I Ate Everything I Wanted for One Day... (Fantasy CHEAT DAY)

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    I hope you guys enjoyed this fun video! I have to disclaim that I don’t recommend this or advocate for this type of eating however I love food and just want to try this out as a way to enjoy life more and to help satiate my appetite. I love you all for all of your continued support!
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    1. queen ror live

      To much sugar is not good for your health girl

    2. Colleen Kublin

      I would feel guilty if I ate like this.

    3. Colleen Kublin

      I love these videos but I could never eat like this. I'd be so sick.

    4. Leszczu1483

      Ms. Drama Queen... "tracking calories is exhausting "

    5. Bolo Bird Farm

      I don’t know why but I feel like this video helps me recover from my eating disorder

    6. Muzainah Saffdar

      Omg I love Lost aswell!!! None of my friends watch it cause its habit of an old show for a 14 yr old to watch but I'm glad somebody loves it!

    7. **Godcanhelp** 7

      Apple fritters are my fav!!!!!😍 all that sugar= diabetic coma!!😂. I used to have cheat days. A cheat day for me now?...is extra organic trail mix with healthy popcorn and maybe one piece of chocolate 😂😂😂 I’m pathetic 🤣 ty ED! 🤦🏻‍♀️

    8. ohmystars

      I'm so SO glad she went all in. Watching these videos now makes me sad bc I have the realization that she was essentially starving 24/7 & no one deserves that

    9. Janet Chambers

      she has the most prettiest smile ever

    10. Chewie The Wookie Raval

      I feel full awhile pizza starter and desert later 😩

    11. Chewie The Wookie Raval

      Why do the cheat days have to be so extreme... I have a cheat day and that will be one doughnut

    12. Velislava Staneva

      Love these videos!

    13. Katrín Björk Birgisdóttir

      what kinda lip jewel is that? I have always wanted this piercing after watching you a lot, and i finally did a week and a half ago, it got SUPER infected sadly :( i'm still on antibiotics and dealing with the infection, swelling is finally almost gone I was like the elephant man. but when it heals and hopefully it heals without to much scarring around, although unlikely, I wonder what this jewel looks like cause i can only see diamond, the one i have is mostly the metal kind and then a small diamond in the middle, when i can switch i'd like this kind

    14. asherley22

      Those Tim's cups were the nicest design

    15. gaiaeterna1

      After that you vomiting??

    16. gaiaeterna1

      Not good for glucose my friend...😆

    17. chelsea lau

      wait they do be listening to brockhampton tho

    18. sofia.

      you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰!

    19. Salma Eissa

      2020 and I’m watching it again cuz i still really enjoy these vids

    20. Estefanía Antuñano

      on my birthday!

    21. Artistic_ Mama22

      Where was this video recorded?? Timmies is so good 😊

    22. Maggie F

      These videos are addictive.

    23. Ja the Venerable Divi Filius


    24. Rosie Films

      I wish I had that appetite !! I always end up feeling so full but then still wishing for more food!!

    25. Mariana

      It's so crazy to look back to these videos, i'm so happy for Steph, she is way happy now

    26. Eggsy Still Eggsy

      Oh my days haven’t been able to get to a Tim’s in over a year now. Miss them breakfast wraps wit the spicy sauce and the Crueller donuts.

    27. sushi

      this looks fun but it’s insane esp considering my daily intake is usually around 700-900 calories and she ate almost triple that in donuts alone 🤯

      1. Wut

        That's so so low :(

    28. Zen

      This version of bae had no idea she’d be eating whatever she wants in the near future and only grow more powerful than can possibly be imagined 😍

    29. 6fiddy

      This is wrong and sets a terrible example for young ladies out there.. See this for what it is.. A SUPER NICE young lady that has an eating disorder.. Don't buy into this behavior...🙄🙄🙄

    30. Viv

      Watching someone eat foods I can't eat is both amazing and really sad (by can't eat, I do mean literally, I'm coeliac 😢) I just want a donut that tastes like a real donut!!!

    31. Beyond The Seokjin

      donuts have to be her fav thing in the world right?

    32. Rishika Biswas

      She looks waayyy cuter without make up

    33. Femina Tertia

      Now that I see this video after her "All In" experience, I am so glad that went for it. Stephanie looks scarily thin in this video. It makes sense now to hear her admit that she's lost her period because she was so thin. It makes me sad for her. I'm glad that she seems so happy now. I think she's even prettier now that she's happy with her diet and exercise quota.

