How To Deal With Weight Gain (Family, Friends, BF, Doctors, etc.)

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    Hey guys! I hope these tips help you if you've undergone any weight gain or physique changes. As you know, I gained 40lbs so I feel like I learned a lot during my own journey. I know this video is a lot of information but I honestly had so much to say! Thank you for always being there for me, especially when I needed you the most, I'm so happy I let you are my people 🙏💋
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Hey guys! I hope these tips help you if you've undergone any weight gain or physique changes. As you know, I gained 40lbs so I feel like I learned a lot during my own journey. I know this video is a lot of information but I honestly had so much to say! Thank you for always being there for me, especially when I needed you the most, I'm so happy I let you are my people 🙏💋

      1. Khant San

        more like this video pls.. I am really struggling and it does help,stephanie.. thank you so much

      2. Faateh and falaq's Mother

        U look better now compared to b4 U look feminine now

      3. Liz Torres

        I been watching your videos to understand your story and great information. I use to be self conscious about my petite body and hard on myself because I always have trouble gaining weight. Do you happen to have an app you recommend to download or possibly make a video of what you eat in a day or would give me an idea of what may help me gain healthy weight.

      4. Alex Cousino

        Have you ever done a hair care video? your hair looks so healthy and beautiful!

      5. Menahil Rao

        Gurl... you looke absolutely amazing with those curves and you are rocking em , love from Pakistan

    2. RegularGuy Channel

      This channel is starting to be pathetic. She acts like she’s overweight and struggled with obesity. She was very thin and looked great and then she was normal weight and looks great. Just showing off her body and using it to get views. This is not a sincere video or channel.

    3. Ian Gallagher

      This is amazing. I'm hurting badly trying to gain weight after a huge loss due to illness. I lost all my curves, my breasts are deflated and small and I've really been extremely depressed since I have always had a full, heavy chest and a curvy hourglass body. It's been a difficult road but I'll try to implement these steps.

    4. Debbie Sanchez

      I love itxx Very inspirational xx

    5. Gabby J

      I noticed you write some lower case and some upper case… I do too!

    6. Black Crystal Dragoon

      I need to gain more weight, or muscle mass. I weigh 91.8 lbs at the age of 28 1/2 @ 5'6


      And she still looks like she could be a WWE wrestler 👍

    8. matt mallecoccio

      I tell ya, if anyone ever calls you fat or unhealthy, they need to get over theyselves. You look great

    9. Amy Koch

      Great commentary and thoughts Stephanie! You are so insightful and I appreciate you sharing this process in public. It's not easy....and that's an understatement!! I'm proud of you for recognizing the importance of truly being healthy. All the best!


      Amazing! The strangers/acquaintances portion was the peptalk I needed in my life.. right now. 🥰😭

    11. Isabelle

      Just wanting to let you know that I LOVE to watch your videos and I LOVE your approach to all the body image - shaming - food stuff. To be honest, I think you looked FANTASTIC in any of the weights/shapes, whether at your "biggest" or before you started your all in journey or now, I think you owned all of it and just your honest approach, keeping it all real, showing your "darker" moments as well, that made it all so authentic and very worth watching. You're a badass!

    12. Itziar Rasines pereda

      Subtitulos 🙏😉😘

    13. John Putman

      Please, if you watch this vid, take note that it's ad free until the very end. She's being super conservative with the monetization of her message. For that reason alone we should be watching that ad front to back, no skippy skippy. Steph, thank you so much for documenting this journey. It means a great deal to me.

    14. Alicia Storey

      Your such an inspiration honestly .. you have helped me so much and honestly u motivate me everyday ❤️

    15. Deni Murillo

      you are incredible keep doing what you do

    16. Gabriela 625

      i watched this video when it first came out. at the time, i didn’t think i had any disordered habits. when you said “stop body checking” i was like, but wait, i do that every 10 seconds? how would i get through my day without it? now i’m back on this video, going through my own personal recovery, eating to full satiety and going through my own weight gain, and trying to get actual applicable tips for it. thank you stephanie for sharing All In because going back to your All In journey is really helpful for me every time i start to doubt whether what i’m doing is worth it!

