How to Offset a Cheat Meal | What Did I Do AFTER the Pizookie Challenge?

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    Hope this video is helpful for those times you overindulge at a restaurant or even just at home where you end up eating your entire kitchen... It happens to the best of us ;) Enjoy! xoxo
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Hope this video is helpful for those times you overindulge at a restaurant or even just at home where you end up eating your entire kitchen... It happens to the best of us ;) Enjoy! xoxo

      1. priyanka sharma

        Would love a video on how to offset bloating coz of green leafy veggies diet /overload

      2. Jason Voss

        Fun idea: can you try using a Freestyle Libre glucose monitor the next time you do a mega cheat day? I'm wearing one now. It's fascinating to learn how my body reacts to stuff I do.

      3. Nika W.

        Dear Stephanie thank you so much for the video! Before I watched it I thought the best way to burn cheat meal is cardio. You opened my eyes and helped me look at it from a new point. And I really appreciate that you tell us to not feel guilty because of little cheating on a diet. It's very important to me to have healthy and good relation with food, body and mind so thank you for your honesty and talks. You're so inspirational❤❤

      4. Mijin Kim

        Stephanie Buttermore ㅑ

      5. purplechild

        Stephanie Buttermore what smart watch/ fitness watch do you use?

    2. キモラ

      i wanna go to a gym this diverse

    3. Skinnybiatch

      Im here because we had a feast in new year JAGSJS

    4. Eduardo Marín rivera

      I’m here because I just ate a brownie and I broke my diet hehe

    5. Lea Holz

      Wow, this is so helpful!

    6. Jamie Siefert

      What is the song at the end of this video???

    7. Chris

      I ate clean for a little over two years, and lifted regularly, had some of the best discipline of my whole life, stayed lean, and felt good, never really cheated. Got a new job, where there was always, and I mean always food of some kind either catered, or someone would bake a cake, or cookies, etc. Long story short, I got tired of bringing lunch, then got tired of leaving to get lunch in a rush, and started eating that delicious readily available free food. Gained about 15 lbs. of bad weight in a year even though I kept up my training. I worked so hard to get the stubborn fat off my abs, and chest, and now some of the really super stubborn fat is back. Most of that hard work was undone by a little cheat meal at a time over the course of a year. I'm not completely back to the way I looked before I got serious about eating clean, but I am definitely at a point where I must get turned around now. I know I can do it because I've done it before, but I think I love eating bad stuff even more than ever now. I had 5 waffles with butter, and maple syrup, plus two eggs and water for breakfast, and a hamburger all the way, with fries, and unsweetened tea, plus a grilled chicken sandwich for lunch, and a BIG bowl of ice cream afterward. It did motivate me to workout today though. I don't fudge every day, but it's happening 3, or 4 days a week now. I guess we all make choices, and have to live with them.

    8. Kamile Baltiejute


    9. Aina Ah

      i felt guilty after ate 2 cupcake 😂😂

    10. Jennifer Juneau

      Why all these games with your body and food? Just eat normally, when you are hungry. I never understood this

      1. Nat Oliven

        You should watch her more recent videos and health transformation! She’s all about that now!

    11. Some Idiot

      Damn I can’t even eat 4 slices of pizza without guilt, my metabolism makes me suffer :)

    12. Maddie Fishblob

      Yea I just went to an awesome party and ate 5 mini cookies, 2 brownies, a steak, bbq chicken, kifta, lasagna, ravioli, ice cream bar, Doritos, watermelon 😂😆😂 idk why I’m even commenting this. Just THANKS FOR THE ADVICE! IMA KILL IT TOMOROW MORNING

    13. Ana Bauch

      Eat 800 calories the next day and each day after + train like crazy is what Steph would have actually done. She definitely was offsetting all surplus/ cheat days.

