I Trained Abs EVERY DAY For 6 Months (Why It Worked For Me)

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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
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    1. joy patowary

      Cut the music out....either u speak or u makes us to listen to music

    2. Tabor

      Because you are already naturally skinny? You gotta be a fatty first to impress me

    3. Jasmine K

      What if you don't have membership to go to gym the last 2 month's ?

    4. elk

      What can you recommend in lieu of an an AB machine or any other gym equipment? Exercises one can do at home as you did the first 4 months, but which will achieve the same results as the gym equipment. Thank you.

    5. Sylvie Michele Cwajgenbaum

      I prefer day 1.

    6. William Maduli

      You have a nice toned tummy!

    7. Solocanoe

      Ok. I'm subbed. Body perfect, face beautiful, sexy attitude and warm smile. Wow!

    8. Nora Woods

      I don't want man abs

    9. Anonymous

      Every single day? But what is about regeneration and muscle growth? Isn't it better to do it every second day? Thanks and lovely greets :)

    10. crushingcolours

      I personally like to be a bit thicker.

    11. Frankie Gonzalez


    12. Abeer Ibrahim

      Did you follow diet?

    13. Ricky W

      The good old days when you used to be hot.

    14. Nep Thach

      That's awesome. I have been doing it for 2 months or so hahaha. Going to have to keep going.

    15. sydgerald

      I was thinking "why"? flat stomacks are sexy but 6 packs on girls no... but I guess you're happy with it

      1. Anna Lee

        Ah yes, because women are trying to he sexy for you specifically. Good luck getting a girlfriend with that ugly mindset.

    16. Lehar Ratra

      But why do they say we shouldn't do abs workout daily

    17. Morning Evening

      I'd be satisfied enough with your day 1 results

    18. V A

      Now what? What’s the point of the 6-pack?

      1. MsSunhappy

        A gymshark sponsorship

    19. Merwin Tan

      0:30- So I will do my workout in the kitchen. 🙂

    20. Parables & Tribulations

      I love the honing in on time, reps and target area. Like this is very attainable. That chart was so bomb lol. Definitely might screenshot it! I love core workouts, so this will be nice to consider in how to incorporate some daily movements that CAN give me progress with consistency!

    21. Kitty Kiss

      To skinny

    22. Cinese

      5 Abs best exercises : 1)The plank shrinke.me/clgRgLs 2)The bicycle crunch shrinke.me/zAjPok 3. Side plank shrinke.me/tIpSi 4. Vertical leg crunch shrinke.me/Y9EobB 5.Invert crunch shrinke.me/7jSP8

    23. The Good Vibes Channel

      You’ve got to have a low body fat percentage starting off to gain abs

    24. Linda Taylor

      Totally working on getting abs. Great video

    25. Joyte Gotame

      I am going to follow this I also need to lower belly fat kill.

    26. PurdyFitClub

      How much is your weight?

    27. Basicallywonderwoman

      Hi Stephanie I love your channel, you inspired me to start my own, I would love it if you could give me constructive criticism! I did 2 hours long core workout! : hufast.info/plan/vide/e3q8mtp22KLegnU

    28. simona povignia

      You are totally sick. People like you are fucking Dangerous for all those who already have or are close to food related diseases. Get a real job.

    29. Emma Leyva

      I don't like the bones showing

    30. Katrin

      how can i lose 2 inches off my waist? someone pls help

      1. Katrin

        @MEH MEH for how long? and how do i avoid starvation and gaining it back?

      2. MEH MEH

        calorie defficit

    31. f4 Had

      why she hold her tits like that when showing abs?

    32. AsianPosh50

      Watching this in 2020 and gosh, you’re so much healthier now! ♥️

    33. RP Queen

      What advice do you have for someone who has been working out for alot of years and still have a stomach ?

    34. marktimmer2212

      You are an inspiration for me to reach my goal , and i thank you for that.

    35. Cindy mindy

      Watching this in September, hoping to get a tone stomach in feb

    36. Amelia Nolan

      Thank you.

    37. Amelia Nolan

      What kind of diet ? Do you do intermittent fasting?

    38. GlamTimeWith Salima

      You made it sound so easy, would of been nice to take a min and talk about importance of clean eating through this process. Without clean diet you are only targeting people that are already fit.

    39. Auto Ego

      Make up is definitely a game changer.

    40. nnvananh

      With your level effort can one get the lower belly packs? Coz here they re not shown

    41. HayabusaOrlando

      Love her energy and the way she laughs a little when she speaks. Very inspiring.

    42. Mya Xox

      What did you do to get the before pic, did you do any ab workout or was you just skinny 💜 You trained everyday? Omg what about rest day for the muscles to grow


      oh my omg you so skiny tis is bad

    44. Mark S

      "Just as a small disclaimer I like to push on my boobs, push them up, wear push up bras" Sheesh! Other than you constantly pushing on your boobs this video was very very well done and beneficial.

    45. CARL WongTW

      It's hard enough for most men, for a lady to achieve this is incredible, legendary

    46. Carla Luna

      So very helpful and inspiring ,thank you so much for sharing! 💕👍🏼

    47. Jennifer优健身

      Why would ppl dislike it? All those haters😂tsk tsk

    48. Holly Art

      great video, just one question..what was your diet while training for abs? more calories or less?

