How Gaining 30 lbs Changed My Physique (Boobs, Glutes, Stretch Marks) + Training Update

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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Because of you guys, I was brave enough to post this video ❤️ I almost scrapped it because I wasn't feeling my best, but I know you guys are with me no matter what I look like right now 🙏 THIS IS ME IN ALL HER GLORY!! Life goes on and I can't just quit doing me just because I look a little different! SO here we are and I'm doing my thing!!! Don't forget to check out the description box for all the details on my new program! I've worked so hard on this and it's the quality and value you should expect from me, I know you will love it! Love you guys so much, I wouldn't be here without you 💋


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      2. Ami Snyder

        Stephanie, thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this video despite your self-consciousness. I am nearing the end of my all-in journey now and I have a ton of extra weight gain around my middle that hasn't redistributed and I'm feeling REALLY self-conscious myself. But you give me confidence and remind me that health is paramount, our bodies are the least interesting thing about us, and it is so much more comforting and joyous to see real, normal bodies on the internet rather than shredded or photoshopped ones. love you!!

      3. Melanie Avans

        Brave? Girl, you are STUNNING!!!

      4. Vi In The Void

        As a fellow scientist I'm here to tell you: I appreciate your positive, honest and scientific appoach to weight and fitness. You have NO reason to be in any way ashamed of your body. You are a smart, kind and gorgeous person with a healthy, strong and gorgeous body. Most of all, your radiate how much better you feel. Personally I also think you look better now, but let's be real, what anyone thinks about your looks DOES NOT MATTER :)

      5. Regan wolf

        you are great I really love how pure you look.. pleace be always your real self.. stay blessed en thank you for uploading this video 🥳🥳🌞🌞💕💕💪🏽👌🏼

    2. Moin _mr.awsome

      How many months it took to gain 30pounds and how many calories did you ate

    3. cathe broadway

      steph youve been such a motivation for me to address my meal plans. you are so courageous

    4. Amine Arman Hernandez

      you are so genuine, stephanie :)

    5. li ha

      you look amazing!! this is so helpful ❤️

    6. Mary Weiguny

      Thank you for your videos, you are the reason why I started my recovery from anorexia. Every time I struggle you help me to stay focused. You are a blessing, thanks from the bottom of my heart. Because of you I believe that a healthy relationship with food is possible. Sending all my love to you and Jeff. xxx

    7. Rosie Steel

      Your gorgeous & perfect in every way ❤️

    8. Apostolia Γκολφινοπουλου

      Damn I guess thats why my period is so late... It is always late sometimes I even miss it and I was suspecting it might have something to do with poor nutrition but because i havent lost my period yet I didnt want to be too quick to blame it on that. Thanks for your videos I hate being all cheesy but they help so much

    9. Kimberley Sammut

      Inspirational ✨

    10. Maryum Noor

      what IMPERFECTIONSSSSS? You're looking so fresh and beautiful!!

    11. Samuel Zarb

      I think it's crazy to gain weight on purpose when you looked absolutely great before,I can't understand

    12. Faith Kwaku

      I was a dancer and has very little body fat, spotty period and no boobs. Now that I am not dancing, I have a period, eat only when I am hungry and have size d boobs and happier. You look great and much happier.

    13. J. J

      You look amazing!beautiful curves.

    14. san t

      I'm a female and I'm 1,78 cms tall, few months ago I was weighting 62 kilos. I was too thin, I gained 9 kilos and I'm loving it. I have more butt now, I look much better and healthier. Being too skinny sometimes is not good for you.

    15. sarthak gg

      She looks better now in my opinion

    16. kirsty brownlie

      you look great and I'm glad youre healthy :)

    17. Adriana Melyshi

      omggg you look perfect at the gym please dont be so hard on your self i cant see any imperfection just a beautiful soul

    18. exitstrategy

      Disclaimer: Not to be a creeper, but... YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SEXY & GORGEOUS!!! Please continue to represent different body types!!! Not everyone has 0% body fat, please normalize the range of healthy body types!

    19. Cari Anderson

      Ignore the negative comments. Not even worth responding to. You’re an inspiration. Keep going!!

    20. Nancy Paulina

      Thank you for encourage us what is vídeo. I appreciate that you take the time and also being honest.☺️

    21. Nicole Gildea

      You used to be inspiring but now not so much. You just look fat

    22. Gwendolyn_ Ray

      How much do you weight in this video? You look great 😊

    23. Lil’ Bird

      wondering... would you feel the same if you held all your weight in your arms and stomach instead of your butt? I feel like people who hold weight in upper body are considered fat, and those who hold fat in their lower body are considered sexy. Not fair.

