I Trained Abs EVERY DAY For 6 Months (Why It Worked For Me)

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    1. Pahansisuinen

      you looked amazing before and after!

    2. Chethan P

      Mam abs workout can we do daily... Becz many will tel we should do alternate days

    3. Kaisa Helena Luts

      Me eating my last popcorn for the next 6 months while watching this video 🥲

    4. Yummy Food Secrets


    5. Jacky Tang

      You looks prettier if she 10 to 15 lbs heavier

    6. Raghunandhan BL

      Hi Stephanie Can I do abs regularly at home After completion Can I go for running??? Can you please suggest me

    7. Alley Wu

      OmG. That's what I want🤩

    8. Alexandra Garcia

      Hola , quisiera tener claro que alimentación tuviste, si la rutina es todos los días o con cual la alternas? Que ejercicio haces para oblicuos??? Gracias por tu respuesta

    9. Raymon Kravagna

      Haven't seen a couple of thumbnails for this girl's videos of find it hard to believe she has over a million followers. None of her advice is worth a damn. That's said do people really find muscular ABS on women to be attractive? And if so why?

    10. Sassy Ass

      Training the same muscle everyday is ineffective. You need to rest in order to grow. Probably did way more work than what was needed for the achieved result.

    11. Michaela Rehm

      Step 1: Start with already flat stomach

    12. Jesus First

      Oh those abs....

    13. Layla S

      I liked your stomach better before you started

    14. louise. emsy

      I need to do this!😂

    15. ariana fika saputri

      Thank you so much mine now is what you had 6 months before. I will commit to train harder n every single day 😘

    16. Kay Robertson

      So you did this in addition to full body? Or did you just do abs for 6 months??

    17. Romain T

      I have same problem... i will do your rutine and tell later about my results 😎

    18. Paul Rodriguez

      Wow. You look beautiful 😍

    19. Diana Patricia BM

      Esto de la suprema OBSESIÓN por el cuerpo perfecto es pura vanidad .

    20. M.77 HER

      Thank you for sharing this information. I had these in mind and I did start but stopped but will pick it back up again. This also gave me conformation that if I want to see my abs need work them every day! 👍🏼😉🥰

    21. Jesus Antolin

      This is great! Def will try

    22. Kaliana Yoga

      These are the abs I need in my life!

    23. wenzelaj

      I think this is totally do-able even at 46! Finally something that doesn’t take a lot of time, I can stick with! Would you please make more videos using the same concept? Arms, and butt? 🙏🏻❤️

    24. geegee candie

      No no no.. she looks like she is starving

    25. Z YQ

      wow what a commitment good on you! you are a real role model

    26. N. John Mazzoni

      I like Day 1.

    27. Real life

      You are sooooooo sexy 🥰🥰🥰

    28. Le breton Pascal

      C’est affreux 🤮🇫🇷

    29. vegaspro gambler

      lady, 90% of abs is diet....maybe 95%. and you know that. so tell people that dont. 1,000,000 sit-ups a day and an unhealthy, heavy diet means this; you've got a gut hiding massively strong abdominal muscles.

    30. Herakles

      Great work on that midsection! All Starts with diet right

    31. نصائح وإفادات

      Am 5'4 , waist is 33. My goal is to be able to see my abs one day..😢. Do I have to lose fat first and then train my abs or I can do both same time. I am on weight loss journey now using only nutrition.

    32. Hannah Villalobos

      Super love it but one very important question What about eating habits. Or what exactly to eat

    33. Mark Mullen

      Went from meh to gross

    34. schneeroseful

      Seeing this after the All in journey just seems bunkers

    35. Pink Flush

      Yeah kinda easy to get abs when you don’t have belly fat

    36. Wilhelm Cooke

      The attempted capitulation to the body positivity(undisciplined, fat, weak, and depressed population) community was weak af.

      1. Fiona

        It’s not capitulation, it’s for health reasons. Look into female hormones and necessary bodyfat levels. Her body was not physically healthy in these videos as she mentioned.

