My New All In Struggles (What I Haven’t Told You Yet)

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    I feel a bit nervous but also relieved to talk to you guys.Thank you for sticking with me in this next chapter. Love you guys! 💕
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I feel really nervous but I know I’ll feel so much better after I post this video. I’ll make sure to keep you guys posted on my IG Story if you're interested in daily updates (@stephanie_buttermore). Also, let me know if you want to see a full day of eating in the comments!👇 Thank you for sticking with me in this next chapter. Love you guys! 💕

      1. Fly AF

        Thank you for sharing your journey

      2. A Stories

        You got this girl💕

      3. La Shonda Mitchell

        GOOD GRAVY!! I am a new subbie.. I have been binge watching for hrs now thinking I was getting info to train myself & build my 🍑. I am crying so hard right now!! I am going to be 45 in a few hrs.. went from 197-178.. I started a new job that is super physical & just started dropping weight.. joined a gym.. I was eating one meal a day for the last month.. My body just stop wanting food so I was forcing myself to eat that one meal.. I am the type that my emotions control everything bout me.. listening to you speak was like you were talking bout me @ times.. I have never been comfortable in my skin.. childhood has everything to do with it!! Crazy what the mind can put us I ate 3x just out of know where.. tomorrow I am going to buy me a Nothing Bundt cake because I saw it in the video & my mouth 💧🤤🤤 I think you look great either way but like I say when someone is basically telling me I look better with weight on me.. I have to look @ myself in the mirror & love what I see..Stephanie you have really got me doing some in depth thinking soul searching going on here! Once again I thank you so much for sharing...I truly think you are Beautiful, So Smart & honestly awesome!!

      4. Chimezirim Ibe-Ekeocha

        I love your videos. It is helping me through very similar struggles that I am going through. All what you are saying resonates well.

      5. Kimberly Rizzo

        This is such a mind fuck! I hope sharing helps your anxiety cycle. I can absolutely relate to feeling guilty, then feeling guilty for feeling guilty, and then having that repeat over and over again. Love to you!

    2. Asya Ivanova

      I love your videos and the openness of your journey. You shouldn't underestimate your audience. You've been through a lot with this, you're an intelligent person and I'd much rather hear about what you think about succulents or Benghazi or mTOR or taking care of your mom than see what you ate today and how much you weigh - especially if it's at the price you're showing us now that you've been paying. I stopped following you on Instagram a while ago (I still love your content here!) because with every full body mirror shot it felt like it was less about the (very difficult) mental and physical path of "the all-in" and more about the "look, it gets better, I look and feel better about myself now, I promise this wasn't a mistake". We like you regardless. Well, I like you. Seems like a lot of people like you a lot based on the comments. It's okay to let go of some or all of this.

    3. Nichole & Co.

      Going through something different but similar. Following and learning about your journey is helpful. Thank you!

    4. Veronica Watson

      Gosh, it must be so hard to create this content. I'm so glad I'm not a HUfastr. So many people are consistently projecting on you, they have an opinion about everything you do....they assume they know you because they watch a video. And suddenly they are fitness, nutrition and mental health experts. It's laughable. I'm sorry you are in a tough space, I know you can get through. Thank you for sharing your experience, I think it's valuable to bring these issues to light. The problem is our cultural perceptions, our societal expectations about our bodies, presentation, public personality, all of this. And in tackling your own issues, it also addresses these larger problems.

    5. Lucios Therpos

      Thank you for sharing! Over all you are completely inspiration. Not just for health. But as a women. Smart, successful, discipline.... List goes on!💕 Thank you!! ❤️ Totally motivational!!

