HOW I GOT MY PHD | My Journey Through the Final (Crazy) Months!

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    Really hope you enjoyed the recap! I have poured my heart into my research and it was amazing to share the final months! Stay tuned for SOOO much more content from me!
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Really hope you enjoyed the recap! I have poured my heart into my research and it was amazing to share the final months! Stay tuned for SOOO much more content from me! ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Shenelle Dias


      2. Alex V

        @Alexandra H. Jeolus and a pathetic attitude. Good luck in life. You will need it.

      3. Prahlad NV

        Hi congrats on your PhD!! 😊👏 I would like to know under whom did you pursue your PhD and where? I'm doing my second masters in Uppsala university in Immunology and Infection biology.

      4. Science with Katie

        Stephanie Buttermore this was so nice to watch ☺️ you made doing a PhD seem a lot less stressful than some people I know have 👩🏻‍🔬💁🏻‍♀️

      5. Nikki K

        Congrats girlie!

    2. felis leo

      You are to crazy about your work

    3. Health Is Your Wealth

      Awesome 💖 I'm a fitness person looking to do a PhD in a few years. I'll definitely be taking inspiration from you.

    4. Güray Hatipoğlu

      You are brilliant! Congrats from years after, too!

    5. V Orlando

      You just became my ultimate goal in life (besides my sis, who is a Doctor and a fitness perfection) . I just went back to the gym after a 4 years pause. I'm also studying and I really wish to become a geneticist with my focus being on fetal genetic diseases. I'm so glad I found you, such an inspiration! Thank you for posting your story and letting us be here to learn and grow with you. THANK YOU ❤️

    6. ivy Tu

      you are soooo amazing ,may i ask how you just shift your model ,you train ,you study phd,you travel ,you have a good and balance life ,but me ,i just feel exhaused and lost my balance ,how to make it work ,and time arrangment .thank you

    7. Annlt220 T

      Basically you are saying you don’t want to sound to smart, nor too stupid. 👌

    8. frank mor

      Congrets! Dr Stephanie☺👍

    9. F h a

      steph u r one boss bitch xo

    10. Ivan Jay Jumahali

      Wow imagine being pretty, smart, fit, having a lovely relationship, loving friends and family, and a PhD! I see what God did for others

    11. Holly Armstrong

      Congratulations Dr! Thank you for this video, I can’t describe how much it has encouraged me to keep working hard x

    12. Dank Samosa

      Nice butt

    13. Sonia Garcia

      Thank you for this video! I am about to have my first committee meeting next month so I am freaking out. It’s nice to see your progress and know what to expect! Your motivation is so inspiring thank you!

    14. Lovely Angela

      Lol I’m watching this April 30 too but it’s 2020 🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

    15. Rajender

      ASHA (CERN) and you both have blue nail police , what is the matter , Phd student Like Blue

    16. Soo C

      knowing how crazy it can get during the last phase of getting a PhD, Kudos to you Stephanie, balancing everything and well-managing stress. An amazing and inspring woman.

    17. G Dubrovskaya

      You are such an inspiration! I really admire your work ethic and your time management!

    18. W Y

      phd in what though?

    19. Jasmine

      It is amazing to see this! I have my Ph.D. in social sciences and it is great to see other women scientists.

    20. Chinomso Ejiogu

      I loved this video. I am on the last leg of completing my senior thesis for my masters program and have been thinking about the next steps, and this video solidified my necessity for it. Just came back from Egypt less than 4 days ago, and I can totally empathize on working while away. So much inspiration!! I cried at the end of your video in joy on this two year old festivity. Big CONGRATULATIONS to you and your journey and Happy New Year and Decade! (Looking for your IG!) ❤🇪🇬🌻🙏🏾

    21. Janet Wood

      Wow! You have a PhD! That is amazing! You look so young!

    22. Ababy

      I'm in Australia and I did Bachelor and then Honours but not PhD. I was wondering do you have 'Honours' in USA? I found the process of lab work really hard to maintain enthusiasm for, and also the writing was incredibly tedious a process. What were the best and worst parts of your PhD?

    23. M G

      PHD = Pretty Heartshaped Derriere...yes!!

    24. zoop34

      Stephanie demonstrates good time management. She still found time to enjoy life and train while finishing the dissertation. Kudos!

    25. shams mehdi

      LOL. A cancer "researcher" producing useless data and calling herself "researcher". What's new?

    26. Drose In

      Wow you live such an interesting life. From academics, exercising, and travelling you must have a super strong work ethic and doing all these things must be fulfilling. I definitely wish to pursue a similar path as yours.

    27. Teddi Setzer

      This is such an excellent recap of the dissertation defense process. It also reminds me of when I worked on my Ph.D. at USF. A few of my lab mates and I lived in the same apartment complex as you. This video brought back so many good memories for me. So happy that I stumbled upon it.

