Is Birth Control Making You Fat? | Bloating, Muscle loss, Sex Drive & More

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    Welcome to Episode 4 of the Women's Series! I cover the effects of birth control in regards to your physique i.e. weight gain, weight loss and building muscle! I've listed my references below if your interested in reading more! I hope you enjoy andI love you so much! 💕
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    ▹The Women’s Book by Lyle McDonald w/ Eric Helms
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Welcome to Episode 4 of the Women's Series! I cover the effects of birth control in regards to your physique i.e. weight gain, weight loss and building muscle! I'd love to hear about your experiences with birth control as it is such a controversial topic! Did it mess you up? Help you? I want to know!!! #nosey I've listed my references in the description box if your interested in reading more! I hope you enjoy andI love you so much!💕❤

      1. Sheyanne Rosser

        Curious is there any studies shows weight gain for paragard regardless being hormonal??

      2. Benjhamin casadiego

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      3. Giann Piero Echenique

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      4. Jessica

        Are you actually a doctor?

      5. Scara Arcana

        Fantastic video, thank you for this! I'm so sorry to write you such a long text, but I really really need some advice and I'd appreciate it endlessly. I first started taking the pill when I was about 14 years old. I've always had a very bad metabolism despite exercising (cardio and weights) and have anisomastia as well, which was one of the reasons I was being prescribed it so early (doctors hoped it would help even out my left breast, which barely developed). Well, to be honest, it didn't help at all, and over the course of 11 years I have tried out different types of pills, some with more, some with lesser side effects, however I have absolutely always gained weight. So, I've always had a few years break in between, during which I would absolutely always loose the weight, and I decided to start keeping track of what I consume with a food diary. When I last came off it, in 2016, I managed to loose a lot of weight - roughly 20kg. I then went back on it in March 2018 (Rigevidon) and have since gained 30-35kg back. I feel absolutely dreadful, have absolutely no sex drive anymore at all (neither sex nor masturbation, despite being in a happy relationship I go months without anything and I'm very thankful to have such an understanding partner), I feel constantly fatigue and have trouble sleeping at night. On top of everything, I have since I went on the pill have developed severe issues with palpitations, heart flutter, skipped beats, chest discomfort and breathlessness. I have been to the A&E multiple times, where they noticed a slight Arrythmia and apparently something being off with my heart's impulse frequency. These palpitations have gone to bad that I can barely exercise anymore the way I used to, since my heartrate would go to 170 or 180 in no time, resting heartrate being between 90 - 125 (25 years old, now 95kg). I've been on a 24-hr ECG and need to wait for the results, and I have mentioned the birth control to all doctors, but my GP only gave me a different one (Gedarel) which hasn't improved anything. It however made my fatigue worse. Thyroid TSH has been checked and I'm Hypo, however not hypo enough for thyroxine, but they refuse to check T3 and T4 in the UK for some reason. I'm on my last tablet before my 7-day pill break today and I'm so torn, because I think I want to stop it, but I feel so insecure only using condoms and children are definitely not an option. Do you know if the palpitations and breathlessness could be caused by the pill? Again, sorry for this awfully long text, all the best xx Luna

    2. Bianka Horváth

      When I was on the pill I was insanely hungry. I also usually eat quite healthy, but when on the pill I had serious cravings. I tried to push them back, which triggered my binge eating disorder, that I used to have when i was younger. I havent had a binge for like 4 years, and then suddenly I couldn't stop. I also became somewhat depressed. After one month I stopped taking the pill, and all these things just disappeared. Side effects are very personal, you have to try it, but for some women it really can cause weight gain. And if you ever experience it, please stop taking the pill, not worth it.

    3. Vale Deroeck

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    4. Svetoslav Mitrochenkov

      What exactly is Clegenatur Methods? How does this thing really work? I notice many people keep on talking about this popular breast enhancement.

