Quick and Effective: FULL Upper Body Workout | Science-Based

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    Workout starts at 3:00
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    Hope you enjoyed my intensity techniques that enables you to get in a great workout that is QUICK and EFFECTIVE. Enjoy! xoxo
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    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 27
    3. What are you researching?
    ‣ Watch my PhD Day in the life video ▹ bit.ly/dayasaphd
    4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      WHAT UPPPP! Comment below what your favorite techniques are for getting in a quick but EFFECTIVE workout 👇 Much love xoxox

      1. Ste ve

        Stephanie Buttermore I love u

      2. Techneeque South Africa

        Stephanie Buttermore You gotta push more on that last rep💪

      3. A C

        +Stephanie Buttermore What are your thoughts on a teen female trying out intermittent fasting ? Some people say it can wreck your metabolism and cortisol levels.... Wondering what you think ? [i like being able to eat all my meals in a shorter span of time, but i have been craving things more lately. (im 5'4 and moderately active , im around 137ish(?) and am trying intermittent fasting with exercising to lose some fat, and hopefully lean out, any advice would be greatly appreciated!) ]

      4. Diana Fitness Bakersfield

        Stephanie Buttermore For quick workouts I love to add in Plyo exercises in between exercises! : )

      5. Haya Al Khatib

        heavy compound movements and supersets

    2. Mariam Korea

      Omg.. those pancakes look delicious! What's your recipe?


      I recently started to follow your videos and social and my goodness! You are every bit of inspiration to do whatever the fuck you want! You went all in and still rock your workouts all while enjoying food and being open about your mental health. Done fangirling. Now, do you think your training has changed since this video was made?

    4. Monika

      I was looking for a workout and landed up watching someone going vacation....thumbs down

    5. Devin Gibson

      Hey cool! I live in Kelowna and it was a surprise to see it in this video! I hope you had a good visit!

    6. Just Abbie

      Thank you. I really needed this. I never know how much or what to do while at the gym for upper body because it’s a little intimidating. You’ve also made me realize that I probably over train. Once these gyms open back up, i’m going to get right on that

    7. Alex Hoyt

      She's moving so fast in the thumbnail, I can't believe it

    8. Donatella De Patre

      You must do pulls up! I can't them so I do the lat machine

    9. Omar Ruedas

      No one cares about your vlogging. I came here to watch fitness workouts not see you travel and talk about your life. Dislike

    10. Evs

      What a horrible fuckin workout

    11. Torunamukaji

      You want to hid your ribs with muscle? Seeing the first few ribs is sexy imo

    12. taew

      hi Stephan I have watched through most of your video and also going to be a fan of your facilities like iwatch, necklaces, nails, eyeliners .... except the gym things and donut :D. May you film your makeup routine? thanx!

    13. Princess Pisces ♓️

      I can’t stop staring at her teeth 😬

    14. cleaning star

      hottest phd ever

    15. Kurt White

      What brand of shorts & top are you wearing in this video...??

    16. Nyckole DeYoe

      I love the tip to keep my elbows down so I can avoid activating my traps. With my body type, my traps build so easy and I always dread upper body days because I do not want to bulk in the trap region. Thank you!

    17. Grace Doty

      So helpful! Stephanie, can you do a video on how to avoid/prevent developing "neck bands"? I've been avoiding lifting heavy on upper body days because my neck totally hulks out during and after training upper body. Can this be prevented by changing my form/doing anything differently? Love your videos! xoxoxo

    18. Dianimae Dante

      I just love it that you sweat enought in your workouts but your makeup never lapse. Hahaha. I love watching your videos!

    19. Sue M

      Too much of momentum during lateral raise.. which is a strict No!

    20. Hanan Ali

      Oooooh you come tp egypt welcom im egyption

    21. R R.

      Jesus, 3:03.

    22. Mary

      Hey Stephanie🙌 Admirable fan here on ur workouts and how in shape u are. I have looked through ur videos, maybe I have missed it but wanted u to show a video on good bust exercises please? Hoping machine related, which ones work best to lift girls up and add some muscle at same time please not in a masculine way though lol Thank u so much🙏

    23. Jose Reyna

      SOB! She's a beautiful Asian woman. Jeff is ugly. Jeff is not even good looking. I'm way more good looking and handsome.

    24. Mrs Madame

      your body is so beautiful

    25. Rad Eno

      Wow u are looking amazing. All hard work pays off. Nice body shape, love your long hair and beautiful eyes. Last but not least magical smile 🤗 Many greetings from 🇸🇰

    26. Flori B.

      I’m doing upper body today and needed some new ideas, so I came to you, thank you for that! The problem with upper body is that I made great progress really fast, so my back is pretty wide and the pects well shaped and now I feel limited with workouts. Can you give tips for not getting my back or chest too bulky/manly? :(

    27. Edilaine Fácio

      I'm a girl and i want traps, big traps

    28. xAmyCakeyx

      Stephanie, I am a recent subscriber and I love your videos! I've been in a funk for a year because of an injury and I have lost my motivation, but seeing you and your videos helps a lot! Thank you!!!!

