How To Do A Minicut 101: Tighten Up Without A Long Diet

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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Ask and you shall receive! I know you guys wanted the ALL the deets on the cut that I did, so I hope this video was helpful and informative! Make sure to check out the description box because my Women's Specialization Program is 50% off right now! Also, I'm working on Part Two of the program, as well as a Beginner's Program!! I'll keep you guys posted! Love you! 😘😘💕 💕

      1. Ashley Noelle

        Viewers seem concerned these videos enable eating disorders. How would you respond to the concerns?

      2. tazmin benson

        whats in your daily food plan need inspiration for shredding to get muscle back

      3. My Phuong Bui

        Can you please do videos demonstrating all the workouts in your plan? Even if it's in an unlisted video. I've bought the plan but it would be nice to know if i'm doing form correctly for the workouts. Thanks! :)

      4. Kennedy Carter

        Stephanie Buttermore Will you do a video on how to lose a larger amount of weight over a longer period of time? That would be amazing :)

      5. Olimpia M

        Thanks a lot for this clear video but I have a doubt about the fat intakes. I am 108lbs and according to your advice I should have only 32g of fat per day? I think it's way too low to keep the right hormonal balance. I lost my periods 3 years ago and still not having it back and I dunno if I should/can follow your advice for my minicut. Please don't take it bad I genuinely wonder if it could be good for me or not because as a vegan, it means only my tofu is representing this amount of fat which is verrrry low... Please I really would like to have your light on it @Stephanie Buttermore many thanks !

    2. Catalina Fuentes González

      Muchisimas gracias😸💛!!!!!

    3. Alie A

      What cameras do you use? 🙏🏻

    4. Jenna Minichiello

      After your mini cut, and go back to maintenance calories, wouldn’t you just gain the weight back? And then it would just keep being a back and forth struggle of cutting and bulking endlessly?

    5. beefy gains

      week 6 your body looks like a 80 years old grandma

    6. hannah • 6 years ago

      i'm tryna get to your week one tf

    7. Olivia Parker

      Hey! I’m really interested in the specialization program but the sample isn’t for that. Do you have a sample for the specialization program?

    8. Amy G

      I just found you this year so I am just watching this because I’m curious and WOW how times have changed!!

    9. Jana Salfenauer

      Are you able to get a toned body without lifting weights?

      1. Jana Salfenauer

        Amy G okay thank you! I would really love to start lifting weights but i really dont want to go to the gym all by myself and I dont really know how to start or how to „teach“ it to myself

      2. Amy G

        Probably not. “Toned” isn’t really a thing. All it means is showing muscle. You can build muscle by doing body weight exercises, but you should definitely look into lifting weights. It’s also a lot more fun lol

    10. bianca divinia

      rhis cut look was a no for me.

    11. linda duong

      will this work after quarantine and a month of not working out? i gained about 4lbs so once my gym reopens i am hoping to lose that through a minicut followed by a reverse diet

    12. Kate's iKandy

      The study suggests the protein amounts in grams per kilogram per day, not grams per pound, I'm 202 which is roughly 92kg, at 1.6g or protein per kg, i should have approx 150g of protein per day.

    13. Missy Miller

      Stephanie, given your current endeavors... why would you leave something like thus video on your channel... it promotes extreme dieting and restriction even though the info here is a lot more grounded and informed than other info out there. I'm actually really interested to know because I know you are super intelligent and thoughtful and I'm sure you have given this some thought. Where do you stand on this issue today?

    14. No thank you

      I understand that she was always hungry during this period, but she was just so much happier and more confident...

    15. sarah Ben Aharon

      Hey stephanie(: I would like to know how many calories did you ate during that time. thank you

    16. Orion Jessie

      Hey gun, just wondering if you'd still recommend the things you have in this video?

    17. Hailey Canchola

      Watching this in 2020 because i’m doing a mini cut for this years Arnold! Thanks for the tips💗

    18. lkagvabat badamkhand

      Omg thank u so much . It is so helpful thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u

    19. SGFitness

      Thank u so much for this minicut overview !! I have watched so many minicut vids n this is always the best one !! I have a question plz .. How much cardio do u think wud burn off the 25% calories? How do u track it? I usually use the calories burned on the machine im using but its not accurate .. whats ur advise on this?

    20. Jessica Cunningham

      So happy you’re healthier and happier now

      1. Ashley LaGrega

        I know right?! She’s come a long way. Very inspiring =)

      2. S K

        It’s crazy watching these videos now knowing where her mindset was at

    21. Innox GTX

      Going annorexia.. ! And then now.. going the other way around to obese.. Why having a channel if you only can go to extremes !! Ego-work in progress..

