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    Definitely a different type a video for my channel but I had a blast making it! I am by NO means a makeup artist but maybe showing you how I do my makeup can help you with your makeup! Let me know what you think down below! I love you all so much! xoxo
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    Products Used▹
    Cane & Austin
    Prime and Protect Mattifying Primer
    Wet N Wild
    Photofocus Foundation (Golden Beige)
    Flower Beauty
    Light Illusion Concealer (light and light/med)
    Maybelline Fit-Me
    Matte & Poreless (Natural Beige)
    Anastasia Beverly Hills
    Powder Bronzer (Rich Amber)
    Cali Contour Kit
    Shape Your Face Palette
    Essential Matte and Shimmer Palette
    Black Kohl Liner
    Physicians Formula
    Liquid Pen Liner (ultra black)
    Clump Crusher (water proof)
    Lip liner (sand beige)
    Butter gloss (creme brulee)
    Jeff's Glute Hypertrophy Program
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    FAQs ▹
    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 28
    3. What are you researching?
    ‣ Watch my PhD Day in the life video ▹
    4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Definitely a different type a video for my channel, but I had a blast making it! I am by NO means a makeup artist, but maybe showing you how I do my makeup can help you with your makeup! Let me know what you think down below! I love you all so much! xoxo 💕💋

      1. zarabree

        I would love to see the more minimal look and the glam look!

      2. Gret Barc

        Btw, I don’t think your pores are big at all

      3. Gret Barc

        Stephanie Buttermore I like your make up. Something I can wear during days I work out

      4. Puneet Antaal

        what do yoy do for your teeth?

      5. mhasan3able

        Perhaps you could do a video on hair because you have great hair.

    2. Cam f

      You should do an updated one of these!!

    3. Sîhêm Nôûr-Elhouda

      I'm so glad I found this , because she looks gorgeous and I needed to know her makeup routine !

    4. Lauren Sneddon

      I had to look up her Make up routine after her latest video. Stunning!!!

    5. Athiya Jain


    6. Lena

      So gorgeous 😍

    7. Nicole Hernandez

      You have such beautiful skin, in my opinion you don’t even need foundation or concealer since your skin is so clear it doesn’t really make a difference

    8. Wendy Heldt

      Love all your videos, I've been watching for a couple of years. would be great if you could please do more makeup videos and hair and fitness! 😊🙏💕

    9. Alex Thomson

      Yess!! Love this! Would love to see the pink eyeshadow look you wear in your ALL IN video. Xo

    10. Kristy Vins

      Can we get an updated video ?

    11. Saartje Lepel

      You are smart and good at makeup you are the definition of a hot nerd

    12. Memo m

      tell this girl she looks amazing without makeup omg stephanie you look like a child very innocent little girl 😍

    13. Emese Horti

      OMG your "babyface" is so beautiful!!!!

    14. Katharine Hill

      i love you without wing liner! you look so cute :)

    15. Mark Sawyer

      Your face without makeup is absolutely astonishing. I have to wonder what kind of impact it would have to begin doing videos with something like that look? The pendulum has been swinging toward glam for so long now, I personally can't wait for it to go back in the opposite direction. I just feel so much more connected to natural-looking faces... how about world class skin care and let the chips fall where they may? Real is best?

    16. Jenee724

      You are so gorgeous both before and after the makeup!

    17. kermitcyeh

      Do you dye your hair black? It looks like you might?

    18. Emo Kid

      We literally have the same complexion and I will be trying those products you’re beautiful w or without Steph💓💓

    19. Josh Lopez

      Babyfaced or full glam, you're so beautiful! I love your videos and you've motivated me so much❣😇

    20. Jacq S

      Such Jhené aiko vibes 💙

    21. Veronica Gonzales

      Please make a hair vid! How you style it. How often do you wash it, especially want to know if you wash after every workout! Products you use and hair tools! Just found you channel. LOVE it so much! Just had a baby 4 month ago. Your programs will work for me. I want to concentrate mostly on lower body. Don't want to loose my boobies. Any suggestions? I like them as is! Your amazing Thx for this channel!

    22. Jays game world

      How do you keep your hair so healthy and how does it grow what vitamins do you take?

    23. MagicLady PR

      Keep it up Steph love your make up is light and simplest you look pretty.

    24. Nathaniel Abela

      the power of makeup

    25. cityblews

      beautiful from start to finish...,more blown away by the talent she has.

