MD vs. PhD | Which Path to Take? (Income, Stats & Personal Experience)

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    ‣Description: 2:14
    ‣What do you do after?: 4:35
    ‣Average Cost: 5:23
    ‣Average Debt: 6:09
    ‣Average Income: 7:13
    ‣Job Success Rate: 8:28
    ‣My Personal Opinion: 10:08
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      What is up my friends?! I hope you enjoyed this video! Let me know if you like academic videos and let me know if you are in university right now making professional school decisions! I have a chest/shoulders workout video coming next :) Much love! xoxo

      1. Silvia Logan

        Are you doing a Medical degree or are you interested in doing one? Do you want to become a medical doctor?

      2. William Blar man

        Cann i marry you pretty girl?

      3. Dirash Pillay

        I am working toward specialising in Neurosurgery in south Africa. The medical field is it so much😊

      4. Sunny Yoda

        Can you please go through how you started your writing process of the thesis defense? i feel like writing itself is such a daunting process, that I tend to freeze up every time I sit down to write.

      5. just a random gal

        Fun fact: in the US you can also get a DO degree to practice medicine. DO stands for Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.

    2. Nick Gravina

      PhD is so broad though that I feel that can skew the numbers. Getting a PhD in molecular bio or biomed engineering could land you a great job in the quickly developing biotech industry in developing medications and whatnot. But getting a PhD in a less popular and less lucrative subject (like western art or something idk) would drag those PhD averages down. I guess what I’m eluding to with the MD vs PhD is that it’s more apples to oranges than it would originally appear. Hopefully that makes sense...I’d really like to get your thoughts on this and if this came up when doing research for this video.

    3. Aneena varghese

      Ma'am, can do MD after completing my B Tech biomedical engineerig ...

    4. philaman1972

      Beautifully presented and summarized. Both MD and PhD programs are rigorous. If one is completely going to grad/med school purely for the financial payoff, I would agree that the MD route is the best to take. I know a guy who has an MD/DMD and is an oral surgeon, works in a group of 4, and makes really good money (400-500k/year, so he tells me).

    5. Thor

      Stephanie, MD's don't "treat and prevent disease", not even close! They merely suppress symptoms with drugs. They keep the fire contained to one room instead of putting it out.

    6. Aoods

      Nice Video

    7. Aruzhan Myrzatayeva

      Someone please help me! Currently I am at senior year of Medicine bachelor. Where am I eligible to apply to Masters? I was thinking about biomedical engineering, but turns out I’d have to do it from scratch...

    8. Jose Carde

      Stephanie what kind of video editor platform do you use for this video? Thank you!

    9. Jedijazz4

      As an engineering PhD the numbers there look more uh positive .

    10. Andreas Habring

      I am so sorry for US's education system. Getting into so much debt for your education is so shitty :(

    11. Jordiana Charles

      OH. MY. GOSH!!! I can not thank you enough. Thank you so much for the in depth information. Thank you for data and personal opinion. Knowing how someone who’s actually participated in this, makes it easier for me to decide. I truly appreciate it. I’ll definitely be adding this to my playlist!! BE BLESSED!!😘😘

    12. Ethereal429

      There's so much biology out there that isn't medical based! Don't forget us ecologists!

    13. Max DV Moon

      I am not a people person and I somewhat kinda likes research too but I don't really think I'm smart enough to have a PhD. Not to mention that it has a low rate of employment. I want to be an MD but I'm not really fond of people. I like to help people and I also love mind challenging things and I think both of them has it but I'm still stuck.

    14. Biscuit89

      What about if you're a MD/PHD?

    15. Kelsey Kiernan

      "If you love science and are NOT a people person, they do a PhD" 😂 As a PhD student in infectious disease and outbreak detection... I can fully appreciate this statement and I find myself saying it too often whenever I think could've made more money as an MD 💸😂

      1. Horatia Black

        Same here. Currently attending my PhD in gender based film studies. Like... DO I LOOK LIKE A PEOPLE PERSON? 😂

    16. 徽因

      I want to become an Anesthesiology, but I want to discover about cure cancer and such. I'm in my second year of Medical Technology Sciences btw

    17. Sara

      PhD. I love biology🤓

    18. Doctor Fashion

      I like this video.. NEW SUBSCRIBER

    19. MJ S

      Did not know that PhD made less than 100k. Very strange considering the time to cost to gain membership. Sounds like HUfast is the bread winner for this person. I suppose PhD research can lead nowhere and never make any break throughs.

