I Ate Breakfast From A Different Country Every Day For 1 Week 🗺

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    Breakfast around the world! 🌎 This was such a fun week and it kinda scratched that travel itch! I hope you guys enjoy it, I know I did!
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    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"(and a half 🙃)
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 30
    3. What did you research?
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    4. Is Jeff your boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      *Breakfast around the world!* 🌎 This was such a fun week and it kinda scratched that travel itch! I hope you guys enjoy it, I know I did! Love you! 💋

      1. Anwesna poudyal

        You're glowingg now😍🥰🥰

      2. Stephanie Davis

        Hubby why did you never had her a napkin. Smh 🤦🏽

      3. Stephanie Davis

        Hubby why did you never hand her a napping smh 🤦🏽🤦🏽

      4. My Favorite F Word

        I could do french bfst every day 🙃 those croissants! 😋

      5. Rachel Markovich

        Great video! But FYI. My husband is Japanese. Never mix your food in with your rice for Japanese meal. It’s considered rude in their culture! And they never ever eat ginger in the morning. Just eat all separate and no ginger , and you are good!!! ❤️

    2. Karly Kurkjian

      This video is so cool!

    3. Jadduck

      As a Brit, I am offended.

    4. kimberley james

      This got me thinking what is the typical, average Australian breakfast 🤷‍♀️

    5. arooj Rani

      Your makeup is on point, i love it. A makeup tutorial on your current routine would be highly appreciated ❤

    6. gracie katz

      haha i love your energy and all ur videos ive been watching for years but that’s not really mexican breakfast

    7. Manda Alexiou

      The way she speaks Thai so freaking cute I’m dying 💓💯

    8. Manda Alexiou

      Shout out to all cute thai girls ! #me 💯❤️😍

    9. naylene f.

      fellow latinaaaaa:D

    10. Sophie 2018

      That blue sweater is really pretty! You should do a part 2 of this and also try German breakfast :-)

    11. Yasmin Jemmett

      the chocolat croissant is called a 'pain au chocolat' ;)

    12. Falguni Shah

      Where is the Indian breakfast ???🤔😲

    13. Anouk

      I poach an egg by filling a cup with water, breaking an egg in it and putting it in the microwave. A bit unorthodox, but works every time :')

    14. Ash2theB

      I love Japanese and Mediterranean breakfast like shakashuka.

    15. yon yokai

      I don’t think anyone can nail the Mexican breakfast if it’s not in mexico

    16. Orla Fennelly

      the mexican one looks sooo good

    17. Steph Joseph

      "putting beans on the toast, see how that goes" every British person knowing beans on toast is its own meal :')

    18. Nice Boy

      That ponytail bringing me back 😝

    19. Athyna Palafox

      Mexican food for breakfast!!!!


      you look so much happier!

    21. Curious Kakes

      Thanks for taking my carb craving away 😂💕🍞🌮

    22. Samarah Martin

      A true queen

    23. Bhairvi Tandon

      try INDIANNNN!!!(no cliche curry tho there is SO much more to it)

    24. Pooja Lahiri

      Hi Stephanie, would you please do a video about PCOS vs. All in food. I would like to watch the scientific part of it.

    25. Emine Metin

      Turkish breakfast is one of the best in the world, you must try it.😋

    26. Emine Metin

      Hello, I follow you very fondly, but I will be very happy if you add Turkish subtitles🌼🦋❣️

    27. Rocio Tenorio

      I’ll like to see a day in Peru, we have a lot of food that you will love. We have a different kind of food like bread with chicharrón which is pig and the other one which is very popular is avocado toast with fried egg 🥰😋

    28. Hannah Rowland

      Loved seeing your mum in this video! She is so beautiful

    29. A San a

      Girlllll soy Mexicana, I want to cook for youuuu!

    30. Daniel Pascual

      Yes we Mexicans totally drink coffe with chilaquiles !!! love it

    31. CY bonner

      you should try chinese breakfast,I promise you are not gonna OK.HA HA

    32. Railwhale

      ....where are the hash browns in the English breakfast!!!

    33. natalya shpota

      Try to have Russian breakfast...

