I Lost My Period: Why It’s Unhealthy & How To Get It Back

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    Nicola Rinaldi, PhD
    Such a sweet and amazing woman! She truly is a wealth of knowledge so make sure to check out her content. She also works with women one-on-one to help them regain their menstrual cycle as well as helping women who are struggling with infertility.
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    ▹Taylor Collins and Krista L. Rompolski (2016): “Hypothalamic ▹Amenorrhea: Causes, Complications, & Controversies”
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Hello my loves!! 👋I know many of you are currently struggling with HA, so I hope this video helps you or at least points you in the right direction. As I said in the video, I lost my period for a year back in 2014, BUT I have not lost it again since, even through my most recent mini-cut, I did NOT lose my cycle and I'm happily eating in a surplus 😊 I also want to extend a huge THANK YOU to Dr. Nicola Rinaldi and Coach Paul Revelia for their expert opinions, all of their information will be in the description box! And please let me know if you enjoy informative content from me, because from doing background research, conducting interviews, writing my script, filming and editing; this video was about a month in the making 😓 so it would me a lot to me if you let me know by liking the video, so I know it's worth it to make them! 🙏Also let me know in the comments if a video on PCOS interests you! I love you guys soooo much! 😘

      1. Andy Mora

        Stephanie!!! Please please please make a video talking about pcos

      2. Eln Eln

        Yes please do a video about PCOS

      3. blueskythinking83

        @Stephanie Buttermore please do a PCOS video. It gives me food cravings hell, a moody disposition and depression. You are so lucky u have a normal metabolism. I cannot eat what you eat without getting arthritic symptoms and feeling like shit the next day. Also it sets off horrible uncontrollable cravings

      4. Andra Book

        hey i just watched this whole video....wth? how is that legal for female competitors?? that % is HUGE

      5. Rahmana Basit

        It just sounds like the symptoms you got is like anorexia when your undereating, and other anorexic behaviour. I’m not saying your anorexic I’m saying the symptoms are similar to anorexia

    2. SunnyKatha29

      What about all those Victoria Secret Models? They are extremly thin and I wonder if they get periods and how they get pregnant?! My period is more than 2 years gone and I‘m afraid to gain weight ( 44 kg and my height 1,66m)

    3. İlay Şenay

      I can't find your video for PCOS, I was really looking forward to that :(

    4. jeromie89

      Is there a video on HA and PCOS? I can't find it

    5. Zjessy1995

      I suffer with this due to my eating disorder... I’m in a healthy weight and still lost my period. I desperately want children and truly want my body back to normal...

      1. Gwen McGil

        It takes time. Keep going ❤️

    6. Rosie Steel

      I have an eating disorder and have lost my period for months, so I found this really helpful❤️❤️

    7. Yoshi

      But what if restricting is the only way to lose weight, like intermittent fasting and keto should I not do those

    8. Linda

      I used to have major severe cramps on my period every month but now I’ve been having my period once every other month and no cramps at all. Also I lost a few pounds, on calorie deficits and exercising. Is this also consider as HA?

    9. Nisha

      Is there a way of getting my period back without gaining weight??

    10. Sophia Friedrich

      I got my period back and I didn’t know if I should be happy or sad

    11. Olivia Shaw

      Im 16 and still don't have mine after 3 months of eating 2500 calories and only doing weight training 3x a week for 40minutes. I lost it around 9 months ago. I'm only 5'2 so I've been steadily gaining weight and also some muscle, I'm now 48kgs so I'm a healthy BMI. Do I need to gain more weight or should I just give it more time? Also can I keep doing this amount of exercise because I really don't want to give up training I'm making lots of strength progress :/.

    12. Leslie

      I always wondered why losing your period would be bad because always sounded like heaven to me. I don't really get any bad symptoms but just bleeding from your vagina sucks and is annoying and messy and costly. So always thought it would be a good thing to lose it but I didn't know that you could get osteoporosis which I definitely do not want.

    13. Steph

      That guy yaking on about women losing their periods made me sick. Why the hell is a, "physique" competition even a thing!?!?

    14. Diana

      So, it’s now acceptable to be overweight and even encouraged while being lean or thin is unhealthy! People with unhealthy lifestyle wants others to be as unhappy as them, so they encourage similar behavior, but in reality they wish to be thin, which is the healthy body size.

