The Science Behind My Glute Training

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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Hope you guys enjoy the nerdy side to training! Make sure to watch my last video first or you might be confused! Luvs you all soooo much! Xoxo

      1. Brandy Lindsley

        These scientific types of videos are so unique compared to a lot of the other fitness influencers out there right now. I LOVE this! I would love to continue seeing more of this!

      2. Rasha Ta

        Hi:I whont to tell you som thing i wish have translit your vedio. but idont now how,bless help me for that..thank you

      3. Nicolle Teresa Ramos

        Thanks so much. I am a nerd and researcher of all aspects of my life, including my and this type of video is what I was looking for. Im finally on the path to recover my right leg from an atrophy cause by a doctor's bad (horrible) practice. Also thanks for the google doc. I cant train 4 days cause Im a single mom, student and worker, but I will mix two days into one so I can fit this with my schedule. Thanks again!

      4. Ioana's Hub

        After finishing the program, what results did you get? can you make a review?

      5. Stephanie Kuhn

        Janet Tan you can get them at

    2. Michael Rauth

      I usually hit them 2 times a week. Mondays and thursdays

    3. ginadix117

      Yes keep doing... I love love love the breakdown of science

    4. brandonrynka365

      Great video, but basically just re-read/shared a entire Stijn van Willigen article he wrote in 2016 on Bret's blog. This is beyond inspired info (hence why I bring it up) it's just a reiteration of his words. Still, awesome video and well designed.

    5. brethart522

      Do the 'pumper' exercises really build muscle? I was always taught that 'going to failure' was the only way!

    6. Gurjit Kaur

      Hi do you have home workout ...

    7. Luis Tello

      Awesome video!!!

    8. Zetsuke4

      Nice info

    9. naciamaj

      Ooo she said meta-analysis, that's sexy

    10. Philip

      If you squat with progressive overload, you will have huge hips. Muscle is like callus. If you lift consistently for over 1 year intensly, you are supposed to have huge hips just.

    11. Hannah Pearl Hidalgo

      How many sets should I do for every type of exercise?

    12. klyf24

      The most bang for your butt!! 🍑👍🏻

    13. 鄭伊涵

      how can i learn the science of the workouts? Are there any program to go to ?

    14. May R

      What do you do when you finish the 4 days? Repeat or rest 2 days??

    15. Felicia K

      Stupid questions. When do we add abs and arms to the split ? Or are arms included on shoulder day?

    16. Mary Jane

      I tried to sign up but it says they don’t accept my card 😕

    17. Alpha Dad

      The female Jeremy Ethier

    18. Tim dumbass


    19. Hazel FitnessFrog

      Thanks for the sharedoc Steph..I can use it as my guide now.Thank you for being so generous about this stuff :)

    20. Jose Reyna

      If you lift weights and feel sore the next day, you've over trained. PERIOD!

    21. Jose Reyna

      Weight lifting is simple...... Just lift 70-80 percent of you max. weight and maintain a proper volume, sets, reps per week, proper range of motion, try different tempos eccentric/concentric, whole body workouts, and occasionally do a week or two weeks of heavy intensity and THAT'S F***ing IT! F*** all the science and technology. Keep it simple.

    22. Jose Reyna

      She looks like a pretty Mexican girl.

    23. Tamar Dates

      I love your videos. I’ve watch like 10 today and I’ve learned so much!! Keep it up girl you look great.

    24. Taynay Cameron

      Love love this info

    25. Pilar Maydana

      this video is so helpful💖 I'm definitely going to try this program and share my results after the 8 weeks! Thank you🌹🌻🌼✨

    26. Rachel

      can I just say I LOVE science based fitness information, as I used to be in research. The more fact-based training information over bro-science, the better results we can get! The fact that you present it in a quick and visually appealing video helps so much too!! Thank you!

    27. Cote Ob

      I need all this videos with subtitles on english or spanish, please need a backup ):

    28. Eda Y.

      Such an informative video! Thank you ❤️

    29. Suhanna De Silva

      I just started this split last week and it’s been helping me get in the gym 6 days a week so hopefully I see some booty gains 🤞🏾

      1. Carol Blackburn

        How did it turn out??

    30. ENSEMBLE club privé by Cassie

      Hi! I did your free split program and juste loved it, could you do the same for upper body? :s love ya!

