How Do I Eat 1.5 Years After All In? (Full Day Of Eating)

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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart! My Ph.D. is in Pathology & Cell Biology and my research focused on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression.
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      Back home in Florida! 😎As you can probably tell, I'm so happy to see my family and of course I miss my home. But I hope you enjoy the video, let me know what you think! I always love and appreciate your feedback! Love you guys! 💋

      1. Amy Yap

        Compared to your old self before "All In", I'd say I really love seeing the current you who looks healthier and happier. Glad that you overcame the extreme hunger and all the best :) And you do look more amazing now compared to before.

      2. Lorenzo Azzimiei

        Hi from Italy👋☺

      3. C E

        I love this video, if you think its ok could you do a body update? Weight, physique, blood? etc

      4. Lauren Elizabeth Godfrey

        Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us struggling with food! You’re amazing! I’ve watched your channel through the hardest times I will ever experience in life and honestly I feel like we’ve grown together :)

      5. God Bless

        @Based Finnmaid because we are in a pandemic. Wear one to keep yourself safe, your family safe, and every single person in this world safe! God bless you💕💕

    2. Maria Papaioannnou

      lol if I eat all that in a day I would just get super fat

    3. Em D

      stephanie how have i been following you for so long and just realized you stay in jacksonville??!

    4. crystal li

      There is also spiritual hunger :)

    5. Winnie

      Please post more videos!

    6. ceourso

      Anyone who obsesses over their diet like this absolutely has an eating disorder. She looks a lot more healthy now, and this is about the same way i eat, but her constant fixation on the specifics is so unsettling. I get that this is like her brand, and she's trying to make content for her channel, but I hope for the sake of her own mental health that she moves on from this.

    7. Cece Tawfik

      Do you intermit fast???

    8. alfredo sauri

      Geez another pretty face with 2B views, serious? HUfast and their influencers of this type are going to destroy the channel, Pretty face + cool music + Google = $$$$ on youtube

    9. Bitch Y

      Those are some of the prettiest eggs I’ve ever seen.

    10. Janet Greenstein

      How much do you make by advertising OREOS? Tell the COMPLETE TRUTH! YOU DIDNT LOSE ALL OF THAT WEIGHT doing what you say you're doing. No friggin way! There are many holes in your story that do not ring true. But you are making money advertising, aren't you? You phony, you FRAUD! Truth mixed with lies makes for one BIG LIE!!

    11. Janet Greenstein

      How much is truth and how much is a con job? YOU lost weight and NOT BY EATING WHAT YOU EAT. YOU MAKE MONEY ON U- TUBE BY ADVERTISING OREOS ETC. THAT YOU SAY YOU EAT!! Yeh, right. You are NOT telling the complete truth. NO BLEEPIN WAY!!

    12. Tash Simpson

      Stephanie my dear your attitude around food has not changed a bit and I pity you. The idea of all in is to have food just; but your demeanour surrounding food says otherwise. It should be comparable to Jeff's calm outlook, however you are so clearly still obsessed. A human body, with a working metabolism, requires fuel every 2-3hrs. You cannot tell me that you did not feel hungry until 5hrs later (as well as working out); everything about this screams Eating Disorder, whether you like it or not. Please, for the sake of young, impressionable minds everywhere, seek help from a professional psychologist. You will gain so much wisdom as well as a real following, we are starting to notice you slipping again. When you no longer have your looks to support you financially, what will you have left?

    13. M H

      LOL @ Jeff pervin' out at 12:20. Love both of your channels, love watching you guys just hang out.

    14. erika Erhardt

      Linda sun?

    15. Jacquelyn Son

      I'm so happy you are sharing your journey with the world. You are glowing inside and out

    16. aloao 302

      I remember reading The darkest minds! It was such a good trilogy!

    17. Weston Jones

      She's a literal Angel

    18. Chelsea O'Bannon

      5 grain is there best bread ! I get the same order with heavy Mayo and oil and vinegar !

    19. Corrinne

      Your food cravings changing makes sense. Your body craves what it needs. it needed the micronutrients from certain foods, so it responded accordingly.

