I Ate Everything I Wanted in Texas (Food Reviews in Dallas)

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    4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I didn’t want to stay quiet as I know this comment section was getting a little rowdy. I want to make it clear that I fully hear and respect everyone’s opinion and I am fully responsible for the content I put on the internet. It is irresponsible of me not to make context of these small snapshots of my life that you guys see more clear, i.e. the dates of these trips and more clearly show you guys how I live on a regular basis. Yes, I do enjoy myself when I travel and yes, I eat anything that I feel like having. It usually boils down to one or two things each day while I travel for a few days. As I said, I should probably be more clear of the date when I post these videos, as my last 2 videos were a full MONTH apart in the real world. I have stated multiple times on my channel that I usually indulge in a cheat day here and there about once a month. With that being said, the entire rest of the month, I eat a healthy diet and I train 6 days a week. The point of these videos are to show you that restricting yourself is not healthy and incorporating fun food into your diet every now and then won’t kill you or sabotage your fitness goals, as long as it’s not every single day. The only reason I haven’t been posting as much fitness content is because it is the time of year that people enjoy watching more foodie content...and due to the diverse content on my channel, I have a diverse audience. I did poll my IG and my YT audience and that’s what you guys told me you wanted to see 🤷🏻‍♀️I always appreciate and value your feedback and as you can see, I take it to heart. My next few videos will be entirely focused around fitness and training, so I thought with these upcoming fitness videos, there will be a good balance. I hope you understand that I indulge occasionally, but I’m mostly eating a balanced diet while concurrently training/exercising. I will do a better job in the future of showing you guys this side of my life. Please be respectful of each other in the comment section, as I want this to remain a positive environment. Much love, XO 💕

      1. Kendra Rose Montagna

        You would be the cutest travel host! Like bourdain!

      2. Jennifer Trevino

        Its your life and you should do whatever you want. Nevermind the people who make nasty comments. I enjoy one of the other videos you posted doing split workouts. These people need to really just chill. They don't pay your bills or live with you. Your business is your business. The same people who say they get offended and you made them unhealthy. Are the same people who say the stuff they show on TV like Mcdonalds commercials and such make them go out and eat it. Nobody twist anybody's arm to do anything. Everyone has a choice and is grown. I love your videos. And your cheat days and you eating is awesome lol. Because for some crazy reason. Looking at you eat all those things helps me not to and watching you eat it is satisfying lol. Those people are probably upset because they cant eat like you and still stay in shape

      3. Eugene Smith

        Please go to South Korea next and do a foodie tour!!!

      4. heyyits gabyy

        your truly an inspiration to me!

      5. white nefeli

        Personally I don’t think that a person with a binge eating disorder could have the control to do it just ONE day in a month and have ONLY 2 bites of this and that. She clearly do it like a work, for her YT and IG subscribers and followers, and she try food because everyone loves food. I think her cheat days are just an excuse for get fame, but it’s ok.

    2. Shelly Dennis

      Kind of job I need taste testing food around world be the best happiest job in the world

    3. Jason Reynolds

      I'm going through a sugar high just watching this.

    4. Nayana Babu

      comments: people are too mean in the comments me: searching for an ACTUAL mean comment😅

    5. Kim K.

      7:59 wait what, why was she yelling st Stephanie?

    6. Luke S

      Sometimes when my diet is getting tough on those certain days, I torture myself by watching stephs old cheat vids

    7. E.Y. Braun

      I love these kinda videos! Covid made me appreciate them

    8. Jason Cornelius

      You didn't try beef ribs or brisket that was a big mistake

    9. Tara Rusu

      Ah yes, torture at its finest

    10. Juli Witham

      i live in texas lol

    11. Heaven

      Hey YALL, there’s a great bomb tiny fried chicken shop called Mike’s Chicken & a new chicken shop that just opened called Luckys!!! SO GOOD

    12. Kikita Lee

      My son’s favorite place Ross ave and lower Greenville, Cookie Monster he’s favorite

    13. James Christopher

      Love this! Glad You enjoyed you're trip! Come back to Dallas!

    14. Gillian Clark

      Hey Stephanie! I live in Texas. You should come again but go to Austin, I recommend a place called gordoughs, it’s a GIANT donut place! Love u babe ❤️

    15. •honey• •bee•

      I went to Dallas Texas like a month ago

    16. Mathilde Paleohealthy

      wow! really don't know how she manages. I get nausea if I eat all those sugars and carbs. ! in we don't even have all those chains that sell donuts and of food.

    17. SweetIcedLemons_

      If you ever visit again, I’d recommend the Pie emporium in Bishop Arts (idk why they just taste better)

      1. SweetIcedLemons_

        Also the Cauldron

    18. Justine Murray

      She has the biggest sweet tooth I’ve ever seen I could not ever eat that much sweet stuff I’m way more of a savory person

    19. Rita Maria Duarte

      I feel so sorry for her partner that wants to be healthier so he just looks :') I couldn't xD

    20. Peechy

      1 hour long wait? for food? man, I eat to live, not live to eat. haha

    21. Angelica Buonamassa

      Yea, all great and fun, but I want to see the “mean” comments now. I can’t find em 😂

    22. Varshini G

      why did that lady yell at you tho?

