How To Diet and Train With Your Menstrual Cycle (The Women's Series Ep.1)

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    WELCOME to the first episode of "The Women's Series"! I couldn't be more excited about all the exciting content I have coming so let me know what you think of this episode!
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    ▹The Women’s Book by Lyle McDonald w/ Eric Helms
    ▹Food Intake, Body Weight, and Sweetness Preferences over the Menstrual Cycle in Humans Pliner et al., (1983)
    ▹Energy intakes are higher during the luteal phase of ovulatory menstrual cycles. Barr et al., (1995)
    ▹Effects on power, strength and lean body mass of menstrual/oral contraceptive cycle based resistance training. Frisen et al., (2016)
    ▹Effects of follicular versus luteal phase-based strength training in young women. Sung et al., (2014)

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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. alchem lifestyle

      Why am i watching this...AS A MAN😂😂bye(under 2 min)

    2. OffLeashIG

      amazing information thank you!

    3. Melanie Voltz

      Fantastic video with concisely, “easily digestible” information. Thank you so much for this!

    4. Michelle Packman

      This video is so scientifically validating, I have answers now! I keep starting good habits right after my period and it always falls apart the third week. Edit: And you gave us a BOOK. Girl, from one nerd to another, thank you so much!!!

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    6. Matilda Ramos

      Thank you for this incredibly informative video Stephanie!

    7. Karen Byrom

      Thankyou, very informative. New subby

    8. GamaMan

      Respect for women to get through this every month! ✊

    9. sahtification

      Please, talk more about that I'm struggling immensely with this issue It's killing my goals

    10. 99leadpencils

      This is great! How does this change if you're on the pill?

    11. rip ween

      the video says you'll have more energy during the week of your period but it's the opposite for me. i literally feel so weak and can't go through with my training at all on my first day of period which sucks :(

    12. wjfaust

      Stephanie!!!! Thank you so much for this video

    13. Larissa Haugstad


    14. longmayshereign •

      The days before my period i feel like i want to binge, but guess that’s completely normal

    15. Fit Savy

      Amazing content!! thank you so much this explains my cycle symptoms so much more clearly!!!

    16. MC s

      Hi. I lost some weight recently due to a change in workouts because of lockdown. If I lost all over my body but got better on my legs at a lower fat mass, but this month I have my period in late of 3 days, what can I do if period doesn't come back? My weight is 57 x 1.65 and I really see a bad bulk on me when I was 64. Could you answer if you want, on how to track a diet and a training in gym to avoid having bad legs for period?

    17. Abbie D.

      My issue is that I can’t wear tampons (I’ve tried SO many times) and I find it difficult to work out with a pad (it’s uncomfortable and I smell awful pretty quick).

    18. Sam Figueroa

      This was pretty eye opening and very interesting. Great presentation too.

    19. JonBarb

      Fantastic information!

    20. Stacy Sopora

      check out Dr.Stacy Sims too! Her book ROAR IS AMAZING

    21. Tianyi Zhu


    22. Hemali Khanna

      I'm so glad I found you...

    23. Amber Billis

      Great videos!!!

    24. Amber DiGiuseppe

      What did we do to deserve Stephanie Buttermore! #literalangel ✨🧡😭

    25. Nino Circus Freak

      Funny I already noticed the pattern that as soon as I am done with my cramps I start to have my best trainings for two weeks both with strenght and flexibility which also helps of course my skill trainings and then closing up towards my period start I already started to accept that I will not have to push myself the most or expect the best results but just keep going

    26. candl637

      Highly helpful. Thank you SB

    27. Alice Glass

      What about if you have heavy pain during your period? I feel like this does not apply to me, I actually feel way weaker during my days :(

    28. Simon Wealsie

      Thank you for this detailed info, I do feel like cheating on my diet when I am on periods. I just feel those are my cheating days why would I do that?

    29. Valeria Ximena López Peña

      But what happens if I feel the weakest during my period week, also I feel a lot more pain during it, leading to a lower performance :(

    30. Genny Jackson

      Wow, thank you so much this is unbelievably helpful

    31. Body By Food With Rachel

      Yes! Love this! I just read the book the Cycle Syncing method by Alissa Vitti. It was mind blowing to me! Did you read that?

    32. Daffney D

      Girl I love you but I have no idea what you’re saying rn 😂

    33. Daijanae Lovett

      I want to be a personal trainer. I can’t do that yet until I help myself. I am trying to reach some fitness goals myself, be toned, and stick to some healthy dieting plans. I guess I’m asking how do I help myself and then how do I become a personal trainer and be different from other personal trainers?