    34. Katherine Phan

      Currently on a shred and been smashing through your eating videos to satisfy my cravings 😅 not sure if torture but it works HAHA

    35. viviileee

      I love this video... you have such a great appetite and eat so good! You're very satisfying to watch! Would love you as a friend! Great videos!

    36. Jina Abdel Massih

      Jeff: oh I love Boston Kreme, Tim Hortons is better though. I'm confused, aren't the donuts from Tim Hortons? So I didn't really get Jeff's point

    37. Chrissy A

      Watching u eat and enjoy donuts makes me crave donuts. I dont even like donuts, lol

    38. Jen Evans

      By 4:58 she had consumed more calories then my dieting caloric goal (pre work out carbolic goal). I’m so glad she went all in and found joy.

    39. Sydney Fox


    40. Ayswarya B.Murali

      I think you eat like this once in a year😂

    41. Maria Plessas

      when americans call timbits “donut holes” instead of timbits 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

      1. Carla Safie

        @Amy Puri Canadians are americans 👀

      2. Maria Plessas

        Amy Puri no she’s not her bf is

      3. Amy Puri

        Shes Canadian doe

    42. Erin Lacey

      I could easy eat this much

    43. Cheerube Bayonetta Holopainen

      lol... i read "fAtgirl" and thought... why? the "i" made much more sense to me 🤣

    44. unknown userxo

      The fact that she has the confidence to eat that much food amazes me literally

    45. Emily LovesMakeup

      I have no idea how the he’ll she can eat all this I ate half my big appetizer plate and I over ate three hours later my stomach is so full it hurts

    46. Ace Grace

      I love that the sound to add calories is the same as Mario getting coins and power ups. It makes it such a positive rather than dreading calories.

      1. MsSecretlady


    47. Eliana White

      Now this is a cheat day done right.

    48. Karlis Chiriboga

      Que genial te felicito 💪🏻


      The way she eats that pizza

    50. leekimchee

      Jeff just playing with his ball while Steph is measuring out servings is kinda cute tbh

    51. Mina Trinkler

      This is not good. I am getting hungry.

    52. punk640

      I think you should change the name of these older videos calling them “fat girl” . Pretty offensive

    53. Pamela Leal

      How do you know the calories just by looking?

    54. Alec Bergen

      They have one Boston’s I’ve seen in grand junction colorado

    55. Julia Riera

      Who's here after watching the "All In 1 year recap" video?

      1. Elisa van der Molen

        Me right now 😅 I get why she went all in but I still really enjoy watching her old video's

      2. Samridhi Hoskote


      3. Marta Carvalho


    56. AmberMillie

      Just a quick question do you think you would be able to eat this much now after your all in journey? Xx

    57. Saroja Narayanan

      the way her smile just glowed up when he said let's check out a different Tim's! 💜

    58. Sierra

      My ED is shaking right now :,)

    59. G G

      Good video but you talk toooo much

    60. lexip396able

      I can't watch this on my non cheat day 🤦🏽‍♀️

    61. Ekie

      I can smell it i swear

    62. C’e Real

      I don't know but i am so inlove with you',i've watched almost a half of your videos travel's and such including foods',and seeing you gaining weight make's you bloom like a flower',and to tell you the truth, watching you while eating those donuts makes me full😅,coz in my native country which is in the philippines we loved to eat those too,'and while living here in milan,we had to deal with pasta,salad,as a meal,(mcdo,sb,)as a cheat'.😅your videos made my day😘😘😘

    63. Nicola Elkin

      why is watching you eat soooooo satisfying?! I just remembered we used to have Heinz ketchup crisps in England years ago but they were discontinued :( :( and now I'm craving them! Hope you and Jeff are staying safe during lockdown ❤️

    64. Shanice

      I realize everytime of this cheats day she starts with donuts🤣

    65. Paola Rosichetti

      I also eat what I want, but I remain humble and don't make videos on that.

      1. Paola Rosichetti

        @Meg Rose my God... Have a laugh!!! All serious and full of hatred. One life you have.

      2. Meg Rose

        Paola Rosichetti ...

      3. Paola Rosichetti

        @Meg Rose so?

      4. Meg Rose

        Paola Rosichetti you’re bad at jokes

      5. Paola Rosichetti

        @Meg Rose passive aggressive? It was a joke... 😒 Irony, this stranger...

    66. The mighty Vomit

      I totally understand why Jeff is so in love with steph. Absolutely gorgeous intelligent woman, such a sweet and down to earth personality, her smile! The way food makes her so jolly. So adorable!

