How 1 YEAR Of Weight Gain Changed My Life Forever (All In Results!)

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    ONE 🎉YEAR 🎉ALL 🎉IN 🎉!!! Thank you for coming on this journey with me. I love you more than you know!
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    AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!
    Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      ONE 🎉YEAR 🎉ALL 🎉IN 🎉!!! I think this video says it all and tells you the FULL story! It took me over a month to make and edit this video but I think it really captures my journey and I can't tell you how much it means to me to share this with you. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it and thank you for making this year as amazing as it was...through all of the ups and downs, you guys were always there for me. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy! 😘

      1. Tash Velez

        I'm so happy to see how happy you are now. You are so beautiful, inside and out. God bless you and thank you for sharing this journey with us all. You are shining bright 🌞 and I'm genuinely so happy for u.

      2. Jennifer Hudgens

        Wait though as you age, around 40 your metabolism drastically changes.

      3. Isa

        @Maria Lucia Evans I'm still in phase 1 and I don't care...'cause I know I have the control. Food doesn't control me. You have to remember yourself this. It doesn't matter the other's opinion. The really important opinion is yours and it reflects on your outside. That's the reason why some ugly or obessed people can shine, because they feel good and pretty and they project outside what they feel. Just be happy being yourself, fat, thin or whatever

      4. Isa

        You are the perfect example of self-control and consciousness. We have to have the control, not food or tobacco or whatever. WE keep control on our lives, not on outside things. You did what you had to do to overcome yourself. It is needed constance and courage. Congrats.

      5. Rick Hale

        Remarkable story and scientific approach, Stephanie. Too many positives from your story to list. Profoundly I discovered a seperate nugget worthy of noting, the collateral experience with your youtube channel follower feedback. The negative comments can be devastating. But I sense the positive comments were still there (?) along with ohana (family) support and they kept you going (DON’T FORGET YOUR WHY, great bumper sticker). So emotionally and physically, the growth expereince was enormous. My hope is that your experience would also be helpful for those who struggle with heavier weight and help them gain a different perspective (nugget, if you will) in their journey with finding their natural normal. I look forward to sharing with others your experience I think would gain perspective(s) from your journey. Be well, aloha!

    2. Promise Smithee

      Aww her sister called her her best friend💗

    3. That equestrain Girl

      that was such a fascinating video such an amazing human person, such an interesting & video and such a sweet supportive boyfriend Im so impressed

    4. La Vie Jolie

      I understand the struggle of gaining weight (need tho) bc of underweight due to depression. never had so many mental breakdowns in 2 years... both hated my body when I was underweight but putting on healthy body fat is so hard mentally and of course physically. Have so much respect for anyone that had gone throw anything likely.

    5. Nicoly Nazarko

      Omg she is so beautiful. This is the first time I see your channel, and I already like you.

    6. marinda53

      You two are so cute.

    7. Copelana

      your body is literally my goals im vegan and my apetitte is not as heavy as it was when i ate meat 6 years ago, and i also love to workout but hated how thin i was getting. (love the model look with my body but it was not what i wanted. ). so i have beens trying to gain wait and adding naked mass my shakes while still eating balanced and plant based. I freaked out when i started to gain wait as well but then i remember it was truly what i wanted. then started to embrace it. Now im starting a new workout routine in hopes that I can build now without sizing down, :) your awesome thanks for the inspiration

    8. Copelana

      the snickers metaphors was dope lol XD i live for that lol , ps i think this video was amazing, you look amazing im glad your feeling healthier


      I watched this video with tears in my eyes. SOOOO proud of you for doing this and sharing it with the world. Its hard when you grow up never feeling good about yourself, because you feel ashamed by the way you look. YOU ARE STUNNING inside and out. Its taken me 54 years and I still struggle, but not like I used to. This video will help so many people. Keep it up! You are amazing.

    10. treymtz

      Thankfully Jeff was there. I can't even imagine the roughness of the public eye.

    11. livableincome

      I am so glad I gained weight too. Looks much better and you have more energy.

    12. pippy919

      This was excellent . . . You are so brave to have done this. You look amazing, beautiful, healthy. As someone how struggles with her weight (wanting it to go down) I’ve never thought of what it would be like to need or want to gain. This was amazing.

