The Problem With Fat Shaming (My Experience + The Science)

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    Weight Stigma on Diet- 1:33
    Personal Experience (Diet)- 5:22
    Weight Stigma on Exercise- 7:11
    Personal Experience (Exercise)- 8:22
    Mental Health- 9:32
    📓 References 📓
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart! My Ph.D. is in Pathology & Cell Biology and my research focused on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression.
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I hope you guys enjoyed the video! I feel like this is such an important topic that isn’t often discussed. Let me know what you think, I would love to hear your feedback or your personal experience in the comments 👇 Love you guys so much! 💕

      1. marieocean8

        Hi Stephanie ! I loooove your videos 💜 I’m from Japan. 👋

      2. Andrea Cadle

        Did you ever notice an increase in gastrointestinal issues (bloating, constipation) as you gained the weight? Any decrease when you lost it?

      3. Zaid Amina

        U r Totaly right I gained weight after removing my thyroid now I have a super slow metabolism that even knowing that my doctor still point the fact that I am gaining weight, I can't find a solution to that, that's not helpful

      4. A K

        YOU ARE GOALS 🙌 YOU WERE GOALS BEFORE AND AT YOUR HIGHEST AND NOW🙌 the strength and courage you have given me (a fat woman in India) is beyond compare. Much love and happiness to you Stephanie, love from a long time fan 💜🇮🇳

      5. Kurt Louis

        I am not sure how I ended on your channel, I just watched the recent q&a from 2 months ago. The part when you opened up about your mother it resonated with me. I just lost my mother 1 month ago to brain cancer, she was diagnosed 14 months ago, I quit my job and became her primary caregiver. I know it can be difficult and heartbreaking at times to take care of someone that took care of you, which makes the love for each other so strong and unconditional. My advice don't allow friends or family to influence your decisions, during this time voices tend to get louder especially due to covid. You seem like a thoughtful, self aware, and forward thinking person, listen to yourself, you know what is best for you. Time moves quickly, the care may get easier or more difficult, the bond only gets stronger and more beautiful. Good luck thoughts and prayers

    2. qwerty qwerty

      From my own experience, Ive always been pretty thin, but I also don't have a lot of muscle and tend to get exhausted fast so exercise is pretty hard for me and I've learned that I absolutely can't exercise under pressure. If someone tells me I can't do sth that's very draining for me I will be like ok then fuck you if you say so I'll stop doing it then. I've learned that I can do things only if I take small steps and stay calm and don't put pressure on myself, positive motivation (things like 'ur doing so great, you're so close' etc and things like energetic music) works for me and even tho I've never been overweight I can understand this, anyway have a great day

    3. Dom

      We as a society should not stop judging or having an opinion. If you’re carrying what looks like excessive weight it’s natural to think you’re overweight. Should we stop bullying, sure. Should we stop promoting a healthy lifestyle, no. This video is dishonest. Next

    4. david

      the phrase "if you think science is wrong" is quite intellectually dishonest , in fact it is a form of fallacy called "special plea". I have my doubts with many of the examples that you cited, it feels like they decided the conclusion and looked for an experimentation that would reach that result. Especially in surveys, if you ask someone who has weight problems ( the persone himself considers it a problem) obviously you are going to influence him by putting a list of possible reasons. Wouldn't it be better to have a study in which people were questioned in a neutral way why they lost weight, without give them emotional responses?

    5. Arianna Signoretti

      Stephanie! I know you problably wont read this...but I want to reassure that not only you were and are very beautiful at any stage of your journey but also you address a very importnat topic which coming from you who had been in fitness for long makes it even more powerful. Fitness made me get into binge eating disorder, made me feel un able to socialize to follow my diet and gave me alot of anxiety for not reaching certain body goals at times when I didnt see progress. Its still ongoing but its better so it doesnt matter what you look from the outside it all comes down to how you feel and no body is healthier than another if they both carry that pressure to look a certain way bcos of the society we live in. So breaking down the sigma around body weight and promoting body acceptance at whatver physique you are at is the key to get out of this sick kind of mentality and put an end to all this. Happiness is within not the way your body looks and this is what needs to be address. To everyone....even to family members. Cos it hurts it hurts badly when its your family telling you this.... thanks for sharing your journey and glad to see you glowing

    6. Abii Maddocks

      Lmao when she sat down with chopsticks in her mouth I thought it was a big spliff 🤣

