Honest Q&A w/ My Boyfriend: Weight Gain, “All In”, Binge Eating, My Haters ft. Jeff Nippard

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    ▹What was your initial reaction to when I told you I was going "all in"? 1:00
    ▹Did you think going "all in" was going to fix my extreme hunger? 1:38
    ▹Can you share your experience with going "all in"? 2:57
    ▹How much weight would you gain going "all in"? 5:32
    ▹What happened to your appetite after gaining weight? 6:28
    ▹How long did it take for your hunger levels to go down? 8:04
    ▹Are binge episodes common in bodybuilding? 11:42
    ▹What are your eating behaviors like now? 11:42
    ▹Most reception has been positive, but my biggest critics are ALL men, why do you think that is? 15:52
    ▹Based on being around me, do you think going "all in" worked or is working for me? 19:09
    ▹What do you think about my weight gain? 20:58
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    1.What is your ethnicity?
    ‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
    2. How tall are you?
    ‣ 5'4"(and a half 🙃)
    3. How old are you?
    ‣ 29
    3. What are you researching?
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    4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
    ‣ Duh
    5. Is that your real hair?
    ‣ Yes
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    1. Stephanie Buttermore

      This was such a fun video to make so I hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned for my next video which will be a big 4 month recap! Love you guys so much! 💋😘 **Timestamps** ▹What was your initial reaction to when I told you I was going "all in"? 1:00 ▹Did you think going "all in" was going to fix my extreme hunger? 1:38 ▹Can you share your experience with going "all in"? 2:57 ▹How much weight would you gain going "all in"? 5:32 ▹What happened to your appetite after gaining weight? 6:28 ▹How long did it take for your hunger levels to go down? 8:04 ▹Are binge episodes common in bodybuilding? 11:42 ▹What are your eating behaviors like now? 11:42 ▹Most reception has been positive, but my biggest critics are ALL men, why do you think that is? 15:52 ▹Based on being around me, do you think going "all in" worked or is working for me? 19:09 ▹What do you think about my weight gain? 20:58

      1. Silati Kalaluka

        Stephanie Buttermore I’m learning so much!

      2. Mikayla V

        I love you guys! There absolutely is a double standard between men and women making mistakes in the gym. Women get ripped to shreds for improper form. I was criticized by a guy today for my angle while performing a cable kickback. He tried to show me how to do it "properly" which would have hurt my lower back. HE had no idea what he was talking about.... Thank you for touching on that point. (I of course do not mean all men think this way.......)

      3. Nikita-CDGC

        Stephanie Buttermore I don’t think what you are doing is wrong. But why so much sugar 🤯

      4. Mel B

        She was way too skinny before she needed to gain weight.

      5. bel18cheer18

        Aww I like his comment of liking you even more now 😉😍 girl he likes you thicker! ❤ 🍑 yall are cute tho! I'm new to your channel and actually I came across one of your past upper body workouts and I wasn't going to subscribe bcuz to me you were just another "skinny woman trainer" and theres so many of those women and channels already. I'm glad I seen one of your recent vids of you going "all in" and you seem so much happier and I dont even know you personally. Theres hardly ever average or "thicker" females that are relatable plus you and your bf are very educated in science when it comes to the body/workouts/nutrition, etc...anyways I'm a fan now 😁🤗❤

    2. Edmarie Marcelo

      Ur so lucky to have a boyfriend like him and ofcourse he's so lucky to have you too..you are the best and perfect couple for me from now on .. ❤❤

    3. Cranberry

      Imma be honest here, the reason why most of her critics are men is because a lot if not most men are or have misogynistic tendencies in which they only deem the female as what their body is, and will only acknowledge an "attractive" woman by THEIR standards, they have no respect for anyone who isn't "perfect" in their eyes, it's why they disrespect women who are empowering, and who overpower their fragility with their strength, it's also why they tend to think they're "manly" for objectifying women and finding any reason to disrespect them such as defining them by their clothes, weight etc

    4. M e

      There's a doble standard because some men think they are entitled to have an opinion about your body because they consider women as objects who serve their needs. So if you are doing something that can put a risk to that sexy image that entertains them, they take it personally and of course they don't care about what you think about your body, for them it has to meet their standards. That's why you should never pay attention to other people's opinions. Your body is yours. Do what you need to do. Xx

    5. alise_hedgehog

      I read part of the title like "Binge Eating My Haters" accidentally And it sounded great

