I Ate Everything I Wanted On Vacation... What Happened?

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    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 28
    3. What is your PhD in?
    ‣ Watch my PhD Day in the life video ▹ bit.ly/dayasaphd
    4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Hey my loves!! Hope you find this video helpful! I have a few videos already planned but comment below what you would like to see from me! It helps me so much! Love you!! 😘

      1. Anne Bsl

        How long did you go to hong long for?

      2. CopperCorkie

        Hey Stephanie! I would love to see a video on how/if your body composition has changed since you started these cheat days. Although your weight has stayed consistent, have you found your fat/muscle distribution has changed? Love your content!

      3. Kim Morris

        I'm so sorry I meant that you do not throw off that vibe.

      4. Kim Morris

        Stephanie, I dearly love your videos mostly because of your enthusiasm and inspiration it's very infectious! I do however have a question I am a 55 year old female with a few health problems and the most prominent one is severe neuropathy in my feet and legs. As I have gotten older you become less active and have less energy however when you talk of exercise you say that you have more energy. So for hopefully to boost my energy and to be more healthy could you by any chance suggest anything that I could do for exercise that is geared more towards my age group and taking into account a case of painful neuropathy? I would be happy to compensate you for your time and effort. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and btw I do force myself to walk everyday pain or no pain...lol and that does seem to help a little. And again love thank you for sharing, inspiring, and most sharing you wonderful sense of humor and infectious enthusiasm. You are absolutely very gorgeous however I love that your also humble and throw off the "I am beautiful and I know it vibe" in all honesty I think that makes you even more beautiful inside and out. Thank you again for allowing us a peek into your world and for well just being you! Have a wonderful day love!! ****Kimberly****

      5. Stephie Silverman

        Can you do "what I eat in a day?"

    2. Tyler Hernandez

      Every trip I’ve ever been on I let myself indulge like when I went to Vegas or when I went to New Orleans and then I come back 7 to 10 pounds heavier and I freak out and by the next week I’m back to normal so thanks I really could’ve used a video like this for someone to tell me that I didn’t destroy my progress!

    3. lgamble

      Can you talk more about how you get in your 10k steps? I can get in 4-5 with my morning walk but then with work and the rest of the day... not so much. A video would be fantastic!


      Everytime I feel depressed (like almost everyday because of the pandemic) I always re-watch your videos and I am begging you please do not stop making youtube content because in that way I wont feel alone :"(

    5. Yaritza Lopez

      I needed this thank u

    6. Lianne Barnes

      you look really lovely x honestly x

    7. Awilda Garcia

      I'm about to go on vacation in a few months and a part of me is anxious because I do want to enjoy it but I don't want a free fall to trigger a downward spiral. I will def try some of ur advice. Thank u!!! Btw, u and Jeff are such a cute couple!

      1. MEH MEH

        Awilda Garcia nopeee enjoy it you can eat a lot for like 3500 calories and you won’t gain much

    8. Kathy Amador


    9. ImNotOkayAndThisIsGospelForCenturies

      This helps me so much. For the past year I have trained regularly and ate in deflict with NO cheat days at all. The past 2 days I visited my family and planned on eating clean and restricting. That....didn’t happen. The family came by with cookies and bloodies and cake and sandwiches and I went IN....the next day....yep they got pizza and I ate 2 NY style pizza slices for the first time in a year. I feel like SHIIIT but this makes me feel like I can get back on track no matter what.

    10. Caitlin. Ellie

      My all time favourite part about this video is the compilation of your food faces 😍😍 it’s me every time I eat something incredible!

    11. Roderick Aspiras

      I think this video is pointless because we all know you can spring back to your desired weight since you are well trained and well disciplined. It's okay to eat whatever you want like why go on vacation and be a kill joy? Nice video, keep them coming and we will be watching.

    12. Nicola M

      Ok, I love what you're doing for body positivity but I'm actually shocked that you think it's ok to say,"That I really needed a fake tan!" As a pale person myself I'm so fed up with people thinking it's ok to berate pale skin, to say,"I need a spray tan!", to compare us to milk bottles and just generally slag us off. If you were to make disparaging comments about other skin types the internet would come down on you! Why do people think it's ok to insult pale skinned people? It's not ok!

      1. Kaolin Dodo

        She’s talking about herself and what she likes to look like chill

    13. Nicole Abal

      Right now I’m on holidays for 8 days too and this video has helped me a lot to psych up myself that I have to enjoy the travel time as much as I can and don’t overthink about the food that I get to eat and feel bad about it, thank you Stephanie!