    5. Sharah Ghyll

      Hi! Can i ask? can you gain weight after finishing the 1 box of contraceptive pills? 28 pills

    6. Explorer812

      Explorer812 I’ve been on bc pills for 9 months and I’ve gained weight... I was 136 and now I’m 151 and I’m not doing anything different... I’ve just now gotten used to the symptoms which were horrible nausea and headaches for me. And a doctor who doesn’t care to even check me out or my background of health problems... so that’s a risk... And I want a choice but I’m getting to the point of is it really worth it? I guess anything is as long as your not pregnant. But it’s just not fair... The last few years I’ve been really watching my weight and I went from 170 to 130. And was so proud of myself and now I just feel like why should I even try to loose weight again... I’m between a rock and a hard place...

    7. Marem Y.

      I take the pill and it helped with my heavy bleeding and cramps but I did gain some weight but I blame that on myself lmao

    8. Tuesday Lucas

      Went off the pill last month. Lost 11lbs. Probably water weight. I'll be going to "the change" soon so I will not have to worry about this darn pill I've been on off and on for years! My doctor wants me to stay on it, says that many women still have late in life pregnancies. Yikes!

    9. Hailey Rodriguez

      my curves and butt are gone from taking birth control wtf

    10. LeonaL

      I'm a the only one that didn't gain weight because of the pill? Always had a big appettite regardless of pills lol

    11. Ariya Hendley

      2 yrs later watching this... thank you so much, this was EXTREMELY helpful 😭

    12. Mimi Landers

      i gained like 20 pounds in the course of 1.5 years after starting birth control pills for period reasons, and im not sure if its my fault or if its the pill, but i need to loose the weight for my sport and for my job so like idk what to do, can someone help? (and i cant like stop hormonal options bc it wont regulate my period)

    13. your mom says

      I've been on birth control for 10 years, I gained 30 pounds, lost my sex drive, bleed lightly or spot on and off almost all month of every month. I maybe go like one week without bleeding. Doctors kept changing my birth control since I was always on my damn period but I'm over them giving me a different type every few years to attempt to fix it, percribing stronger ones each time. I'm now getting off it, I can't stand birth control.

    14. Celeste Gomez

      Ladies and they’s with women reproductive systems: i have had Mirena IUD, Nexplanon, and the Seasonique birth control pill. Mirena IUD-I was working out and eating better, worked out 4 times a week and i had lost 45 pounds, it was great for me BUT i was spotting a LOT. Nexplanon-Started this at my thinnest but gained weight BUT i was working and going to college, at my work we’d order food and i would drink starbucks or have redbull boba every other day 😅 and i got off work so late i just didn’t have time to workout. I honestly think that’s why i had gained weight, but i do think it made weightloss harder as well, and i wouldn’t get a period for 6-10 weeks at a time, my period was longer (10 days) but was lighter and i didn’t have any cramps. Seasonique (4 periods a year birth control pill)-I started phentermine and so far I’ve lost 25 pounds in one month being on it, i like it but i do feel “dry” during “youknowwhat”. overall, i’m getting my nexplanon back, BUT i am on phentermine and doing fasting/eating better, i hope that i can be on nexplanon and not yo-yo so much with my weight but college and work and the convenience of fast food makes it difficult as well. but i’m getting back on nexplanon because i feel like it is safer for me to be on something long lasting and not have to worry about running to the pharmacy for my pills or worry about taking any supplements that may reduce the effectiveness of my birth control, i’ll update you guys on my weight once i get my nexplanon back!

    15. Julia Scott

      Little Q? Does a BCP like Yaz release different levels of hormones throughout the cycle like a 'normal' cycle does or is the levels of the synthetic oestrogen and progesterone consistent through out? Obviously the white 'sugar' pills have no hormone but wondering about the rest of the cycle? Thanks!

    16. Polka Dots

      My doctor told me that it doesn’t make you gain weight, it makes you hungry. It’s your choice to eat healthy or bad foods when those hungers hit

    17. Advercy

      Love this, Stephanie, I wish your newer stuff was more focused on this kind of content instead of putting so much pressure on yourself about your weight journey. ❤️


      This is how me and a lot of other women boost out you too can give It a try.

    19. Jazzy Rox

      yes thankyou for acknowledging individual differences :') I swear everyone just reads the abstract of some study and then shouts weight gain is a MYTH. For some women, they do indeed gain weight.