    6. Karen Lejman

      Thank you so much for this! I am a new subscriber. I came across you on another channel with a dietician, Abbey Sharp. I have been having the same anxiety issues. I am jolted awake at 4. I can't eat til noon, and at that time I can't eat a full meal because I am in that environment at work that causes me anxiety. My plan to deal with my anxiety is to take a walk and workout after 3 when I get home. But I am starving! I then tend to eat too much, sometimes fueled with a glass or 2 of wine. Nap usually follows. Then guilt. I am actually about 30# overweight. 135 is my happy, healthy, weight. I am going to try your suggestions, along with changing what I can about what is causing my stress. I want to get back into weight training too, so am going to check out your exercise program! Thank you!!!

    7. Sandra Plasencia Carballo

      Very helpful video for us struggling with anxiety and body image issues. Keep going! As some people have mentioned I think I would be a great to see more of what you do besides your “fitness journey”. I am pretty sure you have much more interesting stuff to share.

    8. Michele Tice

      You are GORGEOUS! I would not look near as good as you at 135lbs. probably because you had so muscle to start, I do feel that's a huge difference and plus in your court. Many women struggle with body image. Even those who are amazingly fit. It's a mind thing. I also feel social media, other people's comments/opinions, fashion magazines, beauty commercials, movies, etc over decades has helped form these issues for women (and men) in a negative manner. I'm not sure of your beliefs but I will pray for you that God heals the most deepest issues you struggle with. Best wishes and many blessings! PS. I love how you take care of your momma, thats special 💗

    9. May Ebony

      I wonder if your anxiety might be caused by pyroluria, a blood disorder that can really be helped by taking daily vitamin B6 and zinc. I have it, and I fully understand the horror of anxiety attacks. Let's face it, it's more like panic, or even terror than 'anxiety'. You can look up information to help with this on the web, all for free. If you Google 'Pyroluria Questionnaire from the Antianxiety Food Solution' you'll find Trudy Scott's amazing free help and so much information to help you understand what's going on. Her articles helped me a lot. Love and understanding to you from Australia

    10. Sabrina Smith

      It sounds like you need a good social media break

    11. bianca hargrett

      Eating disorders are so tough. I’m trying to find the strength to seek help but watching this is helpful. Thanks for your transparency. People like me love to see it

    12. Melanie

      You're amazing! But if you have struggle because of social media the solution is----> get away of it! Take a break and if this won't help, just stay away from social media and live your life happy!! ❤️ If something is bringing you down and not joy so stop doing it, you don't live to pleasure people, be happy!

    13. Jackie

      Why don’t you and I just switch bodies/weight please.

    14. losa sakarosa

      We love you steph! ❤️

    15. A woman

      If I put on a pair of jeans (average size) and they zip all the way, fit comfortably, and the legs are fitted as they suppose to, I am happy : )

    16. Rich j

      You look so much better now than when you started.

    17. Vivian Wang

      You've helped a lot of people publicizing your journey, but now you need to help yourself. People's opinions are tearing apart your mental health, from what you're saying. During this journey, it sounds like you gained physical health, but this whole "all in" thing seems to have shifted your mind from being overtaken from extreme hunger/food into anxiety about what you should and shouldn't do for the INTERNET. The internet doesn't matter, only your personal relationships. I'm glad you have been trying to focus on other things in your life, but that doesn't seem to be enough. I think you need to stop caring what people say--clearly easier said than done. You might need to cut yourself off from social media entirely. Feels like the world will crash down right? I did it and I was terrified to do so, but I came out of it finding what truly makes me happy with social media (honestly just messenger to talk to friends lol) but without feeling pressure from the wrong people. I had often found myself having arguments about things on the internet with random people I didn't know or barely knew, and it would just imbibe me with so much negative energy I felt crappy the rest of the day, unless I just turned it OFF (which was painful because I still was thinking about it) but after enough time would eventually realize that that conversation doesn't matter. Because I ultimately don't care about that person to expend so much mental energy. You may also consider seeking professional help for your anxiety because it's impacting your life so much. I was hesitant about doing that for a long time, but it's done me a lot of good. A lot of those people who naysay or make you feel bad are projecting their personal issues subconsciously onto you, and then going about their lives and forgetting about the negative things they said to you, but it will linger with you. Don't let it. Give this stuff a nice long break. You've done your part. Now go live your life and stop posting these videos, freeze your youtube, FB and IG account entirely. The people who are important will call or text you. At least turn off comments.