    13. Vee Bee

      You look SOO GOOD now! I started my bulk a 2 months ago, after years of anorexia as a teenager. It was a hard decision but I knew how I wanted my body to be. I’ve gained 5kg, and I’m so so happy. I’m also extremely bloated and swollen. I hope this goes down for me. How did you get your stomach to be more toned/less bloated now?

    14. Imani Maeee

      @stephanie buttermore this is very inspiring, i have tried protein shakes and apetamine on and off over the last year and half and i just can't seem to keep up my appetite. i think it is an emotional thing as well, i am so thankful you decided to show your progress and vulnerability.

    15. Lucy Stoyke-Riley

      Good god you are amazing. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. THis is so important. Never stop being you and thank you again for being so vulnerable. This is amazing, so are you.

    16. Nat Alie

      How she looks now is the best she has ever looked. Her strength, determination, endurance.. What a woman..

    17. M B77

      I am literally mind blown. You are so brave. Massive respect.

    18. nefelibatacomingthrough

      This was a great find and YT and the society needs more these kind of things! Those haters with no life don't know what they are talking about and you should keep doing you. You look healthy and happy in this video. Big up! :) Greetings from Finland! edit: Hey, say hi from me to your sis. She seems great and helped you got you your snickers! :P

    19. Andrade Anita

      I am not sure to cure an eating disorder is an other eating disorder... it is just too american for me I guess..

    20. Ellyssa Sherman

      I remember when you first began your all in journey. I definitely fell off watching but it’s so great to see it’s all been worth it. I think in 2020 I unintentionally did an all in during quarantine because I ate whenever I felt hungry to satiation, I didn’t realize how truly hungry I was all the time and gained about 30lbs. Now I don’t have as huge an appetite and get full a lot easier. Haven’t tracked my weight so much but I’m looking more to ton my physique. I also resonate with those hurtful comments too.

      1. Ellyssa Sherman

        Also slight amendment- I think I’m in the plateau which is frustrating!!!

    21. Jack Chain

      Clout chasing is all this is

    22. Casandra Ingram

      Were you able to regulate you period without birth control?

    23. Niquel Bones

      i aint gonna lie im not really into like really fit and lean girls so i kinda prefer the thiccer steph (around the 8 month period) more based on looks alone over the super lean/fit steph (i still think that where you are currently is your best tho) of course the important thing is how you felt not how you looked but this goes to any chick reading this, theres a difference between curvy and overweight, you dont always have to be so skinny/lean to look your best

    24. Hannelore B

      It is incredible that you did this and even more so that you are open about your journey. Thank you for sharing. I've struggled with various ED's over time and seeing somebody be honest about their journey with food is super helpful. Such a well made video.

    25. cheyenne sandoval

      This is the first video I’ve ever seen of yours, and I found it to be extremely inspiring and even emotional for me to watch! Im still in my first year of my fitness journey and everything you said about body image issues and how you worked with your hunger really hit home for me ❤️ and you look amazing before and after ❤️I am looking forward to watching more of your videos!

    26. casper18795

      You kept saying Body Image but that video did not contain one bad image of you, not one frame. It was a self image issue, you never actually looked bad. The pathetic children that were attacking you are just that; pathetic children, pay them no mind. They are just envious of you and were putting you down to try to make themselves feel superior. You showed courage so they had to try to break you down because they posess none of that.

    27. Lydia Wiseman

      The fact that “ Health and fitness” is so based on weight and measurements and not science and actual health is terrible. People calling her fat and discrediting her fitness and health advice because she is bigger than previously , shows how little they know about nutrition and how the body functions. People die and seriously damage their body while having a “great body”, and people thrive and experience life while, “ needing to lose a couple pounds”. Who wants to cry thinking about this? 🤚🏻

    28. Pip Galea

      Fuck the haters, you look awesome. Thanks for showing us ladies that being skinny isn't the be all and end all

    29. Sarah Kate

      #WHOA Love this journey, your brutal honesty, and shedding light on a society that still has unrealistic expectations. Also, ya’ll are adorable.

