How 1 YEAR Of Weight Gain Changed My Life Forever (All In Results!)

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    ONE 🎉YEAR 🎉ALL 🎉IN 🎉!!! Thank you for coming on this journey with me. I love you more than you know!
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    ‣ 5'4"(and a half 🙃)
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 30
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    ‣ Duh
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    ‣ Yes
    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      ONE 🎉YEAR 🎉ALL 🎉IN 🎉!!! I think this video says it all and tells you the FULL story! It took me over a month to make and edit this video but I think it really captures my journey and I can't tell you how much it means to me to share this with you. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it and thank you for making this year as amazing as it was...through all of the ups and downs, you guys were always there for me. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy! 😘

      1. GOD'S PLAN

      2. Xenia Gilles

        You are gorgeous ♥️

      3. Doris Mueller

        Dear Stephenie, thank you for this video- I have been a professional dancer in musical business till I was 40 years with a really nice physic. now nearly 60 and after meno pause I gained about 15 KG and I am beginning to feel OK with it! Im still swollen when I eat to much white flower or dairy products... I ´m really happy with your video because you never see anybody returning into NORMAL habits if you have overexerciesed for a long time- thanks for your scientific mind and courage !!!!!!!

      4. João Baptista

        @Susan Wagner add nutritional yeast, some b1 and b6 vitamin d and good magnesium to your meals and eat good sources of carb, dark leafy vegetables and diversity on proteins, some salmon, chicken etc. Avoid taking fast foods with oil and sugars without nutrition, these empty calories are giving you that bad fell. Good luck!

      5. João Baptista

        Eating cod and aspargus diet for a long term gave you nutrients depletion like b1 Thiamine and another nutrients. Its possible have that body give the right amount of aminoacids vitamins and minerals with a diversity food choise, nutritional yeast and sometimes taking a decent multivitamins. That you did was a refill cuz your reserves are so much depleted. You are luck for not having any problems after that resctritions. Avoid sugars, eat a good variaty proteins for cover all aminoacids, rich vegetables dark green ones, and good carb sources with vitamins and minerals like potatos and beans. Well that it! Good luck!

    2. Val

      Thank you for sharing your experience. You are a very strong individual and it's refreshing to hear another person's perspective on fitness and food. It would be so interesting to hear how vitamins would help influence your appetite as I recently discovered that I am Omega-3 deficient and have been a lot of my life, which has influenced my moods. Good luck on your future endeavors!!! You're awesome! God bless :)

    3. cloud

      I don't know how I found this but I just realized there's an answer to what I have been feeling, thank you so much

    4. Victoria Emmanuel

      It’s funny because all those channels that she put up of people calling her a pig were all from men how ironic 😒 anyways Stephanie I just want to let you know that you look so beautiful and so gorgeous like you don’t even understand I know this is a very late comment lol but I just wanted to let you know that you’re really beautiful and you keep doing you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    5. Brian Foote

      This is so well done. Very good video, love the documentary style.

    6. Stratplayr

      You look awesome! Congrats and keep up the good work! Screw the haters, don't pay them any attention.

    7. Tai Dee

      Wow, thank you for sharing this and for being so brave going through all this. I'm with your man on this, you looked beautiful even when you thought you were not.

    8. Tomma

      3:59 This is me when I'm high. My hunger just wont stop no mather how much I eat

    9. 앤서니 야

      Guaranteed: somebody is gonna see what she did to win---and then try it. :(

    10. Akhschaya


    11. 1ma4ighter

      I shouldn't be watching this, I'm 10% away from my goal weight and my weight has just gone back up after a 1 month plateau. . . and I was probably at around 30% bodyfat when I started dieting again in August last year. I just turned 30 and I've NEVER had a six pack

    12. Seth Portland

      I can't even watch this.