    37. Straw Leo

      Fake and gay

    38. Miss Flintstone

      This is misleading the reason why the abs will look that way is when you also reduce the fat cover. Exercise alone will not do it. It would be 6 months of strict diet to reduce BF and core workouts. Leg raises and crunches both work hip flexors . The janda sit up is the only one which isolates then and activates core.

    39. 펜타클골든

      Honestly speaking, the before looks better.

    40. Kk G

      Thanks for this post have been doing something similar for a month now and abs are starting to show. This gives me the extra push I need. Thanks great videos as always

    41. Yan Paq

      good job, but you really don't have to do so much abs per week to reach this goal. A good diet, hit the abs 2-3 times per week is enough

    42. Ralph Ramirez

      Me me me I I I

    43. TheWarIsWithin

      Also comes with diet folks smh

    44. Prisila Sicahuanca

      No entiendo por qué se suben los senos como si fuera que les tapa el abdomen 🤔cuando ni siquiera los tienen grandes.

    45. Bull Hippo

      I like day 1 better, no offense.

    46. tahitihawaiiblue

      I really NEED abs not to show but to be developed to fight my back pain. It’s depressing and annoying to constantly feel pain 😩

    47. Rose


    48. Man Of Beard

      I preferred the look on day one. But that’s just my opinion. But kudos, worked hard and achieved great results. Great job.

    49. Legslipsandlashes

      This was great and I'm glad it showed up in my feed. So, I HATE AB WORK, and it shows. 🤣😂 Now, glutes, arms, legs, cardio.... I live for that stuff. But I have 10 minutes a day. I'll do it and get it out of the way. Thank you. 🤗🤗🤗

    50. Suzana Has

      Sweetheart, your stomach was perfectly sweet and feminine, why would you like to have a 6 pack for Christ’ sake?!!

    51. Didi Cocaalba

      Wow... i think your hips just gone and your woman body as well

    52. Suzanne E

      Simple yet profound. Consistency and commitment, got it!😘

    53. Very KinkyCurl

      Nice! Will try this. I been consistent with exercise since June. My arms and legs are looking nice, but the dang on mid section doesn’t want to go.

    54. MideaMusic

      Her body looks horrible now but the video with her body before looked really good and feminine. P.S. she achieved masculine body look and I'm trying to see the waistline, yep it's just not there anymore...I'd cry if I had no waistline. P.P.S. one world champion who's a trainer now, allows to do exercises for abs not more often than 1 in 3 days, as muscles need to recover and repair.

    55. Tejaan Music


    56. porfinencontrenombre

      Every single day? Isn't it necessary to let the muscle rest?

    57. Scarlett S

      oh! 6 months!! I read 6 weeks xD... Love your abs!

    58. Lala

      Thank you for this!

    59. Elena Napoles

      Awesome!! Thank you!!

    60. Mephallica

      Step one: stop eating.

    61. GoingUp WithJesus

      That’s impressive

    62. joy patowary

      Cut the music out....either u speak or u makes us to listen to music

    63. Per-Axel Skogsberg


    64. Steek

      Because you are already naturally skinny? You gotta be a fatty first to impress me

      1. Steek

        @ToColla Mockingbird ok, I will do that. Thanks!

      2. ToColla Mockingbird

        @Steek she gained like 50 lbs after this video . It was to satiate her hunger and help with health issues that come with body competitions (like losing her period) by adhering to the "All-in" protocol. But eventually went back down to her body's natural set weight. Which to me appears to be curvy, not skinny. Seriously check out her All-In videos. Then you'll understand that this is far from her "natural" weight.

      3. Steek

        @ToColla Mockingbird , Was she a fatty? I would be super impressed if she showed me she went from 200 lbs or ,hell, even 120 lbs to her current weight

      4. ToColla Mockingbird

        Naturally?? She works her ass off every day and was too skinny. That's why she gained all that weight last year to be at her more natural base weight for her body.

    65. Jasmine K

      What if you don't have membership to go to gym the last 2 month's ?