    30. Kevin Z

      I swear some people were just not raised right. Sure, this is a decision made by herself and she chose to gain weight and show the entire process publicly. But says who that she can't feel hurt when people basically attack her verbally with the negative words. These negative comments were expected but you feel how you feel. The expectation is not gonna make them any less hurtful. So how about you pick up some common decency and have some regard for other people's feelings instead of just letting that mouth run loose on the internet since there's no consequences.

    31. Gina Giannini

      It seems that while there have always been trolls on social media, the pandemic really brought them out in living color to places I never saw them before. I just felt compelled to share that observation with you, because even though you may have since recovered from it, I'm compelled to remind you that when people are cruel, it's never about you. It's them. You are absolutely radiant and I wish you every happiness and success.

    32. Anna Steffey

      You have helped me to feel much better about my own body. Thank you for your story.

    33. Turtle Lover

      You are so gorgeous. You can not let anyone comment on all of your hard work. No ONE is perfect! I struggled with gastro issues that caused me more than a 20 lb weight gain within a month.Working on it now. And my average weight is only around 135. Subscribed to see all of your more positive vibes!

    34. Michelle Tiger

      You look healthy and beautiful! Your body is gorgeous. Congratulations for learning to love yourself and find whole person health.


      Sounds similar to how people with Prader Willis Syndrome feel all the time. However, they will eat themselves to death!

    36. Dana Diaz

      I give you so much credit for doing this!

    37. GlamTam

      Wow! This is the most beautiful & honest video I think I’ve ever watched! Thank you for this transparency! Your so beautiful inside and out! Keep inspiring 😍

    38. Isabelle Asheville

      I am so happy for you

    39. Nehmi

      She looked great even at her biggest. She was curvy. And healthy. She would have been the talk of the club.

    40. LexyPat TV

      I was so skinny and wanted to be so fit, meanwhile I was starving. Covid made me go All In! I’m so much more happier, healthier and full! I agree with you!

    41. LexyPat TV

      I Appreciate This Video💕

    42. Caroline Bell

      Wow what an amazing journey you have gone through.

    43. erika Erhardt

      Are these really the problems some people have?

    44. Yoyo Xu

      12:56 someone tell me what type of food it is? 😂

    45. Plant Based U

      I hadn't watched your videos in a while, but I'm glad you're ok now. Because I was seriously worried about how skinny you were and didn't think it was sustainable with constantly undereating and then overeating on cheat days.

    46. KVRcreations

      Congratulations for finding you. It's a continual journey, but no one can get there without courage. Thanks for sharing and inspiring courageous actions.

    47. Alfred Hernandez

      Congratulations on being happy AND still being a sexy, curvy, beautiful woman. But mostly, congratulations on finding happiness.

    48. Elisa Elisa

      this is so interesting this happened exactly to me, I didn't know that there's a term for it. After years of struggeling with dieting and having an eating disorder I stopped and just ate what I wanted, gained a lot of weight but kept on eating 2-3 meals a day consistently and eating basically what I wanted, so I lost the weight again after a couple of years. I will never ever go on a diet again in my life and I have no scale at home either.

    49. Stacy Pastry

      I'm so happy for you! You look beautiful now, healthy, maybe not as photogenic as someone that is too skinny but I think our societal preferences could change to viewing a truly healthy body as beautiful rather than either extreme.

    50. Thabile M

      Beautifully documented. Netflix worthy.

    51. Stacy Pastry

      I'm sad for your struggles but listen, good news, you have the genres to keep your waist and his defined. Girl you can gain weight just fine and still be beautiful. Just try to maintain a good strong healthy feeling and you will be great. Lots of love from someone who lost that battle during the pandemic, I gotta lose 50lbs now but it can be done!

    52. Sagal Ibrahim

      This made me cry...Why does the world hate fat so much? I'm sorry you had to go through that and so happy to see you come out on the other side

    53. Paulina Rubey

      Not only is she absolutely GORGEOUS but she also radiates such beauty from within!!!

    54. Paulina Rubey

      You are so beautiful 😍😍

    55. ijwbh ijwbh

      I saw Hypotalamic Amenorrhea recovery as second puberty. I remember around the time my first period I gained weight from mostly fat and eating constantly. No compensation no exercising just intuition. Would you recommend your teen girl/ kid to do excess exercise / dieting to look a certain way? Hell no! I think this time we are raising ourselves up. Thus we must be kind to ourselves Stay healthy and happy guys

    56. Taihina Tamar

      Too much talk....not for me... sorry...

