The Science Behind My “All In” Journey: How Hunger & Fat Gain Works

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    I hope this gives you a better idea of how I expect my "all in" process to work for me. As I say in the video, I'm not trying to say that everyone should do this, I'm just explaining to you why I've decided to take on the journey, FOR ME! I'm just sharing my journey and sharing what I've learned along the why. I love you guys to the moon and back, thank you for sticking with me 🙏
    And I want to give a big thank you to Kayla and Alice for sending me pictures to use for this video, they have amazing HUfast channels so check them out!
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I hope this gives you a better idea of how I expect my "all in" process to work for me. As I say in the video, I'm not trying to say that everyone should do this, I'm just explaining to you why I've decided to take on the journey, FOR ME! I'm just sharing my journey and sharing what I've learned along the why. I love you guys to the moon and back, thank you for sticking with me 🙏💕

      1. rockjockchick

        @Annie Bellet I would love to see some videos about this from you!

      2. rockjockchick

        @Stay Woke she was/ is a weight lifter

      3. rockjockchick

        Look up the book “The Obesity Myth”

      4. Backforthefuture

        I’m 45 and have controlled my body and diet since I was roughly 5. I’ve just had a set a bloods done and once they’re back I’m going all in. I’m currently 5”4 and between 7-8 stone. I’ve spent a year studying and learning about my body and mind and I want my life, a real life. I want to learn, for the first time in my life, how to have a normal appetite. Thank you for your videos 🙏❤️

      5. Eric Fremd

        @Haley G this is a great question. It is really all about hormones that become out of balance because of one's diet or starvation signals. Genetics are #2. Hormones are #1. Hormones will dictate everything. Her insatiable hunger is hormone driven. Genetics do play a role in determining what diet one should be eating though.

    2. Kresh Shafih

      I was on a diet for 6 months I lost 20 pounds looked great but I lost my period I used to get mad for no reason and one day I decided to try all in out so first good thing I got my period back and I gained 30 pounds I got really fat but one thing I noticed each day I am getting less hungry I think everyone who was on a long diet should try this out)) I am really thankful to stephanie 🙏🙏🙏

    3. Jackie Saclolo

      When doing all in did you maintain the activities you were doing before? Do you do the same work out?

    4. Irene Adler

      What about those who were overweight during their teenage years? I feel like I messed up my set weight because I wasn't thin back then.

      1. Serong

        Hope you'll have an answer because I'm in the same position & I really need answers.

    5. Bailey Foulston

      What a brave woman. I know this was a while ago but well done, Stephanie.

    6. Diana Inselberger


    7. Lauren Ziviani

      I would love to know what your thoughts on the healthiest method of fat loss is now after undergoing this journey and also knowing what Jeff talks about in his body recomp book. How can you achieve sustainable, healthy fat loss without restricting and starting the metabolic adaptation cycle?

    8. melxcdy

      I went all in 3 months ago. My appetite is insane. I’ve gained 65 pounds in just under three months and i went from underweight to overweight. It feels hard.

    9. Ballerina Ageless

      💙 💙 💙

    10. Fanny oksianti

      if i'm doing 2000 calories a day, can you say it's all in too??

    11. Reality Check

      Your videos have changed my entire perspective for the better - thank you much!

    12. Mary Big Mama

      Loving this series so much!

    13. Balzoe

      This explanation doesn’t relate to obesity. People who were never obese don’t understand. Its like any other addiction. People who are obese ignore any signals and eat from emotion even when full.

    14. Santi ñano

      this video is beyond amazing, gonna need to watch it more and investigate because i lose track sometimes but its amazing,

    15. Luna Ellinger

      Thank you Stephanie, this video has been extremely helpful to me

    16. Emily Autumn

      Can I follow this method if I'm endomorph and with a possible Hashimoto's desese and leaky gut? Is it ok that my hunger cues lead me to eat about 1700 calories per der feeling really satisfied or I should be eating like 2000+. I'm overweight right now...

    17. BushidoKi

      ok but why is my mom so fat?