    15. Naturebound

      This can also apply to women who are in surgical menopause and on HRT. I was anorexic for six years from age 36 to 42. I have been in surgical menopause since age 33. I did not lose my period per say during my years of being severely underweight, because I didn't have ovaries or a uterus. However, because my body fat was so low and I had so little fat in my diet, I was not absorbing my hormone replacement therapy or fat soluble vitamins like D, A, E etc. My blood estradiol tested extremely low despite being on the highest dose of a hormone patch. I lost a ridiculous amount of bone density and my spine score by age 42 was -4.1 spine (dexa scan). I had to put on over 24 lbs just to get to a low normal weight range. I am still battling my eating disorder but at least my hrt is working now and estradiol tests much higher, therefore is protecting my bones more. Vitamin D is much better also. Women in menopause are often overlooked but eating disorders and extreme dieting are not uncommon in older women too.

    16. Thomas Donahue

      Another excellent presentation you're a very impressive young woman

    17. Unnur -

      I’m 16 and haven’t had my period in 7 months, but I’m working on getting it back. My mom noticed how little I was eating so she’s making me eat a big breakfast, big lunch and a big dinner, which is very new to me. I’ve been doing that for about 2 months

    18. Aleh

      I have anorexia and my last period was 2 years ago, I am hesitating to do rehabilitation because it scares me but I will never know what will happen if I do not try.

      1. Vânia Vincent

        pls do it, it's wonderful you even consider rehab. thats true progress. Hey do it for new year resolution. God bless you

    19. Gazi Taznur

      Can anyone please tell me...Cz i am worried...I had so much weight in the beginning of this year...I was 80kg now I'm 55kg...I still have to lose some weight...I lost my period for the first time in life in September...Now it's October and still my period is not coming..Also I'm vegetarian and allergic to many foods that I can't eat...Is it okay?...Will i get my period back?😖

    20. Rocky Twix

      I got my period when I was 14 I had it for three months and then my period stopped for a year, I was doing ballet for around 5 hours a day and not eating more than I should eat for the exercise I was doing but then quarantine happened and I ate and did less exercise and it came back😊

    21. Kiana

      1 ate under 1000 calories for 3 months I didn't lose any weight but I lost my period. I started eating more and got it back with the help of my doctor after 9 months

    22. Pillow

      Bruh am I the only one searching to get rid of my period ;-;. *Tsk I hate my periods* I just want to get rid of it. It's really annoying doesn't let me do anything. I would be so much happy if I got amenorrhea.

    23. Rafaela Cubillos

      Hey! I just got my period back for the second time after I lost it for three months. I was hoping in the future to be able to do mini cuts but I am really afraid to do them wrong and end up losing my period again. I would really appreciate it if you please make a video about doing mini cuts accordingly to the menstrual cycle, so you can nourish your body correctly according to what time of the month it is. Thank you so much in advance 🖤

    24. J T

      How do athletes get their periods back during training

    25. Ida Sondergaard

      I’m 15 and my period is 2 weeks late now after restricting and doing lots of HIIT workouts this summer. Do I have this? Should I be worried? What can I do to get it back but not gain weight again?

      1. Ida Sondergaard

        alexandra jablonski okay thank you! I wish you good recovery ❤️

      2. alexandra jablonski

        I'm 14 and my period is also 2 weeks late due to this and I am afraid that I might be dealing with this. I'm lucky that I started to take care of it earlier and not after months/years because my recovery will come quicker. If you are a healthy weight I don't think putting on excessive weight will be necessary but I stopped all HIIT training, do some weights and go on walks. Up your caloric intake to where you feel satisfied without restricting (not saying have fast food every meal of the day but its ok to have dessert and snacks) and patience is key!

    26. Sofia cc

      as a pretty serious gymnast i don’t get my period. i only got it when i was seriously injured and therefore could not practice for an extend period of time. i don’t know if i can get it back though because i can’t exactly just say i’m not going to train anymore

    27. Itsadarksoul

      I lost so much weight lately due to lack of appetite & stress but instead of losing my period it just became very light for the past 3 months (usually spotting instead of a regular flow) and only lasts 3days max..

    28. Tereza Vodáková

      I wish I'd seen this at age 14. So happy someone is speaking about this problem out loud. Thank you🙏 this can help so much

    29. Milk Mango

      Haven’t had my period for 1 and 1/2 years now, still waiting... 😩

    30. Some Idiot

      Lately I’ve been restricting to about 1000 calories a day with some very light cardio, nothing heavy at all. I got my first period in September and I missed it this month. This also happened way back in December, before I restricted or anything. Other than that, my cycles normal. Now I’m not sure if it’s just irregular or if I messed up my body and actually lost it. Help?