    20. Rhina Rosas

      Thank you i was so confused but you broke it down perfectly. thank you MD is the path i want to take.

    21. seonghwa in utopia damn

      I’m already interested in going to graduate school and I haven’t even graduated on my degree. 🤣

      1. seonghwa in utopia damn

        I’m doing my degree in Resource Biotechnology. I want to do my Masters and PHD in cancer research as well.

    22. Fayzan Khan

      Your enunciation is flawless.

    23. christi flame

      I know that this video is a bit older but I am sitting on the fence right now and I really appreciated your insight!

    24. Stone Johnson Vlogs

      I could be wrong here (please correct me if I am) but I believe the 70% who match for MD's does not mean that the 30% who don't, do not have a residency. I think they (the 30%) are then put into a randomized system and they just do not get to go to a residency at one of the programs they wanted, but they still have a residency lined up for them.

    25. Aaps Arna

      This is really helpful...thankyou

    26. Mike Carmillo

      Hi! I’m a sophomore high school student and was wondering what I should take in high school and or college that would help out in getting a MD? Thanks!

    27. Ashley Dalstra

      Great video!

    28. sauce chef from ratatouille

      Did you say you have multiple masters?

    29. Night Ghost


    30. Angela360 Life

      Amazing video.. Thanks for the insights!

    31. Max Wayne

      Thank you for this great video, I finish my DMD program & I just started doing topic search for my Ph.D and this video helped a lot. Keep up the amazing work

    32. Samantha J

      Bruh I’m gonna be making more money than her doing nursing

    33. Loke Jean

      Md or PhD doctors are very busy in life may I know how should they be balance and live a normal life ?

    34. jenna dutton

      You're AMAZING!! I loved this video so much and love all your videos

    35. IvyTV

      Nice~More academic videos please^^

    36. Goochkilla

      Another good topic I never see talked about are the professional doctorate programs for practitioners. Many of these are fantastic alternatives for those that know what field they want to practice in, and aren't interested in M.D. residency and cost, or research and academic jobs for Ph.Ds, when instead they can immediately focus on a specialized field. Typically they range from 4 - 6 years and some of the healthcare practices do offer residency and fellowships, and can have Ph.D. co-tracks. Some of the more well known, and have great expected job growth include. Doctor of Audiology - Au.D. - (Ever since 2007, the Au.D. is now required to practice in the U.S., job market is VERY good due to this. Baby boomer generation will increase further.) Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine - D.C. (For some reason the most hated by M.D. and D.O.) Doctor of Dentistry - D.D.S. or D.M.D. - Floss Doctor of Nursing Practice - D.N.P. - Very good for those with BSN's that want to further their career greatly. Plans to transition this to a doctorate required field by 2030, currently only a Master's is needed and those holding MSN will be grandfathered into this, no extra graduate studies will be necessary. Good for those wanting to provide family or pediatric practices. Doctor of Optometry - O.D. (A very competitive graduate program to get into. Not many Optometry programs in the U.S., and most take a maximum of 50-70. Take the Optometry Admission Test.) Doctor of Pharmacy - Pharm.D. - If you work for a large retail pharmacy, they have been known to award up to 33% towards tuition if you are a Pharmacy Tech. to pursue graduate studies. Doctor of Physical Therapy - D.P.T. - Like Chiropractic medicine, this has been controversial as a "credential creep" in the job market. Wages are on the lower side for Doctorate employees. Doctor of Podiatric Medicine - D.P.M. - The closest to D.O. you can get, as you WILL be in Med School with M.D. / D.O.'s for the first 2 years of graduate studies, just focused on lower extremities. One of the few that performs major surgeries and requires the MCAT. 9 Schools available in the US. Doctor of Psychology - Psy.D. - Psychotherapy and testing. Industrial/Engineering Psychologists make extreme wages, though Private Practice is unlimited in theory. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine - Competitive and can specialize in different fields or animals.