    18. Carol Ingunza Diaz

      hi stephanie , I followed you years ago since you were "fit" you know what I mean , and also I compited , and know 3 months ago I decided go ALL IN to get my period back , do you tried seed cycling and what do you think about that , I was thinking on try that.

    19. Monica Gomes

      I think that what you explained is very logic, i'm overweight now, i've always weighted betwen 64-66 kg, but in 2013 i started a low carb diet... since then i've been experiecing yo yo effect that led to binge eating (binge eating- gain weight-extreme dieting-loose weight- binge eating etc etc). Now i'm 84 kg (20 kg in 7 years)!!!! ... so its been a couple weeks i stoped dieting, going all in too and trying to do mindfulleating, intuitive eating and understanding also the psycologic factors that led me binge eating... since i started my binge eating has improved, the first days i was a lyon but now it has stabilized. Its going to be a big journey of acceptance but like you said, the most important is to be healthy and happy, the weight will stabilyse but its going to take more than a few months to hapen. Thank for sharing your experience.

    20. Vanessa Jabbour

      But what if ur set weight is overweight? I keep hitting a plateau trying to lose weight even though Im still overweight and im calorie restricting and I workout and I eat healthy and Im doing intermittent fasting. But I have been overweight almost my whole life so the fat that I have had for like a decade, I think its just like part of me now so my body doesnt want to let go of it unless im super strict for months.

      1. Vanessa Jabbour

        @Through Hellfire • 20 years ago I have been maintaining my weight for 2 months now. But I cant seem to get it down. I did weigh 4kg less 2 or 3 years ago but when university started and I was wayyyyy busier as an upperclassmen (I couldnt eat proper meals) so my body fluctuated as I gained weight. So now when I hit a number and i can't go down, i keep gaining instead of just staying the same. It's really frustrating. Oh btw i started my weight lose journey since 2014. But throught the years I have had major setbacks where i have gained 15kg that i had to lose that again but I was only able to lose like 10 of it.

      2. Through Hellfire • 20 years ago

        Hitting plateaus is normal. You just have to maintain your weight at a few kgs below your set point for a month or so, and your body adapts to the new weight. The problem with people is that they try to lose too much too fast, not giving their hody time to adapt. I weighed 71kgs in mid 2017, but now I'm only 55 to 56 kgs, and my weight has been super steady. It took me 3 years, but I know I wont go back.

    21. Sariah Felix

      “Six packs are overrated anyways” love that.

    22. Shye Wirges

      How long does it take to get back down to your set weight if you’ve overshot?

    23. Nancy Tsai

      1570 is starving?? That's a full day of food for me and I am no where close to looking like those emaciated men! Damn my genetics and my high set point.

    24. StoicCrane

      I'm doubtful that the "all in journey" is inherently healthy. In Stephanie Buttermore's case it helped her to redefine her relationship with food which is a plus. Caveat, just becuse it's beneficial for her doesn't mean it's beneficial for everyone. This can't be stressed enough. Especially for food junkies out there looking for excuses to chow down indiscriminately.

      1. StoicCrane

        @JoeSmith Exactly, man. I hope the people watching this video take a gander at your post. For their own sake.

      2. Through Hellfire • 20 years ago

        @JoeSmith did you practice intuitive eating? if so, this shouldn't have happened.

    25. Anna Grigoryan

      Great work! 🥰🥰

    26. Liz Williams

      As a dietitian I found one of the last things you said about people "hopping on the diet bandwagon" again too early so interesting. Very relevant to the cyclical dieters in the world. I do wonder for a number of my very overweight clients where their bodies would readjust to if their environment was supportive of their broader wellbeing (economic, emotional/psychological, well controlled health conditions) & they were "allowed" to eat to satiety, rather than punished for it. Also, have never had the time to dive into whether their metabolic adaptation now means they couldn't return to a more functional body weight, even if their eating & environment allowed. Thanks for a great video!

    27. Maé Bourgeois-Cantin

      love thissss

    28. Babsle Karadas

      I did all in, started with BMI 14, ended up with BMI 36 ,stayed for 2 years, currently BMI 26, lost 22kg due to pregnancy , gained 10 back while breastfeeding. Why is it working for u so well?! (I was obese in childhood and have Hashimoto since I'm a kid too but does this have THAT much impact?!)

