The Fundamentals of Training (Q&A) | Understanding the Basics

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    I hope you enjoy this conversation that I have with Dr. Krishna Reddy. Krishna is an old friend and previous colleague that was with me through the tough years of my PhD. He's an incredibly smart guy who is currently doing his Post-Doc at Cornell University BUT he doesn't know much about nutrition and training.
    In this episode we discuss the fundamentals of training, training splits and much more! This is good for beginners as well as intermediate lifters.
    Don't for get to check out Part 1!

    Let me know what you think! Love you guys! xoxoxo
    Intro: 0:00
    Why do people go to the gym? 4:09
    Common Struggles 5:26
    How to enjoy training 6:14
    Getting off track 6:42
    Training Frequency 7:35
    2 Day Split 7:42
    6 Day Brosplit 8:39
    4 Day Split 10:11
    Workout Efficiently 11:37
    Upper/Lower Structure 15:05
    Progressive Overload 16:13
    Sets/Reps 16:30
    Types of Progressive Overload 20:20
    How to Deload 22:23
    Rep Ranges 23:35
    Recovery 25:40
    Glute Training 31:39
    Enjoy Training 33:47
    Scheduling 35:33
    Balancing My PhD with Training 36:46
    Assessing My Progress 38:15
    NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) 39:51
    HIIT (High intensity interval training) 43:56
    Weight Loss 47:21
    Important Factor? 48:44
    Intensity of Effort 50:50
    Motivation Factors 52:44
    Conclusion 53:54

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    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 28
    3. What are you researching?
    ‣ Watch my PhD Day in the life video ▹
    4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Hope you guys enjoy this conversation! I put the timestamps in the description box but if you are on mobile, I will paste them below this comment so check it out! Love you all! ❤ Timestamps: Intro: 0:00 Why do people go to the gym? 4:09 Common Struggles 5:26 How to enjoy training 6:14 Getting off track 6:42 Training Frequency 7:35 2 Day Split 7:42 6 Day Brosplit 8:39 4 Day Split 10:11 Workout Efficiently 11:37 Upper/Lower Structure 15:05 Progressive Overload 16:13 Sets/Reps 16:30 Types of Progressive Overload 20:20 How to Deload 22:23 Rep Ranges 23:35 Recovery 25:40 Glute Training 31:39 Enjoy Training 33:47 Scheduling 35:33 Balancing My PhD with Training 36:46 Assessing My Progress 38:15 NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) 39:51 HIIT (High intensity interval training) 43:56 Weight Loss 47:21 Important Factor? 48:44 Intensity of Effort 50:50 Motivation Factors 52:44 Conclusion 53:54

      1. LegendofVII

        Stephanie Buttermore 43:00 I agree with him, they want you dna for a reason, this is why so many people advertise them

      2. aya laflour

        Stephanie Buttermore i am whiting for Cheat day

    2. norae104

      he’s so fucking annoying

    3. Vic Springsteen

      This guy is a real jerk does he have to curse and swear and talk like an idiot👹

    4. Melissa Zielkie

      I love this Q&A style!!!

    5. manas pachauri

      Dude let her talk.stop cutting every sentence.

    6. Katya Aga

      Love this podcast! 😍

    7. Carolynn Tiwey

      Love this! He asked the questions that I was wondering about too. Your answers were very helpful and easy to understand 😊

    8. Christine Flowers

      Love the content but its so hard to focus with him cutting you off. So rude.

      1. Christine T


    9. Heather Cleveland

      Can I lose body fat without lifting weights? I can't afford a gym membership so i exercise at home...

    10. Kenneth Chee

      Scientist who cuss. 😂😂😂 I am here for it!!! 🙌🙌🙌 great videos.

    11. Elisabeth Dunstan

      This is extremely helpful and makes things less intimidating. Thank you so much.

    12. Donna Mae Isip

      Very informative

    13. R M

      So pretty is sickening!! Love your channel! As a professional person with two post-graduate degrees and busy career I really appreciate your dedication to fitness. It’s totally possible. It works if you dedicate yourself to it and use the same focus that it took to get through school and pass your boards.

    14. TaylorSwiftGleek

      She was brilliant but he pissed me off so much omg :/

    15. Candygraalzone

      Please do a science based cardio

    16. Angelica W.

      Helpful info!! Wish you would've even talked more. Dude interrupted quite a bit. :)

    17. Patricia C.

      How have u only found you today. I'll watch this video now as I'm losing weight and am considering working out and lifting. Btw you remind me of shay mitchell you're so pretty!