    17. caitlin m

      i’m going through anorexia recovery rn and you help SO much

    18. Rebekah Bonner

      Is anyone elses face swollen from crying so much?? Thank you thank you thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing your journey. Im so happy you're happy and in a good place

    19. Elske

      The second she said the thing about body checking I stood in front of my mirror about to lift my hoodie😬😅

    20. Allameda Pearl

      New subscriber I adore your channel & support you sm 🙏

    21. Natalie Wilkinson

      I'm all for the all-in. But I do notice she's a little more insecure with her weight gain in this video. She's more confident lean.

    22. Just Me

      You didn't gain weight, you gained health.

      1. Jasmine Tooley

        Best comment I have read😭❤️❤️❤️

    23. MindBehind Weightloss

      Love your honesty and sharing your personal journey. Body checking every day can be demoralising, but love finding the good qualities you have. Great tips here.

    24. akame ackerman

      Am i the only one who tries to reach her now weight?😂

    25. Jessica Campbell

      Did you continue to workout while doing the all in? Did you have overtraining syndrome?

    26. Ankur Mukho

      She is looking better curvy! Imo

    27. Ditz3n

      Tips for an 18 y/o male struggling in college with anorexia?

    28. Adrienne kniss Kniss

      Ok might be stupid but kk my weight loss journey consists off partial thyroid sugery then walking and keto then CrossFit and gym four times a week I have pcos cause my lady stuff was crazy Did you go on birth control to level lady stuff

    29. Lean Clean Recovering Machine

      Hey Stephanie. I’m a man who just turned 49 and I am so obsessed with getting a six pack that it’s making me sick. I’m always angry and depressed and bitter and hungry. I’m always thinking about food every minute of the day. I applied your methods about six months ago and I did indeed gain weight but it stabilized. I was in a good place. Then of course I couldn’t leave it at that so I started adding more expectations and raising the bar. That brought me back to your channel today. I am so sick of hating my body and I have a good body. I do CrossFit and beat younger people. I run, I work hard, I’m super functional and fit. But it doesn’t mean jack without the elusive six pack. So crazy. The older I get, the more I struggle with this and I’m sick of it. I just wanted to share that I’m really scared of gaining weight but I’m ready to just let go after ten years of beating myself up everyday. I have so much to be grateful for but I’m pushing it all away to chase this hella difficult body image. I feel so shallow and ashamed that I can only love myself when I achieve this ridiculous goal. But I’m just going to take your advice from this video and apply it. I’m done with hating my body and I’m really excited to get started on a healthier, more sustainable path.

      1. Lean Clean Recovering Machine

        @DHARMA Yes. Awesome advice. I am indeed doing the work on issues. Thank you for that. Much appreciated.

    30. Felicity Dawn

      Coming in as a psych student, this is the best advice I've ever heard for anything anyone has struggled with. Mental illness, coming out, being transgender or nonbinary or of a different sexual orientation, feelings about being a certain race or ethnicity, gaining or losing weight...the list goes on and on. Picking and choosing your battles is the best and has helped me in many ways. I will honestly come back to and share this video with as many people as I can because humans are absolutely trained both by evolution and by society to give weight to what other people think of them. It's one way we form our self-identity and to ignore the nuance and just give a straightforward, not helpful and honestly unrealistic answer like "you shouldn't care what others think" is pretty harmful, especially when you think about the repercussions of someone actually trying to do so, like trying not to care what close people in their lives think and shutting them out or beating themselves up because they can't help but care. This video is great for so many reasons and I'm so glad you found such an awesome, healthy way to deal with what you were going through and decided to share it with others! Thank you so much!

    31. Catherine Long

      Your weight/ physical appearance doesn't have anything to do with your worth. Weight loss or gain doesn't change who you are or define you and everyone deserves love and acceptance.