      1. Leonie Mo

        How are you doing today?

    29. ChlorineHeart

      I think an important piece of this is that this is doomed to fail if you aren't eating "real" foods. If you eat highly proccessed foods which are bodies have not evolved yet to process properly makes it very hard, if not impossible, for you body to digest. NOt saying NEVER to eat them but if they are a large part of your diet it is a problem. When you can eat an 1000 calories meal without feeling full because there is 0 nutriontal quality and is designed by food scientists to make you crave it as much as possible, your body doesn't recognize it the same way as 1000 calories of a stir fry over brown rice or something. Obese people typically eat a majority of their diet as highly processed foods and there can be a lot of socio-economic factors in that, of course.

    30. Erin Lacey

      Very interesting 🧐

    31. Carolyn Geneva

      I would be interested in science behind weight gain when medications are introduced, such as antidepressants which are often linked to weight gain

    32. Ashlee

      I find it suspect that Kayla's after photo doesn't show her body like the before and during photos.

    33. SoCal Brooke

      I'll say it! Eating what your body needs and listening to your body IS WHAT EVERYONE SHOULD BE DOING. Dieting does not work, it's not good for us physically, mentally or emotionally. Women are told to shrink our bodies and then we focus on that. It's time to deny that life. Let's eat when we need to, let's enjoy food! And let's go into the world with full bellies and be full and whole to complete our goals!

    34. scathecier

      wonder if you read Dr Greger "how not to die" or "how not to diet" books

    35. Alex Force

      Those guys in the study - they feeded them in a stupid way thats why they were hungry all the time during the half year. Instead of giving them one(or two) big meal with all the calls , they made it as usual - 3 meals a day. So their bodies would get not enough food at one time to feel satietated, their leptin levels never got high enough! They lieteraly feel hungry all the time. And thats why if you wanna lose weight - intermiden fasting is so great. Hunger is far far weaker when you know that you will feed as much as you need/want at least one time a day.

    36. Phoebe Liao

      Soso inspirational!

    37. Fit With Holly

      I know I am WAY late coming into your "ALL IN" videos. I would love to have talked to you as I am currently working on my PhD, so of course, I watched that video too! I am also a competitor (women's physique) and currently in prep as I am finishing my final course before dissertation. I truly feel that every time one competes, your metabolism takes a huge hit (particularly when you have to get bodyfat levels really low like I do). Set point ranges is very true in my opinion. However, it seems that with metabolic damage, you can overshoot this range each time you have the typical post-competition rebound. I know there are differing opinions on all of this!! My dissertation is looking at how exercise (strength training group vs cardio group) can influence nutritional choices. I'd love your thoughts. PS-your cheat day videos are my favorite right now! AND right now it's National Doughnut Week!! So appropriate! Thanks for your time Stephanie!!

    38. SwitchBlade Santana

      I adopted a serious eating disorder when you began this journey a year ago and I’ve restricted myself so much and began to become physically ill. I was 150lbs and managed to drop to 115lbs on a limited diet and constant binging and purging .On the 15th Of this month I decided I couldn’t enable myself to keep hurting my body and I had chosen to go all in. I have extreme hunger and I’ve already gained so much as well as dealing with edema. I’m only a little over a month in and I’ve received my period back. You were truly my inspiration to finally take this specific journey. Thank you so much for guiding me and other women through this difficult process. I feel my best, but I’m self conscious about the dramatic weight gain. Anyways I will continue to keep wishing the best to you❤️

    39. Carla Kate

      Does your set weight vary or like change at a certain time in your life? It is well established that old age has slowed metabolism. Is there a certain age where your set weight changes?

    40. Alexis Skurnack

      What are your thoughts on the "freshman 15" where after highschool, people suddenly gain 15 pounds or more in their first year? And what do you think about stomach sizing changing the signals a brain receives? I watched my 600lb life where the doc would give surgeries to extremely overweight people to shrink their stomach because they had slowly been getting their stomach used to more and more food, which physically made them feel empty. I'm just curious how you might explain some of this based on what you know?