    7. Jameson Oof


    8. Janis Ian

      I starved myself during high school. I was fat shamed by classmates and adults when I weighed 118 lbs at 5 foot 3 inches. I have an hourglass shape and a guy at school told me, “You don’t have a bikini body.” I was told my thighs were too big to wear yoga pants. When I gained weight in my twenties and was 135 lbs, my 350-lb aunt made it a point to tell me I was getting fat and laughed and asked if I was a closet eater. My ex boyfriends had made it a point to let me know while I was dating them that I no longer “look fit” or that I was “getting fat.” I don’t comment on other people’s weight. I have never understood people who do this. I am 132 lbs now, and I feel huge. I have trouble eating because when I was 118 lbs and what I thought was tiny, I was still criticized. Thank you for your content and having so much courage to stand up for us women and for advocating for our health.

    9. jacobtech7

      I appreciate the video, but you never really gave an answer for people like me who genuinely have people in there lives who need to take their weight more seriously and need a bit more of a push to start down that road. Your tips at the end were "maybe keep your thoughts to yourself" and "you need to respect their goals". This disheartens me because I have a very close family member who is struggling with anxiety and her medication is causing her to over-eat. She has gained a considerable amount of weight in a very short period of time and seeing her go through this tears me apart. She has trouble walking long-ish distances and her cholesterol is insanely high. She is not healthy at her weight and she is not in a spot where she is able to move forward on her own with weight loss either. I lose sleep working about her and this video basically said there isn't much I can do. Is that really the case?

    10. SuperJezzara

      Everyone knows that person who eats nothing but junk food and yet is super thin... That's an example of "appearance doesn't equal health"

    11. Notyet Skeletal

      I newly fat and had an asshole joke about my shape last week. Then this weekend been O was told to suck in my gut for a photo shoot. Now I know what its like to be 'fat' I'm not too keen to get larger. I'm also a short man and know how height discrimination feels for a man. P.S the asshole at the party said I looked like Thor ...when he got fat. Kinda true and sorta funny but his delivery and demeanor at the party was way out of line. Oh well. time to get back on my bike.

    12. Avariel Avariel

      I think both "fat shaming" and "skinny shamming" (is there such terminology?) are harmful for both ends. It can promote eating disorder either way. We as a society need to be more thoughtful and if we care about people's feelings, we should think of a way to help them deal with the core issue instead of making unhelpful comments. Family is the hardest when they do that I am with you Steph. Normally i would just divert conversation to something else right away 😅 Just focus on your health journey in recovery dont worry so much about what others say. You are not defined by what people think or say about you and we are not defined by what we look like. Heart and mind matters most.

    13. Magdalene Scheidel

      I know it wasn't the point of the video but I loved all the dramatic reenactments. Also thanks for making a video about this.

    14. Alaa hasan آلاء الهندي

      I was fat shamed by my brother and mother even though i was never overweight ! They were just used to me being skinny my whole life until i gained about 10 kgs in one year. I started dieting over 2 years ago because i got so anxious but recently i became so obsessed and i developed a disordered way of eating . now my bmi is 18.1 (mild underweight) but i feel so big and fat that i think i must lose 6 more kgs to be okay with my body and start to notice a difference

    15. Manny Vargas

      She makes me uncomfortable...

    16. Life with me Abby

      I can see how hard it can be for girls to go through puberty. Cause when we gain a bit of weight THERE'S SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT IT. We are not gonna Stay the same size and it's my body not yours. So you are beautiful as hell 🌼🌼🌼

    17. omletova

      thank you so much for the video! I've started my 'all in' for the fourth time now. I feel the other attempts I didn't succeed because of an absence of support from my family and friends. today I find it here, thank you again.

    18. Ryanna Alysha

      My own doctor fat shamed me as a kid. I now am in recovery for a binge eating disorder with bulimia. One thing her fat shaming never did was help me lose weight

    19. rocky lala

      Then are we supposed to praise being fat? Hello? If someone is addicted to heroin, are we supposed to be like “it’s ok, it’s acceptable. No need to shame” no! We tell them to go to rehab and therapy, just like any other addict, which also includes food addicts.

    20. 니모니

      Been body shamed since I was 10, and I wasn't even fat kid, just my relatives were model thin. I developed eating disorder and body dysmorphia since then which still haunts me 17 years later even though I weight around 50kg on my 167cm. Yes being obese is unhealthy, but most people do fat shaming to project their own insecurities on others and that is so harmful. Obesity is medical condition but shaming someone just because they don't have photoshopped instagram arms is disgusting.