    26. Jessica Dervin

      Can you do a video on what skin care products you use?

    27. Puffdaddyslim

      What nail polish does she use ?

    28. Malak Al Kharrari

      u good at doing makeup I did know that was u ... very good

    29. Persian Ice

      How do you keep your lipstick on during your eating videos?

      1. MEH MEH

        Gettheredrug % the way she bites makes sure she doesn’t get it on her lips

    30. Chevy Bonifacio

      I've been watching your All in Videos lately and am IN LOVE with the finish of your foundation in those. Are you still using the same foundation products?

    31. Re Belle

      I'm so glad i found your channel

    32. Niklbow

      Just subscribed! You’re a beautiful person both inside and out! Thank you for the tutorial:)

    33. Maka-chan is my cat

      You’re absolutely gorgeous

    34. Abel Tesfaye

      Honestly? It's sad to see that your mentality is all or nothing. That's NOT healthy. Your Instagram is flooded with comments of people praising your toxic mentality which is dangerous and irresponsible considering your platform reaches so many ppl who will think it's okay to go "all in" when eating. You seriously need therapy, I'm not kidding. Clearly you're underweight here and now quite overweight bc you just don't know how to manage balance or moderation. I truly feel bad for you bc your body isn't going to magically lose weight and you seem to be in denial. It's also clear you're either deleting negative comments on your posts OR all your followers are as delusional as you are. It's crazy you're still gaining weight considering that you do still go to the gym... just proves how many calories you're still taking in. Idk Steph, this whole story is really weird and uncomfortable for most of us to watch. I just hope you get the help you need soon... wish Jeff would do more to help you out rather than support such a flawed mindset.

    35. Ma Elyn

      I feel like you look somehow a lot younger after you went all in🤔

    36. dupe you

      Oink oink.

    37. Flag

      I know that it's evil I know that it's got to be I know I ain't doing much Doing nothing means a lot to me Living on a shoe string A fifty cent millionaire Open to charity Rock 'n' roller welfare Sitting in my Cadillac Listening to my radio Suzy baby get on in Tell me where she want to go I'm living in a nightmare She's looking like a wet dream I got myself a Cadillac But I can't afford the gasoline I've got holes in my shoes And I'm way overdue Down payment blues Get myself a steady job Some responsibility Can't even feed my cat On social security Hiding from the rent man Oh it makes me want to cry Sheriff knocking on my door Ain't it funny how the time flies Sitting on my sailing boat Sipping off my champagne Suzy baby all at sea Say she want to come again Feeling like a paper cup Floating down a storm drain Got myself a sailing boat But I can't afford a drop of rain I've got holes in my shoes And I'm way overdue Down payment blues

    38. Vivian Li

      Can U pls do more make up videos? Thx! ;)

    39. Jascha R.

      I don't understand why you put on make-up really. What is the reason?

    40. Bleach Medicine

      Looking Absolutely Fabulous SCIENCE EXPLAINED | How Gorgeous is Stephanie Buttermore Going to Look on Her Wedding Day???

    41. J W

      Omg you have beautiful, luminous skin! You should consider doing some vids with just the primer on!

    42. Sarah Catharina

      You are gorgeous

    43. Kelsey Marie

      What Color are those nails tho? I love them

    44. kris brubaker trader

      Yes! I love your makeup and enjoyed learning how you get the look. I would definitely be interested in more. Thanks!

    45. ficklegal

      such a versatile lady.. she looks like a make up guru.. just beautiful.. love u Steph.. all the way from Singapore

    46. Danielle Thurman

      In love with the everyday eyeshadow!! Trying it tomorrow

    47. Tiffany Curry

      Can you list the makeup brushes you used, as well?

    48. Lina Mamdouh

      Do another one 🖤🌸

    49. Tricia Mondie

      Hi Stephanie love your natural makeup look. The only thing I would suggest is using all natural skin care & makeup, this way your skin isn’t absorbing all the chemicals. There are some great products out there.

    50. Ma Elyn

      You are doing this better than most of the makeup guru!!!

    51. Shenelle Dias


    52. Samantha Ramos

      Can you do an updated makeup look please!? 😊☺️

    53. nadi lora

      You are sooo beautiful!! Ughh 😥😥😍😭

    54. Pony MAYA

      Love! Do another one! :)

    55. vania calista

      Your skin in BEAUTIFUL Skincare routineee pleasee

    56. vania calista


    57. Maria Nguyen

      Do you wear this makeup to workout? Do you notice your makeup looking different or anything after the sweating from working out?

