The Science Behind Artificial Sweeteners | Are They Safe? Are They Making Us Fat?

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    This video did take me a long time to create so please let me know if you like this type of content from me!
    Time Stamps:
    ▹Acceptable Daily Intake Explanation‣ 2:07
    ▹Aspartame ‣ 3:07
    ▹Sucralose ‣ 6:33
    ▹Acesulfame Potassium ‣ 7:54
    ▹Saccharin ‣ 10:08
    ▹Stevia ‣ 10:55
    ▹Weight Gain/Increased Appetite ‣ 12:47

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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Happy 2018! Hope you enjoy this video! I spent a long time preparing it so I would really appreciate it if you let me know if you like this type of long form content from me 🙏 Or if you’d rather short “to the point” videos. Much love xoxo ❤️

      1. fire trails

        since most sweeteners don't just contain the extracts do those sweeteners that contain other chemicals have calories?

      2. Olga Lucia Luna Barrera

        Stephanie, what about art sweeteners during pregnancy? Any supplements during pregnancy actually!! Thank you 😊

      3. Maiguel Moreno

        This is just superb, been searching for "gym routine for bulking up" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Senictoria Bulking Paradise - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my m8 got cool success with it.

      4. Richard Breeze

        Ah there is a study i think you overlooked about sucralose destroying the microbiome by 50% and other negative effects. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Part B, Critical Reviews Taylor & Francis J Toxicol Environ Health B Crit Rev. 2013 Sep; 16(7): 399-451. Published online 2013 Nov 12. doi: 10.1080/10937404.2013.842523 PMCID: PMC3856475 PMID: 24219506 Sucralose, A Synthetic Organochlorine Sweetener: Overview of Biological Issues Aspartame: The Most Dangerous Substance on the Market. (n.d.). Retrieved from

      5. Edoardo Filippi

        so only one can of moster zero ultra a day does not kill you for a month of consumption? everything on a zero sugar diet like mine

    2. Vitanny

      You should definitely make more science-based videos!

    3. Vitanny

      What about Monkfruit sweetener?

    4. Zero1

      You're better off just having a little bit of sugar a little chocolate is good for the soul, a lot of chocolate is bad for the ass

    5. 111 23

      3:25 "two million people" What? Do you mean two billion people? Aspartame is everywhere. I think there are regular drinkers of Coke Zero way more than two million, not to mention countless other products that are sweetened with aspartame

    6. Wet Socks

      The sun will kill you faster, enjoy a Coke Zero once in a while.

    7. paige sackett

      Great video! I really liked how you shared the evidence that backed all of this information. Thanks, this helps a bunch!

    8. Christina Serafin

      Hey Steph! Love your videos. I would be curious to know your take on artificial sweeteners and gut microbiome? There are many peer reviewed studies that speak towards this and I noted it wasn’t included in this video.

    9. SFGal9 2011

      Good grief, "The FDA said that it is safe for consumption up to #amount/day..." in itself is a scary and ridiculous proposition about "food."

    10. Beth Hatanaka

      This was very helpful and informative. Thank you!!

    11. Cecilia Rebeiro

      I’m very interested in hearing your studies and topics!! They’re always so informative and eye opening!

    12. Tori Mouradian

      This is now my favorite video on the internet! I'm so tired of being side eyed by others when I have a diet drink or zero calorie drink when I've done the research behind it, all the while they're consuming regular sugar by the handfuls. The hypocrisy, I swear! Anyway, lol, this video was so informative and thorough! Thank you Steph!!

    13. Shweta Chauhan

      Is stevia safe guys,?

    14. Schoening91

      The company that tried to sell Miracle Berries was basically lobbied out of existence by the sweetener companies in the US. So while we do have a lot of studies on the subject at this point I would still be a little cautious in overconsumption since we could have had a frigging berry sweetening our food, but instead, we got artificial sweeteners since they have the muscle to bully out a new product. So who knows how many studies are funded by said companies. Worth keeping in mind even if you consume artificial sweeteners.

    15. VirtualEthan _

      Such a high quality video.

    16. Elizabeth Schmidt

      super informative Stephanie thank you

    17. Viktor Borg Grelsson

      this video is great gj

    18. Salvador Hernandez

      i graduated and earned a phd :)?

    19. Nathan Fischer

      Thank you! I really appreciate your effort

    20. Brian Feeney

      This video is like a breath of fresh air in the fitness side of HUfast

    21. Alyssa Shoemaker

      Stevia has always been my go-to for sweetening coffee or healthy desserts 😊

    22. Vanessa Garibay

      Would you make an updated video about this? 🥰

    23. MrOmid1955

      great video thanks!