    41. Sage Agbonkhese

      Six-packs are overrated.

    42. Bekah Andreasen

      I feel like I’m at my set weight, I was like this in high school and before gaining weight from giving birth& a year of depression and eating out of emotions. I’m 4’11 and I’m “over weight” for my height however I have a really big butt and thighs so my stomach isn’t fat

    43. Ellenor Bjornsdottir

      My body only set the upper intervention when I dropped carbs.

    44. Justtamara

      What if I am not happy with my normal weight. I really want to lose weight but since I am not that overweight I am scared that I will gain it right back after I start eating normal. And I have always been eating whatever I wanted to, but I want to lose weight. Btw I am 168 cm (5'6) and 56 kg (123 pounds)

    45. Health with Pal

      Wow! this really changed my perspective of what I've been doing. I have been dealing with overnight binging. It is because of this!!!! This explains so much!

    46. AMF

      Binge watching your videos (cheat days are fascinating) and appreciate your transparency, science, and honesty. Curious if the "all in" formula has ever been studied with older individuals? Is it possible to find set point even in one's 40s or 50s when metabolic shifts change with hormone levels. Gratitude for these vids - helps take mind off Covid-19!

    47. Bree Scurry

      New subbie love your channel

    48. Caroline Monte

      Ugh this is too much. People just need to eat breakfast lunch and dinner and a few healthy snacks and just go to bed.

      1. Diyaa Singh

        Fuck you:))

    49. inspiring angel

      thanks for sharing. makes a lot of sense.

    50. Harmony Mooney

      I lost a ton of weight in college because of depression and when I got better and started eating normally I way overshot my original weight. I was very confused because I had never struggled with weight management before. My first impulse when I gained those 50 lbs was to restrict my calories but I caught myself because the feeling of hunger was so closely associated with mental health issues and I didn't want that struggle again. Over the past four years I've very very slowly lost weight through returning to my old healthy habits of moderate exercise and eating whole foods to satiety and I'm at my pre-depression happy weight again. This explains what I was dealing with so well and I'm glad I didn't fall into a diet trap and was able to recover. It was a long process but nourishing my body well was worth it 😊😁 your videos are really inspiring to me because diet culture is still always so tempting. I don't want to get sucked in.

    51. Adrian Besik

      Holy fu your Hot!

    52. Clare AB

      Girl, I can’t thank you enough for doing all this to emphasize a lot of points for people who have gone through a similar weight-loss/gain experience. Just to help us eat and live better. All this for free.

    53. Liney L

      as someone who's currently going all in to cure my binge eating disorder, you really inspire me❤️

      1. Liney L

        R5 Zoeira BR The only true rule is to eat when you're hungry. But, honestly, stephanie has it down way better than I do. If you have a big appetite like Stephanie, you'll probably be increasing your intake by a lot.

      2. R5 Zoeira BR

        How is going for you?What are the steps to going all in?I want to do it,but don't know how to...

    54. New Left

      I never understood the obsession with abs. Looks horrible on women in my opinion 🤢 I never liked her figure before, looked masculine and flat. She looks awesome now! It’s all about eating a healthy amount for your height and doing light exercise. Esp for women. Our bodies need fat for us to produce hormones and for our bodies to replenish itself. Fat is your best friend!

    55. Esther

      My question, how does someone who is 300lbs lose weight? without going back to their set weight?

    56. manro 8

      this is an elaborate video for just getting fat,,,

    57. Andreea Giurgiu

      Im curious how it would work for food addicts, would it ever be able to work? I feel like I only eat right or only as much as I need(almost always overeat) - and not more only when I keep a really tight leash consciously on myself and that is very stressful and it never lasts long. my food addiction has been with me for more than a decade now and I have been yo-yoing continuously. Im stressed when I eat too much (how I got used to eat) - because I ate too much and I know its not good for me but at the same time cant really help myself because I am so stressed I just dont have another solution (with which to replace my food addiction) and when I control myself I am also super stressed because I have to count everything and stuff. I dont see a solution anywhere to be honest and I am fucking exhausted.