    24. Αlexandra Tsimpidi

      You look great!

    25. Chris AT

      Thank you for a realistic body image. I look just like you! I've capped at 145lb for the last 2 years. I want to lose more weight but I ignore the number and can see the change in how my clothes feels! They say cameras add 10lbs to a person and so I know in person you look slimmer. And I think that's just a sad part of how technology and social media is today, it has too unrealistic of body images. Thank you foe your honest content. You look beautiful!

    26. Fit Within

      You are amazing and inspiring. The live and acceptance that you have for yourself now really shines through. Thank you for making women all over the world feel better about themselves 💙💚❤

    27. lana 112

      damn u look hot

    28. Kaujepua Joyce Kandjiriomuini

      I love your body

    29. Bingxue An

      I know the struggle ❤️

    30. Anne-Sophie Lahlou

      You are an inspiration thanks you you have helped me a lot to get out of my unbalanced relationship with food you look way Healthier now and beautiful dont go back to the skinny time

    31. Maddison Ravens

      Girl,ur body is just amazing and perfect 🥺🥺🥺Its my goals cuz i am very skinny and i wanna be thicker 😍💕💕🥺🥺🥺

    32. HayabusaOrlando

      Now : she says I feel great and strong and not hungry all the time. Before: she said she was skinny but ALWAYS hungry Let's not starve ourselves just to look skinny. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    33. Marian Lo Giudice

      you are so beautiful!!

    34. Brooke's Best Life

      Is that your natural hair? It’s so pretty

    35. Okosun Tom

      That backside surely looks amazing.We call that ukwu from where i come from

    36. Kimberly Napper

      Stephanie, I have to say that you are very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story. I can relate to going from being lean to getting close the weight I was when I was pregnant. Watching your videos has helped keep me motivated. I have inner motivation, but it was nice to see that there was someone else who felt similiarly to the way I do. I will continue to follow your journey as I continue mine. One of my goals is to get back on stage. Keep your focus! I know you won’t let the negativity get to you! Be blessed!💕🙏🏽

    37. Vanessa Jabbour

      Don't feel bad about your body. In fact it makes you more relatable knowing that we can do weightlifting even though we aren't shredded. The only thing is confidence which I have none. If I go to the gym to strength train but then I see all those guys that are buff, I get discouraged. My insecurities take over. What if I mess up or look like idk what im doing even though that might be the case? So I just do cardio even though I really want to do strength training as well. But confidence is an issue for me overall and I have been trying for years little by little trying to push myself out of my comfort zone. Some days are good but most are setbacks. Any advice?

    38. alrblondie

      Forgive my question if it silly. I am currently in ED recovery or All In, if you will. I am usually a jean and t-shirt frumpy kinda gal, but I am afraid that the weight gain and Jean size will be an issue. What do you recommend that a person wears to be comfortable but doesn't show the weight gain/make it as noticable. If that is even possible?

      1. Bitch

        Sweatpants,sweatshirts,oversized tees,long dresses,etc.

    39. Rockin7Winners

      Do bikini competitors have cellulite like carafe people do

    40. lenai tmp

      she still looks beautiful. thick or thin

    41. Mama Mab

      You definitely look better with this weight! Beautiful physique

    42. John Smith

      Lookin great, I love your look in this video very, very much ;)

    43. Sandra Isaksson

      I'm so curious how much money you spent on food during your "all in period" compared to when you were constricting your food intake. Dying to know!

      1. girl almighty


    44. Lori Starkey

      Steph you are beautiful and as I watch your videos I love and respect you more and more! You are becoming a legend !! You are positively impacting more lives than you know! Much love to you gorgeous girl!!! Very proud and it’s awesome how much support Jeff gives!!! Dream team!

    45. Cristina Arguello


    46. Michelle Eatherton

      You are stunning, I think you look amazing and I really appreciate your honesty about your journey..stretchmarks and all. Women look at someone like you and truly think you are 100% flawless.

    47. Saya Satre

      Omg you played softball?? I played softball for 10 years and have shoulder problems too LOL

    48. crazy girl

      Imagine traveling so much that you're sick of it

    49. Shafinaz Shoib

      I feel you! I somehow don't feel as hungry anymore even though I've gained muscles. It's weird! I even used to feel so dizzy after a workout if I don't immediately eat something. But now, I feel fine. It's so weird. And being in "caloric deficit" doesn't inhibit my fitness performance either.