    14. Sweetheart7

      After recovering from HA, 90% of the time I eat extremely healthy foods....but then once a week I go to somewhere (usually dairy queen) to eat as much as I want, but it actually helps me on my workout days since it gives me a little extra energy. So it's okay every now and then to eat that piece of cake or a cheese burger (or in Stephanie's case...donuts) but it well help you in future workouts and it might help your sanity. Thank you Stephanie for all that you do and I pray that you continue to help and inspire others. I am proud Step of your transformation, stay blessed

    15. Banana chips

      Had 1000 kcal cheat meal, not going to workout today . But burn that ass off tomorrow

    16. Dresnio 13

      Im pissed

    17. Rachel Williams

      Seems so disordered. I remember when I had an eating disorder and used to binge and because I was so used to starving I'd still feel the effects of the food after a binge the night before, ie. I'd have enough energy to keep me alert through a normal day, rather than just existing and going through the motions. Now I really never see a difference in my energy the following day because of what I ate the night before. So glad you got healthy!

    18. lelle lelle

      How can you do a workout to utilize the excess carbs at home?

      1. MEH MEH

        lelle lelle more reps , hiit

    19. Jorezza Antonio

      I ate too much food today and now I feel like crying.

      1. MEH MEH

        Jorezza Antonio probably no point because you’ll probably lose the weight from the surplus in like 3-7 days. You’ve probably lost it seeing this was a week ago 💁🏽‍♀️

    20. Selenophile CH

      Hey I love you so much 💕

    21. I don’t Know

      Can you do it the same day? I just ate 1000 cal worth of chocolate need answers now cuz I know eating a lot makes me feel sick so I feel the need to workout ( I haven’t eaten anything else today) but I only woke up an hour ago

    22. سناء بناوي

      مـــيـــن🥰 يــرحب🥰 بـي🥰 يــضـغط لايــــك🥰ويـراســــلنـــي خـــــاص واشـتـرك بقنـاتـــــــي واتساب*00 33753664556*💋💋💋

    23. Rhys Glover

      3 minutes into this video and i'm already feeling motivated. I've been working out with a pt and really controlling my macros/cals, trainer told me tonight I deserve a cheat meal as i've lost quite some weight but i've now gone a bit wild on pizza hut. Felt crummy, but now excited to use all those extra macros during my workout tomorrow. Thank u ! X

    24. lamfilipos

      This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about "relationships that work after cheating" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Qenamilla Strayer Magnet - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my m8 got amazing results with it.

    25. Scarlett Brescia

      So basically heavy weight training ? What about some HIIT? Need to know totally got the munchies today

      1. MEH MEH

        Scarlett Brescia how about both ? But hiit helps burn calories , weight lifting will help you target certain muscles but if you don’t want to target certain muscles then just do hiit

    26. Meredith Malloy

      I don't understand why so many people knock down cardio though, it is good for you heart and running in competition can be fun.

    27. Cj Stalinsky

      I had an emotional binge tonight........

    28. Kate Ladrillono

      Wait, I don’t understand. So are you talking about running being useless in general? As well as hiit cardio exercises?

    29. Nemo_Memo_Emo

      The Workout after a cheat day or cheat meal is most of time always a good workout because of all the carbs.

    30. Thomas Wagner

      Do you go train fasted or still have a pre meal?

    31. Woke Gentleman

      After a cheat meal? 2 fingers in my throat, get it all back out. Problem solved /s

    32. Pedro HH

      This girl definitely had a problem...

    33. Jon Bateman

      5k swim would put the food to good use

    34. Mr. Monster

      We know exactly what you do 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

      1. Queen Bee Flash Flood

        Mr. Monster Mean

    35. MayorOfMoetown

      Are all her videos about cheat meals and becoming fat? All I've seen

    36. Ana B

      Can someone please explain to me why I lost weight by having a cheat weekend? I eat so much, didn’t workout, and lost 3 lbs... what is wrong with me ?

