My New All In Struggles (What I Haven’t Told You Yet)

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    I feel a bit nervous but also relieved to talk to you guys.Thank you for sticking with me in this next chapter. Love you guys! 💕
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    ‣ 30
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I feel really nervous but I know I’ll feel so much better after I post this video. I’ll make sure to keep you guys posted on my IG Story if you're interested in daily updates (@stephanie_buttermore). Also, let me know if you want to see a full day of eating in the comments!👇 Thank you for sticking with me in this next chapter. Love you guys! 💕

      1. Zoe May

        Hi Stephanie! I’m obviously not a therapist or anything, but your anxiety symptoms reminded me a bit of OCD. If you’re able to, I would recommend looking into this just in case. Have a great day!

      2. Rita Maria Duarte

        Make up tutorial plsssss (update :p)

      3. ana akell

        Hello Staphanie!!! I have just found you in HUfast and it has been such a relief.....I´ve never tought about my "hunger issues" as something to really think about it...but now that you open your heart and share with us your story I can understand ( and accept) my body in a more free of judgment or expectation way....thak you for the courage of being you!!!! I think it would be awesome if you start a kind of programm to teach people about this ;D Blessings from Mexico !!!!

      4. Ishould Dohomework

        Can you make a video about how to know if we should go all in too? I think a lot of us are trying to stay lean but have messed up our bodily functions. Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

      5. banana7269

        Nobody wants to see this. You eat too much. That’s the bottom line. Food is for survival not for your HUfast videos. Stop eating it all. Other people need to eat too.

    2. Shauna

      It's really sad to see you tormented like this but honestly you need to realize that absolutely no one is going around worrying about what weight you are. People may make passing comments when they watch your videos but I guarantee you they don't think about it again after they click post. Everyone is busy with their own lives. I only watched half and had to stop because the whole thing was coming across extremely narcissistic which is sad because I can tell isn't your natural self. It just highlights the anxiety you are experiencing. Get help.

    3. Ruled By Venus

      Lots of folks take for granted how complicated body signals (including hunger) can be. Your journey has been really fascinating to follow, and has really helped us in our effort to understand our body signals. Thank you for sharing!

    4. Tabitha White

      Jesus is the way out💗 i’ll pray for you

    5. Sara Lampret

      You should make a collab with Cassie Ho sometime 😊

    6. Sarah Hogan

      You really need therapy. You're still so obsessed with food and your body. It's sad to see :(

    7. farah renshaw

      You definitely have reasons to be anxious you do alot and alot of people watch you. Just make sure to get some blood work done and get your thyroid checked just to be sure, especially if you feel it come on when your calm or not thinking about anything bad. I have had a family member, and I work in the medical feild and have ran into alot of anxiety attacks calls due to thyroid and hormones. Lmao not that I need to tell you being a super educated. Please take care of yourself.

    8. kleopatra kle

      Greg Doucette was spot on. Oh and no don't do another what I eat in a day. Just another excuse to eat and show your body off posing sexy. Attention ego booster you definitely are... go seek professional help for your mind. Why you so focus on backlash, get off HUfast if your feelings are so hurt when you get comments you don't like. GROW UP!!

    9. Lori Clark-children of Light

      your pretty regardless of your weight ,you go girl

    10. Lori Clark-children of Light

      I'm the same way I eat most at night

    11. nikimoonlight

      Just know that you have all our support

    12. R S

      Begging for attention

    13. Hannah Garstang

      I love your work. 10/10. Good stuff. Anxiety is such a tough bugger to deal with and I hope that this video has helped alleviate a smidgen of it.

    14. Anjna Mair

      I feel you should step away from social media for a while just live your life they way u want to. Life is to short whats the point of constantly thinking about weight and what people think get pass this.