    18. samantha

      you look beautiful now!

    19. India Bliss

      You are perfect. Yes YOU

    20. alexandra neese

      i hope you know your videos are incredibly useful and necessary and there are so many ppl extremely grateful for your contribution and dedication. pls keep it up, your love & support will always overwhelmingly overpower the haters

    21. alexandra neese

      ive watched ur all in videos and you have inspired me to not be fearful of recovering from my eating disorder and fully intuitively eating :) sending luv

    22. Brianna Courie

      You are my goal weight

    23. Shelby Fuchs3

      When I first heard your story I felt like it was me talking. I have always been known even throughout high school as the person that always was hungry. Extreme hunger. I struggled with the exact same things that you do. You have a large platform though so I cant speak to that-HOWEVER.. It seems like you need to be talking to someone about it love. It is starting to seem like you're unhealthily obsessing about weight and people in the comments. You have to refocus your mind on just feeling good. Enjoying your life. Can Jeff can take the scale and put it away so you can focus on the number less? Not for forever but having a set day in the month where you can check it? I truly feel like you'd have more relief if you didn't have a number to focus on. People are always going to have something to say about you and most of it is coming from a place of hatred for themselves. It is tough to see it this way but if you can reprogram your mind to see those people as hurting individuals themselves, it makes it a bit easier. I also wanted to add that you posting about your body makes people feel more of a need to comment on it. Because you're so open about your peaks and valleys with all in. I truly wish you the best, I enjoy your videos. I hope you find peace with your body and the people commenting about it. Take care love.

    24. Sabah Virani

      Biological data is actually more like the stock market, always cycling up and down so fluctuations are completely normal!

    25. Katie Lamp

      I really love your videos. I struggled with a lot of the same issues, especially the irregular appetite. Thank you for posting this it makes me feel so much less alone while going through a similar process.

    26. Elizabeth Jahr

      Girl. “I’m concerned about your health” is diet culture talk. It’s still haters who have found a socially acceptable way to make comments about your body. The people who are allowed to talk about your health are you and your doctor.

    27. J

      Let me add by saying that you're too focused on what other people think about your body. That's the problem with social media and oversharing; the fluctuations in your body weight are really nobody's business. I watch from an educational perspective, but there are others who watch to judge or to take your very personal journey out of context, almost as if they think you're suggesting someone do this 'all in' rather than just documenting your own experience and allowing us to watch.

    28. J

      You look amazing! It's so clear that this journey was right for you.

    29. Alex W

      Your honesty, your authenticity, your candor - it touches my heart.

    30. Lior Baruch

      sorry for the long queshtion (and for any eanglish mistakes) - i an on the prosses of getting better from BED (binge eating dissorder) and i am olso over weight (BMI 38) - did many many diets in my life and i am basiclly a yo-yo. one of the main things that i am warking on with my psychologist an nutritionist is learning to let myself eat with no judjment or rectriction and listening to my body, part of it is simmiler to your all in prosses with the edded part of the mental dissorder. one thing that i have been told is that because i did so many diets my mattabolisme probbebly really slowed down meaning it will be really hard to lose weight without extream calorie restriction (unhealthy way) or with a lot of working out + bilding more muscle that will use up more of the calorie intake. you mantioned that durung the all in prosses thanks to a fast metabbolism you lost some of the weight that you gained. so my question is: was the fast mettabolisme something that alwayse stayed the same or did it changed to being faster after your body relaxed due to the all in prosses. and if it did change due to the prosses can you shortly explain how does it work? i fear that my past and all that my body has been through will now prevent me from getting to a healthier and more comfeterbul body and loose some weight. agein, i am sorry for the long comment, i hope that you will answare. thank you!