      1. Clementine stevenson

        Ana B i believe that’s called the “wooosh effect”

    37. House Zhu

      omg omg omg omg stephanieeeeee! you are soooooooo CUTE

    38. Genesis Löpez

      Can I workout and eat healthy for a week and have a cheat meal ? Idk I feel like the whole work is gonna go down side 😭 my whole 1 week is gonna go to waste help tomorrow is gonna be my first cheat meal?

    39. Jkis Mybias

      Thanks for the subtitles

    40. Steff Villa

      Ooooooo what shoes are you wearing?!

    41. entertainment international

      Wow very attractive and good info.. take advantage of the food

    42. hi its me

      I just binge eating todayy and i'm tryna do what she explained but the Gym is close tomorrow😢😢😢

    43. Nightowl358

      I feel no shame after a cheat meal since mine are planned, but this is still good advice.

    44. Justin Ansako

      1 just ate 3 pack of knoppers

    45. monica

      over ate massively today (am recovering from a restrictive eating disorder) and was suffering so badly with food guilt and this made me feel so so so much better ! gonna use all this mcdonald’s and reeses on leg day tomorrow ✨✨✨✨✨

      1. Rachel Williams

        I hope you're doing much better now!

    46. Wendy 101

      Is it okay for me to train using weights as a 14 year old girl because the gym that I go to doesn’t allow it😕

    47. Ahmed Salem

      very informative, thanks :)

    48. Yvette Dean

      Thanks girl! I love the change in perspective, to utilize the energy eaten as fuel

    49. Yu Tung Katrina Wong

      I had binge eating yesterday having a lot of junks. I am watching your video today omg!! I love

    50. Trevor H

      Steph - do you do this workout fasted the day after the cheat meal, or do you still eat a regular pre-workout meal?

    51. F H

      I only do cardio that's why am out of shape..I can walk and jog all day but struggle with squats😂 i really need to change my workout routine

    52. Tuesday Nyx

      Thank you!!! This was so helpful.

    53. Krowman84

      This gives me hope that my sugar cookie and pizza binges aren't so bad..I just gotta use that fuel to inspire me to push even harder at the gym

    54. Krittika Kuhar

      Very useful and helpful Stephanie. Will definitely keep it in my mind. Love from India

    55. The Daily Digestion

      Great video!!! Thank you!!

    56. ouh damn

      lol... Offset

    57. Shayan Jazayeri

      after a cheat day I can't do heavy 6-8rep sets but 15-20rep ranges give me awesome pump so I really stretch and squeeze my muscles with those reps taking all the carbs into the muscles

    58. NinjaInPajamas

      Cheat meals always help spike my motivation. The bloated and awful feeling I get after binging on sugar/fat makes me want to commit to my routine 10x harder. Cheat meals are really important honestly it's good to give your body and mind a break. If you are too strict with your diet you'll drive yourself nuts and abandon it altogether. Btw you're a very engaging youtuber and have a wonderful smile :)

      1. Surbhi

        I was feeling quite guilty for having a cheat meal but now it's pretty cool. Thank you everyone

      2. Odinaka Grace

        True talk,I exercise more and do more intimate fasting

      3. Afrah

        oh my god thats a good way to see it

      4. UnDeR tHe StArS oVeR ThE mOoN

        True!! I agree!! If you don’t have a cheat meal every once in a while then you go insane!!!! I had a cheat day today and I feel amazing!! I’m bloated as fuck and gained five pounds but it’s water weight!! Just did light exercise and going home and drinking some nice warm tea, hitting the shower and going to bed and getting up and continuing my health journey!!

    59. Kevin S

      Really great tip of leveraging the surplus to amp up the next workout!

    60. Nicholas Svorinich

      I cried when they discontinued oatmeal raisin.

    61. Pragaatii

      when she said her cheat meal was 3 slices of pizza, cookies, and ice cream. wow and I'm just like, that's my dinner and dessert

      1. Some Idiot

        My slow metabolism could NEVERRRRR

      2. grace SFB

        Exactly. Cheat meal. Not day.