    15. Let's See Here

      I'm late to comment on this, but it is very difficult to share all of this online. I have also struggled with similar feelings, not in a weight context as far as sharing online, but in other areas of my life. Your videos ARE helping people Stephanie. Everyone giving opinions online are just strangers sitting behind keyboards with strong opinions. But most people who benefit from the videos may not comment, they might just leave feeling a little bit more capable to move in the right direction in their own lives - whatever that means for them - like I usually do. Thank you, thank you so much ❤️

    16. kiana nicole

      I cried when I saw u in the video crying! Anxiety and intrusive thoughts are so real but also so normal! Thank you for being vulnerable and courageous I love you so much and I’m so happy that there are genuine influencers like you! Anxiety will pass pray that you can have the right tools to cope with it ♥️

    17. 6cats yes6

      Omg your video change me!! I was eating like 500 to 800 calories per day and working out, I thought I needed to lose more and more weight. Now I feel so much confident and confortable about eating more and not feeling guilty or terrible if I gain weight, your videos are so helpful! Thank you so much

    18. Kat R

      Sharing your journey has helped a lot of people to validate their own struggles (including me!), but I agree that you should take time to focus on yourself. You mention several times that anxiety is a root cause of many of your issues, and this is something that a therapist can definitely help you manage. This is something I struggle with too, and speaking to a therapist has helped to lift the weight that anxiety causes. Shifting just a small amount of energy to focus on your mental health can have huge benefits in all aspects of your life

    19. R.x0

      Yes seriously just get off social media please! It's done wonders for everyone I know.

    20. From My Own Backyard

      If anything the comment of those watching your body naturally flucuate shows how rampant body dismorphia is in society. The time you were not healthy is the time your body was starving and for people to see a starved women as healthy proves the above statement. Now that you have finished your initial all in journey the best thing for you anxiety is to probably not step on a scale for awhile.

    21. Drigori Ikamura

      One thing you can try that works for some people against anxiety is to cut down on gluten and maybe also animal products, also you can try following an ayurvedic morning ritual, it might help you balance mood/energy/appetite. Good luck!

    22. alise_hedgehog

      You can see a science student when the axis are c-l-e-a-r-l-y labelled :)

    23. tdreamgmail

      What really screwed her up was doing all those massive cheat day videos. She doesnt have the muslce mass to burn off those calories and they train you to crave garbage. Low nutrient density rubbish. And she's getting older, that stuff catches up with you.

    24. tdreamgmail

      If you just got more muscular you would look better. Now you just look skinny fat.

    25. Flower Power

      If you’re reading this I want you to know that God loves you and He cares about you so much that He became a man (Jesus Christ) and died for you. Repent and believe in the gospel, He is the ONLY way to heaven. You can’t get into heaven by doing good works and you don’t have to go to a priest to confess anything. Cry out to Him through prayer He will not turn you away. Dive into His word (The Bible) for guidance and do not continue in your sins. Make His word the final say in your life. Visit living waters and the beat by Allen Parr (HUfast) for more clarity. God bless ❤️ For those who want to get saved: Also to any Muslims who see this (actually click the links) ,.

    26. Laura Caggiano

      I can relate a little bit to this. I don't have a huge following on social media, but I do have friends and family who used to always make comments every time my weight changed. That was back when I was eating/training to look a certain way. It caused me A LOT of anxiety. Then I got in to strength sports, and I started eating to train. Yeah my physique changed, but I hardly noticed because I was so focused on my training. And everyone stopped commenting on my body because they knew my goals had changed. I'm only saying all this because in your previous videos, you've expressed an interest in powerlifting and in this video you said you want to get stronger. I don't want to seem like I'm telling you what to do, but maybe now is the time to embrace a new strength-related hobby? Everything I'm saying is purely anecdotal, but since you mentioned your anxiety I'd like to add that it's also really helped my anxiety over everything else in my life (I'm also finishing a PhD in the STEM field - I know you can relate to that too 😩). I know your followers will embrace whatever you do, and not for the way you look. You are so good at documenting your journeys honestly and educationally, that's what we follow you for, no matter what you're going through or what you weigh.

    27. Katie

      This is beyond self obsession now. You should really switch the focus of your life. There’s so much more out there in the world.

    28. Tommy Rupert

      Be encouraged Steph. Ur beautfiul just the way you are.