    31. Mellow Stone

      You have no idea how much this video helps me! Talking openly about these feelings helps me realize that I'm not alone. I've been struggling with yoyo dieting for the last 5 to 6 years and this October decided to go all in, after learning a bit about intuitive eating and understanding the logic behind it. I was in a period of gaining a lot of weight binge-eating post diet and dreading the fact that I have to go on a diet again to lose all that I put on. It is hard going all in when you're already way above your ideal weight, but I finally understood that diets don't work. I was always food focused, always craving, didn't feel when I'm full, and had guilt issues after eating something that's not "clean". And my libido was soooo low! I've started reading about set points and damaged metabolism and leptin it just made sense. I discovered Abbey Sharp and she made light in what intuitive eating is, but as I didn't have the satiety feeling, I could not really eat intuitively. Then I read about going all in and decided to do just that. Although I'm only too months in, I realize that it already helped me so much. And last week I discovered your channel, because of a video of Abbey's. Of course I watched all your video's from since you went all in (only have the last two to watch) and because of you, I'm even more confident that this will work. I like how you approach things and how you explain them, and because you're open about your feelings I feel that I'm not alone. And this helps a lot! Especially because my husband doesn't totally support me in this (he doesn't have an issue with the extra weight, but he's a very active person and he's been eating intuitively all his life, he doesn't have cravings and doesn't understand that I have to let my body do it's thing now and that I don't have a plan or a clue of when or if all this will slow down) and because my family live abroad and I cannot visit them now, it's been really hard. So, thank you for being open and for talking about this. It really helps!

    32. Beach Town Reseller

      The way you are with your mom is everything.❤️

    33. Beach Town Reseller

      You worry way too much what people think. That’s what social media does to people. It gives us a reason to pick on ourselves.

    34. peach

      Depression can wake you up early, common for people to get just 4-5 hours of sleep when depressed

    35. peach

      First world problems

    36. Dominique Blagojevic

      How about just eat when you're hungry and not eat when you're not hungry? What's the problem if you don't care about your appearance? I've been in the 130s for several years but I want to slim down so I'm going to decrease my calories. And intermittent fast never messed with my hormones, but everyone is different

    37. Hannah B

      Hey Stephanie! Did you track your body composition percentages throughout the journey?

    38. Nic Nac

      You are so strong Stephanie ❤️ sending light and love!!!

    39. Kettaa Joseph

      for everyone telling her she should worry about way more things in life than her weight.. etc.. you guys are missing the point. SHE IS NOT WORRIED ABOUT HER WEIGHT. SHE IS FOCUSING ON HER HEALTH. Plus this is the industry she is in so of course she is going to discuss these topics. Anyone saying she has a eating disorder needs to shut up because she actually doesn't, she is a health and fitness person and is purely sharing her experience and trying to help people. How about you guys worry and focus on yourselves. quite frankly she looks AMAZING. also, sorry but in this world appearance does matter so please don't delude yourself. You look great keep it up Steph

    40. Stephanie Tonneson

      Stephanie, thank you so much for this. This is so relatable. I’m not a public figure, but even in my life I feel pressure to fulfill other peoples’ expectations-both related and unrelated to weight. It takes so much to be open about this and it’s so impressive and courageous. It’s hugely encouraging to me to see that even someone like you-who is so much farther ahead in your fitness journey than I am-still struggles with this. Thank you ❤️

    41. Ingi Dali

      You are amazing :)

    42. Claudia Castro

      You look gorgeous! You have all our support no matter what happens next 🙂

    43. Donat Rizahuu

      Didnt she look like she losed all her gained weigght. The old stephanie isnt too much thinner than now. She looks bomb.

    44. Katie Getchell

      It's just so weird that the top struggles you mentioned are about other people hassling you or making pronouncements on your health! I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this.