    29. caleigh

      Chest exercises feel so good! I love making the girls perkier 😋

    30. Sydney Hill

      Where is your workout shirt from?

    31. Oma Uchendu

      My brother and I were arguing about how Asianyou are. Are you fully Asian. Are you mixed. Or is one of your parents Asian and the other half- Asian.

    32. Mgtow Boo Boo

      what about mgtow?

    33. Mishka1811

      So glad you mentioned the chest to fill in that area. Same with me, I could be a great weight but still see my ribs in my chest. Thank you for the tip!

    34. MFC

      Came for a workout... Got a blog. 😕🤔😑

    35. Tata Livette

      3:00 to get to the routine

    36. Shell Bell

      Easy, to the point and no BS 👏🏽 love it


      I Love UR PANNKAKES Can I TRY THM SOoN TTWO DAYS Butter Red JaM.Lil KisseZ

    38. Samantha Nuno

      As a fellow 27 year old female that also tends to mostly work lower body (it's addicting), I was stoked to check your workouts and find something like this! Thank you for listing the workout at the end. Such a fan of you, girl!

    39. Silvia Dumitru

      Hi Stephanie! Love your workouts! On the back extension machine, what I like to do to activate my glutes more is pointing my toes outwards, just like in a sumo squat or even more. that way I cannot activate my quads so much (at all even) and the whole movement is felt by the glutes and maybe a little on the lumbar muscles. Also I've noticed that it helps not to stick my soles to the machine, just let them hover and stabilise on the calves. I'm definitely stealing your splits! Love from Romania, home of the deadlifts hahaha xx

    40. Laura Olier

      You are so nerd and cute, love it!!

    41. Deanna M

      Can you pleeeasee do a video on losing fat/gaining muscle?!?

    42. Tacomaholic

      9:34 The guy on the treadmill doesn't seem 100% focused on his cardio.

    43. S. Smith

      Hi just a question, not meant to criticize or anything but just curious.. have you ever watched the Netflix movie "what the health".. and/or read the book called the China study? The reason why I ask because as you are a healthy lifestyle advocate, what's ur take on animal products and byproducts? ( I am not vegan myself, just getting your opinion) thanks!

    44. Shani Morris

      I tried this yesterday and it hurt so good! Thank you so much. I always feel like i have to work twice as hard on upper body to be effective.

    45. Bianca Gabriel

      That butt touch in the end of the workout though

    46. Willian Alexandre

      biceps tríceps and traps?

    47. Drew Smith

      Ya'll are crazy with these endorsements. The mid-set sponsor endorsement thing got me laughing. Keep up the great videos!

    48. Ella Madgwick

      thank you for putting the full workout list at the end :) x

    49. Sandy S


    50. hipnhappenin

      Dope video on steroids 😂

    51. Allie Nicole

      Hi Steph! Do you have any more google doc exercise plans besides the glute training split?

    52. Ella A

      Pancake recipe please!

    53. Yanely Diaz

      Just found you on HUfast! Loving the info you give on everything!

    54. Katherine Brzostek

      Random question I have those shorts and love them but they come with lined underwear and it always gives granny lines. What do you do to not get those?

    55. Delectable Mountains Homestead

      OUI! I struggle with ribs showing there too. I am will make changes to my upper body day, thank you!!

    56. Sun Ee

      Her lil dude aint fuckn her right

      1. icebreaker753

        Sun Ee jealous it would seem.

    57. Jenni Liberty

      I'm trying those cable lateral shoulder raises today!

    58. MKECBS1

      Want that Pink Floyd vest at 3:40

    59. LittleMissTiff

      Aww this makes me wish I had a workout buddy to push me! I try to push myself but it's just different with someone there :p Can't wait to try this workout soon!

    60. Veni Vidi Amavi

      I LOVE HEARING THE SCIENCE BEHIND moves, it helps me train around 200% better! thank you so much Stephanie!!

    61. AnniFanni01

      Why didn't you include triceps and biceps?

    62. Claudia Pasqualotto

      Great workout - definitely going to give it a try! Also, where do you get your active wear, specifically what you're wearing in this video?

    63. raquel delarosa

      You are awesome!!

    64. Sae

      Great video!

    65. Siobhan McClendon

      Your back looks great

    66. Surya Varshan

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    67. Marlene Ha

      i can see my ribs too in the chest area! hate it :P thx for your content!

    68. Reed Ameid

      Ok lady I've been watching ur vblog for awhile now and now you really got my attention & so I subscribed

    69. Jeremy Rhodes

      How do you maintain your long hair? Also, what brand are your earbuds?

    70. Crystal Richardson

      I needed this. I've been training and had no effects. I know I needed to change it up but got discouraged. Thank you, I will be trying this.

