I Did Vacuums EVERY DAY For 1 Month: Waist Shrunk ___ Inches While Gaining Weight!

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    Willet et al. (2001): “Relative Activity of Abdominal Muscles During
    Commonly Prescribed Strengthening Exercises”
    Sáez Alvarez et al. (2016): “Can an eight-week program based on the hypopressive technique produce changes in pelvic floor function and body composition in female rugby players?”
    Ithamar et al. (2018): “Abdominal and pelvic floor electromyographic analysis during abdominal hypopressive gymnastics”
    Okubo et al. (2010): “Electromyographic Analysis of Transversus Abdominis and Lumbar Multifidus Using Wire Electrodes During Lumbar Stabilization Exercises”
    Maeo et al. (2013): “Trunk Muscle Activities during Abdominal Bracing: Comparison among Muscles and Exercises”
    Rebullido & Chulvi-Medrano (2018): “The Abdominal Vacuum Technique For Bodybuilding”
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      This was such a fun experiment and I was honestly so SURPRISED with the results! Let me know your thoughts on stomach vacuums and let me know if there are other things you want me to try out! I'd love to hear your thoughts! 👇🙏 I love you guys so much! 😘💕 *EDIT* Most of these clips are from the beginning of March (before putting on weight through my reverse diet). I am up about 5 lbs.. so just keep in mind these clips are about a month old.

      1. b4iwascrzy

        Thank you - I am going to try this myself!

      2. Skylar Bix

        @christine1962ful you are right!!

      3. kiki MUA KFly

        Ok I just saw how long great video

      4. kiki MUA KFly

        How long do you do this a day

      5. stephen riciardo

        I would love to have you be my wife, but my 48 year old butt couldn't be that lucky. Lol

    2. Anna Edwards

      I did everyday 2 time morning 20 seconds 100time and evening 20 seconds 100 time so is okey!

    3. Smita Kaushal

      This technique is the part of yoga from India And it's really effective

    4. missMjmP

      Does holding your chest help with vacuums?

    5. Nonhle zinhle Mncwango

      I want to try also hope it will help me

    6. Amy Zheng

      Did u use a timer

    7. Eric Hart

      I'm glad to see this,I keep trying to tell my friend to not go to hard on his exercising because he might not be able to uphold his routine so when you can fit it into your everyday life makes it easier to maintain when you're life may get busier

    8. emma

      i’m sorry but that thumbnail is literally anorexia

    9. Heer Srivastava

      Good grief, just get to point please. I was interested but u killed it for me

    10. Seriously? Bruh

      Make sure you try to do this with a relatively empty stomach guys

    11. Lacey Wolgast

      Should I be feeling this in my mid back muscles as well?

    12. Mel lolz

      It does look horrible, is that even healthy towards your organs!

    13. JacqAttacq

      Can you talk more about Reverse Dieting? I'm currently trying it out but i'm blindly following a plan i made myself lol

    14. VGLV


    15. Brittney Littlejohn

      Thank you for teaching me vacuums, they totally work! I had so many questions about my tiny waist at one point! Unfortunately I stopped doing them when I started bulking and a few months later it reversed due to the weigh i put on. But I'm going to start again because I know they would be extremely helpful in achieving an hourglass figure while I'm growing my glutes❣

    16. no One

      It's looks scary because it looks lile you may have a breathing problem but i searched it and its safe at all it's also a perfect exercise if you want to train your breath

    17. Bibi Brin

      Horrible voice!! Can't listen 🤮

    18. Katya English

      It was probably easy for u to do coz u look like you weigh 90 lbs. dripping wet. You are tiny as it is so wasn't that much to lose anyways.

    19. Charles Good

      Was it wrong for me to keep waiting for her sweats to slip down?

    20. Cadence Hack

      I do this when I lay down

    21. Diane L. Jordan

      Seems belly fat is getting in the way to do this vaccum.