    49. Johny Wolfs

      Beautiful lady.

    50. Bro Luka

      I like the before better

    51. gopal dangar

      You are really really beautiful

    52. Beyza Altıntaş

      Hey Stephanie, I finished my programme for 4 months but I want to ask, I can’t go to the gym because of corona :( that’s why I can’t use crunch machine. Do you have any advice for my last 2 months?

    53. fgh asd

      hufast.info/plan/vide/j6Kwl5qW2HWrq2g watch this

    54. 米田共丸

      Another king kong barbie is born.

    55. Maria Sigalaeva

      I really work on having a press like you on the 1 day 😂😂😂

    56. hagar Dishon-Kolodny

      Yiu only did 5 months....

    57. Russ Jalichandra

      Anyone mentions 1 day before 6 months you look more beautiful?

    58. Somer Ellis

      pov : ur coming from her 1 year all in

    59. LoNdI LoCs


    60. Leslie Yao

      intellectual scientific brain + fitness

    61. Mizz Foyt

      Watchng this while eatng rice and corned beef.

    62. MarieClaireLucaMusic

      I can get muscle in my abs just can’t get rid of the layer of fat over the 4 pack underneath lol

    63. Alec Lovejoy

      If she was a guy she would have a 8 pack

    64. Alec Lovejoy

      Cut out bread, unhealthy fatty meats and put in more citrus fruit and veggies. Drink water and of course train yo ass off

    65. Ella

      Everyone in bed at midnight doing leg raises hit me 😂

      1. Darnitthelma

        I do my abs at night when the kids are asleep. 100 reps most days (approx 4-5 days) and I have tighter abs


      I already I have abs but I just like seeing how people work hard to get theirs

    67. Nguyen Hoang

      most research shows its not effective to work the same muscle group every day.

    68. Poet Victoria Hunter

      Congrats! I have been ab training for two weeks now with just one day break. I have about 25 more lbs to lose before my abs will start to show more.

    69. Polar Apple

      I heard crunches are very bad for you. I never do them after getting horrible neck pain.

    70. Boolii Crystal

      She was happy here but the next video shows background this video where she wasn’t happy. Cuz I watched this first and jumped to another video. But now I’m out of words🤭🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

    71. bRRother bRRother

      Your before looks better than the after tbh

    72. Arnold Stallone

      Butt butter

    73. Nishuti Parulekar

      Where is your top from!? It's a gorgeous color and such a cute fit!

    74. Nicole Jennings

      It's both gym and kitchen

    75. Diletta Amodeo

      Hi guys look the new video it's very nice hufast.info/plan/vide/o4vLgNWNyX3Hn4E

    76. amazing 22

      I'm gonna try it as soon as I am in top 👍 😴 I need more sleep than 6 hours

    77. Lucky ducki Mona

      One year later, a one pack!

    78. Unicorn

      Baby steps

    79. 777taisha

      Wow great video, the at home exercise s seem achievable so I'm in. I love your arms, how do you get slim toned arms, how tall are you x

    80. weeties4dasweeties

      Hi Stephanie I would just like to say Good job and this vid is one of the most motivating I could find could you make another about your diet at the time cause you look absolutely ripped!

    81. UnDeR tHe StArS oVeR ThE mOoN

      I’m gonna build my abs

    82. UnDeR tHe StArS oVeR ThE mOoN

      I want abs but my boyfriend said abs are manly. Fuck you bitch, I want abs...

    83. A K

      I prefer your body at day 1. I don’t like bodies that are too ripped.

    84. Light Theory LLC

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    85. Jane Doe

      how inspiring 😍 you are so beautifully beautiful

    86. Aidan Khaos

      Abs are made in the kitchen. Also depends on overall muscle mass plus genetics.

    87. Antonella Cozzi

      Meglio prima,pare la pancia di un uomo adesso

    88. Steve Hunt


    89. Steve Hunt

      Easy for her!!!! She already had the body for it!!!

    90. Steve Hunt


    91. tfhhjh

      this agent is maintained by others that they actually work

    92. tfhhjh

      I am seeing anorexia

    93. tfhhjh

      who cares about your ridiculous life

    94. Poop Mouth Jones

      You are the prettiest person I have ever seen

    95. Jean Paul Jean Paul

      Too bad your a fatty now and none of this matters. Keep eating donuts

    96. Lisa Ingram

      Love this and watched it a few times now. I've been incorporating this idea to my workout routine, along with the stomach vacuuming. EDIT: it’s been three months since I posted this, and I actually now have visible abs! Not quite as visible as Stephanie’s is in the video, but better than I ever have had! Of course I’m doing other workouts and am eating a high protein gluten free diet while watching calories too. This and stomach vacuuming really works!

      1. Kelsey Doss

        Curious how you’re doing now?

    97. xfw watching

      I'm going to make it hell yeah 💪💪💪

    98. Ambi Rajaloo

      This is so random but you started on my birthday 😂 0:03