    31. Tomatos Salad

      800 calories? I live at 400/500calories and sometimes binge. And i still have my period so whats wrong?

    32. Peña Cruz Joselid

      I don't get it... I mean I've had been feeling so good and with so much energy ever since I lost weight. I enjoyed doing exercise and I recently entered training mma, and thats when I lost my period. Now I've been feeling without energy, ive been eating a lot but that doesn't help, not to my life nor to my period. And I've notoriously gained back the weight I worked so hard to lose, and that doesn't make me feel good, but I haven't had my period back anyways. The thing I don't get is... If I ever get back my period eventually by eating and gaining weight... When this happens I won't like my body with that fat back again so can I lose it again in a more healthy way?

    33. Maddison Ravens

      I am 13 years old and i am 105ibs and i too have very low body fat and i have HA ,but i dont look like you :( Strange :(

    34. yuh yuh

      I lost 10kg (22 pounds) in 3 weeks due to anorexia and still don't have my period back. although I'm still far from a 'healthy weight' I have hope that I'll get it back next month!! fingers crossed

    35. _the_pretty_best_friend _

      I just wanted to be skinny,i can't be both skinny And healthy.......

      1. S A

        healthy looks different on everybody, as long as ur keeping a balanced life and your happy mentally you are doing amazing. a lot of the time "skinny" isn't healthy ❤

    36. As Sali

      Guys could you help? I'm 16,52KG and 166CM I used to eat under 1000 calories a day and burning more than 1000 calories with fitness I lost my period for about 2 months and I got depression. Now despite that I'm eating extremely a lot and don't do any exercise,I still don't have it.(furthermore I don't gain wait at all!) What can I do??

    37. Sarah K

      I got my period When I was 11 years old. Now im 13

    38. Tee Jay

      I was feeling guilty eating cupcakes today so I'm here. Geez i totally forgot that once I under ate in my teens just to lose periods. I didn't know it was that bad

    39. Marieke De Vos

      Thank you for this video. I lost my period for then months due to celiac disease. I didn't really lose weight and so my doctors weren't really concerned. Well it's nice to not have to buy tampons, when you know there is a health condition in play it's not relaxed to not have your period. Glad to have her back. She just came by to say hi, so I'm good for another month 🙄

    40. Road to losing 100 pounds

      It was to opposite for me, I was too fat and I stopped getting a regular period. I lost about 25lbs and I got it regularly again. Being too over or underweight can really mess up female hormones

      1. centigradz

        that is pcos and not HA.

      2. Sandra Jefferson

        Very true

    41. נטע קופרמן

      I'm watching this feeling guilty after eating a lot

    42. Nicole Chapman

      ive not had a period in a whole year now :( how long will it take for my period to come back?? I have began eating more and ive cut all exercise apart from basic daily activities (walking etc.) Im worried that it’ll never come back! :(

      1. alexandra jablonski

        you might have to increase your calories even more and it takes patience!!!

    43. Rashi Rathore

      Omg 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I am working out a lot and I haven't got my periods since 3 months and more I don't know what happened 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I am literally crying fearing that I have lost my period 😭😭😭😭

    44. lamarlouse

      I want to share my story, I had anorexia for 2 and a half years, I always had irregular periods (it was a few weeks late, and the only time I have gone through something similar was when I was 12 years old, I missed my period for two months). I started going to the doctor when I was 14 almost 15 because I complained a lot about my period being really irregular and I had a lot of acne but exaggerated, they sent me pills and ointments that only worked in short term, so I switched to another doctor / nutritionist and he suggested me eat a low carb diet, my period was 100% balanced for 2 years, but I became very obsessed with calories, then carbs (at that time I was having a really toxic friendships and we talked about diets so I started to compete with lower my carbs intake a lot to show that worked) I still had my period, I went through a very stressful situation, infidelity, etc.I Reached the worst point of my life so I started to recover after a month of recovery I stopped having my period, I been recovering for 7 months i eat a lot and nothing. Besides all this I have problems with my insulin levels so depends of what kind of carbs my insuline levels rises soo fast so I'm not sure if eat a ton of carbs as many people suggest it's going to be good for me

    45. Neko Chan

      I hate to admit how I hope to lose my cycle by undereating -too weak for all in and I've felt too heavy too, I've been crash dieting for two months now. Last time I've eaten this little I've started to have noticeably lighter periods by the second menstrual cycle-, so a reminder of how it can affect my health is quite useful. I gotta remember that, despite how painful my menstruations are -physiological, I've had my gynecologist reassure me I'm healthy; but you, if you're in pain, get checked! It could be cysts, endometriosis or more-, they're still a sign that my body's working and I should keep it that way 🙃