    20. Beach Town Girl

      I love you. I love you, every time I see you with your mom. I didn’t know you’re a Florida girl. Howdy neighbor!💕

    21. Mateja Kiseljak

      Did she suffer amenorrhea?

    22. Beauty In J

      I would love to try "ALL IN" but I'm already overweight 🤣. I'm scared I'll be a big blueberry from Willy Wonka. Idk what eating plan to try, it's so many.

    23. mustafa yaqub

      It's mad how stephanie looks older now I used watch Jeff n stephanie videos like 4 years back she deffo looks older like that adult look same with Jeff but he looks similar still but stephanie dosent look that really younger you can tell she has that mature adult look

    24. Michelle Baumann

      Did you take any supplements like digestive enzymes while you were going all in and getting edema/bloating?

    25. Iris Danae


    26. rslove

      Omg I had no idea you were thai!! I’m also half Thai :)

    27. Rebecca Muñiz

      Wait Stephanie, what milk did you use for your cereal n what kind of cereal?

    28. linda jones

      What she's describing is the refeeding she desperately needed after extreme dieting/restrictions.. once she mentally and physically allowed all foods and gave up all food rules her body started to trust that food would be available and stopped holding on to weight. The body wants to protect you from starvation and keep you alive! It will fiercely work to keep you in balance. When we diet we get completely out of your body and stop listening to our body's natural hunger/full cues. The more we restrict the more we jack up our metabolism and the more weight we gain when we eventually fall off the wagon from deprivation. The more you diet the higher your weight set point goes up! It's a vicious cycle. If diets worked long term we would all be thin. Stop the craziness and allow all foods your body will work for you if you let it. The book health at every size and body respect by Linda Bacon helped me to understand this and heal my body and relationship with food. Do awesome Stephanie is nurishing her body/mind. You look great!

    29. taylor marie


    30. Karissa Dugan


    31. WEEB OWL

      can we all agree she looks so pretty without makeup

    32. AiSHaNICoLe

      In five year she will post...”how do I eat after 5 years All IN” people get a nurse who also had an eating disorder and still struggles from time to time...the restriction and binge eating causes stress on your heart and other body organs and functions. Reverse dieting is the best way to balance your weight and fix a screwed up metabolism. Reverse dieting requires for you to pay attention to your calories and counting macros could also help. People like Stephanie want an easy way out, truth is you can’t eat three or four donuts and not expect your body to gain weight. People want easy fix, she promotes lies. You eat like crap, you will feel and look like crap. End of the Story! Make good choices. Also people believe they must eat salads to stay thin and healthy and that’s not true at all!!! You can enjoy a donut here and there, as your body reacts to what you do to it consistently, not your rare moments of indulgence. Study the keto diet or carnivore and stop listening to this women who so obviously has an eating disorder and has no shame in misguiding women! I like her I do. I wish she would heal properly, but bringing women down with you is gross.

    33. Samantha Lee Barrell

      its official you make me want food like no one ever #foodporn

    34. Ariana Helvie

      You're so beautiful without makeup steph!

    35. Kurt

      Just started my all-in journey, but now I feel bloated all the time and everyone is making fun of me. I'm always so out of breath too. But I believe in you Steph!

    36. What the Health

      Noooo, you ate the oreo whole!! lol

    37. Earth Bruja

      She's losing weight so she can push her exercise app thing. Pretty obvious. As long as she's being healthy then great.

    38. Engelbert Humperdinck

      I love Stefanny Butterball!

    39. Tommy Bad

      Did Stephanie get some plastic surgery done? She looks different 👀

      1. Cozy Walrus

        Maybe makeup and weight changes

    40. Fashionista In Corsica

      You look amazing Stephanie!😍😍😍

    41. lan huynh

      You guys are so cute! I am so glad your appetite is finally satiated love your videos!

    42. Lauren Wickert

      I just finished eating the exact same breakfast right before I saw thus and it was awesome 🍳

    43. hajirah aamir

      i’ve been watching this channel for so so so long, and this is the best you both have ever looked. you guys look so happy and it makes me so happy.

