Should You Still Train Sore? | Is Soreness Good for Building Muscle?

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    *Full Workout*
    Warm Up
    Dynamic Warm Up
    Leg Swings
    Smith Machine Sumo Squat
    2 Sets | 4 Reps (77.5% 1RM)
    Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlift
    2 Sets | 4-8 Reps (8 RPE)
    Barbell Hip Thrust
    2 Sets | 12-15 Reps (8 RPE)
    Weighted 45 degree Hyperextension
    2 Sets | 15-20 Reps (8 RPE)
    Eccentric Accentuated Lying Leg Curls
    2 Sets | 8-10 Reps (8 RPE)
    Machine seated Hip Abduction
    2 Sets | 25-30 Reps (9 RPE)
    Bicycle Crunch
    2 Sets | 20 Reps (8 RPE)

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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I hope you enjoy! Make sure you like the video if you still like informative content from me! Next video will be a Vancouver Donut review!! Stay tuned! 🍩💓



      2. BASHIR G

        Stephanie Buttermore l love you

      3. Time4Survival

        Video went on talking shit keep it simple

      4. 1966Zodiac

        Great video!! It was very informative. I’m not a huge fan of the doughnut part at the end though, but you have to appeal to the foodies I guess. You should do some good Plant Based vegan meals. I would love that!!!

      5. Safija Begic

    2. Mister C


    3. Guilt

      Hurt when u laugh..yes been there😵

    4. CodeAlias

      Anyone else watching this while your legs are stupid sore?

      1. Diva Boo

        Lmfaoo hell yea !

    5. jod enderson

      Great video

    6. Massie S

      So Yes or No?

    7. Crystal L. Glenn

      I did 60 squats and my legs are sore.... I'm using a massager to help but I will buy the supplements. The sauna used to help with soreness alot but now the gym shut it down

    8. Gabriella Malcolm

      Thank you! I did a heavy leg day yesterday and I’m not even a tiny bit sore. I miss it. I did 35kg on thrust.. each side. NOTHING. I do like the soreness and I’ve upped my weight from last week my genetics are so strong😂😟🏋️‍♀️

    9. Aly pixar

      Great video

    10. For What

      I don't like being so sore that I can't move or it hurts. I workout and the next day I can just feel my muscles more instead of being sore. Whenever I bend down or pick something up i can feel every muscle working to bend over. It's a good feeling.

    11. katharine edwards

      I have a week core since having children and stress really has given me a fupa. I worked that area Saturday (its now Tuesday) and to my knowledge not over kill just the total abdomen region for 20-30 sec excercises like german, twist, scissors, planks, toe reaches etc... and now I feel like I was hit with a bull dozer! Lol but it let me know I finally reached the areas I was to weak to do fully without quiting. I actually feel soreness in my lower abdomen region, which I know is silly I thought was just fat! Ahahahaha. My goal isnt to be sore anymore but the soreness just let me know I actually targeted those areas so maybe I'll do only 2 sets of 30 second reps for each one to see if soreness decreases next week.

    12. Jennifer Trevino

      Can you do a tutorial on your eye makeup? or full face?

    13. Lystic

      I was taught (could be very wrong) that training while sore can still develop muscle cells but they aren't as well developed. I guess it's bit like how long-term overtraining results in emergency-building of cells that don't work so well. If I'm only a little bit sore than I don't mind, but I tend to avoid training heavily while more seriously sore. And I dunno, my body tells me it's the right thing to do.

    14. mollegog

      super curious on your thoughts on BCAAs to reduce DOMS.

    15. Jacky Star

      I started working out again and was concerned I wasn't sore. I have sweat more than I ever have while working out. I was never the person who was dripping. I used to get sore a lot and felt good about it.

    16. J R

      To avoid soreness follow the follib

    17. Sabina Julius

      It is a bad thing? But that's literally how you gain muscles.

    18. A Wad

      I like being sore, it tells me what part of the muscle i hit with the exercises i did, if its sore in the place i want to develope more, then i know im hitting it right


      nice body girl:)

    20. Hazeydaze22

      Did my first glute activation session, and my god I'm 2 days post workout and still struggling to bend over and sit on the toilet 😂 I think I maybe overdid it? Because I can barely get out of bed and sit at my desk to work.