    14. Charul Arora

      I’ve lost about 66 lbs in the past year and every month cheat day planning is a struggle and I feel like my old self on every cheat day. I feel fat and I feel like I could only take my cheat days on days when I’m not around people but this time you really got me thinking about what my goals are. I’m not on a contest prep and I can live a little. Thank you Stephanie for making this video. You’re very inspiring❤️ I guess this holiday, my family is finally gonna see me eat😬

    15. Elisa Gianelli

      @Stephanie Buttermore I like your personality

    16. Falynn S.

      I love your videos!!!!

    17. Justin Ansako

      Can I be in calories deficit but eat junk and still lost weight?

    18. Chiara Carissimi

      I generally do not enjoy videos like these but you are such a star and I love your approach

    19. Sophia Sui

      Awwww thank you so much!!!! Spring break starts tmr and big family dinners always freak me out because I couldn't track what i eat... thank you sooooo much for the information

    20. yingying

      how much do you usually eat in a day?

    21. Marta B.

      I love u! You are so positive and thats stunning!

    22. cynthia

      I love you. You're so pretty and kind

    23. Mii-chin 14

      Thank you so much for saying this! Have been on a "diet" or healthier lifestyle where I consume less calories for almost a year now and lost roughly 5 kg. I've also been more active (not going to the gym...) during the day and feel like I've reached a better point in my life. However, like most people, I fall into the category that if I overeat for a few days I suddenly gain a couple of kg but after watching your video I feel like It's ok for me not to care as much about that when I go on holiday to China in a couple of weeks (though I will be gone for almost 2 whole weeks ^^"). So again, thank you for making this video!

    24. Cynthia Landrau

      Awww, I love this! I have lost 23 lbs in 10 weeks! So I have been working SO hard & plan to continue to do so. But I'm going to MEXICO in a month! And I was kinda nervous, but I feel better now! Lol

    25. Henry Grand

      I lose water weight when I fly :)

    26. lynn Amel

      Thank you for being so detailed. This helped me a lot !

    27. Lisa Affeldt

      Great information that many woman need to here, relax enjoy and get back to healthy living when you get home.

    28. Crystal

      Thanks for this ! I'm going on holiday soon too, so it was a much needed video 😊

    29. Tracy

      I just came back from a vacation and this is pretty comforting. Thanks for making it! 😊

    30. Merkitten

      This is super helpful cos I travel one or two times a year for 2 weeks a pop, and I always get worried about gaining fat

    31. JCML

      Which gym did you go to in Hong Kong?

    32. amina aml

    33. Dev Marquez

      Thank you Stephanie... today is my cheat day and I almost didn't want finish it out because of being scared of weight gain. This really calmed me down.

    34. Cup of Jae

      i genuinely love the message in this video. Enjoy your life, stay active - even if it's walking, and don't micromanage your enjoyment.

    35. Asma'a

      Why you're gains a weight after cheat day and after two days of eating healthy stuff your weight become normal?!

    36. Xiko Galico

      My metabolism is slow and I wish I could eat all dose donuts but I have to stay off carbs or I'll get a permanent food baby.

    37. Lina Leeann

      Hi Stephanie! Just subscribed to your channel after watching this:) wanted to say thank you for being completely open and honest about the details of your journey and putting emphasis on the fact that people don’t have to deprive themselves of treats in order to maintain their fitness regiment. It makes me really sad to hear people talk about going on a diet AGAIN after many supposed failed attempts especially since I struggled with eating disorders in the past and know what it’s like to go to extremes. I truly wish all people would eat for their health and learn about moderation.

    38. Sandrine Kew

      You are blessed with skinny genes. There is no way I would gain only a couple of pounds if I ate like you did in Hong Kong, even over 8 days. All those sweets would have been converted to fat on my body. It's my genetic burden. Genes have a lot to do with how much weight one gains. I hope your viewers don't think they can eat like you and not gain so much weight like you. Or they can lose weight so fast like you. That would be misleading.

    39. Anna Castillo

      I love that she does follow ups! The two videos together are something you don't get from other youtubers.

    40. Rebecca Gaddy

      Thank you for this!

    41. Nolo R

      I love you

    42. Maria Georgiann

      Want a Healthy Pleasure Exersice no problem : make every day Sex 😋🙌😁👌😆😎😉

    43. Leeda Faizi

      i love youuuuuu

    44. My Trà

      Could i ask where you bought that electronic balance? Or the name of it? Thank you

    45. Sparrow dawn

      Hey Stephanie, I have a question. I know you posted this video awhile ago, but it related to my question so if you don't get back to me I don't blame you. Anyway my question is I'm going to Vietnam in January, and I'm so close to my body goal. I'm going to Vietnam for a little longer than the time you went to Hong Kong (14 days to be exact). Do I still relax with my food intake? Because like you I have a beast appetite. P.S love your videos keep doing what you love we are all here to surrport you.