    37. Jesus Christ 1st! Jess Ramirez

      3rd video!... I'm hooked! Will start binging!!🤣😁🙌👍😇

    38. Ijonkilledyou

      Question: If I were to join a PhD/MD program, will my chances of getting a job in research be higher? I do want a job in research because I am not a people person, nor do I want it so I can get a bigger salary, just wondering if the MD will increase my chances of getting a job in research.

    39. Kat Andi

      What about becoming a surgeon after a mdphd program

    40. Rylei Miller

      @Stephanie Buttermore do you have to be up to date on your vaccines to complete Medical school??

      1. h e



      U r very sexy Ur eyes are very shiny ur lips are very pretty U r awesome figure plz reply me

      1. h e

        That gross man

    42. Caprica City

      I finished my PhD in Applied Mathematics in roughly 7 years.... i owe $0.00...yess $0.00.. I was fortunate to get a full ride...didn't do a post docc after my Phd .i just snowboard and enjoy the mountains out west... I'm a huge people person..i do love teaching and I'm okay with a still fairly young..ill figure it all out eventually..

      1. Caprica City

        @xxladybugQueen Finding a job was HARD..its just a lonnngg complicated story we can talk about later but all is well now. no vacation time for me. summers you NEED to work on your research ..maybe christmas break but certainly not summer

      2. xxladybugQueen

        Caprica City ahh I see! That’s awesome! Did you find it hard to find a job? And did you get some vacation time off during the 7 years you were working for the PhD? I have family overseas and would like to travel every year to see them for a few weeks.

      3. Caprica City

        @xxladybugQueen get a PhD and do research on the side..thats what i do..i teach at a very prestigious university in colorado..hint hint....sko buffs,,but yea...let me know if you got more questions! good luck!!!!

      4. xxladybugQueen

        Caprica City that’s amazing congrats!! I want to do my PhD in either chemistry education or pharmaceutical sciences but I’m a big people person and love teaching and my biggest fear is getting stuck behind a desk forever 😅😅

    43. Amala Thomas

      Hey! Will I be able to go to a medical school directly after taking up a bachelors in neuroscience??

      1. h e

        You most likely should. But first check if you did all the pre med req classes but I'm 99.9% sure you can

    44. Sadhana Sharma

      you were very honest with your information and opinions. God Bless You!

    45. Umar Khayam

      dear mam i like ur good vedio . please share ur gmail or whatsapp .Iwant contact from you for some info

    46. teambarbie4life

      or there's people like me and wanna do both and plan on doing an MD/PhD program :)

    47. Josh Marx

      Should report the number of US applicants residency match rate...The match rate for international students is insanely low but well over 90% for medical school seniors...easily found information on AAMC databases.

    48. hltsolo

      i would choose MD path.

    49. J AK

      Im currently pursuing a Biomedical Sciences degree, hoping to go all the way up to PhD! I would love & die to get the chance to research for cures of diseases! & overall somehow contribute to helping people! My main drive & motivation comes from 1) The enthusiasm of helping the ones effected & finding cures 2) Pursuing a career in teaching as a professor! (I apologize for my bad English). I cant wait to contribute to field of medicine & science!!!! :D

    50. Nipun Parkash

      Hey can anyone guide me for PhD after mbbs in USA. How to get it and which Institute and cost. Please

    51. Maira Thorn a days getting a phd seat z similar to job hunt... Tough life but only we can simplify it by knowing our passion and whether it can stay in you till end.

    52. Thess95

      Hi! I am finishing next year with my MD program and although I love medicine and medical practice, I am also strongly interested in research. I am considering to apply for a PhD program before my surgical residency. How possible would be for an MD graduate to find a paid position in a PhD program? Would it be crucial for someone to obtain a masters after MD and before PhD? How negative or positive would be seen as a candidate during the application process someone who spent 6 years in a PhD before applying to residency? Thank you for your time!