    24. Rekha Gupta

      Very informative

    25. Paul Grey

      Only 2 million people consume aspartame around the world regularly? This doesn't make sense.

    26. Matt F

      So if I want a diet coke once in a while then its ok.

    27. JUSTINE Kim

      I'm so glad that I found Stephanie's channel. I'm actually learning something from her videos. She makes complex topics so fun and easy to understand :)

    28. K. Roberts

      LOVE THIS! Please more. There is so much confusing nutrition content on the internet...yours is science-based and your presentation of it was on point. Thank you!

    29. Mark Foo

      Great video thanks for the effort

    30. Dilpreet Sekhon

      Loved loved loved this. Thank you.

    31. Cowabbs

      Thank you for the video! I LOVE your academic content, I find it very inspiring. I would really like to see more scientific content in your instagram :)

    32. Joan H Bromley

      Aspartame and Sucralose are terrible migraine triggers for me and my sister. I wonder how many other people experience migraines triggered by artificial sweeteners? Saccharin is the only artificial sweetener I can use and the only one that doesn't have a funky chemical taste.

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    34. Thomas Wheeler

      If you want to jump around

    35. anand wayne

      no calories no problem.......

    36. Kaito

      1000 thumbs up, nice work!

    37. Tanjams

      It's really nice to see someone who's so influential, covering this topic in a rational, science based approach.

    38. Marina Strom

      Lol I’m watching this in 2020

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      Very informative! Thank you.

    40. Saša Bičkošová

      HI. So I just wanted to thank. I watched this video first when it got released 2 years ago and actually saved it. Now I got an assignment from my English teacher to write a discursive essay. I chose this topic. This video is very helpful to me because it covers all the bases and the major arguments regarding this topic. So thank you once again for putting in the hard work and effort in reseaching this topic. It served me well.

    41. Ross Adams

      could anyone direct me to if formaldehyde is created from when artificial sugar Acesulfame-K is left for a few days . I have noticed that it smells very strong of some type of paint thinners like acetone of some sort. I read that in Gulf war the Coke turned to formaldehyde under the tarps in the hot sun. So I am guessing similar mightt be occurring.I find this occurs in any juice concentrate that has Acesulfame-Kin it. Like Ribeana etc

    42. Henrik Sørensen

      Jeff is a lucky guy 😁👌

    43. John Smith

      That was good. But people report other issues with AS - like insomnia, arthritis, etc.

    44. Eric Castillo

      I'm concerned about two small packages a day good or bad long-term?

    45. My Yy

      I love this! I love these information. It helps me know what to put in my body. I enjoy all your videos, but these are my favorites because I can get educated as I'm working out and it makes me more aware of what my next meal will be. Thank you for all your hard work!! ❤❤

    46. Jane lane

      Who funded the aspartame studies? Are the companies who make these sweetners funding the studies?

    47. Ich Dien

      I left a "like" because I think this video is very well researched and informative. My personal view of artificial sweeteners is that their sole purpose is to make something taste good that wouldn't have otherwise. If I wouldn't have eaten something in the first place, I'm not going to eat it just because it was artificially sweetened.

    48. Nikhat Pathan

      Thank you for the knowledge... Loved it

    49. Tom Holmes

      Hi Stephanie, Found this useful, has anything changed in recent years? Also I've heard sucralose use in cooking / heating is linked to cancer.

    50. Ben Valenti

      WOW the media lied to us what an finnin surprise

    51. MemeMaster64 Official

      Asparatame or Aspartame???? Lmao

    52. Tamar Harrington

      What about sugar alcohols like erythritol and xylitol? Have those been studied much? (Of course, theyr're not entirely non-caloric, but pretty close.)

    53. gideondavid30

      It affects the gut biome.

    54. MrOrigamitsunami

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    56. James Vacca

      Fantastic work! Thanks for sorting through all the data and presenting it in such an easy to understand form.

    57. violinsheets

      Artificial sweeteners hijack your brain and disregulate your dopamine receptors so that over the years you start eating exclusively for pleasure rather than for nutrition. I fell victim to this. 5 years ago, I started by drinking 1 can of Diet Coke a day. A few years later, I was obese, drinking entire bottles of it like it was nothing on a daily basis, not because I wanted it, but because I was treating it as a stimulant and loved the high that I got from it. I stopped drinking it, a year later I lost hella weight. I don’t understand how a dose dependent response is weak evidence. How much stronger evidence can you possibly find in a nutrition study

    58. Peter Oldroyd


    59. Peter Oldroyd


    60. Cristina Lee

      Simply amazing, well researched! Everything I needed to know.