    13. Monique Rene

      I’m small in size and I eat a lot. I spoke to a doctor once about gaining weight but she told me because I’m small bone, the weight would go to my belly. I’m a swimwear designer and I’ve yet to model any of my swimsuits because I worried about my size. I really do want to gain, not much but by eating healthy. Hopefully one day. I literally just had lunch but I feel like I haven’t eaten. Sometimes I ignore it and sometimes I can’t i just need to eat until I feel full but I gain no weight.

    14. Jennifer Villezcas

      I plateaud after 7 months but wow 19 years dieting took a big toll on me, I gained about 56 lbs, I've watched this video countless times, your videos have helped me so much to stay on track and remember my why.

    15. TheShumoby

      Wait a minute, I eat as much as my 6'1" husband and I'm a foot shorter. 🤣

    16. Rachel T.

      My period for the last almost a year has been coming 2 weeks late every month. It hasn't gotten better even with vitamin supplements. Is it time to start just eating more? I don't want to gain fat, is the thing.

    17. Mm Poggs

      WoW big hugs to you x so much pressure so thin, my daughters are both chosen thin but not muscular, they are hungry and both pregnant! When I saw at the beginning of this video I felt so stressed and sad! I was anorexic at 16 and now I’m overweight at 59 but I will not diet. The puffy phase was your entire body rebalancing and regassing as the lymph and the whole process of repair and healing. You has something extra in you to persevere through this ! Oh my gosh and daily more and more stunningly beautiful x what an amazing intelligent beautiful example you are 🙏💋thank you for your journey 💃🏻wow!

    18. Linros

      You are way more beautiful and sexy with the weight gain, softer and more feminine even at your heaviest a simply gorgeous girl.

    19. Breanna Northrup

      Stephanie is by far the most interest fitness blogger and she looks so healthy and strong now.

    20. Mauricio Malagon

      How is it possible that this gets 4 million views...PLEASE

    21. Chasca Snow

      Thank you for your courage! You started an incredible journey and I am really proud of you! You gave me such inspirations!

    22. Samantha Cruz

      brittle hair and nails, being tired and cold are things i suffer with too. i didnt always think it was because i wasnt eating. but now i know its because somedays i barely eat 1000 calories... wow i need to change. because i realize now that my problems come from not eating enough, or not eating at all..

    23. Samantha Cruz

      wow this is an amazing story. you look incredible, glowing and happy. More beautiful now than even in your most fit days. and i love to see it. ive been struggling to put on weight my whole life. being made fun of for being "too skinny". i want to be happy and healthy and just feel good in my own skin. I am going to not worry about how i look anymore and just focus on how i feel. and hopefully end up feeling so good in the end, that i look good too! thank you for sharing this!! xoxo

    24. sayeeda uzma


    25. Marianny Pena

      I THOUGHT this was normal... I feel this so MUCH!

    26. M Ortega

      Great job lady

    27. GOD'S PLAN

    28. GOD'S PLAN

    29. xdonvito

      ummmm Boring...

    30. Faelixie

      Congrats! you're so amazing!! and I'm glad you have supportive people by your side through this journey.

    31. Maria Luis Rebelo Duarte

      thank you, I guess I needed this video

    32. zara hill

      this needs to be on netflix i love it!!!

    33. Anna Marie

      Funny she says "beware some images might be triggering"....hmmm most of your channel is

    34. Ifra Riaz

      YESSS!!! never apologize for trying to be healthier ur own way! u know whats best for u more than anyone else ...whatever the merit be... physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally! sending love

    35. Rebecca Elwell

      I think you look fantastic and well done for being so honest and open....I found this video really inspiring xx

    36. Randy McClanahan

      You look awesome. Such a beautiful woman. Your pink nails look nice also.

    37. Romee May

      Stephanie, you are simply gorgeous on every level, physically, mentally and emotionally! Thank you for having the courage to share your journey! You are truly inspiring!

    38. Art of Life

      Go girl!

    39. AJ

      all she did was crash diet her way down to unhealthy bodyfat levels then just rebounded. And now she lost that extra weight... what's the big deal? this shit happens all the time

    40. Alan Lin

      you are amazing, you look 10 times prettier and healthier than you were thin.

