How to Use Refeeds and Diet Breaks (Hormones and Fat Loss Science)

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    Welcome to the third episode of "The Women's Series"! This is an extension of episode 2, so if you need some background on hormones, make sure you watch that episode first! This episode goes a level deeper and provides practical application to manipulating your hormones to help you with your fat loss goals! Let me know what you think in the comments below!
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    ▹The Women’s Book by Lyle McDonald w/ Eric Helms
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Welcome to the third episode of "The Women's Series"! This is an extension of episode 2, so if you need some background on hormones, make sure you watch that episode first! This video took me about 2 and a half weeks to make so definitely always love hearing your feedback on the information, editing and what you want to hear about next! I love you all so much! See you soon!! xoxo 💕

      1. Nate Worley

        why honey just look for it honey LoL

      2. A Geebs

        I love these videos. Took notes! :). I’m looking for your video on calculating maintenance calories...but can’t find it! :(

      3. Nate Worley

        good morning honey it's Nate put it on Gmail honey LoL text me now please don't forget babe

      4. Liz Armstrong

        Thank you Stephanie for your video, Accidentally found you...YAY!. i'm 56 and menopausal, 8 years clear from Brst Cancer and Hyster, but came with hormone issues. I'd love to know how the liver affects our hormones and recommendations on how to make our own natural hormones and support them please. Hope you make one for us ladies that are in a different phase and need help.

      5. Atiqah abd rauf

        Heyya Stephanie, can u make a video on soya milks? Is it good for those that have hormonal acne? My body couldn't handle dairy these days. I thought to take substitute

    2. Cr8tive

      And as it turns out, a caloric deficit doesn’t matter ! More calories speed up your metabolism and regulate hunger cues. Glad you went through your all in journey! ❤️

    3. Kim Mobey

      I seriously love this series!

    4. Amy

      Thanks so much for such an informative series on women ! You're amazing 💖🙂

    5. Elbereth Gilthoniel

      It is criminal the Womens Series doesn't have more views. Steph's videos for Foodies are great, and her all in journey is inspiring, but I like her talking science. Shame more people don't feel the same.

    6. Clare Moraa

      I've just found your channel and so far I love everything I've watched !! Great work! Can you please do a video on fat loss plateaus !!

    7. Carmen Thong

      Would you recommend a 1 or 2 day carb refeed? (Context: I'm a woman above 20% body fat, have been in deficit for awhile, and planning to carb refeed every 2 weeks.)

    8. YIFEI HAN

      How often should refeed be implemented?

    9. Loulaa

      So how often should we take a 1-2 week diet break? X

    10. Neko Chan

      ... I've casually watched the two videos I needed the most. I've suffered from hypothyroidism and lately I've been craving salt A LOT, and by a lot I mean that I eat a handful of salt a day and I started having salty cravings instead of the always-there sweet ones. Time to get my hormones checked 🙃

    11. brvihu

      I was actually so relieved when you said 1% body weight per week. That’s exactly what I’ve done. 7.1% in 7 weeks. I haven’t drastically reduced my intake in terms of volume, just natural caloric decrease by virtue of eating less processed food and more veg. I’m slowly starting to exercise more, and I’m going to increase my calories slowly as I do that too.

    12. Joss

      Really enjoy the evidence based articles! Thanks Steph xx

    13. Jakie Romerez

      When we do diet breaks 1-2 weeks do we just go back to maintance right off the bat or slowly go back to maintance??? Please respond i need one rn!!

    14. aftershock604

      you're hot

    15. hektik

      Goodness girl how did I not find your channel sooner? I thought I had found all the legitimate fitness science channels (Jeff C, Jeff N, Shredded Sports Science, EDDF). You're legit with the science. This information is greatly helpful to people cutting weight. I know people say it a lot but in this case more people would benefit from seeing your quality content

    16. Josh Williams

      She’s been on a year long REFEED lmao

    17. michael chen

      Love this video. Love you post the graphs and charts from the research that support what your viewpoint!

    18. Judith

      I'm about to do a refeed very very soon because I'm at a plateau after only one month of diet, and with only 2,5kg of loss, but I'm so scared that it ruined everything since I allready loose so sloooooowly :(

    19. eric man

      1 day refeed per... ?? Week? (for women)

    20. Alisha Truemper

      This was an amazing video! Love all the science and research. New subscriber. Thumbs up!

    21. Corinne T-Sabatini

      Amazing thanks !!

    22. Hyatt Fathy

      awesome, thank you

    23. No O

      I will start a diet break today, wish me luck! I don’t want to gain so much weight :,c but i need my hormones again

      1. No O

        Hey guess what? You gain fucking 3 kg and a fucking chubby face

      2. No O

        Hey!!! Same again!!

    24. Benjamin Wiles

      Great vid! Any experience with using short term fasting to raise suppressed metabolism due to long term CR? I’m struggling w low maintenance calories after a year of CR 😢

    25. Shekhar Kumar

      likes to dislikes ratio is insane..