    46. Annabel

      I'm getting worried. I've been in a caloric deficit for 6 months now and lost about 1kg per month steadily. I do medium intensity strength training 3 times a week and an hour long walk 3 times a week. My diet is balanced and I'm not cutting out any food groups. I thought that was healthy gradual weight loss, and I'm only 2kg away from my goal weight, but now my period is over a week late. I track my periods using the Natural Cycles app and it's usually pretty spot on. There's no chance I'm pregnant.

    47. kiss laura

      I lost my period now two years ago. Last december i regained it but then I just had a relapse in my eating disorder so I lost my period again. It really bothers me because I know it isn't normal and I MISS it. I loved the fact that I'm a "complete" and matured woman being and I am going to have a child and I'm going to be a mom one day. But now I doubt it.. anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders aren't cool or glamorous they just make you unable to any good thing

      1. leen

        kiss laura i hope u recover❤️ u can do it❤️

    48. Alayna Stevens

      I’m so happy you came out about your eating disorder it helps me so much

    49. Kp Pierce

      I like how you pointed out that you do not have to be super lean to lose their period. I am not super lean, but I do strenuous exercise (I run 60-70mile a week because I run marathons and I lift). I had to up my calories and reduce my stress.

    50. Anon Anon

      I was eating super small amount of calories and really stressed due to finals during early quarantine and I think it's finally catching up to me. My period is 8 days late this time and was 5 days late last month 😬

    51. sofia.

      you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰ !

    52. 007KitKit

      I must be the only one who would welcome not seeing the "she devil" each month... be gone!

    53. Dulce Salas

      When I went to Marine boot camp in September, I lost my period and didn't get it back until late January

    54. NCTzen Lilly HY

      I know I‘m a bit late, but this was very helpful to me because when I started working out(13) I lost my period for almost a year. But I just didn’t think about it then, and compared to now(15) I‘ve gained a lot more knowledge about training right and eating enough. So whenever I notice that I don’t get my period (I still don’t have a normal cycle😕) I try to make sure to fuel my body with more energy. Please, for your own sake, be safe and take good care of your body.❤️❤️❤️

    55. Narmina Salimli

      She really looks like Kourtney Kardashian

    56. Valerie

      How do we know if it’s HA and not peri menopause?

    57. Yimeng D

      I am an Asian, female, aerospace engineer. I lost my period for 8 years. I can tell you it's mostly stress for me because my field is prone to layoffs. I had 7 job changes , was laid off once, and dodged layoff 6 times: I finally found a position where the world environment is healthy where my coworkers are collaborative and my manager is supportive - that makes all the differences. I start to get period again. throughout this time, the weight fluctuates. All the doctors were focusing on my weight. I keep telling them that I am chronically stressed. But no one buys that.

    58. Paola Solis

      I haven’t had my period in 4 years cause of my birth control

    59. Floor Van Der Boom

      I am on bcp, so I have a "fake" period, but how do I know if I could get a real cycle?

    60. Debora Dias

      would love more videos about woman! especially on PCOS and fitness! love your channel, because i love learning about the why in the body! you´re amazing!

    61. Karolina Pinas

      I love her body now ( July 2020 ) who's with me? 🤚🏼🤚🏽🤚🏿

    62. seokjin kim

      I am so worried about myself. I'm 15 y.o, I didn't get my period back in April then I got my period back in May then lost it again in June, I'm writing this in July and I really hope I get it back. I just want to be healthy and get abs but I think I'm over training. Pls help and give me advice :

      1. Stardust MSP

        girls and women usually aren’t meant to have abs, unless they are gymnasts or something. you need to eat enough to fuel your sport. getting abs shouldn’t be your goal

    63. Lisa H

      What about women with PCOS? I am overweight and lost my period.

    64. Lynn van Keulen

      i have lost mine too but i like it this way. i hate the feeling of being full and i hate bodyfat. I feel guilty because i know its not healthy

    65. Sweetheart7

      On October 26th 2020, it will be 1 year since my recovery (1st period) from HA. I will be treating it like my birthday. Also on September 20th is another holiday because that is the day I decided to get help and go to my doctor

    66. dalia alias

      Its been 2 months .... without my periode.... i hope i get it this month

    67. Anna Müller

      Now I'm scared that I have HA. Like totally irrational fear. I have not had my period for nearly two months now, which is about one week longer then my normal cycle, and I have started loosing weight and exercising. Probably just overreacting, but now I know that, if I don't get my period in the next month or two, that it probably is HA.

