I Ate 5,000 Calories Every Day For A Month (Why I Did It & What Happened)

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    I know this video was a long time coming, so I hope you enjoy it! I am still "All In" and going strong and I will make sure to do periodic updates on my channel of how everything is going so you guys can stay in the loop! As I said in the video, this is a long term process so I hope you guys stick around and follow along.
    I have so much content planned for the next few months so make sure to stay tuned! I love you all so much and I can't say enough how much your support means to me...you guys are the reason I'm still going strong 💕🙏
    I want to give a HUGE thank you to Kayla and Erik for coming on my channel to talk about their journey. They both make amazing content so make sure to check them out! 👇
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I know this video was a long time coming, so I hope you enjoy it! I am still "all in" and I'm still eating roughly 5k calories a day. I will make sure to do periodic updates on my channel of how everything is going so you guys can stay in the loop! As I said in the video, this is a long term process so I hope you guys stick around and follow along. I have so much content planned for the next few months so make sure to stay tuned! I love you all so much and I can't say enough how much your support means to me...you guys are the reason I'm still going strong 💕🙏I also want to give a HUGE thank you to Kayla and Erik for coming on my channel to talk about their journey. They both make amazing content so make sure to check them out! I've linked their channels in the description box.👆Love you and I'll see you soon! 💋

      1. bananacult bananacult

        Watch this is so funny hufast.info/plan/vide/h6-Xe7Sn2n2xqZ8

      2. bananacult bananacult


      3. Samantha L.

        m h jej vinson

      4. Caramel

        I wish i have big appetite to eat that much. I need it for bulking.

      5. cadija traoré

        Honestly.... Get away... Promoting 5000 calories.?? Crying like an attention seeker? Wow...

    2. Evy GL

      You are gorgeous thick and thin. I go through this all the time.

    3. **Godcanhelp** 7

      You never got really tired from eating so much? After I eat a lot? I want to sleep lol!!!!

    4. **Godcanhelp** 7

      As with my other comment. The only time I really went all in? Was when I was pregnant lol. I ate a lot! Not going to talk about the weight gain. But let’s just say. I went from a athletic body to a much rounder one lol!! I felt great though! Had energy and I felt mentally happy!!

    5. **Godcanhelp** 7

      One thing I absolutely love?. Is that you kept working out during your journey👍🏼🙌🏼😍. Most who suffer from disordered eating don’t or aren’t really allowed to workout for awhile till weight is restored. I’m struggling major with aED 🤦🏻‍♀️😢. I feel like I have to workout to eat. even if it’s normal heathy portions! Very unhealthy false thinking! Please pray for me! I want to go all in! And not be terrified that I won’t become obese! I definitely need to get with a nutritionist bad!

    6. Бибоп

      9:18 what is the white thing?

    7. Jesus Loves

      we are all sinners destined for hell. Jesus died on the cross for our sins so that we may have eternal life with him. Accept him as your Lord&savior. repent (a change of mind about your sin and about who Jesus is, that results in a change of action) and Accept Jesus as your Lord and savior today! For by grace you are saved and NOT of YOUR works. start a relationship with Him!

    8. Cherry Milk

      I used to be anorexic at the age of nine,I only have 10 calories a day.now I am having nearly 2000!

    9. Angela Claire

      Omg I can relate to the water retention! My ankles were scary


      finally some one talking about being happy in what we actually have than being temporarily happy in a body that is temporary....

    11. Anu Coco

      we all luve u steph . stay strong

    12. Barsha Maharana

      you are a super gal love ya

    13. Rehan Alsalem

      I love it🥺

    14. Ashley Puth

      you do look so much prettier when gaining weight!!!

    15. Shana Lee

      I‘m not really „hungry“, it‘s more of a craving that can not be calmed. After every meal, before every meal and even during I just think about food, when I will be able to eat the next time etc. People say „trust your body“, „feed these cravings and then it‘ll be gone“, but it never did. That‘s why I don‘t trust my body, that‘s why I count my calories and that‘s why I developed Anorexia and Orthorexia.