    6. Starling R

      Happy belated birthday Jeff

    7. Margarita Esguerra

      I love this couple so much. They've helped me learn tons by explaining science-based facts and from sharing their own experiences. It's kind of shocking to me how relatable some of those are, which again for me, are really helpful. Stay safe and cute, you two! 💖

    8. Tithonia Roux

      13:51 so relatable

    9. Cari Anderson

      Refreshing to hear a man describe what I’ve done my entire life: diet binge repent repeat. I hope you guys realize how important your honesty is to not only young people but to those who have spent their whole lives berating themselves for not having the “self control” fitness industry people seemingly have. It’s so awesome to realize we are all human and all have the same survival instincts. You guys are an inspiration 😘

    10. debeforesara

      Mansplaining in the fitness industry is the worst!!!!! You look beautiful. And he’s a dope boyfriend.

    11. MonotoniTV

      Is it his own inside joke or is it unintentional that Jeff always says "wamen"

    12. Red Stilletto

      Has anyone done ALL IN?? I want to do it, just a bit scared. Is there like a group forum of where people are doing this?

      1. Natalia Ramirez

        Closest thing I've find is the subreddit "fuck eating disorders" people recovering from EDs are often encouraged to listen to their extreme hunger and some of them discuss it on that subreddit

    13. Angelica


    14. Angelica

      Your a perfect couple so cute 😍get married and have kids lol that’ll be so cute

    15. Angelica

      Great video , I just always wondered do you have extensions in ?

    16. augustjournals

      Such a wholesome video!! “There is no cap!” You guys are awesome x

    17. BrittStarr

      I so enjoyed hearing a male perspective of binge eating and dieting. You guys are the best!

    18. Mariann Rusnak

      In Norwegian we have a saying in regards to curves/size, that roughly translates to "More to grab/hug, more to love"

    19. Trace Hillier

      I was watching this thinking why your boyfriend was looking so familar. Is he from Grand Falls in Newfoundland. Pretty sure his dad cleaned (prior to retirement) my teeth and use to see him at the gym

    20. Yael Hadane

      He is so sweet:) and you are super positive accomplished and pretty! You deserve each other!

    21. Eva Machicado

      Great video. Thanks for the honest and open discussion.

    22. trini fei

      Imagine if she had an uneducated partner who didn't have this experience. This process would've been excruciating

    23. Jina Abdel Massih

      Not gonna lie, first time I saw him I felt he was a bit ditsy and slow, but I didn't wanna judge immediately because I didn't see enough of him to know, but after seeing this wow my mind is changed, and it also reminded me to not pre assume who a person is, but love the relationship they have. Filled with honesty, support and love. Love you Stephanie and jeff

    24. song why

      The inflection and how you two say, uh huh or uh hm is the same. I'm new to the channel, but I noticed it in Jeff's video when he tried one of you All In eating days and you were behind the camera and now here. I can't stop hearing it now.

    25. Darcy Adelle

      There MIGHT be a double standard? MIGHT be? Come on Jeff, there DEF IS, haha but you cute and you tell Steph how much you love her new thiccness, so you get a pass. 😝

    26. Asia Trip

      I mean, nobody wants to admit they ate nine cans of ravioli, but I did.

    27. Caroline

      I think she looks even more beautiful now and I would say she looks happier.

    28. Leticia L

      I cannot tell you how much this video opened my eyes. I have binge eating disorder with some purging and it makes me hopeful that I can overcome. Thank you Stephanie and Jeff!

    29. Siobhan O'Connor

      Really appreciate the honesty and vulnerability from Jeff in this video.

    30. Hy Vialle

      Watching the quality of this relationship is so heartwarming

    31. September Renevers

      a lot of men will "purge" by over-exercising, which often looks normal among fitness circles which often get pretty disordered in their own right. Anorexic women do this too - eat something youre "not supposed to" = "3 hours on the treadmill". Because of this, as well as the fact that disordered eating is SUCH a taboo topic among men, fitness or not, a lot of ED guys just... get overlooked as regular fit guys.

    32. Susie Schroeder

      How anyone could hate on you is beyond me. You're very kind, smart, very considerate and to be honest, very real and just raw. I don't understand haters. I support you and think you look better than EVER now Stephanie. You are just stunning love. Keep up the great work and just ignore the haters. People try to make money off your journey and if they have to try and shine you in a bad light to make their vlog seem worth while to watch, so be it. That makes them pretty rotten people. I'll never watch their videos though.