    53. Antonio Lepore

      Hi how do you put the bars on the sides? as in this photo?

    54. Antonio Lepore

      but the teeth are real? I smoke and maybe I have cancer, can you cure me? and then you marry me? but I'm not a muscular body bilding guy... Bye Bye

    55. Denver Downer

      I’m new so thanks for the welcome

    56. Stray Orion

      PhD is really for me, It will be hard, but I love science and want to be one of the people in the head of the expansion of human knowledge

    57. Sayyo

      Is there any program to do both

    58. Star Sighting

      Im still undergrad but im gonna try to strive fr a phd, I'm so excited cuz I love school 😂😂😂

    59. The Wealth Vibe - Shana Green

      I'm a PhD in Public Health. I'm new to your channel. Heard you say you move from Tampa. Did you get your PhD from USF? That's where I did mine. I'm a postdoc now and I make about $70k. I'm hoping to secure a job in the next few weeks with a salary of about $90K. I have about $56K in debt which mostly can from cover living costs while obtaining my master's degree at an Ivy league. Great video.

    60. Nicole Vainwright

      Would love to see a video on how you studied through school! I’m starting nursing school next semester and I plan to get my DNP (Doctorate in Nursing) eventually. I’m new to weight lifting and I’m a huge science nerd like you! So seeing how you studied all this complicated science/physiology and balanced everything would be super helpful. ❤️

    61. The Adventures of TiffTiff

      Great video!! It's so interesting the variability in PhD timeline and options based on discipline! Congratulations!!! Can't wait to join you in the title of PhD

    62. Cookie Mite

      even though i am completing my IGCSE (17 years old) exams soon, university is not far at all, my undergraduate degree will take ~3 years, if i were to take honours, it will extend to 4 years. now, i am shuffling between MD and PhD after that, due to my future undergraduate being space orientated, i can see that there are many many things about space needing research and discovery.

    63. D Hickey

      Education tracks are very difficult to compare. Thanks for bringing some clarity. Best of luck on your research.

    64. Jane C. M.

      Happy to have chanced upon your vlog! I started my PhD early last year but had to stop for a while because I went back to teaching in college. Goon one! And congrats for your PhD

    65. Taniaa Ocon

      you are so gorgeous and so honest!! ❤️

    66. John Wakamatsu

      I totally agree with you that a person should pursue their dreams and as a retired chemist who worked for a very large government water and power utility have no regret working in industry. I realize that it is very difficult to see the future but, people have to make decisions.

    67. Redfrog101

      This was very helpful thanks

    68. Avinash Selva

      Hi, Your really amazing I need to know that will I be able to do MD after completing my phD 🤔

      1. Mohsin Khan

        You can. If I can do it, you should be able to as well.. But it will require some sacrifices..

    69. Shelley Picott

      I am so grateful for the breakdown...I have a MS and have considered a PhD but I think not...I do better working for industry that a university. Great stuff and I believe you will be in high demand.

    70. Elijah

      You’re such a smart person you make me feel dumb 😩😭😂

    71. Ryan Hill

      There are also MD/PhD programs where you have your entire 7years of school paid for plus a stipend... But you have to get in to one of those programs.

    72. DdDdd Dora

      I have been looking for something like this for a really long time now. Thank you so much, this really helps!

    73. Stoca871

      Great video- please do more academic vids!

    74. Umut Özdemir

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    75. LaMASIA 5611

      Thank you! still haven’t decided yet but this helped👍

    76. Farzana Shakeel

      can you do md and phd i want to be a researcher and doctor

    77. Ishtiaq ASif

      I'm sophmore in college. I dont know what to do. I'm lost and stressing over it. Idk if I should go for masters and then PhD or Medical school? I love enjoy working in lab and doing experiment but again I want to be a surgeon.

    78. Sp G

      Buy bitcoin (BTC) I have a PhD in Bitcoin

    79. ninjaxx

      I am so happy that i am doing my MA degree in the Netherlands where higher education is actually affordable. You are an inspiration :)

    80. Tatianna Clark

      This video was super helpful and informative, thank you so much !