    41. Eva Aller


    42. Eva Aller

      This was like watching my life but add two pregnancies and not correcting the "extreme hunger" while undergoing changes in your body you'd never imagine

    43. FitnessWith Chantay

      You’re such an inspiration!! I’m obese and it is wonderful to know weight is not as much a problem as society makes it. I hope to lose weight and I currently eat 1000-1500 calories a day but only exercise occasionally. I gained 60 pounds eating whatever I wanted last year in 2020 myself. I actually did what your recommending by accident. I am at my plateau and my hunger is finally down. Before 2020 I always ate about 2000 calories or less but had super hunger, but now it’s actually gone! In 2020 I ate highs and lows from 1500-2500 or more calories a day. Thank you for this video! Now I know more about hunger, and I look forward to seeing about better female health as well in blood testing too. I hope to have a testing soon. You are a gorgeous person inside and out. Don’t worry about negative people they are not happy about something in their own lives. Be you, and be true!❤️ Love you sister!

    44. Kristina Balevska

      Wait, I might be dumb but isn't the daily calorie recommendation (and average intake of an adult) around 2,000 and there's people out here eating 10,000?? Can someone explain this to me pls, how is the body able to handle that?

    45. Ash Lakhi

      i have been all in for 20 years and my appetite never lowers :(

    46. Johnathan B Abbott

      I know Jeff from living in Newfoundland and I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you however, I watched this entire video and I want to say "WOW", I couldn't be more proud of someone I don't know. You deserve all the incredible changes you are experiencing through this journey. Sincere thanks for sharing and say Hi to Jeff for me :) *hugs*

    47. neelastic

      You can be proud! You were so strong, to stay all in, even if you felt depressed. I'm impressed.

    48. Romel Powell

      When I saw her dad, I was like her boyfriend makes sense 🤷🏽 She’s too pretty for him, no hating.

      1. Romel Powell

        @J P goes same way when men be like, there’s more than us having money

      2. J P

        Newsflash: there's more than external appearance.

    49. Ashley Sary

      Wow thank you for making this video. It was so insightful, profound. And you’re so beautiful and just glowing! Btw are you half Thai???

    50. Carolyn Britton

      I remember looking at your channel a year ago, coming back and finding it again I'm really proud of you, this was such an amazing journey you went on and props to you for being so tough

    51. Donavan Charles

      Nickacado avocado was worse

    52. aditie bohra

      Your body is a dream for so many plus size people out here, 💙❤you look BOMB GURL 💣... Hey from a new subscriber

    53. stephanie mossmann

      You are amazing!!!! Congratulation for all your staff

    54. Keke Might Ride

      How did you meet him on Skype? Is there like a dating feature on Skype?

    55. Gesundsein durch Selbstheilung

      I think I might have the same kind of appetite ... I never get the feeling of being ... satisfied by eating ... it feels like I could eat on and on ... 🥐 🍞 🥖 🧅 🥞 🧇 🍕 🍟 🥙 🌮 🌯 🥗 🥘 🍝 🍜 🦪 🍲 🍥 🍣 🍱 🍛 🍚 🧆 🍙 🍘 🍢 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 🎂 🍮 🍭 🍬 🍫 🍿 🍩 🍪

    56. Elvia Granados

      She actually looks better now that she put on more weight.

    57. Sophia

      You look like Pocahontas ✨

    58. JuicyOrange

      Just reacting in the comments my peeps, But I'm going to guess that she was around the same weight as I am right now when she was at her heaviest. I actually ran to a mirror to check, and yeah same body without the swelling, and I just want to say Stephanie, you looked great then. I look great, we both look great! :)

    59. JuicyOrange

      First vid I've every watched of hers. Bruh, she's from Toronto? I recognized that Kensington donut place! Good donuts..

    60. Rikki Wutzke

      When the swimsuit belt didn't fit....that hits home

    61. Ally McDonald

      This goes along so well with the concept of intuitive eating! We are born KNOWING how to feed ourselves and fuel our body but diet culture has stolen that from us. Sometimes we gain before we return to our "normal" biological hunger signals, but the result is blissful.

