My New UPPER BODY Training Goals | PHYSIQUE UPDATE | Week With My Sister

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    Workout starts at 5:44
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    *Full Workout*
    *Dynamic Warm-up*
    -Prone Trap Raise
    2 Sets | 15 reps
    -External Cable Rotation
    2 Sets | 10 reps
    -Overhead Shrugs + Arms Swings
    2 Sets | 15 reps
    Dumbbell Arnold Press
    3 Sets | 8 Reps | RPE 8
    3 Sets | AMRAP | RPE 10
    Cable Upright Row
    3 Sets | 10 Reps | RPE 8
    Bent over Barbell Row
    3 Sets | 12 Reps | RPE 8
    A1. Resistance Band Lateral Raise
    A2. Seated Face Pull
    3 Sets | 7/7/7 (21's) | RPE 9
    B1. Bayesian Cable Curl
    B2. Overhead Tricep Extension
    3 Sets | 10 Reps | RPE 8
    *Workout footage was filmed and edited by Rashaun R▹ Check out his channel!▹
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    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 28
    3. What are you researching?
    ‣ Watch my PhD Day in the life video ▹
    4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      What is up guys!!! It's been a minute since I've done an upper body workout (starts at 5:44) so I hope you enjoy it! The full workout is and a bunch of other information in the description box, so check it out!! I've seriously missed you guys, SOOO I'm committed to getting on a video schedule where I upload EVERY SATURDAY, so you know when to expect a video from me! 🙌 You guys gotta keep me accountable! Let me know if you would prefer that! Next video will be a very SPECIAL video so make sure you tune in next Saturday! I love you all so much! 💕

      1. Gamer Pro

        Your beautiful woman and you no your stuff. I wish you was my girlfriend 🧡❤️💛🍊💏🇬🇧 but I am not as sporty as you or as heath as you and I like playing video game on my gaming pc. I have been going to gym to loss weight and weight lifting. You sweetheart woman.i am single man you could help me out some time I been single to long.

      2. Lim Lian Hui

        Missed you too; but I understand. Balance is key in life, too much of anything is not good either, so don’t feel bad about taking that break for much needed quality time with family ❤️

      3. lady ema

        More of these videos and what I eat in a day please!

      4. jamie5mauser

        Stephanie Buttermore can you make a video explaining what "getting a pump" actually means and why it is beneficial. Does it pump muscles or is it more mental focus? Thanks

      5. Krystal Aurora

        hi stephanie! i've noticed you wear flat sneakers instead of tennis shoes. is there a reason for that?

    2. Amiele Gig

      I love your teeth, please please share your doc!

    3. Angela.Panzica

      watching this video made me realize I've been doing the cable external rotation wrong. I'm doing the upper body workout today so I'll do it the correct way this time

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      Can you please be more specific on the forms? I’ve noticed you do not really focus on forms. It would be more helpful if you describe the how the forms should be to isolate and with that particular muscle. Thanks.

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      Stephanie, I recommend getting a brain MRI with and without contrast. The differential for what you are describing for your ear symptoms is far greater than this "vertigo" your physician believes you have. I am a radiation oncologist who specializes in brain tumors like acoustic neuromas which typically are treated as "vertigo" like you described before being finally diagnosed. Feel free to pm me

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      I love your videos! They are clear and layed out very well! Can’t wait for your books. On the videos, I wish you guys could also actually show which much muscle should feel the most when doing that exercise. Sometimes I have to pause the videos and look up at that muscle group and then figure out how it feels on my own body.

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      What's your ethnicity? been curious about it

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      Hii Stephanie!! I am in love with your workout videos and I am currently following them and adding them to my workout routines :) thank you so much! ANDDDDD I love your tank top!! Where can I get it? thankyouu

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      Just wanted to say that you are putting amazing and unique content out on HUfast and it’s so much appreciated. As a fellow science-nerd I am usually very skeptical of fitness type channels but your knowledge and science-based reasoning is so refreshing xx also you are so beautiful and warm and inspirational. Keep on at it x

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      Do you plan to write an upper body focused programme for women anytime soon? My lower body is pretty strong but my upper body (including arms, shoulders, back, core, LATS) needs a lot more work and I often don't know where to start. It would be awesome to have a structured programme to follow!

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      Stephanie I have a question. When can I have a cheat day if I have to run everyday because I'm in cross country

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