    33. GetZaaZaaFit

      Booty and curvy healthy strong gainzzzzzzzzz ladiesssss your partner LOVES it. 💯

    34. angela spielbusch

      Awesome video!!!

    35. Izzy Baldwin

      Happy Birthday!

    36. Chloe Rich

      What a sweet man you've chosen and what a beautiful relationship you guys cultivated. Lovely couple

    37. Jennifer Kim

      This was one of the most insightful, honest and encouraging health/fitness videos I’ve ever seen on HUfast. Thank you so much for doing what you do, Stephanie 🥰. Sharing your guys’ internal struggle with intense hunger, body image and critics made me truly realize that my relationship with food and my body is forever a work in progress. There is no ultimate goal. And ironically enough, that brings me peace. Knowing that perfection isn’t attainable allows me to accept my mistakes and enjoy the process. I’m confident all the work you put into yourself and your journey will always pay off in some way though!

    38. Dominique The easy minimalist

      There might be a double standard? No. There IS a double standard! Your boyfriend is an amazing man, and for some reason I knew he would say that he prefers your body now 😉

    39. Jose Romero

      Most men are very forgiving toward female bodies gaining more weight. And many guys love thicc girls lol. Obviously women should do things for themselves, but I do notice many ladies are their own worse critics.

    40. Hannah

      Men are scared of women that are done hating themselves and actively doing something to our bodies that isn’t what they would want. Keep making men feel uncomfortable

    41. lumachinomenolattola

      Body builders' extreme hunger... First world problems!

    42. Caryl Anne Beltran

      He's such a great, intelligent man.

    43. Amanda G. Dumas

      Ah the “unsolicited help” from men...it’s the worst lol😫😫 men like to feel useful but...Bro get off my back unless I go up to you and ASK you for assistance! Lol

    44. Asia Denis


    45. Elizabeth Sigler

      Your inspirational, you rock ✌️😀

    46. Nancy Tsai

      He is so thoughtful, supportive, and just an all-around A+++ human being! Couple goals for sure!!!

    47. Francesca Louise

      I can really relate to jeffs journey with binging (in the past, not anymore)! I think you both are so inspirational with your journeys!

    48. All In Sports Performance

      Jeff, what an all star. thanks Stephanie for sharing your freaking incredible journey. pioneer , as Jeff said FOR SURE. love how you talked about just eating whenever... not trying to go on a walk as some suggest or any of the other "tricks" so that one can avoid food lol

    49. erica Sanchez

      Mm I think people don't understand what Jeff said when he said when he love her more now. It's because she is more happy with herself now and she doesn't have to through what she was going through then. Seeing the women he loves more happy, makes him Happy. Also I'm seeing the hate comments towards her and bruh. She did it for her. Not you. For herself. If you think its gross, then just leave. She doesn't need you. If your partner was going through that and you weren't supportive, you shouldnt be dating anyone at moment until you get you head straight. It's all about being healthy for yourself and being happy about it.

    50. Jean Wu

      ahhh really related to Jeff's experience with being ashamed of eating unhealthy foods in public

    51. bossamusic

      I really love how honest you guys are!

    52. M'Kali Michael

      Why do women have facial injection? To make their face full, smooth not sunken cheeks. I.e. What is missing? Fat? Muscle? lips shrunk? Face look too long? There are proportions that are more pleasing...differing in different culture. "Only humans struggle with what to eat, how much... when" There are actual mathematical graphics that most faces must match to be considered leading men or women; it was even more so in old Hollywood studio era. Models were perfect 9; not now. Marilyn Monroe was size 12 now a 3? You are now a classic feminine beautiful...It is possible to be too thin or too ripped. That is why you are happy and Jeff loves the new healthier you. The reason men being hyper critical is the POV difference in and women. He describe her as perfect Please don't change however, most women say, I thought he was good boyfriend, husband material...What is material? Change...? The audience in movies, tv and magazine and internet relation is, secretly romantic... While you say to viewers My views, Viewers say no, you are mine. Elizabeth Taylor had to reduce 10lbs for each movie. So, she looked as her public knew she should until she didn't. She disappoint the fan fantasy, the bubble popped. "Whatever happen to Virginia Wolf" Part of the beauty of a women is healthy looking "just right" competition , is not beautiful in a classic sense. It is not that beautiful, classic waste ratio is .7 % Every Greek statute , Miss American and top models. This most attractive, healthiest and happiest. "You can human nature...but will not win for long" Body builders who exceed ration standard look abnormal. It is a photo op, only a snapshot. You exceed the set point the body will reset plus. And punish the offender...