    31. Jess E

      Seriously, the best approach to Brett’s research I’ve seen. I’ve watched other “scientific” videos trying to adapt and explain his stuff but it misses the mark. Love this video!

    32. Mgtow Boo Boo

      Skillshare is mgtow.

    33. Mgtow Boo Boo

      Women like a good butt. mgtow

    34. Ruby Siu

      I literally read Bret's article yesterday and watching this video has further explained the science behind glute training. Thank you Stephanie! You are such an inspiration, keep up the great work :)

    35. Melissa Finley

      How can we add cardio into the split?

    36. tiny_weeb_rin

      I keep seeing these leggings does anyone know where I can buy them?

    37. Dana .Foster

      Where do you get your leggings?? I want a pair!

    38. Wendy Leung

      where are your leggings from??

    39. Anu Rajah

      Love it babe loveeeeeeee it

    40. Kids Fun Videos

      Your butt does not look like you been working it for 4 or 5 years you should be able to get your results in a year.

    41. Sergio

      it is all technically super boring

    42. Erica Powell

      Love your videos!! So inspiring ❤️

    43. Victoria Roper

      Absolutly love your videos!! Scientific and backed up protocols, so refreshing. keep them coming ;-)

    44. Paul Lewis

      very Good!

    45. Elexus Amor

      Where did you get your shirt?

    46. Desiree Sandoval Williams

      I love the nerdy n science of it ...

    47. emDawg

      The first video I watched from you was the 10,000 cals in one day challenge. For you to eat like a monster with your small frame, I knew you were a true badass so i subbed right away. I used the information on this video to change my training, especially how you explained the sra curve and recovery. Things actually get easier once you know why they work the way they work. TY sooo much for all the information!

    48. isababesand

      Awesome info! Thank you so much! I'm a nube to weight training, but I'm a runner by heart. How can I implement long distance running while weight training?

    49. Emily Coppa

      amazing video

    50. pretty money

      Gorgeous though 🤷

    51. pretty money

      But what does it all? He is leaving then I was when I came. After all this rocket science she doesn't even have a butt. This seems like a lot of thought effort calculating n work for very minimal results

    52. Holly Burrows

      You're amazing!! By far my favorite person on HUfast. Straight to the point, helpful and easy to understand. Thank you!!!

    53. Stephanie Gutierrez

      Just started following you and Jeff. You guys are awesome and provide great information! Looking forward to more videos!

    54. Andy The Great

      The “good morning” workout is also for glutes ? Ofc it seems to be done differently then when done for the butt.

    55. Lisa Bendel

      Hey Stephanie :) I really enjoyed the video and would love to see something like this about an ab workout.

    56. Rachel Bride

      I think my eyes glazed over...

    57. Tsai-Ying Ho

      Hi I love this video so much and am gonna try your program, but since I'm targeting on booty gain and shredding fat I've been doing my weight training followed by another 10min HIIT sprint workout every 2 days, so just wanna know effetiveness-wise does it make any difference for the result?

    58. Ziyue Wang

      The most helpful workout video

    59. Snickerdoodle1254

      Thank you sooo much for the free workout

    60. Alexandria Calderon

      IN LOVE with the science!! ❤💪

    61. Jena Molitor

      Subscribed because learning is my favorite hobby but getting or healthier or stronger is my goal and you are doing a great job at sharing what you know and satying unbiased. Good shit

    62. AdoraMuchi

      Loved this vid

    63. Smoothie channel !

      Thank you for the video 👍😗

    64. Aloveg107

      Wow this was amazing, weirdly I understood this more then the basic explanations of working out lol I love it. Please keep doing these videos!

    65. Dominika Kwietniewska

      Thank you Stephanie ! I found your channel last Sunday and I went through all your videos. I have seen many fit ones but your channel is the best -finally with clear explaination which exercise do . From this week I ll be starting your glute program and add your exercises for back , shoulders. Keep doing amazing job and you re real motivation: not only fit and sporty but super ingelligent! Congratulation:)

    66. Casey Christensen

      I Love Jeff's science explained series and would love to see your version of these videos and how they apply to women

    67. The Hills Have Eyes

      I absolutely love this!!! I’ll keep this in mind with my arms bc I want to focus on my upper body growth and strength. Legs are easier for me to grow but thank you for this video I can apply it to my other muscle groups as well!