      1. ToColla Mockingbird

        You can add weight to your ab workouts without a machine by using a medicine ball or objects around the house like a textbook during exercises like V-ups and sit-ups.

    66. elk

      What can you recommend in lieu of an an AB machine or any other gym equipment? Exercises one can do at home as you did the first 4 months, but which will achieve the same results as the gym equipment. Thank you.

    67. Sylvie Michele Cwajgenbaum

      I prefer day 1.

    68. William Maduli

      You have a nice toned tummy!

    69. Solocanoe

      Ok. I'm subbed. Body perfect, face beautiful, sexy attitude and warm smile. Wow!

    70. Nora Woods

      I don't want man abs

    71. Anonymous

      Every single day? But what is about regeneration and muscle growth? Isn't it better to do it every second day? Thanks and lovely greets :)

    72. crushingcolours

      I personally like to be a bit thicker.

    73. Frankie Gonzalez


    74. Abeer Ibrahim

      Did you follow diet?

    75. Ricky W

      The good old days when you used to be hot.

    76. Nep Thach

      That's awesome. I have been doing it for 2 months or so hahaha. Going to have to keep going.

    77. sydgerald

      I was thinking "why"? flat stomacks are sexy but 6 packs on girls no... but I guess you're happy with it

      1. Anna Lee

        Ah yes, because women are trying to he sexy for you specifically. Good luck getting a girlfriend with that ugly mindset.

    78. Lehar Ratra

      But why do they say we shouldn't do abs workout daily

    79. Morning Evening

      I'd be satisfied enough with your day 1 results

    80. V A

      Now what? What’s the point of the 6-pack?

    81. Merwin Tan

      0:30- So I will do my workout in the kitchen. 🙂

    82. Parables & Tribulations

      I love the honing in on time, reps and target area. Like this is very attainable. That chart was so bomb lol. Definitely might screenshot it! I love core workouts, so this will be nice to consider in how to incorporate some daily movements that CAN give me progress with consistency!

    83. Kitty Kiss

      To skinny

    84. Cinese

      5 Abs best exercises : 1)The plank shrinke.me/clgRgLs 2)The bicycle crunch shrinke.me/zAjPok 3. Side plank shrinke.me/tIpSi 4. Vertical leg crunch shrinke.me/Y9EobB 5.Invert crunch shrinke.me/7jSP8

    85. Zaynaba Nur Musa

      You’ve got to have a low body fat percentage starting off to gain abs

    86. Linda Taylor

      Totally working on getting abs. Great video

    87. Joyte Gotame

      I am going to follow this I also need to lower belly fat kill.

    88. PurdyFitClub

      How much is your weight?

    89. Basicallywonderwoman

      Hi Stephanie I love your channel, you inspired me to start my own, I would love it if you could give me constructive criticism! I did 2 hours long core workout! : hufast.info/plan/vide/e3q8mtp22KLegnU

    90. simona povigna

      You are totally sick. People like you are fucking Dangerous for all those who already have or are close to food related diseases. Get a real job.

    91. Emma Leyva

      I don't like the bones showing

    92. Lady Godiva

      how can i lose 2 inches off my waist? someone pls help

      1. Leandro2000

        @Lady Godiva you got to track your calories and do a small caloric deficit it going to take a long time but you aren't going to starve yourself

      2. Lady Godiva

        @MEH MEH for how long? and how do i avoid starvation and gaining it back?

      3. MEH MEH

        calorie defficit

    93. f4 Had

      why she hold her tits like that when showing abs?

    94. AsianPosh50

      Watching this in 2020 and gosh, you’re so much healthier now! ♥️

    95. RP Queen

      What advice do you have for someone who has been working out for alot of years and still have a stomach ?

    96. marktimmer2212

      You are an inspiration for me to reach my goal , and i thank you for that.

    97. Cindy mindy

      Watching this in September, hoping to get a tone stomach in feb

    98. Amelia Nolan

      Thank you.

    99. Amelia Nolan

      What kind of diet ? Do you do intermittent fasting?