      1. Dana

        This is exactly the thing I’m going through for so long!! Also I think this trust issues with my body is why I keep being in this stupid eating disorder 🙄

      2. Linh Đậu Hoàng

        The world is so hard, be soft on yourself, take your time to listen to your body, it's a long journey, it's okay.

    16. stephen giacobozzi

      you look nice

    17. Hamza Khaliq

      You look alot more beautiful after the weight gain.

    18. Diana S

      Is this also ok for someone who has a mental illnesses like eating disorder?

    19. AALTJE _KOOI

      7:10 you look sooo amazing without/ with almost no make-up, you also look amazing with it, but your natural look was just mindblowing for a second.

    20. Dorian Enriquez

      i congratulate you! i know this is a big deal for women and it seems like a lot more women want to lose weight and slim down and do but not a comfortable and normal weight which is worrying for health again i applaud you for standing up and leading the way for other women im going to share this as much as i can THANK YOU!

    21. Daniela Dobinda

      Guys you should remember this: THE NATIONAL DONUTS DAY is on June 7th!

    22. Sara Kjeldsen

      I went through something like this after two years of restricting my calories and obsessing about staying a size 2. One day, I raided my parents cupboard and couldn't stop eating and for weeks I had this insatiable hunger. I saw it as binge eating, but I think it was just my body finally telling me it was time to eat. I plateaued with my running because I wasnt eating enough and I'd stress out over going out for dinner because I'd have to look up the menu and count the calories before I went. It was so freeing to eat naturally and stop counting calories. Every single person i knew told me I looked better after I started eating more and I had a lot more energy. I think everyone has their happy weight or their ideal weight and when you find that, it's the easiest to maintain.

      1. Smol Sheep

        ❤️❤️❤️ proud of you

    23. ljvstneecnn franco

      Thankyou! This is what I really need right now because no one knows that I am struggling with ED and trying to recover just by myself even though I needed someone to support and help me get through with this journey but I am really trying. Thankyou!! 😭

    24. Jasmine Gonzales

      You looked better before, you look thicker & fatter now

    25. Swahili SpicE

      The boyfriend is just such a sweet guy! And I agree with him, you look better and healthier with that little bit more meat on your tush, legs and face. It’s so good to know about your moods also, “higher spirits”. I guess it’s about maintaining a balance and finding an optimum level of calories and exercise for your mental and physical wellbeing.

    26. NKUpsychology

      This guy is the best, seriously. So thankful you shared this video. Not sure how to duplicate this without fear.

    27. HayabusaOrlando

      9:17 what the heck is that flesh colored object laying on top of the red pants??? 😂

    28. Crystal Salas

      I feel her pain when she's crying about the bathing suit. 😢😢😭

    29. Covenant Lazarus

      @Stephanie Buttermore Your camera guy is being given obvious specific directions to focus on unmentionable parts of you instead of your eyes when you're crying. Fake. And gay.

    30. ArtesaDrendora

      Here's an idea: stop exercising so much. If you're eating 5000 calories a day for a month but didnt gain a 100 lbs, then you might have an excercise addiction. It's crazy how both skinny and fat people say they feel hungry all the time (me being in the latter group). But with overweight people, they dont know what true hunger feels like anymore, and with the super fit- yall are just burning too many calories a day to have a normal appetite- and your hunger is real. Those who over excercise are like scientists who study in Antarctica and have to eat thousands of calories a day to maintain normalcy because the cold temperatures are causing one to burn so many calories. Except for you, it's not extreme temperatures but extreme excercise that is pushing you to be hungry all the time. Like uhh... you're not starving kid in Africa doing physical labor everyday and pushing your body chemistry to that extreme- so why are you willing doing this to your body and not cutting out the one thing that is for sure affecting your body Chemistry. Come on girl, you're a scientist! Quit ignoring this crucial factor. Also, goodluuck on your life!! I love your content and scientifically educated point of view ❤

    31. collarmole

      Your ass looks so good!

