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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Hope you enjoyed the workout! 🙏Let me know if you guys are excited for the new series! I'm super stoked about it! Make sure to check out the description box, it has everything I talked about as well as the full workout! Love you all! xo 💕

      1. Tran Tran

        please show us more at home workouts! will appreciate you lots!:) will help make things way more convenient for a lot of people. thank you love!:)

      2. Shermaine Emilynn

        do a video on arm fat for woman or how to lose it!! 🙋🏻‍♀️😍

      3. Tatted_Tiffany_Beauty

        Definitely excited for the new women series.

      4. Cakez253

        Stephanie Buttermore I love your nail colors 😍 what is the name of this green and the blue one that you wear?

      5. • Yeni •

        Stephanie Buttermore yes!! That new serie sounds exactly like what I need

    2. Donatella De Patre

      I like this workout for shoulders and back👍🇮🇹👩

    3. Donatella De Patre

      Why don't you train chest in the upper body workout? 👩🇮🇹

    4. SeLiii122

      why do the reps and sets vary so much?

    5. lina jaafar

      Watching this while eating nasi lemak

    6. Kailiak

      Can you do a pullup? Because by the looks of your weights, you can't.

    7. Laura Jelica

      What song is that ? (7:04)

    8. Andrea LeAnne

      Steph you’re lookin amazing girl! 💪🏼 I love the teeny bit of extra Lbs on ya! You’re glowing 🤩

    9. Woke Gentleman

      Bonus points for Stephanie breathing into the mic

    10. Liis Karo

      For how long do you rest between the sets?

    11. victoria tizon

      Love how the text boxes match your nails, nice touch

    12. Adriana Martinez

      Love your videos but definitely need closed captioning 🤟

    13. erica dickard

      Your videos have gave me a motivation boost! You are perfect girl! Thank you for all the knowledge you drop

    14. Gi L

      Aw you wear so much makeup all the time, not needed

    15. Sabrina Van Der Voet

      Just finished!! Love videos like this!! Thanks!!!

    16. Sabrina Van Der Voet

      This is great!! Thanks so much!!! I was curious if these workouts are safe for those who have had a breast augmentation and is not supposed to work chest anymore? Reverse flys would be ok still? Thanks!!

    17. JoJoDoodles

      The glute hypertrophy program link is broken

    18. Kim Pilates

      So great ind on the Lowcarbu Steph. Btw, love your videos! Are we worried about any of this, it's the ingrediants rom the Hi Low Cereal> Soy grits, wheat gluten, soy protien concentrate, corn starch, corn bran, rice flour, canola oil, natural flavors, evaporated cane juice, caramel olor, vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) as natural antioxidants.

    19. CirceEnchants

      All processed foods on display here. Not healthy. Misconception. It's a lazy way of eating.

    20. Kay

      Can you possibly do a vid on upper body (arms and back) exercises with only hand weights?

    21. Becca Mardis

      We need more upper body!!

    22. la-ballade

      i wish my gym had music as lit as this

    23. Sarah. K

      Thank you so much I would like to have a workout program to get inshap .. Can you help me get that Thank you

    24. Annabel Bermeo

      Thank you for the LowCarbU tip! I’ve been eating the same healthy meals for the past year and I’m dying. I need to change it up but it helps so much that these dishes are easy to make! I subscribed today, thanks. Please do a video on your arms! I love how lean they look, mine get bulky because of my protein. Thanks so much.

    25. Dasha Molnar

      You made my life so much easier with low carb stuff🤤🤤🤤 I have an appetite of a beast, so thank you 😬😍

    26. Kadu M

      And chest?

    27. Jose Reyna

      SOB! She's a gorgeous Asian woman.... Her boyfriend is very ugly man and not even good looking.

    28. Felix New


    29. Confidencemagnet

      You should definitely do a video series for women. There are a lot of slim women who are afraid to eat. You on the other hand can eat like a fat girl but maintain the body of a model. These ladies need to know how you do it.

    30. Irina Sangeorzan

      someone got their hand on the lyle mcdonald booki

    31. jazzy g

      I really like how you explain where to place your feet or body in an exercise. A lot of workout videos don't explain it in depth.

    32. Heliana

      Also whats your hair care routine like and how do you keep it growing so long?

    33. Heliana

      where did you buy your leggings?

    34. Gwen McLaughlin

      It's really helpful to see u run thru these movements! I'm halfway thru Jeff's glute program and loving it!!

    35. Zlew93 93

      Hi Stephanie, I have a stupid question. I am qoing to the gym 2x week (i am skating 4x week so i can only go 2 times) and i am doing glute excersies, but i want also start doing some upper body workout. Can I do half of excercises from this video after glutes one day and the other half another day after glutes? Or its better be done all in one sitting?

    36. Modified Curls

      I’m a huge cereal person too! Yay I’m not alone!