    57. Lydia Talbot

      this video has made me so emotional, i struggle with the extreme hunger feeling and constant food thoughts throughout my day, and this is so encouraging and exactly what i needed to get the motivation to take the step of taking this journey, thank you for showing the ups and downs of this.

    58. Melissa Spezowka

      This is a true fitness model right here! Modelling what complete fitness is (Body and mind). Not the “ideal” definition, from the view of a sexually sick twisted male viewpoint. Those guys that said those terrible things are the sick ones. They are the ones who are showing their true colours and are looking really ugly. You are absolutely beautiful Stephanie! I am so proud of the courage you have shown through this process.

    59. winnie achieng

      She's so beautiful 😍😍❤️❤️ am so skinny but am having a challenge with my consistency due the nature of my job

    60. oldspammer

      Various topics. Stay tuned. Elevated fasting serum glucose levels have been causally linked to a form of diabetes of the brain that causes brain atrophy somewhat associated with onset dementia. Supposedly, it causes a form of insulin insensitivity for the receptors therein. The timing of your intake of food supposedly should not have ANY "late night snacks" that could cause this elevated fasting glucose levels that have been linked to this brain shrinkage illness. This means no more snacks after about 7:00 PM or so prior to bed time. The doctor who has been studying dementia since graduate school in the 1980s or so wrote a book entitled "The End to Alzheimer's Disease" a few years ago. He has various medical school lectures on the topic as well as interviews, etc. Also you should not be so naive to think that natural methods of cancer therapy are utterly bogus. See pubmed search via Google above. Some of these methods may be legit, but no tycoons can make money from anything natural because the "drugs" used cannot be patented so no huge profits can be made in proving that the therapies work, and IF they were proven to work, it would put a swift ending to pharmacological profit making for various kinds of illnesses. This stems from the funding of a fake study and report run circa 1910 that found as its conclusions exactly what the sponsors had wanted (no surprise there...). It was called The Flexner Report by the person who unscientifically declared all of his pronouncements in line with exactly those who had funded his "research." This 1950s young man, G. Edward Griffin made many documentary films and lecture presentations that have been uploaded to various video hosting web sites for decades now, so check out those videos. He is trying to create a patriotic political candidate party that restores honesty to our culture by having upstanding citizens join his cause, etc, to break the strangle hold of the Republicans and Democrats from elected power running the country. Freedom Force International or some such thing? Engineering physics applied to cancer therapy devices, etc... Legit researcher not under the control of the medical establishment--a divergent element to the medical industry... The documentary implicates corruption in the government to control the patenting of various aspects of his treatment methods and drugs by the issue of conflicting patents that the system is supposedly designed to prevent happening.

    61. SeriousSchitt

      I recently watched a HUfast video of a guy call John Jones, who got stuck in a cave and died, 'that' on a par with a video titled "Good Deeds Punished" are two of the most horrific things I've ever seen on HUfast. This crap comes a close third. A girl with looks and a body that could kill and she trashes it for comfort food and a lard ass. It's amazing what can happen when that silicone chip inside your head goes haywire!

    62. Mai julaidan

      This is amazing

    63. colormefucked

      This is considered worthwhile content? So what, get over it, quit complaining about all your first--world "problems"

    64. Bliss WKC

      Thank y'all so much dearest 🌹 Y'all such an inspiration 🥰 Appreciate y'all from the bottom of my heart 💟 Be Blissful Eternally 🙏👼🌈

    65. Diana Lopez

      ...I want to do this ..but don't know if I can ...I'm gonna try with God's willing I will start may 1st..

    66. Bandisiwe Mashiqa

      What an amazing Video

    67. Danny Abe

      awesome vlog about eating / weight gain and weight lose .... i got the link shout out from jeff. btw....i shred'd off 80 lbs of unnecessary extra body and to help with my knee replacement etc.... the past 8 months or so....i eat high calories and maybe getting to heavy for my opposite knee which also needs to be replaced. i super strong and i certainly understand some of the science of learning the body set much to this body to learning about satiety

    68. Marcia Z

      Okay... could someone explain to be how extreme hunger differ from Prader-Willi syndrome...