    18. Ray14508

      I like his tip about going to the gym without exercising just to develop the habit. Been going to the gym regularly for the past 2 years now. No workouts, I just read a book in the lockers. Haven't missed a session yet!

    19. Virginia Posadas

      I love how good you are explaining everything, how educated and positive you are! Could you please explain in some video how metabolism works, and if the "broken" metabolism is real? Thanks for everyting you do! you are inspiring!

    20. suzanne guzman

      LOVE LOVE LOVE your vids... but I wish you'd actually respond more! :P I'm curious to know how often you have a cheat day, and do you plan them out or go based on how you're feeling i.e. when you start to crave less nutrient dense food?? Also, do you think people should wait to have these high-caloric until they're close to (or have already reached) their physical goals/desired physique? I've heard that some research suggests people "recover" quicker from a heavy increase in calories if they are leaner. Would love your feedback on this or even better a VIDEO!! TIA :)

    21. Jessica Farmer

      This video has so much good info! I don’t think Krishna really added anything beneficial to the video though, he seems to be more of a distraction. Maybe just do these by yourself for future ones? Thanks for all the research & hard work you do 💛💛

    22. Ligia Castillo

      Love this so much!!!! I was wondering if you would be able to do a video showing some compound movements for newbies like myself to get a better idea on how we can maximize our time at the gym. Thank you soo much!!!!

    23. Ida Irisdottir

      Hey Stephanie. I love your videos! I was hoping you could help me, I started weight lifting 2 months ago and do procesive overload. I eat around 1300-1400 cals a day (159 cm/5 feet 2 inch) but I have still but on 2 kg (51,5 -> 53,5) and my waist have grown 1 cm, so I don’t know if it’s fat. Could you help me to get that 1 cm of my waist again?

    24. Jenny S

      I get his statement about routine and motivation. I worked out religiously for 1 1/2 years. I changed employers and have a new schedule. After thrown of routine it is so hard for me to pick myself up again. Also, there’s great info for intermediate and advanced people. Sometimes we need to go “back to the basics”. I think I’m actually going to try two full body workouts a week and work my way up as I get motivated. I haven’t been in weeks because I’ve literally felt that twice a week will do nothing for me. Thanks for the help.

    25. Philia Z

      I would love if you could do a video on form for different exercises at the gym!

    26. Keny Swims

      Hi my name is Kenya and I’m a swimmer! I have a question... what can I do to get ride of my belly fat? I’m in decent shape but I still have some fat around my stomach and hips I’d like to get rid of. I wake up early in the morning and do 30 minuetes of dryland and after school I swim for 2 hours. My diet consists of more carbs in the morning and less carbs throughout the day and protein at night. I’m 5’6” and currently weight around 140. Is there something I can eat or do to lose the stubborn fat and gain more muscle? (During the summer I will also start swimming 4 hours a day)

    27. Alice Macdonald

      Every time I lose motivation I just watch one of your videos and I get it all back!! Thank u sooo much

    28. Ema

      Could you do a science based video on gut health?❤️

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      Q: I heared that of you do the same workout every week your muscles addep and you dont gain. Is this true?? 🤔 Thanks for this great info btw!! :)

    30. Amanda Peters

      YES! Girl, this is exactly what I was asking for on Instagram when you asked for video suggestions. Thank you! Would love to see more like this!

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      All I see is your teeth

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      Great video and very informative Stephanie!

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      My Fitbit yells at me when I don’t move around hahahahaha

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      Very high quality 🤓

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      The man says f* word too often too much that makes me quite uncomfortable although i love Stephanie and her posts!!!

    37. bobamilk

      i really liked that point about the intensity of the workout!! i definitely think that some days like i push myself to get to the gym, but the intensity is very low. when you go through the motions and going to the gym is second nature to you it's hard to go at it 100% every day lol. i have definitely thought that recently!

    38. tefy s

      Steph these 2 part fundamental videos were superb! So informative, definitely re-evaluating my train split and diet now. Can you do a video on how to improve mobility to aid strength training?! I find myself struggling to achieve the right form due to my lack of flexibility.