    50. Morgan Homer

      I've just discovered your channel and have binged a couple videos and I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being honest. Thank you for being real. Thank you and your man for talking about the "dark" side of bodybuilding and your struggles with body image. I'm by no means a competitor and I'm a fair-weather lifter with no real motivation but I think about my body image every waking moment of every day and it is so validating that a verified Fitgirl shares some of my struggles. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't say it enough. P.S.: This is my first HUfast comment ever. I have never been moved enough to share my thoughts with any creative. You are obvi very smart, beautiful, and have made an important contribution to the world. 💕💕💕 Thanks again! -Morgan

    51. melissa velasquez

      I've been watching your journey since the beginning. Just watching some of your older videos again and to see where you've came from it just encourages me that I'll get back there after having my baby this past April. 😊💪

    52. Laura Martinez

      I’ve been trying to gain weight, but don’t know how to start and what I have to eat.. I will like to know if you have a video about it..

    53. Eve

      So what is your weight right now like exact number and do more workout videos I am trying to lose weight I am over weight and i am young plz need your help

    54. Katie

      This makes me wonder if extreme hunger is normal. I used to feel like extreme hunger in my teens and 20’s. I would eat like what might be classified as a binge but that never occurred to me? I’m 42 now so that hunger just isn’t there as much. I’m a therapist andI have clients in their 20’s who stress about binging. It makes me wonder what normal eating is and what is a binge eating and what is normal hunger satisfaction.

      1. Pineapple

        Binging is usually caused by an urge,whether starving or an emotional reason, ,you stuff yourself with no control,you don't feel your arms anymore,until you are sick and hardly breathe and feel guilty and disgusted after it,we high key try to "make up" after the binge which makes it a vicious cycle,and oh...people with binge eating tend to eat sooo much faster,but eating to satisfaction is basically listening to your body,you eat when you're hungry and stop when your full...also you take the time to enjoy it without feeling rushed like it happens when binging,after being full you will low-key feel guilty or barely feel it,and you less likely try to make up for it so yeah eating to satisfaction is basically intuitive eating...hope it helps :)

    55. Kurve Bands

      Amazing workout. I really like that she just does the workout. I just purchased my booty bands from and started my fitness journey today. They have amazing fitness essentials. I hope you guys will also love it. This was great. I'm fairly new to using a lot of resistance bands and this was perfect! Thanks, 😊

    56. Dzid flower

      Girl you actually look sexier and more beautiful than you actually were when you were skinny. I mean weight may not look good on everyone but it looks better on you. Don't go back!

    57. Nihad Zaafour

      U look even better i swear u look more feminine and amazing 😍😍😍

    58. Kaelia Lana Grace

      you look great that lighting is doing you justice still!!

    59. GreenBean

      "this lighting shows every imperfection if you're not shredded" bro what imperfections you literally look incredible holy shit

    60. Amber Elizabeth

      Thank you! I look forward to buying your program. All women need you, please keep up the great work, your honesty and transparency is very healing for all women at all stages. ❤️💪❤️

    61. Jack Hoff

      I love the way your eyes glow in this video. 🙂 I’m trying to gain some weight so, I think I’m gonna incorporate oatmeal into my daily food intake.

    62. Nancy Tsai

      Thank you for not scrapping the videos in the gym... you look amazing--healthy, strong, and curves in all the best places! Thank you for being so genuine, vulnerable, and just such a pleasure to follow

    63. Abi Mcc

      You look amazing! Inspirational, thank you!!!!!!!

    64. Midlife Less Ordinary

      And because of YOU, at 48, I am finally feeling free from the shame and guilt surrounding food, body imperfections, and comparing myself to other women. You are beautiful when you are healthy, whatever that means for you. Thank you for teaching me to drop the chains that have been holding me hostage for years. We love you, Stephanie!

    65. Natural Escinze

      These videos are very helpful for people trying to weight lift. I think you look great. Thanks for the video.

    66. InTheBleakMidwinter

      I love just make me feel sooo good!!!

    67. Erika Crystal Viti

      You looking amazing girl...goals and inspiration

    68. Нармин Мир

      Girl you look thiiiccccc

    69. Elizabeth Akam

      You’re gorgeous!! Thank you so much for this!

    70. S Yp


    71. Lydie Kotrlová

      you are sooo beautiful!!❤️❤️❤️

    72. La diva

      What should I do to thé fucking hip dips please

    73. Hotcakes Darling

      Honestly I feel like it was fate that I stumbled across your channel by chance. Your videos have really helped me massively Thankyou!