      1. red_heart creations

        Same here I done with squat it really hurts my tigh even I cant bend my leg to sit

    21. s1r cool

      In AMERICA its called muscle high cholesterol

    22. The Truth

      Wrong. Muscle soreness is an indication you have done something different, and that is the key to muscle growth.

    23. Stoney Josephine

      I love feeling sore, its such a satisfying pain! I must say though, it takes a lot for me to become sore now since I train regularly. I'd have to skip a week (maybe two) to feel very sore after a work out.

    24. grubbie chirp

      But I like it :(

    25. Heideh Hooo

      I miss these type of videos. I wish the more scientific workout videos would come back

    26. Eden S

      I’m doing your optimisation program , 1st leg day killed me , now I have to do it tomoz but my legs and butt HURT, however you recommend not working out. Now I feel like I’m already failing this program being sore at the beginning

      1. Eden S

        Kate Black thank you Kate ! ☺️

      2. Kate Black

        It’s alright. You will get used to it. Just keep going when you’ve recovered and don’t give up. 🤗 I’ve had so many days like that throughout my journey, sometimes it’s part of learning your limits. Don’t let it stop you all together. Since I started 2 years ago, I’ve put on 6kg (13 pounds) of muscle (according to inBody scan) and I’m lifting 1.5x my bodyweight in squats and deadlift and close to my bodyweight for bench. I barely ever feel that sore now (except for post COVID-19 lockdown.

    27. チェリーKakyion

      I mean...if they make us do it at school...then sure?It is?

    28. Stephanie Dee

      I still don't get it tho. Should you still train when you feel sore in places like the thighs and calves? Or does it cause injury?

    29. Cara Esterhuizen

      Proof Im being listened to cuz I just asked my mom and this came up

    30. Zuz Rim

      Now you look so much better! I just saw your all in 1 year after and I am sending all love to you!

    31. Charlotte Banks

      Went on the treadmill for 40 minutes and now I’m feeling so sore😭. This is my fourth day in a row, and I’ve felt sore the whole time!

      1. No Name

        It is very important to take rests in between workouts, especially if you are really sore. It helps muscles recover and/or grow, it also helps you keep that motivation. Take care :)

    32. chlloe. _

      i workout and realise i’ll be big piece of lactic acid the next day doesn’t help in motivating me to exercise :/

    33. My Head of Hair

      Where did you get your shoes??

    34. E Ferrie

      you’re so pretty!

    35. Lillu Channel

      I had an acrobatics class yesterday on the beach, which brought so much adrenaline that I didn't even notice how hard I was tightening my muscles. I had so much fun. Now, the next day already, I am so sore that it hurts to move any body part. What I want to know is if it is okay when you get sore "by accident".

    36. xeracorocks

      Nicely read Stephanie.

    37. Haya72x

      Okay so, I did a butt workout and I’m extremely sore. But whenever I do ab workouts I’m never sore. Why is that ? I want my abs to be at least a little sore but they’re not, they hurt when I workout but never sore the next day.

    38. Gloria Wang

      im sorry but those leg swings you did at the beginning of your workout are actually so bad for you the way you did them. you should be turning your foot out so that your heel is facing forward and your but is tucked in. just swinging your leg around like that is a surefire way to pull a muscle. love you though!

      1. Gloria Wang

        i should clarify that im talking about the leg swings you did to the side

    39. Light Theory LLC

      Take BCA's Bicarbonate Amino Acids, which repair muscle tissue within one hour of a single dose.