    34. Sabrina عبدي

      Awwww she looks so much younger here. Her weight real made her “womanly” not to be derogatory 😅

    35. Natalie Splatalie

      Stephanie I know I'm late to the game catching up on ALL your videos! This is SO helpful and removed a TON of guilt from me. I was beating myself up about feeling sluggish during pre-period workouts and now I feel I have permission to take it a little easier and go with my body. Thank you for being awesome. ❤

    36. S M

      simply recommended me coming here and she's like our mum so I had to check it out! i'm glad I did..

    37. J R

      man: what did you say to me ? women:I'm on my follicular phase I'll fuck you up don't test me man:it was just a question honey

    38. JustTrina //

      That’s why I kept eating sugar cookies lololol

    39. Corinne T-Sabatini

      Thank you so much lady !! This is so helpful!!!

    40. Henna Tamminen

      This video was amazing, than you so much for this!

    41. Brenda García

      Hi! So rich video. Please do a video about menstrual cycle and intermittent fasting.

    42. Little Creators Homeschool

      Kind of like a weekly decling ladder style

    43. Laura Greene

      Am I the only one that gets really hungry at the start of their cycle? Like I actually cant stop eating

    44. Faith Centeno

      Thank you so much for this! I can't believe that this type of info is FREE!!! I have the whole series and I learned a lot. 💗

    45. Michelle's Weight Loss Journey

      I'm literally watching this as I'm eating a veggie sandwich and chips..... cramping and wondering why I'm so hungry at 8pm.😫🥴🥴🥴👍🏽

    46. A. S

      I have been working out for years both with and without diet. While everything you say sound right There is this one thing which is not so logical to me and women i know.. A couple of days before and Day 1 and 2 of the cycle while it hurts cramps almost 48 hrs. How can you be strong er and lift heavier.?? These 3 to 5 days are actually my weakest not Just because of pain and but alO as you say we tend to eat sless calories in that period. I Will appreciate respons and objektives 🙂

    47. Sadie F

      I’m watching this because I. Am. So. Tired. Literally ate cookies and Mac and cheese and am ready to go to bed and it’s 6pm. The week before my period

    48. MingusTale

      Hm I'm pretty much dead on my period so I feel like I might just injure myself if I try to train hard so that seems like really weird advice to me.

    49. Mara

      7:31 yeaaah I can't do that on my period 😅

    50. beth2977

      I wish I could lift heavy on my period. I can barely move the first 4 days of my period. I generally don't train when I'm on at all, which is depressing. Maybe you can do some workout vids for us women with bad period pains so we can still get some benefits.

    51. Tabby Teacup

      Yes!!!! I started looking into this trying to find out why I kept having that overtrained 'i need a deload week' feeling every 4 or 5 weeks. I'm so pleased to have found this out. Ive now overhauled my training programme. Wish me luck. Thank you for disseminating this info. I hope it will help more women realize that its probably not laziness, just hormones.

    52. Erica Kilbourn

      I have never heard of ANY fitness guru talk about PMDD. I was beginning to think I was part of an invisible group of women. I suffer immensely from PMDD, so much that I take two antidepressants to combat it.

    53. Cara Stone

      I’ve never changed my training during my menstrual cycle.

    54. Titus2Chic

      This was soooooo good!! Going to binge on the other videos in this series. Thank you!

    55. A A

      Thanks, but i'm starving during my first week of my period especially while I'm on it.

    56. Li Jia

      How to get the Women’s book?

    57. Tara Nichelle

      Thank you SOOOOO much for this. Can you please also touch on cardio and your period. For all the swimmer and runners out there :)

    58. Sea Jay

      Super awesome content! My question is - what if you do workouts besides lift weights?

    59. Rezenkia Wilson-Bey

      This was so informative!! Thank you!!!

    60. Macy Nera

      Currently studying for pharmacy boards and I'm on the topic of the menstrual cycle and I just remembered this video ❤️

    61. Selena Arrazola

      Great information! As a woman who trains regularly, I can definitely relate! Thank you so much for sharing❤

    62. Omar Soliman

      Solid information.

    63. Mow Angela

      Okay, this totally makes sense, I feel freakishly energize during my menstruation cycle, I feel less fatigue than in the 2 weeks before my menstrual cycle. Thank you for enlighten me! I did not learn any of this in school.

    64. Fire Rose

      That completely syncs with my experience and tracking! Thanks 💖🔥🌹

    65. Anak Anak

      Could you do a vid about getting fit w menopause

    66. MrYvo95

      thanks for this video i'm a man and was curious to know why there was less women than men in this "fitgame", and now i realized that i know nothing about women hormone struggles. so thanks for the insight, hoping to know more.

