How I Eat After Being “All In” for 8 Months (Full Day of Eating)

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      I hope you enjoy this fun and casual full day of eating! Let me know if you like these types of videos and I can do them more often! Love you guys so much! 😘

      1. Leah Williams

        Yes, please!! One of the things I love most about you is that you and Jeff manage to stay healthy and fit while still eating foods that you enjoy. I’d love to learn more about how I can eat the foods I enjoy while trying to shed a few pounds🤔🙏🏾.

      2. The Official Jelly Diet

        Ur promoting inflammaotry eating, its not healing or nourishing, watch my content to learn nutrition, bro science and macros and cheat days are unhealthy, nothing cool about promoting inflammation,gut lining damage, organ damage and overall toxic junk food. If people follow this, u might as well eat at maccas, and quit gym.

      3. Jaysgameworld

        What do you do to make your hair grow so long

      4. Noor Amparado

        Your so beautiful stephanie 🥰

      5. Joanne Power

        We use those cookies to make s’mores with

    2. Deborah Anne

      They have those cookies in the U.S. I don't remember what they are called though.

    3. Marjory Joy Pacala

      Hello am from philippines and I love watching your vloggs.😊❤️😘keep inspiring people sis.💪

    4. Kyla Duckett

      God, I’m in Kamloops! So close... would loveeeeeeee to meet you one day!!!💜

    5. Harriet J

      those biscuits are so french

    6. Gracefilled5

      Does anyone know where she got the white crop top or if she talks about it on Instagram? I really like it :)

    7. Akhschaya

      Girl you look amazing 😍

    8. p

      ive been watching ur videos from like 2 years ago all night the past 2 days and then i saw this video you look so much better than you did two years ago. i cant get over it. youre glowing you just looked unhealthy then im sorry if that offends you i dont mean it that way!

      1. p

        love the vids btw!!

    9. RevelinHome

      Those celebration cookies. I feel like Aldi in the US has something similar with their chocolate butter cookies. So good

    10. deanna knezevich

      Celebration cookies are popular in canada 🇨🇦 we use them to make s’mores.

    11. Roxana Armas

      you're so beautiful, you just stand out you exotic queeennn

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      So many animals (including this human animal lol) are super happy about your vegan choices sweet lady!!!!

    14. simplybyamyxo

      you inspire me x I love your videos xx

    15. Glendar Hart

      The one thing that stands out about you is your personality. Awesome! You take your adversities and overcome them, it definitely helps to have a support system surrounding you too. Continue on doing you!!!

    16. Janelle Jajeh

      I think it is crazy how hard it was for you to accept your new body because you're so snatched and so obviously healthy like youre why I workout I want that hourglass such an inspiration

    17. Melika Wünsche

      I always loved you and you motivated me sooo much times and my question is, if you could do a makeup tutorial, because your makeup always slays ^^

    18. Joe Brown

      Stephanie you are a brave soul for doing this. You have way bigger balls than me. And you look stunning after going all in. I found your channel because I am a fan of Jeff. I must say I now watch more of your videos than his. You both have great content.

    19. Jennifer Trevino

      Can you do a tutorial on your eye makeup or full face? Thank you love the videos I'm learning alot

    20. Margaret Spidercamp

      Gosh, if she only knew what 2020 would bring us 💋😂

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      But her SMILE

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      She is so hot oh my god

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      You look so much better like that, and the best part is that you enjoy even better❤

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      I love her so much! Does she has a video talking about her experience with mental hunger?

    26. Tyler Victor

      I just wanted to say something while watching this video. (And I hope you don’t think I’m trying to hit on you or anything like that because I’m not. I have the utmost respect for Jeff and I’m a huge fan of you both!) I know you get self conscious sometimes because of the difference in weight from when you were super lean to now, but I think the way you look now is an amazing look for you. You look very beautiful and healthy and I think this look fits you even better than the super lean look. Keep your head up and stay positive because it doesn’t matter what any of the haters think. They hate because they’re jealous. Remember that!

    27. Mackenzie Carter

      am I the only one who really dislikes fruit... veggies are good but fruit ugh 😷

    28. Kathleen Downer

      Don't know why but I always get a warm feeling when I see steph and Jeff they are so sweet 😘

    29. elyana

      I feel like I eat the double amount of food a day

    30. Michaela Hooks

      Your so bomb 😍

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      I’ve definitely had soup for breakfast like this. Listen to those cravings (healthy food) - Yu May be missing a mineral or vitamin

    32. Alexis Royer

      God I love this woman

    33. Anouk W

      Thanks for making videos like this it’s giving me a healthy perspective on food :)

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      Are u dairy intolerant Stephanie? I saw you drink cashew milk in another video too

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      Omg i would love for her and nuttyfoodiefitness to collaborate 🥺

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      LMAO at Jeff “Would you also like some scotch?” 🤣 love these two.

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      still waiting for that vegan cake pop protein powder...and it‘s 2020...and it‘s june....come on @whoever produces it

    38. qveenissac

      If u want a dupe for that cookie in the US check out Lu Le Petit Ecolier (FYI the dk Choc > milk choc). It's a French cookie but I see them at groceries and Target. As kids we called them "school boy" cookies. Not surprised a French style cookie is popular in Canada.