    81. Paras Rajput

      Nice nice i am medical student thnx to make me feel good😹

    82. Amanda TriesToScience

      Oh my god hoping I made the right choice!!! I'm starting a channel which follows my journey of becoming a PhD student, it will be vlog based and show the trials and hardships of trying to get a PhD in science, come over and have a look at what I'm up too!

    83. HeyCJHey

      I love everything about this!! I love that you are a woman in science and academia! So great! Keep changing the world, girl!!

    84. Jorge Solis

      Great video! Very objective and to the point! Also, you're very attractive, with all due respect.

    85. T Z

      Thanks Steph! This is very helpful and informative! I’m a mechanical engineering undergrad and have an interest pursuing a PhD on medical device design or being an orthopedic surgeon in the future. It’s hard to decide and there are so many things to consider. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    86. tibor kovacs

      A good tool/Method to help us Learn/Reason/Observe/listen/read/write/speak-Grammar/Knowledge/Info/Data-who/What/Where/When/which-logic/Understanding-Why-Rhetoric/Wisdom-how.

    87. just a random gal

      My brother in law got his PhD, did a post doc, but decided to go into industry instead. Plus, there are not enough faculty positions for all the PhD grads.

    88. Kejsarn

      Shes hot and smart?

    89. mohammed khider

      Thank you for the nice video that illustrated the differences between MD and PhD. I am a medical doctor who completed his residency recently in South Africa and I found conducting research is very exciting as you have questions that you are looking for answers for it. Therefore, I had decided to pursue my career by obtaining a PhD. My personal opinion that every medical doctor should be a clinical scientist by completing the residency and doing PhD as well. Regards

    90. Jose Reyna

      Nerd! Her job is SO boring...... She's a beauty though

    91. Suugii Nandia

      Hi, first of all thank you for the video. But i still got questions in mind and searching answers to it... For example: in order to go to med school , people graduate 4 years undergrad or bachelor course then they pursue med which is another 4 years, so all in all 8 years to get the degree in Doctor of medicine equivalents to PhD degree in a sense that as a doctor? It is so confusing because after doctor of medicine, there is no masters of medicine right? thank you in advance :)

      1. just a random gal

        In the US, there is no Master's of Medicine. In the US, you can also get a DO degree to practice medicine. DO stands for Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.

    92. Mike C

      Omg Steph thank you for sharing this I’m in this exact position right now!

    93. DAN8137

      Thank you so much for the detailed analysis of the options! I have been thinking about this question for a while now. I am so glad I found your video. I graduated with a master in bioengineering two years ago and have been struggling to find a position in the industry. I am now working as a research scientist at my university lab which I enjoy a lot, but the pay is not that well. I have been thinking of going into medical school because the job is pretty much there after you finish it. On the other hand, I could go back to school to complete a doctorate degree but the job availability and security after graduation is pretty frightening. I have set my dream to cure diseases through scientific research since I was little. Is there a path for an MD to perform research? Or should I stay in the academia and move on to the industry when the I get the opportunity?

      1. DAN8137

        just a random gal thanks I’ll look into that!

      2. just a random gal

        MD's can do research, it just may take additional training through a research fellowship. You could also do an MD/PhD, but that takes longer.

    94. J KM

      How do you come up with original research? It seems like every idea is taken already

    95. fangten


    96. A B

      Physicians can also get their loans forgiven by working for nonprofits, which are basically most hospitals in the US.

    97. GaBbA

      Bless your soul, you sweet angel.

    98. vanessa rosa

      I’m gonna start my masters in Reproductive Science & Medicine this Fall. I do have a passion for medicine and the dream of becoming a doctor. But now I’m not sure if I should go the MD route or the PhD route. Thank you for this video it was very helpful. Hopefully I can come up with a decision before finishing up my thesis!

    99. Alexandra

      Thank you for this! Very insightful. I was having a hard time deciding on which route to go but I have an idea of what I want to do now😊

    100. codmiester

      MD >>>> PhD;