      You're so informative! Great video 👍🏻

    100. Federica Benuzzi

      OMG Such Great Heights in the background! I love that song 😍 oh, great content as well!