    32. Raghda Aly

      actually i think that you was beautiful and you became more beautiful 😍

    33. anonymous wanderer

      I’m just happy she FEELS healthy now after all those struggles and needless to say, she looks gorgeous as always

    34. Mandela Pandy

      I have been severely bulimic for years. This video made me bawl my eyes out. I think this is the first time in my life that I am making a decision to change my way of life. I am so glad I found on HUfast. I am going to treatment in less than a month. I putting my faith in god and your videos. We’re the same height and I am the your starting weight. I am so nervous about gaining weight, but I want my life back. The amount of time and money thinking of weight and food is overwhelming. Thanks for being here right when I needed it. Much love.

    35. Maude Arse

      Thank you so much for this video ❤️

    36. Tora Ruth

      I gained a lot of weight since I met my boyfriend a year ago because I was always hungry, tired and hated my super lean body. I've put on about 40 pounds but I love how my body looks now! I've put on body fat of course but I prefer the curves on me. It's just tough because my boyfriend doesn't prefer my new body and has voiced that he prefers a leaner more 'fit figure'. It's super hurtful and he's even said to me if I was leaner he'd probably want to have sex more often 😂. Idk advice everyone? Everyone else in my life says I look better now. Just weird being with someone who says stuff like this while I personally prefer my body. The only tweak I'd make would be putting on more muscle which I'm actively pursuing. I can understand where he's coming from but I don't care about his weight and he's gotten a lot skinnier since we first met.... his thought is that men care more than women do about physical appearance.

      1. C B

        I would break up with him. There will be someone out there that doesn’t hold you to a weird double standard with maintaining weight in a relationship and will prefer your new body shape.

    37. Guadalupe

      Steph looks so awesome now

    38. Ariana Bosse

      Keeping a support system is great. But as a recovered orthorexic, I have fairly toxic family that called me fat on my wedding day. I agree completely with you and thank you for being a realistic fitness guru. I'm sorry anyone ever commented negatively towards you. My husband was the main result of my healthy weight gain, but I've struggled with a fullet figure

    39. Ajda Movh

      I really need help, please... So I’ve lost almost 50lbs in the past year and I have been working so hard for it.. I finally had the body I wanted, I was so happy in my skin but then suddenly 3 weeks ago I had my first binge.. my grandma came to visit and she used to have her own bakery, so her sweets are amazing. i ate an entire cake, and then I just couldn’t stop eating.. I moved on to bread and Nutella, croissants, then somehow I ended up on sandwiches... and I didn’t worry about it too much because I just told myself “it’s your first cheat day, you’ll get back on track tomorrow”. But I couldn’t. Next day was the same. Woke up, ate a whole loaf of bread with 3 different toppings, ate croissants, ate chocolate.. ate everything I craved. And I haven’t been able to stop. It’s been 3 weeks since my first binge, and I do it again every day. I can’t stop myself. I’ve gained back what took me 5months to do, and I really just don’t want stop and stay at this weight. Please, anyone, just help me...

    40. Bella McCord

      i can't remember if i commented before but, as a person suffering from anorexia for many years, this is something that greatly affects me. I hate hearing comments on my appearance because it causes so much distress, whether it is from doctors, friends, family, etc... even strangers seeing me can impact me. Watching or hearing things like this helps so much (to an extent). And, while the situation is slightly different (i am not in recovery nor did/do you suffer from anorexia), it still applies because appearance is something that impacts us all to an extent. 🖤

    41. HomieDawg24

      Stephanie!!! I love this, I appreciate your good vibes and making this not such an isolating topic/thing to go through❤️

    42. Caroline Hernandez

      For those concerned about your doctor mentioning your weight and more specifically mentioning your exact weight out loud, consider asking for blind weigh-ins. I am recovering from anorexia nervosa binge purge subtype and I was fortunate enough that my therapist and nutritionist asked my doctor for blind weigh-ins so I wouldn't notice any weight gain or loss as I took the difficult steps toward recovery. It actually says it on my chart now (I've seen it when they print my info out) that says "Blind weigh in" with a huge advisory on it. Granted, I have had nurses and doctors not pay close attention and tell me my weight, which is always super hard and can be discouraging during the recovery process (by making me feel shame or self-loathing and almost regret recovery when I know it's the best thing I could have ever done for myself). In those cases, know that humans make mistakes and have difficulty breaking routines. It may have hurt you to hear your weight at the time, but that was not their intention. They are most likely doing their routine and slipped out of habit. Good luck on your journey folks!