    44. Alyanna Co

      I really wish to find a man who loves me the way I see how Jeff loves you 🥺

    45. YU 11

      You look amazing than ever before🌞🌞 You are one of the definition that we all girls can be strong and intelligent enough to overcome no matter what❤️ Can’t wait to have your first book!

    46. YU 11

      You look amazing than ever before🌞🌞 You are one of the definition that we all girls can be strong and intelligent enough to overcome no matter what❤️ Can’t wait to have your first book!

    47. Here For The Comments

      Hey you're a doctor, so you're technically more qualified to talk about it than, say, Jeff. Jeff did a video on how to raise testosterone/effects on testosterone. Can you do a video for women and how to raise whatever it is women need to perform in the gym? And have Jeff co-star in it with you like you co-starred in his video?

    48. Casey Sugden

      I feel like you need to buy smaller pans for a smaller appetite now haha xxx Soooooo happy for you!!!!

    49. Katarzyna Fiszer

      I really don't understand the hyph over Oreos ;-) I mean, in Easter Europe we have these cookies called "Markizy" and they been here forever. So I just think of Oreos as a marketing genius product. :D

    50. sunnydaysam

      thanks for the new song 😆 More by Maria Z

    51. Jamie Lee Ashton

      Wow it’s so amazing how little things can change your life 😌

    52. MissKaylaRose

      I love it!! As always

    53. Nancy Razo

      This is family goals. Barley a minute in and my heart is touched. So adorable 🥰

    54. t k

      Wow you are so SO inspiring.Thank you so much for your content.Sending you a lot of love

    55. Faten Younes

      Hi Stéphanie im faten 15 years old I Lost my période about a year because of an extrême diet I lost 20 kg But now i decreased my exercise to half an hour not every day and eat not too much but i eat What i wanna Ask is Can i gain 5 kg by eating intuitive and not gain more and exercise 30 minutes Plzzzz tell me how can i reach my goal without gaining all the extra weigh again I love you Stéphanie you are my inspiration 😄😄😄❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💗💖💝

    56. Chloe Pallex

      Love the mason jar and plastic clear straw at the beginning of the video! Where did you get that?

    57. Mercedes Javelera

      Looking happy, healthy, and beautiful. Literally so happy for you, for I haven't been keeping up with your videos for the past few years.

    58. Nick J


    59. Selen Şahin


    60. chiara

      you glow girl✨✨

    61. remsvic

      easily one of my favourite youtubers of all time

    62. The Byrne Farm

      I have extreme hunger and I am trying to be in a cal deficit. And girl it’s HARD. I let go one day and ate 3500 cals... let me say I was holding back. How do you suggest eating in a deficit with extreme hunger? Haven’t heard anyone talk about it and I agree with it being a lot of mental!

    63. Esc

      That tattoo means... ครอบครัว = family เลือกคำที่มีความหมายดีมากๆเลยค่าาา💖💖

    64. Ria Nair

      When you grow you glow different , that is stephanie right now

    65. كاتي كاتي

      I'm going into residential ed treatment in a few days and this video is so encouraging. I hope I can get to this point someday.

    66. Ellen K

      You look like a prettier version of Kim Kardashian

    67. doubtfuldreamer

      This girl said tim hortons donuts were good and they suck, so I can't trust her taste

    68. Sasha Peirce

      Id love love love to see your facial reaction when you dont like a food haha. Always look so happy with all the food.

    69. Fit With Holly

      The mental hunger I think takes a super long time to overcome!! After getting very lean for a competition I know that my body will literally not get full!! Craving certain foods for me (I do this too) usually indicate I’m missing something in my nutrition-and YESS on the golden Oreos!! They are so much better! My 16 year old son would disagree for sure but I ❤️them! Thanks for your awesome content!

    70. Yummy Food Secrets


    71. Jehu Reyes

      Annoying af 🤣

    72. MS LAD ART and Learning

      Love all of your videos Stephanie🥰❤️

    73. Lance Moua

      Stephanie with makeup: Looking better than last time!