    32. jessica ramírez

      the fact that she looked absolutely stunning in her whole transformation omg i could never everything would go to my face, arms, tummy

    33. Alyssa

      Incredible job!! You’re such a role model!

    34. Jill Doubell-Smith

      You are AMAZING! 🤗

    35. Mama Chan

      It is hard to film some thing that is so real in struggling with the image but this is very positive it is beautiful any way you are as long as you are happy and healthy, and have the supportive family, and you are beautiful

    36. rosa bandera

      "A backpack doesn't judge you" 😂😂

    37. Sara Muhammad

      Is she serious...? I wish I could be skinny

    38. M S93

      To me you look more beautiful now! So strong and feminine!

    39. Danielle Smith

      I'm honestly sooo glad I found this channel.

    40. Mary Ann

      For someone who is a scientist, I expected her to share those lab results. Esp. because she mentioned all the things she was getting tested.

    41. LOUIZA N.

      How many kilos were you before? And what is your height?

    42. LOUIZA N.

      Why didn’t you start eating normal and you had to do this? Increase so much the amount of your intake calories?

    43. Rickardo Ramchand

      I only checked this out since I ate 5k cals yesterday. Special occasion so yeah. Some days I eat good most days I eat what I can manage even when working out. Idk it is what it is just my gut calling the shots when it wants to

    44. Fahad Alazraqi

      Ok watched the whole video and still don't know why she did it.

    45. Melissa Zielkie

      Thank you. Thank you for sharing your journey. Your ups and your downs. It's unbelievably refreshing to know that fitness influencers are real people and deal with the same issues we all do. You are so brave to share your life with us. Sending lots of love and support from Canada!

    46. Riley Morgan

      The chances of you seeing this are extremely slim but THE PURE EMOTION IN THIS. I LOVE IT. Looking from the outside in I feel like many influencers, especially fitness, do not share their actual feelings on their platforms and only show their successes, physique and when they follow their diet. THANK YOU for being honest with us, not everyone is perfect and everyone struggles with body image and low self esteem and its important to not hide it. Thank you for sharing your story, lets make this the new norm

    47. real thingz#

      She look better when she gained the weight 😍🥵

    48. Luiza Freitas

      it feels like freedom ❤

    49. Sam Prajamthong

      Love your ครอบครัว tattoo

    50. MD Is my name

      I eat a cheat snack everyday and I feel mentally healthiest then starving and counting macros and obsessing about the gym life is too fragile to worry enjoy food minimally exercise go outside drink water and be around positive things

    51. M G

      I love your videos and your story.

    52. yeet queen

      She got prettier the more weight she gained. I have seen her recent video and she looks the best she has ever looked so much more youthful, happy and she looks like she has her spirit back. Im so proud of you.

    53. Anna Olleta

      So interesting! Thank you so much!! I have some questions... did you ever worry about digestion and worling out after eating and this? I want to go to the gym but i get worried if i eat before and if i dont eat i feel tired and this.. could you talk about eating and training and how to eat without worring about how ut would feel while training and this?

    54. Box Mad

      She was too skinny before she looked much better after she put a bit of weight on 👌🏼 her face is a lot more healthy looking and she’s got the kind of curves that men love

    55. Simon Dahl

      ur ass is diliciouis

    56. SodaAvenue

      This is an old video but is there any pure compulsive over eaters (not anorexic or bulimia from the start) and over eats (partly because of depression) , accidentally fall into disordered eating habits wagon and become major binge eaters? does the set point applies? Can anyone kindly recommend any HUfastr or online personalities or any blogs whom have been through this? (Its hard to find sources online for rl examples, esp people with pre existing medical conditions that may not be related to binging.) would really appreciate the help!

    57. Jean Wu

      Love how real and vulnerable you are.