    34. Saloni Chopra

      This was so good 😋

    35. Brunella Daniela

      I love you so much! Greets from switzerland. thanks to you I took the courage to make youtube videos myself. thanks you!!❤️💖💖

    36. jennifree EH14

      For France you can also have hot chocolate (in a bowl) and you Dip the croissant into the hot chocolate

    37. Gleycianne França

      Make breakfast from Brazil! You gonna love cuscuz and "cheese bread"

    38. Waratthaya Kiattiphongthawon

      Your mom has very good Thai accent. (Your mom is Thai?! 😊) Actually Thai people eat this in the morning. -mhu phing (grill pork with sticky rice) 🐷 -pha thong ghor (fried bread) with tofu milk 🥛 -joke (kind of khao tom but more sticky. The texture is like an oatmeal.) 🍚 -boil egg with a little drop of soy sauce and a pinch of pepper & traditional hot coffee . 🥚 ☕️ -Thai omelette with rice. Etc.

    39. Devon Ott

      i love everything ab this!!! exploring cuisines from different cultures is my fav, thanks for the inspo


      here with me

    41. Lea xx

      Love this video!! Great idea❤️

    42. Grace Watson

      Can you please share your mom's recipe for Kao Tom Goong? I'd love to make it!

    43. Yasmin Mattock

      I'm like mind blown right now with the French breakfast....do American not have pain au chocolat???? The UK we have all that stuff....

    44. samiha sami


    45. michu& nunu

      Try some south Indian breakfast......

    46. Fion

      What’s in that cake pop protein oatmeal though? Sounds pretty sweet too

    47. Sydney Kong

      i would like to see dinner of different countries

    48. Imke

      so you're this cute and beautiful every morning of every day of the week?

    49. Julia Długosz

      Polish breakfast you like this!!

    50. Erika Martinez

      Chorizo with potato and eggs or diced onion, tomato and jalapeno (saute) mix in scramble eggs topped with chopped bacon. Both dishes with homemade tortillas and coffee.

    51. Katy Hogg

      Loved this video!! I’m British and would agree full English is definitely a Sunday morning kinda breakfast...especially after a heavy Saturday night 🍷🍺😂 a usual day is oats, cereal or bacon sandwiches ☺️😄 Ps...you need to try beans on toast as a meal 😘

    52. S life

      I don’t know if it suit your Chanel but I love your makeup 😍 I would like to know your everyday makeup tutorial 😅

    53. Felicity G

      As a person who is and has family from Mexico I would like to say that isn’t really our breakfast. Ours would be menudo, papas y huevos flour tacos, chorizo, beans, rice, pan dulce, and fruits.

    54. A Ruse

      Name a more annoying HUfastr...I’ll wait

    55. Nara Cruz

      God loves you 💗

    56. Misha Bee

      My life is like a movie. I am the one watching it. So food focused, I completely zone out of reality and can not focus on my relationship and work at all. I am sick of feeling tired and not being able to perform my workouts like I want to. I love moving my body, but it wants to rest all the time. I am forcing this "you just have to push through" mentality on it. I want chocolate so much it makes me cry. When I have one piece, I want more and it does not get away. This woman makes me feel like there is hope. A way for a mental break that I need so much. To learn to just let go. Stephanie you look amazing! Before, at your heaviest and now. I hope I can see that in myself now. It is time for some self-love

    57. Katarzyna Lis

      I like your videos so much 🙂

    58. J P

      Love this video!!! Gave me the inspiration to see what desserts come from around the world and bake those (I LOVE to bake!!) Thanks for the inspiration Stephanie!!💗💗🙃🙃

    59. Luiza Freitas

      You missed the Brazilian breakfast 💚

    60. AnnBannSann


    61. Nina Mora

      ive never had tamales for breakfast hahah i would have gone with chilaquiles or chorizo con huevos

    62. Lovely Lora

      FYI Ur weight gain actually makes you look younger than in ur earlier videos. Ur face filled out a bit giving u a youthful look!

    63. Vincent Shivolo

      I totally love how Steph's eyes just light up when she eats something really good. That reaction is a whole meme lol. Gets me everytime😂

    64. Сам себе шеф повар


    65. im ene

      Algerian breakfast: 9ehwa moskoutchou w kess jus 😂

    66. Abraham Kist-Okazaki

      Next time try Natto when you eat Japanese breakfast.