    46. Ella Malcom

      You need to come to Georgia most Athens and Atlanta they have the best food ever

    47. Angelica Porter

      m e t a b o l i s m.

    48. Amy Moran

      "obviously don't go crazy overboard and continue this caloric surplus for months at a time"... oh no

    49. Петр Иванов

      veri good

    50. lil_happyhippie

      Loved this video!!

    51. Maggie Lau

      Hi, I stumbled upon your video about eating 10k calories a day and then it led me to watch your video about what you ate in Hong Kong. I just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed the several videos that I've watched because of your general enthusiasm, the educational and scientific parts of them, and your overall attitude towards health and fitness. I also appreciate that you show a realistic version of yourself (ie with and without makeup). If you're ever in Hong Kong again, I'd be happy to share some more food recommendations with you :) Keep up the good work with the videos.

    52. Aimee Cheslock

      All your videos are amazing, I really do love and appreciate your content! I know you've done an episode before about how you eat before and after a big cheat, but I would love to see more of that. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE your cheat days and all the reviews of the food, but I wouldn't mind seeing one on a regular day after a cheat day. Thanks for all your hard work! A. XO

    53. Alexandra Hutchison

      loved this video !! so very helpful

    54. malcolm naidu

      Wow been following you since like a 100k subscribers. We almost at 450k. That's incredible

    55. Mikayla Adair

      I loved this! I went to Ireland and Scotland and didn't get to a gym the entire time. I didn't restrict myself, but the walking was tremendous! I didn't gain any weight the whole trip. My body actually enjoyed the change of routine.

    56. Sherey Palma

      Hi can u pls try jollibee! Thanks..

    57. Noopur

      I'm so glad I saw this before my 10 day Holiday, lol.

    58. Joesph Reign

      That is cool. No hate. But what about your organs? The outside is just a shell.

    59. Withfatiimatou

      We want to see what you eat on a normal days please

    60. Yoginian

      I always eat less when on a holliday 😂 *stress eater*

    61. chevon1920

      4-5k calories is not average. She’s got a black hole in her tummy or something.

    62. Michelle Apuya

      How tall are you?

    63. Mackenzie McConnell

      I love these videos! I think it would be a cool video idea to maybe set a certain amount of calories for the week or the few days and only eat st fast food restaurants while still counting the calories and staying under said amount.

    64. DoomStomper

      You are such a beautiful soul!! xoxo

    65. jason perry

      You’re a unicorn sweetheart. How many hours do you have in a day? Are you working with the same 24 as everybody else?lol Very inspiring. I love watching your vids

    66. Viviana Calmasini

      I love your videos, but I also agree with this article: www.theodysseyonline.com/mukbang-culture. In short: I find it awesome that you make 'after effect videos', and that you make disclaimers on the dynamics and consequences of your binges. But! Perhaps there is one disclaimer missing, and it's 'don't try this at home'. You are a super-trained, super-fit athlete that can bounce back; maybe consider talking about the fact that for us normal human being a binge is less easy on the health? And even more important: maybe talk about the psychological effects of a binge? How does it impact mood, does it create addiction? Anyways, I appreciate the content :)

    67. amanda wilson

      I think one thing you should’ve touched on is how different metabolisms might react different to cheat days. For some people a week of binging could and would result in a 10-15 pound weight gain, if not more, due to a slower metabolism..not all of us have those magic metabolisms and I think it’s important to disclose that with people so they don’t end up taking your advice and ruining their diet completely!! Anyways, I love the videos and find it fascinating you can eat so much and still stay small! Oh I wish!!

    68. Adriana Spínola

      you deserve all the likes of the world! I've never seen someone eat and maintain themselves like you do! Such an inspiration for people like me, trying to measure clean eating, daily training and to also enjoy life. Love your videos, thank you so much

    69. Red Stilletto

      Question: is that you’re real hair ??? Edit: NEVERMIND OMG I’m dumb 😆 Read your description box and found my answer. Ok, ok, then your hair is gorgeous! You should do a hair video, on how you take care of it and what you use to keep it long and healthy.