    22. Jay

      I'm starting stomach vacuum by standing up take a breathe and hold in my stomach and stoop down holding it for ten seconds ten come back up then rotating in a quarter of a circle to take in fresh air. I'm starting with one set of three lol

    23. Jasmine johnson

      Definitely trying this. Thanks for the video. your awesome!

    24. David McConaughy

      did you ever have an orgasm while doing this or doing ab training; some women do.


      Will try

    26. Rabhia Belalta

      No glutes bby

    27. Karima moor

      You are so skinny already

    28. La Shonda Mitchell

      I am going to try it!! Thank you for sharing

    29. Mureed Nassif

      You look as delicious as a nicely toasted slice of bread with butter & honey. Lol😂.

    30. Headrick Lamar

      Really no one is going to talk about the fact she did the vacuum wrong ?

      1. Grace Peña

        Fr? I didn't catch it. Can you tell me how she did it wrong

    31. George Coggins

      I'm not sure why this came up on my suggestions but good to know there is a cameltoe Channel out there

    32. Sahab Lal


    33. Sahab Lal

      You are looking ugly

      1. sassy1 xxx

        @Soso H. it's really people like this that talk bad about people 😂

      2. Soso H.

        Lmfao you’re really gonna say that with a profile picture like that?

    34. David B

      Stomach that skinny looks so unhealthy.

    35. Liya Archer

      There is something similar that is called the bloom method for pregnant women. It's a secret among fit women for bouncing back after birth with a flat tummy and with no diastis recti ;) I'll share the secret tho. Dont let your gut sag out when pregnant. Hold it in. As your baby gets bigger your belly will get heavier and the stronger your muscles will get as you hold your baby in close and protected by your intact muscles. Your labor will be faster and your tummy will be flat again in about a week after birth. Sometimes sooner. I had better abs than pre pregnancy after I had my first child.

    36. Marilyn Smith

      Great video! FREE RECIPES!! For excellent weight loss tips. Let me help you out, fast , safe , & effective. You will have free recipes that will help you to loose the weight. You can thank me later. check these links :sites.google.com/view/healthy-lifestyles-for-winners/home & healthyaffiliates.blogspot.com. Cheers to your success!

    37. Ruthie ED

      Hi I'm just about to start my routine. I'm in my 60s, so should be interesting to see if I can improve by body, even at my age? Ruth. UK.

    38. JR

      Hey Stephanie I was wondering does that mean that waist training works to shape your waist? I know it does not help with fat loss without being in a caloric deficit and proper training but if you combine waist training with being in a caloric deficit does it actually help you to "shape" your waist more into an hourglass figure with a smaller waist vs being in a caloric deficit without waist training? Even if it is temporary (Waist shape will return to normal if you stop waist training)

    39. Cara Howell

      Girl no......... just.... no

    40. Cora

      Not convincing at all. Too much talking for nothing.

    41. Mansi Sahu

      I thought it was Rosa Diez from Brooklyn nine nine

    42. Snickers Chizick

      I did this to impress the other kids in kindergarten

    43. Shadow 29

      Can it help belly fat?

    44. Em A

      My mom always told us to do this! 30+ yrs ago. Ive done them all my life (when I remember!) She was on to something! 💕

    45. Chees Vincent

      I will be trying this out

    46. Corne Botha

      Even if I do this every day, my abs will not be visible, cause my diet is wrong

    47. Swoopiify

      Those results are pretty amazing because her waist is already snatched and you'd think she'd have to remove a rib or something in order to make it even smaller

    48. Matthew McLendon

      It’s so hilarious how almost every workout video on HUfast has a comment section that is pretty much just a free ticket to a stand up comedy show

    49. Nisith Palo

      Vaccum copy of yoga pose uddiyan bandh.

    50. Kireina Shinkou

      Wtf. I've been doing this unknowingly since I was 11.tf I didn't know this was a thing omgggg. I do this regularly even just at home or outside. It's a habit now. I didn't know it was an exercise. It's true thoooo. No matter how fat I get. My tummy is always so thin. I'm calling it. I've been doing it unknowingly 10 years now. It works.