    58. Bonnie

      Wouldn’t it be nice if we could know our natural range from the start! It’s taken me into my forties to figure this out. What a journey. I don’t like the aesthetic of six packs for women so that’s handy 🙃 How old are you Stephanie?

    59. Valerie suiker

      What if you dont like your natural set range weight?

    60. Adreanna Mazaya

      So... what should I do? My weight going up over the years. I don’t even know my normal weight is. My weight ALWAYS going up if I don’t controlling it and measured everything. I’m tired obsesing about food, so I as my weight getting out of control, I just don’t want to diet anymore (it’s crazy and I’m becoming controlling freak, obsses about food). Any sugestion? I don’t even know what my hunger cue is 🤔

      1. nuj

        You have nothing to lose but go all in. You're getting bigger because you restricted so much. Just eat without any kind of restriction physically/ mentally. You'll find a weight range where your body will feel comfortable and you'll actually enjoy life without obsessing over such trivial things. Watch Tabitha Farrar for any kind of questions.

    61. Coco Coyle

      I love that you delve into the science!! I love your mission. XOXOXOX you are gorgeous inside and out girl!!

    62. Sov

      that 2011 photo slideshow blew me away

    63. Sov

      You are SO WONDERFUL and this is the PERFECT TIME for me to be seeing these videos, about two years into ed recovery

    64. Helane Solomon

      I only wish I had you as a role model 30 years ago. That's when I was on the diet and exercise rollercoaster and became anorexic and bulimic and totally ruined my body and metabolism. You are so doing the right thing. Being stick thin is overrated and I only wish I knew that then. I'm so thankful you can hopefully be a role model for teens and twenty something's today so one has to go through the horrors I faced and still do unfortunately. You are my hero!

    65. M.Y. O'Hara-Smith

      Does survival stress affect weight loss and weight gain?

    66. **Godcanhelp** 7

      I think my ED voice tells me because of genetics 🧬? I’m doomed to be naturally overweight! So instead of just eating without fear? I under eat out of fear! No one in my family is naturally thin. I’m very short and muscular. But I have to work hard! I hate it! I’m tired, cranky, dizzy and more! I’ve lost muscle and that’s not good. So since finding you? I’m trying to eat more and stay focused on being healthy! That doesn’t mean obese. I just want to be at a healthy lean weight. Have energy again. Anyone else feel this way????

    67. rakeb10161

      You’re truly amazing❤️🥺 much respect

    68. Tania

      I think it may work if those trying this are eating healthy foods but more of it. I suspect obesity is largely to do with what we are eating vs how much. Foods like refined sugar can throw off our hunger cues as we are getting more calories in that don’t satisfy our hunger. If one were all in but with less nutrient dense foods we would be over our ideal weight. Very interesting video thank you.

    69. Rox

      This is really interesting, never heard of it before. It seems to be working for you so far and I'm excited to see future updates and ofc the final result. I just found this series today after not watching for a while and was shocked to realize that all those cheat day videos were as unhealthy as they were, thinking back... maybe I should've known I mean 9000+ cals?! I just assumed you were fine and simply had a huge appetite, I dismissed it because you worked out, had abs and looked so 'healthy.' Sure, your physique was great (honestly it still is) but your body itself was out of sync and causing problems from the inside. Clearly health is more than just appearances and eating clean. Listening to your body is key.

    70. sara H

      I use to study dietetics and one of my favorite people to follow(10 or 11 years ago) was Matt Stone. This reminds me of his RARFING. It was for people who chronically dieted and completely messed up their thyroid, and had many other issues. You basically overeat until your appetite decreases. The goal is to raise body temperature back up. Some people lose weight and some people didn’t.

    71. Rachel G

      This is so interesting, i don't know how i ended up here but i love that your sharing and that your loving yourself. ♡♡♡

    72. Stop Being Confused About Health

      Male here. I gained 25 lbs from going all in five years ago and slowly lost the weight over the past year. I eat normally too now and eat intuitively.

    73. Molly Williams

      Her mind set is very inspiring and I love how accepting she is of the changes in her body

    74. Mrs Raven

      I think I'm too thin but I can't gain weight it's so hard for me I hate this...