    21. Fatma İrem

      Because of fat shaming now i have eating disorder

    22. Keith Greenshields

      Good information! The video is well done and the bonus is that Stephanie is genuine backed up with a beautiful personality. Keep doing you!

    23. Michelle Collins

      You're beautiful You're haters are jealous and have low self esteem themselves and bad problems

    24. Krishma Kumar

      This is a very good and informative video and I am so happy you made this. My PCOS coach sent this to me because I was so mean to myself and my body. This was a very much needed video. When I was growing up as an Indian girl I was constantly fat shamed! I used to feel very fat and uncomfortable in my own body!! I look back at pictures now and I am constantly shocked because I really wasn't fat I was just a normal kid with a belly! Fat shaming is gross! I used to binge on foods and feel bad! As I was eating I would think " I shouldn't eat this because I am fat" and that is a very harmful mentality. When I started my weight loss journey it was for all the wrong reasons! I wanted to lose weight to look beautiful and to shut everyone up. I wanted to prove to people that I can do it. I went about it the wrong way too! I was eating less and working out more. Not giving my body the proper nutrients and fuel or rest. Weight loss or gain is a journey that starts mentally. This is a healing process from head to toe. I used to be so negative about my body and I still am sometimes, but my reasons have changed now. I want to lose weight because I want to feel healthy and I want to be the best version of myself. I used to think 150 LBS was a bad weight, but its really not. I now have muscles that "take up" most of that number. We have to stop being mean to ourselves and others. Being fat doesn't mean you're not beautiful. You can be fat And beautiful. We have to stop using fat negatively! Stop shaming people for being fat thinking that will make them eat less or workout more. Stop shaming skinny people for gaining weight. Stop shaming fat people for gaining weight. Stop using fat as an insult!

    25. John Garry

      2:46 That was totally expected. People who built overeating as a comfort mechanism will get worse the more they are shamed. Be tough on them to help them change is the right way but keep encouraging them on the way of their efforts. Robbing them of all self worth will only make them worse.

    26. Estefanía Thompson

      THANK YOU for making this video. You don't know how helpful it is. Thanks for speaking up!!

    27. super cat 12

      My mom calls me fat everyday doesn't make me want to stop makes me want to be fatter 😭

    28. Rosita Welsford

      I saw many men really sham on you in HUfast, and you are really strong women to do what you need to do, even they called you nasty words. I don’t know how you deal with it, for myself it hurts when I watch videos, even I report videos because it’s abusing someone who try do the best for their body.

    29. Stassie Levyn

      I- the fact that people fat shamed her 😀😀😀 Ms girl what would they say about me😭😭🖐🖐

    30. Amber Augustin

      I agree wiv this video as someone who is struggling with obesity. I've been body shamed by fam. It did affect my mental health making me feel miserable & frustrated. In regards to strangers I've been shamed by mutual friends, outsiders, dr, nutrition adviser & diet coach. To protect my mental health It's made me feel that I can't c anyone for support cos of my experience

    31. Yung Yucci

      So how would you promote healthier decisions to over weight people? You should included that in your video.

    32. Elizabeth Nelson

      Love this!!

    33. Lily J. Maldonado de Lanerolle

      Coming from my own experience and having been overweight, I think it is a myth that family and close friends who criticize your weight are doing it out of love or concern. I have come to believe that sometimes they really do love you less because you are overweight, period.

    34. YU 11

      Do you have any book recommendations which help you on the journey??? I love to see your intelligence part❤️

    35. YU 11

      Do you have any book recommendations which help you on the journey??? I love to see your intelligence part❤️

    36. Luna Dang

      I am not too overweight but in my country, I am definately thick. I've been fat shamed for my whole life. Even when I tried to go on diet and lost around 15-17 pounds, I still get people telling me "oh, you have a cute face, but you are a bit fat, loosing some weight would make you look so much cuter". And the worst is my asian mom is constantly fat shaming me despite how many times I tell her to stop. I have a problem with emotional eating so after loosing weight and nobody seems to be happy with how small I was, I just gave up to my craving and gained about 30 pounds for the last few years. I hate what I see in the mirror, but I can't get the motivation to loose weight anymore

    37. Mosd

      bro Jeff sighting

    38. Priscila Boltão

      Oh... this explains a lot. When I was trying to recover from anorexia, my best friends at the time started fat shaming me (bc you know, I wasn't starving anymore) and I evolved into bulimia and later binge eating disorder. I always felt like these events were related but I thought "but I was fat shamed, why did it make me want to eat MORE?". Turns out it did exactly that.