    58. Kristy Birchfield

      what do you use for teeth whitening?

    59. zwathe

      I love love loved it!

    60. Alex

      Can we see a skincare video 👀🙊

    61. Ora Partouche

      Who also came from ig😸

    62. Botanically Building

      I'm not super into make up. I do love your channel though. You're gorgeous without makeup.

    63. Sayvanah Woodhams

      You are gorgeous! 💖

    64. Rose Dark

      You are beautiful . And cute

    65. Hülya Taştekin

      You're beautiful inside and out, with and without make up:)

    66. Vanessa Lopez

      Aw I loved this

    67. Lizette Segovia

      can we get like a skin care routine ? love you lots.

    68. Mateiah Vergara

      Absolutely beautiful without makeup

    69. sophiaoutlined

      I just love everything about you! Great videos so glad I found your channel :)

    70. BreBre serna

      Loved your makeup tutorial!!!!! Would love to see more 💗💗💗👏👏👏

    71. Leia Grace

      Loved your tutorial 💕💕💕

    72. connectwithdee 07

      Stephanie. You remind me of Vanessa hudgens 🙏

    73. connectwithdee 07

      When is your birthday Stephanie ❤️

    74. Paige

      Love this!

    75. Kenzy Shalaby

      your hair is amazing, do you curl it yourself or is it naturally this wavy?

    76. Serena Lawson

      you are so beautiful and great at explaining everything!

    77. fritze jean guardario

      i love this video.. i enjoyed watching all your videos, miss stephanie..

    78. Anna Sirena

      Wow.. THAT is the SCIENCE! :)) Thank you for the video ♥

    79. ravenwood witch

      You don’t need makeup tho you are sooo lucky 😪😪

    80. Bamse Bamse

      You'r are beautiful

    81. Koolie

      Giirrrrrll you are so naturally pretty! It’s insane! I found your channel today actually looking for gym routines and tips. I’m still totally lost, I’m more of a beginner, and I don’t eat very healthy, but your videos seem helpful and legit. I never know where to begin or if there ever is a technical beginning or “right” thing to do every time you go to the gym, but I’d like to change it up. I’m also looking at that band you use for the legs. 😊💛💛💛

    82. Aina Orbañanos Lai

      You are goals Steph!! Love this video (as well as all the other vids to haha)

    83. Rihab L

      Be nice ??? What?? Let me tell you that ur skin is so soo soooo flawless 😍😍😍😍 i wish so bad i had it

    84. Mary Lee

      I AM SO CONFUSED. HOOOWWWW do you look that amazing without your makeup?! AHHH, you’re so beautiful with and without!!!

    85. Samantha Zhang

      When I watch your fitness and food videos I wouldn't stop staring at your makeup look and wonder how you do your makeup and now I know! You have perfect skin even though you're an oily type! Could you maybe do an everyday skincare routine in the future? xx

    86. Jennifer Eustaquio

      Stephanie. You are so freaking bomb. LOVEEE this video and every video of yours 😍

    87. Bridget Ferdinand

      Stephanie i absolutely love your videos! I learn so much from them and you're one of the people i can count on to make promising, real, videos in fitness and the science behind it. You are stunning without and with makeup babe!

    88. Nicole Vainwright

      You should do a skincare video!

    89. Nazia Akter

      You know your makeup style and your smile really reminds me of my childhood hero Xena the warrior princess~ :D please make more of these !

    90. Alma Halilovic


    91. Ola Cash

      I love watching you do your makeup! You’re so stunning with and without and very talented! I love it!

    92. venessa okorie


    93. Mary Albano

      Grest tips, thanks for sharing 🤩

    94. Benjamin Wolf

      It felt like a meditation watching your tutorial. Soothing, professionally done. Nice work

    95. Jenna Blandford

      Loved this!

    96. Randi Bækholm Nielsen

      Soooo subscribed.. stephanie Can do anything and everything - workouts, science, makeup, food.. I wish I could manage just about half of all of that ❤️❤️

    97. Francene Wilson

      Appreciate that you shared with us your skin type I have the same skin type.

    98. Sarah T.

      I would love to see more make up videos! I'd like to see the lip products you use! I liked the pinky lips in Hong Kong!

    99. njc 04

      Please do a skincare video love!!❤️❤️❤️

    100. Spr Spr

      Girl is there any thing that you cant do😂