Life after my PhD | What's next for my career?

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    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 27
    3. What are you researching?
    ‣ Watch my PhD Day in the life video ▹
    4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      WOAHHHH two videos in two days!!!! Trying to get as much content out as possible...I have lots to say! Hopefully you enjoyed this somewhat inconclusive explanation of what I am up to! I love you all so much and thank you for your never-ending support! I read EVERY comment (good and bad) and I really value your opinion. Gonna go down in youtube history for having the smartest subscriber base! Love you all xoxo

      1. Ana Madrid

        Hi Stephanie, I have been following you for the last month or so. And absolutely love how driven you are in every avenue in your life you stand for and have worked hard for. I congratulate you on your PhD. first and foremost...i was just watching this video of yours and when I heard you talk about the documentary 'What the health' and how you want to speak about the perspective of a scientist. That not only got me so excited I am looking forward to it. I too have decided to take the path in Biology and research in Genetics, but have a longs way to go. I also don't know if in what direction I would like my degree/s to take me too. KNOW I will keep watching out for your awesome and inspiring videos....and hey maybe one day I get to work for you as my PI. =)

      2. Farah Friesen

        Hello Stephanie, thank you for sharing all this information! As someone who is 1.5 years into a PhD and minorly regretting life, as I've also JUST developed an interest in fitness and wishing I had gone that route earlier in life, you are inspiring! Good point about the transferable skills... will look for your newer videos about what you're up to, but definitely appreciate the scientific breakdowns! CONGRATULATIONS (even though you're already an established PhD for over 1 year by now :P)

      3. NM NM

        Stephanie Buttermore, please make a time management skills video! Your amazing💜

      4. Peter Graciano

        Stephanie Buttermore as a male I usually naturally gravitate towards male fittnes HUfastrs like Jeff etc. Your channel is so interesting though ! Keep up the great work ! I have a question , are you about to turn your molecular biologist brain off ? For instance do you catch your self thinking everything through the lens of your practice?

      5. Mqhele N Sibanda

        hi Stephanie came across your channel though Jeff's channels ,u r such an inspiration (although I may not be part the target audience being male )...I am a 3rd year engineering student and who is super interested in fitness ...I am really looking forward to the time management video as often battle with this- I wonder if the time I spend working out may be better used studying?

    2. W Threet

      I just stumbled upon your channel, I could not stop watching. first was your weight gain journey. very intriguing and informative, and now this video. I have to admit that it was your appearance that first drew me in. But then your intelligence, information and the way you deliver your information. overshadowed that. all in all Thank you for your content.

    3. Jennifer S

      I found your channel when one of your all in videos was recommended to me. It was so exciting to see you in your PhD regalia in the beginning of the video! I earned my PhD in science in 2015 and spent three years in a postdoc that was ultimately not a healthy fit. The PhD experience gave me the skills to do and learn anything I need to and now I'm very happy to be a special education teacher. I need my research chops every day as I learn more about each of my students and how to best support their learning, as well as, of course, educating myself about evidence-based practices in teaching. I have a special interest in ovarian cancer, so I'll be sure to check out your publications! ;) Just saying hi from one PhD, who was very touched by your videos, to another.

    4. FitNessAnGeL

      I have always loved her youtube page but I get almost a fake vibe in her older videos. Gotten better over time but it's almost like shes ready from a script of someone else's life. Anyone see what I mean? Please dont come for me it ain't that deep just wondering what others think. Very impressed with her level of education though.

    5. Indah Ria Lestari

      Thank you for makin this video, it so motivate me!! And Hello from Indonesia :)

    6. Jasmine C.

      Hi Stephanie, I love your bowl, its so cute.

    7. Shwetha Rajesh

      What did you pursue your bachelors in?

    8. Sukai Crutchfield Billinge

      You’re such an inspiration to me! I’m a kinesiology and rehabilitation science major and the exercise science world needs more badass female scientists/researchers so thanks for being exactly that!