    70. Carly Dunn

      Queen!!!! As a fellow academic, I love the evidence based research videos. I’d love to see your take on the large companies, like Optavia “5&1” programs, and how it is changing the health/fitness/weight loss community. Essentially, “debunking” large for-profit companies that promote to vulnerable populations. *conspiracy theory* you could be the female fitness version of #shanedawson 🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️

    71. Lexes O'Hara

      When I even hardly splurge even for just two days, I gain like 10 pounds no joke and it takes usually two weeks go back to normal. Wish I only gained a couple pounds from eating everything I wanted

    72. emomushroom45

      I got that scale because of your videos :) the discount was greatly appreciated too! its a really great scale! very accurate and its easier to see where the weight goes (water, fat and muscle)

    73. Kelsie Dos Santos

      You make me feel better

    74. ParrotMan01

      I never understood the whole tan obsession....then again I'm black. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    75. Mary Lomas

      Where do you recommend getting a spray tan? I've never had one and I'm getting married next month; I need to find a great place 😁

    76. Amira betts

      A good combination of food is chips and gravy!!!! Try it.

    77. Amira betts

      Hey there I'm back again If there's any time in your trip listings can you make a trip to Scotland and try their food, that'll be great!!! It's probably to much to ask but I highly recommend you try their food ASAP. Also make a short trip London if you want. Just some thoughts for where to go for you to suggest for your next videos!!!

    78. nattt 21

      HI STEPH❤️ I just started my fitness journey and I’m new to the fitness world and I think it would be so helpful if you did a 101 fitness video for beginners everything that we should know for a successful fitness journey for either losing weight, gaining weight or just overall fitness. It would be such a big help to me as well as to many other. Including all the nerdy stuff of course it’s my fave part😭😂❤️❤️❤️

    79. Gingertravelpassport

      Just came back from a two week trip to the States and i ate my way through US because 95% doesn't exit in my little German town and i came back with only 1,3kg more and i have expected a bit more. But i gotta tell ya i was walking between 15k-30k steps a day :)))

    80. Lei Kane

      Video on how you make a living

    81. Mia Kilpatrick

      i love you and all of your videos so much!

    82. Melissa Jeet

      Plzzz do a video about cryolipolysis/coolsculpting

    83. Michelle Jubb

      I am interested in your program.

    84. Adan Marin

      I got tests so I can't do exercise anymore because of all the stress accumulating on me. I do consume 300-500 or so calories throughout the day though during weekdays and I have my cheat days and whatnot on the weekend. Would that make me gain weight, or not?

    85. S Yiu

      love the message you are putting out Stephanie!

    86. Danielle Thurman

      Love your videos :) so much fluff on the internet and it’s a breath of fresh air. You’re so real!!! And intelligent!!

    87. Kathy S

      So Beautiful and down to earth! Love your videos especially your cheat day videos😍, makes me feel not so guilty when I have my muffin once a week

    88. Dajana Lukac

      Thank you for this video 😊 it helps and motivate a lot👌👍☺️

    89. Rita Brito

      Just spent a week in Lisbon. Ate a lot and drank so much wine! Came back 2 pounds heavier!

    90. Chris Mccullough

      Great video idea

    91. Miss Nightmare

      We need your girl alwayshungry back munching with you again for a Christmas edition pretty please xoxo

    92. Caitlyn R

      Thanks Stephanie! I just went on vacation with the intention of trying to track then decided not to worry about it. I’m up in weight this morning but straight back to my normal today and not freaking out thanks to the knowledge you give in these videos! ❤️

    93. BonniePlays

      Hi Stephanie! I’m a big fan of your channel and I love your science based shows as much as your cheat days! I was wondering if you could do a segment on insulin resistance and what nutrition is good for that problem? Thank you and wishing you all the best on your journey 💗

    94. Amanda Kerr

      I'm going to Thailand on Friday for two weeks! I'm really excited, my husband and I are looking forward to eating, but our condo airbnb has a gym, which is great because I love training ! This is my first long flight is there anything you can recommend to help with the bloating and water retention on the flight?

    95. Sohat SHarma

      "I ate everyhing I wanted"--every buttermore video ever lel kek xd

    96. Sandra T

      would love to see a regular day of eating - keep up the great informative video's

    97. svetaine

      Thank you for an amazing video! I do try to enjoy myself when traveling or on special occasions - living a little as you say. However, I can't shake the feeling of guilt and re-caping how much I ate, how bad it is. I wonder how would you advise to overcome this mental block? Hugs xx

    98. Nadine El Rifai

      Love your videos

    99. Lorenzo Pederzolli

      go vegan♡

    100. Samantha C

      Are you on birth control