    62. Courtney Harrel

      I’m 49 and about 15 yrs ago I had lasik w complications and then the same vein work done in that same year! Coincidences! Trying to go all in now and up 15 pounds and so bummed but trying to stick to it. I just know I can’t diet anymore as I feel like I’ve been dieting since I was a kid. I do have a health coach I talk to about once a month that helps.

    63. S Cv

      Whoohoo! Go Bulls 😜💪

    64. Nina

      Why do people lick their fingers when eating, it looks and sounds so disgusting :( Please use a napkin instead!

    65. Rilo Kiley

      Why are you talking to jeff through the computer and not in person?

    66. A Finney

      you look amazing! i hope my weight gain journey gets me this slim thick

    67. Kyle C

      not simping I promise but u r so impressive jesus

    68. Diego Jordán

      What an amazing Journey!

    69. Mayra Vanessa González Enríquez

      I come to see this video from time to time to remind me it is possible to recover. Thank you for your content!

    70. tariqo16

      this was a great video

    71. Fifi Heaven

      They are sincerely cute, and honest, its so rare these days. I wish them from the bottom of my heart nothing but health and happiness

    72. strawberries322


    73. Open your eyes

      I feel like that. I eat all the time. I have a physical labour job Roofing. My weight fluctuates 30 pounds a year. From 180 /210. Lots of muscle loss in the winter and fat gaine. Brutal been hungry all the time.

    74. Fishin Fool

      She got a little plump. She went from too skinny to a little plump. Somewhere in the middle would look the best IMHO.

    75. Tripping With Abdul

      what does all in mean.

    76. Veronica Watson

      I definitely teared up during this video. It's just so human and heartfelt. And probably every person but especially women understand what it is like when you are struggling to feel like yourself in your body. We have so many body changes because of hormones and our reproductive role. I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy which derailed my goals in fitness. And you feel this tension between eating and how you look and how you are perceiving your body. It's a lot of pressure, we put on our bodies in this society. Overall, we treat our bodies terribly. Anyway, thank you for sharing your journey, I wish you the very best.

    77. D A

      Youre so amazing and beautiful

    78. Laura Aviles

      Congratulations! You did it!🙌

    79. Bellabclark

      Wow I just discovered your Chanel and couldn’t stop watching this!! I love your story and your honesty ❤️

    80. makis xatzimixas

      I don't want to discredit anyone or anything, But do you think it was salt or basic mineral imbalance ( sodium, potassium, calcium) that caused that crazy hunger? I mean if you lack minerals, your body will naturally guide you towards food, because it can't distinguish between the two.

    81. makis xatzimixas

      One year all in is my baseline before I start hitting the weights again.

    82. llsimpson17

      so grateful for your vulnerability. Proud of you!

    83. Jason Rodnick

      I loved this! I feel like I should experiment with all in. I honestly thought thinking about food all the time was normal lol.

    84. Maria FMV

      This was a completed phychotherapy exercise. Amazing! ❤️

    85. Miriam Hoehn

      You look like a normal, filled out, healthy weight now! Congratulations!

    86. Michael Angelo

      Nice video. Thank you.

    87. love cats

      Young women need their periods, it is how we were made. By the time you reach menopause, you will be ready for it. Menopause is the best thing that ever happened to me. Yippee

    88. Mia Paulec

      this is awesome and so helpful. remember if you want to get slimmer that is awesome but do it the right way! eat healthy but eat snacks if you need it! workout but do what helps you the most!