    28. Taryn McNaught

      Hi! I’m a newer subscriber and I just came from your Instagram, and I was wondering if there’s anywhere online we can read your research?? I’m currently in my final year of a bachelors degree in biology and I’d love to check it out!

    29. Silvia Logan

      Stephanie, I congratulate you for receiving your PhD. It was years of hard work, but you did it and you should be very pleased with yourself. I hope that you can come up with a miraculous cure for ovarian cancer and all types of cancers even in the advanced stages so that awful disease never comes back.

    30. BobbyFischer0000

      Do you have kids?

    31. Giulia Ecari

      "How I got my PhD" *Flaunts ass in thumbnail* HmmmMmmmM

    32. akash raju

      Wow! Congrats Stephanie inspired young generation I am doing PhD in engineering

      1. Love gurung

        Wow my name is akash and my father name is raju and he want me to become engineer.

    33. Saharsh Bansal

      Is she an Asian

    34. J Vancil

      i want to be like u. confident fit strong and accomplished in my research goals

    35. Kristiana Manuilova

      Loved the video! Congratulations! Keep doing what you love, wish you lots of luck! ♥️

    36. Paul James Wisniewski

      Glad I found this. I'm defending this December so its nice to hear that I'm not alone in all the craziness. Much appreciated!

    37. John Barrett

      Congrats 😏

    38. Refilwe Raseroka

      Sugar is no good

    39. saleemah muhammad

      Congratulations. Be grateful you had an hour to present your defense. I had 15 minutes to give a dissertation quality defense of my entire project. Credit was lost if you exceed the allotted time. Afterwards there was a 5 minute question and answer period, which had to be satisfactory otherwise your doctoral project was rejected. Again congratulations.

    40. William Blar man

      PhD is my altimate dream hopefly i will do

    41. Philip

      Writing a lot of books is extremely tiring.

    42. Infinite

      We need more women here on HUfast that are beautiful as well intelligent like you. Too many women simply focus on physical outer beauty and not education.

    43. shelly yastagirl

      Woman like her are unique her wisdom knowledge and years of hard work and find a cure for cancer and save lifes.

    44. Samantha C

      Hey Stephanie, new subscriber here! I just want to say how inspired I am by you to finish my degree and one day get my Ph.D.! I love your genuine and authentic demeanour that I find most fitness influencers lack or fail to show their viewers. Congrats on everything you've accomplished so far!! :)

    45. sniperammow

      i will be honest i don't care at all how you look. its not very impressive. but your education amazes me!!

    46. Nordi Mejia

      Phds are useless... You are hot, so you.might land a good job.

    47. 哈哈哈Susie

      I’ve never thought I would see the familiar stuff like literature, cabinet, liquid nitrogen container and so on! You’re really my example who can balance everything so well!

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      What is your opinion on “Keto diet”???

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      Now what ?

    50. Devashis Shrestha

      thank u for the motivation

    51. Lyndsie Daniels

      can you PLEASE do more videos about your experience/journey with education???

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      I want more Butter!

    53. Don Cérignon

      I just got accepted into a PhD program! I am so excited and I have watched this video at least 300 times throughout the application process and will continue to watch this throughout my journey as motivation...

      1. robbycharmed

        update please!!

    54. Randy Lepe

      OMG im in love with all your science talk!! holly wow! you are my inspiration.❤️

    55. Soleil Carmelo

      What an inspiring person

    56. Y L

      Wow! You are an inspiration! I admire you, your journey and your strength to share with us your incredible story!

    57. Jake Rodgers

      Dang! Awesome job! 😁

    58. Shaunita Gilbert

      Great vlog!

    59. The PAK

      Just now watching this video, but you are such an inspiration! I love going to school and I am currently finishing my bachelor's degree. But I always find reasons why I shouldn't take certain paths because the school might be too long, too hard, or too costly. This video has seriously given me motivation and a drive to go after my goals and choose the career path I have always dreamed of! I love your videos so much; keep being exactly who you are!

    60. The Wealth Vibe - Shana Green

      We graduated with our PhD's from USF the same semester!

    61. Philip

      You work hard, always smile( In videos), try to be educated, are not negative. You are disciplined

    62. Philip

      You might have taught Jeff how to read thesises effectively I think.

    63. pizzagirl

      Ayyyyy USF crew!! haha. I currently am in my second semester of nursing school there! Super late, but congrats on your PhD!