    68. Let Us Review

      Wow that camera 📷 is amazing

    69. thespiritbomb


    70. Ally Sevier

      Really enjoyed this informative vid! Think I'll have to give this a try ☺️

    71. camile1497

      I’m following this glute program right now honestly it is amazing! The first heavy leg day took me 3 days to recover but still pushed through the rest! Great glute program

      1. Carol Blackburn

        Hi! Did you have good results?

    72. Ma _Ya

      Hi Stephanie, is this programm for cutting or bulking? P.S. I love your channel!

    73. Ruwai rmnh

      Pls hipdip vid😁

    74. Ruwai rmnh

      on a deload week, will you do all pumpers possible on all 6 days ?

    75. Elina Yemilianov

      Hey girl! Great video and explanation !! Personally, i dont have time for more than 4 workouts a week, would you suggest splitting the upper body with the glutes the same day? Say hitting the glutes 4x times along with an upper body part, OR 2 lower body and 2 upper body days? The goal is growing the glutes while maintaining/strenghtening the other body parts

    76. Nhi Le

      You’re amazing! Thank you for such an informative video!

    77. Sophie Mohammed

      Omg I love your explanations

    78. I am milan

    79. hipnhappenin

      3:15 elevated GLUE bridge? 😉

    80. Ashley Graham

      This is a great video. I really appreciate it! How sore are you after a workout? How long are you sore for?

    81. Angel D Eats

      Can you do a video on proper breathing techniques for working out?

    82. hipnhappenin

      Can someone please help: she says to do the heavy day exercises at an RPE 9 BUT that frog exercise is not that high intensity... clarification?

    83. Tong Nhac Nguyen

      I think the 2 sessions for lower body is enough sense usually lower body day is much more taxing than upperbody. Why? Becouse the The muscles on upperbody is smaller so you can use lower weights witch uses less fibers. So 2 times lowerbodys arent just meant for bro-splits. But if your goal is maximal leg gaiNz so 3-4 migth be optimal, if you want to sacrifice developement of other areas like the whole upper body.

    84. Ashley Frias

      You have no curves so you look like a man. Lol

    85. ABL36

      Scientific my ass. These exercises are typical as fuck. You don't know shit outside of a NASM book when it comes to fitness. Pretty hilarious that all you are doing is regurgitating shit from a fitness book or article.

    86. Claire Brett

      I really loved this video - one of the best I've seen on glute training rooted in science with an example of a training schedule and the different types of exercises and recovery times (stretchers, activators, pumpers), so helpful!!!

    87. hipnhappenin

      So informative and answered a question I had in another video. Thanks!

    88. Sandra Mendoza Hernandez

      Wow girly you are amazing you know your stuff going to check out everything and try everything you did

    89. Alexxx.Ohhh

      I'm a beginner in the gym, how do I know which weights to start with for both heavy and light day? Can you do a video for a beginner routine?

      1. Edwin Contreras

        you have to be able to do the rep range she suggests. if it's too easy, go heavier. too hard, go lighter.

    90. Ruwai rmnh

      Your voice is so therapeutic❤ maybe its also inmy head because i know theres gonna be a lot of info lolol anyway i love your voice

    91. Thairy Mac

      So appreciative for all this information!!! Ugh you're a god!! Thank you so much!!! So helpful 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Plss do Upper body next 🙏🏽

    92. Abby Auriemma

      Thanks for sharing! Super informative!!

    93. Ashley X

      Would love more science videos

    94. Chelsea Williams

      Could you give some variations you could possibly do at home that would equate to what you do in the gym. Some I'm sure are just replacing a barbell with heavy dumbbells but some may not be so simple. Just wondering if you have insight on this.

    95. Brittany Clements

      Very VERY well explained video

    96. Matt Johnston

      always looking for a way to grow the ol' peach

    97. Kathie Owen

      Thank you so much for all the great information!

    98. Nisha

      I'm new, so if you do lower body(Glutes) 4 times a week how often do you do upper body??

    99. Nicole Doll

      I love this I was so scared to over work gluteus but this is so helpful & im going to do this with you! Thank you for not profiting off us & offering real education & reason behind what you do 😘

      1. Nicole Doll

        Can you also do education on what to eat & if it's actually ok for balance like chocolate or just clean foods?

    100. T P

      Love this!! I finally understand why I do what I do at the gym lol. And I've started your workout today :) Quick question though. How much should I rest between sets and between exercises? Also, can you do the same video on arms? :)