I’m Going ALL IN | Why Am I So Hungry? (Day 1)

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    I don't have much to say other than, I hope you will stick with me and follow my journey. You guys are my biggest support system and without you, I'm nothing. I honestly feel like you are my best friends and I hope my openness and honesty will only bring us closer. I love you guys so much. 💕🙏
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Fenton Read-Smith

      I am glad to see you had the self-awareness to take advantage of the support and stability you have access to and were able to undertake such a difficult task. Well done.

    2. Zjessy1995

      Thankyou so much with all of my heart, I suffer atypical anorexia, body dysmorphia and have lost my period as of it. I’m currently and desperately trying to recover to be healthy to have kids in the future. Seeing this makes me want to cry, just Thankyou truly, such a radiant soul and you don’t realise how much this helps and inspires xx

    3. Michelle Tramper

      Wow I love how you come off so super powerful by being vulnerable like this 💕 Love your channel, only recently discovered it haha, but I’m hooked! I really appreciate the time and effort you (and Jeff as well btw) put into doing proper research and sharing that information. Keep it going guuuurl, rooting for you xxx

    4. Loya Frostwind

      This is not for everyone. It works for her lifestyle, and contributes to her health. Other fitness channels would suggest a caloric deficit, in order to keep us from sliding into obesity.

    5. Aditi Javali

      I have so much respect for you

    6. Destini Clarizio

      so inspiring. I follow you cause of your scientific citations and wisdom about health and this change reflects that!! not for your body. glad ur taking care of yourself

    7. gato Negro

      What "All IN" actually means 1:52

    8. Felicity Dawn

      This video is really inspiring. I struggle with depression and it's hard to get myself to eat sometimes and I want to get myself on track with my health before it starts to become more of a problem. This sounds like a wonderful plan, though my goal will just be filling my belly with good food as much as posaible and hopefully, I'll start to regain my appetite after depression killed it. Thanks for this video. I really needed it.

    9. Lydia Vilums

      Jesus loves you. He’s coming soon!!!!

    10. HayabusaOrlando

      This woman is AWESOME. XOXOXO

    11. collarmole

      We're subscribed to you for you as a person not you as a body.

    12. DJ Wafflez

      Girl I am so tired of body image issues. It’s been anorexia and now it’s BED and I just pray to God to be normal healthy to eat things in moderation. I’m tored

    13. Miranda Anderson

      What is H.A.?

    14. Reed Smith

      I found you from Keltie O'Connor. I started subscribing maybe one minute into the video. I can't say thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for doing this for yourself and being vulnerable enough to do it. Thank you for promoting health not just aesthetics.

    15. Kelly K

      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! Your heartfelt and real vulnerability is so touching and inspiring. Thank you thank thank you so much, this is the message we all need to hear.

    16. Kimberly Smith

      Watched all your videos from here till your 1 yr in. Healthy is where we should be. I had issues with yo-yo dieting for so long. Now with health issues, I am doing things holistically. Now in process of getting hormones on track, I hope that it will help with the other blood work that has taken a toll and my physical self taking a big hit. Thank you for ALL of this! It gives me hope. xoxoxo

    17. Vicky Gatzima

      I cannot even think of how much INNER STRENGTH it needs to do something like that. Bravo! Just that.

    18. Luiza Freitas

      you just got a new subscriber ❤ thanks for this video!

    19. Nanna Mück

      You are SO wonderful!!

    20. Anisa

      I send you all the love! And you are so beautiful on the inside and outside!

    21. superdooper

      You are beautiful and intelligent and emotionally intelligent as well ☺️ officially a new crush

    22. superdooper

      I believe restricting yourself to stay so lean (bodybuilding men and women) is having an eating disorder - but that’s not a popular opinion, because it will ruin people’s idealistic thoughts on what total wellness and health looks like (apparently just an attractive muscled model). It would ruin the fun in competing and being a part of the fitness world. “Some studies found that a non-diet approach to eating and behavior change was not only associated with psychological well-being and improvements in body image but also with improvements in metabolic health - including blood pressure, lipid levels and cardiorespiratory fitness.” How is your fitness eating really ‘healthy’ if you think the only thing that is healthy is muscles, eating ‘healthy food’ but slaving making prep meals or counting every calorie. What about your relationship with food, is that healthy?