    68. Jean Wu

      LOVE the idea of prioritizing future older self. Stephanie, this was so so helpful. I'm not a physique competitor, but I struggled with anorexia for years. I'm mainly recovered - physically weight restored, but still trying to heal mentally from my food rules. I've lost my period for years, and didn't think it was a big deal because of all the reasons you mentioned. Too good to be true! And now I'm more motivated than ever to get it back :( definitely not meeting the 2500 minimum Is anyone else in the same boat??

    69. SarahSJN S

      i also use to lose my period all the time,so i eat more and it doesnt happen now.

    70. HeadBandit

      I suspect I have this but I don’t feel cold or have brittle nails or hair. I also have a normal body weight and body fat %, but I do carry more muscle than the avg girl from lifting heavy wts. Can I still have HA?

    71. Melisa Gonzalez

      I've been recovering from eating disorders for a long time now, and I just got my period after not having it for 4 years!! Nicola Rinaldi is the best! Thank you for sharing your story. I feel like I'm not alone in the process and it's not that tough to go through it.

      1. Jean Wu

        @Melisa Gonzalez Thank you so much Melisa! I'll look into the facebook group and ahhh yeah try having more snacks and eating more frequently!

      2. Melisa Gonzalez

        Jean Wu that happened to me too. I was weight restored and it took me about 2 years to get it back. Look up Nicola Rinaldi’s book No Period Now What. It was so helpful to me. There is also a Facebook support group for women with Hypothalamic amenorrhea, where everyone is helping and giving advice to each other. I mostly ate a lot of calories and had constant snacks throughout the day. I went with a nutritionist to help me start eating better. Ithink eating/drinking full fat dairy was very important for my recovery. Also it is mostly about stress, so try to be less stressed out about food and everything in general

      3. Jean Wu

        Hi Melisa! I am in the same boat, having struggled with anorexia for years. Though I'm mostly physically weight restored, I still don't have my period. Wondering how did you get yours back?

    72. Phoebe Liao

      Hi! How can we tell whether we have PCOS or HA?

    73. Bella Devoto

      I have wrestled in hs and got it back as soon as the season was over but it hasn’t been the same at all. I’m still hella worried about it but I think it’s getting better I still wished I never cut weight.

    74. Shreyosi Banerjee

      Panicking cuz I lost mine recently and I eat around 1400 to 1450.. I'm 159cm and 60kg and workout 5 days a week 90 mins around :/

      1. ruru the fool.

        well stop exercising and eat more

    75. Gabriela Valdez

      Hey Stef . Do you have a video of what i eat in a day of only consuming 800 calories that puts you on a 106 lbs??? Kinda of want to do a cut for fat loss..

      1. Mel

        You know this whole video was talking about why dieting like that is unhealthy so maybe don’t try and do something that extreme

    76. Caitlin Sneyders (NDC)

      Hey Stephanie! firstly love your videos!! I am 17 years old and haven't got my period yet, I am starting to eat quite worried. I eating a pretty damn healthy diet as my mum is a nutritionist. I am roughly 50kgs give or take. Am I doing something wrong?

    77. Tamaswini

      I wish you would have mentioned eating disorders as a cause of HA. I'm currently in recovery from anorexia, and so many ED patients suffer from HA.

    78. Mareim Salah

      How did you get it back bec. I have the same problem

    79. PlantishDelights

      Watching this video as I lost my period for almost two years .. went all in two months ago and I feel SO much healthier! Thanks Stephanie ❤️

    80. tankyuwu

      I'm a figure skater and I have been suffering from irregular cycles. I want to eat more but in afraid that it will affect my figure skating.

    81. Kavita S.

      Haven't had one for 4 years, still fighting tho!

    82. Mia Tadesse

      i got my first ever period in 8th grade and tben lost it, and got it in 10th grade year

    83. Jelena Hirv

      Hi! How about bone density? Doctor said that if you don't start hormone pills, you will get osteoporosis in the future. (Amenorrhea for 1 year and a month).

    84. Candalea Daniela

      Yes steroids

    85. ang

      This video is so extremely triggering . I feel so massive at 141 for 5’6..