    20. Melissa M

      Thank you so much for this. I was on the shot for about 3 years and did gain weight. Nothing too crazy but still. I stopped last year and gave my body a break now back on it but will get off it once I am done in November. I feel bloated all the time and I am trying to lose some stubborn fat so I am probably going to just let my body adjust to its regular flow.

    21. Erri Bae

      Subscribe to my channel ! I’ll be posting my two week weight loss next week ❤️ I love Dr Buttermore 😊

    22. Kay Simpson

      Hi Stephenie, I found your channel when I was starting my weight loss journey this year 2020. You are an amazing person and I love how you are so open about your struggles and hope you stay safe. I started my journey this August 14th I weighed 119.5kg, and as of the 9th of October I have lost a total of 9.5kg in weight. I am curious as to what the long term effect of being on the shot? I had a really hard time when. I was in my teens, early 20 and always forgot to take the pill. So I went with the injection as it was easier and was never forgotten plus there was a family history of hormonal problems that also factor in to my choice to go the way I did eventually start to have issues on it and had to get it every 2 months instead of the 3 months to avoid the issues. I also must say I completely stopped getting my period within a year. I have been on it for around 14 years, I was over weight and am now trying to get to the healthy weight for my body. I go to the gym at least 5-7 days. I am just extremely curious about it. I got told I would start to have bone loss but I actually have excessive bone growth so that is also interesting 🤔.

    23. Clarissa van Staden

      I gained 5kg in a month on the pill.. now I have stretch marks🤷🏻‍♀️

    24. kemartini

      Very informative, thank you!

    25. GL P

      What about the newer ring that stays in for a year? Less side effects because it’s localized?

    26. GL P

      I wish I could take the mini pill but I am trying to prevent ovulation period. Mini pills don’t prevent ovulation.

    27. Damien Frederick

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    28. Bethena Venzon

      What is Clegenatur Methods? Does it work? I hear many people increase their cup size with this popular natural breast enhancement.

    29. Lee Liya

      I wish you my doctor care😭😭😭🤍🙏🏾✝️

    30. Lee Liya

      How am I supposed to know which one is best for me?

    31. Lee Liya

      The pill make me gains too fast in two months and I got STRETCH MARk!!!😣😣 and the birth control shot make me cramp and headache! But I was think to get implant birth control... but I’m not sure... CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?!? PLEASE 😭😭😭🙏🏾

    32. Margarita Esguerra

      "Dr. Stephanie Buttermore" ... *MAJOR heart eyes*

    33. Suri López

      I was doing chloe thing challenge for lose weight ,I'm 30 lb overweigth and many girls were having awesome results even with more pounds than me, I was doing it barealy with energy I changed my food eating less carbs, etc and My energy still low, and in those two weeks I only lost 3 lb and no much difference on my body shape! I am in my second week and still no chaching at all.. I was discouraged but I recalled ! I have birth control! so I understand now Why this was happening to me :( I'm going to removet it! and be sexy again . . Thank you so much!!!

    34. Briana Avitable

      Hello! I've been on the pill for about a month and a half but after watching this video along with doing some of my own research I will no longer be taking the pill. I started it to clear my acne but have gained weight already and my acne has just gotten worse. I have major strength goals but have noticed the quality of my workouts have taken a major cut so I'm glad that you made this video!!! Will update anyone who is curious about the changes I've noticed after quitting the pill in regards to weight and strength.

    35. vxCOCOxv

      I got my first hormonal IUD Mirena a week ago. I’ve had copper 2 times, on YAZ between these 2 and gained. Lost when I got the second copper, then gained after I went back on YAZ! I wanted the hormonal IUD (after careful consideration) because it’s localized and it’s such a small amount in the blood so it reduces side effects. Being self conscious about what you eat, how much and activity is a huge player in this all. I hope to lose, not gain on the Mirena!