    45. Minnie Mice

      How tall is she? Stef, don’t read the comments. For ur sanity, just ask ur bf to read them.

    46. Julili

      Severe anxiety is your nervous system reacting to the changes happening in your life. Could be trauma finally getting space to process. There's a saying that goes: your relationship with food is the relationship you have with your mother. Sometimes the issues we had growing up reflect in the way we eat and our relationship with food. I can go on and on regarding this topic (I am recovering from years of binge disorder), but I do recommend you seeking help regarding the anxiety. Once you understand where the anxiety is coming from, it subsides. Wishing you the best

    47. amanda prokop

      From my own personal exerience: Almost 4 years ago I was in a car accident and suffered a neck injury. At the time I was very fit. I worked out regularly, ate well and felt very balanced in my life. After my accident I spent 8 months in physical therapy, had 2 cortisone injections in my neck that caused a 25 lb weight gain within a couple months and then at 10 months post-accident I had ACDF surgery. During the first few months after the surgery my weight really took off because of a drastic decrease in physical activity, restrictions on what I was physically allowed to do because of the fusion in my neck, heightened anxiety over finances, lack of activity and limitations, and the changes to my body that I was not prepared for. My anxiety led to poor eating habits and my energy levels severely suffered for a very long time. I would look in the mirror and feel like absolute crap about what I saw. I worried that the changes in my body were going to effect my relationship with my boyfriend (now fiancee) and I worried about how I looked to everyone after gaining 35 lbs. I started trying different things over the next year and a half from detox teas, to killing myself for an hour at a clip with cardio sessions 4 to 5 days a week then weights afterward, restricting my calorie intake, and no results. I still felt like crap and my energy levels were even worse and stress amd anxiety were through the roof. During this time started working a job that just added to my stress levels and caused so much more anxiety. I spent the next 15 months struggling until I finally left that job for my current position that has presented it's new challenge of less activity because I sit at a desk all day, then came the pandemic the week after I started this job. Through quarantine and sedentary living I gained another 10 lbs that brought me up to my highest weight of this period, 169 lbs. My energy level still wasn't great, but it was alot better with less stress from work and a far less busy world. Then my fiancee proposed to me in September which was such a wonderful moment and I was so incredibly happy until I saw how heavy I looked in the pictures and the panic of having to wear an unforgiving white dress at this weight. ANXIETY!! So after some time of doing the calorie restriction and intense 30 minute long jump rope sessions trying to lose some weight I hurt my ankle and had to take it easy for a few weeks. I started to do some more research, cleaned up my diet, started eating more regularly, and went back to the gym to start with weight training and less cardio (something I've been afraid to do since my accident), and some mindfulness meditation. I've started to focus more on how I fell physically instead of what I look like. I have amazing energy, more than I've had since my accident. My workouts feel good rather than horrendously draining. My mind is so much clearer. My goals, even since September have shifted from losing weight to just feeling more healthy all around. My journey may not have started like yours and I may not be in the same place, but I do understand the fear and anxiety. Meditation has been the game changer for me. It might be worth trying if you're looking for something to reduce anxiety. And a book I found that helped tremendously was The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. I've learned fixing my body has to start with fixing my mind so that has become my focus, feeling good with me as I am and may become through my journey. Many blessings and many wishes for continued success in your journey.

    48. Brooke Fab

      Wow wow WOW!!! I have lost 100 pounds this past year and I went into maintenance recently because my relationship with food started to become very unhealthy. I’m now in maintenance and I am now dealing with extreme mental and physical hunger. I am so so so scared to gain weight because I’ve been heavy my entire life. I feel so lost. Thanks for your content this helps

    49. Amena Yeasmeen

      Thanks for sharing. I can definitely relate to the way external influences can impact life. You're beautiful and an amazing. Keep up the amazing work and continue inspiring people to become healthier.