    40. ImA Alien

      My ass hurts

    41. Delia Sporea

      In romanian is called "Muscle fever" =)))

      1. Natalie

        In Germany it's called muscle hangover :)

    42. Nicole Biancorosso

      i love that you took the time out of your day to make this video ! thank you for putting in references as well

    43. Faith Thien

      I’m so sore that when i sneeze it feels like someone punched my abs

      1. Diana Castaneda

        Or when u cough😭 I was choking on a chip and I had to cough and it hurt so baddd

      2. Angel West

        I can’t even sleep right , I have to lift each leg into the bed

      3. Ria Vuitton

        @katharine edwards it tickles me it hurts but tickles

      4. Ria Vuitton


      5. Cassey.


    44. 2Hot2Handle

      2017 - Peak shape. Deadlift max 405 lbs (I could do 135 lbs in sets of 10 nonstop with 1 minute rests), squat 225, bench 185, 20 pull-ups. Ran 3 miles in 21min. Weighed just under 170lbs. 2018 - Tapered off. 2019 - Literally sat at a desk the whole year until December. Got back to jogging. 2020 - Jan - Recovered my running speed. Did calisthenics. Surprisingly my body didn't look too squishy. Guess it's true - when you're not on 'roids it's hard to build muscle but hard to lose it too. 2020 - Now - Back in the gym. Full-body workouts. Deadlift 105 max. Squat 95lbs. Bench 95lbs. Weigh 162. Other stats are too embarrassing to mention. Sore as f**k right now. Lesson #1: Don't yo-yo. Lesson #2: See lesson #1.

    45. Beautiful leaves

      Question...Is it bad to do the same workout routine everyday? And how often should I be resting my body?

    46. ł When you Sleep ł

      even if you go light the first time hitting that muscle the first time, you will be sore.

    47. ł When you Sleep ł

      being sore just means you have too much lactic acid that came out and acidded the muscle.

    48. Regan

      Your body was fit and pretty. Now you look like a potato

      1. Regan

        @Love Is anorexia: am I a JoKe To YoU

      2. Love Is Everything.

        You must look like a potato has well.

    49. Bryan Montouth

      Beautiful !!! Keep it up 😘

    50. W K

      Before bear mode....

    51. Kara Riekstins

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves donuts 🍩

    52. michael cutugno

      No such thing as over training just under eating lol.

    53. T A

      Great video!

    54. Jessica Cunningham

      Currently so freaking sore

    55. Kishany Subramaniam

      Your videos are so inspiring!!

    56. LockeC

      I just started lax practices again and yesterday I was so painfully sore it was actually miserable and it less into today but not as bad so I decided to get back into the gym after a rest day yesterday

    57. hetero sapien

      I heard “doms” thought it was something else. Well my mind is in the gutter.

      1. bunny affs


    58. Crown & Castle Collective

      Im surprised you didnt mention Saunas 😫

    59. buszero1

      I'm a wimp. I've never trained sore. I would treat myself to some ice cream for a few days and head back to the gym only when the soreness is gone. But you know, the more I train, the shorter of intervals of soreness, so I end up training more. I seriously did it this way when I used to train a lot.

    60. Ms.Cherry

      That soreness goes away when you train again? 😂

    61. tatiana zapata

      I love the weight gain so much but I just wanna say because of the last video Stephanie posted: YOUR BUTT LOOKS GREAT WHEN YOU WERE LEAN JUST WALKING OR WITHOUT POSTING TOO!!! you’ve always had an amazing butt!!! You always look great! I’m super jealous :)!

    62. The mad lad

      Just because you have a nice ass doesn't mean you know anything.

    63. The mad lad

      Look at it like this . If you were a logger before technology would you take a day off or would you go right back to work? Probky go to work because you would get fired.

    64. matthew coger

      If you aren't sore, then you aren't working. You can't build muscle and not be sore ! Quit living in fantasy land !

    65. Queen Caraweelo

      I am paralysed as i type this,pushed myself hard for leg and shoulder day.Nearly could not get off the toilet😭.

    66. dyna880

      This is the first and definitely last video i ever watch by you

    67. unlucky m0f0

      squatting on a smith gives me the frear it dose more damage than good

    68. Covers Said Kpop?

      I did chloe tings arm and full body workout and I didn’t feel the soreness a bit after it but like it’s literally 5hours later and I can barley walk. Just the thought that I have school tmr and all my classes are on the 6th floor. Elevators are only for handicap people

      1. Tnt Logic

        Good luck!!! I’m currently doing her 2 week abs challenge and I was sore within the first few hours.