    61. symph tah

      Currently prepping for a competition and have prepped multiple times indulging in artificial sweeteners when I have a craving (for me means that women thing that happens once a month lol) and I never gained weight, I was always in a caloric deficit obviously when prepping and I neither retained water nor gained weight with artificial. Everything in moderation and a balanced diet is the key to success people! Great job steph! I really liked this video... don’t believe everything you hear on the news people! Do your scientific research I.e. peer based review and scientific journal sources 🔑

    62. Leah W

      I know this is an older vid of yours but I really appreciate it. This eases my anxiety about having a reasonable amount of artificial sweeteners. I really enjoy having a can of fruity sparkling water a sugar-free jello cup everyday.

    63. Facts Over Emotions

      Aspartame makes me feel like shit. Sucralose hasn't harmed me yet though.

    64. Christopher Kellum

      I watch this as I sip on my Pepsi zero 😎

    65. Quinten Saija

      Great review

    66. J J

      This was such piss poor research, what about the link to fatty liver? Autoimmune disorders? Heart disease? Cancer? Inflammation? You are dangerous to your subscribers.

    67. David Wagner

      Awesome content!

    68. G Dubrovskaya

      I'm kinda curious as to what you think about the effects on gut microbiome - is it significant enough for us to worry about? Thanks :) this video was very helpful

      1. J J

        Yes. S Candida is very dangerous.

    69. joseph aquino

      Finally! Thank you very much for this awesome review. I can take Whey again

    70. Carlos Giron

      Excellent research, greatings from México

    71. David Sewell

      So until a scientific study comes out to say otherwise. Then go to town. Sweet!

    72. Sergey Dzyubanyuk

      Go ahead eat and drink? Here is the link for people who would like to read them self :

    73. Wallace Bonner

      My concern isn't necessarily with just artificial sweeteners but with processed foods in general. I remember reading or hearing somewhere that the body doesn't know how to digest man-made chemicals found in a lot of processed foods, so it stores those chemicals in your fat cells, thus increasing the size of your fat cells, leading to weight gain. Do you have any knowledge on this?

    74. randomjabify

      Aspartame manufacturer Searle manufactured their testing data when filing with the FDA. It was so bad the US Attorney started an investigation of Searle. Six months into the investigation the same US attorney was hired by Searle. Searle then hired a congressman and hired former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld to be its CEO. The statute of limitations expired on the investigation and, despite increasing support by independent studies that aspartame was a poison, the Reagan administration approved use of aspartame in dry foods. Methanol is poisonous. The foods that contain methanol also contain ethanol which counteracts the harmful properties. Phenylalanine accumulates in the brain and leads to depressed levels of seratonin. Etc etc etc. Basically every “scientific” organization that has written in support of the safety of artificial sweeteners is funded by Monsanto. Videos like yours With your cheery smile are dangerous.

      1. Kim Scheibel

        "Etc etc etc."? This really illustrates how you've already made up your mind about what the evidence will show: You're assuming that even unmade arguments and unpresented evidence will support your pre-judged conclusion. Confirmation bias is a very powerful cognitive trap for all of us and it is typically what separates science from pseudo-science.

    75. Timzart7

      Good discussion, but your background music, while not overly loud, is completely unnecessary.

    76. Gary K.

      Very informative and easy to understand, Awesome job keep up the good work.

    77. Elias Spegel

      The people who disliked this video are moms and grandmoms

    78. Robbie Gordon

      How many a day or week is considered moderation?

    79. Matthew

      Curious, did you go straight to the manufacturers of these products to get your info?

    80. Frederic Osei

      First time here, subscribed after this video

    81. Darkchylde50

      That was a lot of info! Hats off for all that digging around & presentation! I really enjoyed it, thank you! 😊

    82. Izzy Makes Music

      do they spike insulin?