    51. Jay Pay

      From what I gather vacuuming does the same as a body shaper for the waist, It compresses and tones your waist. Corsets and waist cinchers I dont think those are exactly healthy because it is very extreme.

    52. Bombon Sea

      This got in my recommended today, and honestly I love how steph looks in present, anyway I’m gonna vacuum k bye

    53. alexandra cristina

      Thanks for the tips dear

    54. dakidd

      YOUR SKINNY ENOUGH IM SICK OF SEEING SKINNY GIRLS DO VIDEOS LIKE THIS🤨so damn skinny we don’t know if it actually work or not🤨.

    55. J Mo

      I did vacuuming for one month and now I have no waist. Skinny ✨😌

    56. Rose

      This is so true. I use to drive 45 min to work and would do this in the car on my way to work. I lost so many inches literally.

    57. Jennifer Martin

      You are beautiful and thank you for sharing. 🥰

    58. Gemma Subss

      So we have to breath while vacuum or hold our breath? Someone help??

    59. Parables & Tribulations

      Yo, I appreciate the reasearch you did on this topic so you could educate us too! Like we got your personal tesrimony, but also factual information. Thank you so much for that intention ♥️🥺

    60. Gerardo Sanchez

      great video many thanks

    61. Sheri Clements

      Ummm, ok...first, I LOVE ARNOLD!!! Now, OMG...you are so freakin tiny, why would you even want to lose any more anything?? I have such a fat belly, that would never work for me.

    62. Christine P.

      Why would you even want a waist smalled than 24 inches thats bonkers to me, sounds like torture

    63. Ravi Pathak

      hufast.info/plan/vide/n26wecarw4zXl3U Plz watch this , just because of yoga

    64. Jeanne Stein

      I do them subconsciously all day every day.

    65. MR Devid

      Wow it's really beautiful 🤩

    66. Julekha Julie

      Does vacuuming helps to reduce belly fat?

      1. Soso H.

        You cannot spot reduce, but it can make your waist smaller by training your muscles. If you want to lose belly fat you have to focus on diet to lose weight. Spot reducing is nearly impossible unless you’re already at an extremely low weight

    67. JoJoDoodles

      Are you still doin these? Can we get a ab workout update! Pleeeeeeeeeze

    68. Senpai's Lil Mistake

      How are you suppose to properly breathe while holding in? I can't hold longer than 10 seconds without breathing, so is there like a specific way?

    69. Maria de Fátima Ferreira da Cruz

      Can I do this exercises if I have DA?

    70. collarmole

      Pre all-in

    71. Caryn Sommersdorf

      Hi new viewer here. I watched another video on this and you without a doubt did a much better job at explaining this exercise. Thank you!!! I am off to get a tape measure. I'm gonna add this to my routine throughout the day.

    72. Covy Ekelenye

      I was like oh please! Now I'm like IT WORKSSSSSSS. I have a TUMMYYYY that sags...gosh! But this has given me more result than any other work out! Thank youuuuuuuu

    73. Madie Munster

      i can't hold my breath for 8 seconds sometimes, imagine 60! Lmao but I'll try for a month from today on. Your abs look dope gurrrrrlll

    74. Khushi Ch

      I m going to strt today.....lets hop fr da bst.......in da bgning 10 reps of 10 scndz........for one week.....

    75. Khushi Ch

      Wil dis wrk for bloated belly???

    76. A Khan

      GONNA TRY IT!!! I've had 2 kids and although my abs are super strong, I want to sculpt my lower abs without losing weight as I am already super slender! Cross fingers for me! Amanda xx

    77. Rizz Estorninos

      Your body is perfect already but it's true. Once you started working out. Its very addictive. You just can't stop growing for more. Yes, its very healthy also for oxygen in the body with the side effect of being sexy. Amazing! Thank you for sharing the details. So love it!!!

    78. Mike Symon

      Great explanation!