    29. Liva Kukule

      Hei, Stephanie. I really wanted to thank you for sharing your journey with everyone, and being so open and honest about everything. And I understand your struggles regarding pressure on social media, weight and so on. But right now, I want to give you some advice, you have to care less about what everyone says both regarding your training, health, weight or whatever. You have to just breathe and let yourself be happy, and eat, train and do whatever makes you happy. I know that being a youtuber does bring certain level of responsibility and so on, and to your fans. But, at the end of the day, you are on this planet to live your life just the way YOU want it. And sometimes even your fans seem to be a bit, silly. You dont owe them or anyone anything to be precise. What you do owe to YOURSELF, is love. Screw all the "know it all" people here on youtube making videoes about you, screw even your fans and everyone who thinks you should listen to their opinion. Life is too short, do whatever you want and post whatever you want as long as it makes you happy. You deserve it

    30. coco nin bout you NOT care so much what people you DONT KNOW seriously..if you listen to everyone online you will never have peace..nobody knows anybodys struggle!fk dont owe anyone anything!!!you are so amazing steph..please please please relax into your body and trust more at night until the anxiety lessens and relax into that..let go and trust and challenge the guilt and negative feelings..count your blessings..maybe low dose temporary xanex?

    31. AllysaLowe

      You are beautiful

    32. JUST US!! YLLA

      Don't care love u .... I have learned to love myself it was hard but with God by my side everything is beautiful

    33. Danielle Slobbe

      Hi Stephanie! You should start a diet/ exercise / metabolism educational podcast!

    34. Sheri Dixon

      You will look back at this and cringe. You will never want your daughter to see it. Please get help. I am new to your videos but the obsession is a little unhealthy.

    35. Katherine Gibson

      I’m very proud of you.. I struggle with my e.d.. & to know you did this Gives me hope it’s possible.❤️

    36. Sydney Pfeiffer

      I love your channel! You are amazing! You were gorgeous at your lowest weight, at your highest weight, and at your current weight. I too feel a daily pressure to have the “perfect” body from social media and watching your channel has really helped me to realize as long as you are happy and healthy, nothing else matters. Don’t let the haters bring you down. If you lose weight or gain weight that’s ok. It’s just how your body works girl. Love you! ❤️❤️

    37. Angela Adams

      I can relate to this. I have struggled with severe anxiety as well--the kind that will literally keep you wide awake at night. I hope you're able to heal yourself.

    38. prarieboy

      You need to quit social media asap

    39. Yutong Yang

      Me too, I am drenched in anxiety for many months, wake up really early, barely feel uplifted and with irregular appetites.

    40. Hanz Solo

      Weak, trigger, eating disorder, and insecure, everything that makes Buttermore

    41. Rosa Park

      Stephanie! You look ALWAYS AMAZING INSIDE OUT💜 Please Please DO NOT get stressed or anxiety feeling! Thanks for sharing though! You are such an inspiration! Sending much love from Vancouver xoxo😘

    42. sarahmmortimer

      ❤️ hope you are doing ok. You don’t have to post these videos if it’s affecting your mental health! You have done enough to help already - hope you know this xx

    43. Sara Kjeldsen

      I feel like her boyfriend pressured her to do this because he personally prefers curves. If you observe his comments about her. She's gone through so much. I hope she takes good care and focuses on health more than being a certain shape.

    44. Lucie Římanová

      Girl, I used to really look up to your attitude in your older videos. But now, man this is a hot mess. You are a hot mess. Please, seek some professional help. HUfast and social media are horrible breeding grounds for all sorts of negative stuff, which you seem to struggle with. No shame in that, mind you. But it's a pattern by now. You were not happy, at least you said so, when you were super lean, absolutely ripped. You clearly aren't that content now either. So it's either staged for the views or you're far too deep down the bad, bad body image rabbit hole. Please, I would love to see less of this and more of something truly constructive and helpful. PS: What are all the crying videos about? Now more than ever it feels very staged and for the views, sorry but it does.

    45. Naomi Marquez

      You are loved

    46. James Higginbotham III

      I know I've already responded to this video already, but hold you head up high, you're a beautiful lady in every sense of the word. What you've done is a very personal thing, I appreciate it for sure...but I will never pass any judgement upon you or anyone else for sharing what you have shared. Far be it from me to judge anyone.

    47. Double Buffet

      I don't understand. She makes content/money around her journey. She voluntarily posts photos and videos of herself gaining weight and losing weight. This "external pressure" can stop whenever she wants it too. Stop making content. Turn off comments on Instagram. Why would anyone be surprised when you make content centered around yourself that people are going to form opinions about it? You expect 5 million people to watch something and not have an opinion?

    48. Csaba Fejér

      Shut up social media its like a disease

    49. Xin Rou

      Honestly speaking, the present you look so so much better!