    9. Jesus Christ 1st! Jess Ramirez

      YES!! DO IT! DO IT! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🤞🤞👍👍👍

    10. Tom Lazard

      In the end I will be The university Job hierarchy

    11. DoodleZen

      So excited to find your channel as a fellow PhD graduate. I also chose a non traditional path post PhD. I studied archaeology but now work for a research team in another passion of mine in environmental research part time while balancing being a mum and running a permaculture homestead. I didn’t want to devote my whole being and lifestyle to academia which it feels like you need to do to be successful at it.

    12. Alina Liljeäng

      Did you do a ted talk? :D

    13. Liana Looks By Li

      Did you get selected for the ted talk would love to see it!! Link please!!

    14. Liana Looks By Li

      Did you get selected for the ted talk would love to see it!! Link please!!

    15. Liana Looks By Li

      Did you get selected for the ted talk would love to see it!! Link please!!

    16. Alex Alex

      Please do a video on which you take off your top

    17. Carolina Carter

      Congratulations! Yes, would love video on time management :) All the best to you!

    18. Dawn B.

      Stephanie, you are SO inspiring! I’m getting my Bachelor’s in Psychology right now, and I eventually will be earning a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Seeing another young woman with a PhD in the sciences, while still balancing fitness, family, and creative passions, is so amazing. You truly are a role model for me.

      1. serenitybeats

        Dawn B. That’s cool where are u getting your degree

      2. Dawn B.

        serenitybeats Clinical psychologist and researcher specializing in psychoanalytic therapy for eating disorders and other body-focused mental illnesses :)

      3. serenitybeats

        What’s your dream job

    19. Rachel R

      Inspirational AF!

    20. koh victoria

      Still waiting for the ted talk videooo

    21. Carmen Ng

      I just started watching you and I am obsessed !

    22. stainthegemini

      I pray you get the Ted-Talk gig, becuase I really need it!

    23. Leslie Lopez

      What sort of job did you have throughout school??

    24. Leslie Lopez

      Yes i will be interested, i love fitness and pursuing microbiology as my major😊

    25. Kimberly Medina

      Do we know if Stephanie ended up doing the TED talk?

    26. David Pena

      Genetics and Epigenetics

    27. sumedha pawar

      Yes make that video....of time management

    28. Khan's Reface

      Girl wearing bikini doing dumble and she is phd

    29. First Last

      Can you apply your KSA's to assist in the area of eating disorders or disordered eating? I hope you realize how remarkable of a woman you are. Maybe I'll make a list when I'm not feeling so lazy Later, Miss Lady. Or - Doctor Lady. 🤩

    30. Nimbu Shikanji

      Where will you get the funding to do all this??!!

    31. Sotiris Maragos


    32. Juliette Robinson

      I would definitely like to see a video explaining your time management skills. They're enviable. Also, as an aside, your hair is awesome.

    33. Bruno Bruno

      Cant wait to watch your review on "What the Health" !!!

    34. Cynthia Quan

      Pretty late to the game (just found your channel) but I myself had been going down the molecular route up until 3 months ago! The cell culture clips look super familiar haha. Just recently decided to quite my thesis based MSc (I’ve been with the lab for 3.5 years since undergrad and learned basically everything to do with molecular genetics that I can in that lab...) and do a coursework based MSc in nutrition! I may or may not pursue a PhD after this, but as of now I just wanna learn! Super excited! I’d love to see more videos following your journey in combining molecular biology and sports medicine, as well as time management! I found it through my previous MSc experience that it is so exhausting :(

    35. Heaven in a Closet

      Hi ! I am a huge fan , I am interested in trying intermittent fasting but don't have a clue of what times of the day are best to start my meals and how many meals I should be eating through the amount of hours.

    36. Anna

      Wow you go girl, congratulations!!

    37. mahfuza akter Mouri

      extremely happy to find you. looking forward to your time management video

    38. lalitha sindhuri

      This is wow !