    74. Florence Eva


    75. Rosewing가은쌤

      After you gained weight, you become more beautiful and have a nice body as well than before. I am so happy♡ not only gaining weight, but having more healthy body♡♡♡♡ I admire your life style!

    76. MinShie- Borahae

      I just I want to say that I'm happy for you 😊 Wacthing your journey, from cheat days to all in, is really inspiring and interesting. I will still wait for your updates, and follow you.

    77. chanibata

      Fantastic gym tutorial, thank you!! Btw- you look so much better now than before ALL IN to be honest. I want to gain weight even more now, thank you ❤️

    78. Ben Laden

      That ass is amazing

    79. Akane kang

      Thank you for being so educational and positive! Love ya gurl

    80. Divine David

      I just want to say, while I was watching the gym scene of you working out, I actually was thinking to myself that you looked really good. It gave me joy to see how happy and healthy you're looking rn. Thank you, for doing this because you're giving so many people a better view point on their relationship with food and weight. Watching you become the healthy, strong, and, the happy woman you're becoming is helping me to have a better out look on my body and food. I'm sure it is helping many others as well. So, thank you!

    81. Som

      Can’t believe you almost scrapped this?! You look amazing! Goals babe! 💗

    82. sela andresen

      Honestly I just found stephanie a few weeks ago and I watched all of her old videos and didn’t even know that she was going through her “all in” journey until recently and honestly I am proud of this woman. As people we think gaining weight is a negative thing and it can make us feel insecure. She is so strong to show people her journey and freely talk about it. I bet it’s hard but I think what she’s doing is so great.She is taking care of her health whether it be physically mentally or emotionally. And for all you haters out there hating on her, you were never here for her or her wellbeing you were just here for her body and how it looked. Period. Anyways YOU ARE A QUEEN and I will support you in whatever journey you take 110 percent.

      1. sela andresen

        Also can I say THAT BOOTY THOUGH

    83. Lovely Jandi

      I didnt do anything yet im so beautiful Phisically. Even more than you

    84. Brosia D

      You are an amazing human and I admire you for going against vanity and listening to your body! You have inspired me to listen to my body more! Thanks for being awesome

    85. Javier

      You look way hotter and beautiful now trust me as a guy

    86. PettyGal

      I used to watch your videos in recovery from an ED and think "if I didn't eat as much I could look like that" I'm trying to get healthy now for the right reasons and your body now is so much more realistic for me to be inspired by. Thank you!!

    87. CelloAfterDark

      Thank you for sharing Stephanie! Your experiences gives me new and positive ways to interpret my own feelings about food and my body and watching your videos makes me extra excited to work out ❤️❤️❤️

    88. Lydia Baumann

      So great! Go on you beautiful and brave woman!

    89. Giomil Gonzalez

      I really like to see how great and normal you body looks like you and I feel really tired of dieting and trying to “fix it”. It’s really good to see I’m not the only one. So thank you

    90. Sophie Bessant

      YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    91. _mell99

      i admire you so much. you are incredible!

    92. Hélène Hernández

      Beautiful!!!! And your booty girllll amazing!!!

    93. Lola Se

      you look amazing!

    94. Natalie Rees

      this video is super positive, and i love that i can watch your vids knowing you're fully qualified to say what you do

    95. maggie villac

      you ARE BEAUTIFUL, you already were but girl, can’t imagine the mental breakdowns you must have

    96. Deborah Walsh

      This is the first time I have ever seen any of your videos and I love them. You are very candid and real. I love your honesty in sharing some of your troubling moments. You look great. Keep it up.

    97. Ayah Hineiti

      YES. you look sooo good.

    98. Mahnoor Khan

      I'd try to gain weight but I know it'll just go to my face// double chin

    99. mariana elizalde desentis

      You’re really looking good!!! Anyway your body look like you look awesome!! And that butt is looking great!!

    100. bergercookie

      You look and seem so much healthier and happier!!!! I thought you were beautiful before but now you have this stunning glow that comes from your inner confidence and being more satisfied. You’re so brave to film in the gym that lighting is extremely unforgiving yet you still looked sexy and so much more healthy to me . Honestly, I was sad when I saw that older pic of you at the gym you were so tiny and IMO too lean , that looked very unhealthy to me. I’m so glad you’re being more realistic, it’s so refreshing! You’re more beautiful and inspiring every video I watch of yours ❤️❤️❤️