    39. GodpleasernotamanpleaserJesusChristisLord

      I know how it feels girl I am not even overweight but even for having a healthy amount of weight I get body shamed for my curves 😢

    40. pretypeakydunk

      I love you, thanks for this video ❤️😌

    41. Neil Thompson

      Fat shaming was very effective on me. I was 42-46 pounds overweight in summer 2020. Acting like a weak minded individual I blamed depression and anxiety caused by the extensive lockdown measures in my country as an excuse for my overweight state and took no responsibility for it myself. In my proceeding efforts, fat shaming genuinely helped. When jumping onto the treadmill I had compilations of comedians making fat shaming jokes playing on my headphones. It's important to be able to tolerate jokes that relate to yourself as well as others, I always found. I'm still a bit overweight, and this may be an opinion that's inappropriately deemed controversial, but it's my responsibility to fix that. I don't need to pick ''the most flattering outfit'' as you say, I need to fix myself so that I fit into my favourite outfits.

    42. RoaringBlaizze

      idk, fat-shaming worked on me. I have a twin brother who was in REALLY good shape while I was doing nothing and but gaining weight from being sedentary. He started to poke my stomach bc it started to be super noticeable through my shirt and it made me super self-conscious. So much so that it was the only thing I saw in the mirror. I hated it. It drove me to start going to the gym with the goal to be in even more shape than him. On the road to achieving this, he would poke my stomach and comment on how it was hard and not soft anymore, motivating me even more. I think it's kind of a unique case due to us basically having the same genetic starting point and a hard reference for what I could be if I actually put in the effort. There's always this motivation now that i don't want to be the "fat twin." (He now has the joke nickname for me of "skinny-boy")

      1. saba bajwa

        True it works 😂 but the ppl who do it are assholes

    43. are you?

      This video need more attention

    44. Nóirín Ní Ghiollagáin

      Jeff's performance in this video deserves an oscar

    45. official vegthenx

      Fat shaming helped me lose weight and get motivated

    46. Sarah Berry

      I love this. Cause it's not just hate comments. It's big HUfastrs...and they get away with it :(

    47. Mudia West

      It doesn't even matter what content you put out, I am equally obsessed with you!!!

    48. Dhanvi

      I am tempted to send this video to everyone in my family. I have been fat-shamed since I was young and it has destroyed my mental health. I am constantly compared to my thin cousins and deemed less beautiful in front of them. Getting dressed to go out would take forever as I would feel 'fat' in all my clothes. To this day, I am not confident in my body and I struggle wearing trendy cropped clothes because they are not long enough to hide my insecurities.

    49. Angel Trazo

      Always amazed by how vulnerable you are sharing clips of your body at every stage of your journey throughout this video 😘 you inspire me so much, Stephanie!

    50. Sarah Green

      I lost it when Jeff pretended to be some cringe gym rat

    51. Grimace

      When I was on vacation with my sister, a man with a sign that said "I need a fat bi***" yelled for my attention. When I tell you I BINGED afterwards.

    52. Carlos Magallanes

      I don't know I was bullied for being obese. I am really fit now after losing 100 plus pounds. But honestly I wouldn't want it any other way, it hurts at the moment but it gives you the fire to change your life around instead of being happy with being unhealthy or obese with people telling you "oh it's ok to be fat, as long as your happy" in reality eating unhealthy is their comfort zone not their happiness.

      1. Evidence Based Health

        Thats great if you are being body shamed for things you can change i.e weight. Bit more difficult when these women are body shaming men for parts of their body they can't change. This mentality doesn't stop with fat shaming...

    53. Kii Said

      I enjoyed the video and a lot of respect to everyone that deals with this. Stephanie, I am asking for some help also. I have a problem with eating. I can go a whole day with just one meal or none at all. If I want to reach my goals in having a healthy body, I need to eat but it SO HARD!!! I do not have any fear of gaining weight and I want the "Lady Figure" but how do I get there when I struggle with eating? I figured some point in your journey, you have dealt with this and can talk about it? I feel/see the major stall in my weight lifting journey and I have been doing this off and on for 3 years, plus, I just turned 40 years old. Help if you can before hormones take over (or did they?)!

    54. pink frog

      Fat shaming gave me 5 years of anorexia.