    69. Adrianna Antoniw

      I underwent a weight gain after quitting alcohol. Now after having longterm sobriety - people say I look fantastic regardless of the extra weight. I really do prefer the food over alcohol.

    70. Enterpurnor Ways

      To cut story short scientifically it's called *bulimia*

    71. Zahra Ciardi

      I really enjoyed watching this. Thank you so much, words can’t describe how much hope this has just given me 💜

    72. Kimime P

      Amazing and brave journey. And you are so well spoken! This video was a joy to watch.

    73. Manawar Sakir

      Just FOFF with the haters. They gonna hate but you be the queen every day of your life.

    74. Lisa Lorenzi

      I need this on Netflix, you are such an inspiration

    75. Sydney watkins


    76. FAC

      What is hard is to be a mother. Try that. Be mature!

    77. Sweet Mary

      You are so beautiful before and now. Don't worry just be happy lives the life we only have one.

    78. Rimal Diaries

      Looking at this video Realy helped alot of us out there going through same situations we are glad u r healthier happier thats whats matter most in the end Thankyou for this video its one year ago even but this helped me so much so many questions got answers for people who feel same and are stuck or afraid so proud of u stay happy blessed!

    79. Rainy Jane

      Honestly I was a little apprehensive about watching this video at first, but I so appreciate the time you spend talking about learning to eat intuitively and actively trying to avoid disordered eating patterns was so refreshing. As someone who had struggled with both extreme appetite and serious weight issues, it was relieving to hear someone talking about empirical evidence and including how you felt as a metric. Being self-aware is so often overlooked. I’m rambling, so basically just thank you for making a video about weight and eating that has strong basis in science without ignoring how hard and how deeply psychological the process is.

    80. Irene Adler

      Lucky her... she gains weight in all the right places. For me, at that weight I look like I'm pregnant.

    81. grace

      you go girl!!!

    82. Beefsticks Wellington

      Shes 100x hotter now than she was before

    83. C M

      As a person who struggled with anorexia long time ago, I truly know what she means when you can’t be completely satiated. The body is smart and will try to prevent starvation, by making you eat more.

    84. mirte sara

      such an amazing journey & thankyou so so much for sharing it.

    85. Loren Alexandra Klinger

      Yeah im by no means fit but I got back into working out and calorie restricting like 5 months ago and I lost my period for 2 months so now I make myself eat enough to have one and take supplements. I still diet though just watch closer.

    86. Alex L

      hello Stephanie, great video thank you. You look beautiful, life is too short to not enjoy :) My family is looking to go to Bali and we loved your AirBNB. Anyway you could direct us on where to find the property you booked? It looked like a dream......

    87. 2

      you’re so amazing

    88. Tommy Bad

      This girl sure can EAT, kinda jealous as I have a high metabolism and trying to bulk. 😔

    89. Tessa S

      Does anyone know of a similar case like this one, but the person wasn't underweight at the start of their recovery? But previously has been underweight albeit eating very little? I can't seem to find a story like this

    90. Lisa R

      thank you so much for sharing your story!!

    91. Tamara Winter

      32:45 when she's sad about the fact that the belt that's supposed to go around the waist, doesn't fit I *honestly* *HONESTLY* think that you looked SO good in that swimsuit! With or without the belt, you looked amazing girl! Edit: always have looked amazing and still do :)

    92. Cheyenne and Dakota Kucinski

      This is so inspirational . I’m glad I finally watch your video

    93. nothing works works

      Young women really need calories, but our culture valued gauntness- trend is toward an healthy body. Someday we'll just let ourselves be ourselves, regardless of what's "in"

    94. Gabriella Lopes


    95. louintheworld

      thank you

    96. Kelsey

      DAMN even at her heaviest she still looked amazing!

    97. Elsie Lou Stoeckl

      You are incredible 🙌🔥

    98. ARMYcaratBLINKmulti

      I can't imagine how hard this was for her and her body image. When I gained weight, it wasn't even on purpose and I felt horrible about myself. I hated that I couldn't fit in my clothes. I'd always been really skinny. But on top of that, she was coming from the fitness community and a mindset of being so lean for years. I'm so happy for her ❤

    99. Despina Fitzpatrick

      I'm so proud of you Steph xoxoxoxoxoxo you rock