      1. rex

        Mrs Raven You got this, stay strong! You can see a doctor to see if your lack of weight is concerning. You can seek professional help for a diet if needed. You’re still stunning no matter what! Do what’s best for you

    75. Soulshine

      Epigenetics show that genetics can be overriden.. There are two models of plant based diets that work. Either highcarb-lowfat or Highfat-lowcarb. Highcarb-lowfat is my preferred option for my body and I can eat plentiful without the gains. Channels like plantiful kiki & highcarb Hannah demonstrate it. For highfat-lowcarb I suggest healthycrazycool or maddielymburner.

    76. Jasper L.

      I just came across your channel and as someone with an eating disorder attempting to recover, this is very inspiring for me to stick with the process even if/when I overshoot. Thank you :)

    77. Meredith Malloy

      A lot of times though hunger is confused with thirst, Stephanie could possibly not be drinking enough water right now, plus doing more cardio would help. Not only that this all in theory isn't full proof because you are older now and metabolism slows down in even in your late 20's early 30's.

    78. M B

      New subie here. Thank you for the raw honesty, Steph. As someone who is new (and quickly becoming very obsessed) with weightlifting, your recent videos have served me well as “brakes” so that I do not go too overboard and end up casing my body harm. I’ve been binging and having extreme hunger after really heavy training days and could not understand what was happening. But I think now I understand it a bit more. Sending you so soooo much love! 💕

    79. Yochana Irie

      I love this information and when applying it to myself, the dual model makes so much sense to me. From the moment I hit the age of 14 my body would maintain at 196 and I was 5'8, but I grew. So now ten years later I am 6'0 but my body never drops below 175 if I lose weight and I told myself I would never want to surpass 200 and I did (made it to 210) and I could feel the effects on my body. So I think my body feels a need to stay between 175 and 200 for me to feel energetic and not feel joint pains.

    80. Mona Law

      i really feel that your videos are extremely informative in terms of understanding weight gain and health. Thanks for sharing with us your journey, it really shows that being shredded comes at a cost as well and how it impacts your happiness and eating in full satiation. It's great that you're sharing with us your emotions and how everyone's 'set weight' is different, mental health is extremely important and you touch on bad body image days. Learning a lot from you All In process.

    81. fredocorleone

      If you want to lose weight without dieting, run 2 miles, 3-4 times a week. Your stomach shrinks. Taking high quality probiotics can help boost weight loss and eliminate hunger pains. If you can't run 2 miles, start running 50 meters/walking 50 meters and repeating that for 2 miles. That said, a lot of people damage their set points by dieting too extremely at points in their life. If you do diet, only restrict calories for 2 days out of a week.

    82. Dorito

      Is it possible that some people's natural weight range is simply higher? I've been working out for years. Starting the 5x5 has actually helped me be much leaner and buffer than ever before, but no matter how much, how regular, what style of workout, my weight doesn't change. I can be grossly overweight at 81kgs, or I can be really muscular at 81kgs, but I can't seem to get lower than that, whatever I do. Now, I have implemented intermittent fasting and it helped with feeling hungry when I'm hungry and not stuffing when I'm not. But this is where I've plateaued and haven't shifted again in months. This has been my default for years and years now. The only thing that changes is how fit I am, and how much fat percentage and lean muscle mass percentage I have.

    83. Rachel DeYoung

      I know my metabolism is very off. This is so interesting. I would love to try it!

    84. Erika Martinez

      Amazing work. I'm waiting for your pregnancy weight research when you get pregnant. No rush but I'll be waiting.

    85. Anian

      Thank you for this!!! Do you know how long the overshoot weight takes to drop back to the set point? I am not sure if this is my set point or overshoot..

    86. Lowkeee9

      The research on this topic is interesting! Thx!

    87. Paul Costa

      You were hot. Now you're fat and unattractive and less healthy. End of story.

    88. J. B.

      My hunger cues are non existent. I only feel hunger around the afternoon/evening but that's it.

    89. Hanna

      It's not genetic it's fatty liver caused by over fat consumption. It's easier to be be lean when we are young because our liver is not overburden. Once our liver is overburdened with toxins like viral load and heavy metals we start gaining weight.