    36. Ciera Torney

      Can someone explain what she means by you are "not doubly protected like the combination pill" (@ 7:34). I was told the mini pill is less effective only because it has such a strict time window and has nothing to do with what its molecular makeup is. Love your videos btw! ♥️

    37. Kbibi Sk

      What is the name of these tablet

    38. Tricky Trick

      So for a teen runner who competes and trains regularly how should they go about choosing a birth control

    39. Melissa Acevedo

      Ive been taking the combination pill for about 3 and a half years and i was just recently diagnosed with liver adenomas (small tumors) which are caused by estrogen . Cant believe no one talks about all thr liver complications due to oral contraceptives . I never knew such thing could happen

    40. Bri Richarz

      I’ve gained 40 pounds and very depressed. Massive headaches that last all day. No energy, no sex drive. I’ve tried multiple brands of pills. I’m getting off my birth control- I’ve had enough!

    41. Alexandra Herrmann

      Omg this is literally the video I needed!!!! Thank you ssooooooo much 😅😇👏👏👏👏

    42. foreverinthekitchen8

      I was on a certain pill for years when my cycle started acting up so I went to my gyno and she prescribed me a NEW pill with more dosage. It’s been about 2 months and I’ve gained about 10 pounds which to me is A LOT. I have an insanely high metabolism and have been the same weight for about 5 years now so gaining 10 pounds was insane. I’m starting to workout and cut carbs and if I see no progress I’m cutting the pill out completely.

    43. Karen Andrea Ramos

      When she said “doctor” I smiled so much. So proud of you honey!! 💛💛💛💛💛

    44. Diana Caroline

      Thank you for this video, in a week I'm gonna use birth control, its my firt time.

    45. C A

      I get monthly shots but they made me lose weight, I dropped about 9 pounds but now, a year later, I’ve had my period for more than a month And I think I will have to stop getting them. Update: i switched to pills And they made me gain all the weight back and made me depressed 🙂

    46. the beyond

      I've started taking birth control( pills) to regulate my period. I've only been taking it for about 2 months n it making my breast hurt like hell and I'm gaining weight n my arms be hurting too. I don't want to get off of it because its really helping my period but I'm having really bad side effects

    47. Layzin Dior

      My mom is making me get the depo shot🥺... I’m am not sexually active at all don’t even have a boyfriend and I’m not even worried about that rn

      1. Celina B

        wow that's crazy. Why is she making you get the shot if you don't even need it? it would just be forcing bad side effects on you. I hope you can have a talk with her and change her mind or even let the doctor know that you don't want to get the shot

    48. Chay Bennani

      It is so sad that in 2020 I am still forced to face such a dilemma, i can't believe it is impossible to conceive a contraceptive method that doesn't mess up your hormones and your testosterone, researchers just don't give a fuck, as long as it prevents pregnancies right ?

    49. hannah Sue

      I take the shot, and i was sooo scared about the side effects. Before I was on birth control I was unhappy too so I was worried it was going to push me over the edge. But Suprisingly, everything has been okay. Im a petite girl but I haven't gained weight or have trouble losing weight, my skin has been fine too. My sex levels aren't the highest but it gets up there sometimes if your partner is understanding enough. Also I do have a lot of cravings too. I do spot a lot, like im on my period. But nothing bad at all. Small cramps sometimes. It can all depend on you and your life style. I like fitness and focusing on my health so maybe thats why I haven't gained much. Goodluck to whoever is going on birth control, I was so scared and im sure we all were. But it'll be okay, just take care ok yourself first, never him first. Its all about you when it comes to this stuff.

    50. idk what username to use

      gonna manifest it doesn’t make me gain

    51. TyTy Lee

      I have PCOS so I’m forced to take a combination pill. It hasn’t even been two weeks and I’ve gained 4 pounds, got acne in areas I’ve never experienced it before and my face has gotten A LOT rounder. These pills are shifting my appearance and I hate it.

    52. Sasha Fellows

      Anyone else on the mini pill and just gaining weight x

    53. tejani kerroumi

      Hello stephanie Thank u Am glad to follow u U are the best.,❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍

    54. Gisel buitrago

      I gained 30 pounds on the shot but when I switched the pill I only gained 5 but now I’m eating healthy and working out and now I’m losing weight fast. Lost about 25 pounds.