    89. Reabetswe Zwane

      Love this! You're so beautiful. 😍

    90. Aleks Osgardov

      How tall are you? just wanted to compare your weight to height, was wondering how far off my friend to have your fitness. she is 5'6 160, how much should she go down to be as lean as you? thx

    91. Ronin Traveller

      Ive always struggled with weight loss in fact its just a pain in the arse! Yes I do running and some gym training 3-4 x /week . but man it can get tiresome especially when u have 4 kids ! hahah so I do my best I guess im more into the medicinal type weight loss its cheating a little bit but it works for me especially with my busy schedule.. if you want u can shoot me a mail and I can send the info on them I use them just before I go asleep and they really help with body metabolism bla bla ..and anyone who is interested is welcome to email me

    92. darren micallef

      I like big butts and I cannot lie Sir Mix-a-Lot

      1. darren micallef

        Admit it you were trying to lose weight and that swelling you're talking about that's called fat you're trying to sugar coat your weight gain just be honest to yourself for some people they just don't want to be fat anymore it is just too hard being fat that sweating you're talking about is your body carrying an extra 20 kg so your hearts working a whole lot harder and you're sweating it just doesn't come from anywhere just be honest to yourself I don't know what it is I think you're trying to be politically correct and it just sounds BS

    93. Tinkerjeep Publications

      IUDs are not good. And BC hormones will lead to hormonal imbalance and more weight gain the longer you stay on them. Every woman I know who has been on them long term has this issue. Also, two of them became pregnant...and the children are...well, they are wonderful children, but have issues. You do look like a woman, and not a ripped boy with long hair. Good job!

    94. Elton Holmes

      Really appreciate You sharing your experiences, thank you! Be well and stay happy.

    95. sera

      Stephanie I just wanted to let you know that you inspired me to go all in in my journey to recovering from my restrictive/eating disordered past and to regain a healthy relationship with food and not have food or exercise occupy my mind all the time or dictate whether I have a "good" or "bad" day. I don't think I've had a healthy relationship with food since I was maybe like 12 or 13 years old and I'm 28 now and I'm just so tired of this way of living, because it's NOT living. Is the point of my life just to diet and plan my meals and exercise hours every day and avoid food that I actually want to eat and enjoy? It's really hard but it's a victory every time I let myself have the foods I do want to eat and feel less guilty everytime I do eat them and normalize them. The weight gain is a struggle since I feel like I've always based my self worth on my weight. The extreme hunger is also a struggle because I feel like I can eat so much but never feel full some days. Other days my hunger isn't so much, probably because I do allow myself to eat on those days I do feel super hungry so my body tries to balance itself out on its own. Sometimes I don't know how to justify my hunger because I'm at a normal weight so I feel like I shouldn't be like this. I didn't have my period for almost 6-7 years because I was on a restricted diet but I did manage to get it back a few months ago since I did start eating more. Right now I'm in the stage of weight gain where my stomach looks super big and bloated and my thighs do too. It's hard to accept it but I also feel like I can never diet again because I never want to feel that aching, gnawing hunger that would keep me up at night, ever again. I could keep going on and on but what I really want to say is THANK YOU. You're my inspiration and motivation. Any time I feel mentally weak and tell myself that I need to start dieting again I'll watch your videos and they remind me of why I'm doing this: for my mental health and happier, much more fulfilling life.

    96. Bella Nova

      I have struggled with anorexia since I was 13. I was hospitalized at 14. I didn't have my period until I was 18 and lost it several times after. This video nearly brought me to tears because for the first time I feel like I'm watching someone talk about how the FEEL, not how they look. People usually address how they look in order to change how they feel, which I believe is the wrong order. I'm hoping I can internalize this and start to heal.

      1. Stephen

        You got this! Stay strong ❤️

      2. Nayana Babu

        hope you are doing well now!! sending lots of love!❤️❤️

    97. B K

      I have bottomless pit hunger but the gag is, I’m already overweight😂😂😂😂😂

    98. Gerdine van Schothorst

      Halfway your video. First ever. Mad respect for sticking to it in multiple ways. Wow.. Edit: Do you know what was the underltying cause of the swelling?

    99. Anaïs

      I want me a man like him. He can express himself so well.

    100. Marta Guinote

      Am I the only one who is completely shocked to see no streaks ??? like, I even lost weight and got stretch marks and she is gaining weight and is still glorious ..