    26. M.S.B

      Im on a 2 week diet break now my metabolic rate has slowed down to a halt hoping it will help me kick start weighloss again

    27. The Little Gypsea

      So...if I have been dieting for over 15 joke....and killing it in the gym...with no real results should I just try to eat "normally" for like 2 weeks and try to heal my super messed up metabolism?

      1. Alexandra Jewell

        You should look up workout programs by Jessie Hilgenberg. Her programs changed my life. I went from eating 1400 Cals/day to 2150 Cals/ day and lost 10% body fat 😅

    28. burningknuckle26

      im tryna get in dat buttermore

    29. 힘내요힘내

      amazing, amazing video. thank you so much.

    30. Joleen Ng

      hi ! how often do we do refeeds?

    31. amy 92

      What about hyperthyroidism? I’m still not able to loose. I’m in my weight range but barely want to loose 10-15lbs

    32. nahi banny

      I can eat more tomorrow yaaaas 👏👏

    33. Banshee Queen

      "get enough sleep" me watching this at 2AM, oh well now it's too late anyways 😅

    34. Hiba Siddique

      TOP QUALITY CONTENT!! Keep these coming Stephanie! Thank you so much!!

    35. 200kristena

      Would you recommend a 315lb person get that many grams of protein while losing weight? That seems awfully difficult.

    36. Dee Moriarty

      Great series! Love how you dig into the research!

    37. Garin TJ

      How do I know when to do a refeed?

    38. Holistic Hottie Inc

      Excellent video on this subject.

    39. Jenny Tam

      Unfortunately I have turned a refeed day to a week of it 😩

    40. kareem carzan

      Human adipose serum does it exist?...!

    41. Daniella Coronado


    42. Presence TSE

      i wish u could be my coach

    43. E

      You're so beautiful and inspiring!! I love your energy:))

    44. Sam Kuehn

      Great Video, thank you so much for sharing! I'd love to see a science explained video regarding pregnancy and training - maybe also with a small interview with Jeff's Mom? I'd like to know, how long it is safe to train during pregnancy and how early it is safe to come back to a training cycle after giving birth :) lots of love

    45. Alberto Rangel

      Btw, does Jeff have a series like this for men?

    46. Alberto Rangel

      I'm a man and I love this series. Before you accuse me of anything, I'm not even looking at Steph's body, I'm listening while working. Although she does look like she was built in a lab.

    47. Dani Pereira

      I am an undergraduate student and a CNA that works night shifts. Because of my shifts and the nights I stay up to study I always feel so hungry. I think it is because of the fluctuating Leptin and Grehlin levels like you said. Is there anything that I can do so that I don't overeat?

    48. missyme1995

      Can you make a video about amenorrhea?

    49. Jazmine Humby

      Am I the only one, that when I know I can’t or shouldn’t eat more I WANT MORE LIKE NONE NEGOTIABLE 😭

    50. Ashley Ramos

      I love how informative you are !!!! You make science understandable!!! Thank you

    51. ana flavia farias

      I'm obsessed with your videos!!! It's been helping me a lot with fat loss and training!! thank you

    52. loubiwhatever

      Hello ! I think i messed up my basal metabolic rate because of constant crash dieting and regaining the weight with some bonus... is there a way to calculate my own particular bmr with a specialist so i can control my calorie intake accordingly ? Thanks !

    53. Anamoly Anomaly

      Thank you for this video. You and Jeff are awesome.

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      This is so helpful!

    55. Mara Henao

      How about training while pregnant??!!!

    56. Noon Gadalla

      Pcos pleasee!

    57. Kay

      I’ve always wondered how to build muscle besides using weights and increasing calories. I’ve tried this and nothing has changed for me

    58. Crown Real Estate Productions

      Hi Stephanie - check out the work of Ray Peat / Danny Roddy - there absolutely is 100% an an eating modality designed for the thyroid health.

    59. Charlie Rodgers

      How often should people do refeeds?

    60. AJ Bradley aka Amber Hodder

      Hi Stephanie, great video, as always! Quick Q: how do you know when it's time to have a re-feed day?

    61. Sh0t

      Snake Diet

    62. Florence Cuomo

      This was so helpful. Stephanie, you rock

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      Let me be honest. I just click for the thumbnail pictures. I can bear listening to you for minutes but you need to deliver on your part of the deal and give me the appropriate amount of eye candy...

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      Steph, could you please give your definition for acute? I’m finding a variety of meanings.

    65. Jorge Fruit

      Thank you for sharing Ste!

    66. Foxy Gamer 342

      Love your videos Stephanie can't watch your eating videos then I think I can eat like that also and you loved every ones comment keep it up I can now watch good content 😘😘😘

    67. Xue Vang

      Wowwwwww. What a great video. Great info and very well explained.

