How Much Did My PhD Cost? (My Exact Costs + Scholarship Tips)

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    This is just a quick summary of how much it would cost you to do a Ph.D. in the US. There are so many variables but the video would be an hour long if I covered everything. As I said, it varies based off of country, state, and type of university. I hope this is helpful for those aspiring to pursue higher education. Much love xoxo

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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Hey guys! I'm soooo happy with the overwhelmingly positive response on my last video, thank you all so much for your support!. I plan on doing a video on what are the next steps for me as a Doctor! Additionally, leave a comment below if you would like a video on scientific research in regards to dietary risks of cancer! i.e dairy, meat, aspartame etc. Let me know down below 👇 Love you all so much! xoxo

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        Heres a low down on aspartame, dont eat it.

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        Stephanie Buttermore could you make a vid on how you stayed motivated, managed your time, and most importantly stayed awake and focused?

      4. Petar Djordjevic

        I have done my own research on artificial sweeteners, but since you have the PhD on "cancer studies" i would love to see a scientific video on this topic, with your opinion on questions like "are rat (animal) studies predictive to humans", "if the first generation of test subjects exhibit cancer mutations, does this mean i am safe in my lifetime and my offspring might be in danger", "why do FDA and CSPI interpret differently the results of the studies"... Love your and Jeff's videos, keep up the great work.

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        A research on whether it is best to stray away from meat and dairy, pls (:

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      Wish this video was more about what the title says. 3 minutes in and I already met your friends, saw what you had for breakfast and lunch, watched you walk through a suspension bridge but still haven't heard much about your PhD.

    4. Sebastiann Kyle

      And in the USA most people go to college and wait tables after so 26k doesn’t sound bad lol

    5. Lima26

      I’m studying biological sciences in university of Leeds in the UK, i would like to pursue medicine as a graduate though, all these countries with barley any tuition fees is persuading me to move abroad

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      ngl, my uni in California costs $60,000 USD a year including housing and you are there for 4 years. this is only undergrad.

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      Are you from US or Canada?

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      It’s amazing knowing you studied at UCF when I go there now for a masters degree in Biotechnology!

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      Girl that's what I paid in LA for an AA in Nursing lmaoo 😭

    13. Darrah Peklak

      oorrrrr go to a research 1 university and work with someone who has an established background.. chances are they will 1) waive tuition 2) already be a part of funded research projects and can provide a decent stipend for you.. however you have to consider forgone wages as a cost.. my masters degree was fully compensated and I didn't have to take out any loans.. this also went for foreign Phd students in my program.. not all US education costs big bucks.. very important not to just apply to some school because of rank or convenience.. pick a school based on what your interests are and if the people in that department are doing work related to those interests.. reach out to them and establish why you want to work with them.. it will also greatly increase your chances of getting into that program.. don't underestimate networking in the application process!!! The payoffs are great

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      Thanks so much for this video. I am about to do a PhD in Physical Oceanography, Are graduate student loans different from undergrad student loans?

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      How about Finland? You'll get your Ph.D or D.Sc. (tech.) debt free in one of the best education systems in the world..

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      Thanks so much for this video, very informative and inspirational.

    32. Hfajardo97

      Lol I go to one of the top colleges in the United States for undergrad and it is around 70k (all costs including room and board included though) per year...luckily they have great financial aid so I will graduate with less than 10k in student loans, but it is wild that everything from undergrad to PhD (minus the extra Master's Degree) for you only cost the same as one year at my college.

    33. danpt2000

      I was a nerd in High School. Straight A's Math/Science. AP classes. Went to an in state school in North East USA. Got scholarship for Tuition waived. Paid for room and board with Grants and work/study. Got Mechanical Engineering degree in 2001. Didn't get the best of grades, but at least I graduated.

    34. Nikos V

      what sort of wages could you get as an oncologist researcher.. I would imagine the hub would be in Boston...if possible do a vid on where the jobs are

    35. Ileri Dosunmu

      Was it 26000 a year or total? And was it 70000 per year because I know many colleges I am applying to cost that much just for undergrad (per year).

    36. Josh Lockie

      Whatever you paid it’s to much for a PhD in the Rothschilds education system. Hope you stay in your bubble, waking up to the lies really throws a wrench into life. #eattherich

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      You make youtube videos, you have 2 master's degrees, 1 bachelor's degree, a PhD and on top of that, you're beautiful, all of that equals to you being...... A self-absorbed, self-centered BITCH!..... the biggest joke is you actually believe all the bullshit that comes out of your mouth!