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    47. Diana Grace

      I was a bit "frightened" by the length of this video, but I decided to listen to it while going through my workout program. I looked up every single exercise and checked out which muscles I'm actually working in each exercise, and I realized that I was working some muscles a lot more than I thought! So I was able to cut out 2 exercises (now I have 6 for my upper body) from my program, and I now exercise each muscle group 2-4 times per workout. That's good right? It's awesome, because now I can use a bit less time in the gym. You inspired me when you said that you shouldn't have to use more than 45 minutes on the exercise part. Time well spent, thanks for a lot of great info ^^

    48. Deborah Mazenes

      Great video Steph, I have been training for years & agree with everything u say. Looking forward to ur cheat video next. U look great & keep up the great work😎

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      Great podcast, but can I say how cute the interviewer is!

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      First day of vacation and I choose to start my day with this. Always need the motivation to keep the workouts going lol. Thanks 😁

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      I love the longer form videos - very informative - but i can't handle how often he interrupts you!

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    55. Elena Ursu

      Hi Steph! Just wanted to say that a cheat day for me is when I eat a bag of chips or popcorn or have a piece of cake, rather than thousands of calories, like you do. Could you give some advice as how to incorporate these more moderate cheat days and not jeopardize our fitness goals? Thank you!

    56. mama miax


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      SHout out - Krishna

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        THis vid is so funny!

    58. Zakarriyah Burns

      Good show!

    59. Keely

      Before I watch this, I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for all the work you put into your videos. I first came across your videos a few months ago when I was going through a bit of a rough patch. I wanted to take that negativity and turn it into something positive by focusing on bettering myself. I've been going to the gym for years now, but never really knew what I was doing. So naturally, I turned to HUfast. That was when I found your channel and I just thought you seemed like a wonderful person inside and out. You're very articulate, you explain what you're doing and why it works, and you have a very relatable, down to Earth personality. I found that to be inspiring and it motivated me to try and get into the best physical, and mental shape, in my life as I move into the second half of my twenties. Now, time for me to stop blabbing so I can watch this video and get back to the grind! Thanks again from Washington state ❤️

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      I absolutely love these videos

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      this only makes me realize that stephanie is an actual queen and we love her so much. body brains personality and everything else

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        @Thalia Rice My point of view is this: maybe the interviewer just has poor social skills or listening skills in general. Let's not jump to conclusions about his disrespect for women, if this video is all we know about him.

      2. Thalia Rice

        @Lisa Guo So? Does having a question mean you can simply violate super basic social rules and interrupt somebody the entire time? Don't think so. He was really annoying. Also, what's the point in asking you *super important question* when you then interrupt the answer you get after 10 seconds into the explanation with something else?

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      Super helpful video! I have two questions - 1) After a deload week, would you then go to back to the weight, reps, etc you were using before the deload, or immediately be able to overload in some way? 2) I know that the general rule of thumb for rest between sets of an exercise is 1-2 minutes, but how much rest should there be between different exercises? Even if consecutive exercises are intended to isolate different muscles, you're likely to be working the same general muscle group and to some extent using the muscle(s) that you just exhausted in the previous exercise. Maybe if I'm having difficulty performing an exercise even after a couple minutes rest it's an indication that I'm exerting too much effort on the previous one?

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    74. Road 2 Recovery: A Stroke Survivor's Story

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      Im not consistent enough, Im a 5'4" 130lb guy, I have a skinny fat body type, not alot of muscle on my frame. Any tips? When I bulk (up my calories over 2200) I dont gain alot muscle. I ended up saying fuck it because I wasnt building real muscle.

    79. cherryclan1

      So excited by the topic, but the format is challenging ....have to ff through the small-talk; he interrupts a lot (I’m only at minute 12!)and seems to misunderstand where she’s going. Also it seems like he’s putting words in her mouth, and she’s agreeing just to be agreeable (e.g. yes 2 days a week would be fine). Would rather see Stephanie just present information in a clear, concise manner - maybe the way Jeff did in his super-quick “how to diet” vid. By far my least favorite format, and sadly both of the vids like this were topics I was hugely interested in.

      1. Sanasha Perreira

        He was rude and interrupted alot. Sometimes his jokes/comments were 🤔

      2. Christine T

        Love the content, super helpful :) I would have preferred if you made the video solo. Because he kept interrupting you and cutting of your sentences - honestly, it was kinda annoying (and so disrespectful in my opinion). Thank you for the video tho :)

      3. Be Still and Breathe

        Agreed. Maybe a beginner routine designed for women on this upper lower split

      4. cherryclan1

        PS don’t appreciate his language either. Also his lighting is terrible and don’t need the close-ups of him. Meanwhile beautiful Steph is on a small blue screen. finally finished the whole vid - thanks for the info. It’s worth sifting through to get it.

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