    50. Jaz Choreo

      Stephanie, I'm so grateful that I found you at the right moment! I needed YOU to have courage to heal my relationship with food and recover my menstruation. I had the courage to do "all in" with you, now I'm losing weight naturally, my body isn't stressed anymore and I have also recovered very fast from Covid. My body is strong again and you are my inspiration! I love you! Thank you for existing!

    51. Kyra Sloane

      Stephanie, don’t forget that the world (especially the U.S.) is an absolute shit show right now; you are not enrolled in a structured educational program which it seems like you have been for most of your life; there is always pressure to adhere to certain standards, especially on social media; and you have family stuff going on. You are doing your best in a series of tough situations and that’s enough!

    52. Brogan Russell

      Would recommend you watching Jen Bretty on HUfast. Not saying you have the same issues that she has had but she is so inspiring and beautiful inside and out and has been through similar physical and mental barriers as yourself. Give her a watch :)

    53. Jeff Cecchin

      You're gorgeous. It's sad that people on HUfast attack others for views and money.

    54. Lathan Kace

      You look great! Don’t let what other people say affect you and your mental health. I know it’s easier said than done but you are a do-er. So I know you can. You have a great support team behind you and letting people on the internet you don’t know get to you, is the ONLY thing detrimental to your health. Stay inspirational, cheers from Canada☺️

    55. Victoria Stern

      Hey girlie, just found you and an new to the intuitive eating space, but very familiar with the anxiety space. I find that the principles behind intuitive eating apply very well to anxiety - it’s the resistance that gives it strength. When I let myself feel all those feelings knocking at my door, they resolve on their own and all the angst melts away. Best of luck on your way, and Mary peace finds you where you are!

    56. RoyalRoseWolf

      You look fine at the weight you are, and even when you was at your heaviest you didn't really look fat, just normall... wtf is with these idiots calling you obese.... what??? you weren't even fat god dammit why do people think the slightest bit of fat is bad? or obese? Obese is extreme fat... you weren't even normal fat

    57. RoyalRoseWolf

      How did you manage to go from being your biggest to losing a bit of weight but staying the same size in the butt and hips? Like you literally just lost the weight in your waist... how'd you do that? I'm trying to lose a little bit of weight but tbh I only want to lose it in the waist and the chest and arms but I'd like for my butt to stay the same, and my hips coz I seem to be top heavy and I hate it. I wanna be pear or hourglass shape at least

    58. Breanna Mack

      You honestly look so gorgeous and healthy now. I just stumbled upon your videos today and looked back at an old one. I know what you are feeling all too well. Keep up the good work!

    59. Lorena Treichler

      I suffer from anxiety and depression since about 9 years now. The anxiety you‘re describing won‘t just go away by posting a video online. I would highly recommend you seeing a therapist. There are many ways to confront anxiety, and starting by a loving choice like maybe stepping down from social media and seeing a professional could be a great start.

    60. Anthony L. Cawthorne Sr.

      Stephanie I've watched your journey for years fitness model to competition and now all in you need to focus on you now get off this social media live your life

    61. MarieN

      You got this! I wish you the best mentally and physically!

    62. Abhishek Goel

      Way to obsessed with weight. Its a common folly. We all do it. Look how amazing you look. That's all that matters

    63. Fat Panda

      Have you tried Relora or 5HTP? Thier supplements that are supposed to help with anxiety.

    64. Kat Sharma

      "intuitive eating is eating in accordance to your hunger signal, but if your hunger signals are not reliable" GIRL I FELT THIS. I have had two surgeries in the past two months where I was unable to eat normally and my hunger signals are so fucking wack. the abnormal signals create a lot of anxiety for me. i also lost a lot of weight 2 years ago and have stabilized for about a year now. sadly, I do have a lot of fear about gaining weight back. but your videos, (esp the one where you reminded me of the set point theory) have been so helpful and just remind me to eat intuitively and trust my body. lastly, as a south asian girl it is SO REFRESHING to see another person of color on here! you make me so happy. love u 💕

    65. Callistea

      I hope you will be doing better soon, Stephanie. Can't imagine how difficult the whole journey must have been. You're an amazing and inspiring woman from what I could witness! :)

    66. Beckie Houston

      This is so inspiring, thank you Stephanie

    67. Karen Perez Gonzalez

      Girl they well always judge for the smallest thing stay positive ❤️❤️❤️

    68. Ellie

      honestly I think you look much better now. And you are still pretty lean :) Continue the intuitive eating journey please!