    39. DinckelMan

      If you aren't earning upwards for 300k a year after putting in all this effort, I'm going to be forever disappointed in life and the school system. I'm just happy your entire education process only costed around 100k. My undergrad degree alone is going to be around 135

    40. gumshew2007

      Just came across your video, I found it informative. I can relate to what your saying about the cost of education. My husband is working on his 2nd PhD and it is expensive, Of course he works full time so he's in his 5th year and probably has 2 years left. Now, he obtained scholarships along the way from undergrad through grad school as well as his first/second doctorate and some of the funding came from the federal government. For his 2nd doctorate he's going to a state school and got a full ride scholarship the first 2 years and then the federal government picked up after the first 2 years.

    41. Ahammed Nabeel

      Thanks so much! Wishing you good luck in your career ahead! I never knew it costs that much over there compared to India, my homeland. I pursued my bachelors in biochemistry for free in a public college and my masters in biochemistry from a private college and it costed just 160,000 Rupees ( 2154.88 USD )

    42. Amarylis Valentin

      that’s ridiculously cheap !! my university is $74k a year and that’s just as an undergrad. i only pay $600 because of all my scholarships but i know these figures can be substantially greater for most american students.

    43. First Last

      I appreciate your videos. You are a remarkable person. Thanks for sharing. #TakeCareBeWellDoGood

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      Make me wanna cry looking at those numbers

    45. First Last

      Hi, Stephanie. I am moved to comment before I've even watched the video. I love how open and up front you are. Not Recklessly, but in a thoughtful and mindful way.Thanks for taking your time to share with us. #TakeCareBeWellDoGood

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      Can you do a video on how to stand out and what websites to apply for scholarships or where to find them?

    47. Dr. Johnna Brynn

      My PhD is costing me near $100k in psychology (in my 7th year, almost done) -never heard of such low rates she's talking about for a PhD. cray.

      1. Tallon

        phds are supposed to be (basically) free i thought?

    48. Deepti Prabakar

      Ur college is so cheap

    49. Melanie

      Yeah I’m getting a bachelors in wildlife and fisheries / zoology - it’s almost $300 per credit... 180 credits lol. Oregon State Ecampus. (Out of state) Plus the core classes I have to take in a community college which is near me. It’s insane how expensive college is, it’s ridiculous.

    50. A M

      Dang! You're smart (! 13 AP tests! You knocked off an entire year of undergrad.

    51. André Santos

      I have a strong belief that this is the misery of a failed and banning system. I'm from Brazil and here paying for postgrad tuition is more than absurd. In deed, here the poor can barely get into grad courses and the rich and middle class hate too much the idea of not having society paying for their privileges, but public, free and universal education is a value that we all learned to uphold throughout the years. Hence, private universities don't even care about postgrad. I'm neither criticizing nor saying our public system is perfect. Just pointing out how it makes me wonder that I, coming from a very poor class and not able to have any scholarship granted to me, would completely fail at having my PhD. Having that said it is just so astonishing as paying for a cancer treatment (including meds) here in Brazil. Congratulations on your achievement.

    52. Jams Addis

      Great video. Thank you for inspiring many of us!


      I heard from my friends that sometimes you get paid to do a PhD?

    54. J James

      This information was not very helpful. I love Stephanie's enthusiasm but really unhelpful in cost. Most doctoral students are NOT paid to get a doctorate. If you look at university costs for a doctorate it will cost between 50,000 to 130,000 USD. If you go online to somewhere like Capella university with 3 residencies it will take you about 3.3 or so years plus a cap of $5,000 per semester for full time student. They do quarter hours there so that means 2, 10 week classes per semester equals 4 classes per semester. That is about 82 quarter credits for whole degree. Assuming it takes you 3.3 semesters that is about $52,500 for the degree. That is 15,000 per year. I am happy that Stephanie essentially got a bachelors, masters, and doctorate for $70,000 but most undergrad (4 year bachelors will cost about 60K to 120K depending on where you go. Some universities like Liberty University has 18,000 degree in Education for an EDD program for military or prior military. If you are in the military and then a veteran with VA benefits you can get an Associates, Bachelors, and Masters for less than $2,000.00 if using tuition assistance, G.I. Bill, Yellow Ribbon Program, and other service related benefits, and CLEP/Dantes exams (for undergrad), and using VA transitioning program to go back to work (Re-education for employment). So, we could say the cheapest you can get a degree is going into the military but getting a doctorate is not cheap and VERY FEW universities will actually PAY you to go to school. Stephanie situation is unique and I am happy for her.