    71. fuckoffgoogle

      I love your videos, it's such an inspiration. It's great to hear about body building from another female scientist. I'd love to hear more about the biology from you too. Please keep them coming!

    72. Bahar Vatanparast

      Do you live in Kelowna ??

    73. Patty Lifts

      Postcard Egypt VLOG would be LITTTTT

    74. Ryder E

      who the fuck cares about this ego nonsense, look at me, look at me

    75. Adie San Diego

      Loooveee your vids!!! Could you do a video on your recovery routine post-workout?? And how do you prevent soreness and extreme fatigue???

    76. Fitness Perfection

      What the Health? critique please.

    77. Debra Carlson

      Thanks for the content!

    78. Power in Truth

      You're so hot I can only watch you in small increments.

    79. Aaron -

      i smash

    80. Jam velez

      Damn this girl is cute.

    81. meii mags

      huge fan here!! i saw jeff's video and i saw you moved to jacksonville... please let me workout with you guys!! i live in jax too!! and welcome to both of you!! i can tour you around!! :)

    82. Sherif Ade

      What is your background?

    83. Sammie Karli

      Stephanie! Love your videos! Very fact based and informative! Question: what is your approach to fatloss?

    84. Vision

      Their vlogs are great but tips on working out is better off with athlean

      1. Baber Zaman

        Tom Garcia athlean is on another level

      2. Imanurse

        Jeff from ATHLEAN-X has his masters in physical therapy and knows body mechanics and how to avoid injury. Plus his videos are straight to the point. The workout in these doesn’t get started until 10 minutes in. I would take this channel more seriously if it got right down to the workouts and left out the drive to the gym, the cooking, the shoes, the goofing around. It’s frustrating to watch.

      3. Frustrated User

        Jeff held the title of Mr. Junior Canada and also held the Canadian national record in the bench press a few years ago when he was a powerlifter. That qualifies him as an "athlete". His workout recommendations also closely follow those of Dr. Israetel and Dr. Schoenfeld, both of whom have considerable research experience in hypertrophy training. I know trolls gonna troll, but you gotta try harder, mate. "Anyone who knows their stuff" 😂

      4. CirceEnchants

        Correct! Their workout tips are all over the place.... but hey, they think they are "athletes". lol. Proof that any kid without the required training expertise or background goes online these days and calls themselves a "trainer" or "athlete" or "coach". A Phd is a good marketing tool but unless that Phd is related to the advice you are giving it is just a qualification that has no bearing on what is being shown here. Anyone who knows their stuff and who is a real trainer or coach will be able to instantly spot how simply awful this output is.

    85. Lukas

      Do you train your neck?

    86. A C

      +Stephanie Buttermore What are your thoughts on a teen female trying out intermittent fasting ? Ive seen people say it can wreck your metabolism and possibly cortisol levels.... Wondering what you think ? [i like being able to eat all my meals in a shorter span of time, but i have been craving things more lately. (im 5'4 and moderately active , im around 137ish and am trying intermittent fasting with exercising to lose some fat, and hopefully lean out, any advice would be greatly appreciated!) ]

      1. RosesareRed38

        Abby C as long as you eat enough calories you'll be fine. I'm 24 and 5' 4" and I do intermittent fasting. Maybe you can only fast every other day instead of every single day.

    87. Alex Soe

      Any fan meet up? I actually live in Ft Lauderdale and saw your post of you being there!

    88. Ed Garcia


    89. Ed Garcia

      This is garbage

      1. Alejandro Andretti

        Ed Garcia lmao

    90. The One

      When that Shawn Mendez gets u pumped up

    91. CzarinaKehoe

      Yay! Trying these workouts later! Bringing you at the gym 💕👍🏼

    92. raghda alqaisi

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    93. Laurie Lee

      Wonderful content. Thanks!

    94. Michelle Chu

      Pleeease consider doing a hair and makeup video because GOALS!!!!!!

    95. Cassie De Pecol

      I have the same chest rib visibility, in fact, I took an arm flex photo the other day and was like WHY IS MY CHEST RIBBED?! Then I realized it was muscle surrounding my chest ribs (is that even possible?). No idea about the correct verbiage here, but hopefully my point is made. Anyways, is it weird that I kind of like seeing the bones in that area? Didn't even realize you could build muscle there as a woman.

    96. Krystelle Gibson

      Yesss please do a day of eating while cutting!!! More videos on food would be great, I'm really struggling with food atm - I'M ALWAYS HUNGRY :( Also loved this video, I do my bachelor dissertation next year so I'm gonna need more fast n heavy workouts haha

    97. Maxwell Wooley

      Did you decide not to do the 15k Steph?

    98. hundhundkatt

      Guh!! You are looking sooo lean! Makes me want to start a cut..

    99. Jair Tovar

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    100. inubgyjgvboi okihnu

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