    55. Alejandra Pinto Capasso

      Omg, I started to love her since I knew she’s a doctor. I mean, this is the kind of info we all need❤️ Thank you Dr Buttermore❤️

    56. Jade Bard

      I'd love more videos like these ☺️ Super informative!

    57. Jessica Bautista

      I went off of it and not much did change except my mood when I was on it. I’m back on it and a little afraid of how my body will react again haha. But this video for sure made me feel better! Thank you!

    58. Clayton Russell

      Hello there, I want to know if Clegenatur Methods, will really work for me? I notice many people keep on speaking about this popular breast enhancement methods.

    59. George Bowen

      Did anyone else loose their appetite altogether ? I completely lost mine, I felt nauseas so I barely ate.

      1. George Bowen

        @Stephanie Spencer Awn hun yeh doesn't sound to good but I hope the lower dosage helps for you! Now that I've been on it longer my body has gotten used to it almost, as everything is almost back to how it was before (took about 7 months for all the effects to mostly go) Xx

      2. Stephanie Spencer

        I wish Lol. I am always hungry. I've never regularly taken the pill before because they always gave me migraines. But I just started taking the lo dosage pill two weeks ago and so far I feel pretty good. I've gained 15lbs this year during the pandemic because I just want to eat all the time. I was, and still am hoping the pill will somehow make me feel less hungry by regulating my hormones. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    60. walquirp13

      Call myself "Dr." is my goal. ❤️💪

    61. Neeko Realm

      I was 16 when I started taking pills to get my period back. I lost my period for 2 years. Now, my period is quite regular...thanks to my pills. However, I can say that I gained weight. I'm just completely confused and I don't even know how to make myself comfortable with the situation I'm in. Would I lose my weight if I stopped taking my pills? Please help me.

    62. Ty Smith

      I’m very skinny and I’m actually looking forward to birth control because I’m considered underweight

    63. BlackPink FOREVER

      I’m using the patch now and it’s been good but a lot of nausea

    64. Nikki Mendieta

      I’ve been binge watching your videos lately because you’re super informative and I absolutely love that. I came across this video and it definitely helped me a ton! I had the Nexplanon for about 2 years and decided to remove it last year because of personal reasons but I was able to lose weight and maintain. When I removed it, I switched to the depo shot and since then I’ve gained weight and it’s been really hard to get back down to where I was despite my efforts. Hearing how it’s notorious for weight gain and how hard it is to lose weight with it has definitely reassured me that it’s probably this birth control that’s been the problem and I shouldn’t be bringing myself down because of it. All I want to say is thank you!! I’ll definitely be considering a different form of birth control!!!

    65. Bardi Damn

      Buttermore is this most adorable last name 😤😤😤😤brooo why I got stuck with a boring ass last name

    66. Adelaide

      Birth control for didnt change my weight, and if it did, it made me lose weight. But my weight loss May have been because of me starting to train again after a 2 year break. Though, my boobs did go from a 32AAA to 32A which im not that happy about, but the pill saved my life. My period truly ruined my life because of the Extreme flow and Extreme pain and now my period is still heavy but since i Can skip it, i only stop with the pill every 3 months and i have little to no pain now.

    67. naomi guzman

      I wish I found you soon before I took the shot. I GAINED SO MUCH WEIGHT!

      1. Willetta Williams

        I've been told since a year on depo that I have cervical cancer

    68. Ali Mil

      Who else is just watching the Globe and seeing the ghosts walking around? hahaha

    69. Katelyn Tejeda

      Great info I wish you touched on the patch though

    70. Dora Bektore

      "my name is DOCTOR Stephanie Buttermore" YES QUEEN

    71. Starfy Awesomesauce

      I learned so much in this video, thank you so much!