    69. Painting Water

      What I’m getting from this she’s very unhappy with that extra 25 lbs... Already planning to lose it and trying to justify it to people who bought into her ‘all in’ journey. Very disordered eating and body image.

    70. Tiffany Taylor

      I've always struggled with weight since middle school and now in my 40's I've found that I'm more comfortable in my skin. I let my body tell me what it needs and I don't focus on how much I weigh but how I'm feel emotionally.

    71. Galaxie Lion

      This is great, keep the hustle. Your videos have really helped me, since I am trying to get lean but on my journey after "cutting period" I get insatiably hungry and seeing this new perspective, is helping me readjust my plans and goals to something more sustainable. Thanks and keep on fighting!

    72. A Gold

      My dear you have an eating disorder and body dysmorphia. I think it’s best you step away from filming and social media as a whole and get treatment. Wishing you all the best.

    73. chloe

      Man people need to stop projecting there problems on other people. People need to take a look at themselves and stop worrying about what someone else is doing. This women is taking the time to fix herself stop worrying about her and FIX YOURSELF AND YOUR MENTAL STATE. You guys don’t have the Authority to tell someone else what they should do.

    74. TF Ripley

      Hey Stephanie. You may not read this but I just wanted to thank you for your honesty. I went 'all in' in 2018 for about 6 months. I started off at at very low weight because I had anorexia and bulimia. My height, highest weight and current weight pretty much match yours. My appetite is very up and down because of my mood (depression sometimes) and just because I guess human appetite is never constant. I also experienced loss of appetite and sometimes more appetite before my period or at night. Lunchtime is when it's hard for me so my body does crave more at night. I'm not totally at peace with food but I'm doing so much better than I was. I honour my hunger even if I feel bad sometimes. You are not alone in your experience but you've been brave enough to share it and help others. So thank you. It's important that you do what you need to do to protect your mind and your body from external pressures. You've helped so many. It's crucial you help yourself too to not undo all your progress. Best wishes

    75. Refilwe Raseroka

      Way was the purpose of all in remember that and stick with it. You conquered extreme hunger and are healthy that's success. Weight fluctuates becuz of different things but I love ur vulnerability cuz you can look n be confident n still have struggles❤️❤️❤️

    76. Allyson Liger

      She said she is struggling with opinions of others and yet thousands of you comment your opinion. 🤦 Just watch & let her write her own story. All of our journeys are different. ❤

    77. P Z

      sounds like the biggest enemy is yourself. Have you considered a therapist

    78. Sky Truckey

      Mental health is part of health. Take care of yourself first❤️

    79. Lya Hazuki

      Awesome nail polish!! I am dying trop trop beau!

    80. brooke brockner

      I know you may never see this but check your candida levels. Yeast can lead to high anxiety. Been there. Done that. My easy fix is 2 drops each high quality oregano and thyme oil (I use doterra) in a gel cap twice a day for 6 weeks and a strong probiotic Elemental wisdom is awesome

    81. Hallie Orton

      Your awesome!!! ❤️ thank you so much for sharing your journey!

    82. Naima de la feunte

      U shud start doing other topic this is getting bored u are doing ur Strugle to ur Self

    83. Monica Guimarães

      Same struggles here! Lot's of love from Portugal. ❤️

    84. ButtercupMaude

      How fucked up is the world that this beautiful, incredible queen has to feel huge anxiety just for not being thin? You are PERFECT just the way you are. Sending you tons of love and positive vibes

    85. user

      You should talk to Dr K.