    62. Chris Y

      Always thought the dot under your lip was some bread crumb......

    63. Haley Daye

      Great tips! BTW your hair is AMAZING.

    64. dodgers doon1130

      You're very beautiful 😍😍

    65. Marylou Crispin

      @stephaniebuttermore how about women that are early menopauser's any suggestions?

    66. Todd Levine

      I cringe when I hear the term “cheat meal”. The word “cheat” has a very negative connotation. I eat clean, workout, and focus on conditioning my lungs and heart. I do these things routinely and consistently. When I feel as though I want to treat myself for all of the hard work and discipline it takes to do these things, I INDULGE. Occasional indulgence is good, healthy, and a great way to reward myself for staying true to my chosen path. Cheers!

      1. Gabriel Ruiz

        @Chris very true although i personally like to fast and once I finish i consume about maybe 400 calories a day with running , but im in the military and even though we exercise almost most people never lose the weight cause they go back to eating shit once the exercise is over

      2. Chris

        Ya, you gotta live a little. Diet is proven to be more important to over all health than exercise though, especially as we age. I can exercise till the cows come home, but until I started cutting g out sugar, other than fruit sugar in moderation, and avoiding any oil, other than olive oil, my cholesterol, and BP would not get where I wanted them to be. That's also when I lost 80% of my belly fat, armpit fat, and that little bit of lower chest area fat. It was 99% diet. I'd been lifting, and running for years,and gained strength, and endurance, but the way I actually looked didn't change much until I cut those things out. I wasn't starving myself either, just cutting oils, and sugar, and I learned that I really had to read labels to sniff out hidden sugars. Oh ya, I almost forgot another key was to avoid soy altogether, and it is in so many things that it was a real challenge.

    67. Khadiyah Thomas

      Love this!! I had a mini binge this weekend but want to recover! Ty ❤️

    68. Kaay s

      So helpful, cheers Steph!

    69. Omar Aboelmakarem

      Do I have to reduce my weekly caloric intake throughout the week even if I'm bulking? I normally add in an extra 1000-1400 calories for my cheat meal.

    70. Jablink

      So she didn't do cardio aftrr training heavy??? What if a need to burn the calories i ate the previous day?? HELP

    71. Felecia

      Anyone know the name of the outro song?

    72. namjooncansteponmeandiwouldthankhim

      I've been eating good all week. I lost 3lb so far this week. I'm at my lowest weight, and I was so happy! But fam went to taco bell and I ate a 5 layer burrito. I then ate some of my grandma's. I know I'm gonna gain, because it was so many kcals, but I am trying to stay positive. I'll just work harder tomorrow and know that I'll get back to where I was!(:

    73. imane nejjari

      What does it mean to feel lethargic?

    74. Sarah

      How come the food you had the night before can only be used for weights but not for cardio? I don’t understand, they’re both useful types of exercise, plus cardio burns more calories

    75. Francisco Sanchez

      What shoes are you wearing ? (White ones)

    76. Sxpreme -

      You don't eat till 2 pm 😬

    77. Gamer Pro

      I do that some time and I go to gym 3 time week. You add me on Twitter if what @fast_jedi 😘🌹🌹🇬🇧🤩

    78. SuperNova Networks

      I want her to be my wife

    79. qizdaman

      You completely NAILED it with this Stephanie! This was something that I truly needed to hear. When I workout and then get the craving for a cheat meal, I'm always having a 'momentary sense of regret,' due to what I just consumed and always wondering As I get older, I have found my diet to change in the effect of taking care of my body. And I always try to incorporate lots of fruits, veggies, some protein, and less carbs/starches in my diet. There are the occasional moments where I like to reward myself for a good week of workouts, with an occasional cheat meal, whether that'd be a double Whataburger with cheese and grilled jalapenos, fries, and a chocolate shake from Whataburger(real big in the state of Texas where I'm, or just any cheat meal for that matter, lol...I'll be going home for about a month next week and that always plays into my mind is self control with food. But your tips will truly help me and thank you for 'keepin' it real,.' That it's okay to get in touch with our 'inner fluffy,' sometimes :) You're AMAZING!!!