    50. jada smif

      are u going to make posts about other topics, or is this a continued series

    51. Rosie Jess

      Love your attitude you are my favourite youtuber/instagrammer. Totally changed my attitude toward food and I have adopted intuitive eating and understand now life is not meant to be one long diet 😂. Thanks for sharing your journey and PS you look incredible 💞

    52. Nexxo Exxon

      For me I can't gain weight and I can't lose weight. I eat like a pig and even took large protein dosage to fatten up faster but I still remain the same. After a year I gave up with the realization that I should be happy with my body at the current state. I'm never going to satisfy myself because even if I can gain weight there will be something new that I feel needs more perfecting again and again. The moral of my story is just work with what you got and be happy because you'll never be satisfied after every achievement you make. Perfection is going to drive you crazy.

    53. Kree Ol6

      Get off social media, you are driving yourself insane

    54. Hien Vo

      Girl, you do you!!!!! You got this!

    55. 柏心妮

      You're adorable. Honestly, getting off social media is the answer to this anxiety. Live FREE.

    56. Mermishell beauty

      I absolutely loveeeeeee this video ♥️ I started to following u when u gained weight I found your video and since then, wow I love you, and your personality 🤗 Don’t let anyone let u get done you have got THIS 💪🏼

    57. Peechy

      Sorry you feel this way. I gain every summer lose every winter bc I can't handle hot seasons and will just stop working out. I will yo yo 15 lbs constantly from 115 to 130 back to 115 repeatedly. I dont care what other say, if I'm dieting or yo yo ing. Maybe I'm being inconsiderate to say this, maybe I'm just better at not caring what others say or let it affect me. If you stop listening to what others say, maybe the pressure will go away.

    58. banana7269

      It’s nice to see that people are finally seeing that she has issues! Should I eat at night? Should I not? Do I have an appetite? I ate at night so I’m not hungry in the morning. I’m that bad? Is butter a carb? Are you serious?.. You sound ridiculous! There are people in the world who don’t know when they will have another meal. Get over your appetite! You’re lame.

      1. lumachinomenolattola


    59. meena jones

      "I need to separate my life from my life online" it's waaaaaaaaaaaaay to late for that.

    60. Morgan Abbott

      Thank you for sharing such a challenging, personal journey. I can imagine this has to be extremely difficult. I find you to be very real and relatable, and I'm sure other women would agree. When speaking about body image, nutrition and exercise, we could all use more sharing of our individual stories and journeys, to not only help each other but also to help ourselves.

    61. Free Radical

      Here's the thing - and this is not a criticism, just the nature of HUfast. You're producing videos for one purpose - engagement, which you can, in turn, monetize. Engagement means subs, likes, comments. The best way to go all in, in the healthiest way mentally and physically, is to do it much more privately. Because you have chosen to make your journey the content you are transacting for public engagement in return, your mental health and well-being will continue to be put at risk. It's part of the sacrifice to achieve what you're achieving. Luckily, it seems from your background that you have the perspective and maturity to withstand what otherwise causes so much depression and anxiety among HUfastrs. Hope it works out.

    62. Taylor Riecken

      I love your videos and I say this with love and total respect for you. It seems like you just need to step away from social media, it's clearly not great for you (I don't think it's good for most people). Maybe switching to sending newsletters or blogging would be less anxiety-inducing. I enjoy your videos so much but totally get all the pressure that comes with it and I can't imagine constantly having to "perform" for everyone. Maybe even just turning off commenting on everything would be helpful?

    63. fortunate lebelo

      GOD SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL.........

    64. Rachana N

      hey girl! i didnt watch the full video honestly but i glanced at some of the comments and some parts of your vid. i've watched you a little bit over two years. i recommend that you try to find the beauty within yourself. you are honestly very beautiful and u shouldnt worry about ur body/weight. im serious! like u dont look bad at all in any weight. as long as ur a healthy weight and feel fine, thats what matters. you are more than your weight.