    23. Alexandrina Magalhães

      To be happy and healthier you need to eat processed and junked food?! You didn' t eat real food before and neither now. Bad examples, bad vídeos. You were not hungry but gluttonous.

    24. John Maclaaren

      hufast.info/plan/vide/pnrYpLuo0qGlfqs Mr President Trump's favourite dinner.

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    30. Joseph Edward

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    31. Ashley

      While I appreciate you highlighting my native city. You, in no way, gave it justice. It appears that you stayed in the deep ellum/uptown area without doing research and venturing out to the truly notable foodie locations of the city/DFW metroplex. And the fact that you ate so many donuts in the evening then also continued for breakfast instead of trying out a breakfast taco which is a staple for Texans was so disappointing. I am asking out of the love for my native city, please do your research of the actual culture of the city before making a video. ❤️

    32. Ramiro jr Zuniga

      Damm sexy ass bitch

    33. Clint Zuleger

      You should do a video going through a Buc ee’s. There is A LOT of great food in there. 😏👏☺️😋👍

    34. Deborah Turko

      Who’s eating healthy while watching this😃

    35. Lisa Love

      I didn't find any of this appealing because I've been eating from Greg doucettes cookbook

    36. Muskan Uddin

      Please go to Bangladesh! 🇧🇩 Or England!

    37. lushy crook

      I live in Texas forth worth Dallas 😱

    38. Michelle S

      My teeth hurt watching her bite into that ice cream donut lol! Looks AMAZING!

    39. Jacob Acevedo

      Houston has the most restaurants per capita in the us 😭🙌

    40. shanequa oliver

      You are in a air field the airport is minutes away 😂 love the video

    41. Vic Springsteen

      Come to Niagara’s falls🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦💕🇨🇦💕💕🇨🇦

    42. Aditi

      i can watch her eat donuts all day

    43. Jamie Rain

      The people put the teddy Graham’s head in the marshmallow

    44. Julia Agro

      i really love how she's enjoying herself and not bringing herself down. like if I go off my diet in the slightest way I have a breakdown.

    45. •Boba Tea• I LOVE FAIRY COMMENTS

      This is kind of like me right now- I’m in an anorexia recovery care & i eat so much here but just not moving at all

    46. Charlie Watchman

      Best dessert place is Charlies cookie shop in Frisco. Check em on insta

    47. Alessandra Tullini

      I usually watch these videos when I’m super hungry myself and watching Stephanie eat kind of satisfies me, but while I watch the video I realize that the one thing I love to see the most (and that I’d like for myself) is the presence of such a loving and kind partner as Jeff. They’re a wonderful couple.

    48. Irrelevant Junior

      I love this came on my recommended when my boyfriend asked me to pick a place to eat at for our next date (I live in Dallas)

    49. Crissy C

      😭😭😭😭😭 I need some pie. It looks so yummy...

    50. Riley Hamilton56

      I had bulimia in the past (so I binged) and I can tell this, for me, is not A BINGE. When i binge I would cry, shake, take enormous bites without control, I wouldn't even taste the foods. And i also dealed with ednos, and in my own experience I can told you: called "bad" or "good" foods, it doesn't help at all. It even makes it worse.

    51. Elena Montò

      GO TO ITALY ti amo

    52. robert rodriguez

      You should come visit Grand Prairie Next time is like 20min away from Downtown Dallas.

    53. goal pop

      If you ever come back to dallas come to Andys frozen custard I WILL LITERALLY GIVE U MY DISCOUNT.

    54. goal pop

      I remember going to emporium pies once and i caught two amish teens making out 😳

    55. goal pop

      What the hell she was in dallas and i didnt even know 😔

    56. Cloudsindecember *

      Watching this while eating apple and just waiting for my cheat day

    57. Lol

      Me living in dallas not knowing these things were there 👁👄👁

    58. Biscuits and Gravy!

      I love Dallas! I was born and raised here my entire life! The food, and scenery is amazing!

    59. sofia.

      you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    60. G. C.

      I live in Dallas and man every time I travel I miss home. Lol we’re spoiled with variety 🤷🏻‍♀️

    61. Candace

      how did you go to texas and NOT go to bucees

    62. şeymalovato

      its not promoting binge eating stfu

    63. Nirav Kapasi

      I expected Emporium Pies and Pecan Lodge. I saw both. Satisfied face 🤗

    64. Pipper Piper

      Gorgeousssssssss where did you get the stripe outfit? During the hypnotic donut part?

    65. Aaron Barash

      Come to San Antonio and Austin for brisket and tacos!!!

    66. Maggie F

      You sound like Meghan Markle.

    67. Valerie Alonso

      Lol I go to the doctor next to that donut shop lol

    68. Isabel Tang

      why is everybody ignoring the fact that Jeff laughs when Steph makes an impressed face. I find it so cute.

    69. sofia.

      you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰!