    72. Rebecca M

      I started it in late October and when I stepped on the scale three months later I was up 20+ lbs!! (I have always been thin and didn’t think the timing was coincidental). Though it cleared my skin I couldn’t fit in any of my pants anymore and felt super insecure, I stopped using it a month and a half ago but haven’t seen any differences even though my diet is the same :( I just hope it starts going back to normal

      1. Rebecca M

        ^ LESS* than 3 months later. Closer to 2

    73. naomi guzman

      I got on the birth control to make my period less days. I would be on my period for a week. I was on the shot in 9th grade and I was 125. Then that beginning of that year, I lost my grandma to cancer. So in that case my weight went up so far due to eating the same and I lost my period. I gained 10 pounds. I was 135 in my 10th grade year. then I went off the birth control to lose weight. now I went back on the pill to control my period and now I'm 17 years old and 145 pounds. I also work out but I want to lose weight but I can't tell if it's muscle weight or water weight. should I get off the pill?

    74. Kabao Lis

      Took the depo shot 3 years ago. After a year of using it, I stopped. I wouldn’t stop gaining weight or bleeding. I mentioned it to my nurse and doctor but they said it was normal. My start weight was 120lbs and now I’m 156lbs (I’m 4’11, so this weight gain is intense for someone my size). I gained 36lbs in a year and haven’t been able to shed a pound in almost two years. My metabolism used to be really good, and now I can’t seem to lose weight even with proper nutrition and working out. I was bleeding every single day when I was on the depo (NOT exaggerating). It was terrible! I wish this video came out sooner. Many don’t talk about the depo because the most common form of birth control is the pills. Thank you for educating others on this. I definitely didn’t have the proper knowledge, even with my own doctor!

    75. Keara Huneidi

      I’ve never learned so much about birth control, even from my gynecologist.

    76. Lexie DG

      I can't fit into my clothes anymore

    77. Lexie DG

      I grew inch tall and it helped me gain weight like crazy the depo shot

    78. Parker Willms

      I lost 20lbs on Depo Provera...and it wasn’t easy. The thing that my doctor told me is that because of hormones you’ll get hungrier, but not a fast enough increase for you to outright notice it. That’s why women actually gain weight over a prolonged period of time. That really helped me when I started the shot because I really focused in on what I was eating and how much. It wasn’t easy by any means, but simple knowledge like that helped me out a ton.

    79. Francesca Deyo

      Personally, im 16 and was having issues with heavy abdominal cramping and heavy bleeding during my periods so I decided to get contraception to help knowing that these are sometimes prescribed for these kinds of issues. I originally wanted to get an IUD but was advised that since I'm not active and was still very young that it wouldn't be worth the side effects, I didn't want to go on the pill because I would always hear about the acne (more or less of it), weight gain or loss (depending on the person) and figured that i wouldn't remember to take it every day so it was pointless. Instead I first went on the patch and found that it wasn't useful because my periods would be the exact same but would just start on my patch free weeks, then went on the depo injection and was told it would have no side effects aside from having no periods which I was fine with. After being 5 weeks overdue for my follow up I still had no period which I was still fine with but was advised to go in the implant instead because the injection could overtime decrease my bone density, it lasts longer and would not have to go through the trouble of remembering to take something every day and was yet again told there would be no side effects. The day I come in for the fitting I was asked if I was aware that it could potentially double my weight and have some really nasty side effects, I said no, the nurse handed me a pamphlet with the side effects that range anywhere from acne to nausea and dizziness, I explained the entire story to the nurse and at the appointment I jumped on the scale and saw that I gained 10kg/22 pounds and was so unhappy it was bad enough that since I was born my weight has always been a struggle but this was on a whole other level and do not feel great about myself, my appearance and this whole process. I went from 80/81kg to 90kg in 3-4 months.

    80. Mr MaLik

      What would happen when an male uses it? And what cause erection dysfunction creat in men? Plzzz any one Or someone would tell me that what medicines who kill my penis erection for some days? Anyone plzzz

    81. Shahalie Shai

      I had the subdermal implant and it was awful. I had my period for 6 months. My moods were so bad. It was worse than anything I’ve ever experienced but not even like a pregnancy but literally being on a bad period for 6 months straight. I gained about 40 lbs. My doctor kept convincing me to keep it in. I wouldn’t wish what happened to me on that to anyone!

