I Ate Breakfast From A Different Country Every Day For 1 Week 🗺

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    Breakfast around the world! 🌎 This was such a fun week and it kinda scratched that travel itch! I hope you guys enjoy it, I know I did!
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    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
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    ‣ 5'4"(and a half 🙃)
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    ‣ 30
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    ‣ Duh
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    ‣ Yes
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      *Breakfast around the world!* 🌎 This was such a fun week and it kinda scratched that travel itch! I hope you guys enjoy it, I know I did! Love you! 💋

      1. Nina

        I need a tutorial on THIS MAKEUP look

      2. Anwesna

        You're glowingg now😍🥰🥰

      3. Stephanie Davis

        Hubby why did you never had her a napkin. Smh 🤦🏽

      4. Stephanie Davis

        Hubby why did you never hand her a napping smh 🤦🏽🤦🏽

      5. My Favorite F Word

        I could do french bfst every day 🙃 those croissants! 😋

    2. may is salty

      an éclair is indeed not supposed to be heated hahah

    3. Natalya Anpilogov

      Turkish breakfast is amazing! Look into it😉😘Love the video 👍

    4. Chihiro Gomi

      I really enjoy your channel! And I’m grad you liked Japanese breakfast😆 I hope you can come to japan one day and have delicious Japanese food here! Love from japan 🇯🇵

    5. Asma

      The France one is actually very accurate !

    6. Aly pixar

      Great video

    7. CéliaM x

      For France it is more « baguette » for morning, with butter and jelly or nutella, or cheese yees !

    8. Guanglu Lu

      Do another episode and let us choose ur breakfast! I have so many GTA restaurant I wanna introduce to u!

    9. Sarah Mayhoub

      Try Egyptian dishes 🇪🇬🇪🇬

    10. MzJexxa

      I was about to freak out when she said authentic Mexican and went to Taco Bell.

    11. Shabarish Balaji

      Indian Breakfast is the best and healthy.

      1. Gwen McGil

        Exactly!! How can she make a video about food and not include Indian cuisine?

    12. Gabriela

      You didn’t even cook everything! lol

    13. Datatsushi

      She eats stuff like this and still is nowhere near being fat and the regular average jane is afraid of one slice of wholegrain bread😂😂

    14. ItzzSaraa

      Youre videos are literally so profressional and amazing! youre amazing

    15. Laura Montes

      Awesome idea! I just thought of this, never seen anyone do it, looked it up, and your video was EXACTLY what I was craving and imagining haha, keep up the good work!!

    16. Abeer Ralhan

      Her: eats multiple dishes from different countries every day Me after breathing in air: -gets pregnant-

    17. Ilaria Ozzello

      You have to try italian breakfast! We have a lot of amazing food to try

    18. Anita Knight

      Gotta put vinegar in the poaching water for eggs. They're not as easy as they seem to be.

    19. CyberWolf755

      Ex-Yugo countries: The British are stealing our ćevaps 😠💢(13:41)

    20. Eri Taide

      I literally said ¨ahuevo¨ when i saw the chilaquiles lol

    21. Sarah B

      I’m french Stéphanie, from Paris. We never, never cut the Pain au chocolat ( chocolate bread ) with a knife. Just grab it and eat it. I send you a lot of love and I thank you so much. I’m 4 months in and you give me courage. If you ever come to Paris, I’ll show you the town if you want.

    22. Rishabh Soni

      Try indian it would probably get a 10

      1. Gwen McGil

        Right? How can she make a video on food and not include Indian cuisine??

    23. Gorge V

      M E X I C O

    24. Youselin Rodriguez

      You should try green chilaquiles with refried beans on the side

    25. pigs these days


    26. JohnnyBoy

      You guys are the cutest! I can’t deal!!

    27. Lou

      In France we never never have beignets ! For us this is so American 😉 but yes we looooove croissants and pains au chocolat, and also fresh bread with butter & marmelade !