    39. Paola Gutiérrez

      I am on my PHD in Anthropology in Mexico, and it was incredibly pretty found your channel :) Thanks

    40. Mohammed Nazmul Islam

      work with Roche.

    41. Trevor Le

      yah id like that video on time management

    42. zeze fbaby

      Do you have to do a post doc in order to become a professor at a university? I am looking to do my DrPH and still learning this process. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS IM SO HAPPY I FOUND YOU.

    43. Hurley Riley

      I'm having difficulty balancing grad school, working out, eating, and sleep. I'd love to hear some tips from a time management video.

    44. Nihal Khan

      What major was in your masters and PHD. What does a students in undergraduate biochemistry need to become a pharmaceutical biochemist to make new medicine.

    45. Mitsune

      Super excited for your What the Health review. for the most part, there are pieces that are spouted in it that I have yet to jump at... Would love your perspective.

    46. Phu Phillip Trinh

      Hi Stephanie loving the content! Curious what your take is with low carb diets and their effects of battling cancer? As there is new research suggests a ketogenic diet with a proper macro ratio can starve cancer cells and prevent them from growing!

    47. Aishath Zunam

      How many years did it take for you to complete PhD starting from Bachelors? I love your videos 👍👍

    48. Julie Chang

      would be so interested in a time management video! also struggles you faced during your phd or doing research in general.

    49. Gamma Rae

      You're very well versed and articulate in your speaking, it's oddly satisfying to listen to.

    50. Tranquil Lee

      Please make a video on how you balanced fitness and social media etc, while pursuing a PhD. You must have great time management tips.

    51. kanni zhana

      bruhh go put your phd to use and do real science. you don't want to spend your life recording yourself talking

    52. Robert Crawford

      So this is a commercial?

    53. Lia S

      I would love to see a video like that.

    54. Amber Miller

      PLEASE! it would be so amazing to hear from a student female herself! how you managed time to do social media, fitness, and school! I'm a nursing student trying to achieve similar goals and ive been searching the internet so much and have found nothing. No one has yet to set a precedent on this topic that others can follow or refer to

    55. livskin rodrigues

      Looking forward to what the health review! Thank you for being so throughly insightful about your life

    56. Vivian Mao

      I would love to see a video about time management!! I'm doing my bachelors and I need help please!

    57. john flynn

      I hope you get the opportunity for your own TedTalk!

    58. Sophia Maria

      I would be interested in a video where you talk about time management cause that's something thats very hard for me

    59. Corey Evans

      Did you ever do the review video on What the Health?? I am very interested to see it.

    60. Tibees

      I've just started my PhD in physics, not sure what i'll do after

      1. Mr. Cherry


      2. Faizan Jamal

        I am in MSC biochemistry. But i am confused that should I go for PhD Or not. I am passionate about research but i heard that at the end PhD its not that much financial rewarding. I am very confused that should I follow my passionate or I go for some industrial job. M upset 😞

    61. matasuki

      What a great way to get your name out there with a very professional well put together youtube channel. I will be taking cues from this as I move on beyond grad school. Great Vid!

    62. K9

      Thank you for this. I'm pretty sure that just typing this into google is not helping at all, and hearing someone tell me their choice makes me understand mine a lot easier. My problem was that I know that most of the typical options I am really not interested in. Seeing you combine your personal interests with your degree makes everything make sense.

    63. Hillary Erin

      This might be an uncomfortable question but just insanely curious....If you aren't using your PhD as a set career/profession, how do you afford to LIVE everyday and workout!??!?! LOL not to mention student debt!! [I am sure you received many grants] Just curious on how one survives?!!?!!???!?! Am I missing something?!??!?! Oh, and congrats on the PhD & all of your success!!! You are intelligent and beautiful! I wish other role models for the younger generation were like you!! :) :) :)

    64. Nomon Munir

      i just can't believe you have a Phd and look like that

      1. A M

        Nomon Munir Hehe... how are they suppose to look? I have a colleague who received her EdD recently and she is also 27 and is into body/fitness pageants. You'll be surprised to know how many out there break the mold ;)

    65. Amber

      Congratulations! Please make a video on how you balanced it all. I am starting a 4 year doctorate program in the fall. Thank YOU!