    69. Jasmin Menzies

      OMG I was born in Vancouver!

    70. KlickingKay ASMR

      That long ponytail is so pretty💕

    71. Adam eben

      It depends

    72. Holly Long

      I'm trying to do a squat challenge and I was sore for the first 3 days (I hadn't done squats in like 9 months) and day 4 I didn't feel sore and I was proud of myself lol

    73. *Tess *

      Coffee and salmon.. My two favourite things. That sounds like an amazing day!

    74. More Coffee

      In german it’s actually called a „muscle-hangover“

      1. Death Point

        in spain it’s called needles because the pain is like having tiny needles proding your muscles

      2. Gina Jula

        In Romanian is called muscle fever


        and i heared something like.. in the sore your muscles tear

      4. Daravy Hottell

        this is why I love German

      5. s1r cool

        In Amercia its called muscle high cholesterol

    75. Cara Stone

      Muscle soreness and pain are NOT the same thing. Muscle soreness is normal. Pain signifies injury. Whether or not I train sore depends on the level of soreness. I listen to my body and adjust my training (or not) accordingly.

    76. Sara Rønning

      I train until i can’t anymore, HAHAHA sore or not that’s what i do everytime and i feel amazing afterwards even though i’m literally paralyzed 😂😂

    77. Tetsuo Abe

      Did anyone else have trouble focusing on what was being said?

      1. windyrain storm

        not because not everyone here are pervert lol

      2. MsTriangle

        No, because we are women :P

    78. Alicia Autumn

      ice baths seriously help me reduce doms!

    79. Jakiazhhabzg Staruiszjjzg

      She was tinyyyy. She looks better now

    80. TheWholeShabang

      Pickle juice also helps with soreness

    81. Big T

      I absolutely LOVE Stephanie and Jeff! They are relationship goals af!

    82. Pinoy Midlife Crisis

      Damn squatting in a Smith machine, now giving advice

    83. Christopher Bellamy

      Yams on em

    84. Browne Hawk

      Im more into watching the dudes in the gym pretend to not look at her.

    85. Jason Markson

      I used to suffer badly from muscle burn after workouts and long distance bike rides, then I discovered Tikun Liquid Minerals and after just a few weeks of fixing me mineral levels, my recovery is now a matter of hours after exercising. I got this info from Dr Joel Wallach and decided to act on it. Lucky for me.

    86. Khalid Muhammed

      If i found a butt like yours in the gym everytime i go,, i think i would have gone all days

    87. Player 1

      Soreness is a sign of mechanical tension. Which is one part of the program. Isometric and metabolic stress usually wont create that kinda soreness. Soreness can most times be a good thing....

    88. Damon Hazelwood

      Is this a video on how to twerk?

    89. missdee212

      I have doms now and I freaking(the other word) hate it, it makes me not wanna work out.

    90. L

      I only watched one video but I'm already a fan. Your smart and articulate and answered all my questions concisely. You also just have a really good vibe (: idk I just like you. Subscribed!!

    91. Maia Montecalvo

      protein powder prevents me from being sore !

    92. doug

      I usually just get dressed up in my athletic wear, go to Starbucks and buy the most complicated drink so people don't think I'm poor.

    93. Rak ster

      Love the camera angles 👍

    94. Deaucilion

      I currently have the worst DOMS I’ve ever had in my life, I did a leg work out and my thighs are in soooooo much pain and every day it’s getting worse, to the point that I can’t bend my leg to upwards to a sitting motion & I can’t sleep.

    95. Santi Ferrer

      she can squat on my face

    96. Santi Ferrer

      great ass

    97. Anna Flavia Pires

      Loving your vids and tips! Love from Vancouver!

    98. U Wot M8?

      If you don't have difficulty getting on and off the toilet after leg day, then you didn't work hard enough.

    99. roundsout155

      Where can get some of the drink ?

    100. Time4Survival

      Just fucking say yes or no