    28. midorimaji desu

      Thai people ate rice prridge, kao tom(rice boil in water you can eat them solely or add some topping, like GOONG which is means shrimp in eng), or something that hot and slightly favor. Haha but, normally, we eat everything.

    29. Laura P

      My Mexican boyfriend drinks coffee every morning, then he eats a late breakfast which ranges from gorditas, tamales, or eggs with any type of chili dish.

    30. Ariadna Rojas

      You have to try Colombian breakfast! Please try it

    31. Claudia Cesetti

      Sooo yummy! 😍 The "choccolate croissant" in Italy we call it "saccottino", and it is my fave breakfast 🤤

    32. I’m just watching videos

      Nobody comes to the Father except through Me for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so those who believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life :)

    33. Cristina Angheluță


    34. JBliv62

      Why the baguette looks like a brioche 😭 ?

    35. Ruby V

      This was amazing but I gotta say the Mexican food was reaaaaaaallllly Americanized lol

    36. Adriana Pereira Goncalves

      I liked the video, there was no Brazilian breakfast.

    37. Camelia Salinas

      My favorite lunch and dinner Japan 🇯🇵 . I make that about 3x a week

    38. christina Taylor

      You burnt the bacon

    39. christina Taylor

      Well eat cornflakes with milk and you have covered most of the world

    40. 9B_24 _Khanaya Narotama

      can you do a video where you would only speak Thai?

    41. Kasia Ratajczak

      Hi Steph! Love this video and the tank top you are wearing during the Mexico breakfast. Can you please share where it's from? I love the color too. :)

    42. Danielle Poirier

      Good job saying Newfoundland right!!! 🎉 nobody ever says it right. Jeff must have taught you well!!

    43. KIKI Posirinuntachai

      Oh I just know that you are thai. I’m from Thailand ka.♥️

    44. Alice Tansley

      watching as a brit makes me laugh so much we love beans on toast!!!!

    45. lira virna

      ♠【foto video】♠ ---------------------------- tinyurl.com/quick0pornhub Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??.

    46. Rio Davies

      I have a soft spot for a full English

    47. Zabina Khan

      That was a typical English breakfast but not eaten everyday, cereal is eaten most mornings or toast or both. An English breakfast for me is brunch, well done stephanie, another good video, you smashed it👊🏼

    48. Marcia Recinos

      I dont know about you ALL!!! but i have to do a mukbang eating myself food while she taste foods on her channel .....


      They should try breakfast tacos!

    50. paoolina blue

      I was soooo ready to angry comment this video when I saw taco bell lol The mexican food looks pretty good actually

    51. Agate Fanai

      Heating up an éclair is definitely a whole new concept 😂 French me is not upset but certainly curious

    52. Yaiza Ho

      A vote for China. Try it plz

    53. Maxence Pareyt

      when she cut that chocolate bread with a knife my French soul went NOOOOOOOOOOOO

    54. Angela Renne

      I can’t get over how amazing you look! Absolutely glowing.

    55. Tonya Leddy

      I liked the content!! Fun to see different meals from around the world. That tangerine top looks great on you too!!!

    56. Bisma


    57. Kayleen kay

      I'm french, so I can tell you. Well it's not so bad ! For breakfast we usually enjoy some bread with whatever we want like nutella, butter, jam or else. And then we can have what you had but the point and it was in the video, we have a sugurry breakfast. More poeple now start to eat a bit differently but that's our breakfast. And by the way, super interesting video !

    58. Gee Elaine

      I’m so happy to hear that you’re half Thai! You and your mom are so gorgeous. น่ารักมากๆค่ะ ❤️ (ps. Khao Tom looks delicious !)

    59. Annushka Mehta

      I was hoping to see at least one South Asian country :((( India's food is HEAVENNNNN! Our culture is superrr underrated!

      1. Gwen McGil

        Right? How can she make a video on food and not include Indian cuisine?

    60. Ophe M

      Haha We do not eat everyday croissant or chocolat bread but its typical haha 😊 love your vidéo

    61. LoKaee2

      Us Canadians have the exact same breakfasts as americans for sure.