    86. maria paula rubio cortazar

      i am 14 and i am passing through these. the problem is that even though i am eating more tan ever i am not getting my period back

      1. grace

        Same... :(

    87. Greta S

      This is important. My sister started restricting calories at age 14/15, she never got her period and still doesn’t have it at age 22, despite having reached a normal weight now. Her doctor said it was because she underate so much, her ovaries never developed properly (she was never anorexic, just underweight). She might never get it and might not be able to ever have kids. She’s also at risk of osteoporosis

      1. Cristina Lopez

        Some Idiot yeah just please be safe and feed your body, treat it like it’s your best friend❤️

      2. Some Idiot

        Cristina edits Oh okay thank you... so basically I’m in trouble.

      3. Cristina Lopez

        Some Idiot eventually if you keep under eating your body will react to it and go into starvation mode

      4. Cristina Lopez

        Some Idiot well I went to the doctors on Monday and I told my doctor everything about how I’ve been eating and he told me that no girl around my age should be eating around 800 calories or even 1,400 calories because he said that my body is still developing and since I used to under eat a lot my body became used to it so now I get full very easily, it’s hard for me to even eat 1,400 calories sometimes but I think 1000 calories is really low for you, especially since we are both young

      5. Some Idiot

        Cristina edits I’m 14 and I’ve been eating about 1000 calories a day, I used to only eat around 800 but then I decided that was a bit too far, so I’m reverse dieting and adding 20 calories every week. What does it mean if I ate around the same as you but haven’t had stomach pains or anything? Is my body messed up?

    88. Army Bts

      I am scared, It’s been a few months since I got my period.

    89. Account

      I've been recovering from orthorexia~ an obsession with eating healthy and living healthily. The reason it is considered a disorder because it exceeds limits of what your body needs; females like me might experience HA. I had it for 6 consecutive months until a combination of my dietician's effort and my willpower helped me regain it.

    90. _m1n.y00ngles

      I am now concerned. I havent got my period for the past 6 months. BuTTTTt i dont want to eat-

    91. LiveLikeLiz x

      You are inspiration I’ve not had a period for over 16 months now and am 17 and am coming to terms with the fact I may have an ED, I am super lean and dedicated to my running but need to up my calories and look at your all in videos to help me gain weight and get it back. Thank you so much. If you ever come to England please say because it would mean the world to me to ever meet you

    92. OiShee tasnim

      hey stephanie, PLEASE make a video on pcos! i BADLY need that! make it

    93. Jasmine

      I love you ❤️ 💕

    94. Aleisha Maddox

      I wonder if this is why my period is so jacked lately. My hormones are also crazy everywhere. Stephanie is awesome and I think she looks happier now. Beautiful ❤️

    95. Annaleigh Andrews

      I know I need to get my period back, but I'm absolutely terrified of going all in!

      1. YingYing Li

        Kayla Carpenter so will I still recover and get my period back if I just eat till I’m full instead of going all in?

      2. Tirya Clearsong

        You can try reverse dieting. Slowly up your calories and decrease HIIT training. You'll recover and gain weight slower but the emotional impact might be easier. It sounded like that coach did either all in or reverse dieting for his clients depending on their preferences.

      3. Sweetheart7

        I was scared too, but knew it was the right thing to do because I had the dream of having children (someday) and being healthy. I could never have kids with HA. "Being healthy" is more than looking good on the outside, it's what on the inside that matters the most (ex: mental health.) I didn't have to go "all in" to recover. I still eat healthy 90% of the time, but I just eat more and excercise less.

      4. Kayla Carpenter

        You dont have to go all in... i had the same problem it was because i was running track and not eating enough. My best edvise it too EAT MORE. not intill you cant eat anymore but till you fell full.

    96. Marie Le Breton

      Sorry but the sélection of the compétition is irrealistic ! It's 100% un-healty and completely influence with our society " idéal femal body type " that's mean... Not a Real femal body type ! It's between a teenager and a futur women body type ( but with good muscule mass in addition in that case ) . It's crazy ! Women should all bé solidar and boycott compétition who search that " perfection" and taking in compte all Real femal bodytype

    97. kristina 321

      800kcal what do you eat!

    98. Jahnavi Singh

      Iam thinking about freelee

    99. Azariah Escalante

      Eating too much can also cause period loss, which was my problem. Once I started eating right and loosing weight. I got it back. And I'm so thankful.b

    100. Sarah Platt Fan x

      I lost my periods with an eating disorder and every time I reached bmi 18 on the dot I got them back. I'm irregular anyway heavy and painful I preferred it when they weren't there.