    58. Martin Molina

      You are SMOKING HOT! You look way better with the weight. GORGEOUS. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    59. jessica manson

      I’m so glad I found your account I would’ve lost it if I couldn’t find anyone gaining weight

    60. Leviyeetedmywigaway

      4:30 ERIKKKKK

    61. Chris Doll

      This is probably going to sound negative, but there was nothing wrong with skinny- plus size people, but there is a problem with hate. I see a lot of people saying skinny people are underweight and should eat more, but that’s literally the same as saying bigger sized people should eat less. There’s nothing wrong with being 125 pounds or being 250 pounds. It’s just bad when it’s unhealthy.

    62. Amina Hoiam

      but how did you manage to eat 5000 calories everyday? I've been trying to gain weight for 9 months now and the max i got to was 3990 and only because 2000 of it was from McDonalds. The most I can est is 2000 calories and that's only if i force myself hard to eat it.im 5"4 and at the beginning i weighed 101 lbs and then a few weeks ago i weighed 116 lbs but now i dropped back to 110 lbs ust because i always forget to eat and I don't even feel hungry. Anyone have tips? I've watched multiple videos about weight gain but it's still hard for me

    63. Gerry Jimenez

      Keto gets rid of this; all of this. But, some people never see the light...

    64. Daniel Rains

      The right hand pic with more weight on is much more attractive definitely.

    65. Myra Lobo

      Please make a video for women to firm n tone the bustline

    66. T T

      wow .. when you gain weight it goes equally everywhere and you have no cellulite also and it looks beautiful🙏🏼 😊

    67. Dana Sadi

      Thank you for making this video

    68. Dulce Rita Correia

      You are so inspirational! Thank you for allowing yourself to to that and by doing it kind of allows me also to do that. To make me feel that it's ok to gain weight. I've actually been transitioning from vegetarian to vegan diet and although I know I have a lot of opinions of foods I can eat, sometimes I fell more restricted and that just makes me feel an immense hunger and a huge need for food. After those episodes I always feel ashamed of the amount I just ate and feel a lot of body shame. I'm just taking in so much inspiration from you and your videos, and I feel I can change little by little my relationship with food to a more healthy one. I can eat what my body feels the need to eat and even If I gain weight It's alright, my body is still beautiful as is everybody else's. Thank you

    69. tiger bend

      I legit am the complete opposite. My baseline hunger is 1 or 2 meals a day max. Now I'm trying to eat 5000 calories a day to gain weight and muscle 😂 (I'm a guy) and I thought I'd maybe find out how to be able to eat that much without issue. So yeah, now I just found out my hunger levels are screwed up the other way around 😂

    70. Monica Johnson

      Being a skinny girl trying to gain weight eating 3,400 calories a day has been so difficult 😭😭 I have been doing this for a month and gained 3 pounds

      1. Monica Johnson

        I don’t feel hungry so having to force myself to eat hasn’t been fun and the love for food I used to have is gone

    71. Næp Sæck

      Dude, a few months ago I looked at the thumbnail and the “heavier” version of you made me afraid. Now I look at it and see that version as lean and healthy and the previous you as underweight. I want to thank you for changing my mindset.

    72. Anna Gurney

      I need to gain weight and eat more because I’m tired all the time and have no energy. But I don’t have extreme hunger like you do! I always eat to feel full but I don’t think it’s enough. Any tips for eating enough food for your body when you don’t want to eat more and you already feel full?

    73. Jockster

      Get a life what a loser

    74. Cat Rice

      Honestly I always only eat when im hungry and stopped when i felt full. This is really interesting take on throwing diets out the window. It actually is an ap essay that im writing about arguing that diets and fitspiration could have been part of the cause to why this happens. Seeing your journey had been so informative.

    75. No Big Bro

      Can anybody answer this since I haven’t been following. Very curious. Are we talking about gaining weight on Whole Foods? Veggies nuts seeds ect? Or is it gaining weight on processed junk food, cookies, chips, cakes, bread, crackers, pasta ect? Thanks y’all.

      1. No Big Bro

        Boyfriend is sweet too! Good job boyfriend! He’s a keeper!