    90. Lauren Robinson

      Thank you so much for your videos! I have to be on a gluten free, whole food plant based diet due to health issues and I find that I'm binging a lot and craving foods. Watching your videos I realized I needed to change my mentality to be less restrictive. There are many options even within my diet that I hold back from for fear that it is too processed. Ever since I started making sure my meals were super nutritious and eating whatever I want, I've stopped binging! I've been struggling with this for so long, and I finally feel like I've found a solution. You also definitely helped me love my body even more. Thank you for your help. Your videos definitely help many people and even change their lives!

    91. Jimbonius Maximus

      This is what I rack my brain about trying to get across to people. I hate when people say: "I have a slow metabolism, that's why I'm fat." No... You have a HIGH metabolism, it takes more energy to power and move your body, because of it's larger size, hence why you're hungry all the time. Likewise, skinny people will say: "I have a fast metabolism, that's why I'm so lean."

    92. Hailey S.

      Could someone help me understand better the whole explanation behind why there are obese people if our bodies are supposed to be at a healthy weight on its own? I do want to go all in but this is the question that’s stopping me from committing myself. If every body knows the weight where it feels safest and healthiest at, and gets there naturally, why is it that there are so many people who are overweight in this world? How is it that my overshot weight will go down naturally without myself trying to lose the weight?

    93. B There

      I would love to know what the science says about people who have no hunger cues at all.

    94. Drashti Patel

      I’ve been looking like the “all in” body my whole life.

    95. xyamiboix

      this is inspirational, but I don't feel like I'm ready to go all in yet because fear of gaining back all the weight that I've lost and always being pressured into eating normally (I don't have an Ed)

    96. Kortney Correa

      Throughout this “all in” process I have gained so much respect for you. You’re so brave!

    97. Anastasia Jarrell

      That's awesome. Sometimes we have to put our health as priority. We can't run ourselves into the ground trying to be lean forever. It is a good mental break to focus on other goals outside of weight like strength gains or just having fun living life. Great video. You are still a strong and gorgeous girl!

    98. Sara Eliav

      What if its not just the "abundance of hyper-palatable food" that leads people to be at higher weights but rather the combination of genetics and exposure to food restriction/deprivation ( i.e. dieting, food insecurity, childhood neglect, etc.) alternated with periodic access to either "abundant amounts" of food or just more food than was available during the period of restriction? Also - some people are , by genetics alone, meant to be at higher weights as there has always been a percentage of the population that have been heavier. Weight categorization has changed over time as well- meaning that the BMI cutoffs for "overweight" and "obese" were at higher thresholds prior to 1998. There are also some people who will not lose weight after their period of refeeding- as, again, some people may naturally be meant to be heavier or were suppressing their body weight for a prolonged period of time ( i.e. there are people who have been dieting since childhood). The body will stabilize at the weight range that it is meant to be based on the interplay of genetics and one's diet history. If a person is meant to be at a lower weight than the one that is achieved after refeeding then the person will progressively lose weight over time. If a person was meant to be at a higher weight all along then trying to be at a lower weight will be percieved as starvation by their body. I feel like you allude to a lot of these points, actually, in your video and appreciate your reflection on the Minnesota Starvation Study and the longer recovery time that is needed. However, rather than pathologizing larger bodies, the focus can be on acknowledging and accepting body diversity as well as tackling systemic and cultural issues that push people to become disconnected from their body cues ( i.e. food insecurity, poverty, trauma, chronic stress, poor sleep, dieting/diet culture, healthcare inequity, weight bias/weight stigma, etc). Ill link some papers which explore this topic as well: "Weight Science: Evaluating the Evidence for a Paradigm Shift" - "Does dieting make you fat? A twin study" - "Experiences of Weight Teasing in Adolescence and Weight-related Outcomes in Adulthood: A 15-year Longitudinal Study" - "Food insecurity and eating disorder pathology" - "Sugar addiction: the state of the science" -

    99. Justine Z

      So you clearly read The F*ck it Diet, yet don't credit it at all.