Physique Update | Full Day of Lean Bulking (How to Build Muscle Over Fat)

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    Embracing the bulk! Cheers! xoxo
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Embracing the bulk! I hope you guys follow my journey through this lean bulk! Let the GAINS begin! Love you all! xoxo

      1. Przemyslal Witkiewicz

        Stephanie buttermore fadnie pani majtki jakieś innie majtki

      2. Great 4ever

        I needa find a woman like you

      3. Joe WRX

        Stephanie Buttermore you so beautiful and u also have a awesome energy I watch Jeff’s videos all the time but thought I could support ur channel too 👍🏼

      4. C

        Stephanie, do you think glute isolation exercises to wrap up your leg day (glute day) are necessary?

      5. Angel

        Girl if you get a tiny bit more mass on your arms you will look PERRRRFECT :D

    2. in be

      sorry.. but did you notice your bf does not know how to eat..? i mean he is eating like bird bites(every single video!!)

    3. kate bain

      On another note y’all look like Dianne and mr peanut butter from bojack

    4. Li Zett

      Some fruit and nuts instead of all these sweets would have been a better choice imho...

      1. Izlandprincess1

        This is just one of a few youtube video of what she eats. We are not living with her so we dont know what she eats every single day. Maybe she mostly eats fruits and sometimes want some sweet ice cream and other snacks once in a while. This would be realistic for some ppl instead of trying to eat extremely clean because ppl will judge you for eating ice cream even if you're having it once in a while.

    5. Low Rider

      I’m a little fat can I still bulk up ? Lol

    6. Vince85


    7. Vince85

      I love plowing filipinas :D

    8. Holi Grail

      check out for your Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMS) for lean muscle mass, bulking and cutting

    9. girl for happiness

      Which Fitnesstracker do you wear? Can you make a video about it. How do you use it, do you checke the calories to know how much you eat? Also I was wondering what do you think how much protein is necessary to build muscels 2g/kg?

    10. Smalltalk

      Literally no one: This chick: this is what my hair looks like before straightening

    11. JON YU

      Dang your place is nice! I know it's late but congrats LOL

    12. s andrea

      Wow, amazing butt

    13. jay hulrs

      wow amazing apartment

    14. Liz Marquez

      Your coach advised we slowly gain weight otherwise it would B mostly fat but how do you slowly gain weight if you add more calories to your diet? Please explain. Should I slowly add a little calories every day?

    15. Heather Cleveland

      I want to lose belly fat...what should I do?should I do fasting and go into a calorie deficit at the same time?? I do cardio and I workout everyday...I haven’t seen any results though...It looks like my stomach has gotten bigger and when I weigh myself the scale says that I’ve actually gained weight ...I have a pretty healthy diet..I’ve been attempting Keto for a few weeks now and at first I lost weight but then gained weight back and now my stomach looks bigger than when I first started...I’m so confused...idk what I’m doing wrong

    16. Heather Cleveland

      An how did you find out what your macros are? I’m still not sure what my macros are...I’ve been trying to figure it out..

    17. Heather Cleveland

      Why would you want to build muscle over fat??? :o I thought a person should try to burn fat first and then build muscle

    18. Roxy Lu

      Your smile is infectious!!! :)

    19. Victoria S Books

      Can you drink dairy milk on a bulk?

    20. pim1234

      Great flat ! Expensive ?

    21. Anna Bel

      What’s the song that starts at 09:00 ?

    22. Niecey Thorpe

      whats ratchet? lol

    23. Ebi Kua

      The apartment looks great!

    24. Angelique Stalker

      stephanie butt face more like it

    25. SmellsLikeCurry

      Wife her Jeff!!!

    26. Miranda frost

      Who do people think it's ok to just shack up with each other without being married, doesn't anyone have morals these days???????????????

    27. Laila Baig

      Omg Im 5,3 and 108lbs I eat 2600cals per day and end up losing weight 😂😂😂

    28. Victoria Shi

      I actually have a question that I have been curious for very long time, why do girls want to be bulky? I thought all the girls want to look like Victoria Secret models and be thin, slender and toned (definitely not bulky). It looks like most of the famous fitness HUfastrs all have very thick legs, and that doesn't look sexy to me, but why so many girls are still lifting heavy weights?

      1. MEH MEH

        Maybe because women aren’t all the same just like men. They all want different body types ?

    29. stvr

      3:12 🤤🤤🤤

    30. ka wai ng

      your man is a lucky man...if i have a girl like you i would f the shit out of her every day till i pass out

    31. NU Kwok


    32. Silly Humans

      You guys are so cute together. I wish to find my perfect mate one day. Love you both. Thank you for all your knowledge.

    33. Paige D

      How did you gain the muscle you have now without “bulking” in the past?

    34. A Nik

      Steph, Do you have the best method to gauge how you figured your maintenance cals and then how you determine if you should dial caloric value back during a lean bulk if you are gaining too much weight within a month? Like how much would you dial back from or gradually increase if you are taking that method.