    79. ScreamQueen

      *smiles in belly dancer* 😄

      1. ScreamQueen

        @Soso H. Oh well ive been belly dancing since I was about 9 and obviously if you don't naturally have really good muscle control it will take longer but just practise and anyone can 😊 just start out with a few basic steps and just build on to them. its so so good for you too! Just don't follow all these TikTok "bellydancers" please! 🙏😝

      2. Soso H.

        Omg I’ve always wanted to learn to belly dance but I literally cannot dance at all haha. How long did it take you to learn?

    80. Δημητρα Λασκαρη

      They do nothing if you already exercise and eat properly! I tried it with no results!

      1. xristina kazakou

        I tried it and they did a lot. I exercise and eat properly. She also exercises and eats properly

    81. madTurk

      Great info..

    82. Marya Boyd

      Thanks for the research you put in to teach us about Stomach Vacuums

    83. Tina _

      I’m gonna try it

    84. alanguages

      Well, since you are able to do stomach vacuums/ Uddiyana Bandha, have you looked into going to the next step for muscle control called Nauli Kriya? You also need good breathe control in doing it.

    85. Dance Magic

      I do this everytime I wear a bodycon dress

      1. Soso H.

        Ahaha same

    86. Amelia Carter

      I’m planning on trying it out is how I found u! Lol! Weird as it seems I can suction that waist in pretty good to begin with 😳

    87. erin gibson

      Who talks like this tho? Fakey fake! Is it so hard to be yourself today? An individual?! Apparently, the answer is yes.

    88. jerson hernandezz



      Why would someone as thin and fit as you need this. I would have liked to see before and after pic would have been great

    90. Ton. M

      How does this work when your stomach is already flat....

    91. Angela Blaauw

      Did you do it on an empty stomach

    92. Gianna Elder

      nobody: ad: *want a vacuum??*

    93. Bhisan Giri

      Her first intro🤬🤬🤬my mother thought i was watching porn..

    94. Sugar Face Doll

      I like to do these whenever the opportunity presents. Laying down in bed, sitting down driving, standing up doing tasks... I got so good at it I can breathe through the holds.

    95. Anthony Thomas

      Been doing them for a few days now and my stomach feels firm and sore under my beer belly.

    96. Shwashoo

      I wish someone with belly fat would do this and show the before and after pics..

      1. Honky Tonk

        @Shwashoo Water Fast for 7 days

      2. Nathalie Lazo

        Yeah, I would love to see that also! You make a really great point, my friend! :)

      3. Remi

        do it yourself and see what happens stop waiting on others

      4. Remi

        @•_• how do you know just because you don’t believe it will doesn’t mean it won’t

      5. patricia muthamia

        @Kiranjit Kaur best way to go. The only way to get rid of the belly fat is in the kitchen.

    97. Clark Wahlberg

      Wait what?... I'm so confused... is this a body look people go for?... a "vacuum" stomach? To each their own I guess...

      1. pearlescent

        No, not at all. It's an extremely popular exercise that allegedly narrows in your waist by contracting and building abdominal muscles - regardless of whether it's effective, I'm unsure what aspect of this you are confused about.

    98. sana khan

      *I don't understand how to do vaccum if u have a big belly!?*

    99. Suz Suz

      Yes, I did this basically after giving birth wearing a stomach band for support. The hospital nurse said my stomach muscles separated after giving birth and this exercise was what would seal back the stomach muscles. After 3 months, I could basically do this exercise for the whole day while doing daily activities. Just taking breaks whenever needed, like eating, seeping, etc. You learn how to breath while still exercising and it def slims the waist, esp the upper abs, also improves the posture and core strength.

    100. Eva Horvathova1

      Anyone else uncomfortable watching this after her all in? Maybe these should be taken down as they don't portray a very positive mindset.

      1. Eva Horvathova1

        The Blonde Brazilian good point !

      2. The Blonde Brazilian

        Eva Horvathova1 on the contrary, I think it’s good to keep these videos up to show how far she’s come from this unhealthy behaviour.