    65. Landa P

      Y’all she’s not asking for your advice.. I think she knows best and has ppl surrounded Around who will give her advice if she wanted to... anyways I love you Stephanie and you’ve helped me so much❤️

    66. Paola Petri NUT

      Contrary to what I'm shockingly seeing in many comments... I think this kind of videos are so needed and helpful!! I have been recovering from anorexia for 3.5 years, I'd reached a "healthy" BMI but was still very vigilant around food and restricting/compensating. I thought that's what I had to do not to go to the other extreme. However, thanks to your videos, I've finally made the jump and begun my own all in journey!! It's so freeing and I'm learning a lot about myself, healing wounds and becoming stronger and happier. But of course it's also full of anxiety and stress, and fears, and the ED voice is loud again. And I'm worried about the future, the "aftermath"... So I like to see someone like you, who's way more advanced in this journey, sharing realistic thoughts and feelings. I am deeply sorry you're going through this, but I prefer that you're honest and especially that, despite everything, you keep fighting and not giving into restriction. THANK YOU Stephanie. Thank you so much

    67. Mar Lawrence

      you're incredible and such an empowering inspiration!! Keep going strong!!

    68. Carrie O'D

      Your weight and food must take up so much of your head space 🤯

    69. Jessica Pulido

      Hey Stephanie! Absolutely love your insightful and informative videos. Helped and reassured me through recent rebound after burnout from bikini competition. Felt lost, overwhelm, embarrassed and so much more! I am a huge fan and admire the courage you have to speak up about the REAL issues of prolonging caloric deprivation and intense training. Social media skews so much and it’s a relief to finally have a former bikini competitor speak the TRUTH!! 👏🏼🙌🏼❤️

    70. nirmaleva

      A social media detox/break sounds like it would help reset. Or turn off the comments. I know HUfast is a job for some people but she has a full time job so she doesn't need it.

    71. Luciana Bontaș

      You are a light for so many women and men. A source of information, an inspiration for all ages - most importantly for the young generation. You are a positive impact on people in a time that needs it so much. Thank you for your transparency and honesty and thank you for your power to share. Please stay strong and I hope that the way to ease your anxiety will come soon. 😘

    72. Monica Smith

      First world problems. Get off social media and get a life.

    73. Romi Bogeart

      your inspiring and amazing to come out with your struggles, remember, they make you stronger! your my idol! keep doing what your doing

    74. Luis

      Body-obsessed; food-obsessed; attention-obsessed... I’m sorry, but it really sounds like you need to take a break from public networks and seek help for the (clearly) still-present issues you experience. Nobody who truly works on themselves makes it a spectacle for attention and validation (filming yourself crying or having breakdowns just comes across as fake). As the clearly-educated person you are, you should know these things! No amount of IG/YT clout is worth more than living a healthy and balanced life. What’s more, no one forces you to put your life on full display for views/likes; just as putting things out there (about the exact same subject, no less) won’t guarantee positive feedback. You can’t have it both ways. Please seek help.

    75. Tim Zhuang

      yess full day of eating

    76. Aliana Regos

      Stop using this place as a way to bring you up..Make you money. Its robing you in the end. Be you but get off here.

    77. K M

      What does all in mean?

    78. JaNINE

      Honestly you Look so beautiful in your body . I am not saying this to be nice but because its true!

    79. Michelle Jarquin

      Stephanie tells us that too many people give her their opinions and that’s why she has anxiety. Everyone in the comments: leaving unwanted opinions 🙄😒

      1. Lucie Římanová

        Oh the humanity...

    80. Abigail Khoza

      YOU LOOK SO GREAT! and you have done amazingly. What makes me sad about this video is that fact you felt you have to explain or justify you actions to haters on the net, or the fact that it has resulted in you having such anxiety. You had something you considered a problem and did what you felt was right for you to fix it and you did, you should never be made to feel any type of way for taking care of you and your health. I am so glad you have a wonderful support system. Keep being authentically you and inspiring as you are.

    81. Emily Way

      I just have to say, you are beautiful inside and out. I have been following you for about 3 years now and you are so brave to be sharing this journey with millions of people! You look amazing and are an inspiration to so many people 💖

    82. Melissa Romaine

      I think as women we struggle in general with food and our bodies. You are a beautiful, intelligent young women not to mention you look amazing. Don't worry about social media and what these people have to say. This is your journey, own it!! 😊😊

    83. Viola

      Maybe you should take a longer break from social media. Or at lest not pose body pictures of yourself for the next year. I don't mean it as a criticism, but speak from personal experience. I don't think I ever would have recovered from my eating disorder if I at the same time always had to receive ciritism from strangers on my body and my career/hobby is heavily centered on my body shape. Anyway, I admire you and I really hope that your viewers will not be the ones to mess up your mental recovery.