    66. Jo

      Please, please, pleaassseee make a video about your time management skills

    67. Rebecca Haskins

      Please help us strive for a better 2018 with a time management video! Go Bulls :)

    68. julhippo

      You lived in Tampa? Same! I attended UT for undergrad and vlogged it. My guess is you went to USF for your PhD? A late congrats !!

    69. Ally K

      You honestly are one of my top role models, any tips for girls in high school who want to get into biomedical science, molecular biology or biochemistry? I want to do similar types of research as you are talking about 😊

    70. Aria Frost

      I would definitely be interested to see a video about your review on What the health!!!

    71. Aria Frost

      Congratulations Stephanie!!!

    72. Victoria Padilla

      please post your time management video!

    73. Johannies Williams

      Are you still planning to do your review on the “what the health” documentary? I would like to hear your opinion on this.

    74. Aura

      I actually might be going to UNF or USF for grad school next year so I'll be likely living in Florida!

    75. Nidhi K

      You must be working like 48 hours a day 😆

    76. Mercedes Lorenzano

      I need to learn how to manage my time a lot better and I’m sooo proud of you

    77. Megan

      omg i’m from Amelia Island (North of Jacksonville)

    78. Giana Nguyen-DeMary

      Can you make a time management video 😄??

    79. William1w1

      Yes. Please tell us how you manage your time. You must have incredible discipline.

    80. Grisel Griselda

      I think you've touched our hearts

    81. Grisel Griselda

      LOVE YOU!!!

    82. Stacey Wood

      Interested in your perspective regarding What The Health. Looking forward to that.

    83. keshab bhattarai

      Increased RHAMM expression relates to ovarian cancer progression.?? Is this your research article? congratulations...

    84. N TM

      Video starts at 1:54

    85. Janet Aguilar

      Yes do the video!

    86. Kenneth Becerra

      Currently going through Nursing School for my BSN and just wanted to say that you add motivation for us in the Science Fields. :)

    87. Leo Piceno

      Did you ever do the time management video? I’d love to to know how you handled everything!

    88. Iiris Inkeroinen

      Hi! I would really love to see your video about the What the Health documentary since I was so shoked after watching it. I hope you're still planning on makin the video!

    89. Quinh

      Absolutely excited for you!!

    90. Jamin Hayes

      Reppin the 813!

    91. Lance McKenzie

      Subscribed. You had me at "ovarian cancer."

    92. Alondra S.

      TED TALK WHAAAT!?!?!?!?!??!?!?

    93. richel padua


    94. Bella Ohlsson

      I love that your channel gives more of the sciencei part of training and not just the "bro science". Love to hear your thoughts on time management to btw

    95. Nic Keske

      The ted talk subject sounds very interesting...

    96. Amanda M

      Hey! I'm a new subscriber and I admittedly binged all of your videos (no shame).. I'd love to see a video on how you manage your time between youtube, studying, training, and everything else... seems like you magically fit so much in one day!! - Great channel... can't wait to see more!

    97. Rubaiya Tabassum

      Motivating!!!! I have learned how to be inspired as a scientist from your videos

    98. Kelly Lu

      Did you know you wanted to become a doctor from the beginning? I’m so lost and I’m a sophomore in college majoring in business because my dad forced me. But at this point I feel like it’s too late to switch to premed and I almost just don’t want to because I know it’s way more stress and work that idk if I could handle

    99. Rebecca Brown

      Yes please pleaseeeee do time management. Just film all day everyday and talk about life and anything you think is helpful or what you would tell your younger student self. I would be so grateful!!!! You are perfect steph!!!!!

    100. Osis World

      Educated, fit and beautiful!