    70. Patricia Romero

      Does that Emporium Apple pie you are rainforeSts more like an Apple Crisp pie? It looked like Apple Crisp. I like Apple Crisp more than pie. Another one of my favorite things to eat is Dairy Queen Ice Cream or Basken Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip and Pralines and Cream Ice Cream, Cinnamon Rolls from Cinnamon and Carmel Corn. Those are my favorite Cheat foods. My normal eating days is Vegetables, Fruits, Pinto Beans, and Oatmeal with Blueberries and Strawberries. I like Cinnamon rolls more than donuts. My favorite cake is carrot cake and favorite pies are Apple pie and Cherry pies.

    71. Patricia Romero

      Does that Emporium Apple pie you are rainforeSts more like an Apple Crisp pie? It looked like Apple Crisp. I like Apple Crisp more than pie. Another one of my favorite things to eat is Dairy Queen Ice Cream or Basken Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip and Pralines and Cream Ice Cream, Cinnamon Rolls from Cinnamon and Carmel Corn. Those are my favorite Cheat foods. My normal eating days is Vegetables, Fruits, Pinto Beans, and Oatmeal with Blueberries and Strawberries. I like Cinnamon rolls more than donuts. My favorite cake is carrot cake and favorite pies are Apple pie and Cherry pies.

    72. David Azrak

      New york

    73. Shelly Sermons

      You should DO this in Louisiana!

    74. Deborah Moura

      Your cheat day turned into your everyday eating. 😱

      1. country boy i love uuu

        She wanted to gain weight duh

    75. Chicken Nuggiesarenoutrious

      God loves you. He wants a personal relationship with you Just accept Him, give your life to Him like He gave His for you!🥰m

    76. Dani Bravooo

      Who eats the unfinished donuts?? Jeff??Hahaahah watching her food vids at 11pm is not a good idea 😂😂

    77. just me

      Tomorrow is my cheat day so im just binging on virtual food right now

    78. Blakely Larsen

      That fruity pebbles donut looks so yummy

    79. Leenah Sameh

      I'm back again to watch this in quarantine 👉👈 x

    80. Victoria John

      you would make great mukbangs

    81. Eva Reich

      I love Stephanie and Jeff together!! So cute!!

    82. Doriane

      If you ever wondered why Nutella is so delicious: it's because it has a synthetic flavoring in it called vanillin.

    83. shay snow

      Go to Bern's steakhouse in Tampa!!!and that's coming from an Israeli dude!!!:)

    84. Isabela Adell

      She realllyyyy likes donuts 🍩 😂

    85. Aditi Prakash

      if u r a foodie u need to visit INDIA.....

    86. Sarah Zaman

      u need to come to the UK and try doughnut time doughnuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are massive, filled to the brim, and so so good

    87. Adele Hattrup

      am i the only one that thinks she takes really big bites of stuff? or do i just take really small bites lol

    88. Robin Verhagen

      Ugh I loveee everytime it looks like she’s orgasming in her mouth. ‘It’s goood’ omg I can’t get enough of it 😁

    89. kermitcyeh

      How do these food v-loggers eat so much and never seem to have food stuck in their teeth?

    90. Ashley Long

      Pecan Lodge- Best BBQ in Dallas

    91. Desiree S

      Why not Houston? 🥺🥺 lol

    92. Sausig

      Finally we have some 👏🏻cool👏🏻food in Texas

    93. - yennqi -

      why is this so much better than a mukbang video

    94. Falisha Jacob

      8:00 that’s kinda rude

    95. hava f

      literally been watching your cheat day vids all day cuz im in quarantine and my cheat day is in 2 days

    96. Demon Soldier

      I've been to Serious Pizza, and I fully recommend it. They serve up to 30 inch pies, and the taste is a 10/10. It is so good!

    97. Venita Ng

      this makes me want to go to texas JUST for the food :DD

    98. Hellobyebye Dor

      It seems very fun not tracking any calories and just eat what you want

      1. Gwen McGil

        It is. It's very freeing too.

    99. Arianna Honciu

      I can't find a diet for me. Around 2 years ago i lost so much weight and i'm trying so hard to not gain fat. I had a sort of eating disorder and now i eat 1.200 kcl a day. But i don't lose weight. I want to eat normal and not starving me to lose a few more pounds. I am 1.65-1.67 cm tall and i have 132 lbs. ( i have problems with my menstruation too🙊). I don't eat fast food btw. Can u give me some idea?🙏❤ anddd i want cheat dayssss😂 i love ur page btw!

      1. Arianna Honciu

        @10_thousand_subscriber_without_a_life_challenge thank you so muchhh!❤

      2. 10_thousand_subscriber_without_a_life_challenge

        I would say to slowly increase ur caloric intake each day. And definitely don’t track ur calories. Doing that would make u want to eat less. Eat more protein bars and protein shakes. Maybe go for a healthy salad or avocado on toast. Also if u want to lose weight u need to burn more calories than u consume daily so maybe try working out.

      3. Boris Kuznetsov

        Cm and lbs don't go together. Use just metric please

    100. Jessica Sigala

      I love how she eats 😭