    53. Lauren Bennett

      Jeff’s interpretation of men’s criticism IS too charitable. A lot of men see women as objects unfortunately.

    54. k dot

      Jeff is the perfect example for how all boyfriends should be. I am so glad you have had this love and support in your life.

    55. Amy Grenier

      It is so wonderful so see you two interact. There is so much love, and maturity #couplegoals😍

    56. Marianne Roux

      I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! You are truly a pioneer for women health&fitness channels, you inspire me, thank you sooooo much for your transparency, love you!! (Btw Jeff is the best, loved this Q&A & particularly the double standard part)

    57. Amber DiGiuseppe

      Seriously Jeff is such an angel. Very thankful for men like him.

    58. Katie Tooker

      Jeff has the most amazing smile I've ever seen. I love your relationship, you're both lucky to have each other ❤️

    59. Nyx Nox

      Nyx Nox I really think some peoples bodies just have certain constitutions, meaning some people thrive from being heavier, while other people are just skinny and thats where there bodies are most adept and people need to be more respectful of that. Love yourself; forcing your body to conform to something it cant sustain may not be healthy for you. Healthy and confident is the most attractive. Listen to your body

    60. SoCal Brooke

      Jeff is awesome.

    61. SoCal Brooke

      "men want to help women"... could also be these men trying to CONTROL women becuase they "know better".

    62. Catherine Monteiro

      I appreciate that you guys are using such terms as "extreme hunger" and not labelling this lifestyle as an eating disorder. I think it's important to talk about this kind of stuff with out immediately labeling it as a mental illness. It's something that a lot of people go through, especially those who are involved in sports or fitness. Many don't even realize what's happening while they are going through it. It's also super important to explain the reasons behind why the body will binge or what actually goes on "behind the scenes" when people are going through this.

    63. Olivia Lake

      This can also help with anorexic recovery, it helped me :)


      What ¡ missed in United States is the personal care, people gets fat and old quickly..,

    65. scathecier

      I dont know why I find so funny that Stephanie is nodding to the camera at 1:55 while Jeff is talking to her

    66. Jay N

      Cracks me up when they use the term "all in" like it's an actual term that's been in the lexicon for years when they just made that shit up... not talking shit really, just find it funny when they say it

    67. Void God

      jeff's answer to the last question in layman's terms: I like you thicc

    68. Bas V

      wow, this is really a side of working out i didnt know about

    69. Greg Miller

      It's Idiots like Jeff that I can't stand seeing with Beautiful Angles like Stephanie.

    70. Greg Miller

      WOw , he even sounds like an idiot when he starts talking.

    71. Greg Miller

      Babe/Stephanie, you need to dump his ugly ass

    72. Greg Miller

      Is it, Just me or does anyone else think that Idiot Jeff is not right for her.

    73. Kristen Stuart

      He is such a great man!!! They are so sweet

    74. S K

      Men don’t like it when women take control back over their bodies. They only like when we’re trying to make ourselves small as possible for them.

    75. Leanne Ward

      Jeff talking about the uncontrollable eating after a show, holy shit I can relate. My “coach” promised to reverse diet me out of my show and I never heard off him again after show day. My hunger for the final 6 weeks of prep was something I’d never experienced before and it was torturous. I’d gained 1.5 stone in just over 2 weeks post show. I ate 1kg of chocolate in the space of 48 hours, and came out in hives from neck to feet from the sugar. Even the secret eating in my bedroom was another thing. I ate like shit for 4 months after the show, and then spent the next 5 months getting my shit together. It’s a long way to climb back out of the rabbit hole and I will NEVER go back there again.

    76. Alysha lee

      Such a great video to watch, especially on the topic of binge eating. It's nice to hear you guys talk about experience with food in general.

    77. Liv Label Free

      Aw Jeff is just the sweetest! You are so beautiful Stephanie, I am so happy for you BOTH!! ❤️

    78. Emese Horti

      Everytime I think I have to restrict food or diet, I watch one of your videos

    79. Nur Ars

      Am i the only person who thinks he looks like Jamie in Outlander?