    35. Bella Leanora

      What app do you use to calculate macros?

    36. Sydney Hill

      More what I I eat in a day on a bulk! 💛💛💛

    37. Badger

      You are very beautiful

    38. mari amber

      She would look awesome with shorter hair

    39. moonchild

      Stephanie, have you done a video on the keto diet? Once one is in a state of ketosis and the body is running on fat would it make sense to assume that if you’re lifting and in a caloric surplus you would only gain muscle?

    40. ccitong

      i love every video you made! so many information

    41. iLaineyflex

      Quick question: At what point in their fitness journey do you think women who are cutting but want to gain more muscle, should start bulking?

    42. tiny_weeb_rin

      What is his career?

    43. Caitlin M

      This is the first time I ever understood lean bulking and reverse dieting. Jeff is the best!

    44. Taylor Dent

      As a naturally thin woman, I've had a hard time eating enough calories for my bulk (maybe because I eat so clean anyway!). I've been trying to add muscle mass to my upper body. Do you have any high protein, high calorie protein powders you'd suggest? I've had some people suggest some of those 700 calorie protein powders for high school football players/athletes.


      Love your videos! So informative. Question: I bought PE Science preworkout. I actually have the same exact ones you have in this video, pre-workout and high volume. I’m okay with the high volume but feel sick (dizzy and nauseous) with the pre-workout. Should I stop taking it all together or slowly build up tolerance? Thanks ❤️

    46. Yuuchi Clavo

      does anyone remember what website she buys her groceries from

    47. Tale of 2 Piggies

      What were your starting mactos

    48. Meghan Wilmott

      Your hair is so pretty wavy! (It's gorgeous straight too obviously) Also your body is goals 😍

    49. Nathaniel Hofer

      That Joey Badass music in the intro!! I just found Jeff and yours channels but I'm sold already

    50. Raina Elyse

      “Be nice?” What is there to be mean about? Your absolutely stunning!

    51. Lisa Carleton

      Hi i know this video is an older 1 so i hope u see this but iv just found ur channel.and im loving ur content. Im a little confused with reverse dieting vs lean bulking. Rwverse dieting is slowly increasing calories where as lean bulking is increasing calories in a larger amount at a time and u therefore slowly add a bit of weight due to the jump in calories? Is that correct? Maybe 2-3 increases in cals insteady of the many smaller increases with reverse dieting??? Ps i love the eay jeff keeps staring at ur icecream bowl while u are happily enjoying it 🤣

    52. Sa Uf

      please can i know what color nail polish is i have looked everywhere

    53. haylee carroll

      i just found your channel recently & i had to comment & say that you are such a light!!

    54. Carey Anne's Corner

      Love you guys!!!! You are my kind of eater! I have a huge appetite and love the gym! I haven’t had any progress except some increased strength...what else could I do to see more body physique results?? HIIT video??

    55. sarah prado

      How do you determine your macro breakdown ratio?

    56. Andy Gem

      Maybe my obliques are weak

    57. Andy Gem

      17.4 bodyfat, so how come my belly is still sticking out then, if I'm at 12% body fat. Or is just cause my glut is bloated.

    58. Deer Heart

      beautiful flat x can u do a video on cellulite xxxx

    59. Deb

      How you Digest all these.....

    60. Jenn S

      I have to admit I am somewhat confused because I was under the impression if you want to gain muscle, you have to be in some kind of bulking phase, which in turn I thought was eating slightly more than your Calorie Maintenance is it possible you're physique is so nice and you have nicely defined muscles if you've never bulked before?

    61. Rifat Hossain

      You probably have checked your hormonal levels in regards to your constant hunger. I would appreciate if you speak about hormonal effects on weight gain/loss and appetite.

    62. Kirstie

      I’m 148lbs and 5’1 I want to lose fat and tone but I’m not sure where to start any ideas that might help me ? Should I focus on cardio or lifting or what? I am eating mainly healthy and have already lost about 24lbs the last few months with healthy eating and just walking but I want to start the gym!

      1. Kirstie

        Erica R thank you!!

      2. Erica R

        KirstieGogarty A Combination of weights and some cardio is probably best. Weights will increase your resting metabolic rate over time which is the key to weight loss and long term maintenance.

    63. Julia Yap

      Do you know Natacha Oceane, Steph? She eats all she wants and she is pretty lean! I think she trains in a completely different way but it would be nice if two science and food lovers like you gals meet!! Keep up the wonderful content, love it! xoxo

    64. Sera Kim

      Omg girl your hair is like 5lbs. brought to this video bc of your newest vid!