    67. Mrs Clarke

      Great video!

    68. Yadira Escorcia

      I'm a "newbie", been on and off the gym for a while. I'm trying to make myself a program so i wont feel lost and not make progress which has been my issue in the past. This was EXTREMELY helpful! thank you!!

    69. julia pelka

      Wow I love to learn how my body works and your video was extremely helpful

    70. Verae Kritzinger

      So informative and interesting!!! ❤️

    71. nic

      Does this mean that powerlifting routines like 531 don't work well for women? Since 531 increases in weight/difficulty for 3 weeks with the 4th week as deload. Or is it possible to change the program somehow to cater to these hormonal changes?

    72. minne nieuwkerk

      I just got my period back after 2 years....

    73. kitty kat

      I absolutely suck at the gym 1 week before my period.

    74. Paiten Shipp

      Thank you!

    75. Anzu love

      Question though, if you put your body through stress (workouts) you build cortisol, with a bit too much cortisol and ovulation cannot happen. So can you expand on this please? Cortisol and delay of ovulation because of workouts, specifically intense workouts?

    76. Sarah Rush

      Thaaaaaank you! I've had a couple of consecutive cycles where in the days immediately prior to my period, I had significant strength and performance loss. I was afraid I was imagining it, misinterpreting the information, or just moving backward. Your video helped me to correlate my cruddy workouts with hormones, and that is encouraging and an absolute relief!

    77. Ysabel Birmingham

      This is super helpful! Thank you so much!

    78. Sonicz Forever

      I find I want chocolate Lol. Thats about it and a bland dinner. I run but take it easier.

    79. Miss Orange

      Woww just what i was searching for, i have PCOS and my ginecologyst prescripted me Spironolactone and ive been training since september and its ups and downs on my mood and gym motivation ,i think my hormone imbalance doesnt allows me to gain the muscle mass and loose fat what i would like to

    80. Bo Yi

      I am not a professional personal trainer, but I am the coach for my wife. So I am here. Thanks so much for making this video.

    81. MEH MEH

      I eat a lot on my period for a week like 3000-3500 calories on my period but don’t gain weight I still keep the same workout don’t worry about dieting on your period

    82. Bonnie Gibbs

      I'm wondering for educational purposes only, do oral contraceptives have an impact on this information that you've provided regarding when to do strength training and volume training? If so what is that effect?

    83. Travel With Me

      I'm 48 and thought I knew everything about periods, wrong! This really has helped me understand why I have more energy at certain times of the month. I've learned to just accept how I'm feeling instead of fighting my body. Thanks so much 😊 really enjoy your channel

    84. Lowkeee9

      Thank you! The specificity of information is so helpful. I'm going to watch this and take notes so I can tailor my workout plan. Totally getting The Women's Book!

    85. Hannah Frank

      Thank you so much for this! Loved it! Xxx

    86. rollababe2008

      What about women how dont have much of an actual period? Some contraceptives change how regular they get it, or not get it for that matter

    87. Wai Wei Lum

      Eventhough this video was like a year ago, I'm amazed by your content that are full actual facts. Very inspirational, on how much work you put on to make this video. Thank you

    88. Philip

      You have hired a good camera man and a editor.

    89. Katie Stadler

      This is my first time seeing your page! I’m a biotechnology major and very passionate about weightlifting. So, I love your scientific approaches❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Keep doing you!!!!

    90. Tracy Rodriguez

      You are awesome! You are killing it! Love the info

    91. Rari

      Birth control would disrupt the results on these studies, yeah?

    92. kittenwiskerz

      I'd love to see something in regards to training in menopause. I've been weight training since I was 18 but now in my 50's. What kind of gains should I expect or can I aspire to? I feel like it is expected that things taper off BUT can I or should I still train as hard as I can? I've been also trying to focus more on the glutes (which wasn't such a big focus in the 80's) cuz I don't want them to give away my age, LOL!

    93. Relana Allen

      The week before and after is when i feel the weakest? Are they sure.

    94. Aysemin S

      I am one or two days away from my period and i couldn’t even lift 10kgs. What the feck? 😔

    95. YoungRawTalent

      I appreciate you addressing this hardship

    96. Jungle Theme

      yes lady!!! fucking yes!

    97. Cynthia Lao Diaz

      Beauty brain and body!you have it all!😍😍😍😍😍you really inspires us!love your video 😘😘😘

    98. kini ohri

      Great great content! I experience all these during my entire cycle

    99. Bri Lynn

      Am I the only one who works out while on my period and my cramps get more worse? ? :| I hate it

    100. Naomi Torres

      The book do I order it as a soft cover ?