    43. faelunir

      I would die for your body. Oh my god you look so womanly and gorgeous. I love your thighs and cute tummy!!


      You’ve always been beautiful inside and out before and after your journey. I’m glad you’re happy.

    45. Pei Ling

      love u

    46. Diya Anil

      I’m recovering from anorexia, (nobody knows I’ve had it except my sister) and I’ve gained a bit in self recovery (around 10-20lbs) but I’m still on the lower end of healthy, i.e, kinda thin. Unfortunately, my dad just makes comments ALL the time about it, and pokes fun at me. I thought I could recover on my own and until this I was ok...but he makes me feel terrible all the time. This video made me feel so much better, and I’m trying harder to not relapse. I don’t think anybody could make me feel better. Thank You sooooo much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    47. Stuff

      All I see is a girl who traded one extreme of an eating disorder for the other extreme. Extreme restriction, then extreme binging.

    48. S.Z.Thoughts

      This was great! Thanks for sharing these awesome tips. As someone who isn't going All In because I don't suffer from extreme hunger but who is learning to love her body and is attempting to gain weight for health reasons, muscle building due to military job reasons this is really a good guide on my path on my personal journey. I always love hearing from you and your inspire me. Thanks for doing this and following through with your vision even though it was a rocky road. You're a real one Steph!

    49. Renee Crotty

      you look healthier now in a good way prettier..more feminine x

    50. Monica Targioni


    51. Hannah Pauley

      People usually just comment or ask about noticeable weight gain or loss because they want to know why. So I think know your why is the best advice! They want to know if it was by choice, a mental issue, or a physical health issue. That’s really it! If it’s by choice no one cares lol.

    52. Ashley Cole

      The morning an check-whew. Every day, I lift my shirt lol 😩 I am gonna stop that :)

    53. Laura Delamare

      Hi, thank you so much for these Videos! I’m going through some rapid weight gain as a side effect of medication I’m on and I’m struggling to cope with the change. I believe I’ve lost about 25 of muscle tone and gained it all back as fat. (I’m 2 sizes bigger now, nothing fits) I’ve wanted to hide more than ever because none of my clothes fit (and I have severe hair loss as well). A few quick questions for you: Did you have to buy all new clothes? How did you decide when to do that? And did you donate your old clothes since they didn’t fit anymore?

    54. isra Mehboob

      I really try to eat and my family encourages me to eat 3 meal a day but I can't eat I always restrict myself from eating and severely undereat and exercise so much more ,I have alot of apps in my phone to guide me but I can't 😭😭😭I don't know what to do please help(I don't want to gain weight)

    55. ola3090

      Thanks so much for sharing your journey and being so vulnerable. I’m going through this currently, and IT IS SO hard!! Your video gave me a sense of comfort. 🙏🏼 All the best to you! 🤍

    56. Ari

      I didn't gain or lose weight that much in my life but I suffer from an eating disorder (and obviously bad body image) and my weight have fluctuated during the last year... which was and is still very difficult for me. So I'd like to thank you for this video and you sharing all these tips, it helped me to continue my recovery journey!

    57. sophia

      Stephanie is so positive! I love this queen

    58. noname delete

      Why there are haters? And how can someone hate you??

    59. Jazmyn Siolo

      Haven’t got watch you for awhile been super busy . I’m catching up and I love everything 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️ ur the best leader out here I swear

    60. Gilson Nell

      Omg for the body checking I felt so attacked 😂😂 I really need to work about it, unhealthy asf 🥱

    61. Morgan the unicorn

      Im underweight and im 10 Years old. I know I'm not alone now

    62. HayabusaOrlando

      Thank God she figured out for herself that being curvy is beautiful. My girlfriend is Venezuelan and Cuban. Thick and curvy and SMOKING HOT. She's 50 years old. Beautiful, inside and out. AND she can cook ! Nothing but love for her.