    80. Jelaine24

      really love your videos! really explained so well :) i’m just curious, how often do you have to do a cheat meal?

    81. Atalia Rodriguez

      what i do is regret

    82. Katrina Bucud

      I loved the whole “the amount calories you burn doing cardio is negligible” and the “instead of trying to offset the surplus, make use of it”. I was surprised at such a positive outlook yet so inspired! PS. MORE CHEAT DAY VIDEOS!

    83. Anamoly Anomaly

      So true. I over indulged yesterday but today I was back to my routine and ate less calories. I was still over 1000 calories for the day and I continue to workout.

    84. hgh spd83

      Would you forego the pre-workout carbs?

    85. Anna Amos

      This is why you look so good! Thank you so much for this video.

    86. War Robots Azure Dragon

      Isn’t it junk food though, how much energy can you get from it

      1. Gabriel Ruiz

        None empty calories

    87. Anastasia Chalkiadaki

      Have muscles and be skinny is like have boobs be fat

    88. Howard Johnson

      She goes hard core but to be honest, you don’t have to go at it like her. Here’s my plan: get your cheat meal in and most likely, that’s all you’re going to eat for the rest of the day. For me, I don’t feel hungry or the need to eat after a big cheat meal anyways so it works out. Later that night or the next day, you need to get back into your normal eating routine or cut back all while working out. Cheat meals are only done once a week to maximize fat burn. If you eat big everyday, you’ll better be sure you’re working it hardcore like Stephanie everyday. Lol. But that doesn’t fit my lifestyle so I use once a week cheat meals and normalize my meals the rest of the week, all while calorie checking and moderate cardio. Remember, burn more calories than you take in. If you do this right, you’ll always get to eat what you want and maintain your body weight. I bike ride every other day and for the rest of the days, I’ll treadmill or work the elliptical. Pushups and pull-ups routinely. It’s actually quite simple and not complicated. Do this and you’ll actually lose weight while eating Big Macs. Lol.

    89. Morgan Smith

      Just stumbled across your channel and I love it! Thanks for sharing this 🙌🏼 so helpful!

    90. Fami Fahmida

      i love it!

    91. Coffy n Clicks

      nice and cool video....

    92. Danielle Albers

      This is actually very useful because I binged eat this whole weekend. Ran out of healthy foods and my husband has nothing but junk food and being on your time of the month doesn’t help either #chocolatelover. Thank you so much 😊

    93. Rene Underwood

      All that yummy food in beginning of the vid!!

    94. Grey Kelce

      Great Video! Love the part about "taking advantage" > "offsetting" a cheat day.

    95. chooseaname000

      I don’t ever be restrictive but I have binge eating disorder . I try to eat clean 1200 and always binge I went month without binge eating and felt my best but now o can’t even go a day without binge eating

    96. pegah rad

      hi .I just had a huge binge eating ..and now I feel like if I wake up ,I will wake up 5 pounds heavier I ate like 8000 cals. I am freaking out

    97. Andrew Persaud

      Don't go all out the day after a cheat day. Be smart and let it fuel half your week before the calorie restriction brings you down. Nothing more amazing than having energy for your workouts for half the week while shredding fat. Sometimes I can get a weekend cheat day to last me all the way to Thursday. Friday is pushing it.

    98. Louise Trinidad

      How many cheat meals/ days should I have during a week?

    99. ajay kumar

      Damn, U n jeff make a perfect couple, narrating done at its best by both of u ...Loads n loads of love guys.

    100. Ashleigh Duquette

      cool thank you!