    37. alison Marie

      Me and my 8 yr old son love watching your videos

    38. Selina Nunez

      I love your workout videos & tips!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

    39. Maddie Peck

      weird question, but do you wash your hair after every time you go to the gym?! i always feel the need to, but i don’t like washing my hair every do you deal with that? thank you ❤️

    40. Bethany Brechbuhl

      I just recently found your channel and I’m in love lol. I am 15 and I have such a big appetite like you and I’m so glad I found someone else who can eat as much as me. also I want to become a lot more muscular. What are good foods to eat for that?

    41. OLM

      Wow that’s really helpful! But I also want to know what kind of chest workout is best for women..... can you make a video talking about that? Thank you!

    42. hipnhappenin

      Wait. So Rashaun is like their live-in...uh....

    43. Shannon Adams

      Good video but this workout is too easy for me ;) I added more lats and shoulder exercices after ! More upper body workouts please !

    44. Opal Chatam

      as usual, high quality. plz do more what i eat

    45. Mishka1811

      Love how detailed this was and makes me less scared to maybe go to the gym because you show even how to switch sides or rotate hahaha sometimes getting into the correct positions is the hardest part so I appreciate that, thank you!!!

    46. Cristina

      What type of fitness watch are you wearing? Which type of fitness tracker would you recommend for someone who is starting to lift?

    47. thatveganchick

      heading to the gym right now to try these! new subscriber here:)

    48. Déborah N.

      Can you make a workout schedule?? Love ALL your videos!! xox

    49. Jacen Starheart

      Looking Fabulous! 👍👍💯❤

    50. Lucy D

      Training in accordance to my menstrual cycle.

    51. Claire Blyth

      Hi Steph, I’m loving your videos and looking forward to your women’s series. Im at the start of my fitness journey and I have zero confidence so would love to see a workout or alternative options just using free weights so that I can do this in the privacy of my own home. I would also love to hear about how you started out and your journey. Thanks and ❤️ from 🇬🇧

    52. Chris Anast

      Amazing video, Stephanie! Thank you so much for making this. I'm currently in my first ever lean bulking period and you have no idea how much your videos are helping me. You are awesome!

    53. Sierra Vanderzee

      I would love to hear about how to coordinate your training schedule with your menstrual cycle first!

    54. hot tea

      Rashaun is the cutest thing ever!

    55. Janice Wong

      Hey Stephanie! Love your content (: would you be able to share your knowledge in a vegan perspective, such as how to maintain a healthy vegan diet that is geared towards muscle growth? I'm vegan myself and would love to know your thoughts in a vegan lens!

    56. CindyJ Vlogs

      Please do a progress video! It would give motivation to many of us to see your progress from when you first started training to now 😀

    57. LuAnn87

      Excited for the women series!

    58. evelin alvarez

      You are GOALS, Steph! Keep the good work

    59. Julia Martinez

      I just wanted to say, I tried a slightly modified version of this since I workout at home with dumbbells. It was killer!!!! Loved it and looking forward to the new series.

    60. Paige Dixon

      So excited for your new series!!

    61. Jenny Rowan

      I'm SUPERR interested in the determining maintenance calories, or even one for determining calories for weight loss....maybe throw something in there if you're vegan...i became vegan a few weeks ago, and i'm having trouble trying to determine if i should be counting carbs from whole foods--namely vegetables, because i'm tempted to not count them, butttt i am mostly whole foods.

    62. Isabelle LaBrosse

      I’m so excited for this new series! I’m super interested in the topic of training in accordance to your menstrual cycle

    63. _mgrace

      you and jeff need to get on podcasts! you guys are so knowledgeable and i would benefit so much with podcast versions of your content. i listen to them on my way to work, before workouts when I'm doing cardio, and when I'm cleaning or doing random things. just a possible venture for the future....

    64. Yobi Boo

      This video helped me out a lot, thank you and God bless.

    65. Lilly B

      I stir all my drinks with a chopstick too LOL!

    66. Llanely Lopez

      Can you a everyday makeup look and the care you give to your hair how long has it took you to grow it that long? I’m so jealous!!!

    67. Kathryn Woodhall

      I love how smart and classy you are, you have such a cute personality!! Love you girl💕

    68. pat Namwong

      about Sleeping and Stress please

    69. Andreea S

      Can you do a scientific video about intermittent fasting for women??? Love you! Like if want her to do it.

    70. sagar chaudhary

      Damn , your voice😍😍😍😍

    71. Msjennylicious

      Super excited for your women’s series! Training during that time of the month is something I’ve been struggling with. (Especially this past month) I just feel super tired, unmotivated and in pain. I ended up taking a whole week off from the gym and now I’m trying to find motivation to get back in after being out. Love yours and Jeff’s channels. They’ve been super informative. Thank you!

    72. Gorhnou Lee

      You are everything!! Honestly need you to be my trainer 😂

    73. Kiki Hos

      Meal timing nutrient stuff first? The intro is cool, I’m excited to see it and all the new videos!

    74. Fiona Wutang

      Hey Steph! I know you’re still lean bulking! I was wondering if you could do a video on what you eat and what “lean bulking” consists of, and also if you decide to “cut”, what does that consist of and what do you do to cut! Please☺️💕

    75. Rita Dass

      Training around menstrual cycle! :)

    76. Mina Patton

      Can you try keto for a week and then review it and even go into detail about the science behind it?