    65. Shannon Zuppa

      HELLO beautiful, I just wanted to say thank you x a million!!! I love your videos and I am learning so much. Health and fitness is my niche & just about 8 months ago Ive made tremendous progress in the gym. I have been working out for 4+ years now but always felt like I was going to get fat if I wasn't doing cardio 24/7 and eating nothing but fruits and salad. I went from being 97 pounds to 112 pounds and I now eatttttt and life HEAVY. My goal is to have shape and be strong.Its crazy to think I wouldn't allow myself to consume calories and starve because I HAVE THE SAME HUGE APPETITE AS YOU. I never thought Id find someone out there that understands the feeling of never being fully satisfied. Anyway I just thought Id let you know I appreciate your videos and I am learning so much. Also I was wondering what kind of camera you use for your videos? LOVE YOU LOTS xoxo Shannon

    66. Karly King

      Stephanie Buttermore! Found your channel and I Am Hooked!!!! So much helpful information and motivation!!!!!!! Going through and watching all your videos. Do you currently use a specific food/macro tracker? Or have suggestions on how to start tracking food like you did in this video? Please let me know.

    67. Patty Garcia

      I love your personality.😊

    68. chevon1920

      Lol, “be nice” as if anyone could say anything bad about her body, lol 😂😕

      1. Vishal Talreja

        chevon1920 Haha true. She gives me 'brains with beauty' vibes

    69. Amber-Louise Atkinson

      Thanks for this. I'm new to your channel. I am very much the same as you in the sense I am always hungry. I am interested in lean bulking but I don't know what I am doing. Only been in the gym fitness muscle gain since just under a year, made alot of progress but I want more muscle with less fat. I'm around 21% body fat overall now. 5ft4 23 yrs old and over 81 muscle quality. Weigh 53kg ish. Any advice would be great

    70. sylva .d

      i see you with that dollarama measuring cup i have the same one😂😂😂😂😂

    71. Alexa Rodriguez

      what was your normal calorie maintainence intake before bulking?

    72. Carly Hill

      Stephanie, I have been watching your channel daily for the last year and have absolutely fallen in love with your channel. You are an amazing, brilliant, sincere person whose videos I feel like have not only given me even more inspiration and motivation but I've learned so much science and reasoning behind the body and fitness. Your boyfriend has amazing videos as well and together you guys make a phenomenal team! My name is Carly, I live in Oregon and am currently a sales representative at an Engineering company. However, I have to deep desire to start my own HUfast Channel. But I am not sure where to start. Do you have beginner tips or sites that I could start with. Any help would be great. Thank you again for sharing your videos to the world. You have definitely made an impact on people's health.

    73. Hannah Day

      I feel like gaining more muscle would just make you even more hungry all the time? I'm def not sure tho lol

    74. Maddie Jane

      What app do u use for cal tracking?

    75. Noemi Rivera

      You are literally perfect! You’re gorgeous without makeup, nice bod, your hair is stunning, and you’re so intelligent!

    76. Lucy Zarza

      I've just started becoming a personal trainer, and your videos are so inspiring! I love the science behind everything!

    77. Jess Horvat

      loved this!! so informative and clear, plus it helps me accept weight gain and living without restriction

    78. Evie Cruz

      Where are all the healthy fats?? I only see the avocado.. I think it would be a cool idea to increase those fats and eat more food overall

    79. ציביה פייגין

      Not sure I understood the difference. Reverse dieting and lean bulk isn’t the same?.

    80. Sam McDougall


    81. Jocelyn Borrego

      Can you guys do a video on how to lose weight while still gaining muscle. Because I know that muscle weighs more than fat but I still have stomach fat and my weight isn’t rlly healthy. I go to the gym and I lift and I’m seeing muscle changes but I’m still fat lol

    82. Joanna R

      Do you take any supplements for your hair health? Your hair is so beautiful!

    83. Dranomoly

      recommendation for a food scale?

    84. Marco A. Nostas Mileta

      Nice vid, Steph!!. You and Jeff are an inspiration, specially because you use science to make sure you're doing the right thing. I want to be the male version of you ! ( but PhD in psychology)

    85. Leanna Rucker

      Hey Stephanie! What calorie counter app do you use??

    86. e

      Eating is the hardest for me! I'm so happy you have done this video!!

    87. Rajendra Shastri


    88. Rajendra Shastri

      Love how you keep your vlogs real 💕

    89. Zakarriyah Burns

      SHow the lean bulking, yeah.

    90. Zakarriyah Burns

      Za Za Rawr Rawr! Zapawryyah!

    91. nickodemo1

      thats not a patio but a terrasse tho :P

    92. Shane Baird

      Lean vegans get to eat and eat and not be hungry.

    93. Shane Baird

      Go whole food plant based and watch your body go to the next level.

    94. winter reed

      Back of your bras looks pretty cool on the thumbnail xd

    95. Sailor Houdini

      You’re my new favorite fitness/health HUfastr to watch!!

    96. Razvan I

      where in canada did you guys move?

    97. Fred Flintstone

      cool butthole

    98. osmanoman


    99. osmanoman