    64. Xentrolis

      Really awesome video. I especially liked how you wanted to make your research was approachable to the common person. I work for a large tech company as an engineer in distributed computing and machine intelligence. I've only been learning about the latter in the last couple of years, but have been an engineer in the former for 8 years. I attended a company-operated machine learning conference last year and was intimidated during the white board session where all of the data scientists were presenting their work. When I got home, I asked my mentor (who has a PhD in robotics and is a sr. principal engineer at the company) if avoiding the white board session was wise because I didn't fully understand how they were abstracting their data. He said "if they're truly experts in their discipline, they should be able to communicate their work in a way that is approachable on all levels". I've learned a lot about abstracting and handling data for machine learning since then, but I'll likely attend the event again this year. And I'll make sure to approach the scientists and ask them to explain their work to me in a way that I can digest and appreciate. Ground-breaking research is pretty meaningless if people don't understand it. Thanks!

    65. 11

      Thank you for sharing this video.

    66. priya patel

      Omg ur a doctor! Dr. Stephanie Buttermore!

    67. Amalia Alcala

      So inspirational and motivating! Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story and journey!

    68. Kacie Lackey

      Congratulations, Dr. Buttermore!! You are an inspiration to all, especially young women in STEM. Can't wait to see what you accomplish next!

    69. LatinGirl

      I am also studying biosciences in the Netherlands, and you are so inspirational. Can you make a video how you get to do so much in a day and also how you study, you have truly motivated me.

    70. Thao Nguyen

      In regards to Keto Diet suppressing CD8 T-cells. I just read an article saying the opposite. Enhanced immunity in a mouse model of malignant glioma is mediated by a therapeutic ketogenic diet

    71. Mamawuma

      You’re a superwoman. 👍👍💪💪💪

    72. Joel

      "I got my PHD" but half the video thumbnail is you showing off your ass. As far as I'm concerned your PHD means nothing, you are just another piece of ass.

    73. Sasha Lee

      I’m defending my PhD thesis in less than 2 weeks. Your video is such a real document. It reminded me what I have done in the last two months and prepares me for the upcoming defense. I was also going through a lot of stress on job hunting. Good luck!

    74. Rachel Yan

      I love your videos so much! !!!!

    75. RAJ CHAWLA

      I'm gonna start my PhD next year in Materials

    76. Mon Siid

      You are very beautiful and very amazing girl.

    77. C L

      Bit late to the game here - but only recently discovered you + Jeff! 🙌 V inspiring + motivating, and i’m all about the evidence base 🤓 Thank you!

    78. RoxanneG

      That thumbnail confuses me

    79. danpt2000

      Its great that you focused a lot more on trying to get your complex subject across to your audience. Coming out of Academia, one of the most frustrating thing was trying to understand what the professors are trying to talk about. Even when you wanted to ask them some questions, they were often unavailable. I came out of Engineering school in 2001.

    80. Alexander Rae

      I just came across this. I earned my Ph.D. back in May 2018. Before this, I earned two Masters Degrees at different times throughout my years of work and education. I am currently in my Mid 50s and can I just say that your story is inspirational and moving!!! The process of writing and delivering the Dissertation was brutal, to say the least, but I learned so much about myself along the way. I am currently working on a book and enrolled in a Post Doctorate Program. I applaud you for endeavors!

    81. Nocturnal Monk III

      I need to learn how you could balance soooo much during your journey...

    82. Brent

      You have a level 10 life lady! Smart, beautiful,funny and just all around badass!

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      I came to read pervy comments for obvious reasons lmfaoooooooo

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    86. Ileri Dosunmu

      What is you PhD in specifically or is it just in science?

    87. tech fahim

      PhD seams so easy with you guys

    88. Benjamin McCall

      I love the relationship you share. I know how frustrating it can be to have to focus all your time and effort into something other than your relationship. Good on your man for being by your side while you were studying and practicing. You are quite the woman or I should say quite the person..balancing all of your other hobbies and life ambitions. Keep it up.

    89. Amani Shom


    90. R.S. Kousthubha

      Can you tell me which is best to choose Mres or Msc for taking phD later

    91. Awesome Project

      Are you Mexican?

    92. silvie tarazona

      I am glad you did it! I have a question to you, as a woman, have you faced any type of discrimination or condescendence in your field of study because of your gender? I am asking because my cousin is a biologist and she is brilliant, she is working on her PHD and she told me once that in an academic conference she was totally ignored by the male peers while she was presenting whereas people would tend to take male presenters more seriously, can it happen? I am going to start my PHD too next year but in a way different field of study, however, I found this channel very inspiring to keep a balance between academia and real life.

    93. Schäfer G.

      Bruh, I barely got my BA with my girlfriend bothering the hell out of me...

    94. Pepperoni Unicorn

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    97. guangyuan li

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    98. Heal-Thy Life

      Did you ever want to go to Med school? If so what made you choose to go the PhD route

    99. brak51

      congratulations on getting your Doctorate, I am sure it a long arduous process, but it must be so rewarding!! Best of luck to you!! Dr Buttermore!! :)

    100. brak51

      You know what Ph.D stands for in this lady's case. PRETTY HOT DOCTOR!!! You are beautiful!!!!