    55. Kristi Jennings

      Thank you for all you do . Thank you for sharing your life with all of us . You knowledge and strength and willingness to share your story will help so many ,

    56. Gabriela Lainez

      Thank you for this video Stephanie 🥲 thank you thank you thank you 1000x thank you.

    57. Erica Ahn

      always love your content

    58. Kimberly Cool Mami

      I’m still at your all in weight ugh 😂 to me weight is nothing but ups and downs we never are satisfied with our bodies ever

    59. Elene Angel Music

      I can relate to this. No one ever calls me fat or fatshames me, but my parents are a different story. Every time they get the chance, they criticize what I eat and how much I eat even if it’s a small amount, keep telling me that I‘ll get diabetes and die, that I won’t live long, they call me fat....I am not even fat...I just have big arms and a lot of my body like my bust size, waist size etc...are naturally the way they are, I can’t really change it....and I did gym and swimming a lot in life and still do, yet I am overweight...but what my parents can‘t seem to understand is, that weight isn’t just is water mass and muscle mass....I wish they would just leave my body alone...

      1. slushyball

        @Elene Angel Music when u leave their home. Dont look back.

      2. Elene Angel Music

        @slushyball I feel like they are projecting their insecurities onto me, because my mother literally laughed at me when I told her, that I was trying to get confident about my body and said it was what lazy people said. I don’t even have any risks of desease and I have healthy waist size and thigh size. I don’t know if they actually care or they act like they do in order to disguise the fat shaming.

      3. slushyball

        They obviously care about your health. It's up to you how you respond . Only you have control in how you respond to comments like these

    60. LochFN

      Eating more when being subjected to "fat shaming" media is mental weakness.

    61. Ana Sofia Figueroa

      the backroung music at the end reminded me of Ateez Butterfly wings hehe

    62. Annalyn Dejamco

      During quarantine, I gained a lot of weight from not going to the gym and not tracking my macros OR even eating intuitively. I was so lost and just lost motivation overall... I gained about 30-40lb and not fitting my clothes the same way :(... Last weekend I was invited to go to a small baby shower for a relative and DID NOT know what to wear!! I finally go outside to my ride, and tell my sister in law I was so frustrated with not knowing what to wear because of how much weight I gained.. She then continued with "yea, you got fat" -- I WAS APPALLED. Thankfully the gyms in my area opened this week and I've been back on routine since Monday. I think having someone else tell me pushed me more to push myself in terms of getting back on track. It angered me more than made me happy to hear those words though. Lol.. Thanks steph for the video!

    63. No More

      Feeling like a failure or feeling gross makes people less motivated. But being fat doesn't mean you're not motivated. And we need studies to see who to blame for why we're not motivated. We were never gonna be motivated to begin with though. Lol, I'm sorry but yeah.

    64. stainedaesthete

      When you said that family members are in the top 2 fat shamers it actually made me tear up because my mom and sister fat shame me and it makes me feel like shit

    65. girl for happiness

      Amazing video and message! I would say the same is with underweight peoples and these words. Watch your words, because words are freaking strong and harmful

    66. Lucios Therpos

      I've experienced fat shaming and being "too thin*. From family and friends. 🥺 I'm 32 and barely getting a grip on my weight fluctuations. Thanks for all you do and sharing.

    67. May May

      Fat shaming = eating disorder Fat shaming ≠ healthy mindset and therefore unhealthy habits

    68. Angelica

      Watching you is like therapy for me, I swear to God

    69. cheludo Gilbert

      I weighed 60kg when I was 11 people made fun of me because I couldn't do a lots of things but still I was the fastest girl at school. The boys in my class told me if I was to have a husband he was going to divorce me cause of my weight and it really hurts. A year later I am still hear but they are still calling me fat though they r skinny

    70. Andrea Cadle

      I've been anywhere from 127-158 as an adult, and was fat-shamed as a child. My thighs came outta nowhere at 13, despite being a very physically active child. I am now 31 one years old and have been on my own fluctuating fitness journey, managing health food and supplement stores and being trainers at various fitness facilities. I'll be pursuing my ACE certification soon as well. Being overweight is just one piece to a puzzle. There are so many invisible illnesses that contribute to weight gain; I've experiences personally with IBS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Diet and Exercise ARE main components, but medications, genetics, routines, jobs and home life contribute significantly. It was hard when I started as a trainer helping overweight women in particular. When I'd get to know their routines, I'd think: How in the world do I help a woman who works and is a mom? Where can she find that energy? How impacted will her family be by lifestyle changes and vice versa? It's definitely tough.