      1. superdooper

        I’m glad this video addressed how she didn’t want to be as food focused and she realises she can gain weight and be healthy, fat is not the devil like we all make it out to be. 💕

    23. Novalia Santoso

      Thank you for your series sharing about "ALL IN" so much insight I learn. It has opened my mind to see both needs of physical & mental health even further as my holistic body.

    24. sebin bok

      Ive never gave much thought to foods except to eat healthy. This vid made me realize ive been going “all in” my entire life. At a point i was eating 10,000 calories a day. Granted, i am a highly active person but i am a 5’4” 125 pound woman so i did gain some weight. But i am just now realizing that it isn’t abnormal to have a cap on the general amount of calories a person consumes in a day. Wow it’s a whole world i never thought about

    25. Matty Christensen

      I've just learned about you and I think this "all in" concept is awesome.

    26. Reese Fortier

      I am so so happy to see this. Thank you

    27. Acklima Maharaj

      Great inspiration. Thank you.

    28. Angie Smith

      I just saw your update on Abbey Sharp's channel, and I immediately came to subscribe and catch up from the beginning of your all-in journey.

    29. Joana1094

      I used to see your cheat day videos before but now seeing you with all that self love and new lifestyle made me want to finally subscribe, you're amazing and so inspirational ❤️ go for it, I'll keep on watching and supporting your channel 😊

    30. Ashante Fulford

      This video almost brought tears to my eyes 😢.. thank you!

    31. JaxxieT

      What is HA

    32. Megz G

      Watching this after the year is over and she did it !! ❤️❤️

    33. Hyeju Jeon

      I can’t even imagine how afraid she must have felt making this decision, especially as a fitness inspo.

    34. Adriane B

      I MUST SAY ... AS A FITNESS TRAINER that the most important in any journey is to be healthy, happy and save your body! And I'm sooo glad that you are putting it out in your videos a specially when you have a big odiance. And I know how tough it is to gain weight when you suppose to make an "example" of healthy and feet life style. But people should know that we are human and that is o.k to gain weight and our beauty and health not depends on that (like in your case) ther is time that gaining weight is saving the body and life of people, and you should know that what that you are deliver on this video can save lives! THANK YOU. BE STRONG. LOVE YOURSELF. AND BE KIND TO YOURSELF. BECAUSE YOU ARE AMAZING NO MATTER WHAT 💖💖💖👏👏👏

    35. Dovahkiin

      Regarding the last part of the video: Idk if you'll ever read this but you gained a subscriber from this video.

    36. ss gg

      I struggled with HA for about 2 years and going all in + changing my exercise routine was the thing that did the trick. Before that I only tried to increase my calories and at the same time keep doing religiously my daily HIIT workout. Nope.. In the end I gained all that I had lost when I first started HIIT and "eating right" (15lbs) + 7lbs more. It was a real struggle, all the time wanting to go back to the old "perfect" me. Now, 4 years later I am the same weight (145 - 150lbs) but I managed to transform most of it into muscle. I was tempted to experiment again with my body and for 2 months I tried clean eating(but same amount of calories) + weight training. It was a shock for me that you can have awesome abs AND a period by doing normal workouts(not exhausting yourself everyday) and simply reducing sugar and bad foods. Of course the effects of this experiment only lasted for 2 or 3 months because I like my sweets :) But I am okay with being muscular and having a small belly made from "happiness" :)

    37. hooo

      Thank you for being honest

    38. Ebony Duval

      You're right, I'm not interested anymore. And I did unsubscribe. Don't worry there's still nice people out there that will support you.