    84. Nicole Dix

      Thank you for sharing your journey✨

    85. The one That questions

      It is really interesting as someone so inteligent, beautiful, fit and sucessfull still struggles with these things in this way. I love it that you share it with us and i really believe that this message is super important to thousands of people. I always found fascinating seeing super inteligent women struggle with their enotional side (my older sister is an example), men do it differently i feel. Thank you for the videos, i want you to know you are amazing, you are and admirable person in a lot of facets but often the most formidable people have the biggest struggles, i wish you the best!

    86. Rhiannon Pascual

      You started your all in journey right after i started my anorexia recovery. Before this I was deep into restriction watching your cheat day videos. Going on the journey with you was really cool and amazing ❤️

    87. arianis vazquez

      Take a break girl, you need it!❤️

    88. Pablo Escobar

      Stop giving this girl the attention she craves for. Why people watch this channel blows my mind. This girl knows absolutely NOTHING about health and fitness.

      1. tdreamgmail

        IKR, she has a PhD but looks terrible. The things she put herself through and to get these half assed results, must suck. There are high school drops out who know how to exercise and diet better than her.

    89. Solocanoe

      At least you will always have the photos and knowledge that you achieved the cut/ripped/shredded physique that VERY few ever obtain! Congrats on that! No, it can't be maintained all the time, but you had a goal and met it- that's awesome! Lean is healthy, those that try to make light of extra pounds pay the price in shorter lives, but there isn't a need to stay shredded all the time. It's just a great goal and you hit it! Stay lean, stay happy, and laugh a lot!

    90. Cecelia Derry

      Watching this you sound so 'normal' everyone gets anxiety, its natural for it and many many other factors to affect our appetite it ebbs and flows just go with it...but seem too preoccupied with your appetite andit been 'perfect'. Im coming from a place where i suffered eating disorders low weight and excessive exercise. I cannot dare fixate on my diet as im triggered too easily. The struggles never really left me. I hope you seek professional assistance to help you thro this. 💖

    91. Esther betterton

      You are so brave x

    92. Crust™

      Stephanie, the internet is not your friend. It's not anyone's friend. You could post nothing but videos of cute puppies and kittens playing in the yard and some douche in the comments is still gonna find something to complain about. That's just how it is. If you're not prepared to deal with that (which I don't think you are) then I suggest staying away from social media as much as you possibly can and perhaps consider going to therapy for all your anxiety because I can see the toll it's taking on you. HUfast is not forever, live for yourself and not for others.

    93. Jasmine Giles

      Aww we love you Stephanie!!! Literally that “fake it till you make it” saying worked for me with my anxiety. Literally tell yourself when your having a panic attack that “your ok! Your ok! “ and breathe in and out slowly! It works. 🙏🏽❤️😩

    94. Monique's life

      Also every one has an opinion but do you listen to everyone's opinions in daily life? No, so treat social media the same. The only reason you know everyone's opinion because there's a comment section lol but we don't share our opinions when we are face to face because we probably know we don't know everything and it's rude to do that. People sau stuff well because they can, the comment section is beging them to judge what they just saw without knowing anything other than what they literally just watched. Unless it's your real friends and family that are giving you criticism I'd think about who this person is telling me stuff before I really listened to it. You have no clue who's on the other side making these comments...

    95. Monique's life

      I think it's normal that if you have anxiety in the day and can't eat but then eat at night. Your body will adapt in any situation that your put in and that's all it's doing, adapting. I have food guilt in a huge way too most people wouldn't even understand but there's always going to be people who just won't understand that. I remind myself of that and your doing the best you can to educate people. I would say anxiety is so normal and it's probably never going to go away so allow your body to do what it has to do...

    96. Eliza Bentley

      No one is asking u to do this. Please realize it's all you and your expectations, not ours. "influencers" take themselves so seriously. We don't care.

    97. Jaeron Mann

      Thank you for sharing! I respect your journey and I’m here to support you ❤️

    98. Жизнь в Бангкоке

      Why the hell so many of us nowadays have various food issues?! Someone should look into this and compare with 18-19 century for example idk. Maybe it’s the abundance of the ability to get food quick

    99. Bonjeani Burnam

      You truly need to go talk to someone who can help are so beautiful of a person and do not need to be obsessed with other people’s opinion or food..please go get help..we love you so much 💕🤗💕

    100. smooth brain

      ur such an inspiration