I Ate As Much As I WANTED... (+10,000 Calories CHEAT DAY) Ft. AlwaysHungry

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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Probably my craziest cheat day yet! 🙈I hope you enjoyed it, I seriously had a blast with Livia! Make sure to check the description box for Livia's version of our video as well as checking out her channel! Stay tuned for our future video next month and keep a look out for my next "Women's Series" video, dropping next week! Love you all so much! xoxo 💕

      1. teacher andreaGA

        We love you 😍

      2. Reggie Pyrtle

        Yo your a goddess!


        Stephenie, I hope to be like you when I grow up💙

      4. Alina S

        How? How don't you feel overbloated? or you can feel hunger when you are bloated as well? O_O

      5. Grześki

        @Angie S I know you didn't ask me for advice but try to include weight and HIIT training. These types of exercises mostly focus on burning fat. And maybe try to reduce your calories to 1500-1400 a day. Remember to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume.

    2. By Grace

      Isn't this binge eating? When you're so slim doesn't this bulk eating make you feel ill?

    3. Shanice Bussack

      She looks a little like naya Rivera


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    5. Ad K

      That mc Donald’s food does not look good... , maybe the croissant...

    6. Taqdees khan

      April 14 is my birthday it made my day❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

    7. Jojo Yoyo

      Omg I‘m German 😱😂

    8. 私は眠い

      Me looking at this while trying to enjoy my amAzing bowl of oatmeal with no sugar or honey just some blueberries: 👁️👄👁️

    9. Pseudonimus

      12:56 I liked the photographer. Maybe he took and artistic low aperture street shot (of that doughnut). It reminds me of journalists that do this often for media articles. They use especially these random details captured spontaneously (like people walking or eating).

    10. S Osborne

      Seemed like you didn’t really want the other girl in the video. She was barely in view that’s why she kept on photo bombing.

    11. Kresh Shafih

      How often does she do that?

    12. Chiara Carenza

      i don't get how your skin is so good even after all that processed sugar !! my skin goes nuts every time

    13. ad series

      She just did the 10k challenge without even trying😂

    14. Ali

      White lions bars are at almost any arab grocery

      1. Ali

        In the states

    15. Lemon Bunny

      Me watching this as a german 😏👌🏻💀

    16. mtrmoon

      "They don't cut the pizza for you". Why would they? Are you 3 yo? lol

    17. Fongsom Kaewrod

      How u survive with those food 😂😂😂

    18. Mina XD

      I mean in minute 10 you ate a zwieback that's what it's called I'm germany and I'm sorry for telling you but most times you ate it when you feel ill or your stomach hurts🤒 😂 and I've never seen sb ate it with nutella😂😂❤️

    19. Miriam Hernandez

      I am shook of how much you can eat. I love it! 😂💖

    20. I_luv_dogs Woof

      in my personal opinion australian chocolate is the best xx you should try some

    21. Hanna Sara

      I want that pancake so BADLYYYYYYYY

    22. Antara M

      she is just so cool..

    23. lilia benyoussef

      Elle a pris des biscottes et du Nutella mais c est quoi ça 😭😭😂😂😂

    24. Makayla Day

      How tall are you /

    25. Lalo C

      rare footage of livia actullay swallowing the food, not editing the parts out...

    26. Elliott Quill

      my ED watching this

    27. **Godcanhelp** 7

      Honesty? .. watching your cheat day videos m. Really makes me hungry and want to eat and fuel my body the way I want! 😍🙌🏼👍🏼. I love your “All in” journey as well!! Pray for me please!!! I want to eat and not care anymore!😍🙏🏼🙌🏼 i Love that you cheat on mostly sweets like me😂👍🏼

    28. nikimoonlight

      19:41 so ur telling me that u have never had kinder... WHAT A SHAME

    29. Galaxy Nerd

      Mannn, I miss Cologne! Thanks a lot, Covid!

    30. Георги Косанов

      What eat after cheat day

      1. Galaxy Nerd

        Well, she doesn't do cheat days anymore...

    31. Aahna kulkarni

      She is living my dream

    32. Katalin Slob

      She eats alot!!