      1. Blue September

        Innox GTX It takes time for people to strike a balance sometimes. She is sharing her life so your going to see the good and the bad. Lots of people swing too far either way at some point in their lives(I know I personally have). The key is switch your mindset to long term health. How strong and healthy you want your body to be as you age. Then the balance happens. Training for longevity not for looks.

    22. Melinda Gevorgian

      Have you made a time management video? Pls make one if the answer is no 🙏🏼

    23. Giovana Guido

      Love It! Thank you Steph ♥️

    24. Kathryn Dey

      Thanks for the great video! Question--what's the reasoning behind why you shouldn't lower your fats below 0.3G/LB BW? I've heard it argued that your body can get the fat it needs from the body fat you're burning so wondering why you need a certain minimum level of dietary fat? Thanks!!!

      1. Keziell

        Because fats are essential for the human body. They cannot be "produced" by the body and that's why you need to eat them. Otherwise problems like hair loss, depression, infections and any thing else related to a weakened immune system can occur... And as a female... Need it for hormones. About that getting them from stored fat... Nope... They're mostly saturated and get turned into carbon dioxide, to breath them out.

    25. Cosmic kitty

      Hmm is it bad if i think you look better before the cut? Good advice though. Im going to use it because i actually need to cut. My fat thighs are annoying the hell out of me!

    26. Noni G1998

      Please do makeup tutorials too. You are absolutely gorgeous!

    27. Max Mustermann

      Before looked WAY better

    28. Yvonne

      Can you make a video on how to lose weight in the long run?

    29. gogolaygo

      You are such a great teacher!!! I like the summary slide, can you please add it to every how to videos you do???

    30. 0maroo

      On week 1 u looked sexy as Hell. But I respect your Opinion on what looks better on you

    31. Natasha Church

      When you’re here and just trying to get to week 1 lol 😂 loved the video!

    32. Kristina Dejnega

      Thank you for this video! Okay maybe 8 weeks is not a mini cut anymore, I started with a 20% deficit in week 1 and increased it up to 35% right now at week 8 (I used my polar A370 to track how many calories I burn, I know this is not 100% accurate but it is a good guide to adjust my diet to). At the moment I wasn't sure what to do jump back to maintenance or reverse diet back to maintenance. I lost 6,6 pounds (3 kg) right now. (Note I am a female, 21 y/o, current weight 135,5 pounds and very active due to being a dance athlete so I work out dance/cardio/agility no less than 4/5 hours a day).

    33. vane .f.e

      The idea with summing everything up for us to screenshot it in the end is amazing - much love for you!! ♥️

    34. Nissa Chowdhury

      Youre the best! 💕💕

    35. KaizelleRN

      So 25% of maintenance calories is the cut?

    36. dajfire81

      I want that thick buttermore on the left

    37. Kristi Time

      I want to be best friends 😭😭😭

    38. Natalie

      I need advice and insight por favor! I'm fifteen, and I'm contemplating doing this. I have started my health and fitness journey almost a year ago but haven't reached my physique goal yet (i was thinking it would be done by this summer, but there's a month until and I don't think it's gonna happen by then-- i'm guessing another three to four months I will if I kept going like I am). I am bummed I'm not gonna have that "summer body", so would it be worth it to do a mini cut to just get rid of about a pound of fat on my lower stomach? I already eat only about 1,200 calories a day, and I don't want to deprive myself by reducing more.

      1. Blue September

        Natalie talk to your pediatrician or nutritionist first. You are still growing and could get nutritional deficiencies if you don’t have the right information. Sometimes when we diet when we are young it can really effect your bones, teeth, and reproductive health later on. Be careful. ❤️

    39. Cory Wilson

      Week one looks incredible

    40. Pandah Sykes

      This is good to know , I don’t want to end my bulk but summer is almost here so 🧐 looks like a 2-6 week cut for me right quick cuz I never put on enough fat to warrant a multiple month cut even after a 1 year bulk lol

    41. Guessing Geo

      dieting over Christmas lol no ta

    42. Charlie 502

      I read your short bio. Canadian is a nationality, not an ethnicity 😊

    43. laura rodriguez

      @stephankebuttermore when u do cardio and you are in a cut... U have to compensate the calories u burned in ur cardio session... Or you still eat the same amount of calories

    44. Sourav Dubey

      Lol I am guy still I am gonna try this mini cut

    45. Vivian Nguyen

      Such a well informed and easy to comprehend video!

    46. johnboylong40

      Great cut but you were hot before you started.

    47. Mads.lifë

      What’s a reverse diet?

    48. Youyou Ruan

      Will you ever run a 50% off promo on your program again? I just found this video now and just went on the website and saw the price... I'm about to go back to school full time and really need to budget every dollar I have. Would love to purchase your program!