    63. Danni

      First watched this video a couple of months ago, when I was having a hard time dealing with massive weight gain due to BED induced by anxiety and depression + not being able to workout as much as I would’ve liked during quarantine/lockdown. I used to be kinda fit and was working towards a leaner physique before my mental health collapsed so the weight gain was unbearable for me. I felt like all my work has gone down the drain and I felt utterly disgusted and ashamed of my fat and bloated body. Coming back today and realised that mentally I’m at a better place now. I’ve been more accepting towards my new physique and have realised that weight and physique shouldn’t be the things that define me. Haven’t done body checking in a while now and have started to learn to ignore unhelpful judgments from people. Hopefully I’ll eventually be able to be at peace with my own body. Thank you so much Steph for all your videos!! Your all in journey has truly been inspirational 💜💜💜

    64. William_

      Gaining weight is the hardest thing to achieve and weight loss is not as hard.

    65. Daily play

      Thank you for sharing this! After having 4 children the struggle to get back to your old self it’s so hard.

    66. Margaret Charlton

      Trying to understand “all in”. Is it just gaining weight?

      1. Micah Santiago

        Yes and no. Long story short, she was trying to fix her hunger and her relationship with food!

    67. DJ Wafflez

      Can you go from one eating disorder to another?

    68. Elise Brevik

      Stephanie: stop body checking Me: *pinching my thighs and tummy while shes talking* :(

    69. Walrus Walrus

      Thank you so much. U r an inspiration. Right now I’m trying to gain 20 lbs because of my GP (Gastoparieais) and its really hard. I’m worried about what all my friends and soccer team and school will think. I was wondering if u have any ideas of how to help pain with eating more. Any good stretches or tips.

    70. Joseph Libunao

      Hi, Stephanie! Can you do a version of this for men? Maybe collaborate with a man who also went "All in"?

    71. kathleen rabung

      First, thank you, second what mail polish are you wearing!?

    72. Miky Kim

      I’ve struggled with food all my life (and still do). Love your videos. You’re amazing!!!

    73. anallely vizcaino

      She just spoke everything I always constricted myself to say aloud . really gives me so much confidence to hear her express herself and love herself

    74. Botanically Built

      I needed this video, Stephanie! As a former physique competitor who was stage lean for too long and is now at a healthy body weight, it is so damn hard dealing with the comments made by friends, family, and strangers. How I look ISNT interesting, and I can’t thank you enough for reminding me of this. You’re amazing Stephanie thank you for your bravery. You’re a true hero

    75. Marilyn

      Stephanie just like Jeff has been for you, you have been my rock with my own weight gain journey. Thank you so much for sharing you are beautiful inside and outside ❤️

    76. guylianseashore

      Thanks so much for this video Stephanie. I’m having a hard time lately, after being put on medication that is causing me to gain weight. It’s hard feeling like I’m not in control of my body or that I’m worth less because of that weight gain. Thanks for helping me feel less alone in this

    77. Joseph B

      As a male for me I'm 20% body fat which is my upper limit. Any more and I start to accumulate unnecessary body fat and a negative effect on my health. 15% imo is the best body fat percentage for me based on hormones and everything else health related. That's 15% year-round. I can hit down to 10-13% but it has to be temporary. Below 10% and forget about it. I don't care who you are and if you say it is sustainable and fine you are a liar and are taking hormones and other stuff or used to feeling suboptimal.

    78. lgamble

      What a great message! I’m current letting my natural hair color grow in which is gray and getting similar reactions. I’ve always had this weird belief that I had to look a certain way for others 🥴 Not anymore! Now it’s just me lovin’ on me! Btw, if you and jell ever have babies, that child will have the most beautiful smile on the planet ❤️

    79. Rodrigo Ferreira

      Thanks for the great video! I'm a therapist who works a lot with people who struggle with eating disorders and from now on I'm recommending this video for my clients! Please keep up the great work!

    80. Lizane Jordaan

      Weird question, but which one of all your videos you've ever made earns the most?