    83. Campbell Gilbert

      ASPERTAME = Neurotoxin. I was just going to breeze by and go back to mini meat Jeffs videos but then you went with the great for children to end the segment. You really have been in a lot of schooling read indoctrination haven’t you. For an Internet personality I would assume that you source information from the intuitive groups around you, or those with issues (from industrial food stuffs smh) that would give them a perspective on these chemicals? What do Crohn’s disease, gluten intolerants, and any number of people with food allergies say? What do people in and around the myriad of different health movements say? I could point you to about 100 better sources than the big University totally financially tied up with big business based literature that you just espoused. What would really anyone with a modicum of mind body connection or kinesthetic sense say... Certainly not the corporate line like Suzy school girl. Aspartame is a neurotoxin. You just breezed over the actual controversy and set of issues associated with it. The link between big business, Ag, food, science, food science, nutrition, health, health literature is well documented. This is an airhead take. When you get into acceptable levels you should think about Rachael Carson Silent Spring written 60 years ago. It explains how there is no such thing as a herbicide.. it is a biocide. This packet of chemistry doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t hurt you in the same way it hurts a bug but it hurts you in a chronic, homeopathic, trace amount way. The analogy is plain. The companies write this literature. My high school girlfriend became a Dentist.. her name was Stephanie, and no.. I don’t think the however many years of school un airheaded her. To the contrary. Only a real intellect, and self individualized person can suffer the indoctrination and come out the other side a free thinking, humanity serving physician. Think Patch Adams. The line between pharma sales chick and doc babe is getting mighty thin lass. Please reconsider the spectrum of sourcing on this info. This isn’t muscle meat head glute fiber science based. I know your trying to do a thing here... like Bro Jeff, when you start saying that Aspartame is great for kids Doing wayyy to much.

    84. Amanda Haynes

      Very very helpful!! Thank you!

    85. Nigel D'Souza

      This is very helpful and well made. Appreciate the research.

    86. Dream Panda

      Thanks for digging through all that information for me!

    87. Valiant Tangent

      The effect of sweetener on the microbiome has not been completely elucidated. My opinion is that they are detrimental to the microbiota and you would be best just having moderate amounts of actual sugar.

    88. Andrew Smithe

      Here from Jeff

      1. marlin3030

        we all are my guy

    89. az stuff

      I'll just stick to real food.

    90. Robbie Gordon

      So I would have to drink over 20 cans of diet coke a day every day to increase risk of type 2 diabetes? Am I understanding right?

    91. Storm Harman

      It would be interesting to separate out these studies into government funded and private research to see if differences exist. Given the debacle of the "climate change" pseudo-science I suspect that we might find different results given different political agendas.

    92. Alex Hoyt

      Is that a can of coke zero with a "diet soda" tag taped on? I love it.

    93. peanut12345

      American Cancer Society is looking for more Customers, those that believe the "diet and zero" line are suckers.

    94. micaela feigelsohn

      I loved this video! one thing i was very expecting in this video but didn't see you tuch unfortently was the assumption that many people get digestive issues from artifical sweetners? would love to hear your opinion on that. I know it's an old video but i still hope youll read this. and I really edmier you for going all in and sharing, vournbilty is much more unique and needed in social media than a lot of other shitty content out there.

    95. 77dris

      One of the most popular sweeteners being used by bodybuilders I know is Sugar Twin. I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned. Great video though!

    96. suburbiagirl1

      I don't understand why people don't do their own research or why this lady is dismissing the studies that show that ingesting sweeteners cause an insulin spike as badly as sugar in some cases. In fact what the heck is this lady talking about? One of the studies she posted show how both aspartame and stevia have a higher insulinogenic index than sugar. What am I not understanding here?

    97. Richard Breeze

      In the nicest possible way I think you are being perhaps a bit too forgiving on the negatives effects of artificial sweeteners see study below showing sucralose destroying the microbiome by 50% and other negative outcomes. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Part B, Critical Reviews Taylor & Francis J Toxicol Environ Health B Crit Rev. 2013 Sep; 16(7): 399-451. Published online 2013 Nov 12. doi: 10.1080/10937404.2013.842523 PMCID: PMC3856475 PMID: 24219506 Sucralose, A Synthetic Organochlorine Sweetener: Overview of Biological Issues Aspartame: The Most Dangerous Substance on the Market. (n.d.). Retrieved from @t

    98. Heather Allen

      Stephanie, you are brilliant, gorgeous, and such an inspiration! Thank you for your academic content, fitness and diet tips, and for letting us see your raw, genuine character! ❤️

    99. Sirena Chantal

      It would be helpful if you did updates to the research on this topic annually. I heard that artificial sweeteners can cause metabolic syndrome, which I have. So I stopped all soda and now am trying to remove them from my morning tea. I can do without it in ice tea but my morning hot tea is so difficult. It would be great to know if it is really a high risk and necessary to do or not. Updates on it as a carcinogen would be helpful too.

    100. Karin Larsen

      It's a shame that you're opening the gate to artificial sweeteners. The path leads to diabetes, IBS, and Crohn's disease. Check out long-term effects