    74. Adrena Line

      When are you going to have kids? You're getting old

    75. rose allen

      Thank you so much Stephanie. I experienced extreme hunger as part of my eating disorder and your videos have just helped me so much at all of the stages of me trying to recover so thank you for everything.

    76. Shan Sherdel

      Omg that’s what I was going through for years and this year I went to a nutrition to lose weight cause I ate it not emotional eater like when ever I want it I ate and when am hungry I ate but now I feel better it’s been 3 months still a bit cheating about but way better from before and yey am losing weight and being healthy

    77. Pauline

      They were laughing because Jeff didn't like the pasta ?

    78. Cloe Bonza

      I am so happy for your achievement and thanks for posting your journey.

    79. Sara Rose

      I also feel like there's a spiritual/emotional hunger aspect of things. Like, when i don't have enough people or variety or inspiration or activities in my life, I get hungry. It's like my body is trying to tell me I'm missing some kind of stimulation and it has learned that sometimes I only give it food for stimulation, instead of you know, walking or listening to music or having a invigorating conversation.

    80. Paji Strawperry

      Jeff - takes gorgeous photo of gf Every other boyfriend in the world - take hideous, unflattering, weird angled photo of gf 🙄😂

      1. Blu macaw

        maybe it's because stephanie is SO much more attractive than the average woman

      2. Sam Daisy

        Lmao true

    81. Julia

      Publix sandwiches at the beach is a Florida tradition.... makes me nostalgic

    82. Rabiah

      What brand of veggie burgers do you eat ?

    83. roaa hawari

      I have this craving too :) I think the body just tell you what it needs , main is avocado at the moment as well:)

    84. Tara Litvack

      Very curious if and how you deal with sugar cravings. It’s my weakness and I have no clue how to manage it. I have gone sugar free and felt amazing but at the same time I think it led to me craving it all the time now. I also love my treats and a life without them at all makes me sad...

      1. Cozy Walrus

        Sameeee... I have a strong sweet tooth but it’s bad for my skin :/ so now I have it on weekends

    85. rania khalil

      gain weight again please

    86. Barbara Schild

      your mum is such a G! XD

    87. Flo. C

      Hi Stepanie, Thanks for filming your journey and taking us along ! I have to say my experience was a bit different because I had to beat the physical hunger first, and that's what made my mental hunger disappear. But you journey really inspired and helped me and I could never thank you enough for that. Love from France

    88. Aleksandra Petranowicz

      What about counting calories?

    89. stopitdamn stopitdamn

      It's my first time watching one of your videos directly and em impressed. I judged you when i was watching Greg's videos about your all in phase. But now that em watching this em surely gonna binge watching your previous videos! When i saw your bloating scenes i was like fuck that's me the last few weekends since i started having cheatdays and em confused as why the fuck em not able to stop. Now i have the motivation to work on that! Thank you

    90. Milagros Luis

      you look so happy and healthy! love u queen

    91. Khant San

      you look happy inside out... true inspiration

    92. ElaineA. HYSTG.

      Can you show your full workout please 😍.

    93. kristy. lai

      I'm actually trying to recover from an ed and all of your videos are helping me so much! I love you and I really see you as a role model

    94. ro coco

      I’m happy for Stephanie. I just don’t think this could work for me, despite my workout routine. I don’t think I could do this and have a body like Stephanie’s. I feel like I have to restrict. It’s so mentally exhausting.

    95. Arianna Alderete

      The egg sandwich is my go to every single day also!!!! YOU NEED TO TRY ADDING A DRIZZLE OF HONEY AND THEN SOME SIRRACHA

    96. Shannon Stone

      I go through food craving periods too. Like I also went through a banana, oatmeal and potato phase and now I’m on an avocado and fruit kick. So interesting. I’d love to know if there’s science behind it

    97. theresa g5u

      It would be so interesting to hear why you like to lift weights etc. What is it that brings you joy with it?

    98. theresa g5u

      I am All in since October last year

    99. Google user

      All women we go through half time cravings and shifts to a different craving

    100. Ashlynn Hendricks

      Mmmm pub subs 😋