    33. Isabel Hipolito


    34. Isabel Hipolito


    35. Isabel Hipolito


    36. Nelly Laf

      I can hear the french people having a heart attack watching this " croissant " !! :'D

    37. Lucie Rosslerova

      I never saw anyone eating like this. I would be full for all day just from the Mcdonald. So much sugar. After two breakfast she is still hungry😳

    38. M. Azemi

      I am skinny i can eat whatever i want without gaining weight but i just could never eat so much i would be sick a few days for sure 🤢

    39. Serena Peterson

      I'm curious what the difference is between a 10k calorie cheat day and binge eating?

    40. Michael LaRocca

      break open that chocolate bar now I need to put a hurting on some

    41. Victoria Oliver

      Bruh u ate my amount of cals for 2 days before 8am💀🤣🤣

    42. zebib Negash

      👁👄👁I wish I could eat a grape without feeling guilty

    43. Sonika Rose

      In Germany its general that the portions are smaller becouse we don't eat as much or different

    44. Abigail Richter

      I wanna do this so bad

    45. Mandy Ambrose

      I happened to come across this video and I don’t know what’s going on here but I can’t stop watching...I’m living vicariously through you 😍🥐🥞🍩

    46. Velislava Staneva

      That pizza looks sad.Why they dont have melted cheese on it 😂

    47. Ranah S

      The McDonald's breakfast in Germany has less calories and it looks Better

    48. Velislava Staneva

      Finally found a gurl that can match my appetite!I need u as a friend!

    49. kiwi

      the fact that in this vid steph and i weigh the same but i look 20 times fatter says a lot about muscle density

    50. Matilde Battisti

      Can't believe american people don't know fette biscottate

    51. Giordan Sparks

      a 'chocolate croissant' as you call it, is called a Pain Au Chocolat

    52. Milla Witt

      I really enjoyed watching this - and you are so sweet ( even with all the sugar in you or not )❤️

    53. Christina Smith

      Guysss, this lady is living my dream. Food is life.

    54. Ann Hong

      Bro April 14th is my birthday

    55. Denise A

      Your video is so fake! You are wearing different clothes and hairstyles between meals. Only showed the date at the beginning and end of the day. And you and “always hungry” never actually ate donuts and candy. I saw a lot of biting and chewing but not a lot of swallowing, that somehow got edited out. You are promoting unhealthy binging without actually doing it yourself. If you are gonna promote something you should actually be doing it. There are many people out there that work hard in the gym and their diet, and still struggle with their weight. Watching someone like you just gives false hope. I know with me one cheat day can derail me for a week, you should be honest with your viewers. Your channel is just a business not a healthy lifestyle.

    56. Esme Grant

      Wait... you don’t know what a pain au chocolat is? Do no Americans know what this is or is this just her?

    57. Lucia Van Den Heever

      Now im starving at 11pm

    58. Princess Amaris Israel

      I can’t eat of other people I’m sorry 😭

    59. Michelle Buendia

      I wish that i can be.but my metabolism its not good

    60. jessica ramírez

      she should start a mukbang series

    61. cristina romano

      me with an eating disorder watching this: 👁👄👁.

    62. Abby Ko

      ok this is super random but steph's voice is lowkey soothing like its kinda raspy idk if its cus she was sick but i find it oddly soothing

    63. Kai Albers

      the brandt thing is called zwieback and it’s really good with soup

    64. WhitePeachBlossoms

      Her voice cracking is so cuteeee

    65. Mariam Al muhairi

      Who else is watching this while their working out😂😂

    66. Kanishka Tripathi

      i bet she works out alot and eats super healthy to maintain that shape most days because 10k calories and still that shape isnt easy 😝

    67. Karina Chavez

      I wish I could eat this much before I got full 🤩

    68. sofia.

      you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰!

    69. Elena Gilbert

      You have gained only 3 kg ?

    70. Sharif Paulino

      The only thing stronger than adamantium, is her stomach. But it's so funny and lovely to see her.