    68. paradyseperez

      HEYYY!! Do you think you could do a video on thyroid diagnoses and how credible the lab tests are? If no do you think maybe you could discuss it another way?? BTW I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    69. Anjuli Mack

      You are so informative and amazing xx loved this!

    70. corey leRoy

      Should have least said one gram per pound of lean body mass, as a lot of people are not very lean and would be taking in way too much protein. Also a lot of which literature says .8 grams per pound of lean body mass. The old school one gram per pound of body weight really makes people go crazy over protein

    71. SnipsyStripes

      Can I like a video twice? Very good advices, and on top of that, nicely presented!

    72. camila bañados

      amazing info, it's funny beacoue without me knowing any of this, I did a reefeed today just because I had a very instense workout today and felt like eating more, jus by listening to me body's needs.

    73. Clémence

      Thank you for all the work you put it these videos! Please do a video on PCOS, as I've been struggling to lose weight because of it...

    74. Nyasha Zimba

      As a scientist myself, these videos are SUPER interesting!definitely keep making them loads

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      Love and appreciate all your videos. PLEASE do a video in hormone replacement therapy.

    76. Kylie

      This is so helpful for me, 9 mo ago I started out at 324.9 lbs and I am at 264.2 today. In the beginning was doing weight watchers and calorie counting because I was working out 5-6 days a week medium to high intensity and I was starving on weight watchers. Well the calorie counting showed the full picture I was only consuming 1200 calories a day. This crash diet was ok at first until I hit a plateau that just wouldn't break until I increased my calories, my sweet spot is between 1700-1900 calories, I am considering bumping it slowly to 2100-2200 which is a 1000 calorie deficit from my maintenance calories. This is a lifestyle change for me. I am done being unhealthy and obese. My body is very strong, I do 2 classes a week that are interval type classes with weights, I do pilates 1 day a week, and Zumba the other two days. I have never felt this good and I am looking forward to continuing this journey! I love your videos! You rock, thank you for providing this information for people like me who are working towards changing our lives!

    77. Maha Ali

      PCOS science video pleeeeeease 🤩🤩

    78. LuvThyMind29

      I have to admit that the just sitting and talking to the camera approach has me zoning out occasionally. Jeff has a few old science videos that were on point because he didn't just sit and talk to the camera.

    79. cinloykko

      I’m really looking forward to the PCOS video! I deal with that and there is just so much misinformation and lack of understanding on it. I love this women’s series and def love the scienceyyyy stuff! Thanks for making such great informative videos for us!

    80. zana kaye

      These series are so interesting loving the information your sharing, definitely gives in sight on how to start. also with these series are you going to mention what supplements are good for NOT bolking in the gym and have overall food health in conjunction to weight gaining (healthy), with healthy foods? xx

    81. Nicola Bishop

      This is fantastic! Thank you xxx

    82. Lia Wijaya

      Taking this into account, how many refeed day (high carb day) do u recommend in a week for carb cycling?

    83. sunshine97 us

      Hi steph!! I was wondering if the pse protein you take is low on fat grams, i have never take protein, but i really wanna try this one, im currently trying to lose weight but at the same time gain muscle ( i love weights)

    84. Leandro Andersson

      *>>2342>> A healthyyyy diet is 80% of the work. If you are havinggggg issues losingggg weight, try this > **** >>222>>*

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      This series is amazing and so helpful! Keep them coming!!

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      Looking forward to the PCOS strategies. Thank you for these!

    87. Jessica Melissa

      Can you please do a video for this series about birth control and muscle growth or birthcontrol and fat gain. Myths or facts

    88. I am Mangohead

      FYI...In my experience as an RN I have noticed that women of a certain age are frequently prescribed synthroid prematurely. That is, they are diagnosed with hypothyroidism without a complete metabolic work up that includes T3 and T4. This is a shame and many patients think that taking an exogenous thyroid is without side effects and is just part of getting old.....

    89. Mckai Boks

      Awesome Video! very informative!! I'm anticipating the next one

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      Love the women’s series and love love LOVE the nerdy science stuff! You are doing a great job ❤️

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      I have pcos. Can you do a video about weight loss with pcos?

      1. Steff Villa


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      I really appreciate this video series and am looking forward to the calculating your maintenance calories. There are so many apps and website that can give those calculations, but they all say something different and I know your videos and information are backed by science. Thank you for all of your research and hard work!

      1. SemiFit-Hotspot

        Typically a great way to calculate your maintenance calories is to track the amount of food you eat within a week, and take the average calories consumed. (Add all 7 days up, divide by 7) and that's a great personal starting point. If you're still hungry eating that many calories, and you're losing weight after trying for a few days to a week, I'd suggest slightly I cleaning your calories and see if you are staying full all day and your weight remains the same. 🤗

    100. Katie Jones

      This was awesome, thank you! Would love to see a video on fasting (specifically IF and water fasting) there’s SO much out there about it, it’s hard to find info like what you provide, which is actually scientific! 😍