    82. MJx BTS

      You’re an awesome fitness/health coach, plus a personable doctor. I was on an oral BC for 15 years and after losing 40 lbs in 5 months, my blood works showed no traces

    83. Ani Vuković

      I was on 3 different pills, on first almost killed my self it was soo bad ,on second I gained 15kg...I tried working out,were basically starving myself for months and half and gained more weight (?!?!) then decided it was time to stop, months later I lost 7kg with least effort ever,-15 in 2 1/2 months...two years later decided to try again but this time with Yaz and here we are again...15kg up will working out??? Can’t lose gram,so frustrating...I took my last pill today. It’s effecting my self esteem and my physic and I’m tired of it,back to condoms.

    84. Dreaz K

      Im getting the Mini Pill tomorrow. I was hit with hypertension and my Gyno specialist was concerned of long term side effects of continuing combination birth control. Im kinda skeptical about the Mini Pill but this video and another I watched helped to be easy about the weight gain and break through bleeding.

    85. JustSomeRando

      I have acne and a problem gaining weight so im looking into birth control

    86. LEA JAYDE

      Could you use birth control to gain weight if ur struggling too? I would also benefit from soothing my cramps and as a contraception but I would like to gain weight and I see people talking about how birth control made them gain weight and I want that so will it work?

    87. M. Cobb

      I have been on a combination pill for a little over two years now. I have gained somewhere between 30-40 lbs since then. At first I thought it was because I wasn't active anymore and eating out, but I've been eating healthier and working out for 1 1/2 years now and have seen almost no change. My boyfriend swears that I'm losing weight but I'm really not dropping major numbers. My migraines also got worse I feel. I also went from being a 36D to a 36i cup. :/ I struggle with confidence because of my awful chest and pudgy tummy, back and arms. Glad to see I'm not the only one who experienced this stuff.

    88. Anonymous Person

      when ur 13 and have to take the pill for ur abnormal period✌🏼

    89. Anelice Lujan

      I'm sad now I'm on the shot and now I'm scared :(

    90. alena

      Please make a video on PCOS 💜

    91. Megami lloyd

      Great and very informative video, as a fellow scientist I appreciate research backed up information. thank you.

    92. Kitty Gata

      She looks Native 🖤

    93. Alicia Zamora

      I hope I loose weight because I don’t wanna gain weight

    94. Amanda Lee

      I take birth control and I was wondering how to offset or counter the effects of decrease In testosterone...

    95. articgoneape

      After I finish this pack I am on, I am quitting the pill in January!! I used to be 125 and I am close to 140 now! I want my old appetite back where I didn't feel hungry all the time.

      1. Taylor Nicole Beauty

        can you just stop? i want to get off of it so bad! and literally i have the same weight issue. i was 125 and now i’m like 140-145 and am hungry 24/7!

    96. Tiera Curry

      I’ve been on depo and have been able to maintain my weight but recently, I’ve gain weight rapidly just this past week a total of 7 pounds! I work out regularly, eat decently well and some how on depo gained 15 pounds in total within this year! I have a bunch of muscle in my legs but my tummy started to get larger, originally I was very healthy and well proportions for my height, now it’s out of balance.

    97. Ladylocs Asia

      I got to birth control to stop ovulation. My ovulation cycle was painful. I hope I gain weight because I had a weak appetite And now my appetite have picked up alot. I took the depo after my 2nd child and I broke out it hives for 3 months. I'm on the pill now, so far so good.

    98. Niels Lindeburg

      That is why we are developing VasDeBlock, non-hormonal contraception for men.

    99. Ariana Grissel

      So what if I taking a pill with NO estrogen?

    100. Chantal Kellyman

      I gained 14 pounds on my current birth control

      1. Chantal Kellyman

        My diet and exercise may have contributed but I didn't drastically alter my diet

      2. Chantal Kellyman

        @Grace O I've been on the Oralcon-F for 2 months which is when I started to see serious weight gain, before that I was on the Lindynette 20 which is a higher dose but I did not experience significant weight gain

      3. Grace O

        Chantal Kellyman how long have you had it? And what’s the name?