    39. Vegan With Love


    40. Nicole Tess

      I was severely anorexic 88lbs and I gained up to 130lbs. I did the same thing and ate when I was hungry. Now I am not hungry all the time and I am cutting the weight off and I feel better about myself. It does have it's challenges, it is hard to accept my new body.

    41. Maung Chan Tha

      I can't even reach 2000 kcl a day its so hard for me to gain weight

    42. Hjørdis Joanardottir Poulsen

      this is the third time I am rewatching all of your "all in" videos. I love them and you are such an inspiration

    43. Manar Nasr

      This is so amazing! I love you. we all are so proud of you and we have so much respect for you

    44. Sweet Love

      Just looking back this video of yours.... you have really come so far.. Feel so proud that we live ten months further in the future and seeing the beginning of your journey again. Keep up the good work!

    45. chibi olive

      took me ages to finally find out what you meant by "all in" you've mentioned it in a couple of you're most recent videos but you never explained what it meant so im finally happy to find this video of you explaining "all in" :))

    46. Daniel

      You have no discipline you fat pig.

      1. Pauline B

        What exactly makes you say she has no dicipline? She got to this point just because of her dicipline?

    47. Rand Ramos

      Omg I love this so much. All that matters is that you feel the best you could possibly feel. INSPIRING.


      I'm recovering from anorexia currently and I'm dealing a lot with the weight gain I have and I feel like Stephanie is helping me so much I hope she will help anyone who needs to be listen to, pls don't forget i appreciate everyone out there hopefully you have a nice day and can help happy again

    49. Khadi J

      Omg.. you so cute god. I found you out just yesterday, and i suddenly adore you. Your smile, your spontaneity but mostly your honesty. This video makes me love you even more, and suuree i’m not gonna go anywhere❤️

    50. Annita Hayward

      I've joined you because of this process!

    51. Roni Cohen

      I did this, gained some weight at first, but now I am in my natural waight, so so happy for this brave move that I have made

      1. GAMA GARCIA

        Roni Cohen how long did it take you to be at your normal weight. Is it at a your weight according to height, or a weight you are comfortable with?

    52. Bianca Rodriguez

      I love this keep it up ! Do what makes you happy and what you want !❤️ I just watched 3 videos of you & now I love your videos I feel the same way toy do .

    53. Jandos Azerbay

      I have watched this video 9 months after Stephanie has embarked on this journey and I honestly wish I had watched it earlier. This is literally absolutely the content that the fitness community, and society overall needs. As someone who has struggled with eating disorders (basically starving myself on most days and then obsessively binging on "cheat days"), and feeling my energy, mood and motivation levels drop, Stephanie has given me the strength I needed stop constantly obsessing with my physique every given moment of every day and to focus on feeling whole, complete and happy. Thank you so much for this! You inspire me with how confident, energizing and talented you are!!! Keep creating.

    54. The Best of TikTok

      If your not quite into the idea of eating all in for yourself I would probably suggest eating slowly and in between drink a lot of water because doing this helps me get and stay full a lot longer

    55. LK Y

      Stephanie may I ask you a question?I always eat too much when I feel anxiety and eat late at night。I wonder if it is a kind of bulimia or just a emotional imbalance?😭

    56. Jupiter The bitch

      As someone who’s actively struggling with and eating disorder that developed at an early age, I love your message about how it’s okay to gain weight and I love your openness about the beauty standards for fitness influencers.


      ممكن احد يترجمه للعربي 😭

    58. lavinia seminara

      you go girl!!!

    59. Courtney Dearborn

      Do you look back and think “wow the weight gain on me makes me look so much better” you glow more, inside and out. I’ve been following for awhile and I started my all in a month ago. But have really cracked down in the last week with trying to eat 2500 calories a day. For my first month I’ve gained 5 pounds. However my weight fluctuates so often. But I’m going to continue with it.