    71. Frankie Fernandez

      Bro... why... why.... WHY ARE YOU SO F*CKING BEAUTIFUL 😫😫😫. Sorry Jeff, love you but I just needed to say it.

    72. Jeff Miles

      Thanks for being so bold and vulnerable! Such an insightful and important video

    73. Nat Loves

      your voice is so similar to lisa lings

    74. Helena Chase

      I wish there were gyms without mirrors. Is there such a thing ? I started at Orange theory and it's the best environment I've found because it's dark. Your videos are helpful for me because I was an exercise addict and food lover. I was stuck in a trap and just gave up at some point. I love exercise but wish I could do so in a place where I don't have to stare at my chubby body for the entire hour... It's not helpful

    75. Z A

      I have only 1 name in mind : Cole Robinson

    76. Bartek9260 Kowalski


    77. V King

      Fat shaming is rooted in a superiority complex and has absolutely nothing to do with the interest and mental wellbeing and welfare of the individual being fat shamed.

    78. Alexandria

      9:25 🤣 just want to take a sec and say how I appreciate all the thought behind the video bc these gems are funny and light hearted love you guys best HUfast couple and science based fitness especially ... fr regarding the video the heaviest weight you were never fat overweight for your body type yes but that’s the overshoot that’s you expected... “overweight “ BMI 25 is pretty average looking as well but you looked athletic people calling you obese are crazy insecure with their own body especially if they were “fitness enthusiasts” ✌🏽🤣🙄🙄

      1. Alexandria

        Oh to add bc I know a lot of ppl already said how you looked normal at your heaviest... the scientist in me just notices the surface of your body is plumper which is what happens when you gain fast it is some water weight bc high carbs hold on to water... your silhouette was better than average though bc of the waist you hip ratio nobody can dare call u fat anyway I loved every part of your journey and documentation (I did Minnie maud to recover from anorexia when I was 17 (2016 ish) I lost weight intentionally after over a year which I shouldn’t bc I ate significantly less when I was maintaining 180 eating 3k calories and I could’ve just eaten healthier and naturally a little less... anyway I ended up at 150 last year (2020)and during quarantine I did know what I was doing, I ate a lot and unintentionally went all in again I guess intentionally but I was like I’ll see where it goes...But more Whole Foods bc this round Ive been vegan .. gained 50 pounds and oof didn’t feel good of course I would’ve easily been at my goal weight 160/170 (naturally My set point is high I lost my period many times when I was younger and I know it’s probably gets in survival mode quicker bc when I was 150 I missed a whole month and it correlated to my fasting I was doing... anyways that is also what prompted me to eat more ... so now I am 185 about and exercising I’m happy I do see a long journey to rejuvenation but I can see this time how I am ok with having to reach that high overshoot weight I wish I didn’t get pressured to lose when I was “only “ 170 ish bc I had a friend who was also the same she started dieting and just assumed I wanted to loose weight together but her background was different and I knew diet culture was bad but I did think eating less was easy so I did it and look what happened... just delayed the healing / stability

    79. Um lutador Intelectual

      I m not obese ...bit My karatê sensei fat shamed me and laugh ... And doubt I can train In fact I have great cardio resistance and a Lot of muscle mass .. And I have anxiety and depression ...I suffered from being very bullied I got só traumatized for him saying that I m imense that every day I remember and every time I exercise I thibk I cant cause and I am uncapable and imense as he Said .. Last year with pression on college I developed puke 8x in a day Now I m Fine ... Just The Memories ALL The time but im fighter Sorry for bad english A Hug from Brazil U ar só beautiful

    80. James Embrey

      So just sit idly by as our loved ones die young of heart disease?

    81. Cecilia Rebeiro

      Love you and totally agree that being fat-shamed only makes us stress eat more! No one wants to be yelled at or lectured into changing. True changes come from within and understanding, not fear! Fear causes eating disorders.

    82. Sarah Burns

      I had my brother tell me “I could never be anorexic because I don’t have the willpower to starve myself.” At the age of 11 I walked into the kitchen and my step mom grabbed my stomach and asked “what’s that?” My dad always used to criticize how much I worked out and weighed. That caused me an eating disorder that is 5 years in the process that I’m trying to recover from.