    62. Ram Enpuii

      Monday:Thailand Meh:Ohh my in-laws country😁 If you a bl fan you know😁

    63. きなこもち

      I’m from japan and love your video!! Watching this video made me wanna cook for you!! And yes you are right our breakfast is really good for health. I’d say this is our secret why we live longer. my grandma lived 96 and my grandpa is 90 he is still climbing up to roof for painting, firm and do DIY 😂❤️

    64. navya manikonda

      Indian breakfast is bomb cuz there is varity and soo many different flavours and textures

      1. Gwen McGil

        Right? How can she make a video on food and not include Indian cuisine?

    65. Ms. Park


    66. Hannah Garstang

      I wanna try those now hahaha!

    67. Anggie Trisna

      Hi from Bali 😍

    68. Indy ZN


    69. Vera Adams

      Love the video!! @Stephanie the Mexico-top is AMAZING - would you mind sharing where it's from?

    70. Karly Kurkjian

      This video is so cool!

    71. Jadduck

      As a Brit, I am offended.

    72. kimi james

      This got me thinking what is the typical, average Australian breakfast 🤷‍♀️

    73. arooj Rani

      Your makeup is on point, i love it. A makeup tutorial on your current routine would be highly appreciated ❤

    74. gracie katz asmr

      haha i love your energy and all ur videos ive been watching for years but that’s not really mexican breakfast

    75. Manda Alexiou

      The way she speaks Thai so freaking cute I’m dying 💓💯

    76. Manda Alexiou

      Shout out to all cute thai girls ! #me 💯❤️😍

    77. naylene f.

      fellow latinaaaaa:D

    78. Sophie 2018

      That blue sweater is really pretty! You should do a part 2 of this and also try German breakfast :-)

    79. Yasmin Jemmett

      the chocolat croissant is called a 'pain au chocolat' ;)

    80. Falguni Shah

      Where is the Indian breakfast ???🤔😲

      1. Gwen McGil

        Right? How can she make a video on food and not include Indian cuisine?

    81. Nouk

      I poach an egg by filling a cup with water, breaking an egg in it and putting it in the microwave. A bit unorthodox, but works every time :')

    82. Ash2theB

      I love Japanese and Mediterranean breakfast like shakashuka.

    83. yon yokai

      I don’t think anyone can nail the Mexican breakfast if it’s not in mexico

    84. Orla Fennelly

      the mexican one looks sooo good

    85. Steph Joseph

      "putting beans on the toast, see how that goes" every British person knowing beans on toast is its own meal :')

    86. Nice Boy

      That ponytail bringing me back 😝

    87. Athyna Palafox

      Mexican food for breakfast!!!!


      you look so much happier!

    89. Curious Kakes

      Thanks for taking my carb craving away 😂💕🍞🌮

    90. Samarah Martin

      A true queen

    91. Bhairvi Tandon

      try INDIANNNN!!!(no cliche curry tho there is SO much more to it)

      1. Gwen McGil

        Right? How can she make a video on food and not include Indian cuisine?

    92. Pooja Lahiri

      Hi Stephanie, would you please do a video about PCOS vs. All in food. I would like to watch the scientific part of it.

    93. Emine Metin

      Turkish breakfast is one of the best in the world, you must try it.😋

    94. Emine Metin

      Hello, I follow you very fondly, but I will be very happy if you add Turkish subtitles🌼🦋❣️

    95. Rocio Tenorio

      I’ll like to see a day in Peru, we have a lot of food that you will love. We have a different kind of food like bread with chicharrón which is pig and the other one which is very popular is avocado toast with fried egg 🥰😋

    96. Hannah Rowland

      Loved seeing your mum in this video! She is so beautiful

    97. A San a

      Girlllll soy Mexicana, I want to cook for youuuu!

    98. Daniel Pascual

      Yes we Mexicans totally drink coffe with chilaquiles !!! love it

    99. CY bonner

      you should try chinese breakfast,I promise you are not gonna OK.HA HA

    100. Railwhale

      ....where are the hash browns in the English breakfast!!!