    81. Patty La

      So Sweet! Never heard anyone put gaining weight in such a loving and positive manner. Thank you for doing this for a lot of us who struggled/s with body image. I don't want to dismiss how hard you worked to get your body so lean but at the same time I think your body looks great after you gained some weight.

    82. Myles Anderson

      I never tries to gain 1 lb unless it was muscle 😆 ever in my life my body just seems to do that naturally

    83. Gabriela Bilyeu

      I recently decided to purge all social media accounts, including Instagram and I feel so much more productive and focused! But I have missed the positivity and inspiration I felt from following your profile! I’m so happy that I can still keep up with you on your HUfast channel! Thank you for continuing to make a positive impact on my perspective on life! Omw to workout from your At Home training guide!

    84. Meredith MacKenzie - Parallel Wellness

      Wonderful tips Stephanie! I love your discussion on how to deal with the judgment you placed on yourself. ❤️

    85. Indy D

      She looks so healthy! Good for her.

    86. Lauren Bennett

      Body checking is sooooooo ingrained in me, ug so hard

    87. k dot

      One thing I would say is that we live in a VERY fatphobic society, as you said everyone has a "set-point" and someone's set-point may be a little heavier than what we would consider normal in today's society and what some may consider "fat". People should not be upset if their set-point isn't the same as your size. I really hope everyone struggling with body image that is watching this learns that they are perfect the way they are.

    88. David Jensen

      Thank God for You Tube. It's difficult to find stories like this in mainstream "fitness" publications.

    89. Molly Roach

      You honestly look so much better now! Love the curvyness

    90. vitani

      I needed this I got back from the doctors and the said I'm close to being over weight I'm 94 pounds and I'm 14... 😭😳 cause I gained 10 Pounds...

      1. Aditi

        @Jude ELREFAI 2027 ya hopefully...

      2. Jude ELREFAI 2027

        @Aditi maybe she/he aren’t too tall

      3. Jude ELREFAI 2027

        How tall are u tho?

      4. Jude ELREFAI 2027

        @Aditi yes

      5. Aditi

        how are you over weight if you're 94lbs??

    91. Katie Tooker

      I can't imagine having all of that muscle, and trying to push out any fat to make room for it. The number on the scale doesn't reflect how healthy or unhealthy someone is, particularly mentally. You, my dear, are healthier than you've ever been. I'm proud of you.

    92. Mima Kutašová

      thank you so fucking much:)

    93. masha

      youre such an inspiration

    94. Alley katt

      You my new fave HUfastr..... I relate to you so so so freaking much. It blows my mind.

    95. Sunny H

      You look super lovely and super healthy! So beautiful and curvy.

    96. Yulia Rushworth

      I’ve come across your channel over the last couple of days and it’s been such a revelation. 36 and recovering from a relapse into an eating disorder that got me thinner than when I was a teenager. After having given birth to 2 children! I keep saying that I should have known better. I’m at the stage where I’m puffy and feeling bloated and gaining around my midsection which is something I’ve never struggled with. Never. Your videos are inspired and inspirational. Whatever you do, you carry on. It’s helping women establish that we are so much more than our bodies, that eating to satiety is ok, that exercising is there to keep us healthy and strong and that we shouldn’t be ashamed of showing our bodies the way they are.

    97. iris.the.messenger

      The message you're sending out to people is so heartwarming and beautiful. You went through such a tough journey and your happiness and confidence now is so great to see. Congrats

    98. Jean Wu

      I love how honest you are, instead of just telling us empty blanket statements like "be body positive!" or "ignore the haters" I appreciate all the actionable advice....and I wish I watched this before I pushed my loves ones out of my life.

    99. vegan cherry

      Natural Kapha

    100. Ella Carpenter

      She’s literally any girls dream body! Slim thicccc 🍑 x

      1. Chris'tiana

        Emily Torrent I am allowed to have an opinion. She is too thick for her to be my dream body, not in general.

      2. Emily Torrent

        @Chris'tiana Imagine how you would feel if you were Stephanie reading your comment. How dare you say she's 'too thick'. Who made you the judge of other women and that your opinion on her body is 'correct'

      3. Chris'tiana

        She used to be my dream body. Now she's a bit too thick.