    80. Leonora Matthews

      Omg you're so close to 1M rn!!! Literally 999K subs rn :D

    81. Alanaxmerr

      wowowowow absolutely loved this video! and awe jeff is so sweet

    82. Violin Xing

      Wow! Jeff expresses me completely. Eat alone, don’t want people to see me eating, binge eating until the point i cannot eat anymore, feel terrified after binge and extremely mad at myself. But, I don’t bave a brave to take such a big choice as he was getting”all in” . I’m scared to gain weight much more. I feel stressed because i gained weight obviously because of my eating habit. It’s getting worse during quarantine😔

      1. Bio Zelink

        I got in great shape during quarantine. It's all about what you decide for yourself. Everyone should find a way to feel happy with themselves, then it gets easier.

    83. Alex Gatto

      What an insanely beautiful couple. Wow.

    84. Rebekah Rephael

      What does all in mean?

    85. Maryamable

      They make such a beautiful couple❤️

    86. S,

      can someone explain what all in means in her situation?

    87. caine newman

      Something to help the other men out there just quickly. Women are smarter than us in most situations, they don't want you to solve their problems cuz they've probably figured out the best way to do that, when they come to you with a problem just listen and be emotionally supportive. If they ask for your opinion on it or ask your help to solve it then that is when you give them your ideas. Also, Stephanie you look fantastic. You still look very fit and very healthy, except now your mental health is hopefully getting a boost as well, I think what you're doing is great and you should keep doing whatever you want to do. As long as you're happy, I'm happy for you cuz you and Jeff seem like awesome people. Bacon fried with paprika and butter, on a sandwich with chilli cheddar is amazing and you should try it.

    88. Annelen Knoppert

      You look sooo beautiful😍😍

    89. Christine Strong

      What is "all in"?

    90. Michelle Muskal

      Stephanie , you are like a human version of mulan. Thank you for your videos love your confidence and self acceptance!

    91. PlantishDelights

      You have the most supportive boyfriend ❤ He is such a sweet person.

    92. Gia Dalakas

      I love y’all

    93. Mr. Mayonnaise

      I’m recovering from an ED and I can relate so much to what Jeff was saying about his “all in” where I wasn’t doing it on purpose I just thought I was weak and fat and I was eating like 3k cal a day versus my usual 400. I lasted months like that and felt so guilty but now after 5 months my weight has settled, my hunger has gone down and I realize what was going on. I relate so much to trying to diet but feeling like my body was “overiding” my restriction. I’m not totally better but I have a dietician now and I’m relearning to listen to my hunger cues and create a healthy eating schedule with healthy eating habits. Stephanie, your journey is super inspiring. It’s really appreciate hearing a man talk about his experience with disordered eating as well. I don’t think it’s talked about enough!

    94. Mei Lamson

      He is a keeper! Said all the right things!

    95. Matt

      Oh my god thank you so much for making this. For almost a month I’ve been struggling with the same exact eating behaviors as Jeff and this lit up what was going on with me. I really needed this because I had no idea what was going on with me. I’ve been having dark thoughts because of what was happening to me. But now that I understand I feel so much better that I’m going through this. Thank you so much

    96. Nikki Rogers

      You're such a lovely couple!

    97. Quantum Crystal

      Today i had an argument with my boyfriend because if my weight his soo mean to me.....his not even cautious with his choice of words...no matter how hard i try he never acknowledge's and keeps saying i am never consistent and becomes soo mean ......then says i am playing the victim whenever i cry over it ....you should note i am 53kg which is 116lbs....and 5'1 i have like lower belly fat quite a little and love handles but he makes me judge myself soo harshly everyday .....you would think i am the fattest person in the world everytime i confront him about his approach on being honest that he hurts my feelings he says i have to deal with it because he does not sugar coat his honesty ....it just emotionally draining

      1. Ada

        You are not fat at all! DUMP HIM! He is emotionally and mentally abusing you. You deserve so much better. You will be sad, but you will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. All that energy he is sucking out of you will return. In the long run you will be much happier without him dragging you down with his abuse. Good luck

    98. Emma Heidinger

      My favorite couple ever

    99. AA love

      does anyone else think she looks like demi after the weight gain

    100. kaltaje

      Love this video. You two are so sweet. And really enjoying seeing your progress Stephanie, especially coming from a similar standpoint. So rare to find fitness influencers who are going their own path, and willing to share so honestly. Can't wait to see more