    55. Insect2Kill

      I'm in NY and when I asked some professors and MDs about phd costs they told me upwards of 250-450K. I was a little confused by that, because I know sometimes the state will help and usually phd program pay 10-20K/year.

    56. Lucy Mazaheri

      You can get paid to get a M.S degree at many public institutions as well! SO MANY departments that do research science (plant science, chemistry, molecular genetics, physics, microbiology, biochemistry) offer assistantships that waive tuition for classes and also pay a stipend! Like she said, not a lot of money but not paying tuition is so valuable! If you want to be a scientist you do not have to go into heaps of debt to do it.

    57. Raj

      Lol. My undergrad tuition alone was $220k. I finally paid off my loans last month and will be joining an MD/PhD program this Fall!

    58. Swati Chahal

      Education in India is really low cost. Both my undergrad and masters cost around 2000$ not including the food, rooming and travel.

    59. Trevor Le

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      I love how she started playing the instrumental version of "money" by Pink Floyd at around 3:30. It's such a nice touch. There is definitely a ton of extra work put into these videos that may often go unnoticed.

    61. dannyslifeandtravel

      she didn't exactly breakdown her cost of living while in education and then show how she paid for it. what jobs with what income and same with loans how much did she get in loans and the cost of servicing the debt.

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    63. Carolyn Munich

      Wow! Stephanie, you are an exceptional person. There are very few people who can do everything that you do successfully. You maintain perfect grades, a perfect physique, a relationship, your youtube videos and keep close family ties. I am just as flabbergasted as everyone else. How DO you do it?

    64. TheTinyDancer1992

      Hi Stephanie, just wondering how long it took you to go through uni, master's degrees and the PhD? Thanks

    65. Luis Dorantes

      You are an unbelievable human being, I admire people like you. How do you have time for a PHD, fitness, and life? Barely have enough time for work and gym as it is.

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    70. Bente M

      I live in the Netherlands and we never stop being astonished by the insanely high costs of your education there in the US, which if you don't mind my saying so is not significantly better than education in other western countries. In Holland you go to a normal school from age 4-12, after that you go to another school and that depends on how smart you are so there is vmbo (lowest, more focused on preparing their students to work practical jobs like plummers salespeople etc.), havo (middle) and vwo (which is the highest and stands for preparation for scientific education). Vmbo is 4 years so you end it when you are 16 and then you go to mbo which is kind of college for vmbo, havo is 5 years so you end it when you are 17 and then you go to hbo which is college for havo, vwo is 6 years so you end it when you are 18 and then you go to university. All education is paid for by the government till you are 18 years of age and after that a year of education costs you about 2000 euros a year, to pay for that you can take out a 0% interest loan with the government and you have 35 years to pay that loan off (if after 35 years you can't afford to pay it off the government remits the loan). At the moment I am in my last year of vwo and I am going to the University of Leiden next year to study Law, entrepreneurship and management.

    71. Christen Denise

      Dang, this woman is damn near perfect. Gosh, beauty, brains, fitness. I'll go back and sit on the couch and eat my ice cream now....

    72. Laser Sharp

      I always thought PhDs were usually “free” as in paid for via teaching positions.

      1. Darrah Peklak

        Laser Sharp they can be.. depends on the school and your advisor.. I don't teach but get tuition waived to help with research

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      Here's the real steps to get a PhD. step 1: be rich . step 2: (there is no step 2)

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    80. Skye Stinson

      Meanwhile my undergrad is $120k, not including food, textbooks, and not living on campus RIP

    81. berry

      congrats, Steph .. OMG that's A LOT , totally worth it. An amazing achievement. Thank God I live in Finland where education with all its stages and expenses is absolutely free with a life and housing support .

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      I am about halfway through my PhD, and I'm just so burnt out! I was wondering, is it a bad idea to take a year off after my PhD? A dream of mine is to teach English in another country for a year (my degree is in engineering not english lol)

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    91. Nidhi K

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    94. james wragg

      Interesting comparison, here personally I get a debt through uni and I don’t pay until I get over a certain income threshold (automatically taken out of your pay) bachelor for me is 8.5k a year which is 25.5k, and master is calculated differently

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