    76. Daelyn De Luz

      i love watching all of your videos and when you were crying about the one piece and how there was a belt that didn't fit my heart just broke 😭😭

    77. Ranim Ismail

      I have a question; can’t we control extreme hunger by supplements to suppress appetite? Gaining weight will severely affect people’s self esteem, not everyone will have the support needed

    78. CelloAfterDark

      It’s so heartbreaking seeing how sad you were in that slightly too small swim suit, but thank you for showing. I remember buying a dress for a friends wedding and then when the wedding came around, it didn’t fit and I felt so awful. Thank you for sharing, watching you really helps my relationship with food as well ❤️❤️

    79. lexip396able

      Is be curious to see how you would feel if you encoporated more fat into your diet and less carbs

    80. Rachel Thompson

      I wish I had an excuse to do this

    81. Einin

      i dont feel constant physical hunger but i feel this physical feeling that i need to eat, like pre-hunger. because of this, i constantly fight the urge to eat. Im hoping that I can just build muscle and be able to eat more without gaining weight

    82. Bailey

      I struggled with disordered eating ever since my teens, and last year I finally read the Fuck It Diet by Caroline Dooner and I realized that my fixation on calories and restriction was damaging my body and appetite and that I had to accept that I had to gain weight in order to heal my body and my relationship with food. I hit my plateau six months in, and I'm finally in a mindset where I can work on fitness without falling back into restrictive eating. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

    83. Alicia Rubio Cortés

      I thought you were pregnant when I saw your big and round belly 😅. You look more BEAUTIFUL with some extra kilos too, I support you if you want to do it, but taking care of yourself first😘. You have to look forma your happiness and your well-being, that's what really matters. You look very hot and sexy (I love you butt😜).

    84. ichLWmich

      I didn't think there are so many thin people that actually can eat 6000 kcal or more. I try to keep my weight. I'm not hungry but even 6000 kcal don't make me gain weight. I don't feel like eating at all

    85. Patrice Austin

      You look super healthy. Good job

    86. Aisling

      You’re a stunning person inside & out. So inspirational

    87. Michelle Gonzales

      I CAN NOT EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH. You're becoming/ maybe you are... my favorite you tuber, am you're such an idol for embracing social flaws. I'm so happy you recovered from your extreme hunger. I support you so much and you're someone I aspire to be.

    88. Sean Jack

      IF lowered insulin that's key

    89. Vinicia Tiscareno

      Awwww 15:15 my heart🥺

    90. Britloves Quincy

      A snack

    91. Neda Svrakic

      jeff is so sweet omg

    92. Chandreyee Sinha

      Earlier she used to look like a zombie but now after gaining weight she is literally looking so pretty....Wow i want to reach that position of body fitness in my life where i can experiment with my body without causing any harm to it

      1. Sophie P

        That’s not very kind is it

    93. Shelby Borstmayer

      Wow, thanks for sharing! I’m sure the emotional component of this journey was by far the hardest. But good for you trying to find balance in your life!

    94. Renae Rufus

      Thigh gaps are not worth it!!! Eating healthfully & happily is worth it ❤️

    95. Tijana

      Your bf omg. B l e s s I n g ❤

    96. Kawaii U H

      U look prettier now .. I'm doing IF to lose weight and i did but my glutes got smaller too 😔 i need to gain it back.. my problem now is my stomach still bigger and glutes smaller 😔

    97. Bluemoon Running

      u look even healthier gaining weight, nice bodyyyy so jealous

    98. bergercookie

      Wow you’re truly such a beautiful courageous person with a lovely soul ❤️❤️❤️!!!!!!! Sharing your vulnerable side takes so much courage, you should really give yourself a lot of credit . Also your boyfriend Jeff is a total keeper what a great person he is and he loves you to the moon and back!!!! Thanks for sharing this journey with your fans . You’re very inspiring ❤️❤️❤️

    99. Leah Moore

      oh man..everyone needs a Jeff ok. everyone

    100. Idk123

      5k calorie? Damn thats a lot. When i go over 25 hundred i feel full af