      1. TF Ripley

        I hope you recover. Eating disorders rob you of so much life and I know recovery is hard but it's well worth it. It just gives you a better quality of life. Best wishes to you. Stick with it. 💜

      2. Adrian Schoensted

        I'm sorry to hear that. My younger brother also fought with an eating disorder, and though it only continued for 8-9 months, it was a difficult time for our family and an even difficulter time for him. I truly hope you have reached out to you family, and espicially doctors for help. The introduction of proffesionals was the deciding factor for us.

    83. Liz Morando

      My mom always tells me to get in a diet that im too fat. 😥so I'm trying so hard to loose weight so she can stop

    84. James Embrey

      OR... maybe women just can’t handle being told they’re fat. Dudes rip on each other for being fluffy all the time. You don’t see us sobbing about how PREJUDICED society is. We get pissed off and start doing some push ups.

      1. James Embrey

        @Love Love we do stick up for each other, BY speaking as a outside observer. In “ribbing” we’re pointing out ways that the person is hurting themselves that they likely either aren’t aware of, or aren’t taking seriously enough. Yes there is mean spirited criticism, but there is also KIND spirited criticism, and that’s what I think needs to stay around. A lot of men NEED that kind of “reality check” harshness to kick their ass into a positive change. “Have you considered making some lifestyle adjustments?” Sounds like “pussy-ass bullshit” to many men. So my point is, don’t project your need for gentility onto everyone. Because many literally need the exact opposite.

      2. Love Love

      3. Love Love

        Look man, anecdotal evidence is not enough. Secondly, this right here is why men have higher suicide rates. You people need to stick up for each other.

      4. James Embrey

        @Adele Gillaspie if ribbing your friends for their self destructive behavior in an effort to see them happier is “toxic masculinity” then you are absolutely correct. And toxic masculinity is the thing that got me to turn my life around and create a vastly better life for myself as a result.

      5. Adele Gillaspie

        Toxic masculinity alert 🙄

    85. James Embrey

      Women. Women are negatively affected by weight stigmatizing material. Not “people”. Women are more likely to “eat their feelings” in general. So portraying this finding as applying to everyone is inaccurate. Being “joshed” for my weight by my friends is the exact thing that made me take it seriously. And I’m vastly happier now. My point is that Some people respond WELL to a verbal slap of reality. Removing that harshness from society could actually do harm to those who NEED it to acknowledge their position. So I guess a more fitting thing to advocate is “know your audience” And titrate the harshness of your words to fit the persons temperament. Not “be nice to everyone” cuz “niceness” did not get my fat ass out of the cookie jar. Bros pointing out my man boobs and girls saying they weren’t attracted to me did.

      1. Love Love Really?

    86. cameron bennett

      Not going to lie, this video made me pretty emotional. I actually teared up a bit which is not something that happens often. While my relationship to food and fitness is middle of the road (not super healthy, but not completely toxic), I sometimes wonder if it would be different if I wasn't body shamed from a young age. I was a little chubby and on the upper end of normal weight until I hit about 7 or 8. I remember being in third grade, going for my annual checkup and my mom yelling at me afterwards because I gained 20 pounds in a year. I didn't think there was anything wrong with me until that point. It wasn't the first time I heard something being negative about fat people but it was the first time I can remember being "shamed" about my weight. I know my mom's reaction much stems from my mom's own securities and she just didn't want me to bullied like she was, but it definitely was the beginning of lifelong struggle with body image. And yeah, I'm sure other people noticed that I got bigger and maybe they even said something about it to me, but my mom yelling at little eight-year-old me is what I remember most. And, it wasn't long after that incident that I can remember any food other than vegetables being "bad," and not wanting to run around outside was me being "lazy" and exercise became something to help me lose weight instead of a fun past time. I was lied to and tricked into going to a nutritionist at one point and man did that make me even more unhappy and more resistant. That toxic mindset being forced upon me for years is something that still affects me today. And like, the saddest part is that my mom thought her niggling comments and "suggestions" were things that would help me. I was always more of a bookworm than a jock but I enjoyed certain sports (and was even somewhat forced by my dad to play sports in high school). I was one of the few girls in my gym class who enjoyed running around even while I was a fat middle schooler and high schooler. However, for a short period of time, I remember being extremely embarrassed about trying in gym and that was after an incident that wasn't "fat shaming" exactly, but definitely had shades of it. Basically, in a gym class game of football, I was running after the guy with the ball and either I tripped him or he tripped me, but either way we both went down. Not a big deal at all. But then a few days later a group on facebook was made by this loser kid that said "Paul got tackled by a girl" that made fun of him for me "tackling" him. I don't remember much about the group, but I remember immediately feeling self conscious about it. It was weird in general - I was more active than a lot of girls in that class, but there was one athletic girl who was super intense and no facebook groups ever got made about her. I reported the group and it got taken down a few days later, but it did make me self conscious about exercising in class for a while. And I'm always self conscious about exercising at a gym, even when there's hardly anyone else in there. There's lot of little "digs" that I got from family members. And while I was growing up I received a lot of messages from society that my body was not a good body to have. For a long time, it felt like shaming overweight people was a socially acceptable way to bully people, both directly and indirectly. I'm so happy the term "obesity epidemic" isn't as popular as it used to be, but I'm probably getting off-track enough as it is. This comment is probably way longer than anyone wants to read, so I'll try to sum it up here. I can't know 100% but I wonder sometimes if my mom had just let me continue being a normal kid and not imposed all these weird health things or forced me into weight watchers, if I would have a much healthier relationship with food and exercise. Maybe - maybe not. All I can say for sure is that fat shaming never helped me. It just made me feel ugly and worthless. I really appreciate you making this video. It was really cathartic to watch and I feel so validated for trying to change my mindset around health and fitness.