    67. Cade Stegall

      this is what keto is for

    68. Siena S

      No one: Me: just casually eating an orange while watching this girl binge on delicious food

    69. Matthew Caldwell

      All due respect, what are you doing? Nobody healthy eats this flamboyantly badly on a normal basis. I understand that it's a single day, and not a recommendation. But you have to acknowledge the clickbaity quality of us watching you glut yourself, even if it's an earned treat, even if it's not as grotesque as it could have been. In putting this out, you're taking narrative cues from the very mukbang and feeder videos that fetishize eating to the point of pathology.

      1. Meg Rose

        Dude she always says one day in her videos😂

      2. Hallowench

        Dude, it's not that serious. 😂

      3. Wild W

        Matthew Caldwell lol

    70. ɠɾαҽ ɠɾαყ

      it’s so ironic that a dental office is right next to a place that sells donuts and other sweets and stuff

    71. Amvi Dwivedi

      samee my appetite is so bigg but i control it i am given food i will eat it till last biteee & still be hungry

    72. Izuku Midoriya

      carrot: Calories: health 😂😂😂

    73. Flag

      China lied people dies.

    74. Julie Hall

      Someone send me ketchup chips please!!!!!!! I live in the US and they look so good❗️❗️

    75. Papaya Soda

      Imagine the disappointment of getting back to exercising the next day.

    76. Natalie I

      I always end up watching these videos when I’m on a diet. 😂

      1. nuza jang

        Natalie I same these videos literally feed me

      2. Carrie Lim


    77. Brooklynn Bain

      i have been dieting at 600 cals for 2 years and have NEVER HAD A CHEAT DAY

      1. Brooklynn Bain

        @selling zone it took a lot of work ive actually quit dieting since i made that comment tho haha

      2. selling zone

        oh god howwwww😳

    78. Coolkitten 12358


    79. Astrid Isaksson - DAL - 8A

      She can eat more then i eat for a day, but she eats it JUST for breakfast.. i’m sad now cuz i wish i could eat that

    80. laura locatello

      I watched "Lost" and it's freaking amazing.

    81. Yusuf Y

      I think Krispy Kreme donuts are better

    82. Nyx Hypnos

      As i sit here drinking my post workout :/

    83. Kevin Simmerman

      Dang I'm a 260lb fat ass and I don't think I've ever ate 4500 calories in one day. Just watching that breakfast made my stomach hurt.

    84. Everleigh Jade

      She: deserves a cheatday Me: has a cheatday every day and ones in a while an ultra cheatday

    85. Laura Amaya

      her listening to boogie makes me love her even more

    86. faith white

      I wish i could eat whatever i wanted without gaining weight

    87. Aal

      😂😂😂😂😂 shes cute. Her boyfriend is right. She allsoo look younger .not like before. She was too skinny and too menly

    88. ivy Tu

      omg。can't imagine how you can still enjoy this food after eating sooooo much. in the beginning, I felt everything tasted good, but after those appetites, i can't agree anymore, you really have a huge appetite

    89. Sanni kangasniemi

      Is eating 2000 calories on cheat day okay?

      1. selling zone

        cheat day means eating whatever gives u satisfaction so if u feel satiated and happy after 2000 cals then totally normal

    90. Sara Othman

      Dude you ate literally 7x more than what I usually eat in a day

    91. Flag

      Hypertension, depression, diabetes, weight gain, mood changes, dehydration,...wow, what a "cheat day"...No thank you! hufast.info/plan/vide/hKOti9mayae1m2Q

    92. Axel Reyes

      Why am I watching this while being on a diet?🤓🤪

    93. trash_plasmosis

      Carrot stick Calories: health

    94. Addi Bellomy

      I noticed how Stephanie was a bit restrictive on her CHEAT Day, cutting fatty foods into smaller portions.

    95. Veba Nrcj

      I had today a Cheat day and somehow I feel awful 🙃😭

    96. Jenna Mary Lou

      the mediterranean pizza from bp is my fav pizza ever

    97. Nico chan

      He is a keeper and you totally deserve him. If you dont keep him i will steal 😈 Just kidding im not stealing your man im 14 :)

    98. Zack Zhang

      wish i could reach through the screen and grab a donut

    99. Jim III

      Got into a youtube black hole partially due to Jeff... Anyhow, my mouth got dry just watching you eat those donuts. Holy crap.