    39. Jay W

      😯😁 “that’s SO GOOD!” I literally love her 😂

    40. Glow Heavy

      I'm so grateful to have found your channel recently!!! I had been starving myself just to lose my baby weight from 5 years ago. Even after I lost the weight I continued to "diet" even though I was constantly hungry and miserable limiting my calories. I ended up dropping to an almost unhealthy weight but over the last year I've been saying F*ck it! I eat what I want when I want and maintain a healthy training schedule (my sister is a trainer). I didn't even know what I was doing was essentially "All In" until I saw your page a few days ago!! You are amazing!!

    41. mya woods

      Girl if I had the money I’d eat like this too

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      But where did you get that crop top??? 😍😍😍😍😍

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      Omg we really do need a Vegan cake pop protein 😭!!! I really want to try it

    44. #bakingwithbethany

      You are one of the first women I have came across that has a large appetite like me! I have definitely struggled with restricting and gaining weight and am working on a healthier mindset and eating more intuitively!

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      I see a little bit of kim k but more natural, so beautiful 💕

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        This is what Kim K thinks she looks like.😭

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      am i the only one who thinks she is rude to her boyfriend

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    48. Katherine

      I am 100% here for this wholesome Stephanie and Jeff content.

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      Hey girl love your videos what do you use and put in your hair how does your hair grow so much its so beautiful

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      I absolutely love this Stephanie :) she seems so real

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      Stephanie, you have always been so beautiful ! I love seeing your progress and you are a huge inspiration to me! You are GLOWING !

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      You're so pretty! Just had to say it :)

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      you are so beautiful and strong🖤

    65. Megan Elizabeth Games

      She looks really good, and I’m proud of her for not being harsh on herself anymore. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise, you’ll feel good and look good. Im happy for you Stephanie. You are not fat, you are thicc, and I wish I looked like you! People don’t know you, even though they watch you, they don’t know you know off HUfast, so continue being yourself, and staying on the right track! Love you Stephanie!

    66. Sousous Diary

      Your body is BOMB Girl!😍👌🏽

    67. BrittanyBella26

      Girl you look bomb! I have been loving these all in videos, I believe at this time this journey for you is over but thank you! I’m gonna have to get these legings

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      Find yourself a Jeff

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      Lived in Canada for two years and those celebration cookies are my fav!!!

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      Love Cora Breakfast but it's expensive.

    71. gwendoline lynn


    72. Sharon Joana

      How many calories you think this day was? I am asking because it doesn’t seem a very high amount or food to me. I am a big eater I have always been. I believe in what you are doing. I myself have little exercise daily but always eat until I am full. And I eat a lot more then my partner lol. I am 57kg which is 125lbs. My hight is 169cm tall. I think it’s a good weight and I am happy by eating as much as I want and until I am full that my weight stays roughly the same. Thanks for your videos xxx

    73. ninja

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      I swear I love this girl so much because she is so nice, funny, and respect her fans 🥰🥰

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      i am eating now..youve helped me to make it i dont trust myself to let go of IF....but im gonna let go of that someday..

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    78. Life of Sól

      You are so inspiring. I’m struggling currently with an eating disorder and I’ve cried a few times just watching your videos because I relate so much. I really want to get healthy but I’m scared of weight gain- but at some point my health has to come first. Thank you for being so open and vulnerable💜💜💜

    79. Mrithika Shankarla

      I love steph but a big reason why I clicked on this video was bc of the biscuit on the thumbnail and it looks amazing omg why don’t they sell it in Australia :(

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      So now that your appetite is decreasing, is your bodyweight decreasing to a new happy set point?

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      Hi steph I was wondering if you could do a video or just like a little explanation about protein powders. Like I want to start using them so it can help me tone up but I don’t really know the basics and what to avoid or what’s good for me? And I just wanted to say you look BEAUTIFUL and I hope you have an amazing day

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      I love Cora's! I always get the Louis Undecided (crepe with Nutella & strawberries, potatoes, two sunny side up eggs, and sausage!). You are also looking so amazing

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      I love it when she’s so happy eating ❤️❤️❤️

    94. Maja Hampson

      A lot of people like to talk about how you look before or after etc..., but as someone who has recovered from anorexia (and after almost 15 years of still struggling with my relationship with food), my favorite part of these videos is watching your relationship with food change. Such an inspiration! Just watching your gain a healthy relationship with food makes me think that I can too. Love the attitude, love your glow, love these videos.

    95. Kat M

      Seeing someone live their best, healthiest, & happiest life is so much better than watching diet & exercise videos. I had NO idea, these are genuinely the first of this kind that I’ve watched. It’s truly awesome 💕✨ she rocks

    96. Munsaka Mwanajiti

      You look so much healthier and happier ♥️♥️♥️

    97. Hannah

      I just found your HUfast channel. I’m not sure if you’ll see my comment, but I hope you do because I want you to know how amazing your content is. I struggled with anorexia throughout my teen years and was hospitalized on and off for it. After I got through recovery, I gained about 70lbs, and confidently maintained that for about four years. But I experienced a traumatic event this past summer, and developed an array of GI issues. My diet for the past six months has been consisting of mostly raw vegan foods, and I’ve slowly lost my ability to even be able to eat those. I eat about every other day currently, and I feel so weak. I’m at the same weight I was when I was actively anorexic. It’s triggered my old disordered mindsets and habits, and I’ve passed out multiple times because my blood pressure fluctuation is out of control. Seeing your videos has really motivated me to take my health back into my own hands. It’s so easy to give up and let myself wilt away, but seeing you nourish your body, and look so happy and healthy and glowy makes me want to do the same. I’m going to call my doctor and try to get this all figured out once and for all. Thank you.

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