    71. Alfie Howard

      7.37 Its called a pain au chocolate french for chocolate bread

    72. Misho Mishèv

      I wish I could eat this much and not be gaining any fat

    73. daring.to.be.daniella

      weird comment but after seeing your recent videos, can I just say how different your skin looks? Like your skin is and was always beautiful but in recent videos you truly have a glow and rosy-ness that was absent in these past videos. I;m so happy you found health

    74. lu lullaby

      “Chocolate filled croissant” Me, a French person: *faint* It’s called a “pain au chocolat” 😂

      1. BlinkOT4 Jisoo turtle rabbit Kim


    75. Aphrodite Pascoe

      How did you not wake your boyfriend up 😭🤣

    76. Emine Guzel

      Your voice is totally same with Sandra Oh

    77. Dahlia Holm

      watching these vids makes me want to plan a cheat day just ONE day on my bday or something but I think I'd feel s o guilty after

      1. jendeuk¡ni

        My bday is in a month and I'm actually thinking about doing the same thing 😅😂

      2. BlinkOT4 Jisoo turtle rabbit Kim

        It’s okay if you don’t do it often and it’s your birthday so you can obviously do it!

    78. Lori C

      Im so glad you’ve gone all in for 2019/2020! You deserve it!

    79. Laura Wedel

      So funny watching this when you live near Cologne 😂

    80. Alanafuntimes

      coming after the all in

    81. Cali St

      That germany donut looks like that the cheapest donuts in polish stores and in some way this are extra good

    82. Anna Müller

      I love how she's always like "oh this is so small", but girl, that's a regular size in Germany. America just always has these super large sizes.

      1. 송아가탯

        That's so true, Americans have so big portion / product sizes, on youtube there are bilion of videos comparing europe food and american one, e.g McDonald's Drink. 🙊

      2. ian cito

        lmao like texas portion size

    83. Laszlo Ancom

      she just snacked my entire calories of 1 day in two fucking breakfasts. what the actual fuck, mad probs

    84. meme017

      “Eating my hair” ugh happens to me too 😫

    85. Romane Dpt

      The « chocolate croissant » that you took on your buffet breakfast is actually a « pain au chocolat » filled with chocolate (or chocolate bread in english language)

    86. Gina Natalia Astasari

      lel her mcdonalds breakfast alone is my daily calorie intake

      1. Ophelia


    87. Jungkook Jeon

      Hershey's gold was disgusting it was like buttery and sweet, tasted like diabetes as a choclate

    88. Denise Rosero Bermudez

      before knowing you had extreme hunger and your "all in" journey, I always thought to my self that you had an eating disorder, because in your cheat days you would eat like you are rewarding yourself from all the food you wont eat in weeks and looked like a very dangerous pattern to be on, and to show on youtube to an audience that's probably obssessed with being fit, seemed dangerous, again, becuase of the behavioral patters you showcase in regards to food... maybe you can update your description, stating that you suffered from extreme hunger, so that it is clear with the new people who stumble upon your videos without knowing your journey.

      1. Ophelia

        Yeh these cheat days are just a massive binge after a period of restricting.

    89. nicefanful

      “This is like a crouton” really cracked me up as a German 😄

    90. tounsia .i

      No one: Not a single soul: Stephanie after eating whole tone food :im still pretty hungry😂like wtf

    91. Lerzoos Lercoos

      You're gonna take a big big shit and the toilets in hotels always clog

    92. Felicia louisiana girl

      20:40 and that's how you know they're not from America were so used to everything being fake that we literally don't notice it even when we say it

    93. Maria Plessas

      i just realized when i’m watching her cheat days i realize she eats the same amount of food on her cheat days as me on my regular everyday eating😂☠️

    94. Ophelia

      That breakfast alone is 4 times my daily calorie intake. 😱

    95. Kyra James

      I had a cheat day after losing another 10 pounds, had like 2000-3000 calories and gained three pounds back :( why does that happen? how can other people have crazy cheat days and not gain a ton

      1. Ophelia

        She does gain on cheat days but a few days later the bloat and water weight goes down again. Sometimes she gains 10 pounds after a cheat day.

    96. Crystal Ma

      pain au chocolad

    97. Nanna Løwendahl

      If you wanna try some really good doughnuts then take to Denmark, Copenhagen in the doughnut store Bronuts - they have a lot of different flavours and all of them look so good - they also have a Instagram profile that’s called bronuts😁

    98. emilia a

      Coooolooogne ❤️❤️yaaaas

    99. Tova Ollén

      Your breakfeaste is my hole day

    100. Camila Blajos Razuk

      Berliners are called Berliners all around Germany except for Berlin. There they’re called “Pfannkuchen”