    87. alejandra pinzon garcia

      Woooow LOVED this video! I really admire your courage and determination. It's really powerful seeing someone conquering their fears and doing what's best for their physical and mental health. CONGRATS! You have a beautiful energy and it seems this all in journey has helped you to glow a bring even more your beautiful energy...Don't let negative comments bring you down because what people say or think about you it's their problem and a reflection of their own insecurities. By the way I'm loving all the educational videos they are very interesting. Keep it up!

    88. Jewel Hill

      I already knew before clicking the video that far shaming DOES NOT help at all and does WAY more damage, I can relate💀

    89. Renee Angelica

      Jeff killed me in this video

    90. Spike 939

      I am 28 male and 5'8. My weight has been in a range of 147-155lbs for the last 7 years. I ride my bicycle, play tennis, soccer, basketball all for fun. I eat whole large pizzas occasionally. But I starve myself before I have that pizza and eat less the next day to compensate for the pizza. Also being broke kind of helps me to keep me from spending money on unhealthy snacks and fastfood and force me to eat at home mostly rice and chicken and some cooked vegetables. Just thought I'd share this here.

    91. bang turden

      i once visited a orthopedist because of knee pain. i was running regularly and was slightly above normal weight. he asked me why i was running and i answered "because i like it". he then said "if you want to lose weight, you should do nordic walking." i felt uncomfortable and i replied that was not my first intention. at the end of the appointment he said "we will meet again at minus ten." and i asked "what does that mean?" he answered "minus ten kilograms.". i was shook. i think he was implying my knee pain came from my weight. i then got appointments with a very good physiotherapist. he found out that my knee pain came from uneven strength in my thigh muscles. never had knee pain again after evening out the strength. i never went back to the orthopedist.

    92. Amy Hsu


    93. brookiecookie


    94. Kay Sommer

      Sunbite (SunChip in Canada?) is legit THE BEST THING EVER IN THIS WORLD.

    95. Maud Grefte

      My mom shamed my weight by giving me "compliments" when I was underweight (You are so skinny, you would be even prettier if you had some curves!) and upped it a notch when I got obese due to emotional eating (You used to be so pretty and skinny, it is a real shame you gained so much weight). Never focused on the reason why I gained that weight and how solving my mental health was a priority over my physical appearance. I then showed her some pictures of what my aesthetic goals were (which is not skinny, I want to grow some muscles!) and she let me know that that is definitely not what she deems pretty or feminine. Suffice to say that I have stopped giving a crap about what she says about my body today but her voice of the past still haunts me sometimes :/

    96. ʟεααα вʟυв

      Thank you for making this video :)

    97. Isabella Francesca Sy

      Unpopular opinion: Calling someone fat doesn't make you any skinnier

    98. Chloe Pallex

      What about “skinny shaming”?? Not sure if this is a thing, but as a women struggling with an ED it’s almost like the ED thoughts feed off of comments made about how skinny I am. Kind of like how we say eating habits can be influenced by fat shaming, but on the other spectrum. My family picks on me because of how small I am and know I have ED problems it really triggers things. Is there any research on this? Or advise you could give me to beat these thoughts and things to maybe say back to loved ones?

    99. andthediamandis

      loved this

    100. Abby Pierce

      This is why when Joe Rogan screeches about “JUST WORK OUT!!!” It comes off as so ignorant and condescending.