    60. Rihanna

      Thankyou so much for this video. You’re amazing

    61. Aya al-Rifai

      girl even if u gained 100 pound we will always support u no matter what. keep it up and be happy💪🏼💙

    62. Sarah Marine

      You inspired me to go ‘all in’ I didn’t have my period for two years due to losing significant amount of weight. I tried everything to get it back, everything! Turns out I may have been underweight. I was 5 foot 10 and weighed 57.8kgs. So just under 58kgs. I cut down my exercise still no period. It took me to get to 76kgs to get it again 😬. I am now at 70kgs going down to 65kgs and will closely monitor my period. Never in my life did I want my period so badly... So thanks Stephanie 🤗

    63. Angie

      so glad you aren't promoting a restrictive diet like so many fitness channels do. I also love how you are promoting a balanced diet :)

    64. HONEY TOAST蜂蜜吐司

      Glad you doing this, hope you healthy and feel awesome!

    65. Fitness Egypt

      Hy gays is it possibie to log and subscribe to my channel please

    66. wldlvndr

      Follow the intuition has some more detailed videos on this concept...they've really helped me a lot in stopping my disordered eating.

    67. Jenna Baker

      i appreciate how you're your own person - your delivery is raw and meaningful. i notice a lot of youtube personalities follow the same trends, same ways of speaking/colloquialism, even stealing the same ideas ... but youre unique which is neat lol keep it up being you🤙🏼

    68. Slyyvie

      "I don't have much to say other than, I hope you will stick with me and follow my journey. You guys are my biggest support system and without you, I'm nothing. I honestly feel like you are my best friends and I hope my openness and honesty will only bring us closer. I love you guys so much. 💕🙏" don't depend on us - we will betray you

    69. Ornella

      So inspiring Stephanie!

    70. Pia Orellana Lineros

      Can i ask how tall are you? I want to try to do this, but im so short im afraid it wont work and it'll be worse

    71. Christina B

      I love this! I’ve been “all in” my whole life 😂, but i just recently realized I need to eat at least 2500 calories to maintain my weight. I’ve finally gained 20 lbs (some fat, some muscle) and I feel and look the best I ever have. Curves are amazing! You look great “thicker” ❤️


      still stick with your jerney

    73. toveriman

      Please eat like normam people. Hunger is awful feeling

    74. Chia Fairy

      This is like eating disorder recovery without the eating disorder 😂 (i mean I just discovered your channel, you might have one you just didn't mention, but it just doesn't feel like you do). You might be the first fitness vlogger I can safely watch despite my ED past 👀 exciting.

    75. Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_average

      With you all the way,whatever you want in life,i along with so many others,will be there,you can do it.

    76. Beverly Chandler

      So glad I found you!

    77. Bella Gray

      You can tell by the way you talk and present yourself, that you are so intelligent. I love this, this is so important. Thank you.

    78. Vessel Of Satan

      Ur way is foolish u could have just progressively added ur calories up with the ability to control the processes until u fixed ur physical issues but u just use it as excuse to become fat it’s unbelievable that u post that video and with it support the immaturely way your subscribers think about calories and the body but not only your subscribers but every stupid human out there watching videos like that and then wonder why they became fat, of course this Jeff is supporting this passively or even actively! Greg made a Video against u and your foolish way of thinking and your thesis of fixing your body, you are exposed!

    79. Queren M

      I have NO appetite, I feel no hungry and I don't like eating, but I wanna gain weight but i have a horrible relationship with food...but I'm gonna try it

      1. no name

        You don't like food??😭

    80. Kayla Gontiersomerhalder

      Listen Stephanie I loved watching a cheat day videos but I was always wondering how you could eat so much and I'm so happy that you're taking care of yourself honestly I've been losing weight and I struggle with eating disorder what people think all she can't struggle with that because she's big Oro she doesn't have body issues she just likes to eat and it's nice seeing it from another standpoint and seeing that you're going to embrace your body and I'm in shock because of how you are and how you been that you could say you know what I'm just going to accept how my body is and love it every step of the way and if you guys don't want to support me but of course if we're going to support you and if they don't want to support so they can go f*** themselves because they're stupid

    81. flsym

      I’m always hungry. I’ve noticed that I eat to be satisfied, not to be full. It’s very hard to for me to un-do this because I find that if I eat to get full I get grossed out or full fast with little amount of food. Any help? Suggestions? My metabolism is super fast. 😔 I just want to gain weight and it is so dang hard

    82. Jennifer Williams

      I've watched some of your videos in the past but this is the video that just made me click the subscribe button. Our goals are different because I'm overweight and trying to lose body fat but I still find that I'm learning a lot from your journey. Good luck.