    77. Princess Mustard

      I paused the video before watching it just to write this comment to Stephanie; I wanna thank you for making these workout videos/ meal videos as it really helps me figure out different workouts to do in the gym. I am currently 5’1 and 175 pounds; the heaviest I’ve been. I got really bad stomach acid and heart burn and my chest began to hurt a lot. I started going to the gym 3 days ago. The bloating has lessened and I’ve been focusing on eating well. It makes me happy to see you so enthusiastic about health and fitness and it encourages me to push through and lose the weight. The weight made me really depressed and sad but just from these couple of days and using some of your workout routines and meal ideas has helped me feel motivated. I’ll keep pushing through. Six months later or maybe even earlier; I want to be able to leave a comment telling you my accomplishment in my health and fitness. Thanks for being such a great female role model when it comes to fitness!

    78. Stephhy D

      Why do you mix both high volume and prolific?

    79. notnagma

      Hey Stephanie, do you do any chest exercises as well?

    80. Tiana Kerr

      love your videos! super scientific :)

    81. Nicole Cloutier

      How do you train your abs?

    82. Isabel Saari

      SO EXCITED for the new series!

    83. ann3h

      Hi! Just watched your video on the supplements you take, and wanted to ask you if you’ve tried PESciences Alphamine PWO? I figured there would be a better chance of getting a reply on your newest video 😅 There is no Norwegian shop that has the kind you are using, only the Alphamine kind. My girlfriend and I love your videos and actually tried out some of these exercises today! 👌🏼

    84. Carmen Thong

      For women's series: a modification of the "bro split" ... Hypertrophy work for a woman's physique would be slightly different (i.e. pec size, less emphasis on quads), would love to get your structure on which muscles you emphasize.

    85. Cambria

      I know this isn't really what you on do on your channel, but I would love to see your makeup routine. Especially eyeliner! It's flawless every time.

    86. Patty_pcr

      Loved the tips you gave for upper body workout! I'm excited for the women's series, I know it would be great. Also, if you don't mind, can you show how you prepare your hair for the gym. It looks very cute. Maybe add it in a insta story if don't want it in a video? :)

    87. Samantha C

      Love this video keep it up

    88. Lena Hilton

      loving your videos!!! I wanted to see what you thought about birth control pills potentially having a negative impact on muscle building? It's really hard as a small female to build muscle!!

    89. jessica lorainne

      So excited for the women series !!!

    90. Rosa A

      Hi i have been watching your videos for some time and i love each one i want to know you have any Abs workout? and maybe you want to do a video about macros ( how much calories and how count it) thanks.

    91. Chex Mix

      I don’t know if anyone will see this but I have severe anxiety to the point where I get panic attacks daily and think I’m dying. With that being said I hate coffee because I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack and my mind is racing. Medically I’ve been checked and cleared. If prolific a good pre-workout for people with anxiety? Should I give it a try? Is it dangerous?

      1. Milad Babz

        Avoid pre-workout supplements if you have anxiety because they contain compounds, like caffeine, with stimulant properties which can worsen anxiety.

    92. Christina G.

      Super excited for the Women's Series :) do you wear a fitness tracker? If so, which brand do you wear and do you recommend it?

    93. J B

      Hi Stephanie! Have you considered including a pelvic floor muscle health segment into this new series? I'm a pelvic health physiotherapist from Toronto Canada and I think it'd fit in beautifully into your series. * just bc the pelvic floor is a hidden muscle group in our bodies, it is often a forgotten muscle BUT that doesn't mean it shouldn't be trained* I mostly treat women post-partum to treat pelvic floor disorders: incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse (low grades), rectus diastasis, dyspareunia, pelvic floor weakness... But there is also a population of young elite female athletes (cross-fit/gymnast) that seek pelvic health physiotherapy because the rest of their core is sooooo overdeveloped in comparison to their pelvic floor and so when they go to do a heavy squat or jump (or essentially have a very large increase in intra-abdominal pressure), they will have a bit of urinary leakage. This often stops them from wanting to progress their weights in lifting or progress in their sport, fearful they will leak and be embarrassed or have an odor. I think it'd be fantastic if we could maybe chat about doing a pelvic floor segment. I'm fairly new to the field but I have resources to link you up with the founding leaders of the field and I'd be so happy if we could together bring awareness to this topic!

    94. ty nn

      Love the new format in the gym! Please do more of it! Also, I'd love to see more on body recomposition!

    95. Lizeth Guzman

      My elbow always seems to lock up and I feel sharp pain with the narrow grip lay pull down. Also when I perform a close grip pull up.

    96. Alexis Kim

      where was your gym outfit from??

    97. Mesara L Roberts

      My traps overpower everything! Even though I do all I can to not use them. Any suggestions on that? I would love to decrease size in them, but I don't want to quit lifting upper body in general lol

    98. Elizabeth Chavez

      Very informative regarding Jeff's Upper body demo video! Thank you for the snackie, snack website! ;)💪

    99. Bianca Fernandez

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    100. Shannon Hasper

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