    86. Jyeah89

      my sister intermittent fasts and hardly ever gets her period. thanks for sharing the video clip with dr. Nicola Rinaldi. I passed on the information to her. thank you

    87. Julie Thompson

      I'm a new follower to your channel. I joined because of your All In journey. Seeing you have struggles and doubts, but persevering despite them, is giving me strength to address them in my own health journey. Thank you for posting this.

    88. Terse and Tiny

      Her watch! I want to fix it!!!!!!!

    89. Sabrina S

      This is a great resource Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison, it covers a lot of what you are struggling with.

    90. Sari C

      1. I think you need a 2nd Opinion on the IF - its not like you are fasting for a day or more. 2. I completely agree with the others on find a therapist you are comfortable with and as much as I love watching you, I think a break from the camera is in order for you.

    91. Paulo Santos

      It is really cool what you did in this video! Very authentic! I know you are researcher and your approach is great

    92. My Yummy Food Secrets


    93. naouel naouel

      Hello, je viens de vous découvrir et j'apprécie vos vidéos! xxx

    94. Prety Malkova

      FOR *ADULTs* *Only* 18+ 💖 ➡ 👈 click here[18+] I loro stati di salute s'approcher trop rispettivi prevenirli per avvicinarsi troppo vc++ niego tylko z powodu Patryka glowa wsparcia mogà spowodować egzaminu lub wolności vc+

    95. Theresa Alberti

      You could just get super angry at how we've all been raised in a diet culture and a brutal focus on women's bodies and arbitrary beauty standards that end up being a prison cell for most women in our society. It really sucks that you-- and me, and most women-- are caught in a web of feeling judgment and shame and anxiety and despair-- about our bodies and our looks. It has all been put upon us-- we were not born with it. It can really help just to get angry at this system, to say a big F.U. to those who judge us and try to hold us to those awful standards, and to learn to celebrate the miracle of every body. The days that I do my best is when I remember this and push aside the fear and anxiety by remembering that my values are not society's values, and I know what is important to me. My worth is not my body or my looks. Also, when I was in ED treatment, I learned that sometimes you need to eat prescriptively if your hunger signals are messed up-- like from your anxiety in the mornings. I know that it sets me up for trouble when I go too long without eating. FYI.

    96. Devin Turner

      Girl, you are amazing. I think you may need to get away from social media for a while though. I have left it behind and I don’t know if mentally I can ever handle coming back. I know I have so much to offer and I have been through SO many things in life, but social media makes me feel like I don’t matter and no one cares. It has broken me. Your problem seems to be that everyone cares and talks about you no matter what you do, but the solution for both of us may be the same thing.

    97. blur blurry

      steph, i think u have to accept ,embrace, and make friends with all of ur cravings and uncomfortable feelings in order to make all of those feelings dissapear. i used to feel like i have to control my food and worry about my body 24/7. i also thought that to get rid all of my the cravings was to keep eating and follow my brain to keep eating, but after i gained weight and eating a lot, i realize my cravings and the need of controlling food was still there. one day i watch ted talk talking about how to deal with cravings and other bad behaviours, it's said there that we need to embrace all of the feelings in order to make it go away . and it works. my constant thought and cravings of food just go away after i accept everything.

    98. Jeff H.

      I think you and Jeff are great. You’re lucky to have each other. To see someone as gorgeous as you have body image issues, kinda helps me who was very heavy growing up and has had a hard time forgetting even when I look good. I wish you the best in your journey. Thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays to you both.

    99. Mary Big Mama

      Just found you because I started my journey of intuitive eating and you seem a very nice and smart person 🥰

    100. gofukursef

      Don't overthink it. You are a brilliant scientist, and scientists aren't comfortable until the hypothesis is proven. You're still in the experimental phase of your journey. Just keep doing your discussion as it leads to both your conclusions & inferences.