    83. Teach Ma

      Lose interest in your content fuck no, how many youtubers do share this details and have honest conversations.

    84. s

      I can soo relate to the huge apetite situation

    85. Leticia Viera

      Adding mindfulness and meditation to my life has changed everything for the better. My mind and soul found peace and my body naturally followed. We mustn't forget that we're a bunch of atoms that stay together vibrating at a certain frequency becoming matter thanks to our conscience and physics, we're energy!! When we go deep within us with love and free of judgement we heal and it's always from within.

    86. Kyla Durie

      This is refreshing to see and hear. I work out diligently and eat good foods (I still enjoy fun foods), but I always feel like it’s not enough cause my stomach area bothers me from time to time. It’s always been a bit harder for me to tone my stomach area. I feel like even at my lightest weight, I still had a little “pudge”.

    87. Rachael Pettet

      I have been battling with ED for years and keeping it under the radar because I've been a healthy weight for years. Watching your journey and having a supportive partner has inspired me. I think it's time that I actually take complete control and sort it out. Thankyou for being so open and honest with us 🖤

    88. Coco Large

      You're hungry because you don't eat micro nutrients and you have a sugar addiction. Now you're giving people permission to eat like trash. Shameful.

    89. Jessica Goodman

      This is so important! Thank you for sharing this journey! You are so inspiring.

    90. So Phia

      I -and I think I talk about most of ur followers- definitely won't like you and your content less with you don't having a sixpack anymore. In fact it really helps me, as a girl with big appetite, accept the fact that I can eat until I'm full and that makes me feel great. Thanks for sharing ur journay so honestly, I really thinks it helps a lot of ur followers to realize, that fitness is not about being skinny, but about being healthy and give ur body what it needs. Thank u a lot! ❤️

    91. GotAClue313L

      This is amazing! Do you think you could discuss some of the science behind "extreme hunger"?

    92. Maria Hernandez

      You’re a queen ♥️

    93. Billy b

      Fapping bit starts at 1:09

    94. Charlie Lebby

      I absolutely love everything about your approach to your All In journey- logical, well informed, and insanely courageous. You have no idea how much this has changed my life and allowed me to find freedom from a 7-year-long eating disorder. I think you look amazing and beautiful right now. You seem like a better, more effective person who enjoys life more as well. Keep doing what you are doing. I am so so impressed with your courage to do this all publicly. Just mentioned you in my recent blog post- charlielebby.wordpress.com/2020/01/31/all-in/. Thank you again. You are seriously starting a movement and I am here for it!!:)

    95. Gehacktes

      You have to eat more fat

      1. GreenGuyz

        Yes :D

    96. Shawna Alger

      I think this is a wonderful message. I applaud you, as an individual and an influence. This is so much the truth with dieting and constantly cutting. I'm looking forward to seeing your journey.

    97. Ruthie Zerai

      Good for you, very brave of you to put your health first, good luck with this 👍🏾💪🏾

    98. Kel ly

      This is the first video of yours I've ever watched but I must say,,,, you are incredibly beautiful 🧡 gorgeous! 💜

    99. Kel ly

      Wow,,, I found this very interesting, as a "retired" model also, I know I trained myself years ago to never eat until I'm full. I'm always cold, tired etc,,,,, I'm gonna go back and watch all your other videos. Thank you!!!! Love "NON ASTHETIC FITNESS GOAL - BRILLIANT!!!!!!" 💜💜💜 You've won me over! Just subscribed!!!

    100. Kenley Eisenmenger

      I'm writing a paper about beauty standards and cited a bunch of your videos. They helped so much. Thank you!