    67. Isabel

      Omg chilaquiles :'). That sauce you talk about is usually mole, that's made with chocolate, peanuts and other stuff and that's used too in enmoladas -not enchiladas, which have chile suace, as those chilaquiles you ate-. The hard thing about making chilaquiles is making the mole sauce, but usually what's sold is a mole paste what you just have to dilute. It's actually very easy to cook. Definitely one of my comfort foods :)

    68. Ashby Young

      13:07 she looks like kim kardashian

    69. Wriggin Out

      Love that you use Queen Herby songs!!

    70. Wriggin Out

      I have been following you for years! You are such a huge influence in my life and I have to say you look so healthy, so happy and I am so happy that you break the myths of eating!! You help me so much... THANK YOU!!

    71. Mutiara Citra

      Try indonesian food please!!

    72. Manny De Leon

      awesome selection for the Mexican breakfast...yes, tortillas are intended to be eating utensils you get to eat. and you did a really good job on the English breakfast. I can dig it if you became the next culinary explorer!

    73. Lily Avila

      You look gorgeous!

    74. Life Change Advice with Tiffany

      Loved this. So fun.

    75. Jennifer Anderson

      The American bacon on your English breakfast makes me a bit sad haha! It should be back bacon (kinda similar to Canadian bacon) but it was a great effort! Would love to see more content like this! :)

    76. Deborah Moura

      Always eating....food is on your mind!

    77. Vempali Srividya

      Try idli/dosa / upma/paneer paratha ....its an indian cuisine , you might enjoy it ............and btw love your videos

    78. Experiment Food Challenge

      this is awesome, I appreciate for doing such great videos.

    79. Kirpa K

      Hi Steph what supplements do you recommend for women when working out?

    80. Farizah Raffi

      We need the makeup tutorial... it looks bombbbb 😍😍

    81. Airraca Lee

      My jaw literally dropped when you rolled up to Taco Bell. GIRL! Don't play me like that, lol!!!

    82. yeet queen

      So glad you are eating breakfast. No need to skip the most delicious meal of the day!

    83. Mary alabassi

      you should go for Arabian food

    84. audette 19

      She's now slim thick..she looks so good

    85. Maja Milošević

      It was very entertaining! Like it.

    86. Madison Nicole

      hey guys i just created a vegan youtube channel and Im trying to get 1K subs so I can start saving money for college tuition Im at 160 rn anything helps tysm for all the support guys :)

    87. D P

      Are you on HRT?

    88. Puvendran Pillay

      Now she is gonna be morbidly obese

    89. -

      omg you're so fat now

    90. Vaishnavi Srinivas

      Try south Indian breakfast omg😭

    91. Iam aluz_zpt

      Those look like lunch more than breakfast 💜

    92. Desiree Ramirez

      You did breakfast from every country with AMERICAN PORTIONS. In France you will never eat all that amount unless you are a fat male...

    93. Abbey Waterworth

      glad u didn't do Australia, it would just be Vegemite on toast 🤣

    94. unicorn diva

      She has a really calm personality

    95. Hanie Sasani

      I just wanted to say that you are the most inspiring person in my life. ❤️ Hope you reach whatever you want. I'm sure that if I could talk to you more often, you would be my closest friend ever in my life. Wish you all the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    96. Paola Contreras

      Girl!!!! Come to San Diego to try the real deal. We will cook for you too ❤️❤️🤘🏼

    97. SubtlyDifferent

      We don't tend to eat full English breakfast very often. I can't remember the last time I had it to be honest. But your version looked pretty accurate. I think a more common everyday traditional English breakfast would be porridge or toast.

    98. Nina db

      Could you make a video where you show us a full week of training? It would be so interesting and fun to see how you plan your workouts, and Im also (like many) looking for inspiration to create my own workout plan for the week. Love your channel Stephanie you're such an inspiration and beautiful person! xoxo

    99. Agathe the patate


    100. Rei Chakma

      doesnt look kinda like kim kardashian or is it just me