    49. Sofia Ruggiero

      Stephanie i desperately want to know where you get your amazing swimsuits!!!! Btw you are gorgeous and an inspiration! Been watching your vids for years now!! Love youuuuuu😚😜

    50. She’s Gone Coconuts

      Thank you so much for putting all of the info on the screen so we can take a screen shot. Super helpful. 😃

    51. SarahW_ Fitness

      This was the first video of yours that I have seen and you are so thorough! Love your content and look forward to exploring your channel 💕

    52. Cher Chang

      do you have no equipment workouts? It seems like most of your workouts require going to the gym...

    53. Jen Ligi

      I love your videos they're so educational!!!! 📚

    54. Štěpánka

      Hello Stephanie :) What do you think about repeated mini cut a mean if I will hold mini cut for 6 weeks and then I start a reverse diet and I will be up of the basal metabolism and after few weeks I start mini cut again. What do you think about it? Thank you for answer :)

    55. Renee

      I just love watching Stephanie. Best body ever. I have watched a lot of videos about body building and they are all saying a lot like close to non sense. But Stephanie here is simply using her head and not wasting a lot of time and energy but still getting what she wants for her body by simply using her brain.

    56. Robin Nuss

      Oh no! I bought the women's specialization program last week! I should have waited! I'm not going to start it for two more weeks but I was excited lol. Oh well. It's still worth it at full price!

    57. Jennifer Tokash


    58. kaspy

      You looked better before lol

    59. Rodney Marcus

      Wow! Second video I watched and you are definitely a breath of fresh air. Questions: During the deficit period, is keeping the carbs as high as possible to fuel performance done in order to minimize gluconeogenesis ie slow/or tame the rate of lipolysis?

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      You're always so informative! I love your vids

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      1. Farm Girl

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    66. Farm Girl

      I can’t thank u enough sis! ❤️

    67. Patty Parish

      Stephanie, your cheat day videos are the Best !!!!! 🤗🤗

    68. Patricio Ansaldi

      Your fat loss plan was effective but honestly you looked really good in the "before" photo. Your fitness goals and all that are up to you but as far as aesthetics go (for me), you can definitely afford to gain more weight

    69. ken D

      I was wondering, if you’re really overweight, should your protein intake be based on your current weight or goal weight?

    70. Jamie Lee Ashton

      That’s interesting 👍

    71. Beste Özgen

      Thank you😊💪❤️

    72. Brytin Johnson

      When trying to build muscle how often should you have a cheat day?

    73. Shelley Picott

      Stephanie like always thanks for the great information. I have been on the fence about doing a mini cut to see where I am post-winter season but no time like the present. Keep the great information coming.

    74. Ameera TheHybrid

      whats wrong with the lips hahaha

    75. Jenny Boualavong

      Beauty and brains ♥️

    76. Lydia Skillern

      I have never achieved a successful cut. I always feel this hunger. Not just cravings but hunger. If I cave into the hunger I feel guilty, and then dive off the deep end. Do you have advice on how to overcome that mindset and tips to have a successful cut? I don’t have weight to lose necessarily, just want to drop some stubborn fat and look lean.

    77. Samouthy

      I've been doing this unknowingly!! I'm relieved to know that this is a THING! Love love love your vids Stephanie

    78. chels

      Stephanie Butterless

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      By far cutest chick in the fitness industry.

    81. Patrycja B

      Hello! Very useful vide! Thank you! I have one question! If my maintance calories = 2000 kcal - to do a small cut I need to cut 500 kcal so (25% form 2000 kcal ) so it is 1500 kcal - if I also do cardio ( 7-8km 3 times a week) that's equal that I can eat more - like 1700-1800 kcal everyday instead of 1500 ? Or maybe only during this day when I run I can eat more? and during the other days, including workout weigh day I should eat those 1500 kcal ? :)

    82. Sana A

      what were your macros and calories for the cut?

    83. Gfk Owns

      Step 1: Be in shape

    84. Mariusz maxankazuya

      week one for me more feminine and bigger boobs xd :D ..but great accomplishment abs ;)

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    92. Aliyu Musa

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      Hey there. So I had a question about cramps. Sometimes when I'm stretching or training a muscle it may feel like it's going to cramp and I need to rest. I've heard potassium is good to help lessen the chance of a cramp, but I can only eat so many bananas. Hehe. Any advice? Love your content. You have turned my health around, my journey to fitness starts with your couples cheat day video. :) Thanks, girl!

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    98. Anony Mouse

      I did several mini-cuts of 2-6 pounds over a few years' time and my neck fell. Admittedly, I accidentally dipped to underweight status, since, like you, I'm petite to begin with. Now I have the neck of an 80 year old. I probably accidentally lost 2 pounds one week, and my protein was not as high as it should have been, so I didn't do it as carefully as I should have. It's a bummer.

    99. Cristal Vardeman


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